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As The World Turns Transcript Friday 11/7/08

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Liberty: Mom.

Janet: Liberty, hey, shouldn't you be at school right now? What are you doing here?

Liberty: Where have you been? I've been waiting for you for like an hour.

Janet: I only had the lunch shift today. Henry could've told you that.

Liberty: Henry's not here, Mom. I can't believe you've been lying to my face like this!

Janet: What are you talking about?

Liberty: How long have you known about Dad?

Janet: Oh, Sweetie, I am so sorry. I am so sorry. I wanted to tell you myself, but I wanted to go see Bradley first because I knew he'd be worried about how you'd react.

Liberty: Oh, he should be worried about being charged with murder. Oh my God, Mom. I cannot believe that they think that he could actually kill that girl.

Janet: Okay, all right, when did you find out?

Liberty: This morning you made lunch for Jack, you forgot to bring it to him, so I brought it to the police station, and there was my dad in handcuffs being taken to his holding cell.

Janet: I'm sorry, I wish you hadn't seen that.

Liberty: Yeah, well, it's not about me. It's about my dad. Mom, they can't lock him up for a murder that he didn't commit!

Tom: Hey.

Brad: Finally.

Tom: Yeah, look, sorry I'm late but even for an ex-DA there tends to be some red tape sometimes.

Brad: Paul told me my lawyer could start throwing his weight around.

Tom: I'll do everything I can, as soon as you bring me up to speed.

Brad: Okay, your wife wants to nail me for the murder of my co-star, Spencer McKay. There's only one problem -- I didn't do it!

Tom: Katie tells me you found the body?

Brad: Yeah, but she was already dead. Strangled in her hotel room. You know, the door was open. Whoever did it must've just left.

Tom: So, what did you do next?

Brad: I untied the scarf from around her neck, I tried to revive her, but it was too late.

Tom: But you were in the room earlier, and you had had a fight?

Brad: Yeah, we had a disagreement, yes.

Tom: And you ripped her clothes. And she charged you with assault.

Brad: I know, okay, yes, yes, I know. That part, that looks bad. But I swear to you, the only reason why I went up to Spencerís room in the first place was to find out why she wanted to meet me and did not show up. She was already dead when I got there. So how can they prove that I did something that I didn't do?

Tom: Well, unfortunately, there's a lot of circumstantial evidence.

Brad: But that's not proof.

Tom: It is enough for the cops to start building their case. I tell you what didn't help your situation -- you sending Katie and Henry into that room. It made it look like you were trying to cover something up.

Brad: I know. That was a mistake. I take full responsibility.

Tom: Well, it may complicate your bail hearing.

Brad: Please tell me I can get out on bail, because if I have to spend one more day in lockup, I'm gonna go out of my freakin' mind!

Katie: Hi, Kim, got a minute?

Kim: Oh, Katie, Honey, I heard the news. Oh my golly, how are you doing?

Katie: Not great.

Kim: Oh, I'm so sorry. What about Brad?

Katie: He's hanging in there. I hope. They still haven't released him yet.

Kim: Everybody here's just in a total state of shock. That terrible thing could happen to Spencer. And of course, everyone's so fond of Brad. And it's just painful to think of him in this situation.

Katie: Kim, I swear, he didn't do this. He's innocent.

Kim: I know, I know. It's just that the events leading up to the murder are troubling.

Katie: That's what I'm afraid of. I know it looks bad and so, I'm worried about the public's reaction. How does WOAK plan to handle that?

Kim: Well, it's news. We have to report the story.

Katie: Well, no, of course. It's just that I hope the other media doesn't pick it up. You know they'll have a field day with it.

Kim: Well, Honey, I don't think there's anything we can do to stop that.

Katie: No, but if the tabloids and the 24-hour news channels turn this some celebrity-crime freak show, the least we can do is balance it out with the truth, right?

Kim: Listen, listen, don't worry. We are not going to sensationalize this. You have my word on that.

Katie: I need more than that. Kim, for Brad's sake, I'm gonna ask you a huge favor. Put me back on the air.

Liberty: Mom, there has to be something that we can do, you know? Some way that we can actually help Dad.

Janet: Okay --

Jack: Hey, Janet, Liberty.

Janet: Hi.

Liberty: Hi.

Jack: I heard you stopped by the station while I was out.

Janet: Heck of a way for her to get the news.

Jack: Yeah, yeah, I'm sorry about that.

Liberty: Me too. Have you talked to Parker lately?

Jack: He left me a message, when I called his phone, it went straight to voicemail. Why?

Liberty: I was just wondering. 'Cause we talked a little bit about my dad. And he said you might be able to help. You know the system way better then we do and you probably know exactly how to get him out of the jail cell.

Jack: Yeah, the problem is, there's a lot of evidence against your dad. The DA has a very strong case.

Liberty: But you're not giving up? He's innocent. I mean --

Jack: Liberty, there's nothing I can do.

Liberty: Come on. You're his brother! I mean, you're supposed to have his back and you know he didn't do this, right?

Jack: Liberty, it doesn't matter what I think. All the evidence points back to your dad. He's the only suspect in this case. I'm not sure there's anything any of us can do.

Kim: Katie, obviously, I know that you are worried sick about Brad, but you going on the air to defend him -- not a good idea.

Katie: Please, Kim. I'm his wife. I have to show people that I believe in him.

Kim: I understand that. But it is not up to the studio to make Brad's case on-air.

Katie: I'm not asking to try his case. I just want a chance to speak to our fans, and tell them how I feel. I think we owe it to the audience of "Oakdale Now." And even though this isn't about ratings, I'm sure the audience would tune in droves.

Kim: Well, actually I was gonna do clips today. You know, the best of Katie and Brad.

Katie: That's a great idea, you can still do that. I'll do a live intro and make a statement.

Kim: It's almost showtime. So, what are you waiting for? Get ready.

Katie: Okay.

Margo: Hello, Tom. I heard you wanted to see me?

Tom: Yes, Brad has brought me up to speed, we'd like to move this case along so we can proceed to the bail hearing.

Margo: Well, that's not how it's gonna play out now.

Tom: Really? My client doesn't have constitutional rights?

Margo: Your client had the right -- had the right to remain silent had the right to an attorney present. Since you're here now, the arraignment is set for 3:15 with Judge Warner. And based on all the evidence we have against Brad, he's not gonna get bail.

Tom: I seem to remember, and I think it might have been the first year law school that decision is not left up to the arresting officer, even if she happens to be the chief of detectives. Judge Warner will decide if Brad gets bail or not.

Margo: And when the judge hears that the defendant got his friend and his wife to enter a sealed crime scene and deliberately tamper with evidence, bail will be denied.

Tom: But the judge won't have to rule on that information if you do the decent thing and just don't present it to the court.

Margo: You're kidding me, right? You're asking me to withhold crucial evidence? That is not going to happen. No, no, no.

Brad: Will you cut me a break, please?

Margo: Did you cut Spencer McKay a break?

Brad: How many times do I gotta tell you, I did not kill her!

Tom: Look, my client is innocent. At very least, he deserves to be free on bail.

Margo: Your client is being charged with premeditated murder in the first- degree. He's gonna be behind bars for a long time.

Liberty: Why won't anyone help my dad? You'd think his family would at least try!

Janet: Liberty, Jack went to the mat for your father before and he lost his job, remember?

Liberty: I know, Mom. That's why I wasn't gonna ask any favors. But Parker was the one that said he would at least try and do the right thing. Look, I know it was awful when you lost your job. But now that you got it back, there has to be something, anything, you could do for --

Jack: Liberty, I would if I could. Believe me.

Liberty: You just can't make him go to jail! Please, you can't let that happen.

Jack: My hands are tied, Honey.

Liberty: If you don't help, it's not because you canít. It's because you don't want to.

Janet: Hey, that's not true! Jack is in a tough situation.

Liberty: Jack's in -- no, my dad's in a tough situation. And you people are just going to sit here and let him rot!

Janet: Liberty, wait!

Liberty: I don't want to talk about it, I have to go. I need to be alone right now.

Janet: Liberty! Jack, I am so sorry.

Jack: No, no, she has every right to be upset.

Janet: Yeah, but she shouldn't be blaming you.

Jack: I just wish there was something I could do to help her.

Janet: You know what? Maybe there is something you can do.

Kim: Okay, everybody, quiet on the set. We're going live in five, four, three, two --

Katie: Hi. It's good to be back. Today we have a very special show for you. We're gonna be highlighting all the best moments of Brad and Katie from "Oakdale now." But before we begin, I have a special message. I'm sure many of you have heard of the untimely death of Spencer McKay, a colleague here at WOAK, and co-host with Brad Snyder of "411." All of us here at the station were shocked and devastated by this news. But to make matters worse, Brad Snyder has been held and questioned about this murder. For all of you fans out there, I want you to know that with Brad Snyder, what you see on TV is what you get. Even when he's putting his foot in his mouth, you know his heart's in the right place. He's a guy's guy, so he does have a temper. But he's strong and caring and as true as they come. I'm his wife, so I should know what I'm talking about. I know he's a good guy. And he could no more have done what he's been accused of -- he just couldn't --

Kim: Obviously, Katie believes in Brad and that is exactly what we would have expected of her, to stand by her husband, right?

Kim: And I know that we all wish you the best and Brad, too. We'll be right back with the best of Katie and Brad, stay with us.

Katie: Sorry, I didn't want to lose it like that.

Kim: Its okay, it's okay. No harm done. Why don't you just go take a little breather now? Collect yourself, go on in the office now. Katie, you did good.

Jack: After what happened last time, I cannot go anywhere near Brad's case. Do you understand that?

Janet: I know, I get that, okay? But you could still help. Bradley has got to be scared to death right now, he could use some support.

Jack: I'm sure Katieís holding up that end. And he's got Tom to defend him.

Janet: That's all well and good, but I think he needs support from all of us.

Jack: If you want to go see him, go ahead. I'll make a phone call --

Janet: Jack, come on, go visit your brother for crying out loud.

Jack: The last person he wants to see is me. Come on, there's been way too much tension between us lately.

Janet: So what? He's in real trouble. And he is family. And family is all that matters, right?

Tom: Brad didn't tamper with evidence. He was here in lockup, he was nowhere near the crime scene.

Margo: Tom, Brad admitted that he contacted Henry Coleman. That he incited Henry and Katie to go in there and fish around. And when I dragged them down here for questioning, he was more then happy to come forth and say it was all his fault.

Tom: Okay, so I wish my clients would keep their mouths shut from time to time.

Margo: Well, it's too late for that.

Tom: Then fine. Do it as a favor to your sister.

Margo: Do you understand that this case is going to get so much media attention? I am going to be highly scrutinized. It's going to be just like when Casey was charged.

Tom: Why is this stuff always happening to us?

Margo: Oh, it's a gift.

Jack: Hey, can I see Brad, please?

Margo: Jack, is this official?

Jack: No, I'm here as a family member.

Janet: He'd like to show his support.

Margo: Jack, I cannot afford for this department to be compromised again. Listen, he has dug himself a great big hole. And he's going to ask you to come in with a shovel and dig him out.

Jack: Margo, I am not going to screw this up this time, okay? I promise.

Margo: Five minutes.

Jack: Thank you.

Margo: Don't make me regret it.

Jack: How you doing?

Brad: Seen better days.

Jack: I know.

Brad: I didn't do this. I didn't kill that woman. Do you believe me?

[Knock at the door]

P.A.: Sorry to bother you, Katie. But this just came for you.

Katie: Probably a sympathy card after my on-air meltdown.

P.A.: I hope you feel better. And tell Brad that we're all pulling for him, okay?

Katie: I will. Thank you so much. "I can solve your problems. E-mail me."

Katie: Who are you? What can you do for me? How? Why would you do this? Why should I? "You have no choice."

Brad: I know you think I'm an idiot. You think I'm an idiot for getting myself into this. Katie tried to warn me about Spencer.

Jack: But you didn't listen.

Brad: She had a good act. And I bought it. I let myself get played. By the time I wised up, it was too late.

Jack: Well, you can't change any of that, Brad, okay? So don't beat yourself up.

Brad: No, that's your job, right?

Jack: Hey, I'm still your brother, Brad. And I would give anything if you weren't in this mess.

Brad: I know how my track record sucks. And I hid the truth about what happened with Leo. And you paid the price for it.

Jack: Don't remind me.

Brad: And I waited too long to come forward, I know that. But this time is different. I am not -- I'm not. I'm not hiding anything here.

Jack: Well, it doesn't look that way, Buddy. Because you had -- you had Katie and Henry break into a crime scene. That hardly seems like you're turning over a new leaf. Means, motive, opportunity.

Brad: I didn't kill that woman. I did not kill her. I'm being set up here.

Jack: By whom? Who would do this and why?

Brad: I don't know. I don't know. And I'm not asking for you to be the one to find out. I just want my brother to believe me. To believe that I'm innocent.

Jack: I do.

Vienna: What's in that cup?

Henry: Nothing.

Vienna: It better not be what I think it is.

Henry: How was the market? Did you get the onions? 'Cause we're really running low.

Vienna: Oh, I knew it.

Henry: Don't go crazy, it's just some fennel tea.

Vienna: You hate tea. And you hate herbal tea even more. And you only drink it when you're in a deep, deep depression.

Henry: Well, I can't help it, okay? My heart is breaking.

Vienna: What is it, poor Katie?

Henry: And Brad.

Vienna: How can they lock up a man with no good reason? It's just wrong.

Henry: We have to do something.

Vienna: Yeah, you tried that, and you almost got yourself arrested.

Henry: I don't -- I don't care. I'm not going to let an innocent man go to jail for a murder he did not commit.

Vienna: Oh, I love it when you fight injustice. Just like a superhero. You remember? You remember that time with the cape and mask and --

Henry: -- And you were all tied up?

Vienna: When I couldn't move and I called out, "Help!" And I heard something over by the window.

Henry: To the rescue.

[Vienna laughs]

Vienna: But -- but you didn't untie me right away.

Henry: That's because you begged me not to.

Vienna: The sign, Henry. The sign, now.

Parker: Hey, Liberty. You find my dad? Well, what did he say? Can he help Brad?

Liberty: There's nothing he can do.

Parker: I'm sorry, I tried to call him.

Liberty: It's okay, it wouldn't have done any good. He just kept on saying that his hands were tied.

Parker: Yeah, well, he's a cop. He has to say that. But don't think that he's just going to give up.

Liberty: Parker, he lost his badge the last time he helped my dad. I really don't think he's going to help him get out of another jam. I know you said it would be different this time, but he's just not going to stick his neck out, even if it is for his own brother.

Parker: I guess you're right.

Liberty: I just really don't want my dad to go to jail, you know? Because a few years ago, I didn't even know I had a dad. And it's so weird, because now I know that I have one, and -- and he -- and he --

Parker: Yeah, a lot can change in a year.

Liberty: I know. And before, I didn't even want to go see him. I didn't even think I would ever talk to him, you know, ever get to know him.

Parker: Weren't you just a little bit curious?

Liberty: No. I didn't really think, because it had just been me and my mom. And that was cool. But then, I got to get know him, and he and I are so alike.

Parker: It's not fair. It's not fair, all right? And I really -- I wish there was something that I could do to make you feel better.

Janet: How is he?

Jack: I think he could use some company.

Janet: Margo, can I go tell Brad that Liberty's going to be okay? Pretty please?

Margo: Sure, fine, go.

Jack: If you don't have any objections, I'd like to take a look at the evidence you have against Brad.

Margo: Yes, I have objections. No. You are to stay as far away from that evidence as possible.

Jack: Margo, come on, he's my brother.

Margo: Exactly.

Jack: Yeah, and you're his sister-in-law. So what's the difference?

Tom: You know, I think he's got you there. I'm just saying that in the eyes of the law, you are family.

Margo: Well, isn't this cozy?

Jack: Look, I know that Brad isn't capable of murdering a woman in cold blood, and so do you.

Tom: You are constantly telling me that Jack is one of your finest detectives. So why aren't you listening to him now?

Margo: I'm going to listen to the evidence. If I need a second opinion, I'm going to get one that's unbiased.

Tom: Oh, Jack's biased, but you're not.

Margo: Oh, you are so pushing it now, Tom --

Dani: Excuse me, hi, Lieutenant, the forensics office just gave us the coroner's report on Spencer McKay.

Margo: Excellent.

Tom: I'd like to have a look at that. My client has the right to full disclosure.

Margo: Knock yourself out, baby. The coroner's report is going to tell us what we already know. All the evidence leads to Brad.

[Katie remembering]

Katie: "You have no choice." I have to say, you did all the right stuff.

Brad: I told you so.

Katie: So, what did we learn today?

Brad: That I'm irresistible

Trainer: Give me what you've got.

Katie: As long as you have your --

[Dog barking]

Brad: Go, go, go, go!

[Computer beeps]

Katie: "What's your answer?"

Katie: Yes.

Katie: What now? No, no, no, no, no, no, no. No, not now, come on!

Kim: Everything okay in here?

Katie: No, I don't know. Something weird just happened with this computer.

Kim: Really, what?

Katie: I lost the connection.

Kim: Well, do want me to call the tech support?

Katie: No, no, no. No, its fine, I guess. After my on air meltdown today, some weirdos came out of the woodwork. You know how crazy those Katie and Brad fans are.

Kim: Well, they're not all crazy. They -- they all want to see you and Brad back together again.

Katie: Well, I don't know if they're going to get their wish.

Kim: Well, I can guarantee one thing, and that is that Tom is a fabulous attorney, and I know he is going to do his best for Brad.

Katie: I just want my husband home where he belongs.

Kim: Well, Honey, of course you do. Now come on, I don't want you to give up. Hang in there.

Katie: You're right. Yes, I should do whatever I can.

Kim: That's it. That's exactly it.

Katie: Kim, thank you so much. Being here was so helpful for me today.

Kim: Okay, Sweetheart. Take care.

Katie: You, too.

Vienna: What's wrong? Is it me?

Henry: What? No, no, no, no. Never, never, my titillating temptress. I just -- yeah, yeah, yeah.

Vienna: I know, I can't get Katie and Brad off my mind, either. I think you're right. We have to help them somehow.

Henry: No, not -- not we. You're not going anywhere near this.

Vienna: Well, you're neither. Remember? Margo told you that she would throw you in jail next time.

Henry: I remember, I do. Any of that tea left?

Vienna: No, no! I won't let you do that to yourself. I actually have a much, much better idea. I'm going to go and get some supplies. And then, you and I, we're going to meet at the Lakeview.

Henry: Supplies?

Vienna: Mm-hmm.

Henry: A cape and mask, perhaps?

Vienna: Or perhaps something much better.

Henry: You going to give me any hints? Okay. Okay, you want to play it that way? You get your supplies, and maybe I'll get mine.

Both: Don't follow me!

Tom: Well, in case the coroner missed anything, I'd like to examine the body.

Margo: Tom, you're not going to find any new evidence under her toenails. It's all in the report.

Tom: I can call Judge Warner. You know, I have the right.

Margo: All right, I'm not going to argue with you.

Tom: Because you know you'd lose.

Jack: I can take Tom to the morgue.

Margo: Nice try, but I think I'll personally escort the counselor.

Tom: Well, must be my lucky day.

Dani: Do you mind if I come with you?

Margo: Some times three's a crowd in the morgue.

Dani: Look, I wouldn't ask, it's just that it's such a golden opportunity for me, you know? Former D.A. and chief of detectives on the same case? It's, you know, my opportunity to learn from the best.

Margo: Look at you. I guess flattery just got you a trip to the morgue. Jack?

Jack: I'll hold the fort.

Brad: It killed me to have to tell Liberty that I was facing a murder charge. How's she handling it?

Janet: She was pretty upset. But on the upside, she totally believes you're innocent.

Brad: She does?

Janet: Absolutely, yes. She is behind you 1,000%.

Brad: I just wish she didn't have to go through this at all.

Janet: Oh, come on, now. She's a tough cookie. Hey, let me tell you something. Liberty never knew she had a father before. Now that she's got one, one who loves her with his whole heart, she finally realizes that nothing else in the world matters more than that.

Liberty: I don't get it, Parker. My dad has been pretty tough on you.

Parker: So?

Liberty: So I've seen him grab you by the neck and squeeze. Are you sure you don't want to testify for the prosecution?

Parker: I -- I don't think that he killed that woman.

Liberty: He didnít.

Parker: Right, and he is my uncle, which makes him family. And more importantly, I would never ever hurt someone that you cared about.

Van: Hey, Liberty.

Liberty: Oh, hey.

Van: How's it going?

Liberty: Um, not so good.

Van: I heard about your dad. I'm really sorry.

Liberty: Thanks.

Van: If you feel like hanging out, guys from the team and some cheerleaders are coming by my house later.

Liberty: Thanks, I'm going to actually hang out with Parker right now.

Van: Hey, little step-brother.

Liberty: No, no. He's -- he's actually a friend. A really good friend.

Janet: Don't worry about Liberty. She will always be on your side. I'll let you two catch up.

Brad: Hey, Janet? Thanks. You're a sight for sore eyes.

Katie: You, too. How's it going?

Brad: Yeah, good. No, not so good, but Jack and Janet are pulling for me. So is Liberty. Tom's got me all lawyered up. And Margo is being a hardass.

Katie: I'll have a talk with my sister.

Brad: No, she's doing her job. I don't take it personally. Well, not so much.

Katie: Tell me the truth. How are you? Are you okay?

Brad: I don't know. I don't know. I just -- I just feel like I'm letting everybody down. Especially you.

Katie: Don't worry about me. I'm fine.

Brad: Yeah, right.

Katie: Okay, this really sucks.

Brad: You know what's really funny? Is the last time I messed up and Leo got hurt, I was totally to blame and I almost got away with it. And this time, I'm totally innocent, and it looks like they're going nail me to the wall.

Katie: Not necessarily.

Brad: Well, unless you walked in here with a presidential pardon in your pocket --

Katie: No. But there might be something even better.

Tom: You've seen circumstantial evidence before. You've seen people wrongfully convicted because of it. Do you really want your own brother-in-law to be one of those people?

Margo: No, of course not. But Brad just keeps putting his foot in his mouth and aiming everything directly at him. And Honey, you didn't see how angry he was the day that Spencer died. He was angry enough to tear her clothes the first time he went over there. God knows what he did the second time.

Tom: He's still presumed innocent and deserves to be out on bail. Then let a jury to decide.

Dani: Well, here we are.

Margo: Yes, well, here we are. Jeez, there's nothing like the smell of formaldehyde. Would you, you know, since you want to learn everything, just hoddle off and get the body?

Dani: Yeah, right away, Lieutenant.

Margo: Thank you.

Tom: When you start to feel sick, it's your guilty conscience because you know Brad deserves to be out on bail.

Margo: He's a flight risk.

Tom: He's going to, what, load Katie on a plane and fly her to the South Pole?

Dani: Lieutenant Hughes, we have a problem. Spencer's body, it used to be right here. And now it's not. Wow, this tree is nicer than the ones downtown.

Margo: All right, let's not jump to any conclusions. The body's got to be somewhere. Because I didn't authorize anyone to remove it.

Dani: Yeah, well, I don't see it. So unless it got up and walked away, I'm really --

Margo: Are you sure you checked everywhere? Because you know, you're often confused.

Dani: I saw that body on this gurney about a half hour ago when the M.E. handed me his report.

Margo: Then you get him on the phone and see if he authorized to remove it.

Dani: I don't think so. He was through with his examination.

Margo: Corpses do not just disappear. Go find that body, now!

Dani: Okay.

Brad: Is there something you're not telling me? Is there a break in the case that I'm not aware of?

Katie: No. I mean, I can't say for sure. But anything can happen. Who knows, maybe there's some unseen development that's going to turn things around for you.

Brad: Why am I getting the feeling that you're planning something? I do not want you to get in trouble for me.

Katie: I'm not. I promise.

Brad: Listen to me, you and Henry got caught breaking into a crime scene looking for clues.

Katie: Yeah, and you took the blame for that. Which made things even worse for you.

Brad: And I will do it in a heartbeat, okay? So do not press the issue. I don't want you to do one more thing that's risky. Promise me, don't do one more thing to help me.

Katie: No, no. I can't promise that.

Janet: I know you got work to do. So, I'll get out of your hair.

Jack: Yeah, hey, hey. Am I going to see you later?

Janet: Hey, hey, you can count on it!

Jack: Bye.

Janet: Good bye.

Parker: You're really worried about him, aren't you?

Liberty: Yeah, I am. When I saw him in those handcuffs --

Parker: He is not going to be locked up forever, and you can not let yourself believe that.

Liberty: Thanks, Parker. That was -- that was so the right thing to say.

Parker: Score one for the little step-brother.

Liberty: Don't listen to Van. He's very full of himself.

Parker: So, you're not sorry that you didn't go over to his place?

Liberty: Yeah, I could not go hang out at a party with all this stuff going on. That's the last thing I could do.

Parker: Well, are you going to try it?

Liberty: Yeah. This is exciting.

Parker: It's better than Java.

Liberty: Let's see. Let's see. You have some serious hidden talents, Parker.

Parker: Stick around, and I'll show you some more.

Katie: Okay, I promise. I won't do anything stupid.

Brad: No, no. Don't do anything at all. I need to know that you're safe. And don't hook up with Henry for any more of his capers. All right, just go home. Stay there. Look after Liberty. Knowing you two are safe, I mean, that's what's going to get me through this.

Katie: Yeah, okay. Well, we do still have to prove you're innocent.

Brad: All right, will you leave that up to Tom? Please? I love you.

Katie: I love you, too. So much.

Brad: You got to go before I might lose it. Okay, no getting into trouble. That's my job.

Katie: And you're pretty good at it.

Brad: Okay, remember when I said about -- about dumb moves? That's an official promise, right?

Katie: I promise. I'll see you at home very soon, okay? With Liberty.

Brad: Can't wait.

Liberty: So tell me about these hidden talents you have there, Parker.

Parker: Well, see, most people only think I'm good at tennis, math, and skateboarding.

Liberty: Okay, so what do these people not know?

Parker: Well, I'm actually a pretty good kisser, right?

Liberty: You're okay.

Parker: What do you mean? I need more practice?

Liberty: Well, practice just makes perfect --

Parker: Yeah, right.

Liberty: You have a pretty ridiculous moustache of whipped cream.

Parker: No.

Liberty: Yeah, yeah. I got it, so you're good. Yeah.

Parker: Sorry, I'm -- I'm sorry.

Janet: Is there a problem?

Liberty: No, there is no problem.

Janet: Good.

Parker: Uh -- I'm going to go.

Janet: Yeah.

Liberty: Yeah, you should go. Parker? Thanks a lot again. Bye. Yeah.

Margo: All right, Brad -- on the record, and with your attorney present for once -- I have to ask you, did you have anything to do with the disappearance of Spencer McKayís body from the city morgue?

Brad: What? I have no idea what you're talking about.

Margo: Do you want me to add conspiracy and evidence tampering to the charges?

Tom: Stop blaming him. If the police department bungled this case, it has nothing to do with him.

Margo: Tom, don't start with me, now.

Dani: Okay, I have searched every cadaver in the morgue. I'm going to be having nightmares for the rest of my life, but I can tell you beyond a shadow of a doubt that Spencerís body is gone, and the security guards have no idea what happened.

Margo: Oh, this is outrageous!

Jack: Margo, sorry to interrupt, there's something you should know.

Margo: What?

Jack: I was just down in the evidence room to see what you had on Brad.

Margo: Jack --

Jack: Listen, I brought an officer with me as a witness just in case.

Margo: All right, all right. What?

Jack: It's gone. All of it. The scarf, DNA evidence, everything. Gone.

Margo: What?

Jack: I swear to you, it's true.

Tom: You know what that means, Margo. If you have no evidence, you have no case against Brad.

Margo: Excuse me, honey. I'm not done questioning your client. Now Brad, dead bodies and every shred of evidence in an ongoing murder investigation don't just get up an walk away, so you tell me. Did you put Henry and Katie up to this?

Brad: No, I didn't. I'll swear on a stack of Bibles.

Margo: Get me a search warrant for Henry Coleman's room.

Dani: Right away. What about Katie?

Margo: I will deal with this. Just go now!

Brad: No, no, no. Listen, Katie had nothing to do with this, because I made her promise not to help me.

Margo: Jack, I want you to cross-check the sign-in sheet and the surveillance video. I want a positive ID of anyone coming and going from the evidence room or the morgue.

Jack: You got it.

Tom: I know you will conduct a complete investigation, but in the meantime, you have no legal right to hold my client in jail.

Margo: Oh, no? It looks like Brad's in even deeper trouble. I mean, tampering with evidence on a major scale like that. That's going to be a little hard to defend, even for you.

Tom: You don't have any proof that he had any involvement in this whatsoever. In fact, you have no proof against Brad at all. I'm serious, Margo. Let him go.

[Liberty squirts whipped cream into her mouth]

Janet: [Laughs] Gee, I'm glad Parker made you feel better.

Liberty: Yeah, it's just too bad he can't get Dad out of jail, you know?

Janet: No, he can't. Just like Jack can't risk his career again by losing the evidence.

Liberty: Mom, what are we going to do?

Janet: Well, Libby, we're going to stay positive, because, guess what? We've got the truth on our side, and the truth is your father is innocent.

Liberty: Yeah.

Janet: And trust me, it will come out, okay?

Liberty: Okay.

Janet: So, what do you say we quit moping around here. I've got to get back to work, and you can come with me, and then you can have a bacon cheeseburger and that will make all your problems go away.

Liberty: Really, Mom? You think a bacon cheeseburger's going to make me feel great, huh?

Janet: No, but at least, you won't be hungry.

Liberty: Okay.

Margo: Jack, I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I just -- I have to ask you, "Did you have anything to do with that evidence going missing?"

Jack: No, I'm not covering up for my brother, Margo. I swear, and I know that doesn't mean much, but I swear I learned from my mistakes.

Margo: I'm sorry. I'm just -- I had to ask.

Jack: I understand, believe me.

Margo: For the love of Mike, would someone please tell me how a dead body and evidence locked in a secure facility can disappear into thin air? What the hell is going on around here?

Katie: Anybody home?

[Katie looks at the note that reads, "I can solve your problems. E-mail me," then crumples it up and throws it in the trash can]

Brad: Honey, I'm home.

Katie: Brad! Oh my God. This is incredible. How?

Brad: Marlo dropped the charges. I'm a free man.

[Katie sighs]

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Janet: Sage, okay, you've made your point. You can let me out now.

Sage: Not until you promise you're not going to marry my dad.

Carly: I want her arrested.

Jack: You want who arrested?

Carly: Janet.

[Dusty and Josie kiss]

Noah: I just got a call from Dean Brewster's office. He wants to see me.

Brad: I saw her. Spencer is not dead!

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