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As The World Turns Transcript Wednesday 11/19/08

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Noah: Where are you, Luke? I've been looking all over for you. Casey and Alison said that you've been drinking. I'm really worried. So just give me a call.

Luke: Hey, Noah. So, are you really worried about me? Are you just guilty you dumped your boyfriend?

Lily: Still no word from Luke?

Holden: No. You know what? Maybe he's at the hospital. Maybe he turned off his cell.

Lily: Or maybe he avoiding us. We came down pretty hard on him for getting kicked out of school.

Holden: I still can't believe he cheated to try and win an election.

Lily: You were right, he needs to learn from his mistakes. But with his grandmother in the hospital, shouldn't he be with his family?

Holden: No, Luke needs to go through this on his own. You know, and so do you. You've had no time to prepare for what's happening with Lucinda. Are you okay?

Lily: It still hasn't hit me yet. I never thought my mother's cancer would come back. And now, her having to face another mastectomy -- odd to think that we have Brian to thank for her going ahead with the surgery.

Holden: Whoa, whoa, wait a minute. Did you just give Brian credit? Not so long ago, you were questioning his motives.

Lily: I'm trying to have an open mind.

Holden: Good for you.

Lily: Babysitter should be here soon. I thought we should give Brian a break. If my mother wakes up again, she could drive him crazy.

Brian: Well, welcome back, sleepyhead.

Lucinda: Hi.

Brian: Hi.

Lucinda: You're still here, after all these years?

Brian: Where else would I be?

Lucinda: I don't know. At a gala or something, living it up with some young people.

Brian: No, no, you're much better company.

Lucinda: Liar, liar, pants on fire.

Brian: How are you feeling? Or is that a stupid question?

Lucinda: Awful. Awful. But I'm present.

Brian: That's all that matters.

Lucinda: Where are the kids?

Brian: I sent them home. I told them you needed some sleep.

Lucinda: Oh, okay. Oh, did -- I seem to remember that. Did I ask you to marry me?

Brian: Yes, yes, you did. But don't worry. I make it a practice never to hold a woman to any proposals made under the influence of painkillers.

Lucinda: Were you serious when you said yes?

Carly: Parker's not here. He went to the movies with J.J.

Liberty: Oh, I didn't come here to see Parker, actually. I came to ask you a really, really huge favor.

Carly: All right. What can I do for you?

Liberty: Please, please, don't wreck my mom's life.

Janet: Guess who?

Jack: Hey, what a surprise. I thought you were working a double at the diner today.

Janet: I am. I decided to take a break. I've got a lot on my mind.

Jack: Join the club.

Janet: Yeah. Big day tomorrow, huh?

Jack: Yeah. Yeah, but I'm not worried. Carly doesn't stand a chance of getting sole custody.

Janet: Even if Sage sticks to the story that I hit her?

Jack: Listen, I love my daughter very much, but she's not that credible of a witness. I wouldn't be surprised if the judge threw the whole thing out of court.

Janet: Well, no matter what happens tomorrow, even if you win, I lose.

Jack: What do you mean?

Janet: You've been really great standing by me and all, but I'm letting you off the hook.

Lucinda: I don't want to mince words with you. But is it the cougar, tadpole factor that's holding you back?

Brian: Come on, Lucinda, I'm not that young. And you're not that old.

Lucinda: Oh, yes, I am. Cancer makes you feel very old. But wise. Wiser. I know I can't -- I got to live my life to the fullest. I know I'm sick, but I'm so sick of being alone. And I think you are, too.

Brian: Yeah, as a matter of fact, I am.

Lucinda: Yeah, yeah. You should have jumped my bones earlier.

Brian: Oh, for heaven's sake, Lucinda. Why can't you just shut up and take yes for an answer?

Lucinda: Don't you talk to me like that.

Brian: You love it.

Lucinda: I do.

Brian: Another thing, you have to stop underselling yourself. You are beautiful, you are gorgeous, you are elegant, you are stylish, you are one tsunami of a woman.

Lucinda: You're overselling.

Brian: No, I'm not. I've been in awe of you from the moment I met you. And I am completely convinced that we can have a wonderful life together, as long as we stay together.

[Laughing together]

Lily: Mother, I didn't know you'd be awake.

Lucinda: Well, Honey, how could I slumber through one of the highlights of my life? Brian and me, me and Brian, we're engaged.

Lily: I don't know what to say.

Lucinda: Muster some enthusiasm.

Brian: You know, I think Lily needs a little time to digest.

Lucinda: No, now Lily is going to tell us all the reasons she thinks this is a bad choice.

Lily: That's not what I was going to say. But this is a shock. I mean, you just came through major surgery, Mother. This isn't the time to be making wedding plans.

Lucinda: I'm sick of being Mrs. Walsh. I want to be Mrs. Wheatley. And I don't even have to change the monograms.

Lily: Mother, be serious, you need to recover!

Lucinda: If we can be happy, why can't we go for it?

Brian: I completely agree.

Lucinda: Yeah, and well, why are we waiting? Hey, Lily. Lily, Darling, why don't we throw ourselves a wedding? A shotgun wedding. Why don't we do it? Right now and right here. Let's do it.

Brian: You mean tonight?

Lucinda: Yes.

Lily: You're serious about this.

Lucinda: Well, sure. All we have to do is get somebody on the phone, and we got a license --

Lily: This is insane! Your anesthesia hasn't even worn off yet!

Brian: Don't worry, I'll definitely check with her doctor first. And if you get the all-clear, Lucinda, we'll do it. We'll get married tonight.

Noah: I really hope you haven't been driving. There's no way you'd pass a breathalyzer right now.

Luke: Well, it's nice to know that you care.

Noah: If you're trying to make me feel guilty, you can forget about it. I didn't do this to you. You got drunk all by yourself.

Luke: I'm not drunk. In fact, I can see much clearer now.

Noah: Yeah, right. All I'm saying is, don't blame everything on me.

Luke: Of course not. I wonít. Because you're Noah and you're perfect. I'm the big mess-up.

Noah: Will you shut up? Stop feeling sorry for yourself and just drink your coffee.

Luke: Yes, Sir. Colonel Mayer, Sir! Can't you see you're acting just like your father? Colonel don't-ask, don't-tell.

Noah: Okay, stop it.

Luke: What, Noah? You really shouldn't be ashamed of your dear old dad. 'Cause you are just a chip off the old block.

Noah: Okay, give me your keys now!

Luke: No, no, no!

Noah: Luke. All right. That's it. I'm taking you home.

Carly: Liberty, I'm sorry, I just don't feel very comfortable talking about this with you. And I'm not trying to wreck your mother's life, as you say. I'm trying to protect my children. So if you don't mind --

Liberty: Whoa, protect your children? Do you really think that when my mom marries Jack she's going to start whaling on Sage?

Carly: You didn't see what I saw. There was a red mark across my child's face. Now who else put it there? And what reason do I have to believe that it wasn't your mother, especially after she admitted that she hit you, too?

Liberty: Do I look like an abused child to you? My mom's not violent. And maybe she has lost it with me once or twice, but that's all.

Carly: Once is one time too many as far as I'm concerned.

Liberty: Like you've never done anything to hurt your kids.

Carly: I don't beat them.

Liberty: Neither does my mom! So if she says she didn't hit Sage, then I know she didnít. It's true.

Carly: I'm sorry, but it's going to take a lot more than your word to convince me of that.

Liberty: Just listen to me, please. Please. Growing up, my mom raised me all on her own. And she put on a really good game face for my sake, but sometimes the pressure got to her. And she couldn't ask her parents for help after they kicked her out of the house for getting pregnant.

Carly: Well, I hope you're not saying it's all right that she hit you because she had a hard life.

Liberty: No, I donít. I'm not saying that. I don't think there's ever an excuse for hitting someone. All I'm saying here is that my mom is human and she's made mistakes. Just like you have, Carly.

Jack: Listen, this isn't mine. It's yours. And I want you to have it. You wear it right here --

Janet: No, no, I'm sorry, Jack. Why don't you just hang onto it for a little while?

Jack: Why? Where is this -- I want to marry you. That hasn't changed.

Janet: I'm just trying to be realistic here. Like I said no matter what happens in court tomorrow, there are going to be bad feelings on either side. And I don't want you to lose your kids because of me. Because you're going to blame me. No, you won't want to at first. You'll try really hard not to. But sooner or later, you'll end up hating me.

Jack: Janet, that is -- that could never happen.

Janet: I don't want to be the reason you lose your daughter, because that you cannot live with.

Jack: I know it's tough right now. I do. But it's not always going to be this way.

Janet: You're right, Jack. It could get worse. A lot worse. And you know it.

Jack: Where is this coming from? You were always the optimist in this relationship.

Janet: I know! I'm trying to be! But sometimes, you just got to face reality whether you want to or not.

Jack: You want reality? The reality is I love you. And I want you to wear this ring because we are going to be together for the rest of our lives.

Janet: Jack, you can't always get what you want.

Brian: See you at the wedding, my love.

Lily: Brian, I am sorry to have to say this, but I think you are taking advantage of my mother at a very vulnerable time.

Brian: This marriage was Lucindaís idea. She's the one who proposed.

Lily: In a postsurgical haze.

Brian: She knew what she was saying.

Lily: Well, fine. You could've said, "What a lovely idea. Why don't we wait a week?"

Brian: You heard Lucinda. She doesn't want to wait. Look, I know we're an unlikely pair, but I promise to be good to her.

Lily: She's a very sick woman.

Brian: She's going to get better.

Lily: I hope so, with all my heart. But if she doesn't, you're going to be taking on a very heavy burden.

Brian: I love Lucinda, Lily. I told you that. And if two people care for one another, and they want to spend the rest of their lives together, how can that be wrong? Can we discuss this some other time? I don't want to keep my bride-to-be waiting. I have to call the judge.

Lily: Please, she's been through so much.

Brian: I promise you, I never want to hurt her. I'll do everything I can to make her life as good as it possibly can be from now on.

Holden: Hey, pretty shocking, huh?

Lily: I can't believe this is happening.

Holden: I know. But it seems like Lucinda has already made up her mind. So --

Lily: I need to speak to my mother alone.

Lucinda: Oh, Honey, I didn't want to ask Holden. Can you give me my mirror there? And get me some lipstick?

Lily: Stop it! Stop it! I am not going to let you marry that man!

Carly: It's getting late. You should go.

Liberty: You're not even listening to me. The reason that my mom hit me was because she didn't want me to make the same mistake she did. The last thing she ever wanted was for me to be a teenage mother with a kid to raise. That scared her to death.

Carly: I don't blame her.

Liberty: But when she's with Jack, she's never scared. And she's always happy. He's the kind of guy that she has always wanted.

Carly: Liberty, this is not about Janet and Jack. This is about Janet becoming a stepmother to my children and putting them at risk.

Liberty: Oh, come on. My mom is not stupid. Carly, she'd rather put herself under a train than to hit one of Jack's kids. Because she knows that he would never forgive her for that. I just don't understand why you can't see that?

Carly: You know what? It's perfectly natural that you want to stand up for your mother.

Liberty: Because she didn't do anything wrong!

Carly: I disagree. And I'm going to stand up for my kids.

Parker: Hey, Mom.

Carly: Hi.

Parker: What's going on?

Carly: Liberty just came by for a talk. She's on her way out.

Liberty: Yeah, Carly. Thank you for nothing.

Parker: What did you say to her? Never mind.

Carly: Parker. Hey, Parker. Hi, is something wrong?

Sage: I keep thinking about tomorrow.

Carly: Are you nervous about what the judge might ask you?

Sage: Mom, I'm scared.

Janet: We have a really big problem here, Jack.

Jack: I know.

Janet: Your daughter hates me. And it doesn't make me feel all warm and fuzzy about becoming her stepmother.

Jack: It's only temporary, Janet. Sage lied because she's hurting and she's confused. That's all.

Janet: God, I hope you're right.

Jack: I am.

Janet: But let's just postpone the wedding until Sage comes around.

Jack: I am not going to let Sage decide whether we stay engaged or not.

Janet: She's not, Jack. I am deciding. I'm sorry, I can't do this.

Jack: I thought you wanted to be with me, Janet.

Janet: I do. I do. I want to be with you. When we tie the knot, I want everybody to be happy. I want your daughter to be happy, I want your sons to be happy, I want my daughter to be happy. All of us.

Jack: I want that, too. Please. Please.

Janet: Well, okay. I guess if I waited this long to find Mr. Right, I can wait a little while longer, right?

Cop #1: Jack, did you get the priors on that drug bust?

Jack: Yeah, working on it. Give me five minutes, okay?

Cop #1: Okay, I'll tell the lieutenant.

Jack: Thanks.

[Jack sighs]

Noah: Anybody home? Luke. You okay?

Luke: I'm fine.

Noah: Yeah, well, you won't be in the morning, not unless you drink some water and take some aspirin.

Luke: Nope.

Noah: Look, I've got to go. Do you want me to call somebody? Your dad?

Luke: No. Nope.

Noah: All right, well, I'm going.

Luke: Wait, Noah, Noah. Wait. Will you stay here with me?

Lily: And how well do you know this Brian? Did it ever occur to you that his motives might not be everything they should be?

Lucinda: My money? He doesn't want that. And I don't intimidate him.

Lily: Well, good. Great. Why can't you wait a week?

Lucinda: Why? Why wait? I married James Stenbeck, I married Don Dixon, I married what's-his-name? I married Mr. Walsh --

Lily: Mother, what about a prenup? There's so many details. Why are you rushing?

Lucinda: Lily, I saw him. I saw him. I saw the grim reaper. He was standing at the end of my bed.

Lily: Don't be so dramatic, Mother.

Lucinda: No, I saw him! I know this would be nice if this was a dream. Because then I could wake up, and I could be myself. And I could feel that I was immortal and I could do anything, but it isn't a dream. And I'm walking in the shadow of the valley of death.

Lily: You're really terrified, aren't you?

Lucinda: Honey, sorry. Sorry, of course I am. I'm all alone. I want to live my life. Okay? I don't want to die alone. All right? Oh, Lily --

Lily: You are not alone, Mother. I promise, I will never turn away from you again.

Lucinda: I do love you so much.

Lily: I love you. Hey, I've got an idea. Why don't you move in with me and Holden and the kids? They would love that so much.

Lucinda: Oh, no, Honey. I don't want to be an adjunct. I want to be a principal. You and Holden -- I want you to be free in your lives.

Lily: Don't you know I'll never be happy unless you are?

Lucinda: Let's talk seriously. I did have an epiphany. I don't know what it was, probably the anesthesia and all that stuff, but, Honey, I don't want us to end up like this, with me in the bed and you crying. I'd much rather bring down the curtain dancing the tango with my partner.

Lily: It'd be a waste to let those lessons go.

Lucinda: Oh, Honey, I don't want to waste anything. Anything. I love you, but I just want to have my life and live it to the fullest, you see? You see?

Lily: I do see. And I know what to get you for your wedding present. Dancing shoes.

Lucinda: Oh, Honey. Oh, Honey. I love you.

Parker: Just tell me why you were with my mom.

Liberty: Well, I tried to get her to back off. I really don't think that that worked.

Parker: What did you say?

Liberty: Well, I told her that my mom has a right to be happy and marry Jack. But she's making that really impossible, and so is Sage.

Parker: Yeah, I know. All right, I'm sure Sage is lying. And your mom did not hit her.

Liberty: It's just so unfair, you know? My mom has waited her whole life to find a guy like Jack. She made that scrapbook of her favorite wedding dresses. And now, she has this chance to wear one of the dresses, and she's giving up because of one really stupid lie.

Parker: Look, I'm going to figure out a way to help, all right? Just don't worry, okay?

Jack: I'll take that for you.

Janet: I thought you had to work.

Jack: You're not the only one who gets to take a break. I get one every once in a while.

Janet: Jack, I have customers.

Jack: Listen to me for a second. I'm not letting you call off this engagement. If we back out now, it'll be like rewarding Sage for lying. Now listen, I love my little girl, I do, I love her to death, but I'm not going to be blackmailed by her. We're the adults here, Janet. We gotta be the ones in control of the situation.

Janet: That's all well and good, Jack. But how are you going to make Sage tell the truth? How are you going to deal with the circus in court tomorrow? When you figure that out, and you get the green light for us to become one big happy family, you let me know.

Carly: You don't have to be scared about the hearing tomorrow. All you have to do is tell the truth. That's pretty simple, right? Janet hit you.

Sage: Watch out. You're going to burn the cocoa, Mom.

Carly: Oh, no, no. Are you nervous about what questions the judge might ask you?

Sage: Is it going to be like on TV, when they make me swear? And I have to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help me God?

Carly: You know what? I don't know if they make kids swear on the bible. Maybe. Would that be a problem?

Sage: No. I think I'm going to go upstairs.

Carly: Hey! No, wait, your cocoa.

Sage: That's okay. I don't feel like it.

Carly: Hello, this is Carly Tenney, I'm calling for Lily. Is she in? Oh, at Memorial? Okay, thank you. No, no message. Bye. Hey, oh, Parker, I'm glad you're here. Could you do me a favor and watch Sage for a few minutes? I have to go out.

Parker: Yeah, sure.

Carly: Thanks.

Luke: Please stay with me. I just want things to be like the way they were.

Noah: How, Luke? I couldn't keep you from cheating the election. I couldn't keep you from getting drunk and risking your life tonight. How can it be the same? All I can do is keep you from hurting anybody else. No driving for you. Go to bed. Get some sleep.

Luke: Damn it, Noah! You can't walk out on me!

Lucinda: Hello, Michael. How are you?

Judge: I'm fine. How are you, Lucinda?

Lucinda: I'm okay. I'll be better when you've tied the knot.

Judge: It'll be my pleasure.

Brian: Lucinda, before we start, I have a little gift I want to give my bride-to-be.

Lucinda: Oh, Honey. Thank you. What? Oh, prenup -- give me my specs. Prenuptial agreement. I know all about them, Darling. I really do.

Brian: I'm not marrying you for your money. I want that in writing.

Lucinda: Okay, all right. Is it legal?

Brian: It better be legal. It cost me $19.99 online. And Holden signed as my witness.

Judge: It's not only legal, it's binding.

Brian: Okay, so as far as the law is concerned, all I'm getting out of this wedding is a perfect wife?

Judge: I'm afraid so.

Brian: Well, lucky for me, that's all I want.

Lucinda: You see? He's getting the perfect wife. I'm getting the perfect husband.

Lily: Well, what are we waiting for? Let's have a wedding!

Lucinda: Splendid. Okay, Michael, make it snappy.

Judge: Very well. Well, let's cut to the juicy part. Lucinda Walsh and Brian Wheatley have decided to join together in marriage. But before you recite your vows, I believe the bridegroom would like to say a few words.

Brian: Yes. [Brian clears throat] When I came to Oakdale, at Lucindaís request, it was simply a career move. Little did I know what was in store in for me? Meeting this incredible woman has changed my life. And she has made me into a better man. And for that, and so much more, I will always be grateful, Lucinda.

Lucinda: Thank you. Oh, I'm supposed to say something? I'm not going to say anything. I don't know what -- okay, all right, Lily, let us thank whoever it is that brought Brian here to make my days happier. That's enough. That's it. Okay?

Brian: Okay. Oh, listen, you know what? I didn't have time to buy us rings.

Lucinda: Improvise. Improvise, come on.

Brian: That's exactly what I was thinking. I promise to get you a proper ring to grace this beautiful hand. But for now, my Princeton class ring will have to do.

Lucinda: Princeton? Princeton, oh, I love it.

Judge: Lucinda Walsh, do you promise to take Brian Wheatley as your lawfully wedded husband? Do you promise to love, honor, and cherish him, through sickness and health, through richer and for poorer, forsaking all others, and be faithful to him for as long as you live?

Lucinda: I do.

Judge: Brian Wheatley, do you take Lucinda Walsh for your lawfully wedded wife? Do you promise to love, honor, and cherish her, through sickness and health, for richer and for poorer, forsaking all others, for as long as you live?

Brian: I definitely do.

Judge: Then by the power vested in my by the state of Illinois, I now pronounce you husband and wife. Congratulations. I felt like I was always cleaning, every day.

Lily: Carly? What are you doing here?

Carly: Hi. I'm sorry if I'm intruding. Is your mom okay?

Lily: Her cancer came back. She just had another mastectomy.

Carly: Oh, God. I'm so sorry. I really -- I cannot imagine how scary that is.

Lily: Yeah.

Carly: I hope she's going to be all right.

Lily: Yeah, we're all saying our prayers. To top it off, she just got married to Brian Wheatley. The man that runs Lukeís foundation.

Carly: Seriously?

Lily: Oh, yeah, more than serious. You know my mother -- expect the unexpected!

Carly: Yeah, I guess that's true. Okay, well, give her my best please. Your whole family. And we can talk later.

Lily: No. What did you want to talk to me about?

Carly: Nothing. You know what, it's not a big deal. We'll talk about it another time.

Lily: Carly, you came all the way here. What is it?

Carly: You don't need my problems right now.

Lily: Actually, listening to somebody else's problems might be a relief right now. Do you need a drink? I could use one.

Carly: Yeah.

Brian: Nurse, nurse. Mrs. Walsh -- Mrs. Wheatley is sleeping. And I'm going to head back home to pick her up some things for tomorrow. This is my cell number. If she wakes up, would you call me right away?

Nurse #1: Yes, Mr. Wheatley, and congratulations.

Brian: Thank you.

Luke: You didn't have to pick me up.

Brian: Well, I couldn't leave you on the street. You look like you're ready to pass out. Seatbelt secure?

Luke: Where are we going? I -- I've got to go to Java and find Noah.

Brian: Oh, no, no, no, no, no. You're in no condition to go out in public. You're coming with me.

Jack: You're worried about tomorrow. Don't be. We'll go to the hearing together and I'll be with you the entire time.

Janet: Jack, you won't be with me the entire time.

Jack: Yes, I will.

Janet: When the judge questions me, I'll be alone.

Jack: All you have to do is tell the truth. That you didn't hit Sage, and you never would, Janet.

Janet: Well that's all well and -- what if the judge doesn't believe me? What if Sage sticks to her story?

Jack: Sage has a history of lying to split us up. All I have to do is let the judge know that.

Janet: Oh, man. The more you talk, the more I think this might actually work out.

Jack: It will. It will. All we need to do is stick together. We got to stick together. I love you. We deserve a shot. And the pie smells fantastic.

Janet: I wish I could cook up a way to make Sage come around.

Jack: No, we just can't let Sage think that it's okay to lie to get what you want.

Carly: So if Sage is telling the truth, I can't let her be around that woman ever again, you know? So do you think I'm doing the right thing by getting into this custody fight about it?

Lily: Frankly, no.

Carly: Well, that was fast.

Lily: Are you sure you're not taking advantage of Sage's problems with Janet?

Carly: How?

Lily: If you complicate Jack's relationship with his fiancťe, they might break up.

Carly: That's exactly what Janet accused me of doing. And Jack, too.

Lily: Any truth in it?

Carly: Why did I think talking to you would help?

Lily: You asked. And it would be easy for Sage to lie to you, especially if you're lying to yourself.

Carly: I want to believe my daughter.

Lily: Want to believe her, or really believe her? There's a big difference there, Carly.

Brian: All right, steady now. Come on, steady. Whoa!

Luke: Let go of me.

Brian: Hey, Luke -- Luke, you're a mess. Look at your shirt.

Luke: I got sick.

Brian: Yeah, well, take it off and toss it, then clean yourself up and brush your teeth while you're at it.

Luke: You know, you're not -- you're not my mother.

Brian: Yeah, I know I'm not your mother. But I'm going to sober you up before anybody in your family sees you like this. Come on. Come on, get up there. Come on.

Lily: Thanks for the ride.

Carly: Oh, no problem. Thanks for letting me bend your ear.

Lily: I don't think you really liked my advice.

Carly: How could you tell?

Lily: If you really want to find out if Sage is telling the truth, you will. Face it, Carly, if you're not okay with Jack and Janet getting married, Sage never will be, either. You have to set an example.

Carly: You make it sound so easy.

Lily: Whoever said being a parent was easy?

Carly: Yeah, tell me about it. Well, thanks for being honest with me.

Holden: I'm sorry. Am I interrupting?

Carly: No, no. You know what, I was just leaving. So good night. See ya.

Holden: How did that go with Carly?

Lily: It went okay. It's still a little weird.

Holden: Mm-hmm.

Lily: How are the kids?

Holden: They're asleep. So I guess we can tell them about Lucinda in the morning.

Lily: Yeah.

Holden: How are you handling all this?

Lily: You know, before she married Brian, I could see how scared my mother was. But after she married him, she was so happy, Holden. I hope she stays like that for a long, long time.

Brian: Well, you look better. Sort of.

Luke: But I don't feel any better.

Brian: I know, but you will, once we get the poison out of your system. Here, it's chamomile.

Luke: I don't want any.

Brian: Come one, come on, drink it. We need to get as much water in you as we possibly can. We got to get you hydrated. Make sure that your kidneys are still functioning.

Luke: Thank you.

Brian: For what?

Luke: For not yelling at me. Even though I probably deserved it. I have screwed up everything that I love. School, my parents' respect, Noah.

Brian: It's okay.

Luke: No. No, it's not.

Brian: Hey, hey, hey. You're a good person, Luke. Everything's going to be fine.

Luke: How do you know?

Brian: I know.

[Brian leans in and tries to kiss Noah on the mouth]

Luke: What the hell was that?

Liberty: Parker, I can't let you in. It's too late. My dad is going to freak.

Parker: Yeah, that's fine. I just came to tell you that I talked to Sage, and I'm not sure if I got through to her, but I'll keep trying. All right?

Liberty: Thanks.

Parker: Listen, I really -- I don't want you or your mom to get hurt tomorrow.

Liberty: Thanks. You're really good to have around, you know that, tough guy?

Parker: I'll see you later.

Carly: We all set for bed? We have a big day tomorrow.

Sage: I guess.

Carly: Would you like me to brush your hair the way I did when you were little?

Sage: Okay.

Carly: You know something, when you grow up, you're going to be a real knockout.

Sage: You really think so?

Carly: Yes. Oh, yes. You're very lucky. But you know something, being beautiful on the outside is a lot easier than being beautiful on the inside.

Sage: What do you mean?

Carly: Well, inner beauty takes work. You've got to be honest. And you got to be fair to people, even people you don't particularly like.

Sage: You mean, like Janet?

Carly: Janet is a very good example. Sweetheart, you know, even though your dad and I aren't together anymore, we're still going to take care of you. We're still going to help you through all the rough times. We're still going to love you so much, no matter what.

Sage: Don't worry about me. I'll be okay. I just want you and Daddy to be happy.

Janet: Wow. Lousy night.

Jack: Tomorrow will be better.

Janet: Yeah, right.

Jack: Darling, you've got to have faith.

Janet: I do have faith. In you. But that hearing tomorrow could be a deal-breaker.

Jack: No, no. It's not going to be that bad.

Janet: You want to bet? Look, until this situation with Sage gets worked out, I can't wear that ring.

Jack: Yes, you can. Yes, you can. And I'll tell you why. Because wearing the ring means we're going to make it.

Janet: I wish --

Jack: Honey, I need to see that ring on your finger tomorrow, and so do you. I need to know that we're together on this. That we're a team. It's the only way we're going to get through this, Janet.

Janet: Is it?

Jack: As long as you wear the ring, it means that we believe in each other. Let me have your hand. This is a promise that after the nightmare is over, we're going to be together for the rest of our lives. I love you. I love you so much.

Janet: I love you, too. Oh, I love you.

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Carly: You are not my daughter's family, and you never will be.

Sage: Mom, wait.

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