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As The World Turns Transcript Tuesday 12/16/08

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Carly: So Craig really did try and kill Paul? Why would you help him cover that up?

Katie: It's complicated.

Carly: Oh, come on, Katie. Don't insult my intelligence. Obviously, he's got something on you. What is it?

Katie: Craig's the one who got Brad in all that trouble with Spencer.

Carly: Spencer -- oh, the woman that he was doing the show with?

Katie: The woman he was accused of murdering.

Carly: Yeah, but the charges were dropped.

Katie: Yes, the charges were dropped -- you don't want to hear this.

Carly: No, I most certainly do. Why was he charged with murder to begin with?

Katie: Ask Craig.

Carly: I don't follow.

Katie: Craig made Spencer set up Brad. She accused him of murdering -- make it look like he murdered her, when she's very much alive.

Carly: Wow, that's an elaborate scheme, even for Craig. But still, I don't see what that has to do with a phony alibi.

Katie: Well, as soon as Brad got arrested, I started getting these instant messages from an anonymous person saying that they would clear Brad's name but they would want a favor in return.

Carly: Oh, and that anonymous person turned out to be Craig.

Katie: He never said what the favor would be, but eventually I got so desperate that I agreed to do it.

Carly: Uh-huh. And the favor was Craig's freedom in return for Bradís.

Katie: He knew I would do anything for Brad. And now look at me. I perjured myself for my no-good brother. I know it's a horrible thing to say about my own family member, but I hate him. I hate him so much!

Craig: I honestly don't know what you're referring to. And I resent that you've come into my room unannounced. So if you'll excuse me, I need to have some strong words with the concierge --

Brad: Will you cut the crap? I just overheard you now in Old Town, talking with your girlfriend.

Craig: Okay, now I know you're delusional. I happen to be unattached at the moment.

Brad: Dani Andropoulos. Obviously, you two are working together.

Craig: You misinterpreted. I've known Dani since she was a child. She's like a daughter to me.

Brad: Whoa, then whatever you two got going on, it's creepier than I thought.

Craig: Spare me.

Brad: Okay, let's leave your sex life out of this. I heard you, Craig. I heard you. I know you set me up with Spencer. I know you framed me for murder. I know you sent those instant messages to Katie promising to get me out of it. Little did she know what you were going to make her do in return.

Craig: Even if I could follow your logic, which I can't, you're making very serious accusations based on overhearing a conversation which was taken entirely out of context.

Brad: Let's see if there's another context for the cops? I bet Margo will love to see your sorry butt behind bars.

Craig: I wouldn't do that if I were you.

Brian: The weary wanderer returns. How was your hike?

Luke: Felt nice to be alone.

Brian: Not in the mood for company, huh?

Luke: Not really.

Brian: Lucinda had a rough night.

Luke: Is she okay?

Brian: I think she's just a little under the weather. So we decided to skip Jack and Janet's wedding.

Luke: That doesn't sound like her. She must have not been feeling well.

Brian: I think she just needed to get some rest. So we decided to stay upstairs in our bedroom.

Luke: How exciting for you.

Brian: I didn't mind.

Luke: Of course not. You're the perfect husband.

Brian: She turned in early, but I wasn't quite ready for bed yet.

Luke: Yeah, especially with your wife, huh?

Brian: You know, I'm sure you feel like you're punishing me with your attitude. But the only one who's truly suffering here is you.

Carly: Well, Katie, you do have a lot of company. Half of Oakdale wants Craig Montgomery dead. He has that effect on people.

Katie: I just wish I could forget this nightmare ever happened, but Brad won't let me. He keeps asking questions. He's obsessed with tracking down Spencer and finding out who this person was that was stalking us online.

Carly: And he has no idea that Craig was behind it? Why don't you just tell him? He's your husband?

Katie: Right, and I'd like to keep it that way. If Brad ever found out, who knows what he would do to Craig. So I'd rather not see him face a real murder charge if I can help it.

Carly: Well, good point.

Katie: And if Brad finds out I've been lying to him, he's going to be furious at me. Oh, this is such a mess, Carly. I don't know how to get out of this without destroying my marriage.

Craig: Think about it, Brad. You have a lot more to lose than I do.

Brad: I don't think so. Once I turn you in, the cops will know this whole farce was your doing. You tried to frame me for a fake murder, you and Dani -- you both are going to go to jail for conspiracy and fraud -- whatever else I can think of to throw at you.

Craig: Has it occurred to you that if I go down, Katie goes with me?

Brad: What are you talking about?

Craig: Well, let's just presume, for the sake of argument, that Katie lied to the police to give me an alibi. She can even say that I blackmailed her. But it's still a crime. It's a major felony, in fact. And the moment that you call the police, I will simply disappear. I will go off the radar, just like before. Which will give me plenty of time to think about what to do next. Do you really want that, Brad? You want to spend your life wondering how I will retaliate? While Katie rots in jail?

Brad: Do you think you can keep threatening me?

Craig: Yeah, it's just reality, Brad. Deal with it. You're not equipped to fight me. Don't even try. Now why don't you go home to your wife and pretend this meeting never happened?

Brad: I can't do that. I'm not going to back off until you get what's coming to you. ...

Craig: You have a bright future, Brad. You don't want to blow that.

Brad: I'm not going to lose any of that by turning you in.

Craig: You'll lose everything. And Katie will suffer the most.

Brad: You're bluffing. You wouldn't send your own sister to jail.

Craig: It pains me to contemplate it. But, yes, I would. You're smart. Go home, see your wife, take her to bed, and make-believe this never happened.

Brad: I can't do that.

Craig: Why not? All the charges against you have been dropped. People are beginning to forget that Spencer McKay ever existed. Why do you want to bring all that ugly business up again?

Brad: You're right. You're right, Craig. You know, the old Brad wouldn't give a damn. I'd just go out, buy a six-pack, and that would be all she wrote. But I'm not that guy anymore.

Craig: Please don't rehabilitate yourself on my account.

Brad: I made a lot of mistakes, but I've finally realized that I like being on the right side of the law. You should try it some time.

Carly: Katie, Brad's not going to fault you for telling a little lie to keep him from being punished for a crime he didn't commit.

Katie: Oh, I don't know. We promised to be honest with each other.

Carly: Well, just -- this is what you do. You go home, you sit him down, you tell him the truth, and you swear him to secrecy.

Katie: Right. And how far has lying and scheming gotten you in your life?

Carly: Ouch.

Katie: No offense. It's just you are an expert at working the angles, and it never gets you what you want.

Carly: Why do you say that? Because I'm sitting here drinking alone while Jack is out honeymooning with his new bride?

Katie: I'm sorry. I don't mean to rub it in.

Carly: That's all right. When you're right, you're right.

Katie: It's just -- unfortunately, it's not going to help me figure out what to do. Oh, do me a favor, please? Don't say anything about what I told you.

Carly: I promise.

Katie: Thanks, Carly.

Luke: So what game are playing now, Brian? Blame the victim?

Brian: I'm not blaming anyone. Sometimes people make victims out of themselves.

Luke: You think that's what I'm doing?

Brian: Look at yourself, Luke. You got kicked out of school. And you started drinking again, knowing full well you were risking your health. You're alienating your friends. Your boyfriend left you. Should I go on?

Luke: Probably not.

Brian: The sad thing is, there's people who can help you, but you just keep shutting them out.

Luke: People like you, Brian?

Brian: Like your family. But you keep pushing them away. You should've gone to your cousin's wedding today and celebrated with the people that you love. But instead, you went backpacking into the woods, just so nobody would see how miserable you are.

Luke: Well, whose fault is it that I can't stand being in my own house, huh? Who did that to me, Brian?

Brian: Well, I think we might disagree about that.

Luke: Oh, yes, of course. I forgot. Because I'm selfish and ungrateful, and completely unfair to this amazing man who's been so kind to my grandmother.

Brian: You've made some pretty hurtful accusations.

Luke: Who cares? Nobody cares what I think. So, if you're bound and determined to keep polishing your image, and being all macho and doing all these acts of kindness for the world, go on. Go ahead. I'm sure everyone will buy it.

Brian: Is that really how you see me?

Luke: I don't know what's worse. Knowing the truth of what happened between us, or you trying to convince me that it never even happened.

Brian: Luke, I'm sorry. You're right. This is -- this is my fault.

Katie: Brad --

Brad: Katie -- what are you doing here --

Katie: What are you doing here? You first.

Brad: I was upstairs, had a little chat with your brother.

Katie: What did he say?

Brad: I know everything.

Katie: Brad, I'm sorry --

Brad: Listen, you've got nothing to be sorry about. All right, can we talk about this later on, after I --

Katie: After you what?

Brad: After I talk to Margo and tell her everything that Craig's been up to.

Katie: Brad, no!

Luke: Did I hear you correctly? Did you just admit that you came on to me?

Brian: I -- I wouldn't put it exactly like that.

Luke: Well, then how would you put it?

Brian: Everybody has their own perceptions --

Luke: Oh, here we go again for the perceptions. I guess mine's just out of whack, right? You know what? This is stupid. It's pointless trying to have this conversation.

Brian: No, no, you -- you didn't imagine it. I did kiss you that night. And it was inappropriate.

Luke: You're telling me. It was the same night you married my grandmother.

Brian: I shouldn't have done it.

Luke: Done what? Kiss me or married her?

Brian: Kissing you was wrong. But what was worse was making you think that it was all in your head. It wasnít.

Luke: So -- so you admit it? You came on to me?

Brian: I admit I'm attracted to you. Who wouldn't be?

Luke: Well, generally straight men? So I guess this --

Brian: I told you -- I don't like labels.

Luke: Then you're in denial.

Brian: No, I'm not -- I'm not denying anything. I'm trying to be honest with you.

Luke: Fine. Go ahead.

Brian: Believe it or not, I care about you, Luke. And to see you floundering, not living up to your potential -- I just hate that. And knowing that I may be even partly responsible for that -- weighs on me terribly.

Luke: So you're saying you are responsible for what happened between us?

Brian: Yes. But once it happened, I didn't know how to handle it. And so I took the coward's way out. But of course denying the truth just makes it worse. I know I put you in an impossible situation. And I know I hurt you and I wish I could make the hurt go away.

Luke: Well, you can start by telling my grandmother the truth.

Brian: The truth isn't what you think it is.

Luke: Yes, it is, Brian. Look, I know what you're going through. But once you come clean, it just -- everything kind of gets a little better.

Brian: I know you want -- I know what you want me to say, but that's not who I am.

Luke: Brian, it's bad that you're lying to yourself. But what's worse, is you're lying to my grandmother.

Brian: I'm not.

Luke: Okay, but what if I told her the truth about what happened? Would you try to deny it, or would you back me up?

[Knock on the door]

Dani: I was wondering how long it would be until you called me. So, here's the deal. I'm willing to forget how mean you were to me on one condition. And that involves hot, steamy, make-up sex. We're not in public anymore.

Craig: You were very indiscreet earlier.

Dani: Oh, does daddy want to spank me because I've been a bad girl?

Craig: No, daddy wants to send you packing.

Dani: Well, you can't send me home just yet. Because I've ordered a bottle of champagne from room service on my way up. And I'm not leaving until we --

Craig: You're not listening to me. I want you to leave. Pack your bags, leave town. Tonight.

Katie: Wait, wait, no, let's just go home and talk about this privately.

Brad: Okay, we'll do that, fine. After I tell Margo about Craig.

Katie: You canít.

Brad: Why?

Katie: Because if she arrests him, she's going to have to arrest me. I lied to the cops to give him an alibi. I'm sorry. I know I should've told you.

Brad: Yes, you should've told me! Instead I had to hear it from Craig.

Katie: What else did he say?

Brad: Well, that he and Dani were --

Katie: Dani? What does she have to --?

Brad: She was his sidekick in crime. That's how he got the evidence to disappear.

Katie: Oh God! This just keeps getting worse.

Brad: And it's going to stop now.

Katie: No, you can't tell, please. Please don't tell Margo!

Brad: Margo's got no sympathy for him. She knows what a lying slug he is.

Katie: We all know what Craig is capable of. He will win at any cost. That's why if you try to incriminate him, he will beat the charges. And then he's going to come after us and God knows what he'll do this time --

Brad: Once he's locked up in Statesville, what can he do?

Katie: This would not be the first time he was supposed to go to prison and got out of it. And then he's going to start his payback campaign and our lives will never be the same again.

Brad: Your brother does not scare me.

Katie: Well, maybe he should. Look at everything's that happened to you, all because of him. He had you framed for murder. He had the charges dropped. What if he framed you again? What if he comes after me?

Brad: I won't let that happen.

Katie: There's no way to stop him, Brad!

Margo: What the hell are you two yelling on my patio about at this time of night?

Dani: Why are you sending me away?

Craig: Because your reckless behavior has put me in jeopardy. Brad Snyder is onto us.

Dani: How?

Craig: He overheard us. Now he knows that a, I used Spencer to frame him. And b, that you were involved.

Dani: Okay, well, that's not good. Especially B. But can't you try and find a way out of this?

Craig: Yes, I already have. It begins with you leaving town.

Dani: No! No, we are a team! You said so yourself, Craig. We belong together.

Craig: What we had was beautiful. Truly memorable. But all good things come to an end. Here. This should help keep you in the style to which I've accustomed you to. Now be a good girl and run along.

Dani: Run along?

Craig: Chop-chop. Before someone else discovers that we're involved.

Dani: And what if I don't want to?

Craig: Grow up, Danielle. Do you really think that I can protect you if Margo gets wise to all the ways that you've used her department to help us accomplish our less than legal ends? She takes her job very seriously. She put her own son in jail. Now she'll do that to someone that she dearly loves, how do you really think she'll treat you?

Dani: Okay. You've made your point.

Craig: I'm sorry it's come to this.

Dani: Me too. But, um, you know if this really is the end, we're not going to see each other again, how about just one more for the road?

Craig: Well, if you insist. What are you doing, Dani?

Dani: I'm trying to decide whether I'm going to leave you or kill you.

Bartender: How about an encore?

Carly: Uh, no, thanks. Kids at home. Got to be good. Keep the change, okay?

Bartender: Thank you. Get home safe.

Waiter: One more order and I'm out of here. A bottle of Cristal reserve for Mr. Montgomery's room.

Bartender: I'll have to go to the wine cellar for that. Montgomery knows how to party.

Waiter: So does the young babe who ordered it.

Craig: Put the gun away, Dani.

Dani: No. I like the way this makes me feel. In charge. Kind of a nice role reversal, huh?

Craig: Perhaps you misunderstood. I didn't mean you had to leave forever. Just for the time being, until I can cool things down.

Dani: Oh, really? Donít. I know this is just about cooling things down between us. But I don't know if I've told you this or not, but I don't take rejection very well.

Craig: I noticed.

[Knock on the door]

Dani: I -- I wouldn't do that.

Craig: It's probably just the champagne you ordered. I mean, really, if you insist on taking this to its morbid conclusion, don't you think I deserve a toast before dying?

Carly: Hiya.

Craig: Hi.

Carly: Is this a bad time?

Craig: Actually, it is a bad time.

Carly: Why? What's going on in there?

Craig: Um, I thought you were room service.

Carly: Oh, right -- I heard you were entertaining. Your champagne will be up any minute.

Craig: It's very nice of you to visit, but I really should go.

Carly: Don't you want to know why I came by?

Craig: Not really, but I'm sure you'll tell me anyway.

Carly: Yeah -- you know, I just had a very interesting conversation with your sister Katie. And it's so funny 'cause what she told me doesn't jive at all with what you said about being a changed man and searching for your son and being all about your family and blah, blah, blah --

Craig: You know, I really mean it. It's not a good time.

Carly: Why not?

Craig: Well if you must know, I'm about to either get killed or get lucky. Neither of which requires a witness. So if I get lucky, I'll be in touch. If not, this is good-bye.

Dani: So that's what this is about. You want me to leave so you can sleep with Carly?

Katie: Obviously, we didn't realize how late it was. You were ready for bed. Let's go, Brad.

Brad: No, no --

Margo: Well, it's not a courtesy call. What's going on?

Brad: It was my idea to come over here.

Margo: Why?

Brad: Because I was worried.

Margo: About?

Brad: I went off on Dani Andropoulos tonight at Yo's.

Margo: And why did you go off on Dani Andropoulos at Yo's?

Brad: For not finding Spencer. I was just giving her a rough time about not doing her job.

Margo: Well, all right, you know -- I know that this case is really frustrating and it's dragging along. And I don't know really know why Dani is striking out.

Brad: Yeah. You might want to look into that.

Margo: Okay, Brad, I'll look into that first thing in the morning at the station. Does that work for you?

Katie: Yes --

Margo: Good night --

Katie: That's good, right, Brad?

Brad: Yeah, I guess --

Margo: Oh, please, would you go home? I have a mountain of work to do before I drop into bed of exhaustion. Just go home --

Katie: Yeah, we're tired, too. I'm exhausted. And you look like you're about to drop.

Margo: Yeah, okay. So night-night. Sleep tight. Let's go.

Brad: Right.

Katie: Sorry. You sleep tight, too. I'm sorry to bother you --

Margo: Fine -- good-night. Drive safely.

Brian: Lucinda's been through a lot lately. And in many ways, she's never been happier. And if we take that away from her --

Luke: Look, Brian, if the happiness is based on a lie?

Brian: Well, I guarantee you, it's not. I've never been happier. She's an incredible human being and I love her. And I love every minute of being married to her.

Luke: Are you having sex with her?

Brian: That's none of your business.

Luke: Well, you made it pretty clear that you wanted to have sex with me. But somehow I'm crossing the line by asking who else you might be having sex with?

Brian: No, Lucinda and I are not having sex. She's not really well enough yet.

Luke: Yet. So you plan to.

Brian: I plan to be a good husband to her.

Luke: Okay --

Brian: Don't judge me, Luke. You can't know what my feelings are.

Luke: I'm not judging you, Brian. But trust me, I do know. I've been there. You're gay and you're too scared to admit it.

Craig: I care about you. I really do. I wouldn't trade a moment we've had together for anything. But frankly, this was a lot more fun before we had to resort to firearms.

Dani: You didn't give me much of a choice, did you?

Craig: Dani, this is no way to solve our differences.

Dani: You were the one who wants this to be over. I can make this quick and painless.

Craig: Painless for you, maybe. I've been shot. It's quick but it's never painless. And the recuperation period really sucks.

Dani: Well, you know, that's if you survive. I could do you a favor and make sure you donít.

Craig: That's kind of you. But you don't have it in you. I knew we could settle this amicably.

Dani: So you were just leading me on this whole time. Hedging your bets while you scoped out other women like Carly. And who else, huh? Meg Snyder?

Craig: You know I'm not interested in Carly, or Meg, or any other woman. Here's a little more pocket change. Help keep the wolf from the door.

Dani: Said the wolf.

Craig: Let's not drag this out, all right? It's so much better to make a graceful exit. Much better than the alterative.

Dani: Well, at least I have cab fare. I'll let you know when I get to my final destination, in case you want to come join.

Craig: Uh, it's probably best not to leave a trail.

Dani: Oh, in other words -- don't call, don't write, don't e-mail.

Craig: Yeah, that's the ticket.

Dani: You're a bad daddy.

Craig: And you know how to get me right where it hurts.

Dani: Still. I wouldn't mind doing it again.

Craig: Good-bye, Dani.

[Knock on the door]

Craig: What now?

Carly: So Dani was like a daughter to you, right? You are one sick puppy.

Craig: Snooping around in hallways? Still the same nosy, conniving Carly.

Carly: Have you really been sleeping with Dani Andropolous?

Craig: You're nothing if not consistent, I'll give you that.

[Knock on the door]

Waiter: Sorry about the delay, Mr. Montgomery. Busy night.

Craig: Yeah, you can just leave it and go.

Waiter: Yes, Sir. Thank you.

Carly: So tell me, why was Dani in such a hurry to leave? Didn't she want to stick around and enjoy the bubbly?

Craig: That's none of your business.

Carly: Why so touchy on the subject?

Craig: You shouldn't read too much into it.

Carly: She gets jealous when you have a drink at the bar with another woman. She comes into your room, orders champagne -- you don't really expect anybody think that that's innocent, do you?

 Craig: I'm unconcerned about what people think. Especially someone with your track record.

Carly: I may have pulled a few arms to get what I want. But I have never sunk as low as you have.

Craig: I didn't know it was a competition.

Carly: Katie tells me you've been a very bad boy.

Craig: Well, you really shouldn't listen to my sister. She always has an axe to grind and it really usually has to do with me.

Carly: Yeah, but Craig, you framed her husband for a murder he didn't commit. And in the process, you made Margo look like a complete fool. What if she had lost her job because of this Spencer McKay mess? Would you even cared?

Craig: But she didn't lose her job, did she? Now if you're finished excoriating me --

Carly: And coincidentally, when did you start sleeping with people half your age?

Craig: If I pour some champagne, will you promise to leave?

Carly: Only if you answer me one question.

Craig: What's that?

Carly: How do you live with yourself?

Margo: Oh, Dani, please, whatever it is, can it wait for the station tomorrow?

Dani: I'm sorry, Margo. This really can't wait.

Margo: Of course not. Come on in. All right what do you want, Dani?

Dani: I need to resign from my job, effective immediately.

Margo: Whoa!

Dani: I know this is sudden.

Margo: Yeah, a little. It's customary to give two weeks' notice.

Dani: I know. Believe me, I wish it didn't have to be this way, but --

Margo: Well, so do I can you a give slim word to go on here? I mean, did something happen?

Dani: No, it's not -- no, nothing like that.

Margo: Are you in any trouble?

Dani: No, no, not in trouble. No.

Margo: What, are you upset about the assignments you've been given?

Dani: No, no, that's been great. And you know I love my job and it's been a really great privilege working with you.

Margo: Okay, yeah, that's wonderful. So then why are you leaving? Oh -- Dani, are we going to have to play 40 questions?

Dani: Okay, okay. It's my friend -- a very good friend of mine from college -- actually, we were roommates. And she's -- she's sick. She's very sick. And she needs my help.

Margo: Well, I'm sorry to hear that. That's unexpected, huh?

Dani: Yes, it was very unexpected. And you know, she was so healthy like two weeks ago, and now she's very sick. And so, I need to go be with her.

Margo: Of course. You should take a leave of absence. You should take two weeks or a month, even. Because you know, the job market, it's so scarce right now. You want to have a job to come back to, don't you?

Dani: Of course. And thank you so much. But it wouldn't be fair to you, because I don't know when I'll be coming back. And we don't know how much time she has --

Margo: Oh, oh. Well, that's terrible. She doesn't she have any family, or relatives --

Dani: Nope. No one else. No.

Margo: So, this friend of yours, she's in police work?

Dani: What do you mean? Why would you say that?

Margo: Well, you just told me that you went to college together. John Jay College of criminal justice --

Dani: Yeah.

Margo: Yeah, so -- most people who graduate from there go into some sort of law enforcement.

Dani: No. Private security work.

Margo: Really? What private security? What kind of private security?

Dani: You know what? It really doesn't matter, because she probably won't be working anymore. So --

Margo: Yeah. Boy, its one thing to give up your job if you're, you know, about to pass away. But to give up your job when you're perfectly healthy --

Dani: You know, I'm sorry, Margo, I have to go. I have a plane to catch.

Margo: Why don't -- hey -- you know what? Don't you want to give me your address -- so that I can forward you your check?

Dani: No, no. I'm on direct deposit. So, thank you so much for everything. And I'm sorry. Sorry.

Brian: I know it seems to you like I'm trying to weasel out of the truth. But to me, life is a bit more complicated than trying to find one word to define a whole person.

Luke: Hey, if you want to stay in the closet your whole life, more power to you. Personally, I find it a little suffocating.

Brian: No, I'm just saying we shouldn't judge each other. You're gay, you're out, you're proud. Good for you. That's the way you chose to live your life. I made other choices, and they're equally valid.

Luke: But it's not a choice. It's just who you are.

Brian: Don't pretend you know who I am. I married Lucinda and I love her. And I think we're good for each other, and I think we can have a good marriage.

Luke: Brian, if she knew you were gay, was okay with it, and you guys worked something out, that would be one thing. But as it is, don't you kind of feel like -- like you're just making a joke out of this entire marriage?

Brian: You couldn't be more wrong.

Luke: How? How? Tell me how you can make this marriage work.

Brian: Lucinda may be older, we are very compatible. We're adults. We're both adults. We don't have to deal with issues like having children, or being competitive in our careers. We challenge each other, we make each other laugh. We make each other happy.

Luke: Except in bed.

Brian: Relationships aren't all about sex.

Luke: Oh, trust me, I know about that. I already went through one without it. But Brian, don't you think being attracted to the person you're with is a really important part of a relationship?

Brian: I am very attracted to Lucinda, in many ways. I wouldn't have married her otherwise.

Luke: And the fact that she was sick, and almost dying, and you said "Yes" when she proposed right after she had major surgery, that was all cool?

Brian: You said you weren't going to judge me, Luke. But that's what you're doing. Look, don't let one mistake that I made with you destroy a relationship that's not only important to me, but very important to your grandmother, whom I know you love very much. If you think about it, I'm sure you'll do the right thing.

Katie: Margo -- hey, I thought you were going to sleep.

Margo: Oh, I tried so hard, but I had another unexpected visitor.

Brad: Who?

Margo: Dani Andropoulos.

Katie: Well, what did she want? Did she have information about Spencer?

Margo: No, no, she didn't want to talk about Spencer at all. She just dropped by to give me her resignation effective immediately.

Katie: Did she say why?

Margo: Nah, she gave me some lame excuse about needing to help a sick friend.

Brad: You didn't buy it?

Margo: No, no. But it got me wondering, I was wondering if your little run-in with Dani had anything to do with her decision to leave town so quickly?

Katie: There could have been any reason, right? I mean, maybe it was an emotional decision.

Margo: I was kind of hoping Brad would answer that question. What do you think, Brad? Did Dani have another reason to get out of town?

Brad: Yeah, if you want to know the truth, I do. I think Dani quit because she felt guilty.

Katie: What would she have to feel guilty about?

Brad: Maybe for not doing her job? For letting Spencer get away so the cops couldn't question her about who was behind this whole set-up? Maybe the she couldn't hold her head up at the station anymore.

Margo: No, I don't think so. It's the very nature of police business to know that not every case if going to get solved. And if every criminologist quit because they couldn't crack a case, there'd be nobody left in the field.

Katie: Well, maybe Dani just wasn't cut out for law enforcement.

Margo: Maybe. Or maybe she was hiding something. Can you two think of anything she might be hiding?

Brad: No. I don't have a clue.

Margo: Well, Brad, if you ever do get a clue, you know where to find me. Good-night.

Katie: Good night.

Margo: Good night.

Katie: Drive safe. That could've been worse, right?

Brad: Wrong.

Luke: You know what, Brian? I'll admit, I don't know what the right thing is right now.

Brian: You don't want to hurt Lucinda.

Luke: Of course not.

Brian: So you won't tell her what happened between us.

Luke: Fine. I'll keep your secret safe if that's what you want.

Brian: All right. I'm glad we did this tonight. We needed to clear the air. So -- are we good now?

Luke: Yeah, we're good.

Katie: I'm glad Dani's gone, aren't you? It's going to make it a lot easier to put all this craziness behind us.

Brad: So can Craig, and that's the problem.

Katie: Let's just forget about Craig, okay? Please. We're here, we're together. That's all that matters.

Brad: That's true.

Katie: Can you say it a little more like you mean it?

Brad: We still got issues, Katie. We still -- we haven't even started to deal with the fact that you knew all along what was going with Craig, and you never even told me.

Katie: I'm sorry! I hate that Craig put me in that position. But I didn't want you to go to jail! I can't lose you. I need you here with me, home and safe. Is that so terrible? Wouldn't you do the exact same thing for me?

Brad: Yes. Yes, I would have.

Katie: So do you forgive me for lying?

Brad: Yes. Yes, I forgive you. But if you ever have anything to do with your brother ever again --

Katie: I wonít. I swear I will never let Craig near us ever again.

Craig: We all have to live with the decisions we make. The good and the bad. Let's take your situation, for instance.

Carly: Let's not. This is about you, not me.

Craig: On the negative side, you weren't able to keep your husband from moving on with another woman. Which in and of itself is surprising since you were always able to keep him on the hook before.

Carly: Those days are over.

Craig: Which could be the positive. You get to start a whole new life without the morality police looking straight over your shoulder. You get to be the old Carly again.

Carly: No. No I've moved on. But good luck being the old Craig. Let's see how far it gets you.

Craig: Come on, say it -- you admire me.

Carly: Are you kidding? There ain't enough champagne in the world.

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