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As The World Turns Transcript Thursday 12/4/08

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[Phone ringing]

Carly: Hello? Yes, this is she. Oh, Mrs. Plank, how are you? J.J. is so looking forward coming to Eastlake next month. We're going to miss him so much, of course, but he's -- what do you mean, what kind of problem? Didn't you get the deposit? I am so sorry. I don't know what could have happened. Yeah. No, absolutely. I will take care of it right away. Thank you.

Holden: Hey, Jack.

[Jack sighs]

Holden: That doesn't look like any fun.

Jack: It's not. That's why -- that's why I called you.

Holden: You're not in trouble, are you?

Jack: No, nothing long-term. It's just that -- well, a couple of things happened unexpectedly. And I need you to cover me for a couple weeks. J.J. got into boarding school.

Holden: Boarding school?

Jack: Yeah, yeah. He applied himself to Eastlake Academy. And he got in, he got accepted. And he got a scholarship and everything. It's just that I had to -- you know, I had to spend a couple more thousand than I was expecting. And with the wedding right around the corner --

Holden: Hey, hey, hey. Say no more. How much do you need?

Jack: $5,000 should cover it.

Holden: You got it.

Lisa: What is your budget?

Janet: Well, I --

Lisa: I can give you a bargain for New Year’s Eve.

Janet: Oh, I love a bargain.

Lisa: Yes, we had a last-minute cancellation, which is unheard of. But this corporation who -- well, they've given big parties here every year for the past decade, but because of the economy, the way it is, well, they had to cancel and forfeit a huge deposit.

Janet: Define huge.

Lisa: Well, it was painful. But we can use this to your advantage. I can make sure that you and Jack have the ballroom on New Year's Eve, everything included for -- um, say, $20,000. How does that sound?

Janet: $20,000?

Lisa: Yes. That includes the staff, it include open bar, and, um, of course, a delicious meal. And then the music, that you might have to pay --

Janet: Hold on, I'm so sorry. Excuse me -- I'm still back at 20 grand.

Lisa: Yes, it's a bargain. Just say "Yes," I'll give you a night no one will ever forget.

Brad: Is that a takeout menu?

Margo: It's a warrant for your arrest, Brad.

Brad: You don't have to do this. Katie's going to be back soon.

Margo: Katie asked me for time, and against my better judgment I gave it to her. I can't stall this any longer.

Brad: Why? Look, I'm not going anywhere.

Margo: That's not how it works here, even if you are married to my sister.

Brad: Look, I know you think I'm selfish.

Margo: I'm gonna take the fifth on that.

Brad: This is not about me.

Dani: Yeah, there's a dead girl involved.

Brad: Spencer's not dead. Okay? She's -- she's ordering deep dish in Chicago somewhere.

Margo: In your imagination somewhere.

Brad: Well, Katie saw her, too. So what do you think, like we're having some sort of married-couple hallucination or something? Come on. I mean, I'm just asking for a little bit more time. You won't have to arrest me. Margo, please -- Spencer is alive.

Margo: Brad, repeating it over and over again isn't going to make it true.

Dani: Her body's been I.D.'d. The evidence against you is solid.

Margo: Brad Snyder, you're under arrest for the murder of Spencer McKay. You have the right to remain silent --

Brad: Wait, just wait! Katie was afraid for me to tell you this before, but now I have no choice.

Margo: Oh, Brad, please stop stalling.

Brad: But you know, she was getting instant messages about Spencer.

Margo: From whom?

Brad: We don't know. But this computer guy is -- he is running the whole show.

Margo: How are you so sure it's a guy?

Brad: Well, whoever it is, I mean, he is behind everything that's happened with me, with Spencer, with Henry. I mean, he's been pulling all our strings since the very beginning. You find out who he is, or whoever or whatever -- you'll find out the truth, Margo.

Craig: What's the matter? Aren't you going to hug your big brother?

Katie: What are you doing here?

Craig: Filial bonding. I've come to check up on my baby sister.

Katie: Try again, Craig.

Craig: So cynical. What's happened to you, Pumpkin?

Katie: What do you want?

Craig: It's the holiday season. Oakdale's been pulling on my proverbial heartstrings. I miss my family.

Katie: Oh, come on, Craig. You go for months -- years without talking to me.

Craig: Well, I'm here now. What do you want to talk about?

Katie: And what about Margo? Oh, that's right. You probably shouldn't call her, seeing as you're wanted for attempted murder of Paul Ryan.

Craig: Which is why we need to keep my arrival in town a secret, just for now.

Katie: Don't put this on me, Craig. One more thing to worry about and my head is going to explode!

Craig: Well, that's why I'm here. Let me help you.

Katie: Who said I needed help?

Craig: Oh, I heard you and Brad were in trouble. I can fix that.

Katie: You don't know anything about it. And how could you possibly -- oh, my God. The mystery messages! They were from you!

Craig: I don't know what you're talking about. What mystery messages?

Katie: Don't lie to me, Craig. You set Brad up, didn't you? And Henry, too. You stole evidence and you planted evidence, and then God knows what else. And now Brad could go to jail for the rest of his life, because you stuffed a decomposing body in his locker!

Craig: Yuck! Why would I do that?

Katie: The favor. In the first instant message, you said that you would help Brad out of the situation he was in, but you would want a favor in the future. "Time and deed to be determined." Oh, I would never, ever agreed to this, if I knew my own brother was blackmailing me.

Craig: I understand why you might suspect that I would be behind such an elaborate undertaking. But I assure you, I had nothing to do with it. I can, however, help you and your husband out of the corner you find yourselves painted into.

Katie: Oh, stop it! Don't play me, Craig. You did all of this. You set up Brad. And you -- you killed Spencer, or whoever that poor --

Craig: I believe the words you're looking for are "Rotting corpse."

Katie: Right. You killed her, and you stuffed her in Brad's locker and left her there to rot! You're a murderer!

Craig: I'm not a killer. That poor creature was dead long before she came into my possession.

Katie: It's not Spencer, is it?

Craig: No. Just the understudy.

Katie: I cannot believe I have such an awful person for a brother.

Craig: Oh, stop being so dramatic. It's all fixable. Brad and Henry will get off -- with my help. So no harm, no foul. Normalcy will be restored, and everyone will go back to living happily ever after.

Katie: Except you. You'll be in jail. 'Cause I'm going to tell Margo everything you did.

Craig: No, you won’t.

Katie: Really? How are you going to stop me?

Craig: If you go running to the police, I will simply disappear. And Brad will stay in jail for the rest of his life.

Brad: Dani, tell her!

Margo: Dani, you knew about this?

Dani: Katie and Brad came to me with their theory.

Brad: No, it's more than a theory.

Margo: Why did you not pass the information up through the chain of command?

Dani: I checked it out myself. The information went nowhere.

Brad: You gave up too easy.

Dani: Okay, I traced this guy's ISP to a computer cafe in Berlin.

Brad: Look, computer geeks can make things look like they come from anywhere they want. I mean, we even did a show about it on "Oakdale Now."

Dani: The information was a dead end.

Brad: Okay, okay.

Dani: I didn't want to waste your time.

Brad: Okay, what about this? Every time we disobeyed computer guy, something bad happens.

Margo: Like what?

Brad: Well, like that time you found that scarf in Henry’s room, that was planted. This guy is yanking your chain.

Margo: Or you are.

Brad: We weren't supposed to tell the police. Now that we have, he's going to take it out on us. You just wait, wait and see. And I should probably call Katie and warn her.

Margo: Yes, you probably should. Right after we book you.

Brad: Margo, I'm not making this up. It's too easy to prove. Come on, you've got to believe me.

Margo: Dani, go get the computer.

Holden: It's good to see you happy.

Jack: It's good to be happy for a change.

Holden: Just don't screw it up, okay?

Jack: Hey, not me. You kidding? Of course, some things are genetically predisposed, right?

Holden: Well, if being a good or bad husband was just a matter of DNA, life would be a lot simpler. But a whole lot less interesting. Hey, we've got to learn from our mistakes, right? Our many, many, many mistakes.

Jack: Yeah, well Janet makes it easy. I want her to have what she wants.

Holden: Well, that's the key to a good marriage. Give her what she wants. See you around.

Janet: Ms. Grimaldi --

Lisa: Please call me Lisa.

Janet: Okay, Lisa.

Lisa: Good!

Janet: $20,000 is really a lot of money.

Lisa: But, Darling, it comes -- you know, it's like writing a check. The pain is in writing it. Once it's over, it's forgotten. It's like childbirth.

Janet: Do you have children?

Lisa: Yes.

Janet: Because I remember every vivid contraction.

Lisa: And it was well worth it, wasn't it? So, Janet, take the plunge. You will not regret it.

Janet: You're right. I have waited my whole life for this. You're right!

Carly: What the heck happened?

Jack: Hi, Carly.

Carly: I just got a call from Eastlake, Jack. They told me that your check bounced.

Jack: I told you not to send that for a few days!

Carly: I told you that I had to overnight it. Do you have any idea how humiliating it was to get a phone call like that?

Jack: I'm -- I'm sorry.

Carly: I thought you were going to ask Janet to return that dress.

Jack: No, I never said I was going to do that. Just tell the school to redeposit it. The money should there.

Carly: And where is that money going to come from?

Jack: I got a loan. Not that it's any of your business.

Carly: So now you're going to be paying interest?

Jack: I borrowed the money from Holden.

Carly: Wow. I'm really shocked that you would involve Holden in your financial problems.

Jack: Excuse me, excuse me --

Carly: I'm telling you, Jack --

Jack: A couple of unexpected expenses --

Carly: That woman is dragging you, and therefore and our children, straight toward disaster!

Jack: Please do not refer to Janet as "That woman."

Carly: You're putting your children at risk because of her. And that is completely unlike you.

Jack: Good. Good, because every relationship I've ever had ended up in smoke. Some of them multiple times. So if I'm acting different, I guess that means that Janet and I might actually have a shot.

Carly: If that is meant to be some kind of slam, I know I don't deserve it.

Jack: Maybe not. But my bank account is none of your business, Carly. None of your business. As long as I pay my bills, that's all you should be worried about.

Carly: But you didn't this time, though.

Jack: Okay, it happens. I'm sure we're not the only parents in the history of Eastlake Academy that ever had a tuition check bounce.

Carly: I just don't want them to see J.J. as some kind of charity case.

Jack: If they thought that, they wouldn't be hounding us for the money, now would they?

Carly: I do not want him to be humiliated like that.

Jack: Carly, I think you're overreacting!

Janet: Uh-oh. What did I walk into this time?

Jack: Nothing. Nothing. Everything is -- everything's fine. Carly was just leaving.

Carly: Of course. I wouldn't want to delay the planning of the wedding of the century. I think I'll go buy myself an absurdly expensive lunch.

Janet: Is she still upset about the dress?

Jack: Oh, whatever she'll always find a way to make herself miserable.

Janet: And you, from the looks of it.

Jack: I'm better now that you're here.

Janet: You are so good to me.

Jack: And what've you been up to all afternoon?

Janet: Having a lot more fun than you, from the looks of it.

Jack: Yeah.

Janet: Are you guys still arguing about finances?

Jack: Oh, let’s talk about Carly.

Janet: Okay. Um, but I'm not so sure this is a good time to bring this up --

Jack: You can't leave me hanging like that.

Janet: I know, I'm sorry. It's just that I just got back from this great meeting with Lisa at the Lakeview, and she said that she could get us a great deal if we have the wedding there.

Jack: I thought we were going to have the wedding here at the farm?

Janet: I know, I know. But I've been thinking about it, and its winter. It's cold outside. We won't be able to have it out there.

Jack: I'd build you an igloo if that's what you want.

Janet: No, I am not going to put a parka over that beautiful, beautiful wedding dress.

Jack: Good point. Beautiful point.

Janet: And besides, you've gotten married here. I kind of wanted our wedding to be special.

Jack: It will be special. But just so you know --

Janet: Gee, you've been married at the Lakeview, too?

Jack: Yeah, Carly and I, we've been married lots of times. It's a small town. But -- I want you to have what you want.

Janet: Lisa said you'd say that. And I'm telling you, it is a miracle that the ballroom dropped into our laps when it did. I mean, do you know how often and how many months in advance book New Year’s Eve? And just to have this be free for us, it's such an amazing deal. I just -- well, I think it's a sign.

Jack: How amazing is this deal, actually?

Lisa: Oh, hi.

Carly: Hi. Are you hostessing today?

Lisa: Oh, well, it's only occasionally I do, for special people.

Carly: Well, swell. 'Cause I'm hungry. I'd like to have some lunch.

Lisa: Sure, right over here, Honey.

Carly: Thank you.

Lisa: So, how things going? Uh, is, uh -- is Sage going to be in her daddy's wedding?

Carly: Yes, she is.

Lisa: Oh, it's going to be a glorious affair. I'm letting them have the ballroom here, on New Year’s Eve.

Carly: No, you're not.

Lisa: Yes.

Carly: No, they're not getting married here. They can't possibly get married here. They're getting married at the farm.

Lisa: No, they're not. Not anymore.

Carly: No, trust me. A wedding here at the Lakeview is well beyond Jack's means, okay?

Lisa: Well, it just happens, about an hour ago, Janet was here. And she signed the contract. And I'll just do them a wonderful favor, and give it to them for a special price.

Carly: How much?

Lisa: Oh, Darling, that's confidential now. Shh, shh.

Carly: No, no, no. Jack and I discuss all of our financial information. Really, I'll just call him myself.

Lisa: Honey, it's really none of your business. But since they are such a -- so special and such a sweet, loving couple, I have done a favor for them.

Carly: Well, what sort of a discount does being a lovely couple bring?

Lisa: I'm letting them have it for --

Jack: Twenty grand? Have you completely lost your mind?

Dani: These files are corrupt. I can't open anything.

Brad: No. No, no, no, no. That's not -- that's impossible.

Dani: I can -- I can get an I.T. guy up here. But your computer seems to have some sort of virus. The machine is useless.

Brad: See, right there? That's computer guy!

Margo: Oh, Brad!

Brad: I mean, come on! He made sure we couldn't track him.

Margo: How do I know you didn't zap it yourself?

Brad: How about the only thing I know how to zap is microwave popcorn? And plus, I've been right here the whole time.

Dani: Look, there's no way to tell when this damage was done. So it's very possible that you could have done it at the studio earlier to cover your tracks.

Brad: Yeah, I could have, but I didn't! All right, Katie will back me up. If she ever gets here.

Margo: Sorry, Brad. We're out of time. Brad Snyder, you're under arrest for the murder of Spencer McKay. You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.

Katie: How can you say you love me and put me in a position like this?

Craig: We have a bargain. I didn't force you into it. In fact, mere moments ago, you were pleading with me online. "Please, dear stranger. I'll do whatever you say. Just let my dear hubby out of the slammer."

Katie: Okay, fine. So what are you waiting for?

Craig: To hammer out the details. Then I'll produce the undead Spencer and get hubby dearest will go free. But you have to keep up your end of the deal.

Katie: What do you want me to do?

Craig: Be my alibi. I want you to say that you were with me at the time of Paul Ryan’s unfortunate accident.

Katie: You want me to lie to get you out of an attempted murder charge?

Craig: In a nutshell.

Katie: You're sick. And delusional. Who the hell is going to believe me?

Craig: Margo will. You'll see to it.

Katie: Oh, really? I'm just going to march over to the police station and say, "Oh, I suddenly remember that you were with me the day you failed to blow up Paul Ryan. Oh, and by the way, here's the undead Spencer McKay. So you can let my husband out of jail now." You really think she's going to buy that?

Craig: No. That's why we're not going to do it that way.

Katie: No. I won't lie for you.

Craig: Think of it as lying for Brad. I'm just incidental.

Katie: No. You tortured me and Brad and Henry and Vienna to get yourself off the hook. You don't get a medal.

Craig: Are you going back on our deal? 'Cause if you want me to help Brad get out of trouble --

Katie: You're the one who got him in trouble in the first place!

Craig: Fine. Watch Brad's career go up in smoke, not to mention his credibility -- oh, and, uh, his freedom. And I don't think your marriage will survive that. How many divorces have you had again?

Katie: Oh, stop it! Why are you still talking? You know I'm going to say "Yes." You leave me no choice.

Craig: Atta girl. You won't regret it.

Katie: Yeah, I will. I hate you.

Craig: It'll wear off. Besides, underneath all that, you love me.

Katie: No, no, I don’t. You haven't been any kind of brother to me in years. You're mean and controlling and devious --

Craig: Okay, so you don't like me. That doesn't change the fact that we have a deal. Yes?

Katie: Yes. Get my husband out of jail now.

Craig: Consider it done. We're good to go.

Dani: Okay. Margo?

Margo: Yes, Dani.

Dani: I've been reviewing the dental files that the M.E. used to I.D. Spencer yesterday. And there's some sloppy work there. I think there's room for interpretation.

Margo: Really? What are you getting at?

Dani: Katie and Brad insist that Spencer is alive. And parts of their story add up.

Margo: Such as?

Dani: Such as, every time they try to vindicate themselves, something bad happens. Like the scarf in Henry’s room or the dead body or the corrupt files.

Margo: You're telling me you're buying this whole computer guy theory?

Dani: No, not necessarily. But I mean, Katie's your sister. So I figured it would be worth the extra digging. So I sent a copy of the dental records and the autopsy report to a second lab.

Margo: Great. Well, gotta cover all our bases, right?

Dani: You know, I also thought that maybe I could go back to Chicago, and just see if Spencer shows up. Katie's your family. I figured it's worth the benefit of the doubt.

Margo: All right, let me know what you turn up.

Dani: Okay.

Margo: Dani. Thank you.

Dani: Yeah.

Janet: I'm sorry, Jack. I just got caught up in Lisa's excitement about us and the wedding. And I just didn't think it through. But you know, I'm sure I could call her right. And I could probably get my deposit back.

Jack: Deposit?

Janet: Yeah. I kind of cleaned out my checking account to do it. But, you know, she started talking about winter wonderlands and my brain froze. I should have talked to you about it first. I mean, this is our wedding, it's not just mine.

Jack: Janet, we still need someplace to get married, right?

Janet: Sure, we'll do it here. Just like we planned.

Jack: Well, I thought you wanted different.

Janet: Our marriage is going to last. That is different enough for me.

Jack: You sure?

Janet: Yes, I'm positive. We'll just -- it'll be here. We'll keep it small. And you know, the idea about having my family just was stupid anyway.

Jack: Whoa, whoa, wait. What idea?

Janet: Oh, well Jack, I mean -- I've got a big Italian family. I got parents, and Godparents, and aunts and uncles, and cousins.

Jack: You never told me. You never talk about them, Janet.

Janet: That's -- that's because they disowned me when I got pregnant with Liberty. You know, it's like -- having a child out of wedlock was contagious or something. But, you know, I mean, I had Liberty. And I was okay. And now, I'm going to be a respectable married lady. And I just had this half-baked idea to get back in touch with them, and show off my beautiful daughter and my handsome husband. I feel good about myself, Jack, for the first time ever. But you know what? It's okay because there's not going to be enough room here anyway, and I will be nervous enough worrying about the wedding, without worrying about a family reunion.

Jack: How come you never told me about this before?

Janet: It's ancient history.

Jack: Obviously, it's not. Because it makes you sad. If you want your family to come to the wedding --

Janet: Oh, no. No, no, no. Because the last thing I want is for Carly to accuse me of taking bread out of her children's mouths because I have some sort of Princess Diana wedding fantasy.

Jack: I'm not going to let that happen. Don't you worry about? I want to do that. I'm going to go to the bank right now.

Janet: No, no, Jack. Hold on. I went crazy for a second. I'm sane now.

Jack: Okay. If there was ever a reason to go crazy, it's for a wedding. But I want you to have this, Janet. I want you to have it. It's not going to be a problem. I can cover the kids' expenses and still give you the wedding that you want, with all the cousins and aunts and uncles that you want to have.

Janet: Are you going to go into debt doing it?

Jack: No, don't you worry about that. You just let me handle that, okay?

Janet: Oh, I love you. Oh, I love you so much. Thank you! Thank you, thank you! Ah! Oh, my God, I got a wedding to plan! Florists! I have to interview the florists! I'll see you. Okay, bye-bye!

[Phone ringing]

Holden: Hey, Carly. What's up?

Carly: Hi, Holden. I need to talk to you about something. Do you think you could come to the Lakeview without ruffling any feathers? It's a family matter.

Margo: Have you taken Brad Snyder down to booking?

Cop #1: I'm on my way now. This just came for you. Messenger said it was urgent.

Margo: Thank you.

[Phone ringing]

Margo: Hughes.

Dani: Margo, its Dani.

Margo: Dani, you were right. The second lab report just came in. They don't have enough data from the body to say for sure that it was Spencer.

Dani: Yeah, it's not. Um, I'm in Chicago, and I just saw her walk into her apartment.

[Margo sighs]

Katie: What's happening? Did Margo let Brad go?

Craig: Patience, little sister. Relax.

Katie: I can't relax until my husband's out of jail.

Craig: Soon. I promise. Then you can go back to your lives, and forget any of this ugliness ever happened.

Katie: You'd better hope so.

Craig: I'll be in touch!

Margo: Take that way.

Dani: Margo.

Margo: Oh, damn.

Spencer: Drop the gun, Detective. Or your bright, young protégée is going to end up in the morgue, just like I did.

Katie: Brad, hey!

Brad: Where have you been?

Katie: It's a long story. Did they let you go?

Brad: Just the opposite, they booked me for murder.

Katie: That doesn't make sense.

Brad: Yeah, tell me about it. I told Margo about the computer guy.

Katie: What? Oh, no!

Brad: I had to. Okay, but she didn't believe me.

Katie: Oh, thank God.

Brad: Why aren't you upset?

Katie: I am. I'm just emotionally drained right now. What I meant to say was -- too bad. But anyway, I don't want you to worry, because everything is going to be okay.

Brad: And why? Do you know something?

Katie: I'm just suddenly very optimistic.

Brad: That makes one of us.

Cop #1: All right, Snyder. Let's go, down to holding.

Brad: Hey, can I just have a moment alone with my wife? Just, please? I mean, she's your boss's sister, you know. I'm sorry.

Katie: For what?

Brad: Just for all the grief that I've caused you. You -- you didn't sign up for this.

Katie: Our vows were for better or for worse, not for better and better.

Brad: Yeah, and they weren't for incarceration, either.

Katie: Would you please stop apologizing? I love you. I don't regret a second that we've spent together. And it's going to be all roses very soon.

Brad: I love you.

Katie: I love you, too.

[Phone ringing]

Craig: Hello, Sunshine.

Katie: I just saw my husband led off to a cell again. When is he getting out?

Craig: Relax. It will be soon. Very soon.

Spencer: You were so easy to fool. You actually thought that big oaf Brad had the guts and the wherewithal to kill me? As if. You know, I enjoyed picturing him making sixty cents an hour stamping license plates for the rest of his life, until his arthritis got the best of him.

Margo: Every girl's got a dream.

Spencer: Ha-ha, you're telling me. I would have gotten away with it, too -- if Brad and Katie had followed my instructions, you'd be fitting him for a ball and chain as we speak.

Margo: So you were the instant messenger?

Spencer: That's right. I really had those two dancing on a string, didn't I? And Henry, too. That little sneak. I hate the whole lot of them.

Margo: Why, why, why? What did they ever do to you?

Spencer: Uh, that's my business.

Margo: Well it must have been something, you know, something major. I mean, for you to concoct such an elaborate masquerade. You had such a promising career. Why would you throw that away to destroy the lives of decent people?

Spencer: They're not decent. Katie's jealous and vindictive.

Dani: Look who's talking.

Spencer: And Brad --

Margo: Yeah, Brad's an oaf. I'll give you that. But you --

Spencer: No, I wouldn't -- I -- I could have loved him. But he rejected me. And so he had to pay the price.

Margo: Wait a minute. You faked your own death because Brad Snyder turned you down? That's setting the bar pretty low, don't you think?

Spencer: Oh, I don't like being rejected.

Margo: Well, I get that.

Dani: What about that poor woman in the locker?

Spencer: Oh, relax, Deputy Dawg. I stole the body from the Chicago morgue. Jane Doe came in handy. I had to use a whole bottle of hand sanitizer, and the smell still wouldn't come out.

Margo: God, you are so sick.

Spencer: No. I'm just clever. Which reminds me, I gotta hit the road. I would love to stay and chat, but something tells me the Chicago PD is hot on your heels. So adios, muchachas. Let's do this again -- real soon.

Margo: Not a chance.

Dani: Oh, my God. I am so sorry. I should've checked the closet before I went into the bathroom. It was such a rookie mistake. I'm so sorry.

Margo: Don't worry. Don't worry everyone gets one.

[Police sirens in distance]

Margo: All right, so yeah, I called Chicago PD. I had to have some backup. Just didn't call them soon enough. Man, I am gonna owe my sister such an apology. I hate that.

Jack: Hello. Hi, can I help you?

Father Bernard: I'm Father Bernard. I'm looking for Jack Snyder.

Jack: I'm Jack Snyder. How can I help you?

Father Bernard: I'm here for your instruction.

Jack: My instruction? Father, I'm not catholic.

Father Bernard: I know. That's the point.

Janet: Father Bernard, hi. You're early.

Father Bernard: No, I'm right on time. But it seems your husband-to-be wasn't expecting me.

Janet: Oh, Jack. Oh, I am so sorry. With everything going on with the wedding, I totally forgot to tell you Father Bernard was coming over.

Jack: Okay, excuse us for a second. What is happening right now?

Janet: Well, because you're not catholic. And if we want to get married at Our Lady of Sorrows, you have to have instruction.

Jack: An hour ago, I thought we were getting married at the Lakeview.

Janet: That's just the reception. No, a church wedding feels more permanent.

Jack: It's not.

Janet: Jack, when you said I could have the wedding of my dreams that means a church wedding. Oh, it's not a deal breaker, is it?

Jack: I'm not -- I'm not a religious guy, father. I mean, I believe in God and everything, but as far as being a churchgoer -- no offense.

Father Bernard: That's okay. Let's just talk. See where you're head is.

Jack: Sure. Sure. Come on in.

Father Bernard: Thank you. I'd like to speak with Jack alone for a bit.

Janet: Okay.

Father Bernard: Right here.

Jack: Oh.

Father Bernard: Janet tells me you've been married before.

Jack: Yes.

Father Bernard: And your ex-wife is the mother of your children?

Jack: One of my ex-wives. But she's the main one. We've been married a couple of times.

Father Bernard: How many times have you been divorced, then?

Carly: Thanks for coming.

Holden: It's not Janet and Sage again, is it?

Carly: No, no. Sage is now thrilled that Jack and Janet are getting married. Janet bought her off with a very expensive flower girl dress.

Holden: Sounds like it's going to be some event.

Carly: I'm just afraid that Jack is going to go bankrupt trying to pay for it. He can't afford it, you know. And you're not helping matters at all.

Holden: What did I do?

Carly: You're enabling Janet.

Holden: No, I'm not. I barely even speak to her.

Carly: She's demanding that Jack foot the bill for this ridiculously extravagant wedding. And he's going into debt to do it. And now I find out that you're encouraging him.

Holden: My cousin came to me. He needed help. I said "Yes." Why do you have such a problem with that?

Carly: We can't even afford tuition at our son's school. And yet, he comes up with $5,000 for some designer gown that's going to be worn once and then chucked in the back of a closet for 30 years. He doesn't know what he's doing.

Holden: What is he doing?

Carly: He's digging himself a hole, a deep one, that he may never be able to crawl out of. And it's not right. It's not fair!

Holden: All right, Carly, stop. Stop. Would you stop? Would you listen to yourself? This is Jack's business. It's not about you.

Jack: I don't take marriage lightly. It's just that I don't believe in staying with something, when it's obviously not working.

Father Bernard: I didn't come to hear confession. I like to know something about the people I marry. I feel a responsibility for their wellbeing. So why don't we just focus on you and Janet? Why do you want to get married?

Jack: Well, honestly, I wasn't -- I wasn't looking to get married again. But Janet makes me happy. Really, really happy, in an uncomplicated kind of way. Life with her is fun, and it's simple. And it's different from anything I've ever known before. And for the first time, in a long time, I feel like this is really right.

Father Bernard: Obviously, I don't need to tell you about the struggles you have ahead of you.

Jack: No, I know. I know that marriage -- marriage takes sacrifice, and commitment and compromise. And my family brings along a truckload of baggage with and my ex-wife -- but Janet -- Janet is a beautiful person -- inside and out. She's got a -- she's got a heart. And she's tough, but she stands up for herself. And she knows how to forgive. And I have a feeling she's probably going to be doing that -- doing that a lot. I don't know how well you know Janet, but she's -- she's had a rough time of it. All her life. I just want to make her happy.

Holden: You don't seriously believe that Jack would make his kids suffer just to give Janet some big fancy wedding. That's not who he is.

Carly: Yes. You see, exactly. That's precisely my point. She's messing with his head.

Holden: Why are you so upset? Is it because he's doing something for her that he never did for you?

Carly: But he did do that for me. We got married at the Lakeview. And now he's marrying her on New Year’s Eve. Which is Parker's birthday. He delivered Parker. It's like he's taking all the memories that belonged to us, and he's handing them over to her.

Holden: He's not doing any of this to hurt you.

Carly: And I'm not trying to prevent his wedding. I'm not. I'm just worried about him. Jack is trying too hard. It's like he thinks if he gives Janet the wedding that she's always wanted, he can somehow trick himself into loving her as much as he wants to love her.

Holden: Or maybe it's exactly what he wants.

Carly: I don't know how much more of this I can take.

Holden: I know. But you will be okay.

Carly: Will I?

Janet: Did you really mean all those wonderful things you said about me?

Jack: Would I lie to a priest?

[Janet giggles]

Janet: Hey, I hope you -- I hope you don't think I'm going overboard on this whole wedding thing.

Jack: Hey, you go as overboard as you want. I love seeing that big smile on your face.

Janet: Then is now a good time to bring up the white lilacs?

Katie: What happened?

Margo: We found Spencer. So you and Brad were right. And I'm sorry. And I should have believed you.

Katie: Yeah, you should have.

Margo: Go process Brad Snyder’s release. The charges are being dropped.

Katie: Against Henry, too, right?

Margo: And Toto, too. Yes. Are you going to forgive me?

Katie: You were impossible to convince.

Margo: Well -- thank you. My only excuse is that I was led by the nose by a very clever psychopath, and I didn't see it.

Katie: Psychopath? What? Who are you talking about?

Margo: Spencer McKay. She orchestrated the whole thing.

Katie: Yeah, well, I never liked her. At least now, I know my instincts were right. The important thing is, though, you figured it out. Brad and Henry are free.

Margo: Ah well, actually, I didn't figure it out. Dani did. So she's the one you need to thank.

Katie: Where is she?

Margo: I gave her the rest of the day off.

Dani: Success!

Craig: Success indeed.

Dani: So, how did I do, big daddy?

Craig: Very, very good.

Brad: I've never been so happy in my life. Except maybe the day you were crazy enough to marry me.

Katie: Crazy is right.

Brad: It wasn't my fault. It wasn't my fault. I mean, I still can't believe that Spencer was psychotic. I mean, clinically.

Katie: Really? I don't think it's that farfetched at all.

Brad: That's why I should always listen to you, wife.

Katie: Good plan.

Brad: Wait till we tell Kim. You know, I can't believe the girl actually cracked because I rejected her! Who knew I had such power?

Katie: Please don't get too cocky. I think she was nuts all along.

Brad: True, true. She made up that intruder in her room. And she poisoned your sesame chicken.

Katie: Yeah, she should get a year for every time I had to throw up.

Brad: What do you think that suitcase full of money was all about?

Katie: I don't care. I don't want to think about Spencer ever again. We're back together. And that's all that matters.

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Dusty: Now that you know what really happened, look at me and tell me you believe him instead of me.

Craig: I'm going to make sure that my little sister keeps up her end of the bargain. I just got Katie's husband out of jail. It's time to pay up.

Margo: Now, Craig claims that he was with you when Paul Ryan’s car was bombed earlier this year. Are you his alibi?

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