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As The World Turns Transcript Monday 12/22/08

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Vienna: One for Katie. Brad, Henry, and one, two, three, four for me. I love Christmas! What's this? "The Man from Oakdale." Hmmm. Oh, my. Henry, why didn't you tell me this?

Maggie: Hello, Henry.

Henry: What are you doing here?

Maggie: Will you be offended if I say I didn't come here for the pepper snacks?

Henry: Pepparkakor.

Maggie: I needed to see you, Henry.

Henry: You couldn't make a phone call instead?

Maggie: Why?

Henry: You know why.

Maggie: Ah. You're still worried that Vienna might figure out what you've been up to.

Henry: Lower your voice, please. And don't -- don't look at me like that. You should not have come here.

[Knock on the door]

Casey: It's open! Just give me a minute. I want to make a sandwich. I'm starving. Do you want one?

Maddie: Only if you cut the crusts off.

Casey: Maddie --

Maddie: Casey. Breathe.

Casey: Yeah, I'm -- I'm sorry.

Maddie: It's okay. I'm just glad you remembered me.

Casey: I'm sorry, I don't know what to do right now.

Maddie: You can start by saying "Hello." Maybe giving me a hug?

Casey: Hi.

Brian: Whoa, something wrong? Yeah? What? Oh!

Lucinda: Thank you. Oh, God, thank you. I'm so bored. I am so bored. I am just -- I am tired -- I'm tired of being cooped up in this place.

Brian: I know --

Lucinda: No, you don't.

Brian: Excuse me?

Lucinda: What did you do this morning when you got up?

Brian: When I got up?

Lucinda: You put on -- you put on your running stuff and you ran.

Brian: Yeah --

Lucinda: Six miles -- five miles, seven miles --

Brian: Six.

Lucinda: Okay, what did I do? I just made a cup of tea rather badly because I can't cook.

Brian: Oh, I get it.

Lucinda: No, you don't. I'm tired -- I'm just tired of trying to reclaim my life. And -- and I just need to work. I miss it so much. I need to have something to put my mind on.

Brian: Yeah, well, well, this is a whole lot more important what you're doing now than work.

Lucinda: What? What am I doing now?

Brian: Conserving your energy for the chemo and radiation --

Lucinda: Don't even mention any of that. That's not going to happen until next year anyway. And in the meantime, what am I supposed to do? I'm supposed to sit around here at Lily's house and let my mind rot along with my body?

Brian: All right, get your coat. We're getting out of here.

Lucinda: Yes, Sir. Good, where are we going?

Brian: We're going to the museum.

Lucinda: Oh, the museum?

Brian: Yeah, there's a new exhibit. Post-modern art. You have pent-up energy, let's put it to good use.

Lucinda: I don't have pent-up energy. I've got a pent-up -- oh, you kiss -- you kiss me, I'll kiss you -- okay --

Luke: Whoa, oh, hello. Don't let me interrupt.

Luke: I am so sorry. I thought -- um, I totally should have knocked. I apologize.

Lucinda: Don't be silly. This is your house. There's absolutely no need for you to knock in your own house, Darling.

Luke: Well, you live here, too. And you deserve your privacy as well.

Lucinda: Now, come on, a little show of elder affection, that shouldn't be so -- I didn't mean to make you embarrassed.

Luke: Of course not.

Lucinda: Of course not. Do you agree with us, Brian?

Brian: Well, you know what I think, if we're going to make the museum, we better head out now.

Lucinda: Oh, right. The modern-era awaits. I'll go get my coat.

Brian: I can get them -- I can get --

Lucinda: No, no, Darling, for heaven's sake. Its two minutes, leave me alone.

Brian: Okay. Lucinda's feeling a whole lot better.

Luke: She certainly seems it.

Brian: Um, Luke --

Luke: Look, Brian, what do you want me to say? I walk in, and you guys are attached at the lip.

Brian: And?

Luke: And -- I don't know. I don't know what to think, Brian. It's obvious she really loves you.

Brian: I love her, too.

Luke: Yeah, not in the same way. And I don't think that's fair, do you?

Brian: My feelings for Lucinda are complex, Luke. You know that. I was very honest with you the other day. About a lot of things. And I hope you can respect that, even if it's hard to understand.

Luke: Look, Brian, you were right about one thing. Whatever you guys have, it -- it makes her very happy.

Brian: I'm glad you can see that, Luke.

Lucinda: All set. Here's your coat.

Brian: Thanks, I'll just get my keys.

Lucinda: Oh, no blood, no blood -- no corpse -- what a thaw around here.

Luke: Uh, come on, Grandma. It was never that bad.

Lucinda: Yeah, yeah, sometimes the silence is the worst thing -- but I do appreciate and acknowledge everything that you've done.

Luke: Of course, I just want you to be very happy because you deserve it.

Lucinda: Thank you. I am happy. Brian and you make me happy.

Brian: Lucinda?

Lucinda: Okay, I love you.

Luke: I love you, too.

Lucinda: Bye. Let's go.

Brian: Okay, okay.

Noah: Hey.

Brian: Noah --

Lucinda: Well, perfect timing. We're just going out. He's all yours.

Noah: Well, have a good time.

Brian: Thanks, you too.

Lucinda: All right, Darling --

Luke: Hey, what are you doing here?

Noah: Uh, just dropping off some presents.

Luke: Oh, oh, cool. Thank you.

Noah: So how are things with you and Brian? Any better?

Luke: Oh, I don't know if I would go that far.

Noah: Why? What happened?

Luke: He came onto me again.

Noah: He did? When?

Luke: The night at Jack's bachelor party. He tried to kiss me and he admitted that he wanted to -- just like he did the first time.

Casey: I didn't know you were coming home for the holidays.

Maddie: It was sort of last-minute. Even Henry doesn't know yet.

Casey: So you just got off the plane and came straight here?

Maddie: Is that okay?

Casey: Yeah, yeah, I guess. It's kind of --

Maddie: Weird?

Casey: Yeah, I haven't see you since --

Maddie: Since you broke up with me?

Casey: Maddie, you weren't going to be happy with the jailbird boyfriend. I'm sorry.

Maddie: You couldn't have let me decide that for myself?

Casey: What was there to decide? I'm a screw-up. I still am. And you could never see that. And I loved you too much to let you throw away your future on someone like me.

Maddie: Why do you always sell yourself short?

Casey: Because I know who I am. I had a lot of time to get acquainted with myself.

Maddie: Well, I know who you are, too, okay? How kind you are. Sweet and gentle. And now even when you did mess everything up, it never took away from how special you made me feel.

Casey: That's a really nice thing to say.

Maddie: I'm not just saying it, Casey. The truth is -- nothing's changed. I still feel the same way about you that I always did.

Brian: You hijacked our trip to the museum to come here?

Lucinda: Darling, I didn't want to go and look at things hanging on walls. I love board rooms. I love board rooms. So many wonderful things happen in board rooms. I get a lot of personal satisfaction in board rooms. Hey, I don't want to say good-bye to all of that.

Brian: You can't be serious. You want to do this here?

Lucinda: Why not? Where's your sense of fun? Where's your sense of adventure? A little exhibition is -- very good. It never killed a pussycat. Oh, I like that. And I don't need music. I don't need soft lights. I don't need that. Oh, I don't need that.

Vienna: Oh, Ms. Walsh, I'm so glad you're here.

Lucinda: Mrs. Wheatley, Dear, Mrs. Wheatley. How did you get past security?

Vienna: Oh, you mean, Riley? Oh, he's one of my favorite customers at the diner.

Lucinda: Oh, well, you can't fight that, can't we? We're right in --inception of an important meeting. So maybe you just let yourself out.

Vienna: Oh, but you see, I canít. I have something for you. You need to read this. It's a manuscript. Henry wrote it. It's very good and I want you to publish it.

Lucinda: Excuse me?

Brian: I'm sorry, Vienna. But that's just not going to be possible. Lucinda's taken a sabbatical from work and she's not going to be able to do anything for you.

Vienna: But you have to. You could make a lot of money on this. And it would be the perfect Christmas present for my Henry. Please. Just take a look at it.

Lucinda: For heaven's sake, Brian, why don't we humor this charming girl and then we can get her out of the board room.

Vienna: It's very exciting.

Lucinda: If it's Henry's, it's bound to be.

Vienna: You see, it's about this very powerful woman and she hires these two incredibly sexy investigators to find her missing granddaughter and the baby she ran off with. And then they run into all kinds of wild adventures along the way --

Lucinda: It sounds intriguing.

Brian: Lucinda, you may want to take a look at this.

Lucinda: Why?

Brian: The very powerful woman in Henry's story?

Lucinda: Yeah?

Brian: It's you. And the two PIs are searching for Lucy and Johnny.

Luke: Brian still won't admit that he's gay. And this marriage to my grandmother is -- you know what, I have no idea what it is.

Noah: What, you think it's a cover?

Luke: I don't know. He says he loves her. It's obvious she loves him.

Noah: Yeah, but why did he kiss you then? Did he tell you that?

Luke: No, he just said that he had these -- had these feelings and he'll never act on them.

Noah: But he did act on them. He kissed you.

Luke: Yeah.

Noah: If Lucinda ever finds out about this --

Luke: Look, Noah, I know, I know -- but, I feel like I've done enough damage to enough people lately. I think I should just keep my big mouth shut.

Noah: What are you talking about?

Luke: Oh, you didn't hear? Jade's back.

Noah: She is?

Luke: Yeah. She got in some trouble down in Miami. Some guy she was hooking up with robbed a convenience store and surprise, surprise, Jade ends up driving the getaway car.

Noah: Wow. Where is she now?

Luke: I tried to help her. I called my mom. It all backfired. And now she's in police custody and probably will be through Christmas. And I feel like it's all my fault.

Noah: You did the right thing. The kind of thing the guy I fell in love with would do.

Luke: You haven't said something like that to me in a long time.

Noah: Well, I can't let you beat yourself up for something that's not your fault, and so --

Luke: Thanks for listening.

Noah: You're welcome. What are you doing right now? Because I've got the rest of the day off. I was wondering if maybe you wanted to hang out.

Casey: If you knew half the things I've done since I've been out of prison, you --

Maddie: Like what? Tell me. I've heard from Will and Gwen that you'd gone back to school.

Casey: Yeah, that didn't last. I was expelled.

Maddie: Whoa. Expelled.

Casey: Yeah, but hey, I'm a janitor now. I work at the hospital mopping the floors. See, that's right. I'm not that great. Maybe it's time you actually see that, that you're better off without me. I'm not good enough for you.

Maddie: Well, what if that's not what I think? What if I think you are good enough for me?

Casey: You really can't believe that.

Maddie: Why not, Casey? We broke up because you went to prison. Not because things weren't working between us. I was in love with you.

Casey: How can that be good if there's no future for us?

Maddie: You wouldn't let yourself see a future.

Casey: Maddie, you're going to one of the best schools in the country. You can pretty much write your ticket anywhere. I push a mop and a bucket.

Maddie: Stop putting yourself down.

[Knock on the door]

Alison: You were supposed to remind me yesterday that I needed to get gas and -- Maddie.

Maddie: Hey, Alison.

Alison: Wow, this is a surprise.

Maddie: Yeah. I could say the same thing. Impressive resume.

Casey: Maddie just stopped by to say hi. She hasn't even seen her brother yet.

Alison: Oh, Henry's going to be so excited.

Maddie: I hope so. You never know. I might regret not giving him fair warning. Anyway, I should go.

Alison: Hey, you don't have to leave.

Casey: When does your shift start?

Alison: There's time. We work together at the hospital and we usually carpool. And today, it's my turn to drive.

Maddie: She was who you were expecting when I showed up?

Casey: Maddie, I --

Alison: Look, why don't I go? You stay. And you can just take your own car to work today.

Maddie: No, really, I don't want to be in the way.

Alison: Oh, please. You are so not in the way.

Maddie: It's okay. Work's important. I don't want to be the reason you're late.

Casey: Hold on one minute, please.

Maddie: I'll see you later.

Casey: Maddie -- Maddie!

Luke: Noah, I'm really glad you decided to come hang out. I don't know, I just feel like I can talk to you. And about Jade and Brian. And there's not a lot of people I can talk to like that.

Noah: Well, I miss talking to you. I miss you.

Luke: I've made such a mess out of so much lately. You remember last Christmas, how close we were?

Noah: Yeah.

Luke: I just -- I -- I want to get back to that.

Noah: I know you do. And if it makes things any better, that is what I want, too.

Luke: It is?

Noah: Yeah, come on, I was wrapping presents all morning, just so I had an excuse to come over.

Luke: Oh, you don't need an excuse. Look, I wasn't going to say anything, but you know, Christmas is in a couple of days. And I don't know if you're doing anything, but -- but if you want to stop by the farm --

Noah: Christmas at the farm with your family?

Luke: Yeah, I mean, only if you want to. I don't want to pressure you into anything --

Noah: I think I could handle that. But I feel kind of bad, showing up there empty-handed. I mean, all of my presents are at your place.

Luke: Oh, nobody cares about that.

Noah: Oh, actually -- I did forget one.

Luke: Oh, just bring it with you.

Noah: No. I think I'd rather give it to you now.

Lucinda: That's funny. Well, the story's okay.

Vienna: It's wonderful, isn't it?

Lucinda: He's very inventive -- imagination.

Vienna: Yes, he's very talented. And this book proves it. "The Man from Oakdale" is guaranteed to be a best-seller.

Lucinda: Just one question. Publishing this -- wouldn't this put Lucy and Johnny in more jeopardy than they're already in?

Vienna: No, the whole story's made up.

Lucinda: Oh, oh, okay, then. So as long as everybody knows that.

Vienna: Oh, they will, it's just like the one Katie wrote and you published it, right?

Lucinda: Yeah, I did.

Vienna: So, why not "The Man from Oakdale"? Everyone loves a good, romantic story and nobody knows romance the way Henry does.

Lucinda: All right, Darling. You don't have to give me the hard sell. That's enough.

Brian: Now, hold on, you can't be seriously considering doing this.

Lucinda: Why not?

Brian: Don't you have enough to deal with right now? Taking on the added burden of rolling out a brand new novel --

Lucinda: For heaven's sake, I'm not going to be typing the manuscript myself.

Brian: It's a bad idea and you know it.

Lucinda: No, I don't know that. I think this is very interesting and -- okay, it's a go. We'll do it.

Vienna: Thank you, thank you. Oh, my God! Henry's going to get so excited. So, when do we start?

Lucinda: Well, we've got to find Henry first and make sure we got the rights to this thing. And then we get an editor and then it's off -- it's off and running.

Henry: This isn't exactly better than the diner, you know.

Maggie: Why is that?

Henry: Well, first of all, because Vienna and I live here. And secondly, because there's not a nice drink waiting to calm my nerves.

Maggie: Oh, Henry's there's no reason for you to be nervous. I'm not here to cause any trouble. All I want is to keep my part of our little bargain.

Henry: Thank you.

Maggie: You're welcome. There's more where that came from, if you keep coming through for me. Your efforts have been nothing less than spectacular.

Henry: Well, that's what they tell me --

Vienna: Oh, Henry!

Henry: Hey --

Vienna: There you are. I have the most amazing news for -- who's this?

Henry: Oh, just an old acquaintance.

Vienna: Oh, okay. Well, I have the most spectacular Christmas gift for you. I just need you to sign off on it.

Henry: Sign off? What do you mean, like a credit card thing or what?

Vienna: No, no, you silly. Please don't be mad at me. But when I was putting away Christmas presents, I found your book.

Henry: My book?

Vienna: Yeah, "The Man from Oakdale." I read it and I loved it!

Henry: You did?

Vienna: Yes, I did. And so I brought it to Lucinda and she agreed to publish it for you, so merry Christmas. We're going to make you a world famous author.

Maggie: The hell you are.

Alison: Casey --

Casey: Don't you have patients to torture?

Alison: Nope. Just you. So start talking.

Casey: Sorry, I can't hear you over the sound of my mop.

Alison: Casey, the first great love of your life turns up on your doorstep, out of the blue -- I want to know what happened.

Casey: Why do girls always want to know what happened?

Alison: I know, it's annoying.

Casey: You know, it really puts guys in an awkward spot.

Alison: How did Maddie put you on the spot?

Casey: She just showed up, Ali.

Alison: Because she wanted to surprise you. Most people would think that's sweet. Maybe even romantic.

Casey: I haven't seen her or spoken to her since I went to prison. I broke up with her in a letter.

Alison: But you're out now and you're never going back.

Casey: So, I'm automatically supposed to know how I feel about someone I haven't seen in two years? Because I donít.

Alison: Did you tell Maddie that?

Casey: No. She started talking about us and -- I just shot her down.

Alison: Right. So basically, you were a total jerk to her.

Noah: I know a watch isn't the most inventive of gifts. But I just figured it was something we both needed a little of lately. Time. It's engraved. Turn it over.

Luke: Worth the wait. How many times have we said that to each other?

Noah: I thought I fit. I mean, maybe it's a little cheesy.

Luke: No. Oh, Noah, this is perfect. I love it. Thank you. Can I put it on now?

Noah: Sure. Here, here, let me -- let me help you. Yeah, look.

Luke: Mistletoe.

Noah: Remember last Christmas in Emmaís kitchen?

Luke: Yeah, we were standing under the mistletoe. That was the first time I told you that I was in love with you.

Noah: And I said, same here.

Luke: And it was very, very romantic. And here we are. A year later and it's still true, Noah. I am still so in love with you.

Noah: Same here. Oh, my God. Maddie!

Maddie: I'm so happy for you guys. I know when I left, things were sort of undecided.

Luke: Not anymore.

Maddie: So, you're really gay. Oh, my God, I didn't mean that the way that it sounded.

Noah: No, it's okay. I know you what you mean. I didn't know you were going to be here for Christmas.

Maddie: I wasn't supposed to be at first.

Noah: Why? Didn't you miss us?

Maddie: Of course I did. There was just this guy. At school. And we were dating. And we were going to spend Christmas break together. But -- he sort of broke up with me. So I thought I would surprise Henry and Vienna instead.

Noah: Well, they must be thrilled.

Maddie: I haven't actually seen them yet. There was somebody else I wanted to see first.

Noah: Casey.

Maddie: Yeah.

Noah: How did that go?

Maddie: Not well.

Casey: A part of me is always going to love Maddie. You know? She believes in me when no one else did before. Or probably ever will again. You know, she was -- she was my girl. But I'm not that guy anymore.

Alison: Even if she thinks you are?

Casey: Which is why I had to end it. I'm sorry. She had this fantasy, this happy-ever-after thing she always got. You know, after she obsessed over those old movies. But it wasn't going to happen. You know, I didn't want to hold her back.

Alison: Casey, is it really so terrible for her to believe that you're a good guy?

Casey: No, it doesn't matter. I don't want to feel like I'm leading her on, pretending to be someone I'm not.

Alison: Okay, one thing you never do is pretend to be someone you're not. You are always you, all the time.

Casey: Yes.

Alison: Annoying as that may be.

Casey: And that's why I had to let her go. Yeah, and it sucks. I didn't want to ruin her life for her.

Alison: You know, what if it's not ruining her life? What if it's not a mistake? Maybe Maddie coming back, maybe that was supposed to happen.

Vienna: Who are you? And why are you telling me Lucinda can't publish Henry's book?

Maggie: I'm Maggie. I'm an editor at Simon & Schuster. Henry's editor.

Vienna: Okay, what? I don't understand what is she talking about.

Lucinda: Darling, it's very simple. Is the book available or not?

Henry: More or less not, Lucinda, I'm afraid. I've already sold "A Man from Oakdale."

Vienna: To who?

Maggie: To me.

Henry: I -- I worked a long time on this, and I was hoping to make it a Christmas surprise for you. So -- surprise!

Vienna: Wow! How did you manage to do all this work without me knowing?

Lucinda: That makes two of us.

Henry: Listen, it's a long story, and I'll explain all of it to you. I promise.

Vienna: Okay, but does this mean Lucinda can't publish your book?

Henry: No, she canít. But how I do love you for wanting to do this for me, really.

Vienna: Oh, Henry --

Lucinda: This is ridiculous. Darling, Darling -- how could you not have known that Henry had already given away the book?

Vienna: Listen, do you know what your husband is up to every moment of the day?

Brian: Hey, no point in getting personal. Maybe this is for the best.

Lucinda: The heck with that. Henry, I have read bits of your book. And I think I may sue you for defamation of character!

Henry: Whoa, whoa. I think you come off very strong in my hands. Uncompromising, sort of a modern-day Elizabeth I. I do a very good job with you.

Lucinda: All right, enough, stop it. I'm tired. I think I've had enough. I've had enough for one day.

Maggie: Henry, I really do have to get going. But from what I've seen, I'd say you have plenty of material for a sequel.

Henry: Oh, thank you, Maggie. Right now, the only second round I want comes in a long-stemmed martini glass.

Noah: I'm sure Casey was psyched to see you. How could he not be?

Maddie: Thanks. But you know better than anyone what a mess I was when we broke up.

Noah: You weren't that bad.

Maddie: Noah, I threw myself at you. I was so desperate to forget about Casey, to just be with someone.

Noah: Hey -- you weren't the only one.

Luke: Yeah well, that was a long time ago. For both of you.

Maddie: Can I ask you something? Is he seeing anybody? I mean, because if he is, that's great --

Noah: He's not. Not that I know of.

Maddie: Well, when I was there, Alison showed up.

Noah: Oh, they're just friends, Maddie.

Luke: Yeah, they work together at the hospital.

Maddie: Has there been anybody?

Noah: Uh -- you'd have to ask Casey that.

Maddie: How could I do this? I mean, it would be less humiliating for me to show up on his front porch, with a boom box over my head.

Noah: Yeah, right. Like you would ever take a cue from a John Cusack movie. So not your style. Just give him time. Trust me, it works.

Maddie: No. I really think it's over. And I just need to accept it.

Alison: Casey, if you still have feelings for Maddie, that's a big deal.

Casey: I'm not denying my feelings for her. I just don't know what they are.

Alison: Well, don't you want to find out?

Casey: How do I do that? What if they're not what she wants them to be? I can't hurt her again.

Alison: Maybe you wonít. The bigger risk is not taking the chance to find out.

Casey: That's easy for you to say.

Alison: Right. What would I know about needing to be sure of my feelings? I only slept with one man the day before I married another.

Casey: I don't think that's going to happen to me.

Alison: Okay, Casey, we're talking about Maddie Coleman here. If she's willing to try again, why shouldn't you? It's not like you have tons of girls knocking down your door anyway.

Casey: You were knocking this morning.

Alison: Yeah, that was so I could take you to work. Not exactly the same thing.

Casey: You really think I should do this?

Alison: As your friend, I'm telling you, talk to Maddie or you're never going to forgive yourself.

Henry: May I pour you another, courtesy of Simon & Schuster?

Vienna: Yes, you may. So Henry --

Henry: Yes, my dear?

Vienna: With all the time that you put into the diner and Metro, how on earth did you find time to write a book?

Henry: Well, if you must know, I wrote it over the summer, when you left me.

Vienna: Oh.

Henry: It was my way of holding onto you and pretending for, a couple hours a night that you still had a place in my life.

Vienna: Oh, my love.

Henry: That's why I dedicated it to you.

Vienna: You did?

Henry: Yeah, you didn't notice that?

Vienna: No, I must've missed it.

Henry: No, no, no, no. See, I have it memorized.

Vienna: Oh, okay.

Henry: We'll see. "To my beloved Vienna, a modest valentine's day trifle --Ē actually, they published it sooner than I thought they would. So any "A modest Valentine's Day trifle that I whipped up the summer of 2008 to illustrate how our lives could have been different if certain now-living people had stayed dead. And vice versa."

Vienna: You have such a way with words, Henry. Oh, I love you so much.

Henry: I love you more.

Vienna: Oh, you know. I'm thinking -- now is the time to go upstairs and play sexy editor and naughty, naughty writer --

Henry: Let's go!

Vienna: Oh, and by the way, if I find one typo -- you are going to get it!

Brian: Feeling better?

Lucinda: What choices do I have?

Brian: I don't mean to sound insensitive, but it was just a book. Don't put more weight than it deserves.

Lucinda: It wasn't just a book. It wasn't just a book to me. It was something to do, something to invest. Instead of just thinking these God-awful treatments in the future.

Brian: Those God-awful treatments are going to save your life.

Lucinda: Such as it is.

Brian: Stop it. You have plenty of positive things to focus on.

Lucinda: You're right, I do. You still have that room upstairs?

Brian: Yes. Until the end of the month. Why do you ask?

Lucinda: Oh, good. Take me to it. I want to see it. I want to be there with my husband.

Noah: So how long are you staying?

Maddie: Just for the holidays. Then I've got to get back to school. I had this stupid fantasy that I would come home, spend New Year's Eve with Casey. And everything would just work out. Just like in --

Noah: "Made for Each Other."

Maddie: Pretty lame, huh?

Noah: I don't think so. It's who you are.

Maddie: Sometimes I wish I wasn't so -- me.

Noah: Hey, have you heard about the New Yearís Eve party that your brother's throwing at Metro?

Maddie: Henry mentioned it in an e-mail.

Noah: Well, if you're still going to be here, why don't you come with us? It'll be fun, right?

Luke: Yeah. Oh, yeah, yeah. Well, if you're up for it.

Maddie: I don't want to be the third wheel.

Noah: You wouldn't be.

Maddie: Well I could probably get us in for free. Seeing as how the host is my brother.

Noah: It's settled. You're coming with us.

Maddie: Not if I don't see Henry first. Thanks for the hot chocolate. I think I finished it.

Noah: That's okay, any time.

Maddie: It was so great to see you. Bye, Luke.

Luke: Bye.

Noah: I can't believe she's here.

Luke: I know. Neither can I.

Lucinda: Oh, this is your room. Finally!

Brian: Yep. I assure you, this is my room. In fact, if you look in one of these drawers, you're bound to find a pair or two of my socks.

Lucinda: Hey, I trust you, Darling. I trust you completely.

Brian: Lucinda --

Lucinda: Brian -- it's high time -- it's high time -- I have bought the mansion of love and not enjoyed it. That's something I read, okay? Here we go.

Brian: Lucinda -- you don't want to do this.

Noah: So, what, you decided you didn't like it?

Luke: No. No, I love it Noah.

Noah: What's wrong? You've barely said a word since we left old town.

Luke: Nothing.

Noah: Is this because I invited Maddie to join us for the New Yearís Eve party?

Luke: Noah, it's just like -- she's only been in town for about five minutes.

Noah: So?

Luke: So I kind of thought, with the way things are going with us, you know --

Noah: That what?

Luke: Well I just kind of thought that New Yearís would be like -- well you just -- a time for us to finally, you know -- you know, this is so stupid. Just forget about it, please.

Noah: No, wait. It's not stupid. But we're going to be at a party at Metro. There's going to be people all over the place. Maddie is not going to take away from us having a good time.

Luke: Yeah. But Maddie's different than all those other people, Noah. She's your ex-girlfriend.

Noah: Yeah, but Luke, its Maddie. I mean, you can't be jealous of her. Can you?

Casey: Hey.

Maddie: Hi. What are you doing here? I thought you were working.

Casey: Yeah, I'm on a break. Did you find Henry?

Maddie: No. They said he'd gone already. Have a seat.

Casey: Thank you. Listen, I -- I just wanted to apologize to you. You know, it's not like I'm not happy to see you.

Maddie: That's good to hear.

Casey: I want you to know that the day I said good-bye and went to prison, it was the hardest thing I ever had to do.

Maddie: Casey --

Casey: No, but I was ready for that. I knew what I wanted to say, I knew it was coming. But this, today --

Maddie: No preparation. I understand.

Casey: I was hoping you'd let me make it up to you. Give me a chance to make things right.

Brian: I don't think we should go to bed together if you're doing it to prove you're still the woman you were before the surgery.

Lucinda: Oh, you think I'm weird now? You no longer find me desirable?

Brian: I find you very desirable.

Lucinda: Well, what is it, the scars? I'm not going to show you scars!

Brian: Would you stop it? Your scars have no bearing at all on my attraction to you. It's irrelevant.

Lucinda: Irrelevant. It's a good word. It's a very good one. There are many things that you could have done -- many things to make me happy. And you didnít. Irrelevant -- that's how I feel when my husband turns me down.

Brian: What about what I want? Have you stopped long enough to even consider that there's someone else here who may have needs of their own?

Lucinda: Well, great. Okay. What, what do you need? Black stockings?

Brian: I want to take care of you. And I want you to stop fighting me on that.

Lucinda: You want to take care of me?

Brian: Yes. You want to be intimate? You want to feel wanted?

Lucinda: Yeah.

Brian: Let me hold you. Let me be here for you. Please. I love you.

Noah: Luke, you have no reason to be jealous of me and Maddie.

Luke: I just remember how things used to be. You know, I remember when I walked in on you guys in Branson. And seeing you together all the time.

Noah: Yeah, but you said so yourself, that was a long time ago.

Luke: I know. But for some reason, today, it kind of came rushing back. You know, it was like you guys were back at square one, you know. Talking about all these old movies, finishing each other's sentences.

Noah: Yeah, but we're friends. Friends do that.

Luke: Noah, you're friends that used to sleep together.

Noah: Look, that part of my life is over. That's not me anymore.

Luke: You're not her lover.

Noah: No!

Luke: No. But you're not mine yet, either.

Noah: Hey -- listen to me. Look at me. I love you. I want to be with you.

Luke: I want to be with you too.

Noah: I know we have a lot to work out. But there is no way I could ever feel for Maddie what I feel for you. Not even close. Do you believe me?

Luke: I believe you.

Casey: So what are you going to do after you track down Henry?

Maddie: I don't really have any plans.

Casey: So, that means you're free?

Maddie: Pretty much.

Casey: Well you want to do something?

Maddie: With you?

Casey: Yes, with me.

Maddie: Just checking.

Casey: We could get something to eat, see a movie. Even one of those old ones you like.

Maddie: You'd put yourself through black and white for me?

Casey: Just this once.

Maddie: Dinner and a movie. It almost sounds like a date.

Casey: Um -- as long as you say "Yes."

Maddie: Then yes. Definitely yes.

[Cell phone rings]

Alison: Oh, of course. "Can I trust you?" Who is -- oh, my God. Lucy.

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Maddie: What if you said you don't want me?

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Bonnie: He found Robby Sanchez.

Holden: The boyfriend?

Bonnie: The career felon who committed the robbery.

Margo: We're going to work this out, Robby. So nobody gets hurt.

Robby: As long as you do what I say.

Maddie: I really like being your friend.

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