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As The World Turns Transcript Friday 11/14/08

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Brad: Okay, I'll have the steak and egg sandwich with the sausage, peppers, and uh, bacon. And -- hash browns on the side. Katie?

Katie: Oh, just coffee for me.

Brad: You need to eat something.

Katie: I'm not hungry.

Brad: A veggie omelet. In case you find your appetite.

Katie: I wonít.

Brad: Fine, then I'll eat it. After nothing but jail food for the past two days, I can't stop eating. I think for dessert I'm going to get the moose burger deluxe. Did you know that Henry shoots the moose himself?

Katie: Good for him. Don't do that!

Brad: You know what? The e-mails aren't going to come any faster by you staring at the screen. If it comes at all.

Katie: Oh, it will come.

Brad: Okay, then we will deal with it. But right now, I'm out of jail and I'm off the hook for Spencer's murder. I mean, that's gotta be good for a smile.

Katie: I know. I'm sorry, I'm sorry. You know how happy I am that you're back.

Brad: Yeah, it's obvious.

Katie: I just want to know how it happened. Evidence just doesn't disappear every day.

Brad: Actually, Tom says it does.

Katie: Oh, really? How about dead bodies?

Brad: Not so much.

Katie: Whoever made this happen has some pretty serious power. And I'm scared to death to find out what they want in return.

Carly: Can I talk to you?

Jack: I'm due in court, Carly.

Carly: It won't take long.

Jack: I can't leave.

Carly: Here is fine. I just thought you should know, that Sage didn't want to go to school today. She's afraid she'll run into Janet.

Jack: At school?

Carly: She's really freaked out, Jack.

Jack: Maybe she should talk to somebody.

Carly: Like who?

Jack: A therapist.

Carly: You think our daughter has psychological problems?

Jack: No, that's not what I'm saying. I just think that lying about Janet hitting her is a symptom we should not ignore.

Carly: Why do you insist that she's lying?

Jack: Carly, Janet would not do this.

Carly: She has done it. She's admitted to doing it. To her own daughter.

Jack: Which she regretted, okay? And if that were relevant --

Carly: I believe that it is relevant!

Jack: Janet is bending over backwards trying to please Sage, trying to win Sage over. Why would she blow that by slapping her?

Carly: I don't know. Maybe she's out of control.

Jack: Carly, Janet didn't do this.

Carly: What if you're wrong? I know that's hard for you to imagine, Jack, but try. What if you are wrong, Sage was slapped and you're in some kind of denial?

Jack: I thought you came here to work things out, not make accusations.

Carly: You're the one accusing our daughter of lying.

Jack: It's not like she hasn't done it before. Did you forget the stunt she pulled on Halloween?

Carly: Parker put her up to that, Jack.

Jack: And that's a whole other story.

Carly: But he had nothing to do with this.

Jack: He didn't have to. Carly, Sage is smart enough to come up with this story on her own.

Carly: I choose to believe my daughter. And if you don't, Jack, then perhaps you're the one in need of a therapist.

Janet: Hey.

Liberty: Hi.

Janet: What's up? I thought that you didn't have school today.

Liberty: Yeah, there isnít.

Janet: So what are you doing up before nightfall?

Liberty: I know, right?

Janet: I know.

Liberty: Parker wanted to get stuff done for the "V8 make every serving count" program, and for some bizarre reason, it has to be right now.

Janet: Well, I think it's a really good thing that you're doing. There are a lot of people out there in need, especially around the holidays.

Liberty: I know, but me doing community service, when I'm not like on probation. What's wrong with that picture?

Janet: Like nothing at all. In fact, it'll look really good on your college resume.

Liberty: Oh, why didn't I think of that?

Janet: I don't know.

[Doorbell rings]

[Janet laughs]

Janet: Go get it. The door.

Parker: You're awake.

Liberty: I know. Miracles, they do happen.

Janet: Hi, Parker.

Parker: Hello.

Janet: Did you have breakfast?

Parker: Thank you.

Janet: You havenít.

Liberty: Uh, too early for food, Mom.

Janet: Okay, well, how about some V8? You're project has really inspired me.

Liberty: Okay.

Parker: Sure.

Janet: There you go. And listen, I'll leave you two for a second because I gotta go back into the bedroom really quick, so --

Liberty: Okay. Thanks, Mom. Oh, no.

Parker: What is that?

Liberty: This is something that my mom was looking at that she really does not want me to see.

Parker: "My Dream Wedding."

Liberty: This is really bad. She has not taken this out for a very long time.

Parker: So?

Liberty: So, the thing with my mom is, the farther she gets into her little dream world, the worse it is when she gets snapped back to reality.

Brad: We don't even know if we're going to hear from this person again.

Katie: He said he'll want a favor.

Brad: Right. But we haven't heard anything by now, maybe he won't even ask.

Katie: Do you really believe that?

Brad: No. No, but if it's something you don't want to do, you're just going to say no.

Katie: This is someone who made a murder case disappear. I don't think they're going to take no for an answer.

Brad: He can't put the evidence back.

Katie: Yeah, but they got it out in the first place.

Brad: Tom said once the chain of custody's broken, the evidence is tainted. Even if the cops found it, okay, the judge would be forced to throw it out. So, we -- we're off the hook.

Katie: Not with this guy.

Brad: Maybe it's a fan. A weird fan that somehow found out that the cops lost the evidence, and saw a chance to take credit for it and you know, win some points with you.

Katie: No, no, no, Brad. He sent me the instant message before the evidence disappeared. He made it happen.

Brad: Okay, well, if that's the case, and he committed a major crime why would he risk you finding out who he is?

Katie: Maybe he won't have to.

Brad: Well, then we'll tell him that we won't do anything without a face-to- face meeting. And then we tip off the cops.

Katie: Okay, yeah, we could try that.

Brad: Meanwhile, we caught a mega-break here. And I think we should jump on it.

Katie: How?

Brad: Get our show back.

Janet: Give me that.

Liberty: Mom, what are you doing with this?

Janet: Nothing! I found it in an old box. And I was just about to throw it away.

Liberty: That's not true, Mom. You've been toting that thing around since you were in middle school.

Janet: That's not true.

Liberty: That is what you told me when you first showed it to me.

Janet: So what?

Liberty: So it's nothing to be embarrassed about --

Janet: I'm not embarrassed about it.

Liberty: Okay, 'cause you deserve to have the dream wedding you always wanted, you know?

Janet: Well, that's not going to happen. You know?

Liberty: Why not?

[Janet sighs]

Janet: Because things are a lot more complicated now than they were in middle school.

Liberty: Yeah, because Parker's mother's making them a lot more complicated.

Janet: All right. Don't you guys have something to do?

Liberty: Well, it's true, isn't it?

Janet: Don't put Parker in the middle of this, okay?

Liberty: He isnít. He's on our side, Mom. And I really think that you could probably convince your mom to back off.

Carly: Sage told me the truth about Halloween. Why would she lie about this?

Jack: Maybe she knows she wouldn't get another pass.

Carly: You gave Janet a pass.

Jack: Because she didn't do it, Carly.

Carly: She's admitted that she's done this before.

Jack: Well, you're making her sound like some kind of serial child abuser here.

Carly: How well do you really know her?

Jack: Enough to know that her daughter is more honest with her than ours is with us.

Carly: That is completely unfair.

Jack: If I thought for one second that this actually happened, I would never see Janet again.

Carly: Right, right. And give up your brownie-slinging sex toy?

Jack: We're done here.

Carly: No, Jack -- don't dismiss me.

Jack: If you didn't keep indulging Sage's fantasies, there's nothing left for us to talk about.

Carly: Don't blame this on me.

Jack: Hey, wait, wait, listen, what is it you want?

Carly: What I want for you is a promise that when you see our Sage, Janet is nowhere around.

Jack: I am not going to let a child decide who I see and when.

Carly: This is not just any child. This is your daughter.

Jack: Right now, she's acting a lot more like your daughter.

Carly: What does that mean?

Jack: That maybe Janet was right. Maybe it wasn't Parker behind the whole Halloween fiasco!

Carly: You be careful, Jack. I'm still willing to let Parker and J.J. see Janet, but that could easily change.

Jack: And I wonder where Sage is learning extortion.

Carly: I don't care what you call it. If you choose not to believe what your daughter tells you, then you don't deserve to see her. And I'll make sure you donít.

Katie: I just don't want it to look like we're trying to capitalize on someone's death.

Brad: Listen, Spencer did not deserve to die. And I wish to God it didn't happened. But that doesn't take away from the fact that she tried to ruin our lives and it was wrong. We should try to reclaim what she tried to take from us.

Katie: Yeah.

Kim: Oh, Brad! Oh, my gosh, it's so wonderful to see you. I heard you the news. Congratulations on the release.

Brad: Oh, thank you it's good to see you, too. Thank you. Thank you. Now we would like our jobs back.

Kim: Oh, well -- are you sure you're ready to come back to work?

Brad: Are you kidding. I can't wait. I think we owe it to the station. There is no way a bunch of reruns are getting our numbers.

Kim: Well, but -- you know it's not all about ratings. I mean, you've been released, but Brad, you're still under suspicion.

Brad: You know I didn't do it.

Katie: And you can't blame Brad for something he had nothing to do with.

Kim: I know, and I am not blaming anyone. But don't you see, if we put you back on the air, we remind our viewers that your co-host has been murdered and you are the prime suspect.

Katie: What happened to innocent until proven guilty?

Kim: Well, Honey, that's for judges and juries, not for sponsors.

Katie: So Brad's blacklisted?

Kim: I didn't say that. We just need to give it some time.

Brad: How much time?

[Kim sighs]

Kim: Well, certainly, until they find the actual killer. Listen, Brad, I know you. You say you didn't do it, I believe you. But our sponsors have an entirely different point of view. To them, perception is everything.

Katie: Do you know how unfair that is?

Kim: Well, earth to Katie! I mean, you know how tough this business is.

Brad: Okay, okay, okay, okay. Is Katie blacklisted because she's my wife?

Kim: I'm -- nobody is blacklisted.

Brad: All right, well, then put her back on the air.

Kim: Wonderful. I would love it.

Katie: No. No way. Not without you.

Parker: Trust me, my mom really doesn't listen to me.

Liberty: Yeah, but you could try.

Janet: I mean it, Liberty. I don't want Parker to get involved.

Liberty: Really?

Parker: Okay, maybe I guess I could talk to her and see what happens.

Janet: No, no, no. I don't want you to talk to her.

Liberty: Mom! Shh.

Janet: No, you shh. This is not your problem. Or Parkerís. It is mine, and I will deal with it the way I want to!

Liberty: Okay, but if he wants to help, why don't we just let him?

Janet: Because I don't want him to. And I don't want you badgering him about it either.

Liberty: Am I badgering you, really?

Parker: No more than usual.

Janet: Oh, Honey, get used to it.

Liberty: Why are you ganging up on me?

Janet: Listen, don't you guys have something to do? Your project to go to?

Parker: Yeah, we do.

Janet: Okay, so please go. Go help the hungry, and let us selfish adults take care of ourselves.

Jack: Hey!

Carly: Jack, all I'm trying to do is protect my daughter.

Jack: She's not in danger! So, why don't we talk about what's really going on here?

Carly: I have been.

Jack: You don't want me marrying Janet, and you're using Sage to make sure that doesn't happen.

Carly: Would you get over yourself? This is not about you. This is about Sage. And there is nothing I won't do to keep her safe. Nothing!

Katie: I cannot believe Kim turned us down.

Brad: She didn't turn us down. Just me.

Katie: Same thing.

Brad: No, it's not. I think you should go back.

Katie: No. Not without you.

Brad: This isn't your problem.

Katie: I'm not going to work without you, okay? We'll just wait until the whole thing cools down.

Brad: The only way that's going to happen is when the case is solved, and right now, they don't even have a body.

Katie: But they're still investigating. Once they realize the stuff that Spencer was into, that will lead them to the killer.

Brad: Oh, in the meanwhile, I'll -- I'll call up Henry, and see if he needs a waiter.

Katie: You're not going to work at Al's.

Brad: Why not? No one else is going to hire me around here.

Katie: You know, we always have talked about moving into a bigger market.

Brad: You talked about it.

Katie: Right. Because we're like big fish in a puddle here. There are many more ponds we can swim in.

Brad: I don't know.

Katie: We can try.

Brad: You really want to just pick up and leave town?

Katie: Well, Chicagoís not that far, and I do know people there.

Brad: Chicago's one of the biggest markets in the country. I mean that's not a pond, that's not a puddle. I mean that's -- that's an ocean.

Katie: So what do you say we go swimming?

Liberty: I do not see why you just can't talk to her.

Parker: Your mom told you to stop bugging me.

Liberty: Okay, well here's a little math problem for you, Parker. Which is greater, the number of times I listen to her, or the number of times that I don't?

Parker: I just don't think it's going to help.

Liberty: You know what she's doing is wrong.

Parker: Well have you forgotten what I did?

Liberty: Yeah, but I forgave you for that because you were so nice to me when my dad was arrested. And plus, you could've told her about my mom hitting me and you didnít. You kept it to yourself.

Parker: But that was none of my business. All right, the thing is, once my mom decides on something, she's right, and that's the end of it.

Liberty: Fine. Okay. Great. Forget that I even asked.

Parker: Are you expecting someone? What are you doing?

Liberty: Yeah, I'm waiting for Van.

Parker: Oh, Van's coming here?

Liberty: Yeah, I asked him to come meet me.

Parker: Liberty, I know what you're doing.

Liberty: Do you want to tell me?

Parker: Well, you think if you wave mini-Van in my face, I'll do whatever you want.

Liberty: Paranoid much, there?

Parker: Don't deny that that was your plan.

Liberty: All right, I think you're going a little crazy. Maybe you should get some help.

Parker: Okay, you're the one asking for help. And there's no way that you're getting it from me.

Janet: Hi. I thought you had court today.

Jack: It got postponed, so I took some personal time.

[Jack sighs]

Janet: You heard from Carly.

Jack: Worse. I saw her in person.

Janet: Oh, no wonder you left.

Jack: Way out of line. She was way out of line. She was pressing me. Totally convinced that she's in the right.

Janet: Gee, that doesn't sound like Carly at all.

Jack: She wants me to keep you from ever seeing Sage.

Janet: Oh.

Jack: She's totally buying Sage's story.

Janet: Well, Sage is her daughter --

Jack: She's my daughter, too. But I can also understand that she's a very clever, very smart 11-year-old girl.

Janet: I am sorry. I'm sorry. I hate to think that I'm the one that's causing all these major problems between you and Carly.

Jack: Hey, it's not -- it's not you. This fight has been brewing a very long time.

Parker: You think that if you just wave van in my face, I'll do whatever you want, but I wonít.

Liberty: One thing has nothing to do with the other.

Parker: Please.

Liberty: You said you needed help with the drop-off. Van has a car. So I called him. This was even before we talked about your mom.

[Knock at the door] Hey.

Van: Hey.

Liberty: Thanks for coming.

Van: Hey, little brother.

Liberty: Wow, you sure love saying that, even though I keep telling you he's not really my little brother.

Van: You need my wheels?

Parker: Yeah, my aunt made a bunch of healthy stuff for the food drive, and we need to take it over.

Van: No problem. Hey, I've got it. Let's roll.

Liberty: Actually, there's kind of some stuff I need to take care of here.

Van: Seriously?

Liberty: Yeah, but I'll talk to you later.

Van: Whatever.

Liberty: Thanks.

Parker: Let me get the door for you, all right? Thanks so much. Thank you. He didn't take that too well.

Liberty: Yeah, I'll make it up to him.

Parker: How are you going to do that?

Liberty: Parker!

Parker: Sorry.

Liberty: Now do you believe me that I wasn't using him to mess with your head, huh?

Parker: I guess.

Liberty: I just, I'm trying to make my mom happy, you know? I want her to be happy, and have that perfect scrapbook wedding she's always wanted. But she's right, you know. It's not your problem. It's not my problem. We just -- we shouldn't let it mess things up between us.

Parker: And it wonít.

Liberty: Okay. What are we doing now?

Parker: We are stuffing envelopes.

Liberty: Oh, that sounds like fun!

Parker: What exactly is this thing between us, that you didn't want to mess up?

Jack: Thanks.

Janet: I know -- you're welcome -- that you and Carly have a complicated history together, and I respect that. I really do.

Jack: No, it's -- it's not about us, though.

Janet: Are you kidding me? You two have kids together.

Jack: Yes, and I don't her using them to manipulate me.

Janet: And I would never do anything to separate you from your kids.

Jack: Oh, well isn't that a very unselfish thing to say?

Janet: Well, that's just how I roll.

[Jack laughs]

Janet: And I'm going to do everything I can to get Sage to like me.

Jack: I know -- I know you will. I know you'll win her over.

Janet: Really?

Jack: I do, yeah. Because you're -- you're irresistible.

Janet: Well, I'm glad somebody thinks so.

Jack: Oh, you want me to prove that?

Janet: Oh, yes.

Jack: Come here.

Janet: What are you doing?

Jack: Oh, well, I took some personal time. So, let's say we get a little personal?

Janet: Mmm!

Bonnie: Hey, Carly. I've got these checks ready for you to sign. Good morning to you, too.

Carly: Oh, I'm sorry.

Bonnie: What's wrong?

Carly: Just don't ever get married again, okay?

Bonnie: Okay --

Carly: Jack's new fiancťe slapped Sage across the face.

Bonnie: Are you kidding?

Carly: Only she says she didn't, and Jack believes her. I said I didn't want that woman anywhere near Sage. So, you can imagine the rest.

Bonnie: Oh my gosh, Carly. I'm so sorry.

Carly: Me too.

Bonnie: All right. You know, you guys will work this out. You guys always do.

Carly: Not this time. Could I ask you something?

Bonnie: You're the boss.

Carly: As a lawyer.

Bonnie: Yeah, go ahead.

Carly: Is there any way that I could keep Janet from being with Jack when he sees the kids?

Bonnie: Not easily.

Carly: No? Tell me the hard way.

Bonnie: Well, you have to convince a family court judge that Sage is in some sort of physical danger, and the judge will then issue a restraining order to keep her away from your kids.

Carly: Could you help me do that?

Bonnie: Carly, I don't practice law anymore.

Carly: Bonnie, please. This is my daughter's safety's that we're talking about here.

Bonnie: Are you positive?

Carly: Absolutely.

Bonnie: Lord knows I don't want anything to happen to Sage.

Carly: You'll help me?

Bonnie: No. Let's take a pause here for a moment. This is a serious step. If the judge thinks that you're making a frivolous claim to get back at your ex, he could turn this thing around and penalize you. Even deny you custody.

Carly: It isn't frivolous.

Bonnie: Okay. So let's realize that if you do go to court, Jack will be there to respond, and this will get very ugly, very fast. Carly, you are starting a war.

Carly: They've already started it. I just want to win it.

Brad: Did you get one?

Katie: No, I got two. I didn't know which one you'd like better.

Brad: Don't ask me to pick. How am I supposed to know?

Katie: Just pick one. Do eeny-meeny, who cares?

Brad: Look, I care. I mean, you know, we're not in Kansas anymore, Dorothy. I mean this is -- this is, you know -- this Chicago. This is big time.

Katie: It is in the same galaxy as Oakdale, you know? They speak English here and everything.

Brad: Okay, well you know -- you know that a person has between 30 and 90 seconds to make a first impression. I read that. Did you -- did you know that?

Katie: I did know that. I read the same book. We had the author on the show, remember?

Brad: Oh, yeah, right. Yeah, right. Okay, well anyway -- okay, what's his name, Mr. Second-largest news market in America --

Katie: Dave. His name is Dave, and he's really sweet.

Brad: Okay, Mr. Nice Dave. I mean, he's going to make his decision about me by the time we finish shaking hands, and I can't just be wearing some small-town tie.

Katie: How can it be small town when just seconds ago, I bought it in a major metropolis?

Brad: Okay, you're joking. You're joking. I can't -- you know.

Katie: There's not much in our lives that we can joke about right now. It's just that I can't have you go into an interview this stressed. I was just trying to make you smile, at least.

Brad: I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm giving you a hard time, and all you did was buy me a tie. I'm sorry.

Katie: Two actually, so don't expect a Christmas gift. Oh, see there's my boy.

Brad: You're the best, you know that?

Katie: Oh, you might not want to hug me on a public street. We don't know the laws here in exotic Chicago. Okay, I was thinking this one.

Brad: Really? See, I was thinking that one.

Katie: Okay, fine, wear this one.

Brad: Oh man, I'm totally confused right now.

Katie: What is going on with you?

Brad: Oh!

Katie: If there's one thing you never had any doubt about, it was your looks.

Brad: I don't know. I don't know. I don't know. It was getting arrested, knowing that it could happen at any time, again.

Katie: It wonít.

Brad: My confidence is just -- just shot. It's just so unlike me. This is not a way to walk into an interview.

Katie: Okay, you know what, forget the ties. You don't need them. You are going to be great. So, let's go to Daveís office and knock him on his big-city butt.

Brad: Rock star.

Katie: Rock star.

Carly: Bonnie, I didn't realize you'd be back so soon.

Bonnie: Yeah, got lucky. Judge Cartwrightís 10:00 canceled, so I just squeezed right in.

Carly: Judge Cartwright. Is he good?

Bonnie: Yeah. Family court is tough, so he has a lot of my respect. It's just -- all of those unhappy kids day in, day out is not the way I want to spend my career.

Carly: Did you bring the papers?

Bonnie: Yeah. Are you sure you still want them?

Carly: Why would I have changed my mind?

Bonnie: I don't know, time. Maybe a chance to calm down or take a longer view.

Carly: You think that I did this on a whim? That I got kicked, and thought I'd stick it to my ex for no reason?

Bonnie: No, I didn't say that.

Carly: No, you just came in here looking like death warmed over and started making pointed remarks about unhappy children. It's obvious that you think what I'm doing is wrong for my kids.

Bonnie: Okay, and only you know what is right or wrong for your children, Carly. All I am saying is that custody cases seldom leave anyone feeling satisfied.

Carly: I'm not out to get satisfaction. I'm out to be sure that my daughter is not forced into an abusive situation.

Bonnie: Abuse is a strong word.

Carly: It is. It's an ugly word, and you know something, the mark on my daughter's face after Janet slapped her was pretty ugly, too.

Bonnie: There are a couple of different documents here. Jack will probably have some questions.

Carly: He's been a cop for a long time. I'm sure he's seen all this before.

Bonnie: Well, it wasn't about him before.

Carly: It's not really about him now, is it? It's about the woman he's decided to spend the rest of his life with.

Bonnie: And you don't like her?

Carly: Stop making this sound like it's some kind of petty catfight. I'm not doing this because I'm jealous.

Bonnie: I do believe you, but you have to understand that once this thing goes to court, you're losing almost as much as you gain.

Carly: How do you figure that?

Bonnie: Everything's set in stone. Visitation on such-and-such day, at such-and-such time. If you want to change anything, there are more lawyers and more judges, and you have to start all over again. Look, up until now, if you wanted some flexibility, all you had to do was pick up the one, right? Just worked it out. Kiss those days good-bye, because nothing will ever be that simple again.

Dave: Katie!

Katie: Hi!

Dave: It was such a surprise to hear from you.

Katie: So good to see you, Dave. This is Brad Snyder, my husband and co-host.

Brad: How's it going, man?

Dave: Please. So, what can I do for you?

Katie: Well, I've been doing a show in Oakdale, with Brad, I don't know if you've heard of it.

Dave: That would be "Oakdale Now?"

Katie: Right. And I don't know if you're aware, but we get really strong demos.

Dave: I've seen tape on it, it's good.

Katie: Good, great. I'm glad to hear you say that, because when I met you on my book tour, you said if I was ever looking to work here, I should contact you.

Dave: Is that why you're here? To pitch a show?

Brad: Well we have some great ideas on how to expand it for a diverse market like Chicago.

Dave: Well, I'd love to work with you, Katie, but Oakdale isn't far away.

Katie: That's why we came here first.

Dave: No, the problem is, is that everyone here knows about the murder. And who they arrested.

Katie: They released him.

Dave: Ah, I'm glad to hear that.

Brad: But?

Dave: You know the business. Sponsors won't go near him.

Brad: I didn't do it.

Dave: I believe you, but its way too soon to be thinking about putting you on the air. I mean, isn't that why you're on a hiatus?

Brad: So, you won't even give us a shot?

Dave: Like I said, you know the business.

Brad: Hey, you know how messed up this is? They arrested me without any proof, and they let me go!

Dave: I feel your pain, man.

Brad: Don't give me that, man. I mean, you people, you have no right to blacklist me!

Dave: Okay, I think we're done here.

Brad: Well, you know, I donít.

Katie: Yes, yes, we are. Thank you, Dave. That you so much for your time.

Dave: No problem.

Jack: What you thinking about?

Janet: Nothing.

Jack: Nothing?

Janet: Nothing.

Jack: You thinking about the wedding? You know, you never told me what kind of wedding you wanted, hmm? Or what you used to dream about as a little girl.

Janet: Well, Jack, my daughter is going to be my maid of honor. That's not exactly the dream wedding I had in mind.

Jack: Come on, that sounds kind of nice, actually. What do you say? Hey, I'll ask Parker to be my best man.

Janet: Oh, yeah, they'd love that.

[Jack laughs]

Jack: Why wouldn't they?

Janet: Oh, come on, I think we should keep it the simpler, the better. I mean, let's just go down to the courthouse, we'll get married by the judge, and then afterwards, we'll go to Al's for some of cheesecake. Vienna's famous cheesecake.

Jack: Absolutely not. No, this is the beginning of our life together, Honey. I want to celebrate it with our family and our friends.

Janet: Yeah, that's what I'm afraid of.

Jack: Sage will come around.

Janet: I'm not talking about Sage.

Jack: Carly -- Carly will come around. Yeah, she's upset now, but she'll -- she'll be happy for us, eventually.

Janet: You really believe that?

Jack: I hope so.

[Jack laughs]

Janet: Excuse me just a second. Hi.

Carly: Hi. I'm glad you're here, Jack. I have something for you. It's important.

Jack: What is it?

Carly: You've been served.

Liberty: I'm just saying, I think we've been getting along really well. I don't want to go back to fighting, you know?

Parker: Yeah. Yeah, I get it.

Liberty: I just think we should let our parents deal with fixing this on their own without us.

Parker: Like they can.

Liberty: I know. They are pretty good at telling us what we ought to do, though.

Parker: Exactly.

Liberty: Hey, whatever happens -- let's not stop being friends.

Parker: Okay.

Liberty: Do you promise?

Parker: I promise. Oh, don't take this the wrong way, but -- if you stay there for like five more seconds, I'm going to have to kiss you.

Jack: Is this a joke?

Carly: Hardly.

Jack: You filed for an emergency petition for a custody hearing, Carly. And you're asking for a restraining order?

Carly: My child is in danger, Jack.

Jack: This is ridiculous!

Carly: The judge doesn't think so.

Janet: Please don't do this, Carly.

Carly: This doesn't concern you.

Jack: You're trying to keep my daughter from seeing me?

Carly: If you're going to be with someone abusive.

Janet: Oh come on, I would never hurt your children.

Carly: That's not what Sage says.

Janet: Okay, fine. If you want me to stay away from her, I will. Just don't take her away from Jack!

Carly: That's all I asked for in the first place.

Jack: And I said no.

Janet: Jack!

Jack: She's just trying to scare me.

Carly: I'm just trying to protect my daughter.

Jack: What your daughter needs is protection from is you!

Janet: Okay, all right, it's going to be okay.

Jack: No, no it isnít. Nobody tells me how to treat my children. You want a fight, Carly? You got one.

Carly: Don't threaten me, Jack. All I'm asking is that Janet to agree not to see Sage.

Janet: I already did.

Jack: And I said no.

Janet: Jack!

Carly: Just listen to her. And we'll all be fine.

Jack: But you see, if you do this, we won't ever be fine, Carly!

Janet: Why don't you two just live your own lives and leave each other alone?

Carly: This is not about our relationship.

Janet: Everything is about your relationship!

Carly: If you think that I'm trying to get in the way of your marriage, Janet --

Janet: No, no, no. You've got your daughter to do your dirty work for you!

Carly: I do not want to be married to Jack again, if that's what you think.

Janet: Well you certainly don't want him to be happy with me, either.

Katie: I'm sorry I dragged you all the way to Chicago for that.

Brad: It's not your fault.

Katie: I just can't believe that Dave was so unreasonable.

Brad: He's right.

Katie: No, he's not. We would kill in Chicago.

Brad: You might want to rethink your choice of words.

Katie: Brad --

Brad: No, I'm serious! I'm serious. Any show I do anywhere would be about me and whether I -- I killed my co- anchor. That's why Kim took us off the air. It'd be no different here.

Katie: It's so unfair.

Brad: Katie, its business. You know, I only have myself to blame. I should've listened to you about Spencer. We'd still be on the air, and she'd still be alive.

Katie: It's not your fault she got killed. Whoever killed her made it look like you were to blame? They had their own reasons. You walked into a trap.

Brad: I still feel responsible.

Katie: You're not. Spencer was into some shady stuff, and it wasn't Oakdale 411. You want some coffee for the road?

Brad: Uh, no, no, I'll wait here.

Katie: They have pastry.

Brad: I'm not hungry.

Katie: Since when?

Brad: I'll wait in the car.

Katie: It's going to work out, you know.

Brad: I know it is.

Liberty: We cannot do this.

Parker: And why is that?

Liberty: Because it's a mistake.

Parker: Well I don't think so. And you didn't, either, about five seconds ago.

Liberty: That's why I stopped.

Parker: Because you wanted to?

Liberty: Because it's a really bad idea.

Parker: Well, did you want to or not?

Liberty: I don't know.

Parker: Well how can you not know?

Liberty: Because nothing's changed. My mom is still marrying your dad.

Parker: Not if Sage has anything to say about that. It's all her, I swear.

Liberty: Yeah well, you could tell her to stop.

Parker: No one tells Princess Sage what to do.

Liberty: Not even your mother?

Parker: You think my mom is telling her to screw things up?

Liberty: I don't know. You know her better than I do.

Parker: My mom would not do that.

Liberty: Okay, I just -- I think your family should just make this a little bit easier.

Parker: Well, I wouldn't count on that.

Liberty: I know my mom, and she's going to get married, whether you want her to or not.

Parker: So, is that the only reason why you don't want to be with me?

Liberty: I told you.

Parker: Oh, okay, so it's because I'm younger than you?

Liberty: No.

Parker: Or is it because we had sex and it freaked you out?

Liberty: Well, yeah, maybe that, too.

Carly: I'm not really concerned about Jack's happiness right now. I'm worried about my children.

Jack: Like you were worried about them when you ran off with Simon Frasier? I could've taken those kids away from you, more than once. And now you're starting to make me wish I had.

Carly: You don't mean that.

Jack: I do.

Carly: I didn't say I never made mistakes.

Jack: You lied, and you cheated, and you betrayed me and your best friend, and you walked out on your kids, Carly. And now you want to take them away from their father?

Carly: I'm trying to keep them away from her!

Jack: Think about it! Would you think about it for a second? You bring this to a judge, and he is going to hear about every stunt you ever pulled. And who do you think is going to be cut off from the kids then?

Brad: Come on, Katie, let's get going. Holy -- Spencer! Damn it, wait!

Katie: Hey, where'd you go?

Brad: I saw her.

Katie: Who?

Brad: I saw her. Spencer. She's not dead.

Carly: You wouldn't do it. You wouldn't take my kids from me.

Jack: I'm not bluffing.

Janet: Jack.

Carly: I know you don't mean it.

Jack: Take me to court and find out. But remember one thing -- you started this. I didnít. This is a fight I won't lose.

Janet: You're wrong, Jack. Everybody's going to lose.

Parker: I never knew there were so many reasons for why you didn't want to be with me.

Liberty: I'm not trying to hurt you.

Parker: Then why are you here?

Liberty: Because you're doing a really good thing. And I really wanted to help.

Parker: You know, I thought we would always tell each other the truth.

Liberty: That is the truth.

Parker: Well, I'm sure there are plenty of other community service projects that you could get involved with.

Liberty: Okay, you want me to go? Because I can go. It's fine.

Parker: No. I want to know why you're here, when you keep on giving me reasons for why you shouldn't be.

Liberty: But I never said I didn't like hanging out with you.

Parker: You keep on driving me crazy, Liberty.

Liberty: I'm not trying to.

Parker: Yeah, well you must just be so good at it, that you don't even have to try anymore. That's not funny.

Liberty: Sorry. Sorry. Can I tell you something though?

Parker: What?

Liberty: I think it is really cool that you're being so upfront about your emotions. I mean, you're really not the tongue-tied little kid you were when we first met.

Parker: You're doing it again.

Van: I dropped off that box. I thought I'd swing by and see if there's anything else I can do.

Liberty: You want to drive me home?

Van: Sure.

Parker: Now?

Liberty: Yeah. I have homework. Western Civ -- ugh!

Van: Oh, the chapter on the hundred years war! I forgot!

Liberty: I know, it's bad. But hey, I'll see you later, okay.

Parker: Whatever.

Van: Can you believe those old dudes were in a war for over a hundred years?

[Liberty laughs]

Liberty: Yeah, go figure.

Jack: I was being reasonable. It Carly who went off, like always.

Janet: She was just protecting Sage.

Jack: No, she wasnít. No, don't you see? She's trying to play both sides. She acting like she's in our corner, but at the same time, she's screwing us up. And it's not going to happen. I am going to decide my future.

Janet: Don't you get it, Jack? You go to war with Carly, and your kids will never forgive you.

Jack: What choice do I have?

Janet: Call it off.

Jack: What?

Janet: The wedding.

Jack: No!

Janet: Yes. Because I will not be the reason you lose your children.

Jack: That's not going to happen.

Janet: I won't be the reason that Carly can't see hers!

Jack: Janet!

Janet: No, I knew it was too good to be true.

Jack: Wait, it's not.

Janet: Just -- it's over, Jack. Okay? Go home. Go home.

Jack: No. No. You're not getting rid of me that easy.

Janet: It's not funny.

Jack: I'm not trying -- I'm not trying to be funny. I love you, and I want to marry you.

Janet: Not like this.

Jack: Okay, fine. I'll fix it. I will. I will fix it. I will not let this destroy things for us, okay?

Janet: You promise?

Jack: Absolutely. Absolutely. There's nothing I wouldn't do for you.

Bonnie: How'd it go? I told you to let somebody else serve him.

Carly: I thought if he saw how serious I was, that Jack would be reasonable.

Bonnie: I take it he wasnít.

Carly: No. He said that he's going to fight me. As hard as he can.

Bonnie: Well, I guess he really loves her.

Carly: That's not what this is about.

Bonnie: Maybe it is for him. Carly, look, I told you before, if you go to court, this will be brutal. He's not going to hold anything back.

Carly: He made that perfectly clear.

Bonnie: Which means neither can you.

Carly: If that's the way he wants it.

Bonnie: Is that the way you want it?

Carly: I want to win.

Bonnie: Okay, there are no guarantees here. But I will tell you this. I'm your lawyer, and I will rip him to shreds if I have to. But you need to be 110% sure, certain, that you're right.

Carly: Well, if that's all it takes, we can't lose.

Katie: That's impossible, Brad. Spencer's dead.

Brad: It was her.

Katie: It was probably someone that looked like her. We're in a big city, that happens.

Brad: Katie, Katie -- it was her. I called her name. She turned around. She saw me and ran.

Katie: You're a big guy. If you start yelling people's names, you're going to scare them.

Brad: She heard her name and she turned around.

Katie: Let's just go home.

Brad: No, listen to me. We've got to find her. We've got to prove that Spencer McKay is alive.

Next week on "As the World Turns" --

Brad: I'm going to find Spencer and I'm going to bring her back here.

Emily: You want to accuse someone of playing tricks on you? Why don't you start with your new little friend? Because something tells me she's not the innocent you think she is.

Luke: Why don't you stay here with me?

Jack: You have the power to stop this. One word from you and Sage will do what's right, and we can all get on with our lives.

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