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As The World Turns Transcript Thursday 11/13/08

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Holden: Hey.

Lily: Holden, thank God you're home.

Holden: Lily? What is it? Is it your mother?

Lily: No.

Holden: The kids?

Lily: The kids are fine. I'm so sorry that I had to call you back from your business trip. But I didn't know what else to do.

Holden: Its okay, its okay work can wait -- especially if something's wrong.

Lily: I thought that I could handle it on my own, but --

Holden: Well, what is it? What couldn't you tell me over the phone?

Lily: Luke's been expelled from the university.

Noah: I'll come get the rest of my things later.

Luke: I never figured you for the cut and run type.

Noah: Are you kidding? After all the times you called me coward --

Luke: Right. My mistake.

Noah: Well, I'm not running now because I can't deal.

Luke: Then, why are you leaving?

Noah: Because I don't understand why winning at all costs became more important to you than anything else.

Luke: Oh, yes, yes. Of course. I didn't feel bad enough. So thank you for that.

Noah: You tried to steal the election.

Luke: I had my reasons, Noah. And one of them was you.

Noah: That's a lot of bull.

Luke: I was standing up to hypocrisy --

Noah: Kevin. Whatever. I guess we just see things differently.

Luke: Since when? What ever happened to standing up for each other, no matter what? I really believed in that, but I guess -- I guess all bets are off when the going gets tough.

Noah: You really don't get it, do you?

Meg: Hey.

Paul: You're still here.

Meg: Yeah, I woke up after my nap and you were gone. And your phone seems to be turned off.

Paul: Yeah, sorry. I guess I didn't turn it on after --

Meg: After what? Where've you been?

Paul: Therapy.

Meg: All afternoon?

Paul: No, not all afternoon. Maybe afterwards I kind of drove around for a while. I sat in my car and replaying everything over and over again in my head. Like a human TiVo machine.

Meg: And yet you keep going back.

Paul: I made a promise. I'd like to thank you for being here last night. Seeing Dusty and his Jennifer wannabe really --

Meg: Confused you?

Paul: No, I'm not confused. I know exactly how I feel. Jennifer is irreplaceable. And my mom and I were doing really well letting her go. Dusty had no right to come to town and stir it all up again.

Meg: I'm sorry.

Paul: You don't need to be sorry. And you don't need to hold my hand through all of this.

Meg: I want to.

Paul: So what've you been up to?

Meg: Ordering furniture for the nursery.

Paul: Oh, yeah, right. You need a crib and a bottle. All the baby stuff, right?

Meg: You're clueless, aren't you?

Paul: Yeah, pretty much. Yeah. I'd like to pay for all of it.

Meg: We'll see.

Paul: Okay. I'll settle for that. So what'd you get?

Meg: Oh, well, nothing yet. When they asked me where I wanted the furniture delivered, I didn't know what to tell them.

Paul: What'd you say?

Meg: I didn't know what to say. So I hung up.

Paul: Great. That's exactly what you should have done.

Josie: This is a mistake.

Dusty: You're right. It is.

Emily: I'm not carrying a torch for Dusty.

Barbara: Don't insult my intelligence.

Emily: And don't assume you know me, Barbara.

Barbara: Everyone knows you, Emily. Your mistakes have been front page news for years.

Emily: Then we should understand each other perfectly.

Barbara: I have a show. I don't have time for this.

Emily: Look, if you care about Dusty you better make time. This new little project of his --

Barbara: Her name is Josie.

Emily: Yeah, whatever. I'm sure it's not her real name. The point is, Dusty is vulnerable, and she's preying on his grief. Pretending to be the reincarnation of Jennifer --

Barbara: She has never said anything like that --

Emily: It's sick, and it's cruel. Dusty was finally ready to move on --

Barbara: How dare you?

Emily: Dusty needs our help. And burying your head in the sand isn't going to do it.

Barbara: You know what? Face it. He doesn't want you. I know that's hard for you to believe that any man --

Emily: That is not what this is about.

Barbara: Get out of my face. And Dustyís. He deserves much better than some --

Susan: Where do you get off yelling at my daughter?

Barbara: Ask her.

Emily: You know what? Just stay out of it. I can handle her.

Susan: You have a lot of nerve calling my Emily names. When it comes to disaster, you and your son are a demolition derby.

Meg: Who are you and what have you done with Paul Ryan?

Paul: What do you mean?

Meg: Well, I thought for sure you would insist on having the furniture delivered here.

Paul: Well, that is what I want. I won't lie to you. And a week ago I probably would have insisted, but, look, aside from last night, when you were kind enough to take pity on me, you don't live here. That's just a fact. I mean, I don't like it, but that's a fact.

Meg: Yeah, I know that, but --

Paul: You're just surprised that I get it.

Meg: Kind of.

Paul: Okay, and Dr. Michaels explained something to me today. And I think she might be onto something.

Meg: Really? Enlighten me.

Paul: Okay, well, the way I usually operate is when I figure out what it is that I want, I fixate on it. And I do whatever I have to do until I get that thing. And I push and I push and I'm like a freight train. Everybody else be damned. And in business, that can be a real asset. But I understand how in my personal life that that might make me less than attractive.

Meg: So what are you going to do about it?

Paul: Nothing. There's nothing to do. I want you and the baby here. But it's your decision. I'm not going to pressure you. It's up to you.

Meg: Have I told you how much I like the new Paul?

Paul: Yeah. But feel free to tell me again if you want.

Meg: You've just come such a long way in a short amount of time. And nothing you've ever done has given me more hope than that.

Dusty: I shouldn't have kissed you.

Josie: No, it's okay. I kissed you back.

Dusty: Maybe you feel like you owe me or something --

Josie: I may not remember much about my life, but I know that kind of kiss is not about gratitude.

Dusty: I didn't mean to put pressure on you.

Josie: No, I wanted to kiss you. It felt good.

Dusty: Well, you said it was a mistake.

Josie: Well, kissing is easy. But getting truly close to somebody -- how can I do that? I don't even know myself.

Dusty: That'll change soon.

Josie: Well, all I know right now is my name. And some things that I must have done pop up from time to time. I can sew. And draw. Who knew? But I don't know what it means. And the really scary thing is that I could have a husband and six kids out there somewhere looking for me.

Dusty: Maybe you came out of the ocean. Out of a seashell.

Josie: Well, that doesn't sound like the Donovan I know.

Dusty: That's how beautiful you look right now.

Josie: Thank you. But I'm not a fantasy. I'm connected to somebody. And until I know who that is, I'm not free to connect to anybody else.

Dusty: You're right.

Josie: I don't want to hurt you.

Dusty: You're not.

Josie: I liked the kiss. Very much. I don't want you to think --

Dusty: I don't think anything. I just want you to get better. And I'm in the way. I should go.

Josie: No, no. You have brought so much good into my life. I hurt a lot less since I've met you.

Dusty: Josie, you got to go at your own pace.

Josie: Is that a nice way of giving me the brush-off?

Dusty: No, I'm just going to give you space so you can figure things out. We'll see what happens.

Josie: Not too much space, okay?

Dusty: Don't worry. I'm tough to get rid of. Take care.

Paul: Every time something good happens to me, it gets blown to smithereens. It's like as soon as I let myself flip the hope switch, the time bomb starts to tick. I can feel it.

Meg: Well, being James' son would make anybody feel that way.

Paul: Yeah, I don't want to make my kid feel that way.

Meg: And you wonít. You're your own man.

Paul: Explain to me why I kept pushing you away when you're the best thing that ever happened to me? I was so afraid I was going to lose you, I was going to blow Dusty's head off. I won't be that guy anymore.

Meg: Come here. You don't need to be afraid of that. I'm here.

Barbara: Your daughter started this. She came to me begging me to save Dusty from some girl that just might be good for him --

Emily: Yeah, like a case of malaria.

Susan: Good for him, Dusty. Spare me.

Barbara: I have no argument with you, not today, Susan. So please, call off your pit bull with lipstick daughter and while you're at it, tell her to stop trying to be best new friends with everyone and mind her own business.

Emily: Right, and just let Dusty rot.

Susan: Dusty, Dusty.

Barbara: You know what? Butt out. He already told you to do that, and I'm telling you the same. Take a hint.

Susan: Are you all right?

Emily: Yeah, I'm fine. But thank you. It's nice to know you're in my corner for a change.

Susan: I'm not in your corner.

Emily: Excuse me?

Susan: I didn't want to give Barbara the satisfaction, but, frankly, I think she's absolutely right.

Holden: There's got to be more to it than that. Did he say anything? Did he give you any explanation or anything?

Lily: He just said he had to win.

Holden: Why?

Lily: I don't know. Honestly, Holden, I was so angry. What about his dreams? No school's ever going to take him now. How could he just throw away his future like that? Over a student election. I mean, that he didn't even care about until a few weeks ago, and now to get expelled over it? What has happened to our son?

Holden: I don't know. There's only one way to find out. Come on, let's do it together.

Luke: I totally get it. You are a better person than me, and you're punishing me for it.

Noah: I am not. I wish this wasn't happening. I tried to talk you out of it, remember?

Luke: Oh, I remember how morally superior you sounded. Trying to prove you're not your father.

Noah: What does it have to do with my father?

Luke: Because he taught you to see things in black and white. Good versus evil. There's no gray areas with you guys.

Noah: There's no gray area in trying to steal an election. Okay, it sucks, and if the other side had done it you'd be all over them.

Luke: Well, could you have at least thought about my reasons?

Noah: There's no excuse. Why don't you understand that?

Luke: Because I'm a power-hungry lowlife. End of story. You better dump me before it rubs off.

Noah: That's not being fair.

Luke: What's not fair is getting me kicked out of school. What's not fair is ruining my life.

Noah: I was asked a direct question. I had to tell the truth.

Luke: Why couldn't you just trust me, just this once?

Noah: You were caught! You weren't going to get away with it.

Luke: So you saved yourself. Forget love. Abandon ship.

Noah: You're right about one thing. My father -- he lied to me my whole life. And I don't want to be that. He did a lot of unforgivable things in the name of love -- if you remember, that was his excuse for almost killing you.

Luke: There's no comparison.

Noah: There is for me. I love you, but I'm not going to lie for you. I'm also not going to encourage you to be anything less than the person I know you can be.

Luke: I thought I could trust you.

Noah: And I thought I could trust you. I guess we were both wrong.

Holden: Hello, Luke.

Lily: Sweetheart.

Luke: Look, I don't want to hear it. I know you're upset with me, but I had my reasons.

Holden: That doesn't justify cheating, though, does it?

Luke: I would have made a much better president than Kevin. I would've set a new tone on that campus. I would have gotten rid of the discrimination that people pretend doesn't exist, but actually does!

Holden: I'm sure you would have.

Luke: And then Noah just ruined it all for me.

Holden: No, Noah did the right thing.

Luke: Yeah, for him.

Lily: How did it help him?

Luke: You know what? It's complicated. But just trust me on this one.

Holden: Interesting choice of words.

Luke: You know, I can't deal with this right now.

Holden: Hold on. You cannot go through life deciding what's right for people, and then just forcing it upon them.

Lily: What was going through your head, Luke? I mean, you had to know you weren't going to get away with stealing an election. You have to know you did the wrong thing.

Luke: I do.

Holden: Good. That's the first step. Now you need to fix it.

Luke: How?

Emily: What are you doing here?

Dusty: I work here.

Emily: Technically.

Dusty: Stop it.

Emily: Okay. To what do I owe the pleasure, Dusty?

Dusty: I'm going to the global development conference in New York. The one you told me about.

Emily: I actually made a reservation for me.

Dusty: Why did you do that?

Emily: Well, the company needs a presence at that conference. And I made an executive decision. I figured your priority was Josie, so I --

Dusty: No, you're right. My priorities have been -- screwed up, like you said. I got too involved.

Emily: I didn't think you were listening.

Dusty: Yeah, I listen. I hang on to your every word. You say my priorities are out of whack, and I'm saying you're right.

Emily: Okay. Okay, well I think New York is a good idea. A little distance between you two sounds like a good thing.

Dusty: Yeah, that's what I thought.

Emily: One problem -- I booked online. Nontransferable. Nonrefundable. But we could go together. Come up with a plan for global domination.

Meg: Well, I think you should keep trying, and then you'll see what I see.

Paul: Yeah? Well, what is it that you see?

Meg: Someone who just wants a chance to love and be loved. Nothing but good can come out of that.

Paul: I keep messing up, though. I can't help it. I can't stop sabotaging myself.

Meg: I think you already have.

Josie: The show looks great.

Barbara: Well, I couldn't have gotten it all ready without your help. You're wonderful. Did you pick out a dress you'd like?

Josie: Well, your dresses are beautiful. But there's something that I'd like even more.

Barbara: Name it.

Josie: A job.

Emily: This conference is all about growing a business. And I'm not missing it. You want to tag along and learn a thing or two, fine by me.

Dusty: We're going as colleagues. Nothing else. Clear?

Emily: Clear. Now why don't you get out of here, so I can get some work done? Yeah, I need to make a reservation for the global development conference. I realize its last minute. Is that a problem? No, no. Two people, actually. Emily Stewart and a Dusty Donovan. Well, if that's all that's available, we'll just have to make do with one room.

Lily: You need to take responsibility. Own up to what you did.

Luke: I'm already humiliated. Why make it worse? I just want to move on.

Lily: And throw away your education?

Holden: Your mother's right, Luke. You haven't done anything like this before. You have good grades. I think expelling you was a bit extreme.

Lily: Yeah. You know what, forget the dean. I'm going to go talk to the chancellor. My family has given a lot of money to O.U. over the years. We should be able to work something out.

Luke: Like what? Like you buy 'em a stadium and I get to graduate?

Lily: Luke, you make amends and you get yourself back on track.

Luke: Thank you.

Holden: Is that what you want too?

Luke: Yes, Dad. I want to go back to school. And I'll do anything to get it.

Holden: Youíre sure about that?

Luke: Yes.

Holden: So you're willing to let your mom's money bail you out of trouble?

Luke: No.

Barbara: Josie, I have -- I've really pared my business down recently. I job all my patternmaking out. I only call a fit model in when I need to. In fact, I really haven't worked with anyone since my daughter Jennifer.

Josie: I'm sorry. It was presumptuous of me to ask. You don't know me. I don't even know me. I have no idea what my skills are.

Barbara: Well, you're a very talented seamstress. And fast. And I have to admit that we did work well together under pressure.

Josie: It was fun. It felt good to be useful. That's why I thought --

Barbara: Okay. Let's try it.

Josie: Really?

Barbara: Just part-time.

Josie: Oh, of course. But I want you to know, I will work really hard. I don't want charity. And working with you felt -- right. Like I belonged. If you give me a chance, I promise I will not let you down.

Noah: The usual?

Luke: I don't want any coffee. I just need to talk to you.

Noah: I'm working.

Luke: It's important. Please.

Noah: Can you cover for me for a few?

Barista: Sure, man. But if we get slammed --

Noah: Hey, I don't have a lot of time.

Luke: All right. I'm sorry. What I did was -- I'm just so sorry.

Noah: Where's this coming from?

Luke: My parents came to see me. And just, the look in their eyes -- they were so disappointed. It killed me.

Noah: Yeah, I know that feeling.

Luke: No, this wasn't like what you got from your dad. Because you didn't deserve that. I brought this on myself.

Noah: True. Sorry, but it is.

Luke: I just wanted them to yell or to make this about them. But they didnít. There was no drama. And that almost made it even worse. It was like, "What have you done with your life, Luke? When did you become such a greedy and selfish excuse for a human being?"

Noah: Whoa, they said that?

Luke: No, no, they didn't say that. They were just -- they were just really worried for me. They told me that I have to take responsibility for what I've done. And that I have to fix it. And I'm trying.

Noah: Any ideas on how?

Luke: No. But I know I can't do it without you. Will you please come back to me?

Paul: What's that? I agree, completely. Absolutely.

Meg: What's the baby saying?

Paul: He's saying his mom is the most beautiful woman that ever lived.

Meg: Or her mom.

Paul: Yeah. You should see her from where I'm sitting. You really are beautiful.

Meg: You know what the baby's really saying? "Feed me."

Paul: You hungry?

Meg: Ravenous. And it has to be an Al's burger with onion rings. And a salad with bleu cheese dressing and croutons. A handful of croutons.

Paul: Okay. Your wish is my command. Come on. And I'm just talking about the croutons. Whatever you and the baby need, forever.

Meg: Come here. Thank you.

Paul: For what?

Meg: For restoring my faith in us.

Paul: Nah, I'm just getting started.

Josie: I can help out with anything you need. I can get coffee, I can sweep up. Anything.

Barbara: I think you're going to work out just fine.

Lily: Hi!

Barbara: Hello!

Lily: Congratulations.

Barbara: Why, thank you.

Lily: Ethan, say hello to Miss Barbara.

Ethan: Hi.

Barbara: How you doing? Nice to see you, handsome young man.

Lily: Good job.

Barbara: So what are you looking for?

Lily: Actually, I am looking for something for my mother. Have you had a chance to talk to her?

Barbara: No, no, I've been very busy with the show. Is every all right?

Lily: Her cancer has come back. And she needs to have more surgery.

Barbara: I am sorry to hear that. How is she doing?

Lily: Well, she's not talking. It doesn't surprise me. I mean, she doesn't want to be a burden to anyone.

Barbara: Well, I certainly understand that.

Lily: I just wanted to get her something to put on after the operation. You know, something to make her feel beautiful.

Barbara: I think I know exactly what she needs.

Lily: Hey! Hey, remember our deal? You were going to let Mommy shop, and then we were do something fun?

Ethan: Okay.

Josie: Hey. I'm Josie. You're Ethan, right?

Ethan: Yeah.

Josie: This must be pretty boring for you, huh?

Ethan: Yeah.

Josie: Well, what do you say we go get some ice cream while your mom tries on the pretty dresses?

Ethan: Yeah.

Josie: If that's okay.

Barbara: Josie Driver, Lily Snyder.

Lily: Hi, how do you do?

Barbara: Josie works for me.

Lily: Oh, lovely.

Josie: We'll just sit right outside.

Lily: Sure. Thank you.

Josie: You hear that? You ready, little buddy?

Ethan: Yeah.


Josie: Okay, let's go.

Lily: Thanks.

Josie: Thanks.

Emily: Hey, there you are.

Susan: Oh, no, Emily. I'm not going to argue with you.

Emily: I come in peace. I swear. I was just upstairs doing an interview. I just wanted to let you know, I'm going out of town for the next few days.

Susan: Where are you going?

Emily: New York. I'm going to a conference with Dusty.

Susan: You'll never learn.

Emily: No, don't do that. No negativity. Not today.

Susan: How about a little reality?

Emily: I'm creating my own reality, actually. I'm doing the secret.

Susan: The what?

Emily: The secret. Ask, believe, receive.

Susan: Have you lost your mind?

Emily: I found it. I'm tapping into the power of the universe.

Susan: Tapping in? Like a keg?

Emily: That's funny. That's a funny analogy coming from the likes of you. No, I'm putting my desires out there, Mom. And I'm going to get exactly what I want.

Susan: What exactly is that?

Emily: A secret.

Susan: Right. Well, be careful. You could get hurt. Again.

Emily: No. I know exactly what I'm doing.

Susan: Even if you don't, I can't stop you.

Emily: Nothing's going to stop me. Not this time.

Josie: Ooh, careful, you've got a drip, right there. Yeah, there you go. Do you like songs, Ethan? Yeah, me, too. I've had this one in my head all day long. I can't get it out. You want to hear some? I wished upon a star I waited for you I said a prayer for you to find me then heaven sent you down for me brought you here on angel's wings. Mommy, I want a football field.

Lily: There's my little man. Look what you have! Yum! Was he good?

Josie: Oh, he was great.

Lily: Aww, you were good! Come here, come on. Let's go. That means we get to do something fun! Thank you so much for watching him.

Josie: Oh, yeah. It was my pleasure. Thanks for hanging out with me, Buddy.

Lily: You say "Thank you?"

Ethan: Thank you.

Lily: Bye. Nice to meet you.

Josie: Nice to meet you, too.

Dusty: You're good with kids.

Josie: How long have you been standing there?

Dusty: Oh, about an hour. I heard you singing that song.

Josie: Pretty pathetic, huh? I guess we know that I was not a pop star in my former life.

Dusty: My wife used to sing that song to our baby.

Josie: Really?

Dusty: Yeah.

Josie: Okay, this is officially getting too weird.

Dusty: I know I was going to give you space, but I got to talk to you.

Josie: Okay. Let me just say goodbye to Barbara.

Dusty: Okay, I'll meet you at the hotel.

Josie: Okay.

Luke: I'm not perfect. Nobody is. I can be a complete jerk sometimes. But -- but I'm paying for what I did. I can't change what I did, but I'm trying to make it better. Isn't that good enough?

Noah: I don't know.

Luke: Well, you're not perfect, either.

Noah: I am not looking for perfection. What happened with Kevin in the past --?

Luke: I told you all about that, already.

Noah: The facts, maybe. But he really did a number on you. And you're not over it.

Luke: That's not true.

Noah: I'm sorry, Luke. But you've got some serious issues with that guy who happens to be a complete jerk by the way. But you acted even worse than he did. And until you figure out why, I don't think we can be together.

Luke: Noah --

Noah: Sorry, I've got to get back to work.

Meg: I think I want this entire page. The onion rings and fries and a cheeseburger and a shake. What?

Paul: Nothing. That's a lot of food.

Meg: Well, I just want the pickles. It's your child that has an appetite like a vacuum cleaner.

Paul: Right. Not really eating for two, I guess you're just eating for, like, a platoon.

Meg: Yeah, well you know, we haven't even discussed dessert yet.

Josie: I'll be here tomorrow, ready to work.

Barbara: Okay.

Meg: Hey, what's wrong?

Paul: I'm just wondering what faux-Jen is doing hanging around my mother.

Meg: Well, she looks all right. I'm sure Barbara can handle herself.

Paul: Yeah, ordinarily. I'll be right back.

Emily: Can you please hurry? I'm sorry, I'm late. I know it's not your fault, but I absolutely cannot miss this flight.

[Cell phone rings]

Emily: Oh. Dusty, I'm sorry, I'm on my way. Just go through the security and I'll meet you at the gate.

Dusty: I'm not going.

Emily: Excuse me?

Dusty: Something came up. I can't leave town.

Emily: Dusty, this is business.

Dusty: You can handle it. You've been fine without me.

Emily: That's not the point!

Dusty: You were going by yourself, anyway. Just go back to plan A. Good luck. I'll see you when you get back.

Driver: Don't worry, Ms. Stewart. Traffic's light. We'll make it in time.

Emily: Turn the car around. I'm not going.

Dusty: Thanks for coming.

Josie: Of course. I wouldn't stand you up. You seem --

Dusty: Distracted?

Josie: Was it the song, because I thought that was kind of freaky, too. All of these coincidences --

Dusty: I need to tell you something.

Josie: Okay.

Dusty: Not here. Come with me.

Josie: You're making me nervous. And just so you know, I've been having a really good day. I'd like to keep that vibe going if I can.

Dusty: I was going to give you space, so I was headed out of town to New York on a business trip.

Josie: Oh. That's space.

Dusty: Until I saw you -- with Ethan -- singing that lullaby. And now I can't go anywhere.

[Door closes]

Friend #1: Hey, Luke!

Luke: Hey.

Friend #2: Hey, we were just talking about what happened, man. You totally got a raw deal.

Luke: Mmm.

Friend #3: The dean really kicked you out, like, permanently?

Luke: Pretty much.

Friend #1: Dude, that's just not right. Sorry.

Friend #3: We just came from Kevinís victory party. He won't make half as good a president as you would have.

Friend #2: Least we got some free beers, woo-hoo! You uh -- you care to drown your sorrows?

Friend #1: Oh, no, no. Luke doesn't drink.

Luke: I do now.

Friend #2: Uh-huh! Yow!

Barbara: Hi, Meg. You look beautiful!

[Meg laughs]

Barbara: I'm so happy to see you together.

Meg: Yeah, I'm happy, too.

Paul: I was ecstatic, until I saw you with the redhead.

Barbara: Her name is Josie. And I just hired her. She's going to be working for me.

Paul: She's working for you?

Barbara: She's a very talented seamstress.

Paul: Of course she is. She's got amnesia, but she's forgotten everything except her sewing skills?

Barbara: It's complicated, Paul.

Paul: It must be.

[Barbara sighs]

Barbara: Look, give the girl a break. She's lost everything, all right?

Paul: She's adopting my dead sister's life. That's okay with you?

Barbara: No one will ever replace your sister. You know that.

Paul: Mom, I don't think it's healthy that you spend any time with her at all.

Barbara: I disagree with you. I like her. I like the girl. She has good instincts. Earlier, she saw this picture of Hal, and for some reason, she got this very distinct impression of him that was spot on.

Meg: Well, that's strange.

Paul: No, that just proves she's done her research.

Barbara: And you've inherited your mother's cynicism, so I get that. But you know what, she's -- she's intuitive. I think she really made some kind of connection with Hal.

Paul: What does that mean?

Barbara: Does it have to mean anything at all? It just made me like her, that's all. And you know what, I would think that you would understand that, because you too, have a second sight.

Paul: Oh, all of a sudden, we're automatically related, somehow.

Meg: Paul, careful -- you're overreacting.

Paul: No, I don't think so. I don't like Josie, and I don't care what she wants from you.

Barbara: Well, she is a lost soul, and I'm going to help her.

Josie: All I can say is, that I don't understand this anymore than you do.

Dusty: I'm drawn to you. And it worries me.

Josie: I feel exactly the same way. I keep telling myself to go home to Ohio, don't look back. If Ohio even is home. But, I can't seem to make myself leave.

Dusty: I'm glad it's not just me.

Josie: It's not. I keep having these weird feelings. Like when I saw little Ethan -- I was filled with so much loss. I was aching. And then that song came into my head and I started singing. I didn't know the words, but they just kept coming out of my mouth. I didn't even have to think about it. There is a connection here, right? I'm not just making it up, because I want to belong to something?

Dusty: No, what are you doing? You're not just making it up.

Josie: What do we do about it?

Dusty: Well, I'm going to stay right here, with you, and see what happens. Will you do that with me?

Josie: Yeah, I will.

Emily: Oh, I need a drink.

Meg: I think you were a little hard on your mother.

Paul: I know. You know, my mom misses Jennifer. She's finally starting to get her life back, okay? This trunk show was the first positive thing that's happened to her since she's been sick. And this girl, Josie, she shows up, and all of a sudden, it stirs up all of these emotions.

Meg: Well, I think your mom seems all right. And maybe she is right, maybe Josie is a lost soul that needs a little compassion.

Paul: That's what she said about Sofie.

Meg: Not exactly. Look, I'm not saying you shouldn't look out for Barbara. You should. But you should also give Josie a chance. You never know, this could be a good thing. And I thought the new Paul didn't impose his will on others, remember?

Paul: Right. "New Paul." You like, new Paul, right?

Meg: I love new Paul.

Paul: You do?

Meg: Yeah.

[Both laugh]

Paul: All right. I'll try and give this girl a chance, but the second things start to go wrong --

Meg: Then you can put on your silver spurs and ride to Barbara's rescue.

[Cell phone rings]

Paul: Hello?

Emily: We have to get rid of that girl.

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