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As The World Turns Transcript Wednesday 11/12/08

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Alison: I have messed up my life over and over again. I know what it's like. But watching you do it, almost on purpose -- well, I can't be around that anymore.

Casey: Can I get a large cup of coffee? Black?

Barista: You were Luke's campaign manager, right?

Casey: Before I was suspended, yeah. Why?

Barista: You didn't get caught up in the whole Snydergate thing?

Casey: Snydergate?

Barista: Yeah, they're saying somebody rigged the election.

Casey: Oh, never happened. Kevin's just making up a rumor because he's a sore loser. Have you seen Noah?

Barista: Nah, he got a phone call and took off. Something's going down at school.

Dean: I'm glad you're here, Luke. Saves me a phone call. We should talk.

Luke: What did you say to him? Noah.

Noah: Luke, I'm sorry.

Dean: Mr. Snyder? I'm waiting.

Brian: I did some research on that treatment you're considering.

Lucinda: Oh really? I mean, you don't trust my fine team of specialists?

Brian: No, no, no. I'm sure they know what they're doing. But I donít. And I have this annoying habit of wanting to be informed.

Lucinda: Could we please talk about something fun? Don't I get enough of this at the hospital?

Brian: Humor me.

Lucinda: No. I'm sick. You humor me.

Brian: I'm trying to humor you, but it's not easy, considering I'm the only one in your life who knows the cancer has returned. Now, are you going to listen me or not?

Lucinda: You're very, very pushy.

Brian: That's another annoying habit of mine.

Lucinda: Fine. Today, I am declaring a moratorium on the cancer subject. We are two intelligent, grown-up human beings. We're good kissers. And I think we ought to be able to come up with something else to discuss.

Brian: All right, Sweetums. What do you want to talk about?

Lucinda: Are you looking at your watch? Good heavens, are you already finding me tedious? My company's not interesting?

Brian: No, not at all. Not at all. But I do have another appointment. And in fact, here she is now. Right on time.

Lucinda: What is going on here? Is this some kind of an ambush?

Lily: I could ask the same thing.

Josie: Dusty, this is too fancy.

Dusty: You have to get out more.

Josie: I'm serious. I can't let you buy me a new wardrobe.

Dusty: Believe me, you'll be doing me a favor.

Josie: Oh yeah? How do you figure that?

Dusty: I'm getting tired of looking at you in the same outfit all the time.

Josie: Hey, that's not nice.

Dusty: Who said I was nice?

Josie: Right. You show up from out of nowhere, rescue me from a hospital in Ohio. Put me up in a hotel -- what a grouch. Could you at least smile, or something?

Dusty: Why don't you pick some things out?

[Cell phone rings]

Dusty: Excuse me. Yeah.

Emily: Yeah, hello to you, too, Boss.

Dusty: What's up?

Emily: I have a finance meeting later this afternoon. And I need you to sign off on the budget before I make my presentation. Any chance you can stop by?

Dusty: I'll be there. So, something came up at the office.

Josie: Abandoning me already?

Dusty: Oh, your gonna be fine. I want you to pick out whatever you want.

 Josie: Dusty --

Dusty: Now, now Ė youíre gonna make me grouchy if you don't take this.

Josie: Fine. But I am warning you. I may not remember the details of my life, but I am a woman. I know how to shop. I could do some serious damage.

Dusty: Mmm, I expect nothing less.

Emily: Please tell me you're kidding.

Assistant: I was here almost half the night.

Emily: And there wasn't any record of a Josie Matthews Driver in any of the databases?

Assistant: No, I checked everywhere. It's like she doesn't exist.

Emily: I don't understand. How can that be? And who is this woman? Somebody has to know her.

Assistant: Is there anything else you want me to check out?

Emily: No. No, I'll handle it from here, thank you.

Josie: Do you have anything a little less conservative?

Salesgirl: Yeah. Why don't you look over here? These are for a designer trunk show we're having today.

Josie: Perfect. Thank you.

Salesgirl: You're welcome.

Barbara: What are you doing here?

Josie: Ms. Ryan --

Barbara: Don't "Ms. Ryan" me. Are you following me?

Josie: No, I was just doing some shopping.

Barbara: Oh, out of all the shops we have in this town, you just show up here? You want me to believe it's a coincidence? I don't think so.

Josie: I didn't know you would be here. Please don't feel like you have to leave because of me.

Barbara: Oh, Honey, I'm not the one who's leaving. You are.

Dusty: Your assistant didn't have the budget.

Emily: Yeah. I don't have it either. Truth is, the meeting isn't until next month.

Dusty: So, why am I here?

Emily: I think you know.

Dusty: No, I don't have time for games.

Emily: Why? Someone waiting for you?

Dusty: See you later.

Emily: Wait, just -- you need to hear this. I did some research.

Dusty: What kind of research?

Emily: On this Josie woman, or whatever she says her name is.

Dusty: Now, what gives you the right to do that --

Emily: Will you just hear me out, okay? Just listen what I have to say. I checked every search engine. Every police file, every high school college roster -- there is no record of a Josie Matthews Driver.

Dusty: You're wasting my time --

Emily: Anywhere, Dusty. What does that tell you?

Dusty: You and I have been friends for a long time.

Emily: I know. That's why I can't let this go. I'm worried this woman is taking advantage of you.

Dusty: If you poke around in my business again, we're done.

Emily: What the hell do you think I'm trying to do?

Dusty: You're causing trouble. It's what you do.

Emily: I'm trying to protect you.

Dusty: From what?

Emily: From what? From this Josie, whatever-her-name-is.

Dusty: All right. What do you want to say?

Emily: There isn't a single trace of this woman anywhere, Dusty.

Dusty: Her name is Josie Driver.

Emily: Is it?

Dusty: Am I listening to you, or what?

Emily: What if she's faking this whole thing?

Dusty: Why would she do that?

Emily: Oh I don't know, to capitalize on a wealthy man's grief for his late wife? Inheriting the Stenbeck fortune was international news, Dusty. Anyone could've seen it, including this Josie woman, and learned all about you.

Dusty: I found her.

Emily: Really? Too easily, if you ask me. You waltz into some hospital in Ohio, and she's sitting there, waiting for you? And what better way to reel you in, than to remind you of Jennifer?

Dusty: I'm seeing where it goes.

Emily: You can't just blindly follow her around.

Dusty: What do you have to say about it?

Emily: What -- well, what about what it's doing to Jenniferís memory?

Dusty: Excuse me?

Emily: If this woman is conning you, and using Jenniferís memory to do it, you know what, you're making a joke of someone you love.

Dusty: Watch what you say about my wife.

Emily: When are you going to stop acting like you're the only one who lost Jennifer?

Barbara: You're still here. I have a show, here. I don't want you here. So leave, now.

Josie: I'm sorry. I honestly didn't mean to intrude. This is beautiful. The detail is so elegant. Its imported fabric, isn't it?

Barbara: Mm-hmm.

Josie: And this French seam. It's hand-stitched?

Barbara: Now you know dress-making details?

Josie: Do I? These things just pop into my head. I don't even know what I'm saying.

Barbara: How interesting for you.

Josie: Look, I don't want to put you on the spot, but I would really love to buy this dress.

Barbara: So, you have money?

Josie: Dusty loaned me his credit card.

Barbara: Loaned you?

Josie: He wanted me to pick out something out for myself.

Barbara: That's my Dusty. Generous to a fault.

Josie: If it's a problem --

Barbara: No, it's not a problem. I won't get in the way of Dusty's latest hobby.

Josie: Thank you. I think.

Barbara: Just keep your distance. I have a lot to do. I don't want to see you every time I turn around.

Brian: I'll see you later.

Lucinda: Well, of all the sophomoric things for a grown man to do --

Lily: And yet we both fell for it. So what does that say about us?

[Lucinda laughs]

Lily: What's wrong, Mother?

Lucinda: What?

Lily: I know you. Something's wrong. And Brian knows what it is. Otherwise, he wouldn't have set us up. And you wouldn't have let him get away with it.

Lucinda: Your imagination is running wild, Darling.

Lily: Despite what you think, I do care about you.

Lucinda: Yeah, but when you cut somebody off, you usually don't want to see them.

Lily: I'm trying something new. I'm trying to be more understanding. You're not making it easy. So speak now, or forever hold your peace. Mother? Its come back, hasn't it?

Dean: I was excited by the prospect of your candidacy, Luke. Everything I'd heard about you told me you'd be an excellent leader. I thought, "You know, here is a young man who knows how to lead by example. Who actually believes in what he's saying." You have all the makings of someone who can bring about great change, Luke. If only you'd actually won this election. But that's not what happened, is it? I asked you if there was any truth to Kevinís claim -- that the results had been tampered with. Do you remember what you said?

Luke: I said no.

Dean: Is there anything you want to say to me now?

Luke: I just want to know what Noah told you.

Casey: I was just coming to look for you.

Noah: Casey, I can't talk now, okay? I just got to work.

Casey: Did you get a call from the dean, because Luke did, but he said everything was okay.

Noah: It's not okay. Nothing is okay right now.

Casey: What does that mean? What happened?

Noah: Dean knows Luke stole the election.

Casey: How was that possible? Wait, did you tell him?

Noah: I didn't have a choice.

Casey: How could you do this?

Noah: You don't know, okay? You weren't there.

Casey: I know you're supposed to be there for him. I thought you loved him, man!

Noah: I do love him!

Casey: Then how could you not lie for him, after all the times he lied for you? What about when the I.C.E. people were there, when you were married to Ameera? He lied for months to protect you. He could've gone to jail if he'd gotten caught. And you turn in him over a stupid election? What is wrong with you, man?

Dean: It wasn't easy for Noah to tell me what he knew about the election, Luke.

Luke: What did he say?

Dean: He says you won by stuffing the ballot box in your favor. Do you still contend you won the election outright?

Luke: So, is it like, my word against his?

Dean: No. There are experts we could hire to determine the validity of the election results.

Luke: You'd bring in a whole team of people to figure that out?

Dean: Do I need to, Luke? Or is Noah telling the truth? Did you steal this election?

Lucinda: They found it earlier this time, thank God.

Lily: Have you decided on your treatment yet?

Lucinda: I mean, we're not quite there yet. I have a better team of experts this time.

Lily: Good.

Lucinda: I'm yeah, I'm on top of it. I'm on top of it, I am. I'm not going to let this thing get the best of me.

Lily: It doesn't stand a chance.

Lucinda: And with Mr. Know-it-all over there, I'm going to have more information and statistics. I'm going to know more than the oncologists themselves.

Lily: Brian has been overseeing your treatments?

Lucinda: Oh, Honey, no. He's not a male nurse or anything like that. It's just -- well, he's detached. So I don't have to worry about his feelings.

Lily: What about mine?

Lucinda: I didn't want you to feel obligated to care.

Lily: I'm your daughter. That's not an obligation.

Lucinda: Oh, Pussycat. Pussycat, Pussycat.

Lily: I am here, Mother. And I am not going anywhere.

Lucinda: Thank you. And I'm not, either.

Lily: You better not. So, Brian -- you've been confiding in him.

Lucinda: Oh --

Lily: What's going on there?

Lucinda: Oh, come on, don't make this into an overly romantic situation.

Lily: Well he clearly cares about you, Mother. I mean, look at the lengths he went to, to get us to talk to each other.

Lucinda: Yeah, he's the kind of guy -- he has absolutely no sense of personal boundaries.

Lily: And he's the kind of guy who's the best thing to come around in your life in a long time.

Lucinda: You'd think so.

Luke: Brian?

Brian: Luke.

Luke: What are you doing here?

Brian: I arranged a meeting for your mom. I wanted to see how it went.

Luke: She's not here? Where is she?

Brian: Well, the last time I saw her, she was with your grandmother. You -- you look -- are you all right?

Luke: Yeah. I just need to talk to her. Do you know when she'll be back?

Brian: What's wrong?

Luke: I got expelled from school.


Dean: Come in.

Casey: Dean Brewster? I'm Casey Hughes.

Dean: Yes, I know who you are, Mr. Hughes. If this is about your suspension --

Casey: No, no, this is about the election. I heard you're looking into the results --

Dean: That matter's already been settled.

Casey: No, it hasnít. Not if you're holding Luke Snyder responsible for what happened.

Dean: Are you saying he isn't?

Casey: No, he isnít. I am.

Dean: Well, that's not the story I heard.

Casey: He's covering up for me.

Dean: Why would he do that?

Casey: Luke knew I was suspended, he didn't want me to get into any more trouble. But the truth is, it was my idea to stuff the ballot box. I did it, I acted alone. Luke didn't know anything about it.

Dean: I find that part hard to believe. I think he did know about it.

Casey: No, the truth is, you can't blame Luke for this.

Dean: Mr. Hughes, I find the defense of your friend very commendable.

Casey: No, that's not it at all. I just don't want Luke to take the fall for what I did.

Dean: So, you're admitting that you falsified the results of this election?

Casey: Yes. Luke has nothing to do with this.

Dean: Well then, I think we should talk about your suspension.

Casey: If you want to extend it, I understand. I'm willing to accept that.

Dean: I don't want to extend it. I think we should make it permanent.

Casey: Permanent? You want to expel me?

Dean: Well, shall we put that to a vote?

Barbara: My seamstress has just backed out on me. Her mother has fallen, she's at the hospital. There's still so much to do. There are hems that need to be hemmed.

Salesgirl: Is it too late to postpone?

Barbara: Far. I'll handle things myself. I'll be back as quickly as I can.

Josie: Can you put these on hold for me? I'll be back for them later.

Salesgirl: Sure.

Josie: Thank you.

Emily: Jennifer saved my life. Maybe not like how she saved yours. But I loved her. I loved her grace and her courage. I named my daughter after her.

Dusty: Yeah, I'm sorry you lost her. You know that.

Emily: So I don't get to be suspicious of someone who might want to profit off of her memory?

Dusty: You're not worried about Jen's memory. You're just lashing out.

Emily: Lashing out?

Dusty: Yeah. Because I'm paying attention to another woman.

Emily: Oh, get over yourself, Dusty.

Dusty: You're out for blood.

Emily: And you're being played.

Dusty: I'm trying to help this girl.

Emily: Right, just like you want to help poor, helpless Meg.

Dusty: You see? This is about you.

Emily: I care about you.

Dusty: Let it go. Move on.

Emily: You first.

Dusty: Stop it. Stop.

Emily: You're a fool. You're a fool. When this whole thing falls apart, it's going to be like losing Jennifer all over again.

Dusty: You think I'm playing the fool? Getting played? Maybe I am.

Emily: And you don't care?

Dusty: What do I have to lose?

Emily: Me, if you don't stop this. I'm not just going to stand by and watch you do this to yourself.

Dusty: Something tells me I'll never lose you, Emily.


Barbara: Oh, please be someone with a needle and thread. I thought you said you weren't following me.

Josie: Well, this time it's actually on purpose.

Barbara: Oh, that's supposed to make me feel better? I'm busy. Good-bye.

Josie: Wait. I know how this is going to sound, but I overheard you on the phone at Fashions.

Barbara: Eavesdropping. Something else you didn't know you were good at?

Josie: Well, it's funny you should mention that, because -- I think I know how to sew.

Barbara: Come back when you're sure.

Josie: I am sure. Let me help you.

Dusty: Excuse me. How long ago did Miss Driver leave?

Salesgirl: Right after Ms. Ryan did.

Barbara: Nicely done. You can hang that up with the rest.

Josie: This is great. It's so different from the ones I saw at Fashions.

Barbara: That's one of Jenniferís designs. From her last collection.

Josie: Is this the first time you're showing them?

Barbara: I found some designs of hers, in her sketchbook. I felt like she had left a piece of her behind for me, to find. And at first, I didn't want to share them.

Josie: May I ask what made you change your mind?

Barbara: I'm her mother. And though my daughter's life was very short, it was very accomplished. And I decided it wasn't fair, and it didn't do her memory justice to keep them away.

Josie: You must miss her a lot.

Barbara: I do, every day.

Josie: I'm sorry if my being here brings any of that up again.

Barbara: You know, I'm not the only one who misses her. Her brother Paul, her brother Will.

Josie: Dusty.

Barbara: And Dusty. I don't think he's gotten over losing her.

Josie: And you're afraid that I'm going to hurt him.

Barbara: I'm afraid he is trying to regain something that he canít.

Josie: Is this your husband?

Barbara: Oh. Oh, that's -- that's my ex-husband, Jenniferís father.

Josie: What a good strong face.

Barbara: Hal was the love of my life.

Josie: Was?

Barbara: He was killed in the line of duty.

Josie: He looks like a cop. Rough-around-the-edges. No nonsense. But -- but very sensitive. I'm sorry. Did I say something wrong?

Barbara: No, no, no. You've described him perfectly. I miss him very much.

Josie: A part of me feels like I know what that's like.

Dusty: Barbara --

Barbara: Hey.

Dusty: Sorry to interrupt.

Barbara: No, you're not.

Dusty: The door was unlocked. Everything okay?

Barbara: Everything's just fine. Josie was helping me with some of the dresses for the trunk show.

Dusty: Great. I'll leave you to it.

Lucinda: Well, if I were still in remission, you know, it could get hotter. I'm sure, hot. You know -- but as it is now, who knows? You know?

Lily: I hate to see you deny yourself any happiness because of this.

Lucinda: Why are you being so solicitous of me?

Lily: I thought we were having a conversation.

Lucinda: Oh, you're not just doing this because you think I'm going to snuff? Because I'm not going to. I'm going to hang in here, I'm not going to.

Lily: I'm being solicitous, as you call it -- because like it or not, you're my mother. And I love you. And I miss you.

Lucinda: Oh, Honey. I love you. I want the whole -- oh. Oh, Honey. That's good.

Lily: I'm here now. What can we do for you?

Lucinda: Oh, I know. I know what you can do for me.

Lily: Yeah?

Lucinda: Yeah.

Lily: What?

Lucinda: You know what I'd like? I'd really like -- I'd like a glimpse of my grandchildren.

Lily: You're a lucky lady, because I know just where they are.

Lucinda: Oh, Honey, oh. Hey.

Lily: Let's go.

Lucinda: Okay. I love you.

Lily: I love you.

Luke: I was willing to fight for my ideas, Brian. And all of my ideas were completely doable. And then I just messed it all up.

Brian: You can straighten it out.

Luke: How? I got kicked out of school, I've lost Noah's respect. I guess that's not all I've done, is it?

Brian: What do you mean?

Luke: Well, isn't this the part when you tell me about all the damage I've done to the foundation? How no one's going to want to give to that gay kid who cheated and got caught?

Brian: I don't think I need to tell you that. I think you're punishing yourself enough.

Alison: Casey? No, please wait.

Casey: I thought you didn't want to be around people like me.

Alison: I know what I said, but --

Casey: I'm a slacker, wrecking my life. Don't worry, I don't want to inflict that on you.

Alison: Casey, I'm sorry, I messed up. Okay?

Casey: No, how? You were right. So don't sweat it. I'm not your problem.

Alison: No, you're my friend. So please don't walk away from me.

Barbara: You helped me a lot today.

Josie: It was nothing. It was my pleasure.

Barbara: Well, what do I owe you?

Josie: Owe me? Nothing. I can't take money from you.

Barbara: You did a lot of work, you deserve payment. And I have to be at Fashions. And I don't know where that car is. I've got to get these dresses over there right away.

Josie: Well, I can stay until the car gets here.

Barbara: Okay, okay, but if you won't accept payment, I want you to pick out an outfit.

Josie: I couldnít.

Barbara: I'm not going to argue with you. I insist. All right?

Josie: Okay. But just one. And you can count them when they get there.

Barbara: Don't worry, I will. Thank you, Josie.

Lily: Ah, President Snyder. Hi, Brian.

Luke: Hi, Mom.

Lily: Did you talk to Noah? Is he coming for dinner?

Luke: No, I don't think so.

Lucinda: Hi, honey. Brian, I'm surprised to see you here.

Brian: Something tells me you're not that surprised.

Lily: Where's Ethan?

Luke: The sitter took him to the park. She left a note.

Lucinda: Could I, Honey, can I catch --

Lily: Yes, absolutely.

Brian: Yeah, yeah, I'd like to go with you, if you don't mind.

Lucinda: Well, what if I do mind?

Brian: Listen, Luke and Lily need some time alone.

Lucinda: What is this? Another one of your ambushes?

Brian: This has nothing to do with me. Or you. Let's go.

Lily: Bye. Boy, that Brian really knows how to maneuver people. He invited me to lunch at the Lakeview on the pretense -- Luke?

Luke: Yeah?

Lily: Where were you just now?

Luke: Mom, I need to tell you something.

Lily: Is something wrong? Are you okay? Is it Noah?

Luke: Mom, Mom, I just -- I just need you to listen for a minute.

Lily: Okay.

Luke: Something happened with the election. I did something. Do you remember that video?

Lily: Yes.

Luke: Okay, that's kind of what started it all. We were afraid that Kevinís campaign's was going to do something like that again. And we had Alison Stewart pretend to be a student and spy on them.

Lily: Oh, Luke --

Luke: And they found out, and they did this awful, horrible thing to her that left her really, really scared. And I swore, at that moment, that I would not let them win.

Lily: And they didnít.

Luke: No, but Mom, the truth is they did. The day of the election, I saw that the votes weren't going my way. And I stuffed the ballot box.

Lily: Oh my God. I can't even imagine you doing something like that.

Luke: That's not the worst of it.

Lily: How could it possibly be worse --?

Luke: The school found out.

Lily: Are they taking action?

Luke: I was expelled this afternoon.

Lily: Oh my God, Luke.

Luke: I just couldn't let them get away with doing this to me. Or to Alison --

Lily: What about what you've done to yourself?

Luke: I know.

Lily: You have compromised your future. Everything that you have ever worked for. Luke, I don't understand. Whatever you were fighting for, how could it be worth more than what you've lost?

[Doorbell rings]

Lily: Noah.

Noah: Hey, is Luke there?

Lily: Yes, but now is really not a good time.

Luke: I have nothing to say to you.

Lily: He doesn't feel like talking because he's just been expelled from school.

Noah: What? Wait, you were expelled?

Luke: Yeah, what did you think was going to happen?

Noah: Not this --

Lily: Wait a minute, you knew about this?

Luke: Yeah, yeah. He knew.

Alison: I had no right to come down on you so hard.

Casey: I don't know. You were pretty accurate.

Alison: Well, for future reference? A former meth-head porn star should be the last person telling you how to live your life.

Casey: Apology accepted.

Alison: That wasn't exactly an apology, but whatever.

Casey: Well, it's not like a convicted felon has much ground to stand on. Especially after he gets kicked out of school.

Alison: We're really bad at saying we're sorry, aren't we? And you weren't kicked out of school. You were suspended.

Casey: That was before.

Alison: Before what?

Casey: I'm not sure what happened, but Noah turned Luke in to the dean. And everything just fell apart.

Alison: Why?

Casey: I don't know. So I went down to the dean's office, and I told him it was all my idea. You know, I was the one who stuffed the ballot box. Luke didn't have anything to do with this.

Alison: But case, that's not true.

Casey: I didn't want Luke to get in trouble. Like you said, I was the one who was already suspended.

Alison: So you thought, what else could they do to you? And then they expelled you?

Casey: And Luke.

Alison: No -- oh, Case. I am so sorry.

Casey: No, you were right. You were right. I was an idiot to think I had nothing else to lose.

Alison: No, please, stop quoting me. You know what? Come on. Let's go. Get up.

Casey: What?

Alison: We're leaving.

Casey: Where are we going?

Alison: We're going someplace fun and cool. Come on! Let's go.

[Knock at the door]

Dusty: Hello? Anyone home?

Josie: Right here. Dusty -- you're staring at me.

Dusty: Yeah, you look like --

Josie: Like what?

Dusty: You look beautiful.

Casey: You want to know a skating term you should learn?

Alison: What's that?

Casey: Bail.

Alison: Yeah, works for me.

Casey: You are so sad.

Alison: No kidding. Can I ask you something?

Casey: I don't know. Is it going to make mad?

Alison: Probably. Did you get kicked out of school on purpose?

Casey: What do you mean, on purpose?

Alison: You didn't have to go to the dean, Casey. You didn't have to turn yourself in.

Casey: Do you want to know why I did it? I wanted to prove to you that there is something I care about. My friends. You know, you made me see I really messed things up with Luke. I wanted to fix it.

Alison: Wait. Are you saying that you actually listened to me?

Casey: Yeah. Remind me not to do it again, okay?

Alison: No kidding.

Casey: I don't know. Maybe something inside of me didn't want to go back to school. To me, college was always doing what my parents wanted.

Alison: So, what are you going to do now?

Casey: I was thinking about going to nursing school like you did. Turn my life around, you know?

Alison: Yeah, I can so see you doing that.

Casey: All those hot girls hitting on me in their little white uniforms.

Alison: We don't even wear those anymore.

Casey: Damn. There goes my plan.

Lily: I'm going to go call your father.

Noah: Luke -- I couldn't lie.

Luke: Even though I asked you -- I begged you to let this go?

Noah: I thought what I was doing -- I thought coming forward was the right thing to do. You know, for you.

Luke: How could it be the right thing for me, Noah? I was kicked out of school!

Noah: You think that's what I wanted?

Luke: I don't know what you were thinking. But I know why you did it. You didn't do it because it's the right thing. You didn't do it because you can't lie. You did it because you're jealous!

Lucinda: And further more, if you pull a stunt like that on me again, you are going to regret it.

Brian: I have no doubt that's absolutely true. But you know what? In the meantime, you and Lily have reconciled, thanks to me. So you know what? You need me.

Lucinda: Oh, yes. You think I need you? But you can't fix everything.

Brian: But I can make things easier for you. If you'll let me.

Lucinda: Now don't do that, please donít. I don't feel like it. My body has betrayed me, you know?

Brian: I'm in no hurry.

Lucinda: Oh, you want to wait. You want to wait for my new breasts. We don't know the timeframe on that.

Brian: Lucinda, I'm interested in you, not your breasts.

[Lucinda laughs]

Brian: What's so funny?

Lucinda: Laugh, laugh. Because laughter is healing. You sure know how to sweet-talk a girl!

Noah: What exactly am I jealous of?

Luke: Of Kevin. You've said from the beginning that the only reason I got into this race was to beat him. So I could prove something to him --

Noah: He hurt you. You wanted to get back at him. Only, you wanted to get back at him in public, so that everyone could see you aren't the same kid that he rejected back in high school.

Luke: You don't know what you're talking about.

Noah: That's why you cared so much. That's what this election has meant to you from the beginning.

Luke: Well, thanks to you, I don't have to worry about that anymore. Because I'm not the president, hell, I'm not even a student anymore.

Noah: This is not my fault.

Luke: Really, then whose fault is it? Who went to the dean, Noah?

Noah: I didn't think that they were going to expel you. I thought that they were going to make you, you know, step down or something -- we can figure this out.

Luke: We can? Because I can't get into another college now. Not with this on my record. Oh, hey, I've got an idea. Maybe I'll enlist. How's that for plan?

Noah: Wow. You're fighting dirty. You're comparing this stupid election to my father's death?

Luke: I just don't understand why you had to say anything at all?

Noah: Because I love you! Okay, that's why I can not lie about you.

Luke: You love me? I can't even look at you right now.

Noah: Luke -- you know what? Maybe -- maybe we both need some space --

Luke: There you go again with your space.

Noah: Do you want me to stay?

Luke: No. No, for once I agree with you. Go! If you don't want to be here, Noah, you should just go!

Josie: Oh, God, it's the dress, isn't it?

Dusty: No --

Josie: No, it's Jenniferís design. Barbara said I could have it. But I shouldn't have put it on. It's too much. I can change.

Dusty: Donít. Don't change.

On the next "As the World Turns" --

Luke: I thought I could trust you.

Noah: Yeah, I thought I could trust you.

Alison: Oh, no, Luke doesn't drink.

Luke: I do now.

Jennifer: There is a connection here, right? I'm not just making it up, because I want to belong to someone.

Dusty: No, you're not just making it up.

Meg: Thank you.

Paul: For what?

Meg: For restoring my faith in us.

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