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As The World Turns Transcript Friday 12/12/08

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Holden: It's me. Don't worry. You've still got time.

Lily: Not nearly enough. Did you get the kids' medicine?

Holden: I did. I also got them an electrolyte drink. The pharmacist said half the kids in the school have the flu.

Lily: The girls are so disappointed that they're going to miss the wedding. They were so looking forward to seeing Sage in her dress.

Holden: I will show them the video. No sense in getting everyone else sick, right?

Lily: Yeah, right. It's not very polite to send our guests home with flu bugs as party favors.

[Knock on the door]

Lily: Oh, no. Oh, no.

Holden: I'll handle it.

Lily: They're too early, get rid of them --

Holden: You go take care of the kids. Hey, Sis.

Meg: Hi.

Holden: Come on in. Let me take that.

Meg: Thank you. Oh, wow. The place looks great. Mama made cupcakes, as you can tell. She's running a little late.

Holden: Well, as you can see, we have mounds of food here.

Meg: Well, she would never show up empty-handed.

Holden: Well, as long as she shows up.

Meg: She wouldn't miss this. Janet has really grown on her, kitchen wars and all.

Lily: Holden! Can you help me with Ethan?

Meg: I'll --

Holden: No, no, the kids are sick. You should stay away.

Meg: Okay, I'll keep my eye on the door. You go help Lily. I'll have some downtime.

Lily: Never mind.

Holden: Oh. You're going to have your own kid chaos pretty soon.

Meg: Yeah.

Holden: You look great.

Meg: Thank you. You know, I know the baby isn't due for a few more weeks, but I am so ready to have her.

Holden: I bet you are. So how about Paul? Is he coming with Mama?

Meg: Paul won't be coming. My marriage is over.

Craig: I've brought Mrs. Ryan a baby gift. I'd like to give it to her myself.

Maid: Mrs. Ryan isn't in.

Craig: In general, or just to me? Poker face. No problem. I'll come back. When do you expect her?

Maid: You'll need to talk to Mr. Ryan about that.

Craig: Are Paul and Meg taking a trip?

Maid: No. Mrs. Ryan is sending someone for those.

Craig: Really?

Paul: Okay, you can stop the interrogation. What my wife does is none of your business.

Craig: From the look of things, whatever she's doing, she's doing it without you.

Brad: You guys ready yet?

Katie: One of us is.

Liberty: Do I look okay?

Brad: You look gorgeous. Way too grown up gorgeous.

Liberty: Katie did my makeup.

Brad: You're so pretty, you don't need makeup. Neither one of you do.

Katie: Ah, now see, that's why we keep him around.

Liberty: Yeah.

Brad: Are you going like that?

Katie: Yeah. No. I have to change. Relax. We're still on schedule.

Brad: Okay, we'd better be. I mean, if Janet's wedding is late because of us, I'll, you know --

Liberty: Dad, take a chill pill.

Brad: You got any?

Liberty: Would I be in trouble if I said I did? I'm kidding. God, you are crazy. Was he like this when you guys got married?

Katie: No comment. I'm going to go finish getting ready.

Liberty: Are you sure you're okay?

Brad: Okay, I've been thinking.

Liberty: Oh, no.

Brad: This is serious. All right, you know, I make fun of your Uncle Jack. And we get on each other's nerves. We always have. I mean, he's serious and rational and always plays by the rules. Well, almost all the time.

Liberty: Yeah, and you're the complete opposite. I figured that one by now.

Brad: He's the best guy that I know. He's going to make a great husband to your mom and he's going to be a great dad to you.

Liberty: Hey, stepdad. You're my dad.

Brad: Thanks, Sweetie. But I was just -- you know, I was just thinking -- I'm not the most experienced father figure in the picture anymore. So if you need to go to him, I won't be hurt.

Liberty: No, not going to happen. I already have one dad. Two, it would just be way too much pressure.

Brad: You know, I just want you to know that you can trust him, but --

Liberty: But what?

Brad: Call him Jack. Not Dad. I'm not ready to share the title.

Liberty: Okay, no title sharing. Got it. Got it.

Brad: Okay, so we good?

Liberty: Yeah, we're cool. But -- no, never mind.

Brad: You can't do that. No, I can't live with that. You can't do that. You have to tell me. Tell me. What?

Liberty: I love Uncle Jack, and don't get me wrong, I really want this wedding to happen, but it's reminding me of why I even came here in the first place.

Brad: Which was?

Liberty: I was dying for my mom to get married, but not to him. To you.

Parker: Look, do we really have to do this today? You're getting married in an hour.

Jack: Yeah, I know. That's why I want to talk now.

Parker: Okay. It was stupid of me to forge Mom's name on a trust fund check. But I did it for a good reason.

Jack: Really?

Parker: Yes. Janet really wanted to have a big wedding and it's not like I was going to spend all that money myself.

Jack: Oh, never say never.

Parker: The point is, it's not like I spent it on a plasma screen TV, or drugs or anything, okay? And I know I was wrong and I'm sorry. So if you're going to punish me, just go ahead. So, what do I got to do?

Janet: Hello.

Carly: Hey.

Janet: Hi.

Carly: What are you doing here?

Janet: Well, I can't get married without a dress.

Carly: Oh, right. Yeah, I know. I guess I just didn't expect to see you before the --

Janet: Katie said that she would come and pick it up for me. But I thought I'd come get it in person.

Carly: Okay. I have it for you. I'll get it.

Janet: Wait, Carly. Before you go, there are a few things that we need to straighten out.

Carly: Listen. I didn't intentionally try to ruin anyone's evening.

Janet: Oh, no.

Carly: I just had a little too much to drink on an empty stomach. Either that, or I'm really allergic to chocolate martinis. But I feel it this morning.

Janet: Come on, Carly. We both know you got wasted last night because you can't deal with the fact that Jack is getting married. So when you figured out you couldn't ruin my party, you staggered over to his to horn in with him. And you knew it would work, because you knew exactly what buttons to push. "Take care of me, Jack. Care about me, Jack. Don't abandon me, Jack."

Carly: Did you come all the way over here just to play shrink with me?

Janet: No, I didnít. I came over here because I wanted to look you in the eyes and make sure you heard me when I told you that what happened last night can never, ever happen again.

Parker: Look, Janet is seriously going to freak if you are there late, so can we just skip to the whole punishment part, maybe? Just tell me what I got to do.

Jack: Yeah, stand by me, hold the ring, and back me up this afternoon.

Parker: What?

Jack: I'm asking if you'll be my best man.

Parker: Are you kidding?

Jack: No. And I'm really hoping you say yes because we're kind of cutting it close here.

Parker: Yeah, really. I mean, it's a little reckless.

Jack: Will you do it?

Parker: Are you sure you don't want Holden?

Jack: No, not this time. Your father was a hero of mine and you're kind of a chip off the old block. I think you're the guy I want by me if I ever need anything. Can you handle that?

Parker: Yeah, definitely.

Brad: Your mom and I, we make great friends. But as a couple --

Liberty: World war III?

Brad: But you know what, it worked out. It worked out great. I mean, I've got Katie. And we all know that Jack would be much better for your mom than I ever would be.

Liberty: Yeah. You know, as people, you guys are great. But as a couple -- waa-waa. I'm just telling it like it is.

Brad: You know, you're definitely meant to be my daughter. You know that, right? Right, I'm not giving up on the job, I'm just saying Jack can pick up the slack now and then, when and if I'm not around. But you have to promise me one thing -- that I'm always going to be numero uno.

Liberty: You can't fight biology.

Brad: Listen, I'm glad to hear it. Because as far as I'm concerned, life before Liberty -- waa-waa-waa. And life after Liberty -- life after is way, way better.

Liberty: Thanks.

Katie: Okay, are we ready?

Liberty: Yeah.

Brad: Holy moly, look at the two of you. How'd I get to be so lucky?

Janet: We are getting married. And about an hour from now, it's going to be a done deal. So whatever torch you're carrying for him, you have to put it away. We are together. It's a fact. You have to accept it.

Carly: I do. I want Jack to be happy.

Janet: So do I.

Carly: Then make it happen.

Janet: I will. I will. But listen to me, he's going to be my husband. From now on, that means you can't call him when you're feeling depressed. Or when you need a light bulb changed or you need the plumbing fixed. You're going to have to do it yourself from now on.

Carly: Well, we have the children together, you know.

Janet: And he will always be there for them. You can't use that as an excuse anymore. Not the way you used to. He's mine now.

Carly: I'm well aware of that.

Janet: I'm sorry, Carly, I don't mean to be harsh with you. But sometimes, it feels like that's the only way I can get through to you. I thought that we were going to be friends at one point. And maybe, after some time, after you get used to the idea --

[Carly chuckles]

Carly: We'll see.

Janet: We'll see. Until then, get yourself a yellow pages.

Craig: Get on with your life, man. She's gone. But I can't help but wonder if her leaving had anything to do with Josie Andersonís timely return to Oakdale.

Paul: You brought Josie back to town. You did that. You son of a --

Craig: Watch your language, Paul. You're about to be a father. That is, if Meg ever lets you anywhere near the bambino.

Paul: She can't keep me from my kid.

Craig: No, she can't, but the law can. So, good guy that I am --

Paul: Oh, really? Since when?

Craig: Well, I decided the bad boy thing was getting old. So I decided to come back to Oakdale and prove that to my friends and loved ones. Starting with Dusty.

Paul: He doesn't deserve it.

Craig: He was unjustly accused. I rectified that by producing a material witness. Sorry if that torpedoed your wedded bliss.

Paul: You're destroying my family.

Craig: Collateral damage. The price of doing business sometimes, you know that.

Paul: This isn't about Dusty, is it? This is about Meg. You just couldn't let me win, could you?

Craig: That's not true. I'm over Meg. I've always been resilient that way.

Paul: Yeah, I don't believe you.

Craig: But I know you're hurting, Paul. And I sincerely regret that. I honestly never meant you any harm. Not personally. Not this time. And I would like to make amends, if you'll let me.

Paul: Really? Short of turning back the clock, how are you going to do that?

Craig: I could talk to Meg. Put in a good word for you.

Paul: You -- you stay away from Meg.

Craig: Well, that's not really up to you, is it?

Carly: Janet, you know, you really have nothing to worry about.

Janet: I know.

Sage: Mom, I'm waiting!

Janet: Hi, Sweetie.

Sage: Janet! Is everything okay?

Carly: Yeah. Everything's fine, Honey. Janet just came to pick up her dress, okay?

Sage: Are you sure everything's all right?

Janet: Oh, I am sure. Come here, sit down with me. You look so cute. All right, listen, I didn't just come over here to pick up the wedding dress. I came because everybody in the wedding party gets a gift and I wanted to personally bring you yours. To my flower girl.

Sage: They're the earrings I saw at Fashions when we got the dress!

Janet: I know. See, I remembered how much you liked them and they match the dress perfectly, so there you go.

Sage: I love them. Thank you so much.

Janet: Oh, you are so welcome. Come here you little munchkin. Oh.

Sage: Aren't they pretty, Mom?

Carly: Oh, oh, yes. Very pretty. Here's your dress.

Janet: Thank you. Thank you. Thank you, Carly. I'll see you guys at the wedding.

Sage: Mom, will you put these on me?

Carly: Yes. It would be my pleasure. Aw, there so pretty.

Jack: Listen, I wanted to ask you something. Would it be okay if Janet and I stayed here a little while? Just until we find a place of our own?

Emma: Oh, that's another thing -- no, it will be okay. Just as long as she doesn't rearrange my kitchen anymore.

Jack: Come on, maybe you should give her free rein and take a load off of yourself for a change.

Emma: Oh, as you kids say, don't push it.

Jack: Thank you.

Parker: Is it time?

Jack: Oh, yes.

Emma: Oh, boy.

Jack: Yes, it's time.

Emma: Oh, here we go.

Jack: Here you go.

Janet: Liberty, I thought I thought of everything, but I forgot one thing. I forgot that the something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue stuff. That's bad luck, right?

Liberty: Not yet. We can handle this.

Janet: We can?

Liberty: Piece of cake.

Janet: Cake! The cake!

Liberty: The food's here, Mom. The cake's here. Lily's got everything taken care of. There's enough to feed an entire army.

Janet: I think I'm going to be sick.

Liberty: Hey, Mom, look at me. Come on. Breathe. Like a human, please? Are you with me? Are you with me?

Janet: My body is, but I'm not so sure about the rest of me.

Liberty: I think that's natural.

Janet: Honey, we gotta do this right, man. I want this to stick.

Liberty: It will. I've got your back. Okay.

Janet: Okay.

Liberty: New.

Janet: New.

Liberty: The dress.

Janet: I'm not so sure we should use that as new.

Liberty: Mom, it fits the requirement. Are you going to fight me on this? No, right. Okay, now old.

Janet: Old, okay.

Liberty: Think.

Janet: Old -- my underwear. Oh, come on. I've had it in my hope chest for years. 'Cause, you know, I've been hoping.

Liberty: That's gross and creepy. Let's move on to borrowed.

Janet: Okay.

Liberty: Here. I want you to have this.

Janet: That's your baby necklace. Oh, I haven't seen it so long, I thought we must have lost it in one of the moves.

Liberty: No. I keep it with me all the time. It's my good luck charm. Take it.

Janet: Oh, I had no idea. Put it on for me.

Liberty: Okay.

Janet: Oh, Libbylou, we've been through a lot together. Good times and bad times.

Liberty: Yeah.

Janet: But I promise you, from now on, it's going to be all good.

Liberty: Mom. I love you so much.

Janet: Don't make me cry. My makeup.

Brad: Ta-da! Hello! Hello! The best man. You arrived!

Jack: And the best aunts are here.

[Talking amongst themselves]

Emma: I'm well. How are you doing?

Jack: Holden.

Katie: You're so tall.

Sage: There's Dad. Aren't you coming?

Carly: Yeah. Yeah, I just need a second out here to myself before I go in. But you go ahead. Hey, you know, you have a job to do. Go on. I'll be fine.

Sage: I love you.

Carly: I love you, too.

Emma: Let me see. Oh, don't you look beautiful?

Sage: Isn't this the best dress you ever saw?

Emma: Yes.

Katie: You and Liberty are going to look so cute together.

Jack: Come here, you beautiful girl. Right here.

Sage: Careful of the dress, Dad. I'm serious.

Jack: Ooh. I'm serious, too. I love you and I'm hugging my daughter.

Emma: Squeeze, squeeze.

Lily: Sage, where's your mommy?

Sage: I don't know. She got all dressed up and everything. But when we got here, she said she wanted to wait outside for a while.

Lily: Oh, don't you worry. I'm sure she'll be here.

Parker: Hey, you look pretty good for a squirt.

Sage: So funny. Nice tie, Parker.

Parker: I have to wear it. I'm the best man.

Sage: And why didn't you tell me?

Parker: Well, I was asked this morning. I even get to hold the ring.

Sage: Can I try it on?

Parker: No.

Sage: Dad!

Brad: Am I interrupting? Are you decent?

Janet: No, please, come in. Come in. Come in.

Brad: Oh, okay. I brought you something.

Liberty: It's blue!

Janet: I know! You just saved my life, Bradley.

Brad: What did I do?

Janet: We were worried about bad luck, but now we are golden. Here, turn around, turn around. Oh, perfect.

Liberty: It's kind of cute, I guess.

Janet: All right, okay. I'm ready. I'm ready.

Brad: You forgot one thing.

Janet: What? I'm wearing the dress, Bradley. I will put it on.

Brad: No, not that. Okay, you know, I just was thinking that you don't have any family members in town, and who's going to give you away?

Janet: I really didn't think of that. Me, I guess. It's no big deal.

Brad: Well, I mean, that's an option. But it occurred to me that maybe I could do it. I mean, if you let me have the honor.

Janet: Gosh, you'd do that for me, Bradley?

Brad: It's my idea.

Janet: Okay, but just so you know that you're not really getting rid of me. It's just for show.

Brad: I don't want to get -- anyway, you know, I don't want to get rid of you. I know that when you came to town that we both had different ideas about what we would be to each other.

Janet: You think?

Brad: Right, but you know, hey, it worked out in a pretty good way. We're going to be family now and always.

Janet: Thank you, Bradley.

Brad: Is that a yes?

Janet: Yes. Yes, you can give me away.

Brad: Excellent. Okay, I'm going to wait outside while you put your dress on, and then we'll get this show on the road.

Liberty: Wait, wait, guys, guys -- before we do anything, we have to have one of these --

Janet: Oh, pictures --

Liberty: For the album.

Janet: Yes.

Brad: All right.

Janet: Yes.

Liberty: Okay.

Janet: Okay.

Brad: Super stud in the middle.

Janet: Oh, please.

Liberty: Geek. Go.

Janet: Cheese!

Jack: I'll be right back. Don't let them start without me.

Craig: Hello, Jack. You know, I went to the farm to look for Meg and the stable hand told me everyone was over here.

Jack: It's not a good time, Craig. There's about to have a wedding.

Craig: I see. You and Carly again? That's optimistic.

Jack: Me, yes. Carly, no.

Craig: Oh. Interesting. Well, who's the lucky bride? Anyone I know?

Jack: No.

Craig: Well then, I look forward to having the pleasure.

Jack: Don't hold your breath.

Craig: Lighten up, Jack. It's your wedding day. Let's hope this one lives up to your expectations.

[Jack laughs]

Jack: And what is that supposed to mean?

Craig: Well, obviously, my sister wasn't good enough for you. And poor Carly, well, she learned the hard way, it's simply impossible to live with the most moral man on earth.

Jack: It's a private occasion, Craig. You're not on the guest list.

Brad: The bride is ready. Where's the groom?

Katie: Oh, no.

Meg: Oh, no.

Brad: Guys --

Craig: Just the person I was looking for.

Jack: Hey!

(Upbeat music playing)

Paul: I told you to stay away from my wife!

Meg: How dare you come here and disrupt Jack's wedding?

Paul: I came here to protect you. Get off!

Craig: Oh, that's funny, given the circumstances.

Paul: He wants you back, and that is not going to happen!

Jack: Calm down, Paul.

Meg: Leave me alone.

Craig: Forgive the intrusion. I honestly did not know there was a wedding here today. I'll catch up to you later.

Paul: And don't come back!

Jack: Craig's gone. I suggest you do the same.

Paul: I'm here to talk to Meg.

Meg: Didn't you hear what I said?

Paul: I'm not leaving.

Brad: The bride is waiting for a word to come down. Could we please make this about Janet?

Meg: You know, Brad is right. Why don't you go on up? I can handle this.

Jack: You're serious?

Meg: Yes, he's not going to hurt me. Look, I would feel horrible if I ruined your wedding. Please, just go. I'll be fine.

Jack: Don't do anything stupid, Paul.

[Paul sighs]

Paul: Thank you.

Meg: Not here.

Lily: I thought you'd end up here.

Carly: Why aren't you at the wedding?

Lily: Why aren't you?

Carly: I canít. It hurts too much.

Lily: Do it anyway.

Carly: What?

Lily: If you don't show up, your children are going to think that what makes their father happy is destroying their mother. If you walk away itíll tear your kids apart. If your stay, theyíll see for themselves that youíre alright.

Carly: Even if I'm not? I think if I watch Jack marry somebody else, it'll kill me.

Lily: No, it wonít. Holden was just talking about how you never stay down for long. And it's true. This isn't going to break you.

Carly: I wouldn't be so sure of that.

Lily: Let Jack go, Carly. You tried. Now you've got to choose what's right for your children.

Carly: Everything I do is for my kids. Okay, maybe not everything, always, but lately I've been very good at putting them first.

Lily: Good, let's keep it that way. Come back to the house with me.

Meg: What is wrong with you?

Paul: With me?

Meg: Yeah! How could you cause a scene like that?

Paul: Craig did this! If he hadn't come back to town, you and I would still be together. Everything would be --

Meg: Would be a lie. Everything would still be a lie.

Paul: It's not true. He's destroying our life.

Meg: Why is it always somebody else's fault? Craig didn't do this. And neither did Dusty or Josie or Sofie or whoever else has it in for you this week. It's you. You did it to yourself. To us. You're sick.

Paul: Oh, okay. I see where this is going.

Meg: Did you even go to therapy?

Paul: I'll go today. I will. Please. Come home with me.

Meg: Oh, my God. Oh, my God. How far back do these lies go? Was anything you told me the truth?

Paul: Here's the truth -- I need you. Please, come home with me.

Meg: No, no, no! Do you really think I could back home with you after what you've done? There's something broken inside you, Paul. I can't fix it.

Paul: Yes, you can. You're the one. You can fix it.

Meg: No. No, it's too late. You're not fit to be a husband or a father.

Paul: That's not true.

Meg: When I told Jack that you wouldn't hurt me, I didn't mean that. I'm afraid of you, Paul. I'm sorry, but I can't let you near my child.

Emma: Carly.

Carly: Hi.

Emma: Come sit here.

Brad: Groom -- check. Flower girl -- check. Best man -- check.

Holden: Let's do this.

Brad: I'll go get the bride.

[Liberty laughs]

Brad: Good luck.

Janet: Don't need it.

Judge: Are you two ready? Friends, family, Jack and Janet are grateful that you're all here to share their wedding day with them. In fact, from what I've been told, without you, we wouldn't be here.

[Janet laughs]

Judge: So let's begin with the vows. Janet, when you're ready.

Janet: Is this really happening?

Jack: Yeah. It's really happening.

Liberty: Just breathe, Mom.

Janet: I came to Oakdale looking for Mr. Right. And I found him. Only, not where I was originally looking.

[Katie laughs]

Janet: They say the rich get richer, and that's true for me. Only, I don't need money. I've never really had much of that, but it didn't matter. Because I have love. And I have my Liberty. And she and I -- it was her love that got us through some pretty dark days. She makes the world a brighter place. And now I have you. It's like I won the lottery twice. Only, it's unlike any love, or luck, I have ever known. It's magic. I love you. You've made all my dreams come true. And I love you. And you, Sage. Everybody here in this room. I've got all the loves of my life with me. So I guess that officially makes me the luckiest woman in the world.

Judge: Your turn, Jack.

Jack: Well, I was kind of the opposite of you. I wasn't looking for love. In fact, I almost stopped believing in it altogether, until you blew into my life like a hurricane, with lasagna that wouldn't quit.

[Janet laughs]

Jack: Thank you very much! I'm ten pounds heavier!

[Everyone laughs]

Jack: Until I met you, I didn't know that one could have passion and peace at the same time. But you gave that to me. You take care of me, Janet. And I'll admit, a lot of the times, I don't know how to handle it, but Aunt Emma tells me to "Just suck it up and let you do it." And she's a smart woman, so here we are. I want to take care of you, too. And I want to be a good husband to you. And a great father to the kids. To start a new family together. This is for real. And I love you. And more than that, you feel like home to me.

Judge: Jack, will you place the ring on Janet's finger? Janet, do you take Jack, to have and to hold, for better or worse, in sickness and in health, to love and cherish, until death do you part?

Janet: I do.

Judge: Janet, will you place the ring on Jack's finger? Jack, do you take Janet, to have and to hold, for better or worse, in sickness and in health, to love and cherish until death do you part?

Jack: I do.

Judge: All right. Jack. Janet. I now pronounce you husband and wife. You can take it from here.

[Cheers and applause]

Janet: I can't believe we're actually married!

[Jack chuckles]

Janet: Waa!

[Cheers and applause] [Janet laughs]

Brad: You mind if I cut in?

Jack: No funny business!

[Brad growls]

Carly: I'm happy for you.

Paul: I've lost a lot in my life. I don't think I could manage losing you. Losing our baby.

Meg: What about our baby, Paul? What have you done to take care of her?

Paul: Everything.

Meg: You put us at risk. You used Jenniferís memory, not only against Dusty, but against your own mother.

Paul: No, that's not true.

Meg: Look at you. You're still lying to my face. I can't do this anymore.

Paul: No, wait, please. What do you mean? Look, I'll do whatever you want, okay? I'll go to therapy five times a week. I'll go every hour. I'll take meds -- whatever you want. Tell me. Anything you want.

Meg: I want to end this now.

Paul: No.

Meg: I can't do it anymore.

Paul: No. Please, please, please -- please -- please -- please, please, please -- one more chance? Please? Please?

Please. For the sake of our baby, please.

Jack: I'm glad you're here.

Carly: Are you?

[Janet walks by and sees Jack and Carly talking and stands there]

Jack: Yes. And I want you to know that I love you. Always will. We're a part of each other. And not just because of the kids. In our souls.

Carly: That's what I thought.

Jack: And that will never change. But living together didn't really work out for us. We've got the battle scars to prove it. I'm with Janet now. I need you to know that.

Carly: I honestly want you to be happy.

Jack: I want that for you, too. But I need you to be a part of this family, Carly. Holidays, celebrations. Come on, will you be there? You belong there.

Carly: Don't push it, okay?


Lily: Time to cut the cake!


Lily: All right!

Holden: Come on, Jack.

Brad: Cut the cake! Cut the cake! Cut the cake! That's why I'm here.

Jack: Come on.

Janet: All right, all right. Here we go.

[Carly leaves and stands outside the window and watches for a sec and then leaves]

All: Yay! Oh!


Brad: Woo-hoo!

Janet: Okay, we gotta do this.

Jack: Oh, all right.

Paul: Just tell me what to say. Tell me what to say. What can I do?

Meg: There's nothing left to say.

Paul: All right, you know what? Why don't I come back tomorrow, and we can talk after you've had some rest.

Meg: No, no, no, no, no. This isn't about needing a good night's sleep, Paul. I'm tired. I've been hanging onto you for months, trying to keep you from drowning in your own sickness. I can't do it anymore. I have to let go. Otherwise, I'm going to end up drowning myself.

Paul: What are you saying?

Meg: I want a divorce. It's over. And please don't come back.

[Paul sighs]

[Janet laughs]

Janet: Woo!

Jack: Here you are, Mrs. Snyder.

Janet: Oh, I will never, ever get tired of hearing that.

Jack: You want me to open that?

Janet: Maybe later. Right now, I'd like to show you a few pieces of lingerie I got at my shower.

Jack: Maybe later.

Katie: I just can't get over how happy Jack and Janet were. Your brother really hit the jackpot on this one.

Brad: All I can say is, I'm glad it took him this long. Otherwise, I might not have had a chance to hit my own jackpot. So to speak.

Katie: Is that how you think of me?

Brad: Baby, you break the bank. That was weird, though, Craig showing up the way he did. I can't figure out that dude.

Katie: Would you stop this obsession with my brother? He's back, we can't do anything about it. So just let it go.

Brad: That is the third time you've gotten all twisted up when I mentioned Craig. What's up with that?

Carly: What are you doing here?

Craig: Refill? Well, a lady should never drink alone. And neither should you.

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Luke: You're gay. And you're too scared to admit it.

Lily: Her name is Jade, and she's 19.

Derek: I have no idea why you're showing me that.

Lily: I think you do.

Jade: I need money. Enough to disappear, maybe for good.

Meg: Oh, my God! Oh, I think the baby's coming. Oh!

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