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As The World Turns Transcript Friday 12/19/08

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Paul: Jennifer -- I'm so glad you're alive. I'm so happy. I can't believe it.

Josie: No, Paul --

Paul: I'm so sorry, I was wrong. I really hope that you'll let me make it up to you.

Josie: You shouldn't be thinking about that right now. You should be --

Paul: No, of course I should be thinking about that. I'm your brother. I owe you an apology. Please, please, please forgive me.

Barbara: Paul, you remember Dr. Combs. He's going to get you the treatment that you need --

Paul: Mom. Mom, look its Jennifer! Look! Look! It's amazing!

Josie: I didn't know what to say to him.

Barbara: Come with me. I'll be right back, okay? Dr. Combs --

Paul: Okay. That's my sister. We all thought she was dead. It's a miracle!

Barbara: What did you do to him?

Josie: Nothing. I just went in there to check on him -- to see if he was okay.

Barbara: You can see how sick he is. And yet, you went in there anyway. You've only made a bad situation worse!

Meg: I don't mean to be prejudiced, but isn't she the most beautiful baby you've ever seen?

Dusty: As an impartial observer, I would say she's perfect.

Meg: Oh, I like the way it feels to hold her.

Dusty: You were made for each other.

Meg: You know, when I started having contractions, I was hoping it was a false alarm. But thank God, you showed up just in time to take me to the hospital.

Dusty: We got lucky all around.

Meg: Except for Paul. You weren't humoring me before? He's doing better, right?

Dusty: Yeah. He wouldn't be if it weren't for you.

Meg: I still can't believe he tried to kill himself. You know, even though we're not together, I still hold out hope that one day, he'll turn his life around.

Dusty: That's good.

Meg: You know what? I think -- I think it'll do him some good if he knows that our little girl arrived in this world safely. I mean, look at her. She's so full of hope and promise. And I think that's what Paul needs. He needs a little hope.

Dusty: Forget about Paul right now. Concentrate on your daughter.

Holden: Meg, they told me you --

Meg: Hey, Eliza, this is your Uncle Holden!

Lily: What's going on? Did you find out where they took Jade?

Bonnie: Booking. Mug shots and fingerprints.

Lily: Oh.

Bonnie: I know.

Lily: I can't believe this is happening. Luke was so upset, he just took off. I have no idea where he went.

Bonnie: Well, if Luke is angry at you for turning Jade in, you didn't exactly have a choice.

Lily: I know, but he promised her that if she cooperated with the police, that she wouldn't go to jail.

Bonnie: Well, he spoke too soon.

Lily: We all did. We all thought that bail was a foregone conclusion. I had no idea that they would send her back to Florida. That changes everything.

Bonnie: Well, I'm still hoping we can avoid that.

Lily: What are her chances?

Bonnie: I don't know. It doesn't look good. Dallas said the D.A.'s office in Miami-Dade, they're playing hardball. She could get 20 years to life for aiding and abetting.

Lily: She didn't do either one! She had no idea that that guy was going to rob that store.

Bonnie: But, she did help him get away.

Lily: Because he was threatening her!

Bonnie: Well that's why she needs to turn this guy in.

Lily: She has no idea where he is!

Bonnie: Well, that's a problem, because the cops want Robby Sanchez. I mean, drug busts, mugging, handgun violations. I mean, this guy is really bad news.

Lily: How could Jade even get involved with somebody like that?

Bonnie: I don't know. But if the cops don't find him, she'll be doing time.

Lily: We have to make sure that doesn't happen. There has to be a way.

Bonnie: I may know someone who could help.

Lily: Who?

Bonnie: Derek.

Holden: I didn't know where you were. I was looking for you. I got nervous. Then I called here, and the hospital and said you were admitted.

Meg: Yeah, we got here just in time, thanks to Dusty. And then Eliza showed up. And even though she was early, she's healthy. Thanks to Dusty. He did a great job! I'm a lucky girl.

Bonnie: Look, I'm not going to make any promises here. But I think Derek may be able to help us.

Lily: How?

Bonnie: Well he spent time in Florida, he used to do business there. And he may be able to find someone who could locate Robby. The tricky part is getting Derek to cooperate.

Lily: Well, he has to. Jade could be his daughter!

Bonnie: No. See, unfortunately, that is the complicated part. I mean, you know how reluctant he was to contact Jade. He's not ready to be a father to anyone.

Lily: Well, that was before he knew she was in trouble. You can get him to change his mind, Bonnie. I know you can.

Bonnie: I'll see what I can do.

Lily: Good luck.

Jade: Lily! Did you talk to Bonnie? Are they going to release me?

Lily: No, I'm afraid not.

Holden: Thanks for being in the right place at the right time.

Dusty: My privilege. I'll let you two catch up.

Holden: You know, I can stay for as long as you need me. So if you want, you can tell him that he doesn't need to hang around --

Meg: Holden, hey, come on. Give the guy a break. He's been a lifesaver -- literally. Not only was he there for me and the baby -- he also saved Paul from -- from a terrible thing.

Holden: Oh, no. What happened now?

Meg: He tried to commit suicide.

[Holden sighs]

Josie: Hey, I thought you'd be with Meg.

Dusty: Her brother's visiting.

Josie: I heard the doctor say you were Meg's husband.

Dusty: Meg needed me there for her delivery.

Josie: Except you're not the baby's father. Paul is. At some point, he needs to be told.

Dusty: He doesn't need to be told yet. Whatever you do, don't tell Paul that Meg had her baby.

Josie: You know, it's heartwarming that you're so protective of Meg. But Paul does need to be told at some point.

Dusty: Paul tried to kill himself. He's the last thing Meg or her baby needs.

Josie: Well, maybe hearing the news would bring him back to reality.

Dusty: What do you mean?

Josie: Let's just say he's not seeing things too clearly at the moment.

Dusty: Well, why is that? What did he do?

Josie: He saw me and -- he called me Jennifer. He thinks that she's come back to life.

Dusty: He said that?

Josie: I tried to tell him that he was wrong, but it was pretty obvious that he wasn't hearing me. He thinks that I'm his sister. You don't seem all that surprised.

Dusty: I'm surprised it didn't happen sooner. He's been on the verge of something for a long time.

Josie: His mother's having him committed.

Dusty: Well, she's smart. She's been through a lot. She's doing the right thing.

Josie: It's really sad.

Dusty: What are you sad about, Josie? Stay away from him. He'll drag down anyone who gets close.

Josie: And you won't let that happen to Meg, is that the idea?

Dusty: Meg's got a baby to take care of now. And I'll do whatever it takes to protect them both.

Holden: You know, I'm sorry to hear about Paul. But you do know, he's not your problem, right? You've have someone else who needs you now. And she's going to be a full-time job.

Meg: Yeah. Especially for a single mom.

Holden: You're going to have plenty of help out at the farm. Mama will be there for you, just like she was when Ethan was born. You remember that?

Meg: Yeah, I remember.

Holden: This little girl, she's going to have plenty of people around to help her out.

Meg: Lucky girl.

Holden: Yes, she is.

Meg: Oh, we have to call Mama.

Holden: Oh, no, no. She went to Bay City with her church group. She's doing that Christmas drive.

Meg: Oh, okay.

Holden: But she'll be home soon.

Meg: I can't wait to see the look on her face.

Holden: She's going to be thrilled.

[Meg laughs]

Holden: She's going to spoil you two rotten.

Meg: And I won't complain. I'm going to be needing my family. And my friends. Friends like Dusty.

Holden: Yeah, yeah. You want to explain to me what's going on there?

Meg: Look, I know you have a history with Dusty. But he's been good to me, Holden. And I'm not going to cut him out of my life.

Lois: Sorry to interrupt, but Eliza needs her hepatitis test.

Meg: Yeah, thanks, Lois. You can have her for five minutes, because I don't want to be separated from her.

Paul: Mom, where did Jennifer go? There's so much I want to tell her.

Barbara: Honey, you don't have to worry about that right now. You just have to concentrate on getting better.

Paul: I'll be better as soon as I can talk to her.

Barbara: I'll be right back, okay? Dr. Combs, could I speak to you, please? Doctor, Paul is very confused. His sister Jennifer died nearly two years ago. And he thinks that his deceased father was the one who told him to overdose on those pills, which nearly killed him. And I have gotta -- sign some papers. Some commitment papers. We talked to Bob Hughes. He said that we could have him committed here on site for 72 hours, until some other kind of arrangements could be made.

Dr. Combs: I'll find Paul a room right away.

Barbara: I hate doing this. I just don't know what else to do.

Josie: What happens when you commit somebody? Are they going to put Paul in restraints? Keep him from seeing anybody? And for how long?

Dusty: I don't know. Who cares?

Barbara: Paul is asking for you. And Dr. Combs thinks we should humor him.

Josie: So what, I just pretend to be Jennifer?

Barbara: No, you don't have to pretend to do anything. You just sit there and you listen to him, all right? He's very agitated. And the doctor thinks this might help calm him down, maybe even get him to open up a little about --

Dusty: No, Josie should not get involved --

Barbara: This is not your concern.

Dusty: Is everything okay with the baby?

Lois: I'm taking Eliza for some tests.

Barbara: Eliza? Meg had the baby? That's my granddaughter!

Jade: So Luke just took off?

Lily: He feels terrible. He blames himself.

Jade: Yeah, well, he tricked me. He told me I wouldn't go to jail.

Lily: Jade, I know this is hard on you. But it would've been worse if you'd kept running.

Jade: Look, when I left Oakdale, I wanted to prove to you and Luke and everyone else that I could be a better person. Now, look at me. I could be in prison for the rest of my life.

Lily: You won’t. We're going to prove that you're innocent.

Jade: How?

Lily: By telling the truth. That you had no idea your ex-boyfriend was going to rob that store.

Jade: I didn't even know he had a gun. He said he needed aspirin for a hangover. All of a sudden, he gets back in the car with a bunch of cash, and he's telling me to drive. I didn't know what else to do. You believe me, don't you?

Lily: Of course I do.

Jade: Well, let's pray you're not the only one.

Lily: Jade, these charges against you are serious. But we are going to find a way to fight them. Bonnie's working on a plan right now.

Bonnie: I need your help.

Derek: If it's about Rose's kid -- I'm not interested.

Bonnie: Derek, please, just hear me out. Jade just got arrested.

Derek: For what?

Bonnie: Aiding and abetting armed robbery.

Derek: What, are you serious?

Bonnie: Unfortunately, yes. Her boyfriend committed the crime, and he's still at large. The police are pressuring Jade to turn him in. But she has no idea where this guy is! So that's why I came to you.

Derek: And what am I supposed to do about it?

Bonnie: Maybe you have some contacts, in Miami, who could help. This guy's spent some time in jail.

Derek: Bonnie, no, no, no, no, no.

Bonnie: Please, just ask around, to see if anybody has heard from him --

Derek: I told you before, I put my past behind me!

Bonnie: If you're not going to do this for her, could you please do this for me? Could you help me do a good job for my client?

Derek: And this has nothing to do with the fact that you think the girl's my daughter?

Bonnie: You said she can't be.

Derek: But you don't believe it.

Bonnie: Do you? Look, if there is even a 1% chance that Jade Taylor is your daughter, how can you let her go to jail for something she did not do?

Barbara: Oh, you sweet, sweet little baby. Why didn't anybody tell me?

Dusty: It just happened. Meg went into labor unexpectedly. And given Paul's condition, it would be a mistake to tell him about the baby right now. He's a loose cannon, you know?

Barbara: But he has a daughter. He doesn't even know.

Dusty: Do you think he can handle it? He thinks Josie is Jennifer. He's lost his mind.

Barbara: You're right, you're right. At least for now. I won't say a word.

Dusty: Thank you.

Barbara: Josie, would you please just go in there and be with Paul? I don't want him to be alone.

Josie: What if he still thinks I'm Jennifer?

Barbara: Honey, just sit there and listen. He will say what he needs to say.

Dusty: Just don't say anything about the baby.

Josie: Okay, right.

Barbara: Oh, you sweet, sweet, sweet little thing. You're so beautiful. Yes, you are! Oh, my.

Dusty: She surprised us with an early arrival.

Barbara: But she's healthy, right?

Dusty: The doctors say she's fine.

Barbara: Oh. Yes, you are so beautiful. So beautiful. May I have a moment with my granddaughter please?

Lois: Sure.

Barbara: We're waking up. We're waking up. Oh, my goodness. You are beautiful. Yes, you are. And I'm your nana. Johnny called me Nana. Remember?

Dusty: Yeah, I remember. It makes me miss Johnny.

Barbara: I probably shouldn't say this to you, but -- I just don't want you using this baby as a substitute for Johnny.

Dusty: No, no, no, no. Come on. Meg needs help right now. And the baby's father cannot provide that.

Paul: Come here, come here. Sit down. I've been a lousy brother, I'm so sorry. I tried to keep you from your child. If I could go back and change that, I would. Nobody should ever keep a parent away from their child. Jennifer --

[Eliza cries]

Paul: Is that your baby?

[Eliza cries]

Paul: Jen, is that your baby? Is it Gwen’s?

Josie: No, that's somebody else's baby. Don't worry, she's in good hands.

Paul: It's a girl? Whose is it?

Josie: I don't know.

Paul: Do you remember Meg? We're expecting. Our little girl is going to be here soon.

Barbara: Mmm! And don't forget, your nana loves you. Yes, she does. Yes, she does. I'll see you soon. I'll see you soon. Bye, Eliza. She's so sweet. And I know that we can't let Paul know about her right now. But we will. We will, because he's going to recover. You'll see.

Dusty: Right now he needs to be locked up. So don't lose your nerve, Barbara. It's the only way you can help him right now.

Meg: Is Lily coming by today?

Holden: Funny you should ask. When I turned on my phone, there were a bunch of messages from her.

Meg: Is something wrong?

Holden: Nothing for you to worry about. But it's just something I need to deal with sooner rather than later.

Meg: Yeah, of course. If Lily needs you, you go. Don't worry about me.

Holden: Are you sure?

Meg: Yeah, don't be silly. I'm fine. And besides, Dusty's here if I need anything.

Holden: Okay. Love you.

Meg: Love you too.

Holden: Congratulations.

Meg: Thank you.

Dusty: How's she doing?

Holden: She's fine. Thanks again for bringing her to the hospital.

Dusty: No problem.

Holden: I just want you to know I've very grateful. The family's grateful. But we can handle things from here.

Dusty: I'm not trying to intrude on your territory, Holden.

Holden: That's good. Because Meg's got a lot on her plate right now. Her husband is out of commission and it's not going to be easy.

Dusty: I'll make sure Paul keeps his distance.

Holden: Yeah, I just think that it's better if you don't get involved. Because if Paul sees you getting close to Meg, it's just going to make things worse. So leave it alone.

Dusty: I'm your sister's friend. If she wants me around, I'll be there.

Holden: Look, the family will take care of Meg. Don't you worry about her.

Lily: Can you remember any more details about Robby that might help us find him?

Jade: Not really. I mean, I didn't know him. I sure didn't know he had a criminal record.

Lily: You didn't know who his friends were? Anybody that might offer to help hide him?

Jade: No. Yeah, he's probably long gone by now. The cops will never find him.

Lily: Don't give up. We haven't even started yet.

Jade: Look, could I really go to jail for 20 years? All I did was drive the car. I had no idea what Robby was up to.

Lily: That's what you'll tell the judge. And it may never even get to court. You have an excellent lawyer. Bonnie, how did it go? Good news?

Bonnie: I'm sorry. Derek refused to help.

Jade: I knew it wouldn't work.

Lily: Let me deal with Derek.

Lily: Why won't you help Jade?

Derek: Well, hello to you, too.

Lily: Answer the question.

Derek: Why should I help some girl that I don't even know?

Lily: Because you knew her mother, Rose.

Derek: That was a long time ago.

Lily: But you cared about her. A lot. I could tell by the look on your face when you first met me. You thought I was my sister.

Derek: What you saw was surprise.

Lily: You loved her. A lot.

Derek: You're talking about 20 years ago. That's a whole lifetime for some people.

Lily: So she didn't mean anything to you? The relationship meant nothing?

Derek: It didn't work out. And now, she's gone.

Lily: But her daughter isn’t. She needs you, Derek. Jade has had a really tough life.

Derek: Yeah, well, she's not the only one.

Lily: Rose couldn't raise her. She had to give her up.

Derek: How many times do I have to tell you? I didn't even know Rose was pregnant.

Lily: Whether Jade is your daughter or not, she's all we have left of Rose. So, if there's a chance that you could help her, can you really say no? This girl's never had a real home. No one to depend on. No one to love her. How can you turn your back on her, Derek? If Rose were alive sitting here right now, what would she want you to do?

Derek: You owe me a steak.

Holden: Bonnie, I got Lily's messages. When was Jade arrested?

Bonnie: A few hours ago.

Holden: Is it serious?

Bonnie: Yeah, very.

Lily: Holden, thank God you're here.

Bonnie: You got Derek to change his mind? Lily must've been very convincing.

Derek: Yeah, I'll help you guys out. But on one condition, no one mentions that I knew Rose. Or, that you think I could be the kid's father. As far as Jade's concerned, you hired me to investigate. That's it. I want to be anonymous.

Bonnie: Is that how you want to play it?

Derek: Otherwise, I walk.

Lily: Fine by me. I just want to find a way to help Jade beat these charges.

Bonnie: Okay, it's a deal. Let's go. Come on. Jade Taylor, meet Derek Coburn.

Jade: So this is the guy you think can help me?

Lily: Oh, I'm so glad you're here. What took you so long to get my messages?

Holden: It's been such a crazy day. Meg -- she had her baby.

Lily: What? Oh!

Meg: So, I saw you talking to Holden before he left. What was that about?

Dusty: I told him I'd keep an eye on you and the baby.

Meg: Was he cool with that?

Dusty: Yeah, sure he was. What are friends for, right?

Meg: Right. No matter how he feels about you, I'm glad you're here. Would you be able to do me a favor?

Dusty: Yeah, whatever you need.

Meg: When Eliza was born, a resident checked her out. But I would love for her regular pediatrician to check her just to be sure. Would you be able to find Dr. Baker? Lawrence Baker for me? His office is on the seventh floor.

Dusty: You got it.

Meg: Thank you.

Dusty: Hi, there she is.

Meg: Hey.

Dusty: Hi, Eliza. Take care of your mommy, okay?

Meg: She will. How's she doing?

Nurse: She may be a preemie, but she's one strong girl.

Meg: Oh, can I hold her?

[Eliza cries]

Meg: Oh, come here, Honey. Hey. Hey.

Josie: Dusty, hey, can I talk to you for a minute?

Dust: Not right now. I've got to run an errand for Meg. Didn't Barbara ask you to stay with Paul?

Josie: Yeah, I just stepped out for some air.

Dusty: You going back now?

Josie: Does it matter?

Dusty: Yeah, because somebody's got to keep an eye on him. I don't want him to find out that Meg's in the same hospital.

Paul: I keep hearing that baby.

Josie: It's probably not even the same kid.

Paul: No, it is.

Josie: Why are you so sure?

Paul: I don't know. I just -- Jennifer, I feel like that sound is trying to tell me something.

Josie: That's impossible.

Paul: Wait a minute. Why are you so upset?

Josie: I'm not upset.

Paul: Jennifer, did Meg have her baby?

Josie: Paul, you don't know what you're talking about --

Paul: It's Eliza. That's Eliza. I need to get to my daughter. I need to get her --

Josie: No, no, no --

Paul: No, no! Nobody's going to keep me from my little girl! I -- you -- please, you have to help me. Please -- you -- you have to help me. I need to see her.

Meg: That's better, right? Oh, you are such a sweetheart. How did I get so lucky?

[Door opens]

Meg: Its okay, Lois, I can hold her a few more minutes.

Paul: Can I hold her?

Meg: What are you doing here?

Paul: I came to see our little girl.

Meg: You should be in bed.

Paul: I'm fine. Really. You look beautiful. The two of you together -- perfect.

Meg: Well, Eliza’s the beautiful one -- she's amazing.

Paul: I hear she came early. She's okay?

Meg: Yeah. Completely healthy. No worries.

Paul: It's like we've been given this incredible gift.

Meg: Yeah, I know. I feel the same way.

Paul: She's awesome.

Meg: Hey, Eliza. Hey, Honey. I want you to meet your daddy.

Paul: Sweetie? I love you. No one -- no one's ever going to make you sad. Or try and hurt you. From now on, you've got nothing to be afraid of. Can I hold her?

Jade: So, who is this guy again?

Bonnie: I hired Mr. Coburn -- Derek -- to help us investigate your case. Hopefully, he can find this guy Robby and put him behind bars.

Jade: So he's like a detective?

Derek: Just let me ask the questions, okay? So this Robby guy -- does he have a last name?

Jade: Sanchez.

Derek: Where'd you meet him?

Jade: At south beach, at some club.

Derek: What club?

Jade: I don't remember. I was walking along the beach, going in and out of places, taking shots, dancing. We were both pretty wasted when we met. Robby loves to party.

Derek: So, he was into drugs.

Jade: Well I don't know, I didn't notice. He was a great dancer. That's how we hooked up.

Derek: Ooh. So you went home with him?

Jade: No, he came home with me. I was in a cheap hotel on Collins.

Derek: You invited this guy, a stranger, back to your hotel?

Jade: Yeah. Yeah, you're right. I should've done a full background check. What was I thinking?

Derek: And did you -- did you know where he was from? Family, friends, anything?

Jade: You know, we didn't get into family stories. He was with me for three weeks. My story's pretty pathetic. I figured his was, too.

Derek: So, you know absolutely nothing about this guy.

Jade: We had fun together.

Derek: Were you doing drugs with him?

Jade: No. No, I'm not into that. Hey, I go to clubs, I drink. That's it.

Derek: So, aside from partying, hooking up, and armed robbery, is there anything you know about Sanchez?

Jade: You make him sound like a real loser.

Derek: What would you call him?

Jade: I don't have to take this from him.

Bonnie: Give him a chance. He's trying to help.

Derek: Can you think of any other places he liked to hang out?

Jade: Yeah. Yeah, he always tried to take me to some casino in Coconut Creek.

Bonnie: Do you have contacts there?

Derek: Yeah, maybe. It's a long shot, but I'll look into it. Is there anything else you can think of?

Jade: Not really.

Derek: I'm not a cop. You can talk to me.

Jade: Then why do you keep looking at me like I'm some kind of crazed killer? What's your problem?

Meg: How are you, Paul? Are you okay?

Paul: Yeah, I'm all right. I haven't been to the gym in a while. I should probably go if I'm going to carry her around.

Meg: I'm being serious.

Paul: I'm fine.

Meg: They said that you're not yourself.

Paul: No. I'm different now. I'm a father. I've got to look after my two best girls.

Meg: Paul, listen to me. You need to get help.

Paul: No -- everything I need is in my arms.

Josie: There you are. I've been looking for you.

Dusty: What are you doing? You're supposed to be with Paul.

Josie: Don't worry about him. Just come with me.

Dusty: No, I got to talk to Meg.

Josie: Dusty -- wait!

Dusty: What? Is there something going on I should know about?

Paul: She's beautiful.

Meg: Paul, you're supposed to be in your room.

Paul: I'm fine.

Meg: You took pills. You tried to kill yourself.

Paul: That was just a misunderstanding. My daddy said I had to do it.

Meg: Paul, your father's dead.

Paul: Well, that didn't stop him. He convinced me the only way I was ever going to get you back was to take those drugs. I know it sounds a little crazy, but it all worked out.

Meg: How can you even say that? You took such a big risk.

Paul: Because, it did. Look, we're here, you and me and our miracle baby.

Meg: Paul, you need to get help.

Paul: Oh, something else, too. I've got great news. Guess what? Guess who's back? Guess. Jennifer.

Meg: Jennifer?

Paul: Yeah, what are the chances of that? Jennifer and Dusty come back, and now they can be together --

Meg: No, no, no, Paul --

Paul: -- And they can be just like us. They can be happy, too.

Meg: Paul --

Dusty: Get away from her.

Barbara: Oh, Paul. Thank goodness you're all right.

Paul: I'm -- I'm fine.

Dusty: I said, get away from her.

Barbara: Paul, you need to go back to your room, Honey.

Paul: I don't see what everybody's so upset about. Look, Meg and I had a baby. Everybody should be celebrating.

Dusty: Leave the baby alone.

Paul: You know, I think it's time that you and I just buried this hatchet. I mean, really. Look, you've got Jen back. And Meg and I are together. And you guys can make your little family. And we can make ours, with our little miracle baby. I mean, what a world. Everybody gets -- everybody gets what they want!

Josie: Paul, we got to go now. Mom's really worried about you.

Paul: Well that's -- that's probably because she hasn't met her granddaughter. Mom, this is Eliza. Look at her.

Barbara: She's beautiful.

Paul: Yeah.

Barbara: Congratulations. Now Honey -- Honey?

Paul: Yeah?

Barbara: We need to get you back to your room, Paul.

Paul: Okay. There you go. I love you both. I want to see you both really soon, okay?

Meg: What's going to happen to him?

Dusty: That's not your problem anymore.

Lily: How did it go?

Jade: I don't know. Ask them. Hi, Holden.

Holden: I'm sorry this happened to you, Jade.

Jade: Well, you always thought I was trouble.

Holden: No, that's not true. You're part of this family. And we're going to do everything we can to help you out.

Lily: Holden's right. We'll find a way out of this.

Holden: But right now, we need to get home to our kids.

Lily: But we'll be back soon. And if there's anything that you need, just tell Bonnie. And I will bring it to you.

Jade: Okay. But could you guys try and get me out by Christmas?

Cop #1: Come on, let's go.

Barbara: Honey, you need to get back to bed, okay? Please.

Paul: Where -- where's James? We need to keep James away from my daughter. What if he tries to take Eliza away from us?

Barbara: You won't need to worry about that.

Paul: How can you even say that? After everything that's he's done --

Barbara: Paul!

Paul: We cannot let him anywhere near my little girl!

Barbara: Help! Nurse, please, somebody! Can you help us, please? Its okay, it's okay.

Paul: What's okay?

Barbara: It's going to be all right.

Paul: Get away from me! What are you doing?

Dr. Combs: We'll give you a shot to help calm you down.

Paul: No, I don't -- I don't want to calm down! I just want to see my little girl! Jennifer, please! You're my sister! We gotta stop them! Will you stop them please? I thought you forgave me! Mom, please, I just -- I just want to see my little girl. I just want -- where -- help! I'm begging you, please. Meg! Meg! Help me!

Meg: Its okay, Baby. It's okay.

Dusty: I'll make sure Paul doesn't bother you again.

Dusty: I told you not to let Paul near Meg or her baby. How did you let that happen?

Bonnie: Derek -- I really appreciate you doing this. I know it wasn't easy for you.

Derek: Yeah, that girl Jade is trouble. I get a really bad vibe from her.

Bonnie: No, just -- please, just give her some time. She will definitely warm up to you.

Derek: I'm not doing this for Jade, I'm doing it for Rose. And for you.

Bonnie: I know you are a sweet guy, even though you can be a little bullheaded sometimes.

Derek: Mm-hmm.

Bonnie: So, how fast can you get down to Florida and start investigating?

Derek: Oh, you trying to get rid of me?

Bonnie: No, Derek, really. Come on.

Derek: Okay, okay. I'll do my best. But the holidays are coming up. And if Jade thinks she's going to get out by Christmas, she's kidding herself. Her family needs to face it -- she could be locked up for a very long time.

Lily: Whoo, the kids are asleep, thank God. We don't have to tell them about Jade yet.

Holden: What about Luke?

Lily: He wasn't in his room. I know he's taking this really hard.

Holden: Yeah, but he'll come around. He knows that Jade's going to need help getting through this.

Lily: Thank you for supporting her tonight. It meant a lot to me.

Holden: Seeing Meg's baby made me realize that every child deserves a loving family. Jade did not have that as a kid, but she's got it now.

Lily: Meg's baby is so lucky to have you as an uncle. I'm so lucky to have you. Oh Holden, what would I do without you?

Josie: When Paul heard Meg's baby crying, he completely changed. He became a sane, rational person who just wanted to see his daughter. And I can see now that I was wrong, but I don't know. I felt sorry for him.

Dusty: I trusted you. I won't make that mistake again.

Barbara: They're ready to transfer him to the psych ward.

Josie: It's probably the best place for him.

Barbara: You know, he has no idea what's even going on right now. And when those drugs wear off, he's going to be furious. He's going to blame me for all of this, I know.

Josie: It is not your fault. You are doing what you have to do.

Barbara: Listen, I know how difficult this was for you today. You were great with him. I really appreciate it. And I don't think I can walk out of this hospital alone tonight. So, why don't you come with me? I'll drop you off at your place, okay?

Josie: Okay.

Meg: Eliza met her daddy today. She has no idea what's happening to him. He has no idea what's happening to him, either. It's really not fair. None of this is really fair.

Barbara: Don't worry, Honey. You're going to feel better soon, okay?

Paul: Where's Meg? I want to see our baby.

Barbara: Honey, it's going to be okay. It's going to be okay. I'm going to bring the car around, okay? I'll meet you outside, okay?

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Lucy: It's Johnny. He's sick.

Josie: Because if Paul's right, then Johnny could be in trouble. But it also means that you could finally get your son back.

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