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As The World Turns Transcript Wednesday 11/26/08

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Katie: I know this is hard on Henry, but if we try to do something, whoever's sending those messages is gonna come after you.

Brad: I'm getting really tired of this guy.

Katie: Brad, please, don't do anything to make him mad. If anything happens to you --

Brad: Katie, I don't even know what this guy looks like, or how do I --

Katie: Dani. Hey, can we see Henry?

Dani: Oh, he is already in with a visitor.

Katie: His lawyer?

Dani: Oh, not unless she makes a habit of sitting on his lap.

Brad: Vienna. Can we go in, too?

Dani: Yeah, this is a police station, not a cocktail party.

Brad: You know that Henry did not take that scarf from the evidence room, so you can just -- I mean, can you just bend the rules, right?

Henry: Oh.

Vienna: All they got to do is look in your eyes and they'll know that you're innocent.

Henry: And that defense might be a tough sell to a jury.

Vienna: I could convince them because I know better than anyone what you look like when you're lying.

Henry: I'm just glad you believe me.

Vienna: Of course I believe you! You're not a killer! Or a thief! Well, at least not a killer.

Henry: It's your faith in me that gets me through these long, lonely nights of captivity.

Vienna: I just wish I had something that would get me through my long, lonely nights.

[Dani clears throat]

Dani: I hope I'm not interrupting.

[Henry sighs]

Vienna: Are you going to let my Henry leave?

Dani: Oh, not yet. Uh, but you are a popular guy.

Brad: How's our boy, huh?

Henry: Hey.

Dani: All right. Just keep it down. I'll be right outside.

Vienna: Our boy is eating prison food. Vile prison food, and sleeping on a cot next to a toilet, all thanks to you! So what are you doing to free my Henry?

Dusty: I need the jet this afternoon. Non-stop to Oslo. Norway, that's right. How many passengers? I don't know yet. I'll let you know.

Emily: Taking a trip?

Dusty: Yeah, that's right.

Emily: Another conference?

Dusty: New lead on Johnny.

Emily: Where?

Dusty: Norway.

Emily: You're going yourself?

Dusty: Yeah, who else?

Emily: How long are you going to be gone?

Dusty: I don't know. Myers and Donaldson will take care of the management. I might need you to do some troubleshooting for me.

Emily: No, actually, I think I might be more helpful if I go with you.

Dusty: You got any Scandinavian sources?

Emily: I got a good nose for a false lead.

Dusty: No, no, no. I need you here.

Emily: Dusty, I really -- you shouldn't go alone. I mean, what if it's another disappointment?

Dusty: I've handled plenty, believe me.

Emily: Well, now you don't have to. You're not pretending to be dead anymore, remember? And you should take someone for moral support, if nothing else.

Dusty: Yeah, I intend to.

Emily: Okay. Okay, good. I'm gonna go clear my schedule.

Dusty: I'm going to ask Josie to go with me.

Josie: You're late.

Paul: I was with my wife. I couldn't just waltz away.

Josie: Do you have my money?

Paul: You get paid when you finish the job.

Josie: Dusty's leaving. He's going to Norway. He thinks he's going to find his son there.

Paul: So he's still buying your visions, that's good. What?

Josie: I think what you're doing is cruel.

Paul: He's trying to steal my wife. He deserves it.

Josie: He's not trying to steal your wife.

Paul: Did you see the two of them together the other day?

Josie: He says that they're just friends now.

Paul: Right, and you believe him?

Josie: You should worry about making your wife happy and not about Dusty.

Paul: I don't remember hiring you for marital advice.

Josie: You're right. You hired me to get Dusty out of town, and he's going. So if I could just have my money and get out of here --

Paul: That's not good enough.

Josie: Why? What more could you want?

Paul: I want you to go with him.

Emily: How the hell could you bring her with you?

Dusty: I trust her.

Emily: You tru -- you trust her? You don't even know her. You don't know who she is! You don't know where she comes from, how she got this amnesia, if that's even the truth --

Dusty: It's not about the past, it's how she can help me right now.

Emily: Oh, God. I hope you're not talking about all this spirit-world mumbo jumbo.

Dusty: There's something there.

Emily: Yeah, I'll say there is. A really good con artist.

Dusty: Oh! She can't be faking. Not this one.

Emily: Do you hear yourself? Do you hear what you are saying? I mean, visions from beyond? Voices? Voices of Jennifer?

Dusty: Yeah, I've seen them myself.

Emily: What you've seen is a hot little hustler who's using her vague resemblance to your dead wife to take you for your money, Dusty.

Dusty: She never claimed to be any more than she is.

Emily: She didn't have to! She got you exactly where she wanted to. And she didn't even have to take you to bed. Oh, God.

Dusty: What's your problem?

Emily: Oh, God. You, you're an idiot.

Dusty: I'm your boss.

Emily: You're an idiot, and I'm the one who said you wanted always to be straight with you. God, you're an idiot.

Dusty: You made your point.

Emily: No, you know what, fine. Let me just say one more thing and I'll shut up. Tell me you not in love with her.

Josie: I can say good-bye to Dusty here. He'll get on the plane and go to Norway, what more do you want?

Paul: I don't just want Dusty to leave town, I want him to never come back.

Josie: I can't keep lying to him forever.

Paul: Why not? You're great at it.

Josie: He's not stupid, you know? He'll figure it out.

Paul: He's on his way to Norway. You talk to the dead a few more times, he'll be follow Santa Claus all the way to the North Pole.

Josie: I don't think so.

Paul: I'm not paying you to think.

Josie: He doesn't deserve this.

Paul: Oh, what? How does this guy do it? Every chick that's around him turns into a some kind of a teenage crush.

Josie: You wouldn't understand.

Paul: You like him, use it.

Josie: This is not fair.

Paul: Yeah, well, if you knew me at all, you wouldn't be surprised. Look at it this way, you get to spend a few days, maybe a week with some guy who you say you're in love with, and you get to see Norway.

Josie: Oh, who could pass that up?

Paul: Well, not you if you want to get paid.

Josie: And what's to say you won't keep stringing me along like this forever?

Paul: Well my fundamental decency.

[Josie scoffs]

Paul: I know. I'll tell you what though -- I'll, uh -- I'll give you half the money now. You get to keep the rest when Dusty's locked in on a vision quest.

Josie: And what if I say no?

Paul: I'm not someone you want to disappoint.

Dusty: Josie! I've been looking all over for you.

Josie: I just needed some air. When do you leave?

Dusty: Uh, the pilots are going over the flight plan now.

Josie: Look, I was thinking --

Dusty: So was I. I want you to come with me.

Josie: You do?

Dusty: Yeah, of course. You've got the lead on my son.

Josie: Your investigator got the lead.

Dusty: He's not always right. I trust your intuitions. Come with me.

Josie: Sorry, Donovan, but my intuition is telling me it's a really bad idea.

Dusty: You tuned into my son, he's 4,000 miles away. If you come with me, we'll find him faster.

Josie: I haven't gotten any more feelings about Johnny.

Dusty: You told me he was in Norway even before my P.I. did.

Josie: It was just a coincidence.

Dusty: No, it's more than that.

Josie: Still, I could be wrong.

Dusty: You haven't been wrong yet.

Josie: I was wrong about going to Tampa.

Dusty: No, that was my fault, not yours.

Josie: You were right. We never should have gone there together.

Dusty: Oh, whatever.

Josie: You couldn't get out of there fast enough.

Dusty: Well, it wasn't because of you.

Josie: Well, I was the one you woke up with.

Dusty: I know that. It just felt, uh --

Josie: Weird! Right? To me, too. And it's because this connection that we thought we had wasn't real. You just wanted your wife back and I wanted my memories back.

Dusty: Hey. I thought we were starting over.

Josie: Yeah, so did I. Without all of these vibes from the great beyond. But, look, here we are again.

Dusty: I'm trying to find my son. You knew he was in Norway. Let's take it from there. Come on.

Josie: I can't just make these visions happen.

Dusty: I don't expect you to. Just be with me. While I'm following up on leads, be with me.

Josie: You know him better than I do. You should trust your intuition more than mine.

Dusty: It's not about that.

Josie: What's it about then?

Dusty: I don't want to go anywhere without you.

Paul: I got your text. What is so urgent?

Emily: Dusty's going to Norway this afternoon.

Paul: Oh, beach vacation?

Emily: He got a lead on Johnny.

Paul: Oh, that's great. I wish him all the best.

Emily: Give me a break.

Paul: Em, come on. I know what it's like to lose a child. Nobody should have to go through that, not even Dusty.

Emily: Yeah. Well, that didn't stop you from hiring an actress and her son to play Lucy and Johnny.

Paul: That was a long time ago.

Emily: Now did it?

Paul: I'm a different person now.

Emily: Oh, my God, you are so full of it.

Paul: Why did you think I would care about Dusty's travel plans?

Emily: I thought you would like to know that he's taking her with him.

Paul: Who?

Emily: Who? Who do you think? Fake Jennifer.

Paul: Oh, okay. Well that's great. I want them both out of Oakdale.

Emily: That's all you have to say?

Paul: Hope they bring their earmuffs?

Emily: Get out of my office.

Paul: Did you think I was going to try to stop them?

Emily: Just go away. Yeah, I guess not.

Paul: Well, why would I? I want them both gone.

Emily: I just thought that maybe you would -- I don't know, maybe you'd like to expose her before she leaves. Put your mother's mind at ease.

Paul: My mother never bought any of her psychic baloney. She only hired Josie 'cause she thought that she had some design skills.

Emily: So -- it all works out for you, doesn't it?

Paul: Sorry.

Emily: For what?

Paul: Well, this is all really bothering you.

Emily: Like you care.

Paul: You know, Em, nobody's more surprised about this than I am, but I actually do.

Henry: Vienna, Sweetheart, you can't blame Brad and Katie.

Vienna: You're defending them?

Henry: They didn't plant the evidence in our room.

Katie: Vienna's right though. You wouldn't be in here if you weren't trying to help us.

Henry: Which I did willingly. They're our best friends. You'd be just as upset if I didn't butt in.

Vienna: Fine, and so you did. And here you are, locked up.

Brad: We're trying to do everything we can to get him out of here.

Vienna: So what are you doing? I want details.

Brad: Well -- well, we're not sure.

Katie: Well, we'll think of something.

Vienna: Oh, that's reassuring. And meanwhile, Henry is rotting away here!

Henry: Rotting? That's a little overstated, don't you think?

Brad: Okay, we know that everything is going on is connected to Spencer because she is still alive.

Vienna: So, do you know where she is?

Brad: In Chicago.

Katie: We think.

Vienna: Oh, okay, so you think she's in Chicago or you think she's alive?

Brad: She is alive, I saw her.

Katie: I believe Brad.

Henry: So do I.

Brad: Look, we want to get him out of here just as much as you do.

Vienna: I'm starting to wonder.

Henry: Oh, come on, Vienna, that's not fair.

Vienna: Not fair? You're in jail because of -- of Brad. And they're telling us it's because he thought -- he thought he saw a dead girl!

Brad: I did see her!

Vienna: Well, that's not good enough, Brad. You got to go find her.

Katie: We can't!

Vienna: Why not?

Katie: Because we were warned not to.

Vienna: By who?

Katie: We don't know.

Vienna: Are you listening to this?

Henry: I've heard it before.

Brad: We're willing to pay his bail.

Vienna: His bail -- they're not giving him a bail! He's going to stay here forever!

Dani: Okay, the entire station house can hear you.

Katie: We're sorry.

Vienna: No, we're not!

Dani: Okay, someone's going to have to go. It's your choice.

Vienna: Well, he chooses me to stay here.

Dani: Okay, let's go. Come on.

Brad: All right. Henry, we'll be back.

Henry: Okay.

Vienna: And bring back the dead girl!

Katie: Vienna's really mad at us.

Brad: It's worse than that, she's right. We owe it to Henry to get him out of there.

Katie: How?

Brad: We have to find Spencer.

Katie: We canít. The messages --

Brad: Let him come after me. You know, yeah, let him come after me, then maybe he'll slip up and give away who he is and then we'll get him and Spencer.

Katie: No, it's too dangerous.

Brad: If we don't prove that Henry didn't steal that scarf, they're going to put him away for a very long time.

Katie: We'll just find some other way.

Brad: There is no other way. I'm going to go to Chicago and find her, right now. Come with me?

Katie: Well, I'm sure as hell not letting you go alone.

Dusty: Can you accept the fact that I want to be with you?

Josie: I guess I'm just afraid that I'll disappoint you again.

Dusty: Come on. Give me a break.

Josie: I need more than that, Dusty. Explain.

Dusty: I always thought that finding Johnny would bring my wife back.

Josie: That's very romantic.

Dusty: It's not possible. And you're not her. You'll never be her.

Josie: Yeah, I understand that.

Dusty: I'm telling you that I finally get it. When we made love, Jennifer wasn't there. I want to be with you. - What if we all said no. - No.

Dusty: I want you to come to Norway with me. I want us to find Johnny together.

Josie: But it's the first time you'll be seeing him in years.

Dusty: It's okay.

Josie: You should probably be alone.

Dusty: No, no. It'll be good for him to have a woman around when he comes home. He's gonna need a lot of love.

Josie: Wait, you're coming back here?

Dusty: Not without Johnny. As soon as I find him, people are going to want to see him. Jen's brother, Will --

Josie: Paul?

Dusty: Yeah, Paul. He's family.

Josie: I'm flattered that you would ask, but a few days ago you weren't sure you wanted to have anything to do with me.

Dusty: I thought we were starting over?

Josie: Can you do that?

Dusty: Come with me to Norway. Everything else can wait.

Josie: So, what? I spend every day waiting for you to feel something for me?

Dusty: After my wife died -- I haven't wanted a relationship until you. But if you're not sure about me --

Josie: I've been sure about you since we met.

Emily: All right, you know what? You can be Mr. Empathy. You're giving me a headache. Tell me what you're really after.

Paul: You know what I'm really after. I want Dusty gone for good, but I am really sorry that you're getting hurt in the process.

Emily: Why are you sorry? You had nothing to do with it.

Paul: Still. I know what it's like to lose someone you love.

Emily: Yeah, well, it's the story of my life.

Paul: You deserve better.

Emily: I used to think so.

Paul: Well, don't give up. You're terrific. Someday, some guy's going to come along and realize he's hit the jackpot.

Emily: Well, I'll tell you -- sometimes you make me think you really are a different person.

Brad: I thought for sure someone would know her.

Katie: Maybe she was just in this area that one time.

Brad: Or maybe she was never here at all?

Katie: Brad, I believe you saw her. I just not how the hell we're going to find her.

Brad: Well, we have to. It's the only way to get Henry out of jail. Let's, um -- let's check out some of the shops in the next block.

Katie: I'm scared. What if that's instant messenger guy knows what we're doing?

Brad: How?

Katie: He seems to know everything else we're going to do before we do it.

Brad: Oh, well that -- that's great. Then he should be here any minute. I.M.Nerd -- I'll knock him out in the first punch. Don't worry.

Katie: This is not a joke.

Brad: I'm not going to let anything happen to you.

Katie: Or to you?

Brad: Or to me. Excuse me. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Um, I know this is going to sound really weird, but have you, have you seen this woman in the neighborhood at all?

Delivery guy: Sure, I deliver to her apartment all the time.

Katie: She lives around here?

Delivery guy: I don't know if I'm supposed to give that out.

Katie: Oh, I'm her cousin. My husband and I from Nebraska, and silly us, left her phone number and address at home.

Brad: Yeah, my wife would be so disappointed if we couldn't track her down. And we would really, really be -- appreciative it if you could -- if you could help us out.

Delivery guy: Brown building one block up, across the street, number 66. She lives on the fourth floor.

Katie: Thank you.

Henry: Vienna, Darling, you know I'm happy that you're here, but this place is so depressing, I mean, I totally understand if you wanted to leave.

Vienna: No! I'm not going to leave.

Henry: Then you may have to get a cell of your own.

Vienna: Well, I can't believe they're keeping you here in this awful place. I need you to come home with me, Henry. I miss you so much.

Henry: I miss you, too. Just kissing you, and just holding your hand means so much to me.

Vienna: Do you know how long it's been since you and I made love? It's been 79 hours.

Henry: You counted?

Vienna: I always count.

Henry: Oh, I'm sorry, Baby. I wish there was something I could do.

Vienna: Well, maybe there is.

Henry: What, handcuffed in a police station?

Vienna: Well, doesn't this remind you of anything? Hmm?

Henry: The cop and the cat burglar?

Vienna: Exactly.

Henry: But you're always the one that's handcuffed in that one.

Vienna: Yeah, but there's always room for improvising.

Henry: Here?

Vienna: Yeah, I mean, where else can we go? Unless you don't want to.

Henry: No, no, no. No, I want to. I mean, I'm the one who's been locked up with a 300-pound mob enforcer named Chuckles.

[Both giggle]

Henry: Yeah, it's not funny.

Vienna: So what do you say?

Henry: There's a lot of cops on the other side of that door.

Vienna: Well, donít all the cops make it a little bit more exciting? So what do you say, you big lug? What is it going to take to make you talk?

Henry: You don't scare me.

Vienna: So do you want to speak to Lola?

Henry: Who's Lola?

Vienna: That's my partner. You know the good-bad-cop routine? I'm the good one.

Henry: Oh, I guess I'll just have to take my chances with you.

Vienna: Excellent choice.

Brad: That's the building.

Katie: We don't even know for sure if Spencer lives there.

Brad: Well, the delivery guy -- he seemed pretty sure.

Katie: Okay, let's just stand here and wait. If we see something --

Brad: No. No, no, no, no, we can't wait. We can't play it safe. We've got to help Henry. We've got to go in there, we're going to find Spencer and tell her she's coming back to Oakdale with us.

Katie: And if she doesn't?

Brad: I haven't figured that part out yet. But I --

Katie: Shh -- down.

Brad: It's her. It's her.

Katie: It is her. We can prove you're innocent. And Henry, too.

Brad: She's all alone. Let's go.

Brad: It's locked.

Katie: What should we do?

Brad: Kick it in.

Katie: No! Do you want to end up in a cell with Henry?

Brad: Do you have a better idea?

Katie: Yes. We call the cops and let them deal with this.

Brad: Okay, what are we going to tell them? Yeah, you know what, there's a dead girl living in apartment 6.

Katie: Okay, fine. Let's knock on the door. We'll hide when she comes out, we grab her.

Brad: Okay, how's that not going to get us in trouble?

Katie: For what?

Brad: Kidnapping?

Katie: We're making a citizen's arrest.

Brad: I like it. Okay, okay, yeah, let's go ahead. Let's do it. Okay, we'll knock on the door and then we'll stand aside so she won't know it's us.

[Knocking on door]

Brad: We both saw her go into the building. She didn't come out.

Katie: She's in there. She's hiding.

Brad: Maybe she's gone out the window.

Katie: On the fourth floor?

Brad: We just can't wait out here. Okay, time for plan B.

Katie: What's plan B?

Brad: The same as plan A. Come on, Spencer. You can come out now.

Katie: Anyone home?

Brad: Find her, find her, find her.

Katie: She's not here.

Brad: Oh, damn it!

Katie: How could she get away?

Brad: Again! Again -- okay, there's got to be something that can tell us where she went.

Katie: Wait, this -- this --

Brad: That's hers?

Katie: Yes, she wore it during your first Oakdale "411" segment. At the toy factory.

Brad: We got it on tape.

Katie: Who are you calling?

Brad: Oakdale P.D. we've got two eyewitnesses. We've got the delivery guy and a piece of physical evidence. Now we've got proof that she's alive.

[Phone rings]

Dani: Andropoulos.

Brad: Dani, its Brad Snyder. How fast can you get to Chicago?

Dani: Why?

Brad: Because we've got proof that Spencer McKay is still alive.

Dani: No, that's impossible.

Brad: Get here and you'll see for yourself.

Dani: Give me the address.

Vienna: I hope that will help you resist your friend chuckles a little longer.

Henry: I'll have to tell him my heart belongs to you.

Dani: Whew, ha-ha! You guys want me to turn down the heat? You look a little warm.

Henry: The heat's just fine.

Dani: Yeah. I thought you might like to know that your friends might be on to something.

Henry: What, a lead? A clue? A notion?

Dani: I don't -- I don't know, but I'm heading to Chicago to find out.

Henry: Chicago? They found her.

Vienna: Oh, my God! Are you letting Henry go?

Dani: Okay, no, let's not jump the gun. I still need to put you back in your cell.

Vienna: Oh, no, no, can you let him stay here with me, please? I mean, you have all those cops out there. He's not hurting anyone. Please?

Dani: Yeah, I am way too soft for this job.

Henry: I knew it, I knew it, I knew it. I knew that Katie and Brad would come through.

Vienna: I hope you're right.

Henry: I know -- I am right. And tonight, we'll be in our own bed, together.

Vienna: Making love all night long.

Henry: I just have one request.

Vienna: What? Anything for you.

Henry: Can you bring Lola?

Vienna: Oh, yeah, Lola, here she comes.

Josie: When do we leave?

Dusty: Are you really coming with me?

Josie: How can I be anywhere else but with you?

Dusty: Then we've got to go. I still have some calls to make.

Josie: Okay, well, I still have to pack. So why don't you go finish your work and I'll meet you at the airport.

Dusty: Are you sure?

Josie: Yeah. It will save time.

Dusty: Well, don't take too long.

Josie: I don't have that much. And I don't have anything for really cold weather.

Dusty: I'll buy you everything you need when we get there.

Josie: Well, only for the daytime, because I want you to keep me warm at night.

[Cell phone rings]

Paul: What do you want?

Josie: I need to see you right away.

Paul: Yeah, I'm at home with my wife. I can't leave.

Josie: Dusty wants me to go to Norway with him and he's leaving soon.

Paul: Excellent.

Josie: I am not getting on that plane until I talk to you.

Paul: About what?

Josie: I'll tell you when I see you. The same place we met this morning.

Bartender: You look like you've had better days.

Emily: Yeah, not too many worse ones.

Bartender: Well, you can count on things getting better.

Emily: They teach you that in bartending school?

Bartender: Cheerful chatter 101.

Emily: Oh, you're wasting your time.

Bartender: Refill?

Emily: Uh, no, thanks. I've had enough cheering for one day.

Paul: All right, what's the big emergency?

Josie: I can't do it.

Paul: We've been through this already.

Josie: He's leaving for Norway. It's over.

Paul: No, it's not. You have to go with him, make sure that he took the bait.

Josie: He took it! You got what you wanted. Now just take back your money and let me get out of here.

Paul: Not until you finish the job that I brought you here to do.

Josie: I've already convinced Dusty to follow his son's trail to Oslo. He's going to follow it whether or not I'm with him.

Paul: What if he needs more psychic reassurance?

Josie: He doesnít.

Paul: I'm not so sure.

Josie: I'm sure.

Paul: Oh, okay, well, that changes everything. You know what? I'll share a cab to the airport with you.

Josie: I already told you, I'm not going.

Paul: Fine, I'll go by myself, and I'll tell him the truth that you work for me.

Josie: Why would you do that?

Paul: To destroy whatever stupid fairy tale you have in your little head about you and Dusty living happily ever after.

[Cell phone rings]

Paul: Tell him you're on your way.

Josie: It's not him.

Dusty: Josie, where are you? There's a storm heading into Oslo, so if we don't get in ahead of it, we might not be able to land there for a couple of days. Call me, let me know you're on your way.

Josie: Hi, this is Josie, please leave a message.

Dusty: You're probably not answering because you decided not to come. I'd find you and convince you if I could, but I can't afford to lose this lead. Bye. Let's do it.

[Cell phone rings]

Dusty: Where are you?

P.I.: Uh, I'm in my office.

Dusty: I thought it was someone else. We're taking off now.

P.I.: Uh, yeah, you might want to rethink that.

Dusty: Why?

P.I.: The lead is a fake.

Dusty: How do you know?

P.I.: My guy in Oslo checked out his source. Found a big deposit from the states in his account.

Dusty: Thanks. Change of plans. You're still going to Norway. But I'm staying here.

Brad: That was fast.

Dani: Well, that's what the red lights and sirens are for. What did you find?

Katie: Spencer. We both saw her. She's alive.

Brad: And we can both prove that this is hers.

Dani: Whose apartment is this?

Brad: Hers.

Dani: Where is she?

Brad: Well, we think she went out the fire escape when we knocked on the door.

Dani: So how did you get in here?

Katie: We thought she was in here hiding. Not answering.

Dani: Oh, so you decided to add breaking and entering to the long list of crimes --

Katie: What does it matter? She's alive. This is all a big set up.

Dani: Guys, finding her clothes in an empty apartment doesn't exactly prove that she's alive.

Brad: We spoke to a delivery guy who recognized her photo. I mean, he's the one that gave us this address and we have his contact information.

Dani: Look --

Katie: She went to a lot of trouble to frame Brad for murder, and Henry, too. This delivery guy can give a positive I.D.

Brad: Look, we know where to find him. Let's go --

Dani: Okay, now, wait. Listen, I will check this out. You two, you are going to go get in your car. You're going to drive back to Oakdale and you are going to stay there.

Brad: Okay, now, wait a minute --

Katie: Now, listen, its fine. Thank you.

Dani: Like I said to your friends before, I am way too soft for this job.

Katie: Then I'm going to ask you for another favor. Don't tell anyone on the force about this.

Dani: You want me to conduct an investigation without telling my superior?

Katie: It's just that every time we get close, I get a threatening message and something bad happens.

Dani: So you think there's a leak at the station?

Katie: I'm just afraid that once this goes into the system, that instant messenger is going to find out.

Dani: You're asking me to risk my job here.

Katie: Just keep it unofficial as long as you can, okay? Otherwise, this case is never going to get solved.

Dani: I'm not blowing my career for you.

Katie: Fine. As soon as you feel like you need to tell Margo, then do it.

Dani: I will. Now please go. Go.

Katie: We owe you a lot.

Dani: Damn straight you do. Go ahead, go. You little fool.

Paul: Yeah, the Worldwide jet. Oslo, okay. Does it say when they're going to return? Okay, thank you. Dusty took off.

Josie: He left me a message. Apparently, there's some monster snowstorm over in Norway, so he'll be snowed in for a while.

Paul: You better hope so.

Josie: You got what you wanted.

Paul: No, what I wanted was you on that jet also.

Josie: It doesn't matter.

Paul: How do I know he's not going to stop following the lead if you're not there to lie to him to tell him that it's real?

Josie: He left without me. Doesn't that tell you that he wants his son more than he wants me with him? He's not going to stop looking for him.

Paul: Okay, well, then he should be gone for a long time.

Josie: Then we're done.

Paul: Wait, hold on, hold on, hold on. Here.

Josie: I told you already I don't want it.

Paul: You did half the job. You should take half the money.

Josie: Why?

Paul: Well, if nothing else, to make sure that you get in your car and you keep driving and you never come back.

Josie: Don't worry. You won't ever see me again.

Paul: Just take the money.

Josie: Keep it. Buy some flowers to put on your sister's grave.

Emily: You liar!

Emily: A changed man? What a joke! You lied to me. You lied to me, Meg, your mother -- you lied to all of us.

Paul: You need to calm down --

Emily: Oh, you had nothing to do with Josie and all the sympathy you felt for Dusty? It's the same old Paul Ryan bull! You haven't changed a bit.

Paul: I don't even know what you're talking about --

Emily: I saw you. I was standing right there. I saw you with -- with Josie. You hired her to get Dusty out of town.

Paul: Uh, no, no -- you completely misunderstood.

Emily: Oh, really? Did I?

Paul: Yeah --

Emily: Here's half the money for half the job? What job was that, Paul? Ironing your shirts?

Paul: No, she -- she -- she did some design work for my mother --

Emily: Really? Then why didn't she take the money? It was you. You're the one who fed her all that stuff about Jennifer so her visions would convince Dusty that they were connected.

Paul: Oh, come on. I only wish I were creative enough to come up with something that stupid.

Emily: You know what? The only tricky part was convincing your wife, poor Meg, that you're a changed man.

Paul: I am a changed man. You know what? If I were you, I wouldn't share this little fantasy with anyone.

Emily: Are you threatening me?

Paul: My wife and my baby are more important to me than my own life and I will do anything to protect them from anybody.

[Cell phone rings]

Henry: Ignore it.

Vienna: No -- ooh, it's Katie. Do you have news?

Katie: We found Spencer.

Vienna: You did?

Katie: I saw her myself.

Vienna: Oh, wonderful! They caught her.

Henry: They did?

Katie: Well, we didn't exactly catch her.

Vienna: What, she's not under arrest?

Henry: She's not?

Katie: She got away.

Vienna: How? Where is she?

Henry: She got away?

Katie: But at least we know she's alive.

Henry: How are they going to clear my name if they don't know where she is?

Katie: Dani's on it.

Vienna: Dani?

Henry: What?

Vienna: She's on it.

Henry: Listen, hey, no, what about Margo? What about the FBI and Chicago police and the National Guard?

Katie: We're on our way home. We'll tell you all the details when we get there.

Brad: Were they thrilled or what?

Katie: Thrilled that we found her? Yes. That she got away? Not so much.

Brad: Well, I'm not too thrilled about that either.

Katie: Dani will find her.

Brad: I hope so. You know, Henry and I, we're still not off the hook.

Katie: But you're going to be okay and it's all because you refused to run scared.

Brad: Oh, man, I just want to get past this and get back to living our lives.

Dani: They found her apartment. No, she got away. But they've both seen her now. I don't know where she is, no. But her cover is blown and they're getting closer. I think it might be time to pull the plug. I agree. She has to die.

Paul: Hey, Meg! Come on down. I've got something to show you. Hey, Meg, where are you? Meg? It's going to be a fabulous Christmas.

Emily: What the hell? Why isn't he halfway to Norway by now?

Emily: I thought you were going to Norway.

Dusty: No, the lead didn't pan out. Have you seen Josie?

Emily: Uh, no. I thought she was going with you.

Dusty: No, she didn't show up at the airport.

Emily: Is that why you didn't go?

Dusty: She's not in her room. She's not answering her cell phone. I think she's gone.

Emily: But why would she tell you she's coming with you?

Dusty: I don't know. Maybe because she's a fake?

Emily: What makes you say that?

Dusty: Isn't it obvious?

Emily: You cared about her.

Dusty: Yes.

Emily: So, what are you going to do about it?

Dusty: I'm going to find her.

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Emily: Let go!

Dusty: You're not going anywhere --

Emily: Let go of me!

Dusty: You are not going anywhere until you tell me everything you know about Josie! Tell me! Now!

Paul: I'm never going to let anybody take Meg away from me.

Dusty: If you do this, she'll never have anything to do with you.

Paul: I'll take my chances.

Alison: Every relationship I had, it just ends in a bloodbath.

Casey: Hey -- maybe -- maybe just with the wrong guy.

Carly: That woman is dragging you and therefore our children straight toward disaster.

Luke: The night before the wedding, Brian came onto me.

Lucinda: Now clearly, you still have a problem with Brian. It was noticeable at Thanksgiving. And I would like to know why.

Brad: Spencer! The only thing that I could tell you is I haven't done anything. Someone is doing it to me.

Tom: So, you think you're being set up --

Brad: No, I don't think, Tom. I know.

Katie: There must be some mistake. I didn't order --

Craig: It's good to see you, Katie. How's my baby sister doing?

Katie: Craig.

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