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As The World Turns Transcript Monday 12/1/08

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Lily: Oh -- Mother!

Lucinda: Honey, hi.

Lily: What are you doing here?

Lucinda: Oh -- actually, I'm moving in.

Lily: Here? Where's Brian?

Brian: I'm right here. How are you doing, Lily?

Lily: I'm fine. Mother, you -- you just had major surgery.

Lucinda: I'm well aware of that, Lily.

Lily: Well, you should be in bed resting.

Lucinda: And that's where I'm headed.

Brian: And I'm just about to take her to my room, put her straight to bed, and wait on her hand and foot.

Lucinda: Isn't he chivalrous?

Lily: Yes. But why aren't you staying at Mother's?

Lucinda: Well, I mean Darling, I'm starting a new life. That's why I thought I would move into my new husband's digs. It's kind of biblical. And anyway, the house -- you know, it isn't quite ready. I want to renovate it and make it husband-friendly.

Brian: I just didn't think it would be healthy for her to be in the house while it's under construction. All the dust, and then men and the noise, coming and going, wouldn't be good for her recovery. So we're going to be in my suite until the job's done.

Lily: You, my mother and all her accoutrements --

Lucinda: All right, Lily, that's enough. That's enough out of you. It's my decision!

Lily: Not in this life!

Luke: Oh!

Dusty: What do you know about this, Emily?

Emily: Why would I know anything --?

Dusty: I got a false lead saying my son's in Norway, Josie suddenly disappears, and you're here. Why?

Emily: I've been suspicious of that woman from the very beginning. Her mysterious connection to Jennifer and Johnny -- I never understood why you couldn't see through it.

Dusty: She knew things.

Emily: Oh, my God, Dusty. It was all a ruse. To send you on a wild goose chase to Norway.

Dusty: Why would Josie do that? And why would she leave this sketch?

Emily: You're a rich guy. I've said it a hundred times. It was international news when you inherited the Stenbeck fortune. Josie's the first woman to try to take you for your money. And you know what? I doubt she'll be the last.

Dusty: Then why did she leave empty-handed?

Emily: Maybe she realized her plan was about to blow up in her face. Sooner or later, you were gonna realize she was feeding you a bunch of lies. And you were gonna turn on her. She figured she'd skip town, get out while she had the chance.

Dusty: It doesn't add up.

Emily: Oh my God, hello? Con artist. I'm sure she did her research on the web. You can do a search of anyone and get a bio in a second.

Dusty: Why would Josie do this to me?

Emily: Oh, my God -- she didn't just scam you. She really hurt you.

Paul: Hey, Meg, on come down! I've got a surprise for you!

Meg: Wow.


Paul: What do you think?

Meg: It looks like a giant sequoia.

Paul: Yeah. I got the biggest one I could find. Yeah, come on, I want to decorate it.

Meg: Well, you're really in a good mood.

Paul: Yeah, why wouldn't I be in a great mood? I'm married to the most beautiful woman that ever lived.

Meg: Yeah, with a waistline that keeps getting bigger every day.

Paul: Yeah, 'cause she's going to have the most beautiful little girl in the world. Come on, really, I want to decorate the whole place, so we can really celebrate the holidays this year.

Meg: We just have a problem. That tree is huge, I don't think it's going to stand up in this room!

Paul: No, no. We're going to cut a hole in the ceiling, so there'll be like, a little tree with an angel on it upstairs.

Meg: Oh, well that's very creative.

Paul: Yeah?

Meg: Not practical.

Paul: Okay. You're right. I'll go get an axe, chop this thing down to size.

Meg: I didn't know I was married to Paul Bunyan.

Paul: You're not, you're married to Santa Claus. But sssh, I'm undercover -- yeah, I am.

Meg: Okay.

Paul: And I'm here to give you the merriest Christmas you ever had!

Dusty: With Josie's help, I thought I'd found my son.

Emily: And so that's why you're upset? Not -- not because she's gone? Dusty, it was a trick. It was an awful trick. Maybe something good will come out of it.

Dusty: Like what?

Emily: Maybe now you can accept the fact that Jennifer’s gone and she's not coming back. You can't recreate her. And as much as it hurts, maybe now you can break away from the past, and move on.

Dusty: Move on to what?

Emily: To this.

Emily: You need to forget about Josie.

Dusty: I've got to figure out what's going on with her.

Emily: Why? She's gone. Chalk it up.

Dusty: Just like that, huh?

Emily: Okay, okay -- just because she has this vague resemblance to your dead wife doesn't mean she's anything like her. Dusty, listen to me -- when you were with Josie, all you could do was focus on the past. You need to concentrate on the future now.

Dusty: A future with you?

Emily: We can make it work.

Dusty: You and I both agreed that we'd be crazy to start up with each other again.

Emily: You didn't feel that way when you first came back to town. And you wanted to sleep with me because you wanted a warm body next to you in bed at night.

Dusty: That was a mistake.

Emily: Really? Was it?

Dusty: Whether Josie's in the picture or not, nothing's going to happen between me and you, Emily.

Meg: All right, got it. See? We make a good team, don't we?

Paul: We do, unbeatable. Is that straight?

Meg: Oh, it's perfect.

Paul: Yep.

Meg: It's so huge.

Paul: Well, bigger is better, right?

Meg: Not if we don't have enough ornaments.

Paul: Well, we'll make our own.

Meg: Just like we had at the farm.

Paul: Yeah. Keep that tradition going. Oh, while I was out --

Meg: A Christmas present?

Paul: No, no, definitely an "Open before Christmas" present --

Meg: Oh. It's beautiful!

Paul: Yeah, there's more. Yep, I got the whole family package. I can't wait to see the look on Eliza’s face when she puts that stocking up on the mantelpiece for the first time.

Meg: You know, every day it gets closer, and more real, and I still can't believe its happening.

Paul: You know what I believe? I mean, besides Santa Claus? I believe in you as a mom. And if I try really hard, I can even believe in myself as a dad.

Meg: You know, a few months ago, I would say that this was impossible. And now, here we are decorating a tree, and we're waiting together for our baby to be born.

Paul: How did we get so lucky?

Meg: It's not luck. You worked really hard at being a better man, Paul. I'm so proud of you!

Luke: Hey, Dad.

Holden: Hey Luke, how's it going?

Luke: Its okay, I guess.

Holden: You don't look so good. You got a bug, or something?

Luke: No, I just haven't been sleeping that well lately. I guess I haven't really been taking care of myself.

Holden: Well, you better start. With the holiday’s right around the corner, you don't want to get sick.

Luke: I'm not really feeling Christmas this year.

Holden: I know you miss Noah.

Luke: Yeah -- I've messed up a lot lately.

Holden: Well, we all have.

Luke: Yeah, but you and Mom have been pulling together. I mean, you seem to be working things out. I want to do that.

Holden: Are you asking me for advice?

Luke: No. A favor. Is it okay if I move back home?

Lily: I'm not questioning your need to redo your house. It's just -- I think it's --

Lucinda: What's the problem?

Lily: Well, I think it's ridiculous for you to spend weeks in a tiny hotel room, when you could stay with us.

Lucinda: No, Darling. No, no. That's absolutely out of the question.

Brian: No, no, no. We wouldn't want you to put us up.

Lily: Why not? We'd love to have you.

Lucinda: Darling, I'm trying to renovate my life.

Brian: We wouldn't want to impose.

Lily: We have tons of room. And you'd have all the privacy you need. You'd feel much more comfortable. And mother, you'd have family around you to help you recuperate.

Brian: Well as long as we're together, we could live in a tent.

Lucinda: Even I have my limits.

Lily: Mother, you'll be with the kids for Christmas. And you'll be able to see Luke more often.

Brian: Isn't Luke living on the farm?

Lily: Yes, but it's only a short walk away.

Lucinda: The kids, it's awfully tempting -- oh. What do you think, Brian?

Holden: Hey, this is your home. Don't you know you're always welcome here?

Luke: Thanks, Dad.

Holden: Are you sure you want to do that, though? You want to move back in with your parents?

Luke: Yes. And you know what? I can't really explain it. I just need to get away from the farm for a little bit.

Holden: Too many reminders of Noah?

Luke: Yeah, yeah. And I don't know, I just feel like I could get my head back together here.

Holden: I don't think you should give up on him. I think you guys could work it out.

Luke: Oh, I'm not so sure about that. But I do know that I need to get myself back together. And once I do, who knows what can happen?

Holden: Get your stuff. Let's go.

Luke: I'll be back. And Dad, thanks again. This really means a lot.

Brian: Are you sure we wouldn't be crowding you?

Lily: Oh, no. Mother, think about how happy the kids will be. My mother spoils her grandchildren shamelessly.

Lucinda: No, I don't, because I don't get the chance.

Lily: Well now, you'll get to see them more. And we'll get to decorate for Christmas.

Lucinda: Oh, Honey, do you remember our three Christmas trees?

Lily: Yes.

Lucinda: That was so wonderful. Okay. Oh, sorry. I sense a hesitation. We can -- we can rethink all of this.

Brian: You know, it might be a great way to get to know your family better.

Lucinda: Okay! Yes.

Lily: Excellent! Yay!

Lucinda: But it's only temporary.

Lily: Mother, move in today. And stay as long as you like!

Lucinda: Oh, Honey. Thank you, Baby.

Emily: I don't know why I keep letting you do this to me. You use me when it's convenient for you, and then you drop me like I've got the plague!

Dusty: We agreed to call things off.

Emily: You let me believe there was something special between us. You told me you loved me at one point. And then, you dumped me for Lily. Was that a mistake too?

Dusty: I'm sorry I hurt you, Emily.

Emily: Yeah. It always works out that way, doesn't it? Because no other woman can ever live up to what you had with your precious Jennifer. And now, you're diving off the deep end for a fake Jennifer, and I'm still not good enough for you.

Dusty: I may have gotten involved with Josie because she reminds me of Jennifer. But my feelings go way beyond that now.

Emily: What? Are you telling me you're in love with her?

Dusty: Emily --

Emily: She's a fake!

Dusty: Stop.

Emily: She's a phony. She set you up, and she got paid for it!

Dusty: Someone paid Josie to remind me of my wife?

Emily: No. No. I was -- that's not what I meant.

Dusty: It's what you said. Is it true?

Emily: I was just taking a wild guess, Dusty. What does it matter, anyway? She's gone. Josie is gone. I doubt she's coming back.

Dusty: And how do you know? I mean, why are you so sure?

Emily: It's just what I think, that's all.

Dusty: Do you really know something about Josie, or are you just trying to get my attention?

Emily: You know what? I don't need to stay in here and get insulted.

Dusty: You're not going anywhere --

Emily: Let go of me! Let go!

Dusty: You're not going anywhere!

Emily: Let go of me!

Dusty: You are not going anywhere, until you tell me everything you know about Josie! Tell me now!

Holden: That was fast.

Luke: Yeah, just got the essentials. I'll go back and get the rest of my junk later.

Holden: Yeah, well don't forget to bring your basketball so we can shoot some hoops.

Luke: You know, already thought about that. And you better be on your best game, because I've been learning some news moves.

Holden: I can't wait. It's going to be good to have you back.

Luke: Yeah, I didn't know if I'd feel like a loser. You know, being back home like I was in high school again or something.

Holden: So we can't give you that 9:00 curfew?

Luke: Ha-ha-ha. No, but -- no, this feels good.

Holden: Why don't you go get settled? And then you can show me what you've got.

Luke: All right. You better bring it.

Lily: Hey, how are you?

Holden: Hey.

Lily: Glad you're here. I have some news.

Holden: Yeah, so do I. You go first.

Lily: Me? Okay. I invited my mother and Brian to move in while they're renovating mother's house.

Holden: Why are they renovating your mother's house now? She's still recovering.

Lily: Mother's idea.

Holden: Say no more. When are they moving in?

Lily: Today. So you don't mind?

Holden: No, no. But I did some inviting of my own today.

Lily: Ah -- your news. What is it?

Luke: Hey, Mom.

Lily: Hey!

Luke: Did Dad tell you that I moved in? Hope you don't mind.

Lily: Why would I mind? I love having a full house. It's about to get fuller.

Lucinda: Hey, Darling! Here we are. Where are you going to put us?

Dusty: What do you know about Josie?

Emily: Dusty, get off of me! You're hurting me!

Dusty: Tell me the truth, Emily.

Emily: Why should I? You want nothing to do with me. Why the hell should I help you?

Dusty: If we were right for each other, you wouldn't have to ask.

Emily: Let me go! I don't owe you anything. Not now.

Dusty: Did you hire Josie to play games with me, just because you felt rejected?

Emily: Oh, you know what? Don't flatter yourself. I'm not that hung up --

Dusty: It was an inside job. Someone who had intimate information about my wife, about our relationship. It was Paul, wasn't it?

Paul: Yeah, at this rate, we'll be finished by next Christmas. But then at least, you know, our little girl will be here to help us.

Meg: Well, I don't think she will be quite old enough yet to help us decorate the tree.

Paul: Well maybe not. But she'll have everything that every little girl wants, the two most important things -- a perfect mom. And a daddy who will do whatever her little heart desires.

[Paul daydreaming]

Meg: You know, Daddy says he's going to be home soon, and he has a surprise for us. I wonder what it is?

Paul: Ho-ho-ho! Merry Christmas! Ho-ho-ho! Yeah, hi! I heard there's two gorgeous girls in here who have been very good all year!

Meg: Wow. Do you want to say "Hello" to Santa?

Paul: Hi! I've got a lot of goodies for you, Eliza. Everything that you had on your Christmas list, starting with --

Meg: Oh!

Paul: There you go.

Meg: You are going to be a beautiful ballerina!

Paul: And private dance lessons until you start medical school!

Meg: Wow, do you hear that? Santa wants you to be a dancing doctor!

Paul: There's that too, you know.

Meg: You know, what if she decides that she wants to be a trucker?

Paul: I'll get her an 18-wheeler. There's a little something in the box for you, too.

Meg: A little something? Shall we see what it is? Should we open this up? Oh! I love you, Santa! You know, I think this is going to be the perfect Christmas.

Paul: Yeah, totally. And I can't wait to see the look on our little ballerina's face.

Meg: That is Dr. Ballerina to you!

Lucinda: And mom invited me and Brian to stay here while the house is being renovated. But I didn't know you were going to be here too. That's a plus. Right, Brian?

Brian: Oh, of course.

Lucinda: Are you going to have a problem spending 24/7 with me??

Luke: No, no. You're too much fun to have a problem with. But you know, it will be a very full house. So maybe I should just move back to the farm.

Lily: No, Luke, you have to stay. We've got plenty of room. Mother and Brian will be in the guest wing, you can have your own room. And besides, we'll all spend Christmas together.

Luke: Well, that sounds -- that sounds great. I think I'm going to get some air.

Lucinda: Holden, could you show Brian where we're going to be billeted?

Holden: Sure, come on. I'll help you out. I'll take this. Back this way.

Lucinda: Luke?

Luke: You look beautiful. And I should have said that first.

Lucinda: Well, thank you. I'm glad you're saying it now.

Luke: Well, it's the truth.

Lucinda: Well I'd like another helping of that, please.

Luke: Fishing for compliments?

Lucinda: Absolutely. Now clearly, you still have a problem with Brian. It was noticeable at Thanksgiving. And I would like to know why.

Emily: Will you let it go? It doesn't matter anymore.

Dusty: Was it Paul's idea to set me up with Josie?

Emily: I don't know. Would you just stop? Listen to me, it doesn't matter anymore. Josie's gone. She's gone. She didn't take your money. You didn't end up in Norway with nothing to show for it. What's the harm? No harm done.

Dusty: When your son was taken, I didn't stop until he was home.

Emily: I know that. And I'm grateful for that. I always will be.

Dusty: He's not getting away with it!

Emily: What are you doing? What are you doing? Dusty, where are you going?

Dusty: I'm going to teach Paul to never mess with me again!

Meg: I'm going to go get some cranberries. You can put that one on the tree. And you should start at the top.

Paul: I may need a ladder.

Meg: Yeah, I think.

[Phone ringing]

Paul: Now's not a good time, Em.

Emily: Dusty knows you hired Josie to set him up.

Paul: How does he know that?

Emily: I don't know. I don't know. I didn't tell him, I swear. But he's on his way over there right now.

Paul: Well thanks for the heads-up.

Emily: Paul, what are you going to do?

Paul: I'll take care of it.

Meg: Hey. I thought you were going to get the ladder.

Paul: Yeah, I -- I was gonna. But you know, I started thinking. You know, no matter how much we string of this stuff, we're never going to cover that tree. We need some lights, we need ornaments.

Meg: Wait a minute, I thought you said you wanted everything homemade.

Paul: Yeah, but if we go out, and we buy a bunch of ornaments and a bunch of lights, we could have it all decorated and lit up by tonight.

Meg: Oh, I do like the sound of that.

Paul: Yeah. I mean, if you're up for it. You know, shopping.

Meg: No, I feel fine. Shopping is never a problem.

Paul: Great. Oh, man. You know, I -- I totally forgot, I got that conference call.

Meg: Oh, well its okay, I'll go by myself. I'll be back in no time.

Paul: Really?

Meg: Mm-hmm.

Paul: Not too stressful?

Meg: It is shopping for Christmas ornaments. It's not stressful.

Paul: Okay. Have fun. Take your time.

Luke: Grandmother, of course, I want you to be happy. I'm just not sure that all of us living together is such a hot idea.

Lucinda: Because of this problem that you have with Brian.

Luke: Yes. I don't think the two of us should --

Lucinda: I know perfectly well that he got off on the wrong foot with you. I know that. But couldn't you give him another chance, for my sake? Because I need him in my life right now.

Luke: I know he makes you very happy --

Lucinda: And despite the differences that you had about the foundation, you have to realize, he had your best interest at heart. And he has mine now.

Luke: Are you sure about that?

Lucinda: Yes. I mean, he went through this horror with me, a man -- I'm certain of his intentions.

Luke: Well, then it shouldn't matter what I think.

Lucinda: But it does. Because I care. And I want you to be home. Darling, I don't know how many more Christmases we're going to have, you know? Together. So could we try to enjoy this one as a family? Could you manage that for me?

Luke: Yes. Yes, of course I could.

Lucinda: Thanks, Darling. Hey, who knows. By the time we leave, you and Brian may have moved on to another level.

Lily: Brian, I know that Luke has had issues with you in the past. But if you could encourage him to spend more time with the foundation, I think it would give him the push he needs to get his act together.

Brian: Well, I'm not so sure about that.

Lily: I am. I know that you're exactly what he needs to get his life back on track.

Lucinda: Yeah. I heard that. Let him work on the foundation. Take Luke under your wing.

Holden: Where is Luke?

Lucinda: He went for a little walk. He's got an awful lot on his mind. But if anyone can persuade him, it's you. Right?

Noah: Luke, what's up?

Luke: Can you take a break? Just for a couple minutes, so we can talk.

Noah: Yeah, sure. Is something wrong?

Luke: Yeah, I've been carrying this thing around. And I really need to talk to somebody -- somebody that I can trust.

Noah: Hey, you know, no matter what happens, we're always going to be friends, right?

Luke: Yeah. And I'm really freaked out, Noah. I don't know what to do.

Noah: What happened?

Luke: Okay, well you know how Brian married my grandmother, like completely out of the blue?

Noah: Well, it was a little impulsive, but he seems to make Lucinda happy.

Luke: But that's because she doesn't know what kind of man he is.

Noah: What do you mean?

Luke: The night before the wedding, Brian came onto me.

Noah: You're kidding.

Luke: No. I wish I was. I tried to ignore it and blow him off. But then today, I moved back in with my mom and dad. And guess who else moved in? Brian and my grandmother. And they want to pretend that we're all just one big happy family. But it's a complete mess. And I don't know what to do!

Noah: Wait, back up. Brian came onto you? I mean, this is the guy you're always saying is a big homophobe.

Luke: Uh, yeah. The gentleman doth protest too much?

Noah: But he married Lucinda -- and didn't you say he was married before?

Luke: So? He's a big closet case.

Noah: I don't know. Are you sure he was really coming on to you?

Luke: What are you saying, Noah? That I made this up?

Dusty: I don't care how busy he is, I'm not leaving until I see him! Where do you get off, Ryan?

Paul: What did I do?

Dusty: You hired Josie.

Paul: Why would I do that?

Dusty: You tell me. I was headed to Norway to find my son, you wanted me to leave town? Isn't that what this is about?

Paul: I don't even know what you're talking about.

Dusty: What are you afraid of, that I'd go after your wife?

Paul: Well, you and Meg do have a track record.

Dusty: That was when she wasn't married.

Paul: Oh, right. And would never try and seduce a married woman. Tell me something. What's Holden have to say about you now?

Dusty: You told Meg you've change. You don't deserve Meg. You're not man enough for her.

Paul: All right.

Dusty: You never will be.

Paul: Get out of my house.

Dusty: I'm not done yet.

Paul: I can call the police and have them escort you out.

Dusty: Or you can be a man and admit what you did.

Paul: I did it. How about that? I did it, I hired Josie. What are you going to do about it?

Dusty: How did you find her?

Paul: Oh, yeah, how ever did I find a redhead artist with a minor in drama who was hard-up for cash? Woo-hoo, that was -- that was tough.

Dusty: You paid her to lose her memory, have flashes of my wife. You were feeding her information.

Paul: I know where all your soft spots are, Dusty, all right? I know just where to hurt you.

Dusty: You know, your father was right about you. You don't know how to hold on to your woman. You did all this to keep me away from Meg.

Paul: Yep. There's no way I'm ever letting you get your dirty paws on my wife, again.

Dusty: This is funny. I had zero interest in taking Meg away from you. But now, it sounds like a great idea.

Noah: Here, this'll help you calm you down. It's herbal.

Luke: Do you really think I made this up? Like I'm losing my mind?

Noah: I'm not saying that. But you know, there's a chance that you could've misinterpreted what happened with you and Brian.

Luke: Noah, it's really hard to misinterpret a kiss on the lips.

Noah: What? He kissed you?

Luke: Yes. And I was so freaked out, I didn't know what to do until it was too late.

Noah: Well, did he say anything to you? I mean did he, you know, try and explain?

Luke: Well I confronted him about it afterwards. And he said that it was a "Gesture of sympathy," that he comes from this really touchy-feely family and I was reading way too much into it.

Noah: Well -- maybe.

Luke: Noah, I'm not an idiot. I know the difference between a friendly pat on the back and making out!

Noah: Yeah, you do. Usually. When you're not drunk.

Luke: So what are you saying now? That this is my fault?

Brian: You really think you got through to Luke?

Lucinda: I don't know. It was difficult when the subject gets around to you.

Brian: Yeah. Well, what exactly did he say?

Lucinda: Nothing -- nothing much. He was very hostile. Did something else happen between you two?

Brian: No, not that I can think of. But don't worry. I'll keep trying to win him over.

Lucinda: Keep trying. 'Cause if anyone can, I'm sure you can.

Noah: All I'm saying is that, if you were drunk, maybe your perception of this kiss or whatever was a little off.

Luke: It was a kiss. On the lips. And I didn't initiate it. It was the exact opposite.

Noah: Okay. Well, is there a chance that maybe Brian got too close, and you know, your sense of boundaries --?

Luke: Noah -- this is not a case of me misinterpreting a friendly gesture. This is about my grandmother's new husband wanting to go to bed with me!

Noah: What? He said that?

Luke: No. No, he didn't have to. But I could tell. Just like I could tell with you.

Emily: Meg, are you okay?

Meg: Yeah, I'm fine.

Emily: You look a little winded.

Meg: I just did some Christmas shopping. And I think I went overboard. I'm just catching my breath.

Emily: Listen, I want you to know, whatever happens with this -- I had nothing to do with this situation, okay?

Meg: What are you talking about?

Emily: Paul and I, you know, we don't exactly get along. But you're a good person. And I'm sorry. I'm so sorry if you're the one who ends up getting hurt.

Dusty: Meg deserves better than you.

Paul: You stay away from her, Dusty. You keep away from her. You don't say a word to her, you don't call her, you don't talk to her!

Dusty: You convinced her that you cleaned up your act. What's she gonna do when I tell her what you did?

Paul: She's never going to believe your word over mine.

Dusty: Oh, come on. She's given you more second chances than you know what to do with!

Paul: She came back to me.

Dusty: Because she's having your baby. She wants her baby to have a strong father figure. Too bad she's stuck with you.

Paul: No, no. Meg wants to be with me.

Dusty: When I tell her how low you went, she's never going to trust you again!

Paul: Sure, she will. Because you're never going to get a chance to say another word to my wife.

Dusty: You're going to shoot me again? Last time, you killed your father, and you didn't even get his money.

Paul: I'm going never let anybody take Meg away from me.

Dusty: If you do this, she'll never have anything to do with you.

Paul: I'll take my chances.

Brian: I don't think you should be doing that.

Luke: Well, I don't give a hell what you think.

Brian: Come on, hand it over.

Luke: No. You stay away from me. I can't live here with you coming on to me all the time.

Brian: That's not what I'm doing, Luke. In fact, I may be the only person who can help you.

Holden: Do you think it was a good sign that Luke will move back into the house?

Lily: I hope so. He's been through so much this past year. I mean granted, a lot of it was his own fault. But with our problems, he really had to grow up fast.

Holden: I just wish we could have been there more for him.

Lily: Well, we can now. And I am so grateful for that. We can put our problems behind us and focus on our family -- and helping our son.

Luke: You stay the hell away from me.

Brian: Luke, you can trust me to be discreet. I haven't told anyone about your drinking.

Luke: Oh, thank you.

Brian: But I'm not going to stand by and watch you self-destruct. You've got to let me help you.

Luke: Look, Brian, I'm sorry. But you are far too much a part of the problem to be any part of the solution.

Brian: You know, I wish you would let go of this notion that I'm somehow out to seduce you. I'm married your grandmother. I am committed to her. And she needs all the love and support she can get right now. And I intend to be there for her.

Luke: Well good luck with that.

Brian: She needs your support too, Luke. Which means you need to support the choice that she's made.

Luke: Even though I am the only person that knows what a huge mistake it is? What would she say if she knew the truth about the super stud that she married?

Brian: Sarcasm is beneath you.

Luke: Yeah, well I am so sorry for that. But living a double life -- that's not beneath you, is it?

Brian: I'm not lying about who I am, Luke. And I'm not hiding an disease that could kill me --

Luke: You know what? I do not want to waste any more of my time talking to you. And I sure as hell don't want to be alone with you anymore!

Brian: Luke, wait --

Luke: Okay, Brian -- never touch me again!

Dusty: Back off! Drop it! I said, drop it!

[Dusty shoots Paul in the chest. Paul falls down as Meg enters the doorway and sees Dusty shoot Paul]

[Glass breaking]

Meg: What have you done?

Announcer: On the next "As the World Turns" --

Jack: You deserve the perfect wedding, and I want to give it to you.

Carly: You used our son's tuition money to buy Janet a dress?

Meg: My husband is dying because you shot him!

Paul: You've gotta back me up.

Josie: I can prove what Paul tried to do to you. They will have to believe that it wasn't your fault.

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