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As The World Turns Transcript Tuesday 11/25/08

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Emma: Oh, well, I'm so sorry you don't feel good. Yes -- shh! Yeah. Oh, yeah, we have a big crowd. Oh, I know. We always manage to squeeze them in around the table. Yeah, yeah. We're going to miss you so much, Sweetheart. What are you doing? No, not you, Iva. No, look, I'm going to have to -- I'm going to have to go. All right, listen, give M.J. my love. And I'll call you back afterwards, okay? Bye-bye, Darling. I have just -- I've seasoned those giblets.

Janet: They need pepper. They need a little kick. Mm-mmm.

Emma: If anything needs a little kick --

Janet: Oh, I almost forgot my cornbread.

Emma: Now listen, you have got to stop buzzing around here. Or one of us -- one of us is not going to survive this holiday. Got that?

Carly: Hi.

Jack: Is Sage ready to go?

Carly: Just about. Come in. Please have a seat. Or not.

Jack: Where are the boys?

Carly: Emma's orchard. They're picking apples for this -- this project they're involved in.

Jack: Yes, the v8 make every serving count program. Liberty's involved with this, too.

Carly: It's a good cause, getting donations so that food banks can have fresh fruits and vegetables.

Jack: Yeah, it's great.

Carly: Okay. Hey, Sage! Your dad's here, Honey. Shake a leg.

Jack: So, how's she doing?

Carly: Fine. Okay. I think she's still feeling guilty for lying about Janet hitting her.

Jack: At least she didn't have to testify in court.

Carly: You know, the whole thing got completely out of hand, you know, I know that. And I am so sorry that any of it happened.

Jack: Carly, you already apologized.

Carly: So then why does it seem like you're still so ticked at me?

Holden: Hey!

Luke: Hey, hey -- Ethan, you got -- guess what's inside? Guess?

Ethan: A pumpkin?

Luke: Pumpkin pie! Go get some.

Holden: Go ahead.

Luke: You guys are here early.

Holden: Yeah, I figured Mama could use some help.

Luke: Where's Mom?

Holden: She took the girls to see Lucinda.

Luke: That's good.

Holden: Yeah, they were really worried about her. But she softened the blow about the surgery by telling them that Lucinda and Brian got married. Do you need some help with that?

Luke: No, no, I'm good.

Holden: Anyway, the girls are pretty psyched about their new step-grandfather.

Luke: Don't call him that.

Holden: That's what he is.

Luke: Not to me.

Holden: Do you have a problem with Brian?

Luke: I don't want to talk about it.

Holden: Luke, I know you're still upset about getting kicked out of school --

Luke: And I know that you and Mom are still disappointed in me. So, can we just drop it?

Holden: Sure. Have you heard from Noah?

Josie: I can't do this anymore, Paul. It's too complicated --

Paul: You can't back out. I'm paying you to do a job. So do it.

Josie: I'm trying to do it --

Paul: Get Dusty out of town. Get him away from my wife permanently.

Josie: He doesn't want to leave town.

Paul: Make him want to leave. You do exactly what I'm telling you to do, or you'll regret it. 

Josie: Are you threatening me?

Paul: You do your job or you don't get paid.

Josie: Look, I know that I agreed to mess with Dusty's head, but I don't feel comfortable reminding him of Jennifer anymore.

Paul: Oh, that's too bad. You know what? You can deal with your conscience after you get paid.

Josie: Why do you want to hurt him?

Paul: I told you to keep Dusty away from my wife and what do I find? I see him with Meg. I see him putting his hand on her belly. Feeling my baby kick.

Josie: They were in the middle of the town square.

Paul: Nothing like that can ever happen again.

Josie: I cannot be around Dusty 24 hours a day --

Paul: Really? Why not? That's exactly what I'm paying you to do.

Josie: Well, maybe your plan isn't working, Paul. I did everything that you asked me to do. I even got him to go to Tampa with me, for all the good it did.

Paul: Well, you should have kept him down there. What happened?

Josie: Nothing.

Paul: Whoa, whoa, whoa, hold on a second. You wait a second. Why did you come back?

Josie: Because he realized that I am not the reincarnation of the love of his life. I am not Jennifer, and I never will be.

Carly: Sage wanted to bring this to Emma's. Okay, well, you know what? I'm going to go upstairs. Just lock the door when you leave.

Jack: For the record, I accepted your apology, Carly.

Carly: Then why are you acting like this?

Jack: Because I'm -- I'm upset at the situation. Not you. I want Sage to like Janet.

Carly: Good luck with that.

Jack: Listen, after Thanksgiving, I think the two of us should sit her down and tell her, let her know that her recent behavior was unacceptable. That things have to change.

Carly: Okay. We can do that, really. But I don't think a lecture is really going to help in this situation --

Jack: Okay, and what do you think will help?

Carly: I don't think you should take Sage today.

Jack: We are not changing our plans --

Carly: I think you're rushing her. You're trying to force her to make nice with Janet and she is nowhere near being --

Jack: Janet -- Janet is going to be a part of my life. She's going to be my wife. Sooner or later, you and Sage are going to have to get used to that.

Emma: No, no, no, no, no -- here. You have a carrot first, okay? And then you can have the cookies later, all right? Now go play with your games. Look, Grandma got you a new one in there. Now, you listen to me. There is nothing perfect in this world. I know you're having trouble with Sage. And she really shouldn't have lied about you hitting her. But you've got to be patient, and try not to push things. Slow down. And everything's going to be okay. I have a good feeling about that.

Janet: From your lips to God's ears.

Emma: Ooh -- okay, now we obviously have different routines in the kitchen. But I think maybe we can find a way to work it out.

Janet: Really? How?

Emma: God only knows. I'm sure he wants us to find a way.

Meg: Hey --

Holden: Hey, Meg. Here, let me take that.

Meg: Thank you. I didn't realize how heavy they were.

Holden: That is heavy.

Meg: They need to be chilled.

Holden: All right. So, where's Paul?

Meg: He'll be here soon. I just came a little bit earlier so I could help Mama.

Holden: Yeah? Don't overdo it.

Meg: Yeah, like she would let me. It's nice to see you.

Luke: Well, I should go wash up.

Holden: Hold on a second.

Luke: Dad, I don't want to talk about Noah --

Holden: You need to look at the big picture here. Your grandmother just had her second mastectomy. Her recovery depends on this whole family. We're all going to need to pitch in.

Luke: Well, doesn't she have a brand-new husband to help her?

Holden: You need to ease up on Brian. He's family now.

Luke: Oh no, he's not. Not to me.

Holden: Luke, you've got to support your grandmother here. Just try to lighten up for her new husband, okay?

Luke: Fine. Whatever.

Holden: Do me a favor? Will you put the cooler on the porch? I have a -- I have an errand I need to run.

Carly: Oh, Sweetheart, you look beautiful.

Jack: You get prettier by the day.

Sage: Thanks, Dad.

Jack: You all set?

Carly: Hey, Jack, can I have a moment, please, with her?

Jack: Sure.

Carly: So, I guess you're probably nervous about seeing Janet. But you don't have to be, all right? Everything's going to be okay.

Sage: I wish you could come.

Carly: I know you do. But I can't. You just have to accept that Dad is with Janet, you know. And we'll talk later. And you'll tell me about all the delicious food you ate, okay?

Jack: Are you ready to go, Honey?

Carly: Be good. I love you.

Sage: I love you, too, Mom.

Carly: Here you go.

Jack: Oh, right.

Carly: Happy Thanksgiving.

Jack: Same to you.

Noah: Here you go. Do you got any Thanksgiving plans?

Dusty: Dinner with a friend.

Noah: Nice. Have fun.

Dusty: Thanks, Pal.

Holden: Dusty --

Dusty: I hear you and Lily are back together.

Holden: That's right.

Dusty: Good for you. I'm glad it worked out.

Holden: Hey, Noah.

Noah: Hey, what can I get you?

Holden: Nothing. Listen, what are your plans for today?

Noah: Working.

Holden: I know I shouldn't be sticking my nose where it doesn't belong, but if you want to come out to the farm for dinner later, you know you're always welcome, right?

Noah: Thanks, but I'm not sure I should --

Holden: I probably don't have to tell you -- I'm sure you already know. Luke -- he's in a pretty bad place right now.

Noah: I know. I just hope he's not making it worse.

Holden: He still cares about you. And it might be good for him if he saw you. So think about it, okay? Hopefully, we'll see you later.

Janet: Hi. Happy Thanksgiving. Oh, Sage, you look so pretty.

Sage: Thanks.

Janet: Did you make that?

Sage: It's for Aunt Emma.

Janet: Oh, she's going to love it.

Jack: Darling, is there something else you would like to say to Janet?

Janet: It's okay. It's okay. Go ahead inside. Go on, get.

Jack: Why'd you let her off the hook like that?

Janet: Jack! Give the poor kid a break. Listen, if she's going to apologize, I want her to do it, you know, on her own time. I don't want her to feel like we're forcing her to do it.

Jack: How did you get to be right all the time?

Janet: Just lucky, I guess.

Jack: No, I'm the lucky one.

Janet: Yes, you are.

Luke: It's --

Jack: Oh --

Janet: Oh -- thanks.

Jack: Hey, where do you want me to put these beers?

Luke: Uh, actually, you know what? I can take them.

Jack: All right, thanks.

Luke: Of course.

Jack: Let me have a shot at that thing.

Paul: All right, let's get something straight. I'm not paying you to be Jennifer. I'm paying you to convince Dusty that you have some kind of weird connection to Jennifer.

Josie: I don't want to lie to Dusty anymore.

Paul: Why not? Are you afraid you're going to hurt his feelings? Wait, hold on a second. There's something that you're not telling me. Hey, hey! Look, I got -- I got somewhere to go, so you tell me now. Did Dusty do something to you? You tell me, where are these second thoughts coming from?

Josie: From me, okay? I'm falling in love with him.

[ Paul laughs ]

Josie: Why is that funny?

Paul: You're in love with Dusty? That's -- that's not just funny, that's -- that's like a laugh riot.

Josie: Okay, it's true. In Florida, I started to have feelings for him, and I'm not going to keep doing this to him. I don't care how much you pay me.

Paul: Okay. All right. Tell me something. Does he feel the same way about you? Yeah, I didn't think so. You know why? Because he's still hung up on my late sister. The only reason he's wasting his time with you is because you remind him of Jennifer. And the only reason you remind him of her is because I keep telling you what to say and what to do, so he will think that you are like Jennifer. But you are not like Jennifer. So you get your head out of the clouds and you get back to work.

Josie: If I could just be honest with him --

Paul: If I stop telling you what to do and I stop telling what to say, he's going to drop you faster than you can say, "Dude, I'm really sorry, but this was just all big scam."

Josie: I care about him. That is not a scam.

Paul: Okay, so tell him the truth. Okay, you know what? I'll go tell him the truth.

Josie: No, no --

Paul: All the details about how you wormed your way into his life. Once he figures out that you set him up -- once he figures out that you used the memory of his late wife to hook up with him, he will hate you forever. Is that what you want? Is it? Yeah, I didn't think so. So let's stick to the plan and get back to work. Now, this -- this is exactly what you're going to do next.

Jack: Wow, you two have better team work than the '85 Bears.

Janet: We worked out a compromise, my dear.

Emma: Yes, we did. She's my little roadrunner. Every time she gets in my way, coming my way -- beep beep, beep, beep.

Janet: Emma's in charge of the stove, especially the oven -- don't forget about --

Jack: Well, I am -- I am very impressed, I must say.

Janet: Well, thank you. You should be. We did it for you.

Holden: Hey, Mr. '85 Bears! Make yourself useful. See if you can open this.

Jack: Oh, I tried. I tried -- I saw an axe outside.

Meg: Sage, can you do me a favor, Honey? Can you take Ethan into the other room? He wants to see one of his movies.

Sage: Come on, Ethan.

Meg: Hey, Luke. Where's Noah?

Luke: I don't know.

Lily: Hey. Look who's here?

Emma: Hello, girls.

[ Talking over one another ]

Holden: How did she --

Lily: No one says no to my mother.

Lucinda: I can lean on Brian. I'm good.

Emma: This is wonderful. Well, thank you. Aren't they beautiful? It will be wonderful, a pleasure to have another handsome man at our table.

Lucinda: Hands off, Emma. He's mine.

Holden: Wow, congratulations.

Emma: Congratulations.

Lucinda: All right, where's Luke? Hey Darling, come give me a kiss or hug or something. Gently. Hi, Dear.

Luke: Hello.

Brian: Hi, Luke.

Luke: Hi, Brian.

Brian: Let's get comfortable.

Emma: You know, I really think he's a little old for her.

[ Laughter ]

Emma: No, I'm serious.

Lily: Welcome to my world, Emma.

[ Phone rings ]

Emma: Excuse me.

Janet: You got it?

Emma: Get your tushy out of the way. Hello? Oh, Seth, hello, my darling. Happy Thanksgiving. Oh, it's wonderful to hear your voice. Yes, Meg is here.

Meg: Hi.

Lily: How's Luke?

Holden: Not so great. I tried to invite Noah, but I'm not sure he's going to be able to make it.

Lily: Won't be much of a holiday for Luke without Noah here.

Dusty: Josie, it's me. Safe to come in now?

Josie: Welcome to anti-Thanksgiving.

Dusty: Wow, you went all out here.

Josie: Nothing but the best.

Dusty: I got moon pies.

Josie: That is so much better than pumpkin pie!

Dusty: Much, and totally untraditional.

Josie: Well, I wanted tonight to be special.

Dusty: It is. And the best part is it doesn't feel like Thanksgiving at all.

Luke: I didn't think you'd show up.

Noah: Oh, if it's not cool, I can go.

Luke: No, no, it's cool. It's very cool, it's just like -- surprise!

Noah: Your dad said you weren't doing too good.

Luke: When did you talk to my dad?

Noah: A little earlier at Java.

Luke: So, he invited you to come? You didn't come on your own?

Noah: Holden is really worried about you, Luke.

Luke: Oh, he doesn't need to be worried about me. Unless you say something.

Noah: I didn't say a word, I swear. He would freak out if he thought you were drinking every night.

Luke: Okay, well, then just don't tell him --

Faith: Noah! You're here! I missed you.

Noah: I missed you, too. Hey, and I got you and Natalie those cookies you really like from Java.

Faith: Thanks, you're the best! We should go inside. It's getting really cold out.

Noah: Yeah, okay.

Faith: Come on, come on. Noah's here!

Emma: Noah, oh, I'm so glad you're here.

Lily: It worked.

Holden: Yeah, we'll see.

Emma: Oh, I love these.

Brian: Food smells great. Is there anything I can do to help?

Emma: Yes, there is something you can do. You can try and open this. No one in the whole family can open it.

Brian: Okay, I'll give it a shot.

Emma: What? I don't believe it!

Luke: Wow, Brian, way to go! I bet you feel like a real man.

Lucinda: Darling, excuse me, could you try to be a little nicer to Brian? He's not the kind of man that you think he is.

Luke: I know.

Jack: So, where's Aaron?

Holden: He went to Seattle to spend some time with his mom.

Jack: Well, that's nice.

[ Phone rings ]

Jack: I got it. Hello? Hey, happy Thanksgiving!

Natalie: Is something wrong with Sage?

Lily: Sweetie, no, she's fine. Why?

Natalie: She won't play with us.

Lily: Well, if she wants to watch a video, she can. Why don't you and your sister help your grandma Emma and set the table?

Natalie: Okay.

Emma: Here here.

Holden: I hope Sage is all right.

Lily: Poor thing. She just wants to be with her mother on Thanksgiving.

Janet: Emma, I'll be right back, okay?

Emma: Okay!

Jack: Okay, hold on a second, Holden, it's Abigail. She would like to talk to her father.

Holden: Hey Abby! How are you, Sweetie?

Jack: Hey Emma? Where'd Janet just go?

Emma: I don't know, she said she'd be right back.

Meg: Mama, would you like some help setting the table?

Emma: Not right now, Sweetheart. But you know what you could do? You could go out there in the cooler and get the elderberry wine. I think maybe Lucinda wants a glass.

Meg: Sure. Okay.

[ Laughs ]

Meg: You know, I'm not sure I should be accepting flowers from strange men. My husband is insanely jealous.

Paul: Yeah, except I heard he got his head shrunk and now he's not crazy. Except about you.

Meg: Well, he has come a long way. Except for the fact that he's a little late.

Paul: Yeah, sorry, some business.

Meg: Business? On Thanksgiving?

Paul: Well, foreign investors don't celebrate Thanksgiving. You forgive me?

Meg: I'll think about it.

Paul: Please do. There's no where I'd rather be then here with you and our baby.

Carly: Janet, what are you doing here?

Janet: Well, I was thinking -- it's Thanksgiving -- and you should be with your daughter. So, why don't you come out to the farm with me and have dinner?

Carly: No, no, no, no. I don't want your pity invite. Thanks, but no thanks.

Janet: I'm trying to do the right thing here, Carly.

Carly: Does Jack know you're here?

Janet: No, this isn't about Jack. This is about Sage.

Carly: Why? Is something wrong?

Janet: Yes, she's miserable without you. And the last thing I want to do is keep her away from you. Like you tried to do with Jack.

Carly: You've got a lot of nerve.

Janet: Oh come on, don't get your panties in a bunch -- it's true. You know it.

Carly: You know what I'm grateful for this Thanksgiving? That I don't have to be around you. Get the hell off my porch!

Lily: Hey, Jack.

Jack: Hey.

Lily: What're you doing out here?

Jack: Trying to track down my fiancée.

Lily: Oh, listen, I haven't had a chance to congratulate you yet. I hope you and Janet will be very happy together.

Jack: Thank you, Lily.

Lily: How's Carly handling it?

Jack: Not too well. I'm hoping that Janet went to the orchard to pick up the other kids, but I have this strange feeling that she went to see Carly.

Janet: Come on Carly, I'm trying to bury the hatchet, here. Can't you at least pretend to meet me half-way?

Carly: I'm allowing Sage to spend time with you because that's what Jack wants. But I am under no obligation to do the same.

Janet: Can't we just try and get along? For Sage?

Carly: It ain't that easy.

Janet: You know, before the two of us were at each other's throats all the time, I actually thought we could be friends.

Carly: That's pretty scary.

Janet: Okay, I know it's hard for you that Jack and I are engaged. But please, just try and make the effort? For your daughter's sake.

Carly: I don't -- I don't even think that I'd be welcome at the farm.

Janet: Sure you would. Come on now, you're family, and holidays are for families. Even if they are messed up a little.

Carly: A little?

Janet: Okay, this is how I see it. You get two choices, either you come back to the farm with me and have Thanksgiving dinner with your daughter, or you stay here and have Thanksgiving dinner with me. Because I'm not leaving without you.

Holden: Hey, I'm glad you decided to join us.

Noah: Thanks, I'm not sure everybody else feels the same way.

Holden: Just try and cut Luke a little slack.

Noah: Oh, I am, I just don't think it will do any good.

Emma: Holden, time to bring in the Hubbard squash.

Holden: Okay, come on -- Luke, why don't you come help us out?

Luke: Do I have a choice?

Brian: So, what's with this squash?

Lucinda: They hack up a Hubbard squash with a chainsaw.

[ Phone rings ]

Emma: Hello, happy Thanksgiving. Oh, Ellie, hi, my angel. Yes. No, we looked at the parade, but we couldn't find you. I hope you're taking care of yourself in that big New York City. Guess who just walked in. Your beautiful sister, Meggie.

Meg: Hey, Sis, how's it going? Oh, I'm doing fine -- getting bigger by the day!

Emma: Bigger, and bigger, and bigger!

Janet: Hi, everybody, I'm back and I brought a surprise guest with me!

Carly: Hi.

Emma: Carly.

Carly: Hi, I hope it's okay.

Emma: Family's always welcome, my goodness. Nice to see you. Here, let me take your coat.

Carly: Thanks.

Jack: Well, you've been busy. I just got off the phone with Parker. They're done picking apples and Brad and Katie are taking them over to the Feeding America drop site. Then, they're gonna go over to Tom and Margo's to eat. You okay?

Janet: Yeah, I mean, it's good that Liberty's at her father's for her very first Thanksgiving together. I've had her all these years. It's his turn.

Sage: Mommy, you're here!

Carly: Yes, yes, I'm here.

Josie: I kind of like this whole counter-culture anti-thanksgiving thing. Maybe we should make it a tradition. Do you have any ideas for an outside the box Christmas?

Dusty: Doesn't planning in advance defeat the purpose?

Josie: Yeah, yeah it's better to be spontaneous, right?

Dusty: Right.

Josie: Do you want another beer?

Dusty: I'd love one. What's wrong?

Josie: It's my hand, it's burning up.

Dusty: You just put it in ice, didn't you? What is it?

Josie: He's so cold.

Dusty: Who?

Josie: Johnny.

Dusty: What about Johnny?

Josie: He's cold -- and he's scared.

Dusty: How do you know?

Josie: It's just this image that I got. This flash -- a little boy shivering. It sounds crazy, I know.

Dusty: Well, he's with his sister, Lucy. She wouldn't let anything bad happen to him.

Josie: She kidnapped him, didn't she?

Dusty: Yeah, to keep him away from Craig.

Josie: Why do I keep getting these feelings?

Dusty: It's okay.

Josie: You believe me, don't you?

Dusty: I don't know what to believe. I mean, first you have feelings about Jennifer, and now Johnny? Where's this coming from?

Holden: Mama, this has to be the biggest Hubbard squash we've ever had.

Emily: I know.

Luke: It's definitely the heaviest.

Holden: Time to cut this thing.

Emma: Okay, now here we go. Now be very careful. It's very sharp, Dear.

Emma: All right.

Holden: Here we go.

Emma: Jack, get up here and help your cousin. Paul, get in there. Come on now. It's a family tradition.

Luke: This is a real man's job. Think you can handle it?

Noah: I had to do it last year. The trick is not to let the squash get away from you.

Lucinda: Okay, Brian, get in there close. I'm taking a picture for posterity.

Holden: All right, Jack, had enough. Your turn.

Janet: Go, Jack! Get in there.

Jack: Here you go.

Paul: You sure you trust me with this?

Jack: Well, of course.

Holden: Come on, you just need a little elbow grease. That's it.

Emma: Yay, Paul. Wow!

Luke: You're next. I hope you've been working out, because it takes a real man to cut this.

Brian: That's so funny.

Janet: Way to go, big guy! You made mincemeat of that squash!

Jack: I've had plenty of practice with Hubbards.

Janet: Hey, I hope you don't mind that I invited Carly.

Jack: Are you kidding? You did it for Sage, and you made her day. I'm crazy about you, you know that?

Janet: Ditto.

Holden: Well done. Mama, I think it's time to eat, huh?

[All cheer]

Emma: Let's eat! Look at that bird!

Holden: Here we go!


Emma: Okay, everyone. I'd like to say a few words --

Holden: Oh Mama, just a few, please?

Emma: Oh, now just a few --

[ Everyone laughs ]

Emma: I know we're all hungry, and I'll be brief. I just want to say -- I want to say that Thanksgiving is the happiest holiday of my life. It's such a beautiful holiday. It's time when we all stop, and think about people that we -- that we love. And we're so grateful that we have them in our lives. And speaking of being grateful, boy this family has been through a lot this year.

[ Emma sighs ]

Emma: And we got through it all right, didn't we? Yes, we did. And we continue to grow!

Meg: I'm doing my part.

Emma: Yes!

Meg: Next year, there will be a new member to this family. It'll be a little girl.

[ Emma gasps ]

Meg: A granddaughter.

Lily: Oh, Meg! A baby girl!

Paul: And we have a name for her --

Emma: Tess?

Meg: We're calling her Eliza.

Emma: Oh, it's lovely.

Faith: Why are you crying, Grandma?

Emma: Because I'm so happy to see -- I'm happy to see all the faces that I love.

[Emma laughs]

Emma: Some new faces, too. There's Paul and Meg, and Brian and Lucinda.

Lily: Congratulations to both of you.

Lucinda: Yes.

Emma: And Jack and Janet are engaged! I'll be so happy when they're married so I can go to her house and torment her in her kitchen!

[Everyone laughs]

Janet: Come on over anytime.

Holden: So, have you guys set a date?

Jack: You want to tell them? Because we have. We have.

Janet: Okay. Jack and I are getting married on New Year's Eve.

Emma: Well, the holidays will certainly be eventful this year. So now, are there any more surprises? Hmm?

Paul: Well, I hope not. I'm starving.

Emma: You eating for two, are you? Now hold your horses now, we got to say grace. Everyone take hands. Dear Lord, thank you for this food, and thank you Lord, for our beautiful family. And thank you for the faith that sustains us. And dear Lord, help us to share your goodness and your love with each other, and those who need it. Thank you, Lord. Amen.

All: Amen.

Jack: Let's eat! A quick toast, a quick toast, to the wonderfully talented woman who keeps this family together --

Emma: Oh --

Jack: -- Year after year after year. To Emma.

All: To Emma!

Holden: Hear, hear!

Carly: Nice meal, huh?

Lily: Yeah. I saw your face when Jack and Janet announced their wedding date.

Carly: Yeah. You remember, Parker was born on New Year's Eve. Jack delivered him. I guess, it's just -- it's not going to be our day anymore.

Lily: Are you okay with that?

Carly: Oh, no. But I've accepted it.

Lily: Really?

Carly: Really.

Lily: All that's important is that Janet brought you here, so you could spend Thanksgiving with Sage. Everybody. This is a time for family and friends to be together.

Jack: Hey, Babe. So, how'd you like that dinner?

Sage: It was good.

Jack: Yeah?

Sage: Janet, did you really tell my mom to come over for dinner?

Janet: Yes, I did. Because I wanted you to be with your mom and dad this Thanksgiving.

Sage: Well, that was nice. Thanks.

Janet: You're welcome.

Sage: And -- I'm sorry, you know, for locking you in the closet and saying that you hit me.

Janet: Apology accepted.

Jack: Come here. You are a very good girl, you know that?

Luke: Noah. Thanks for coming. Maybe next year you can stay a little later.

Noah: Yeah, we'll see. Hey Luke, what's with Brian? I mean, you keep slamming him. Like you could barely even sit next to him at dinner, and that comment about you know, him being able to open up the jar, what, testing his manhood? What's that about?

Luke: Trust me, you don't want to know.

Noah: Yeah, I do -- that's why I asked.

Luke: Well, maybe you should ask Brian.

Carly: Well, thanks for the lift.

Jack: Any time.

Janet: Oh, I was on our way to Brad and Katie's. I've got to get those leftovers over to Liberty.

[Jack sighs]

Jack: I told her that Margo's not famous for her cooking.

Janet: Yeah, and of course, I panic. Heaven forbid my kid goes starving on Thanksgiving, right? Sage went back for seconds. You've got quite an appetite there, girl!

Sage: You and Aunt Emma are really good cooks.

Carly: We had a very nice time.

Janet: Well, hopefully we can do it again next year.

Carly: A lot can change in a year.

Janet: Except families.

Jack: Sage, how about a hug?

Sage: Love you, Daddy.

Jack: Love you, too. All right. Good night. Happy Thanksgiving. Take care of yourself.

Janet: Good night.

Brian: Oh, I'm sorry to interrupt but your grandmother and I are getting ready to leave.

Noah: I'm going to get to going, too. Happy Thanksgiving, Luke. Brian.

Brian: Noah.

Luke: Thank you. Thank you very much.

Brian: You know, you know, Luke, I thought that after I helped you get sober the other night, that things were better between us.

Luke: Are you serious?

Brian: What's your problem?

Luke: As if you don't know.

Brian: Look --

Luke: Don't touch me!

Brian: No, I just, you know -- you need to get some breath mints. I can smell the booze from here. I'm surprised that Noah didn't notice.

Luke: What are you going to do? Tell on me? You better not Brian -- because trust me, you got a lot more to lose than I do.

Dusty: Feel better?

Josie: Yeah, I'm okay. But I wish I hadn't ruined dinner, though.

Dusty: No, you didn't.

Josie: That sensation I had was so real. It was like -- I could see that little boy and feel him shivering.

[Cell phone rings]

Dusty: Donovan. You got a lead on Lucy and Johnny? Where?

Meg: Today at Mama's, you fit in so well. It just felt so normal.

Paul: Me, normal? Who thought I'd say that about me?

[Meg laughs]

Meg: You're just -- for the first time, it felt like you were a part of the family. And now, we're having a family of our own. Don't you like the sound of that?

Paul: I love it. I love you. And if normal's what you want, normal's what you'll get. I'd do anything for you, Meg. Anything.

Meg: I think I'm going to take a nice, warm bubble bath. Would you like to join me?

Paul: Mm-hmm. I'd love that.

Meg: Okay.

Paul: I'll be up in a minute.

[Cell phone rings]

Paul: Give me the good news. Dusty take the bait?

Josie: Good news?

Dusty: My P.I. finally got a lead on Lucy and Johnny. They were spotted in a small village of Norway.

Josie: Norway? Why would they want to go there? It's so cold. Oh my God. Oh my God. The premonition --

Dusty: It was real. You saw my son.

Josie: How could that be?

Dusty: I don't know.

Josie: This is so getting strange.

Dusty: Why you feel connected to Jennifer and Johnny I do not know, but I'm so lucky I found you, Josie.

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Henry: Okay.

Vienna: And bring back the dead girl!

Brad: It's her!

Katie: It is her! We can prove you're innocent, and Henry, too.

Dani: She has to die.

Paul: Now, what's the big emergency?

Josie: I can't do it. No, just take back your money and let me get out of here!

Paul: Not until you finish the job that I brought you here to do.

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