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As The World Turns Transcript Monday 11/24/08

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Alison: What do I owe you?

Casey: It's on me for helping me try to find a job. No strings. And I won't cross the friends-only line again. I promise.

Alison: You better not. But you know, Case, it's not like actually found you a job. And you probably shouldn't be treating at Java when you still don't have one.

Casey: You think they would hire me here?

Alison: It's not a bad idea while you're still looking for what you really want to do.

Casey: This could be it. Stress-free, all the muffins I want. You think they have a retirement plan?

Alison: Who knows? So, how did it go when you told your parents you were expelled? No way. You still haven't told them?

Casey: I haven't gotten a chance! Okay, I haven't even tried.

Alison: What are you waiting for?

Casey: It's not like I can tell them now. It's Thanksgiving!

Alison: Well, in a month, it's going be Christmas.

Casey: You think I could hold out until Easter?

Alison: No, no, not funny.

Casey: They're just so happy that Danielís coming home. I don't want to be the one who drops this bomb and ruins their holiday.

Alison: Well, if they're happy, I mean, maybe they'd go easier on you.

Casey: We're talking about my parents here? The cop and the former prosecutor? Going easy on people is not in their vocabulary.

Margo: Lisa, yeah, well, I'll let you off the hook this time because I know that the soldiers need you more than we do. But we'll miss you. Okay, bye.

Tom: Hey, look what I found at the train station, no less.

Margo: Oh, wait a minute, you picked up the wrong kid. This one's too big for Danny. Oh, it's so good to see you here.

Daniel: Something smells really good.

Margo: Well, it's not me, it's the turkey.

Daniel: I didn't know General Cho's delivered on Thanksgiving.

Margo: Hey, I can still do things in the kitchen.

Daniel: Dishes? I'm going to go put my stuff in my room.

Margo: Okay. He looks good.

Tom: Yeah, right? So, seriously, you want me to call Mom and see if she'll send a turkey over from the Lakeview?

Margo: My turkey is going to be absolutely perfect. And sorry your mom's not going to make it. She got a call to come and, you know, entertain the troops at her home on leave at the VFW. So, she couldn't refuse that.

Tom: Oh, of course not.

Margo: No, so she says she's going to stop by later. Let's go.

Tom: That's great. So, where's Case?

Margo: Casey is -- I don't know where Casey is.

Tom: But he is planning on having dinner with us?

Margo: Well, I hope so. I'd like to have at least two of my boys home for the holidays.

Tom: Yeah, I'm sorry Adamís not going to be here.

Margo: It's all right. It's all right. Two out of three ain't bad. And to think we almost thought Casey was going to be spending Thanksgiving in Statesville --

Tom: Ah, but he didnít. And as soon as his spring semester starts his suspension will be over, he'll be back on track at college.

Margo: You know what? Do you think we should get him to get a tutor or something, you know, so he can catch up and sort of hit the ground running?

Tom: That's not a bad idea. Although, I would hope that he had already thought of that himself.

Margo: Are you talking about Casey?

Tom: That's true. But I'm hoping this time off has helped him grow so he can realize he won't be anything without a degree.

Alison: It's a given that your parents are going to be upset when they hear that you're -not going back to O.U. in spring semester -- or any other semester.

Casey: Upset? Try ballistic.

Alison: Which is why it's better that you just get it over with now. That way they might be past it by the time we get to Christmas.

Casey: That's comforting, yes.

Alison: Look, the longer you wait, the better chance that someone else will tell them. And they'd take it a lot better if they hear it from you.

Casey: Why are you so obsessed with me telling my parents, anyway?

Alison: I know what it's like to keep a secret about something you're ashamed of. And, trust me, it always comes out in the worst possible moment, the worst possible way.

Casey: Okay, I'll tell them.

Alison: Today?

Casey: Today.

Alison: Good. You'll be fine. And just give me a call when you're done and let me know how it went, okay?

Casey: What do you mean, call? You're coming with me.

Alison: What?

Casey: I will tell my parents today, but you have to come with me.

Josie: I should've known you were an early riser.

Dusty: Good morning.

Josie: Do you want to come back to bed? Last night was good, right?

Dusty: It was great. I think we should start thinking about getting back to Oakdale.

Josie: I had a feeling this would happen. I almost didn't because I -- I was afraid.

Dusty: Afraid of what?

Josie: That I'd disappoint you.

Emily: How can you just sit here and relax when that scam artist is ruining lives?

Paul: I was having such a nice moment.

Emily: Did you know Dusty used the corporate jet to fly that imposter down to Tampa yesterday?

Paul: Tampa? Why Tampa?

Emily: Oh, I don't know. I don't know. Maybe because he took Jennifer there once!

Paul: What do you want me to do about it?

Emily: I'm sorry, correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't it in both our interests to expose her?

Paul: Yeah, we tried that, it didn't work. We wound up looking like idiots. She came out smelling like a rose.

Emily: Exactly, because she knew how to play Dusty, but we have to make sure she doesn't do that ever again.

Paul: Look, the last thing I need is this Josie girl having another psychic moment and telling everybody that we're working together.

Emily: Okay, listen to me. I know you're worried -- I know you're worried that Megís going to find out, but I promise you, she will never know.

Meg: Know what?

Dusty: I wasn't disappointed.

Josie: Then why are you in such a hurry to leave? Come on, Donovan, don't hold back on me now.

Dusty: I didn't expect this to happen.

Josie: And when it did, you thought it would be like with Jennifer. But it wasnít. Because even if we look alike and I do a mean karaoke, our similarities end in the bedroom, right?

Dusty: Don't compare yourself to her.

Josie: You did.

Dusty: Why do you feel the pressure to be someone else?

Josie: I didn't, until now.

Dusty: I shouldn't have brought you here.

Josie: It was my idea, remember?

Dusty: When you brought up Tampa, all I could think about was --

Josie: Jennifer. It's okay. Even if last night proved the Jennifer connection only goes so far, coming here made me closer to you and it made me realize --

Dusty: What?

Josie: That I'm falling in love with you.

Dusty: Last night was intense. We don't know how we feel.

Josie: Well, they say that sometimes you know the minute you see somebody. Or not.

Dusty: Listen, listen to me. Everything we've done together is because you remind me of her.

Josie: Until last night when it was obvious that I was not her.

Dusty: I can't expect you to be her.

Josie: Then donít. Why not just let me be me and see how that goes.

Dusty: You don't know who you are, remember?

Josie: Well, then there's a very good chance that I'm attractive and funny and smart.

Dusty: A really good chance --

Josie: Who knows? You might end up liking me as much as you liked Jennifer.

Paul: Forget about it. Let's go, come on.

Meg: No, no, no. I want to know what Emilyís talking about.

Emily: Fine. I will tell you.

Paul: Emily --

Emily: I'm trying to convince your husband to help me prove that Dustyís new little friend is a scam artist.

Meg: I thought you said you were letting that go --

Emily: He did. But thanks to you, Paul no longer believes the ends justify the means, which is why he's refusing to help me. Of course, if he cared anything his mother, he would do anything in his power to keep this imposter from playing her any more than she already has --

Meg: Okay, look, just because Paul doesn't want to get involved in one of your dirty schemes doesn't mean he cares any less about his mother.

Emily: Really? Tell that to Barbara after the imposter cleans her out and she wonders where her son was. Why he didn't protect her.

Meg: I think Barbara would understand Paul not wanting to team up with you again.

Emily: Yeah, well, thanks to you he's useless to me anyway. Oh, God. That's funny. And to think there was a time that I was actually willing to fight you for him. He's all yours. Good luck.

Meg: Whatever made you want to be involved with that woman?

Paul: Temporary insanity. Meg, listen, what she was saying about Josie --

Meg: You know what? I am so proud of you for turning down Emily.

Paul: Well, that's not exactly what happened.

Meg: But she just said --

Paul: She just lied.

Margo: So, how's school?

Daniel: Okay, I guess.

Margo: How are your teachers?

Daniel: Okay, I guess.

Margo: Okay, how are your grades?

Tom: Don't say another word without your lawyer present. You know, you sound like you're interrogating him. How are your grades?

Daniel: Okay, I guess.

[Phone rings]

Daniel: Hey, Mom.

Emily: Hey, Sweetie! How are you?

Daniel: Okay, I guess.

Emily: Well, I thought you were going to call me when you got in.

Daniel: I just got here.

Emily: Oh, I can't wait to see you! And since I don't to have you for Thanksgiving dinner, I thought maybe I could pick you up and we could have lunch? Is Al's your favorite place for a burger still?

Daniel: Yeah, but I just finished a sandwich that Margo made me.

Emily: Oh. Well, that's good. I'm sure you were hungry after that long ride home. I have a surprise for you. I can't wait to give it to you.

Daniel: Is it the new virtual road warrior game?

Emily: Maybe.

Daniel: Can Mom come over now?

Tom: Sure, why not?

Daniel: Dad said you can come over now. So, what else did you get me?

Margo: What is the matter with you? Do you realize how awkward this is going to be?

Tom: What are you talking about? Casey's not even here.

Margo: Well, he will be.

Tom: Well, I'm not going to keep Daniel from seeing his mom because she and his brother are on the outs. I mean, if he's old enough to have an affair with a woman that age, he's old enough to be with her in the house when it's over.

Alison: Okay, how is my crashing your parents' Thanksgiving dinner going to make it any easier for you to tell them that you've being expelled?

Casey: You'll be a buffer. Hopefully, they'll be too embarrassed to cause a scene in front of you.

Alison: I'm a Stewart. We're usually the reason your family makes a big scene.

Casey: Yeah, but you're different. You saved my mom's life. That gives you brownie points.

Alison: You're really scared to tell them, aren't you?

Casey: Have you seen how my mom deal with perps? She's a friggin' barracuda. And my dad's not much better. Ever since he stopped being the D.A., he's like got all this pent-up "Justice for all" rage and has nowhere to put it.

Alison: But you're their son.

Casey: I'm a bad mark on the Hughes name. It'd be nice to have a friendly face there, you know, in front of the firing squad. Come on, Alison. Please, do me this for me solid and I'll owe you for the rest of my life.

Alison: All right. All right. I'll go.

Casey: Thank you, thank you. That was a friendly hug. I swear.

Alison: I am so going to regret this.

Paul: I'm really sorry. When Emily first came to me with this great big idea to get Josie out of town, I completely resisted.

Meg: So why'd you give in?

Paul: Well, Emily kept telling me how wrong it was to allow some Jennifer wannabe to manipulate my mother.

Meg: You're not even sure she was doing that.

Paul: Well, Emily made a very convincing case.

Meg: Oh, yeah, and Emilyís judgment is always so solid.

Paul: I know, I know. I don't know what I was thinking.

Meg: So how much did you offer Josie?

Paul: A million dollars. I wasn't actually going to give her any money. Emily just wanted Dusty to see Josie accept the money and then hopefully Dusty would send her packing.

Meg: But that's not what happened?

Paul: No, far from it. She told me to keep my money. And then she slapped me.

Meg: Good for her.

Paul: You're right. I totally deserved it. I was in my default behavior of just assuming the worst about everyone without even knowing the truth.

Meg: And all the while insisting to me that you've changed?

Paul: I wouldn't blame you if you turned your back on me forever. I really hope you donít.

Dusty: You're a great person.

Josie: Here comes the "But."

Dusty: You'll be a healthier person if you go on that self-discovery tour without me.

Josie: Healthier, maybe. But it wouldn't be as much fun. Couldn't we maybe do things that you and Jennifer didn't do together and see where that takes us?

Dusty: I don't know --

Josie: Couldn't we at least try? Oh, God, that's pathetic. I guess I'm just not ready to give you up yet. But forget it.

Dusty: Josie --

Josie: No, asking to starting fresh as if the Jennifer connection never existed. That's a lot. I understand. Let me just get my stuff together and I'll get out of your way --

Dusty: Wait a second. Wait. Come here. I'm not ready to give you up either. So, let's give it a shot.

Josie: Don't do it because you feel sorry for me.

Dusty: I wonít. And I donít. I want to do this. We should do something first.

Josie: Oh, yeah, what's that?

Dusty: Let's get out of this hotel. Sometimes it's hard to tell people their clothes look bad.

Tom: Hey. Daniel! Your mom's here.

Emily: Oh, it smells so good in here. Looks like there's enough food to feed an army, isn't there?

Margo: Just family.

Emily: Oh, what happened to my little boy?

Tom: He got tall, didn't he?

Daniel: Mom, I can't breathe.

Emily: I know, I know. You're 15 years old and you don't want your mother smothering you with hugs. But maybe you will after I give you this.

Daniel: You did get it!

Emily: I did. Oh, give me a hug. Thank you.

Daniel: Can I go upstairs and check it out?

Tom: Sure, Bud. So, you scored a real hit with that one. And you know what, since -- he's probably going to be up there for a while. So we can call you later on if you'd like.

Emily: What's the hurry?

Margo: Well, Emily, he's going to be here all weekend. I'm sure you have to go home and prepare your own family's Thanksgiving dinner.

Emily: Ordering take-out's really time-consuming.

Margo: Well, I've got a ton to do. So --

Emily: Okay, I just came to see my son. I'll stay out of your way.

Margo: That'd be a switch.

Emily: I'm sorry. Margo, is this about me and Casey? Because you remember it's over?

Margo: Another thing to be grateful for.

Emily: Is she ever going to cut me some slack?

Casey: Emily? I didn't expect to see you here.

Emily: I just came to see Daniel. You look good.

Casey: Thank you. You too.

Alison: Casey, I think I left my book at Java because it's not in your -- Emily.

Emily: What are you doing here?

Meg: Okay, look, if I heard it from somebody else I'd probably be angry. But the fact that you told me when you could've gotten away with not telling me shows me how much you've changed.

Paul: Well, you'd probably feel even better if I hadn't done any of it to begin with.

Meg: Yeah, I would. But I don't expect you to be perfect. And the fact that you are making an effort and learning from your mistakes, that means everything.

Paul: How did I get so lucky?

Meg: So does that mean you'll split a sundae with me?

Paul: I'll split everything with you for the rest of your life.

Alison: Casey and I were just having coffee at Java and he --

 Casey: I invited Alison to the Thanksgiving dinner with us.

Margo: Did you?

Casey: We have enough food, don't we?

Emily: Wait a minute. I thought you were having Thanksgiving dinner with me and Mom.

Alison: I was but --

Casey: If you don't stay, I won't be able to do what we talked about.

Emily: Which was?

Casey: Career-planning. Alison's helping me figure out what I want to do with the rest of my life.

Emily: You were helping him?

Alison: Don't act so surprised.

Tom: Don't you think you should concentrate on finishing college first?

Margo: Yeah.

Daniel: Hey Ali!

Alison: Hey, Buddy. How's life?

Daniel: Good I guess. You know, school's kind of hard.

Alison: Yeah, don't I know it.

Casey: Danny, my man!

Daniel: Case -- what's up?

Casey: It looks like Aunt Alisonís staying for dinner. Isn't that great?

Daniel: Yeah, that's awesome. What about you, Mom? What are you doing?

Emily: Oh, I don't know. Don't worry about me. I'll be -- I'll be fine.

Daniel: Can't Mom stay for dinner, too?

Margo: Sure, the more the merrier.

Dusty: So much for avoiding the holiday season.

Josie: So what if this place is covered in cornucopia. That doesn't mean that we have to partake. I think we should buck tradition and have an anti-Thanksgiving.

Dusty: What's that?

Josie: I don't know. Maybe instead of turkey we have sushi. Or instead of stuffing -- coleslaw.

Dusty: Sushi and coleslaw?

Josie: Okay, it's a bad example. But you get the idea. And besides, I'll bet you never had anti-Thanksgiving with Jennifer.

Dusty: No, no. Definitely not.

Josie: So what do you say? You in?

Dusty: As long as it's not sushi and coleslaw.

Josie: Okay, I'll do my best.

Artist: Would you two like to have your portraits done?

Dusty: Oh, no, no, no, thanks. I can't sit that long.

Josie: Well, it only takes a minute.

Dusty: No, sure it does. Come on.

Josie: No, wait, I'll show you. Do you mind?

Artist: Actually -- knock yourself out.

Dusty: Whoa.

Josie: Told you.

Dusty: I mean, Jennifer did designs, but she never did portraits.

Josie: Well, that's a good thing. That's something that we don't have in common.

Dusty: How did you do that so fast?

Josie: It's just a trick that one of my art teachers told me. What?

Dusty: You remembered something.

Josie: I guess I did.

Dusty: Well, stay with it. I mean, see what else you can remember. What's wrong?

Josie: I'm scared. I feel like the more I remember the further away I'll get from you.

Dusty: No, no, no. We're going to find out who you are together.

Josie: What if you don't like who I really am?

Dusty: There's no chance of that.

Josie: But maybe you were only attracted to me because I reminded you of Jennifer.

Dusty: Only in the beginning. Now I see sides of you that are obviously not like her. And I like what I see. A lot.

Josie: I just got an idea for what to get for anti-Thanksgiving. But I want it to be a surprise. So, wait here, okay? I'll be right back.

Meg: Dusty.

Dusty: Hey.

Meg: Hi.

Dusty: How's the baby?

Meg: Great. And you and --

Dusty: Josie.

Meg: Yeah. It looks like you've gotten closer.

Dusty: Don't tell your husband. He thinks that she's out for his mother's fortune.

Meg: Yeah, he told me he tried to pay her off to get her to leave town.

Dusty: What would he get out of telling you that?

Meg: A clear conscience?

Dusty: Is that possible?

Meg: Look, he knows it was wrong and he regrets it.

Dusty: His lame plan backfired.

Meg: Well, his plan might have backfired, but after what I saw here today, I'm not so sure he was wrong. I'm worried about you, Dusty.

Emily: So, when did you become a career counselor?

Alison: I was just helping Casey look at job options.

Emily: That was nice of you.

Casey: Ali's being a good friend.

Emily: I'll bet.

Margo: Hey, you're not going to cut back on your classes so you can work, are you?

Tom: You should focus on your grades anyway.

Casey: I definitely won't be cutting back on my class load. About college --

Margo: Have you finally decided on a major? What's it going to be -- business, law?

Emily: Journalism? What, what? He did a really good job when he worked for me.

Margo: Oh, is that what you call it?

Casey: No, I haven't decided on a major.

Margo: Well, you know, Honey, there's no rush. Don't worry about it. It would be nice if you graduated on time. You know, after all, the due delays. But you know, your dad and I were talking about maybe you getting a tutor --

Casey: No, no. I don't need to get a tutor. And I'm not going to be graduating with my class.

Tom: Okay, okay, fine. If you want to ease into this, take your time, that's your call.

Casey: Dad, there's nothing to ease into.

Margo: What do you mean, Case?

Casey: After the holidays, I'm not going to be going back to school.

Tom: Oh, yes you are.

Margo: Yeah, you're not going to be sitting around here.

Casey: Well, according to the dean, I have no choice. I was expelled.

Dusty: Don't you think you have enough on your plate, without worrying about me? Huh?

Meg: I don't want to see you hurt.

Dusty: Well, you know how I felt when I heard you married Paul. She makes me smile. It's been a while.

Meg: Well, if it's really about moving forward --

Dusty: It is.

Meg: Then I'm happy for you.

Dusty: Thank you.

Meg: I am all for fresh starts these days. Ooh, I think my little girl agrees with me.

Dusty: No, no kidding. A girl?

Meg: Yeah, yeah. Okay, okay! Do you want to say "Hello"?

Dusty: I'll pass.

Meg: No, no, no. Come on. Please. You've got to meet her sometime.

Dusty: Hey, beautiful. Nice to meet you.

Meg: Even in the womb, I think you can still charm them. I think she really likes you. Here, feel this.

Dusty: That's amazing.

Paul: Is there a problem?

Meg: Oh, hey. No, our little girl is playing soccer in my tummy.

Paul: Maybe she just doesn't like being around strangers.

Josie: Maybe we should go before this gets cold.

Paul: Let's get you home.

Dusty: Take care of yourself.

Meg: You too.

Emily: I can't believe you would let this happen?

Alison: Emily, please don't do this --

Emily: How could you squander your future like that, Case?

Casey: Oh, thank you for the support, Emily.

Margo: Casey, when did this happen?

Tom: And why?

Casey: What difference does it make? I did something stupid and I got kicked out of school for it. Time for plan B.

Margo: Whoa, which is what, exactly?

Alison: It's not like there aren't other schools. I mean, if finishing college is what Casey even wants.

Tom: So, you want to quit school?

Emily: Is this your idea of career planning?

Daniel: What did you do? Was it really bad?

Tom: You know what? Hold on, Margo and I need to talk to Casey alone.

Emily: Daniel, upstairs. You can show me those video games I just bought you. You coming?

Casey: Hey, you said you would stay, remember?

Emily: Come on, Daniel.

Tom: So, what were you thinking?

Margo: You realize what this means, don't you?

Tom: We're discussing your future here.

Margo: Casey, you were just about to turn your life around.

Alison: Would you please let Casey explain how it happened? Whatever he did wrong, his intentions were right.

Alison: So you see, Casey was just trying to help Luke.

Margo: Oh, Alison, I understand you wanting to be supportive of Casey, but nothing justifies what he's done. Stuffing the ballot box to throw an election?

Tom: What you did was unethical, irresponsible and stupid.

Casey: Yes, I know it!

Margo: Then why did you do it?

Casey: I guess I wasn't thinking of the consequences.

Margo: Oh, Casey, you never think of the consequences.

[Timer dings]

Margo: I'm going to go baste the bird.

Alison: Let me help.

Casey: You can't jump ship right now.

Alison: Somebody has to do damage control with your mother.

Casey: I could use some fresh air. You?

Alison: Would you like me to help you set the table?

Margo: Alison, you of all people understand how one stupid act can ruin your whole life. Why didn't you try to talk him out of it?

Alison: I did. I told him he shouldn't do it. But he did it anyway. And now he regrets it, just like I did. And that's why I'm here. Because as bad as all the stuff I did was, if there had just been one person who told me it wasn't the end of the world, that there's a way to turn it around, then maybe I wouldn't have made things worse for myself.

Margo: Ali, Ali. I need to get some new dishes. They're in the dining room. Do you want to help me?

Casey: Can you say something?

Tom: Yeah, I just can't believe --

Casey: No, not that you can't believe it. I've screwed up my life so many times. It can't be that big of a shock.

Tom: So what is it? You just didn't want to ruin your losing streak?

Casey: Yeah, yeah, that's exactly it.

Tom: Don't you condescend to me.

Casey: I didn't try to ruin my life on purpose!

Tom: But you did it. You've been given one second chance after another and you've thrown every one of them away. Ever since you were released from prison, it's like you spent every bit of your effort to try and ruin the rest of your life.

Casey: No, that is not true.

Tom: And you know what? You did it. Congratulations! So, what the hell do you see for your future now?

Casey: As long as I don't end up in a suit like you, I don't give a damn what it's like!

Emily: Where's Alison? Is she with Casey?

Tom: Don't even act like you had nothing to do with this!

Emily: Uh, excuse me?

Tom: You know, everyone that comes in contact with you seems to wind up making a mess out of their own life!

Emily: Oh, no you donít. You are not going to put this one on me!

Meg: Hey, look, I know you don't like her --

Paul: It's not that. I just think she's playing Dusty. You know what? I said I was going to stay out of it, and I will.

Meg: Good, you should. Because you have nothing to worry about. I think Dustyís very accepting that Josieís not Jennifer.

Paul: Well, then why is he still with her?

Meg: Because he decided to get to know her.

Paul: So she's still going to hang around town?

Meg: Not necessarily. Without the Jennifer factor, I don't see the relationship lasting.

Paul: What if you're wrong?

Meg: Then I hope she's not the scam artist that you say she is. Dusty's a good man. He deserves to find somebody that makes him happy.

Paul: I thought you were tired.

Meg: I am a little tired.

Paul: We had a really busy day. I don't want you to overdo it. Why don't you go lie down, have a little nap?

Meg: Are you going to join me?

Paul: No, because then you'll never get any sleep.

Voice: The party you're calling is unavailable. Please leave a message at the tone.

[Phone beeps]

Paul: We need to meet. Call me back. Now!

Emily: I am done -- I am done being the scapegoat for everything bad that happens to this family.

Tom: Considering that we lost control over Casey about the moment he started seeing you --

Emily: You haven't had control of Casey since he was 12 years old. We both know his problems started way before he was ever with me. I mean, if anything, I've been a good influence on him. I'm the one who insisted he go to class. Who rewarded him for having good grades?

Tom: And how did you do that? By sleeping with him? I'm glad that you think you're a good influence because you could seduce some kid young enough to be your son --

Emily: You know what? Instead of blaming me for everything bad that happens to your son, why don't you look at all the ways you failed him.

Paul: Ring, damn it!

Voice: The party you're calling is unavailable.

Emily: Well, you'll be happy to know you're not the only person who got reamed out by your parents.

Casey: Oh, that's surprising. Especially since you made it so clear you were on their side.

Emily: I couldn't pretend I wasn't upset.

Casey: Why were you anything? I'm none of your business, remember?

Emily: I still care about you, Case.

Casey: Really? What, did Dusty dump you or something?

Emily: That fact that I still care about you has nothing to do with Dusty.

Casey: Right.

Emily: Maybe I realized the mistake I made.

Casey: You're serious?

Emily: I am. I miss you, Case. Alison --

Alison: This is so inappropriate. And I don't want any part of it.

Casey: No, Alison don't go. Emily's the one who needs to leave. What you saw --

Alison: What are you doing?

Casey: I didn't start it! Emily did.

Alison: Why?

Casey: I don't know! And I don't care.

Margo: Dinner!

Josie: So you and Meg were a couple?

Dusty: Yeah, a long time ago. Luckily, we're still friends.

Josie: Let me guess. Her husband thinks that there's more to it than that?

Dusty: Her husband doesn't understand the concept of friendship.

Josie: He's so jealous. Are you worried that --

Dusty: No. I'm still here, right?

Josie: And I'm glad about that.

Dusty: Best thing you can do with that a guy like that is steer clear.

Josie: Well, you don't have to tell me that. But you do have to leave so that I can get anti-thanksgiving ready.

Dusty: How long is that going to take?

Josie: About an hour.

Dusty: I could help you out if you want.

Josie: Well, that would ruin the surprise part.

Dusty: Oh, that.

Josie: Yeah, that. I will call you and I'll let you know when you can come back.

Dusty: Sure you don't want me to stay?

Josie: Go!

Dusty: I'm going.

[Knock at the door]

Josie: You can kiss me all you want, but I am not telling you --

Margo: Wait, why are you setting it up out here? There's not enough room out here.

Tom: Yeah, well, Kim called. There's a bigger crowd down at the soup kitchen than there was last year and fewer volunteers. So she didn't feel comfortable leaving. Neither did Dad or Gram.

Margo: You know, we should stop by there when we're finished with supper.

Tom: You know what? I was thinking the same thing.

Margo: I guess Casey getting kicked out of college isn't as catastrophic as we think when you think about those people who've lost everything.

Tom: Okay. He's still not off the hook with me.

Margo: Yeah. Hey, okay, so, you two get a seat.

Emily: I'm not staying.

Margo: But I thought --

Emily: It's like I told Daniel, I don't want my mom coming home to an empty house on Thanksgiving. So come here. Give your mother a hug. I love you.

Daniel: I love you, too.

Emily: Call me, okay? I'll call you in the morning. Find out when I get to see you again. Okay.

Daniel: Okay.

Emily: I love you. Happy Thanksgiving.

Tom: Everyone, let's eat.

Margo: Well, a holiday to remember.

Tom: Yeah, and we haven't even cut the turkey yet. Come on, sit, sit, sit.

Margo: The carving knife!

Casey: Dad, about what I said before.

Tom: Yeah, well, it's Thanksgiving. Let's enjoy what's left of it, okay? Have a seat.

Casey: All right.


Casey: Yeah.

Tom: Aren't we forgetting something?

Casey: Oh, the butter?

Tom: Bless us, oh Lord, for these thy gifts we are about to receive from thy bounty. Amen.

Margo: Wait, can I just say something? Oh, Lord, it is sometimes so difficult to be grateful when it seems like the world as we know is crashing all around us. But Lord, even though it seems like we have so little, we still have so much. We got the roof over our heads and we've got this table of ours with food on it. And most importantly, we're got family, whether it be blood or friendship or love. And as long as we've got each other, we've got everything we need. Let's eat.

Casey: All right. Actually, I'm not hungry.


Casey: Your mom first.

Tom: Yeah, hold on. Your mom first. Your mom first.

Dusty: It's time, Jenny. I've got to let you go.

Josie: Do you have any idea how close you came to running into Dusty?

Paul: Next time you get a phone call from me, you call me back right away.

Josie: I didn't get the phone call from you.

Paul: Check your cell phone.

Josie: Okay, I must've turned the ringer off.

Paul: Why would you do something like that?

Josie: It's not like I could've answered it then with Dusty in the room non-stop.

Paul: Well the next time, you find a way. You work for me. Even though I am not happy with the way things are going. Do you know what Dusty said to Meg? Dusty doesn't think there is a connection between you and Jennifer any more.

Josie: Well, you can't blame him. It's a little far-fetched that some stranger would have a second connection to his dead wife.

Paul: It is your job. You do your job. In fact, I'm going to step things up a little bit. From now on, you are going to do exactly what I tell you to do.

Josie: No.

Paul: Excuse me?

Josie: I can't do this anymore.

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Brian: What is your problem?

Luke: As if you don't know.

Carly: You know what I'm grateful for this Thanksgiving? That I don't have to be around you. Get the hell of my porch.

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