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As The World Turns Transcript Tuesday 11/11/08

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[Alison laughs]

Casey: Come on, tell me you'd rather be changing bedpans and bandages right now.

Alison: I just hope I won't need either of those when this is over.

Casey: You'll be fine. Now that Luke won the election, I'll spend all my time turning into a true skater nerd. What do you think?

Alison: That you've been suspended. And you have a little too much free time on your hand.

Casey: Yeah, and I'm just going to make you a better skater for it. Leg. Thank you.

Alison: So, how long you been suspended?

Casey: For the rest of the semester, through January. Other leg.

Alison: Well, what are you going from now until then?

Casey: For starters, I'm going to watch you bust your butt.


Kevin: Hey, look who it is. Your candidate enjoying his big surprise upset?

Casey: Oh, you sound bitter, Kevin. I thought you wanted the best man to win.

Kevin: If you want to call this a win.

Alison: What is that supposed to mean?

Luke: Here you are.

Noah: You knew I was working today.

Luke: I didn't know you were working the early shift. You usually leave a note or something. My mom wants to take us out to dinner tonight. Celebrating me winning the election.

Noah: You didn't win the election. You stuffed the ballot box. Kevin won. Maybe you should take him to dinner.

Luke: Come here, come here, come here, come here. I know you're mad at me. How long is this going to last?

Noah: I don't know.

Luke: Well, there's got to be something I can do to fix it.

Noah: Yeah, there is. Come clean, Luke. Turn yourself in.

Carly: Hi.

Jack: Hi, I'm here to see the lady of the house.

Carly: Well, who do you thinks letting you in? The maid?

Jack: I meant Sage.

Carly: Tossed aside for a younger woman. I guess it happens to the best of us.

Jack: Oh, in your case, I highly doubt that.

Carly: Well, thank you, kind Sir. So -- a day out at the farm, just riding horses when there's all that college football on TV --

Jack: Yeah, the curse of fatherhood, I guess.

Carly: Right. And you're spoiling Sage with all this one-on-one time in return for what?

Jack: Busted, huh?

Carly: Uh-huh.

Jack: I'm trying to get through to her about Janet.

Carly: Uh-huh.

Jack: Hey listen, Carly, this wedding is going to happen. And Sage can't keep trying to sabotage it like she did the other night.

Carly: Well, if it helps, I did have a talk with her about it.

Jack: Thank you, thank you. You know that Sage would love Janet if she'd just give her half a chance, right?

Carly: Has Janet mentioned anything to you?

Jack: About Sage?

Carly: Or me.

Jack: Carly, what happened?

Carly: Nothing.

Jack: Carly --

Carly: Nothing.

Jack: Carly --

Carly: Janet and I just had a minor disagreement, that's all.

Jack: What kind of disagreement?

Liberty: So you really called Carly the big B?

Janet: Yes, I did, and I was wrong, okay? But, I couldn't believe she actually asked Jack to postpone the wedding because of the children?

Liberty: Yeah, that's a little bit extreme.

Janet: I know, and then the things she was saying about me. I mean, it just made me so mad, I want to just scream.

Liberty: Mom, don't take it out on the groceries, please. They're for the V8 make every serving count program. Go easy.

Janet: Hey listen, I have a question for you. And I want you to answer me honestly.

Liberty: I hate when you start questions with that.

Janet: Am I a bad mother?

Liberty: Define "Bad."

Jack: So, what did you and Janet get into it about?

Sage: Hi, Dad.

Jack: Hey, Pumpkin. You ready to roll?

Sage: I am.

Carly: I'll get your sweatshirt.

Sage: Dad? It's just going to be us today, right? Janet's not going to be there, is she?

Jack: Nope. Just you, me and the horses.

Sage: Yes! I'll go wait in the car. Bye, Mom!

Carly: Bye, Sweetheart. Well, good luck.

Jack: I can handle our daughter, thank you.

Carly: If you say so.

Jack: Listen, about this disagreement with you and Janet --

Carly: Yeah? No, it wasn't really a disagreement. Jack, it was nothing. Not a big deal at all.

Jack: Okay. I'll take your word for it. I will. I just want you to do something for me.

Carly: What's that?

Jack: I want you to apologize.

Carly: Okay. I'm so sorry that I implied that you couldn't look after our daughter. I really am.

Jack: No, no, I'm not the one who needs the apology. I meant Janet.

Carly: Why am I apologizing to Janet exactly?

Jack: You accused her of neglecting Sage when they went trick-or-treating.

Carly: She did. She left Sage alone so she could hang out in the bar with some old boyfriend.

Jack: Yes, Carly, which was exactly what Sage wanted. She and Parker, they set Janet up so she'd run into that guy.

Carly: Well, it worked. One look at her former flame and she forgot all about Sage.

Jack: Where is this hostility coming from?

Carly: Just think about it, Jack. If I took Liberty to Yo's, and left her there, would you be asking Janet to apologize to me?

Jack: Carly, I don't want Sage to think she's got away with something. I don't want her to think that if she keeps at this, that eventually she'll get the result she wants.

Carly: So an apology from me will change that?

Jack: If Sage sees you go out of your way to be nice to Janet, then yeah, maybe.

Sage: Dad, are you coming? It's cold in the car.

Jack: Yeah, Honey, I'll be right there. I'm sorry.

Carly: Sweetheart, maybe if you zip your sweatshirt you'd be a little warmer okay? Now listen to me, you be good for your father, okay?

Jack: One simple gesture could make all the difference. At least think about it.

Carly: Okay, Jack. I will think about it.

Jack: Thank you.

Carly: But there will be pigs in the treetops before I apologize to that woman.

Janet: I mean, I know I wasn't the typical mom, you know? I know that I wasn't there sometimes when you got home from school in the afternoon, and I wasn't there to tuck you into bed every night. I mean, I never showed up for school in a brand new shiny mini-van. I know that.

Liberty: That's really a good thing actually.

Janet: And God knows, I couldn't find a boyfriend to hang curtains for me, let alone a father for you, to sit around the table every night for dinner at 6:00.

Liberty: Its okay, you certainly tried --

Janet: But I did the best that I could with what I had. And you know what I had?

Liberty: Mom --

Janet: I had love. I had a whole lot of love. That is what gave me the strength to stay up late with you on nights that you had the flu. Or the chicken pox --

Liberty: Mom, I'm thinking that --

Janet: And love put those cute little sneakers on your feet. Remember the ones with the blinking lights? They were so cute when really, I wanted espadrilles --

Liberty: Janet! Hello?

Janet: Yes, what? Okay, tell me how terrible am I?

Liberty: I remember everything you've done for me 'cause I was there, okay? And even though I want to strangle you sometimes, you're a really great mom.

Janet: Really?

Liberty: Yeah, don't quote me on that though, 'cause I'll totally deny it.

Janet: Oh, I love you.

Liberty: I love you too. I'm aware.

Janet: I love you, I love you.

Liberty: Now's not the time! Can you just let go of me? Jack loves you too.

Janet: Yeah, but his kids don't --

Liberty: Oh, come on. Mom, J.J. has never said anything bad about you. Parker's only big issue is with me. And that's not a big deal. And then that just leaves --

Janet: Sage. And she can't stand me.

Liberty: Yeah, you'll win her over. You can do that, I know you can.

Janet: Yeah, okay. Yeah.

Liberty: Yeah.

Janet: Yes! How?

Jack: Okay, there you go. How many apples do you think Angie's going to eat?

Sage: She's going to be hungry after our ride.

Jack: Okay, all right, but I want to save some of these apples 'cause Janet wants to make candied apples with you later.

Sage: I don't like candied apples.

Jack: I'm sorry? This coming from the little girl who at last year's county fair almost turned into a candy apple. I don't think you're being very fair to Janet. All she wants to do is be your friend.

Sage: Just because you like her, doesn't mean I have to.

Jack: True, very true. But, hey, listen, news flash, I don't just like her. I love her. That's why I asked her to marry me.

Sage: Do we have to talk about this?

Jack: Yeah, we do. Because Janet is going to be a part of our family. She's crazy about you Sage, and she's very excited to be a part of our family. Why can't she love you? All she wants to do is love you. Is that so terrible?

Sage: I thought today was just supposed to be about us.

Jack: It is.

Sage: Then can we please stop talking about Janet?

Liberty: Oh, thanks. Oh, and hey, don't you worry about Sage. She'll come around. I know she will.

Janet: Yeah, well, worst-case scenario, I guess we could always postpone the wedding until she warms up to me.

Liberty: How long do you think that'll take?

Janet: I don't know, maybe when she's 40?

Liberty: Oh, I have an idea. You could whip up your peanut butter brownies. I always liked you a lot better when I had a major sugar high.

Janet: Oh, that's funny. Get out of here.

Liberty: Bye!

Janet: Go!

Luke: If I turn myself in, it's not going to change anything.

Noah: Yeah, it will. You won't be president.

Luke: Yeah.

Noah: Kevin will.

Luke: And Kevin will feel like he has some divine right to say whatever he wants and he'll still come out on top. He'll just be spouting the same kind of garbage --

Noah: It is garbage. But you can't control what he says or thinks. And you can't control how many people vote for him.

Luke: And they posted that stuff about me on the internet. They were attacking me, it wasn't about my campaign any more.

Noah: I know, and that was your chance to rise above it, and you didnít.

Luke: Well, you know what Noah? I guess my fairy wings weren't working.

Noah: Now you sound just like them.

Luke: Look, they bring Alison to some dorm room and make her strip. They humiliate me on the internet -- and I'm supposed to feel bad about what I'm doing to them? No way.

Noah: What about what you did to everyone else? What about the people who really voted?

Luke: Okay, Mr. Righteous. Will you please tell me when my boyfriend gets back? Because I'd really like to talk to him.

Noah: Yeah, well, funny enough, he feels the same way.

Luke: Can't you just let this go?

Noah: Fine. I will. Enjoy your dinner.

Luke: Wait, you're not going to come with me? What am I going to tell my mom?

Noah: I'm sure you'll find some way to justify it. You're getting very good at that.

Student: Dude, you rocked that campaign. You were totally robbed.

Kevin: Thanks, I appreciate it.

Student: Keep it real, man.

Casey: Come on Alison, let's get out of here.

Alison: No. I want to know what Kevin thinks he's talking about.

Casey: Yeah, he's just running his mouth. It's what guys do when they lose.

Kevin: You think I'm just talking trash?

Casey: The election's over, Kevin. Luke won, you lost.

Kevin: We'll see. Tell President Snyder not to get too comfortable. He may not be in office for very long.

Casey: Why not?

Kevin: There's going to be an investigation into the election.

Alison: You're that upset over losing?

Casey: What the hell did you do?

Kevin: I just want some answers. I want to know how it's possible that 98% of the student body came out for this election. Most of them vote for Luke by the way, when only 26% showed up for the last election.

Casey: Maybe you're not as popular as you thought you were. Nobody likes a sore loser.

Kevin: Yeah, if I really did lose.

Alison: You realize what he's implying --

Casey: Yes, I know what he's implying.

Alison: Casey? Does Luke have anything to be worried about?

Janet: Hi.

Jack: Hey!

Janet: Hi.

Sage: Dad, I thought today was just supposed to be us?

Janet: Oh, I know, I know it is -- its father-daughter day, but I just thought I'd stop by and drop off some brownies, I'm not going to stay.

Jack: That's very nice of you. Isn't it, Sage?

Sage: Whatever. I'm going to go give these apples to Angie.

Janet: She just loves me, doesn't she?

Jack: No, no, it's not that. She's just dying to go riding, that's all.

Janet: Gosh, I don't know, maybe I shouldn't try so hard.

Jack: No, you're just being you, and that's why I love you.

Janet: Oh.

Jack: If I kiss you, will you feel better?

Janet: Um, I don't know. Maybe you should try --

[Cell phone rings]

Janet: I feel better!

Jack: Snyder. You have the search warrant now? All right -- I'll be right over.

Sage: You're leaving?

Jack: Oh, Honey, it's just -- it's just for a little while, okay? I just got to go to the station. I promise. I promise it will only be for a little while.

Sage: Forget it. Just take me home.

Jack: No, I can't do that. Your mom's working at Metro.

Janet: Sage can stay here. I'll watch her.

Sage: No, that's okay, I can stay at the Lebos'. Right, Dad?

Jack: Sage. Are you sure?

Janet: Absolutely.

Jack: Sure. I promise, when I get back, we'll go riding.

Sage: Whatever.

Jack: I can't wait till she's 16.

Janet: Oh, me too. Mm-hmm.

[Janet chortles]

Jack: Thank you.

Janet: Wish me luck.

Jack: You won't need it.

Janet: Oh-ho-ho. Hey Sage, I know what will make you feel better. How about a brownie, huh? Oh, okay, how about a brownie with ice cream on top? Oh, come on Sage! Who can say no to a peanut butter brownie with ice cream on top?

Sage: I can't eat your brownies.

Janet: Why not?

Sage: I'm allergic to peanuts. I'll go into anaphylactic shock. And die.

Janet: Oh, well, for goodness sakeís. We don't want you to die, right? All right, well, what else do you want to do?

Sage: Nothing.

Janet: Oh, come on. How about a board game? I hear you really like to play games.

Sage: Okay.

Janet: Really? Okay. Fantastic!

Sage: Aunt Emma keeps all the board games in that closet on the top shelf.

Janet: Alrighty, we're going to have so much fun. I don't see any thing. Are you sure they're in here?

Sage: Way up in the back. Use the stool.

Janet: Oh, all right. Hey, Sage. Ha-ha, that is so funny! Okay. Sage, okay, you've made your point. You can let me out now.

Sage: Not until you promise you're not going to marry my dad. Well, what are you gonna do?

Janet: Sage. Listen, Sweetie. I know this is hard. Nobody likes change. And I know that you want your parents to be together more than anything. But that's -- that's -- it's not going to happen.

Sage: Because of you!

Janet: No, Sweetheart. Not because of me. Your parents aren't going to be together anymore, and I think you know it's not because of me. Sage. Okay, listen -- if you let me out right now, I won't tell anyone about this, okay? I promise. Come on! Sage, this isn't funny. It's getting hot in here. It's dark, and I can't move around.

Sage: If you can't fit in there, maybe you shouldn't be making so many brownies.

Janet: Oh! How dare you sass me like that, young lady!

Sage: I'm telling you, I'm -- Jack's little girl, Jack's little girl, Jack's little girl --

[Janet sighs]

Janet: Okay, Sage, come on. Come on, now. You don't want me to get sick or hurt in here, do you?

Sage: I just want you to go away and leave my dad alone!

Janet: Well then, you're going to have to let me out of the closet, now aren't you? I'm telling you -- if you were my little girl, I would just bend you over my knee and I'd give you a spanking! Sage? Sage? Sage, come on, Baby. I'm sorry! I'm really sorry! Come on, let me out!

[Sage goes outside and hits herself and calls her mom on the cell phone]

[Sage cries]

Carly: Sage?

Sage: Mommy.

Carly: What's wrong? Where's your father?

Sage: He's not here.

Carly: Where is he?

[Sage cries]

Sage: Ow.

Carly: Honey, tell me what happened.

Sage: Janet hit me!

Casey: Kevin's just trying to make himself feel better.

Alison: What, you really think so?

Casey: Yes, he thought he had the election in the bag, obviously he didnít. So that's why he thinks -- he thought the results were wrong. He can't get over losing to Luke.

Alison: But he really doesn't believe he lost.

Casey: It's called denial. Come on, let's get out of this. Forget about it.

Alison: Yeah, but -- I mean -- you, Luke and Joe -- you guys were talking about stuffing the ballot with extra votes that day.

Casey: Ali --

Alison: I mean, that's all it was, though. Just talk, right? You guys didn't actually do anything. Oh, my God.

Luke: All right. Instead of trying to make me feel bad, maybe you can look at this from a different perspective?

Noah: How else am I supposed to see this?

Luke: I had some really good ideas going into that election. That diversity statement I was working on? I already sent it to the Dean, he wants to meet with me about it. And Noah, when it comes time to vote, your film festival -- that's a done deal.

Noah: So, we're back to the ends justifying the means.

Luke: I can make this work, Noah!

Noah: Who are you trying to convince here? 'Cause I know it's not me.

Luke: All right. You know what? Thank you, so much, for your infinite faith in me. It really just means the world.

Noah: Look, you are not as cool with this as you're pretending to be. Because how you got here, it's not you. You knew that. You knew when you did it.

Luke: You know, some people actually wanted me to win, Noah.

Noah: Well, you must be real proud of yourself, then.

Luke: I am! I am. I'm proud of myself for beating them at their own game.

Noah: Good. Good for you. Just wish I could respect you for it.

Alison: You told me you weren't going to do this!

Casey: What did I do? I helped Luke win the election.

Alison: No, you stole it for him.

Casey: Oh come on.

Alison: The truth is going to come out, Casey. Kevin is not going to let this go.

Casey: They're not going to be able to prove anything. You'll see. This will blow over.

Alison: You don't know that.

Casey: Even if it doesn't, they can't do anything to me. I'm already suspended.

Alison: What about Luke? What happens to him if Kevin is able to prove that you guys cheated? You're supposed to be his friend.

Casey: I am his friend. That's why I helped him win.

Alison: No. No, you didn't help him. Not at all.

Casey: That is -- okay, that is your opinion.

Alison: So, who actually did it? Who actually put the extra votes in the ballot box?

Casey: Me. Me. I did it. So what?

Alison: Wow. That is just your answer for everything, isn't it?

Casey: Oh, okay mom --

Alison: You get arrested --

Casey: Okay, mom --

Alison: You get in a fight, "So what?"

Casey: Sorry I disappointed you, again.

Alison: You know what, Casey? Grow the hell up.

[Casey sighs]

Liberty: Oh. Parker. Ugh.

Parker: Hold on. Hold on. Okay, okay.

Liberty: I got it. Small arms, heavy bags. Sorry, I --

Parker: Whoa. Yeah, these are heavy.

Liberty: I told you. You got it?

Parker: Yep. Did you walk all the way over here?

Liberty: I will suffer for any good cause. My mom went absolutely crazy for this food drive. There were so many times we didn't have that much either, so she likes to give back when she can.

Parker: Yeah, well your mom's not the only one. People have been in here all morning.

Liberty: That's awesome.

Parker: How's your dad?

Liberty: He's okay, now. Things were looking bad there for awhile, though. Which reminds me -- I really wanted to thank you.

Parker: For what?

Liberty: Well, you were really there for me when I was freaking out about the whole thing with my dad. And you we're -- you we're being really nice to me.

Parker: I like being nice to you.

Liberty: Oh, I know I don't always make it that easy for you.

Parker: Yeah, that's an understatement.

Liberty: You're killing my apology here, Dude.

Parker: Look, I'm sorry, but you don't owe me an apology. I'm the one who doesn't want our parents to get married. I'm sorry, but I don't want to be your step-brother.

Liberty: I know. But they're going to get married whether we like it or not. There's really nothing we can do to stop it.

Parker: Yeah? Try telling that to Sage.

Liberty: Aww.

[Liberty chuckles]

Janet: Sage -- come on. You have to let me out now.

Sage: No, I don't!

Janet: You know what's going to happen when your parents hear about this? They're going to tan your little behind!

Sage: No, they won't! They love me!

Carly: Sage! Sage!

Janet: Carly! I'm in here!

Sage: Mommy! I want to go home!

Carly: Oh, Sweetheart. Let me look at you. Oh my God --

[Pounds on door]

Janet: Carly? I'm in the closet!

Carly: Janet?

Janet: Yes! Let me out!

Carly: Sage, did you lock Janet in the closet?

Sage: I just didn't want her to hit me again.

Janet: What? I didn't hit you!

Sage: Yes, she did. I just -- I just wanted to get her to stop!

Janet: Oh my gosh! Carly, I did not hit -- don't you lie to your mother! Carly, come on! Let me out. We can straighten this out.

Carly: Sage. Go wait in the car. Now! You -- you hit my kid?

Janet: Carly!

Carly: You want to pick on someone your own size? You are on!

Janet: Carly, come on! I didn't slap her.

Carly: Rot in that closet for all I care!

Janet: Carly, don't leave!

[Door closes]

Casey: Hey -- you okay?

Luke: Yeah. Yeah, I'm fine. How are you, skater-boy?

Casey: Just trying to disappear.

Luke: That sounds great.

Casey: Listen, you should know -- Kevin's making some noise.

Luke: About what?

Casey: He's suspicious, because the election had such a high turnout. He asked for an investigation.

Luke: An investigation? Into the election?

Casey: Yeah. Don't worry. I don't think he has anywhere to go with it.

Luke: Well, what if he does?

Casey: Luke, he has nothing to go on. Just be cool, okay, though?

Luke: Okay, yeah. I mean, that's all I can be, right?

[Cell phone rings]

Luke: "Unknown id?" Hello? Yes, this is Luke Snyder. He does? Okay, I'll be right there. That was Dean Brewsterís office. He wants to see me.

Casey: You want me to go with you?

Luke: No. No, no, no. I'm sure I'm fine. I'll be fine.

Casey: Yeah.

Luke: I'll call you.

Casey: Good luck.

Liberty: So, where'd all these fruits and veggies come from, anyway?

Parker: Henry and Vienna. They actually donated a ton of stuff.

Liberty: That's so great. Hey, how did you get roped into volunteering for this food drive, anyway? I thought you were kind of only interested in like, hockey and tennis, and like --

Parker: Uh, yeah.

[Liberty laughs]

Parker: My real dad, before he died, was always organizing stuff like this. Helping out, it's just, I don't know, it's kind of my way of showing that I haven't forgotten him.

Liberty: Parker -- that's so sweet.

Parker: Yeah, but you can't tell anyone, because some people actually think that I'm a tough guy. Yeah, but thanks for staying.

Liberty: Yeah, it was the least I could do after all that, you know, you've done for me.

Parker: If you really wanted to thank me, you could help lug all this stuff over to my mom's house.

Liberty: Oh, yeah. Tough guy here can't carry a few boxes? Aww. Okay, if I must. You know, you need me.

[Liberty laughs]

[Phone rings]

Carly: Jack -- I want her arrested.

Jack: Who arrested?

Carly: Janet.

Jack: On what grounds?

Carly: Child abuse, child endangerment. Whatever you can. She hit Sage.

Jack: Sage, she hit you?

Carly: Look at her face!

Jack: Come here, Honey.

Sage: I'm sorry.

Carly: No, Sweetheart, it's okay.

Jack: Your face is really red. What happened?

Carly: It's all right. Tell him.

Sage: Janet hit me.

Jack: Yes, Honey. Why? Why did she hit you?

Sage: Because I didn't want to play a board game with her.

Jack: Janet hit you because you didn't want to play a game? Are you sure that's what happened?

Carly: Jack!

Jack: Honey, when I left you, you weren't too happy about being left alone with Janet.

Carly: What are you doing?

Jack: I'm trying to find out what happened, Carly.

Carly: It's obvious what happened! Look at the mark her face!

Jack: Okay, okay. Take Sage home, all right?

Sage: I'm sorry.

Jack: No, it's okay. It's okay, beautiful. It is.

Carly: What are you going to do about this?

Jack: I'm going to look into it.

Carly: You'd better do more than that.

Jack: Any idea where Janet is now?

Carly: Yeah. She's right where I left her. Locked in the closet at Emmaís.

Jack: What the hell happened over there?

Carly: Ask Janet. And if she tells you she didn't hit our daughter -- she's lying. Come on, Sweetheart.

[Pounds at door]

Jack: Janet?

Janet: Jack! Jack, I'm in the closet! Help me! Oh, thank God! Thank God! Sage locked me in there!

Jack: Sage did?

Janet: Yes, she did! She said she wanted to play a board game. She said they were in there. And when I walked in there, she locked the door and she wouldn't let me out, until I --

Jack: Until what?

Janet: -- Until I promised I wouldn't marry you.

Jack: What?

Janet: Yes, and then Carly came over. She knew I was in the closet, but she wouldn't let me out, because she said that I hit Sage! They left!

Jack: Yeah. About that. Why is Sage saying you hit her?

Janet: Oh, I don't know -- probably for the same reason she locked me in the closet! Because she doesn't want me anywhere near you! She's making this whole thing up.

Jack: So, you did not hit Sage?

Janet: How could you even ask me that?

Jack: Because I saw her, Janet. She got a big red mark on her face. How'd she get that?

Janet: I don't know, Jack. I was locked in the closet! Look at me. Okay, come on. Jack, I would never hit your daughter. Ever!

Dean: We take these allegations very seriously, Luke. Any question about the legitimacy of the election results -- it's something the university simply can't ignore.

Luke: Well, I'm just sorry that Kevin felt the need to come to you with this.

Dean: Well, voter turnout was incredibly high this year. So, I'm hoping that it's simply a matter of sour grapes, but if I have your assurance that everything is on the up and up, well, then there shouldn't be a problem.

Luke: No, Sir. There won't be any problems.

Dean: I'm glad to hear it. I'll be in touch.

Luke: Hey, Case, it's me. Yeah, I just got done talking to the Dean. I think we're in the clear.

Casey: Hey, can I talk to you? Or are you going to hit me with that chart?

Alison: I can't -- I need it for rounds.

Casey: Look, look, I -- I just got off the phone with Luke. The Dean wanted to see him.

Alison: Because of Kevin? Well, what happened? Is he okay?

Casey: He's fine. I told you this would blow over, and it did. So, can you quit being mad at me? Nobody's getting in any trouble.

Alison: You're already are in trouble, Casey. And the really scary thing is that you don't even see it.

Carly: Feeling better, Sweetheart?

Sage: A little. Mom? Are we in trouble?

Carly: No, we're not in trouble. Why would you ask something like that?

Sage: Because -- when we were at the police station --

Carly: What do you think you're doing? Get that woman out of my house!

Jack: Carly, just calm down.

Carly: You do not tell me to calm down. What did she tell you? That it was my idea to have Sage lock her in that closet?

Janet: Oh, come on, Carly.

Jack: Please, everybody, just -- just stop. That's not why we're here.

Carly: Did she tell you what our disagreement was about?

Janet: Oh, are you going to tell him about that now?

Carly: She thinks that I've encouraged the kids to dislike her. That I want them to be unhappy about your engagement.

Janet: Well, it had to come from somewhere, didn't it?

Carly: Or maybe they've just spent enough time with you to know what you're really like.

Janet: Or maybe they're just afraid to get close to somebody new because they have abandonment issues!

Parker: Whoa --

Liberty: What's going on?

Janet: Carly thinks that I --

Carly: I don't think, I know --

Jack: Stop, everybody just stop! Okay, Sage, could you do me a favor? Could you go to your room, please?

Carly: Yes, Sweetheart, that's a good idea. I'll be up in a couple of minutes, okay?

Sage: But, I --

Jack: Please, Honey. Just go to your room. Okay, enough with the cheap shots, all right? We have to figure out how to handle this.

Carly: What is there to figure out?

Jack: Janet says she didn't hit Sage.

Carly: Sage says she did.

Parker: You hit my sister?

Janet: No, I didn't hit anybody!

Jack: We all know -- listen, we all know that Sage has been acting out. She's having a tough time with this engagement, and she tends to over exaggerate sometimes.

Carly: That mark on her face is not an exaggeration, Jack. I don't care what Janet says. What I know is that Sage called me very upset. When I got there, she was scared out of her mind, because this nightmare you're engaged to is completely out of control!

Janet: I'm out of control? What about your kid? What about you, for that matter? She locks me in the closet, and you leave me in there. I could have suffocated.

Liberty: What closet?

Carly: You deserve a lot worse than being locked in the closet for raising your hand to my kid.

Janet: I did not hit Sage! I have never hit anyone in my entire life.

Parker: Well that's not --

Jack: Parker? Something you want to say?

Luke: I love you. I love you even though you're mad at me. I love you even though you don't respect me right now. And I know what I did upset you, and for that, I am so sorry. But Noah, there's nothing I can do about that now. And what I need -- what I need to know is that we, that you and I, are okay. Can you please put your cell phone down and look at me?

Noah: I just got a call from Dean Brewsterís office. He wants to see me.

Luke: Well I knew they were looking into the election. And I donít think they were going to question people in my campaign.

Noah: What did you think he was going to do, Luke? Recount the ballots himself?

Luke: Well, what are you going to say?

Noah: If he asks me if you cheated? I don't know.

Luke: What do you mean, you don't know? Noah, you can't --

Noah: What do you want me to say?

Luke: That as far as you know, I ran a clean campaign.

Noah: So, you want me to lie? Is that what you're asking me to do?

Luke: No, I'm just -- yes. Yes, Noah, I am asking you to lie. For me. Please.

Noah: Well I don't think I can. Luke, you're the one thing I don't think I can lie about.

Jack: Parker?

Parker: Just forget it, all right?

Carly: No, Parker, please, if you know something about Janet, the rest of us don't -- tell us.

Parker: I donít.

Janet: Its okay, Parker. You don't have to cover for me.

Carly: Cover for you? What does he know?

Janet: I have hit someone before.

Carly: Who?

Janet: Liberty.

Carly: Why am I not surprised? What kind of mother are you?

Janet: Well, I'm a lot like my own mother, I guess. She hit me. I mean, she wouldn't beat me or anything. But she did. It was just a slap. And that's all it was with Liberty --

Carly: Just a slap? This is the kind of woman you want raising our kids?

Janet: I didn't hit Sage.

Carly: I don't believe you. And if you ever go near her again, I will do a lot more than just slap you.

Jack: All right. Okay, obviously this is not the time to discuss this.

Carly: I don't have anything further to say. Get her out of my sight.

Jack: Let's go. It's all right. Come on.

Liberty: The night that my mom slapped me -- it was not as bad as I made it sound.

Parker: Really?

Liberty: I was the one who kissed the boy. And I got mad at her. I was pushing it and it just happened -- my mom had to deal with things all by herself for a really long time, so whatever happens to me, it's like it's happening to her, too. And she just -- she kind of lost it.

Parker: She scared you, Liberty. A lot.

Liberty: I know that she did not hit Sage.

Parker: Okay.

Liberty: Okay, listen, once my mom marries your dad, she's going to be okay, and she won't be alone and she'll be fine. I mean, I know it. She won't lose it. Hey. You really could've made things a lot worse for my mom. You could have made her sound really bad, you know, worse than she is. It could have even ended the wedding.

Parker: I know.

Liberty: Why didn't you?

Parker: Because I know that's not what you want.

Janet: I can't do this, Jack. I can't live like this. It's not good for any of us.

Jack: I'm still here.

Janet: But for how long? All I wanted to do was love you. And marry you. And wake up next to you. Maybe I wanted that too much --

Jack: I want that, too, Janet.

Janet: I ignored the warning signs, the red flags. They're everywhere. It's like we're living in a war zone.

Jack: That's one way of putting it.

Janet: Hey, I want you to know -- I would never hit Sage. I didn't hit her. And if you can't believe me -- if you don't want to believe me, then I can't marry you. And you're going to have to walk away. Right now.

Jack: Janet --

Janet: Please believe me, Jack. You've got to believe me.

Jack: I believe you. I believe you, okay?

Carly: It's just the two of us, and I need to ask you what really happened today. Did Janet really hit you?

Sage: Yes.

Carly: I believe you. I believe you. And I will never, ever let that woman hurt you again.

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