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As The World Turns Transcript Thursday 11/6/08

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Henry: Al's diner -- we fry it, you buy it.

Brad: It's me.

Henry: Hey, Buddy, this is a big surprise. You coming in for breakfast? We've got those salami pancakes that you love so much.

Brad: I wish I could but, I'm in jail.

Henry: Well -- well, I hope you didn't try to drown anyone. I mean, that didn't work too well the first time.

Brad: That's not funny, Henry. I've been arrested for murder.

Katie: Hi Tom, its Katie. Listen, I know you're in a deposition right now, but I just wanted to call and make sure that Brad's doing okay this morning. I can't believe he's gotten himself into this much trouble, but thank you so much for helping him. Just call me when you get this, okay? Thank you.

Liberty: Woo.

Katie: Oh, you're up early.

Liberty: Yeah, I have a Chem test today. Dad said he'd quiz me before I left. Where is he?

Henry: Okay, I won't ask why in the hell you went up there.

Brad: You know, you'd be the first person who didnít.

Henry: But I will say that I understand why the cops consider you a suspect.

Brad: Good to have you in my corner, Henry.

Henry: Brad, I am -- I am in your corner, okay? But you have got to level with me here. Did you do it?

Brad: Henry!

Henry: I will take that as a no.

Brad: You're damn right it's a no! Come on!

Henry: Well, I'd almost understand if you did. I mean, she was a nasty piece of work.

Brad: Well, at least you saw it. She had most people snowed.

Henry: Not Katie, and not Vienna, they saw through her from the beginning.

Brad: Well, Katie tried to warn me a hundred times about her, but I just -- I thought she was jealous.

Henry: Well, we all know that judging people is not exactly your strong point.

Brad: I'm friends with you, aren't I?

Henry: Even a blind squirrel can find an acorn from time to time, Brad. Do you have a lawyer?

Brad: Yeah, Tom.

Henry: Is there anything else you need?

Brad: Well, I mean, you can talk to Katie for me. Before she goes and gets a lawyer and files for divorce.

Henry: Brad, Katie does not think that you did it.

Brad: Well, I don't know what she thinks except she's married a dope.

Henry: She knew that from the start.

Brad: Henry, if she's not behind me, I'm not going to make it.

Henry: Brad, Brad, she is behind you, okay? She is. She loves you, big dope that you are.

Brad: Can you talk to her?

Henry: Sure. What else can I do?

Brad: You can bake me a cake with a file in it.

Henry: Well -- well, they probably have electronic sensors in the bars, I'd have to disable the system --

Brad: I was joking.

Henry: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. So was I. Don't lose your sense of humor, okay?

Brad: I'm trying. That's about the only thing I have left.

Margo: What'd they find?

Dani: Forensics says that the fibers underneath Brad's fingernails are a definite match to the victim's scarf.

Margo: But did they tell us -- was he strangling her? Was he trying to help her?

Dani: Not yet, not yet. They haven't told us.

Margo: So it's all circumstantial.

Dani: Yeah, as of right now, yeah.

Margo: I just wish it didn't all point to Brad.

Katie: I am late for an appointment.

Liberty: What about Dad?

Katie: What about him?

Liberty: Where is he?

Katie: He uh -- he was not here when I woke up.

Liberty: Sucker blew me off!

Katie: Why, do you need help?

Liberty: No, you said you were running late.

Katie: I am.

Liberty: Dude, it's cool, I'm gonna review it by myself. It's fine.

Katie: Okay, you're sure?

Liberty: Yeah, hey, you forgot your lunch!

Katie: Oh, that's not mine. Your mom made it for Jack before she left.

Liberty: Oh, leftover lasagna. She's so subtle, huh?

Katie: Yeah, okay, well. See you later. Good luck!

Liberty: Okay, bye! Hey, if you see my dad, tell him it's his fault if I flunk. Weird. Hey Mom, it's me. You forgot Jack's lunch, so I'm gonna drop it off at the station on my way to school, and then I'm gonna go to the mall and get that plaid skirt I wanted as your way of saying thanks. Later.

Bob: So, I understand you've been coming for therapy.

Paul: Yeah, it's seems to be making a big difference.

Bob: Well, I'm glad to hear that.

Paul: Yeah, I finally realized that if I was ever going to get any better that I couldn't be too proud to ask for help. I'm a husband, I'm a father, and I don't have a lot of time to play with.

Bob: Well, I'd say that's an indication that therapy is helping you.

Paul: I hope so.

Bob: Listen, if there's anything I can do, don't hesitate to call.

Paul: Thank you, but this something I really have to do on my own.

Bob: Good luck, Paul.

Paul: Thanks.

[Emily clapping]

Paul:  All right, what cynical point are you trying to make now?

Emily: No, I'm just trying to express my appreciation for such a fine performance.

Paul: It wasn't a performance.

Emily: Really? And this isn't a hospital.

Paul: I meant what I said.

Emily: You did sound sincere.

Paul: I was.

Emily: Well, good for you. I mean, if you can fake that, you can fake anything.

Dusty: Good morning.

Josie: Morning.

Dusty: You sleep well?

Josie: Very.

Dusty: Oh, thanks. So you had a good night? That's good.

Josie: It's just the opposite of the hospital. I want to thank you for everything. I don't know what I would've done without you.

Dusty: You hungry?

Josie: Are you kidding? After a steady diet of hospital food?

Dusty: Downstairs they have a killer breakfast.

Josie: Oh, sounds good. What is it?

Dusty: Nothing, I was just thinking.

Josie: What am I doing with this lady?

Dusty: No. No, nothing like that.

Josie: Look, if you're having second thoughts about bringing me here, just say the word and I'm gone.

Dusty: I'm not having second thoughts.

Josie: Well, then maybe you can tell me why you did it, because right now, it's not adding up.

Dusty: I brought you here because I think I can help you.

Josie: I'm sorry, but there has to be more to it than that. You meet a woman with the same color hair and initials as your late wife and you suddenly adopt her?

Dusty: That's not the way I'd put it.

Josie: Well, it's pretty much what happened. You think I'm your Jennifer in someone else's body.

Dusty: Do you think I'm the kind of man who'd even think that way?

Josie: Not really. But you do seem like a guy who did something that you can't really explain, not even to yourself, and now you don't know what to do about it.

Dusty: I know what to do. And no insult to the medical staff in Sandusky, but here at Oakdale Memorial, we have some good doctors. Maybe they can help you out.

Josie: No, I have had enough poking and shrinking, I'll pass, thank you.

Dusty: Don't you want to find out who you are? I do.

Josie: Why? Why do you care about me?

Dusty: Well, that's what I need to find out.

Paul: You know what? I don't care at all what you think.

Emily: Just trying to scope out your plan.

Paul: I don't have a plan.

Emily: Oh, please.

Paul: Look, if I remember it right, it was your idea that I go to therapy in the first place. It's really your advice.

Emily: Oh really? I told you to just go through the motions. That's all you had to do and Meg would be happy.

Paul: Really? I don't remember you saying that.

Emily: Did you ever think that actually going to therapy might be good for you if you took it serious?

Paul: I am taking it seriously. I know what I have to do, I'm doing it.

Emily: It's not the same thing. Don't short-change yourself. For your sake and your childís.

Henry: Hey, hey, Brad called. This is terrible.

Katie: I know. I don't know what to do, Henry.

Henry: I can't believe they think he's a killer! Brad --

Katie: Well, all the evidence points to him.

Henry: Well, you don't think he did it, do you? Katie? Hey.

Katie: No, of course I don't think he did it. But it's just all the other things he did -- I warned him to stay away from her. So did Kim. But he didn't listen to us.

Henry: This is Brad we're talking about! The only reason he has a head is to keep his hat off his shoulders. But his heart is as big as Idaho, that's why you fell in love with him, remember?

Katie: No, I'm just so angry at him for leaving himself wide open. I had to lie to Liberty, I mean she's going to find out eventually. You know what this is going to do to her?

Henry: Yeah, I know, it's just going to be horrible. But she's also going to see what you and I do and that is that Brad has been set up.

Katie: You really believe that?

Henry: Now look, you and Vienna both got really weird vibes about Spencer. I gave her the benefit of the doubt and then we found all that money.

Katie: Yeah, the money she replaced so that by the time the cops went back, the real cash was gone.

Henry: Exactly. And Brad, he just -- he didn't see it. That's all.

Katie: Until it was too late.

Henry: Look -- look, we know the girl was up to her eyeballs in something dirty, that is why she is dead.

Katie: But how do we prove it?

Henry: That's the part I haven't figured out yet.

Katie: He's in real trouble, isn't he?

Henry: Yeah, Bubbles. He is.

Liberty: Hello.

Cop #1: Hi.

Liberty: I'm looking for Detective Snyder.

Cop #1: He's on a case.

Liberty: Oh, okay, I have his lunch, so --

Cop #1: Leave it on his desk.

Liberty: Okay, thank you. Dad? What are you doing here? Why are you wearing those?

Emily: Dusty.

Dusty: Hello, Emily.

Emily: I'm sorry, aren't you going to introduce me to your friend?

Dusty: Emily Stewart, this is Josie Matthews Driver.

Josie: Hi, it's nice to meet you.

Emily: How do you do? You new in town?

Josie: Yeah. Dusty helped me escape from Sandusky, Ohio.

Emily: Really?

Dusty: Josie, would you mind giving me a moment with Emily?

Josie: Sure, I'll get us a table.

Dusty: Thanks. She's a friend.

Emily: Yeah, it's none of my business, really.

Dusty: No, no, no. She's here because of you.

Emily: How's that?

Dusty: Well, you told me to listen to that psychic, Madame Penelope. And she told me I'd find a redhead in Sandusky, Ohio with Jennifer's initials.

Emily: Josie Matthews Driver.

Dusty: That's right. She had an accident and she doesn't know who she is.

Emily: So you brought her here?

Dusty: Yeah, trying to get her memory back. Madame Penelope thinks she's connected to Jennifer.

Emily: I'm sorry, you believed her?

Dusty: Yeah, you told me to be open to this stuff.

Emily: Be open, that's right. Not go to Ohio and bring home a total stranger.

Dusty: Whether or not Josie's connected to Jennifer, she needs help. But if she is connected --

Emily: How, Dusty?

Dusty: Well, that's what I'm trying to find out.

Emily: Has she said anything?

Dusty: She can't remember anything. I'm trying to get someone here to help her out.

Emily: Oh, my God. This superhero complex of yours is out of control.

Dusty: You think so, huh?

Emily: You don't see the pattern? Honestly, unless a woman is a walking cry for help, you're not interested. That's why you lost interest in me. I'm not -- I'm not a wounded bird like I used to be.

Dusty: No kidding?

Emily: So then you set your sights on Meg, and you want to help her. But Paul's in the picture, that got too complicated, so you go find yourself someone who's a complete blank slate, literally?

Dusty: You're a lousy shrink.

Emily: Did you ever consider the possibility that a brand new gazillionaire makes an attractive mark?

Dusty: She doesn't want my money, and this isn't your problem. It's mine.

Emily: Oh, it sure is.

Kim: Oh, Honey!

Bob: Oh, I know. You're gonna cancel our lunch.

Kim: No, I don't want to, but I may have to. Honestly, I am just spinning with all this business about Spencer being murdered. I just can't believe it.

Bob: I know, it's terrible.

Kim: And I'm so worried about Brad and Katie. I haven't been able to find either one of them.

Bob: Have you tried Margo?

Kim: Yeah, that's my next phone call.

[Cell phone rings]

Kim: Sorry. Excuse me. Kim Hughes. Monica, slow down. Are you sure? Has he been arrested? Okay, all right, listen, calm down. I'm going to call the police station. I'll find out what I can. All right.

Bob: What is it?

Kim: They've taken Brad in for questioning about the murder.

Bob: They think he did it?

Kim: I have no idea. I've got to find out, though. Honey, I'll meet you at Java later, okay?

Bob: Definitely. Hey, listen. I'm sorry, I know you were very fond of her.

Kim: Oh, yes, I was. I mean, she was a lovely girl, and Brad and Katie -- I just hate to think of them going through this all over again. I'll see you later.

Brad: This is a mistake.

Liberty: What is? What happened, what did you do?

Brad: Nothing.

Liberty: Dad, tell me, please.

Brad: They think that I killed Spencer.

Liberty: Oh, my God, Spencer's dead.

Brad: Liberty, I didn't do it. I never touched her. She said some things to our boss that weren't true. I got fired. I got angry. She called me, she wanted to clear the air. She never showed up. I went to find out why, and that's when I found her body.

Liberty: Oh, my God.

Brad: And then look, I tried to help her, but all that happened -- ended up happening was I got my fingerprints all over her room.

Liberty: Does my mom know? I mean --

Brad: Yeah.

Liberty: I have to find her. I have to talk to her. She's probably really freaking out.

Brad: Listen to me, listen to me, listen to me. Just wait, wait, slow down for a second. You do believe me, right? I know I'm a lot of things, but I'm not a murderer.

Liberty: Dad, I know that! I know that.

Margo: Hi, sorry, I need to take your father to his cell.

Liberty: What, he has to stay here?

Margo: Yeah.

Liberty: But you know that -- you know he didn't do it.

Margo: We haven't finished our investigation.

Liberty: Oh, my God, he's married to your sister. How could you even treat him like this?

Katie: Oh, Henry. No, I'm not hungry.

Henry: You're upset. That burns calories. Eat.

Katie: What am I going to do?

Henry: We -- we both know he didn't kill this girl. His crime was not listening to his wife, which, while heinous, does not justify a life in prison.

Katie: That's not funny.

Henry: That's the same thing Brad said. I got to work on my material. I'll stop trying to cheer you up, okay?

Katie: Please.

Henry: Okay, okay, it's simple. It's simple. Okay, Brad did not kill this girl. That means someone else did.

Katie: Who?

Henry: That's what we have to find out.

Liberty: You know that he didn't kill someone. Why are you treating him like a criminal?

Margo: He is a suspect, and I'm simply following procedure.

Brad: Margo is just doing her job. She's trying to prove I'm innocent.

Liberty: Well, that won't be hard, right?

Brad: No, are you kidding me? I'm going to be out of here in no time.

Margo: It's time to go. Let's go.

Liberty: No. Dad, wait.

Brad: Hey, will you do me a favor?

Liberty: Yeah.

Brad: Will you take care of Katie and your mom?

Liberty: Yeah.

Brad: I'm sorry about the Chem test.

Liberty: Bye.

Josie: Not hungry?

Dusty: I'm not a big breakfast person.

Josie: You're missing out. So what did your friend have to say?

Dusty: Nothing that matters.

Josie: She thinks that I'm after your money, and that you're totally nuts for bringing me here.

Dusty: We disagree all the time.

Josie: She's right, you know. Not about the money. But about you being totally nuts.

Dusty: Yeah, I get that a lot. What she thinks doesn't matter to me.

Josie: Well, it matters to me.

Emily: I know what you're doing.

Paul: It's not hard to figure out.

Emily: To Dusty.

Paul: I'm done with the doing-things-to-Dusty business.

Emily: You don't lie to me. I met your little grifter.

Paul: My what?

Emily: Your -- the woman you hired to latch onto Dusty.

Paul: I don't know what you're talking about.

Emily: You hired a Jennifer look-alike in Ohio, and then you had that psychic send Dusty after her.

Paul: The same psychic that Dusty is convinced I hired to mess with his head?

Emily: You're telling me you didn't?

Paul: I didnít.

Emily: Okay, she told him that there was a woman with red hair in Ohio, and her initials were JMD.

Paul: JMD?

Emily: Yeah, I told -- I told Dusty you weren't behind the psychic, but you were, weren't you?

Paul: Look, Em, I'm not just going to tell you to get out. But I will tell you that I would never, under any circumstances, ever do anything to dishonor the memory of my sister.

Emily: I think you hate Dusty enough to do just about anything.

Paul: Well, then you don't know me at all.  

Emily: You better not be lying to me.

Paul: I'm done lying to people, Emily.

Emily: Oh, yeah, right, I forgot, you're the new shrink-wrapped Paul Ryan.

Paul: Well, maybe not, but I'm not lying to you now.

Emily: You swear you had nothing to do with this?

Paul: Okay, first of all, the last thing I would ever think is that Dusty would listen to a psychic. And second of all, if this psychic is the only reason that Dusty brought this girl back to town, hooray. I'm no longer the crazy guy in town.

Emily: Okay, I wouldn't get carried away.

Paul: So what do we know about this girl?

Emily: All Dusty told me was her name, Josie Matthews Driver. And she was found in Ohio at a hospital, suffering from amnesia.

Paul: And all Dusty knows about her is her hair color and her name?

Emily: I think that's all she knows about herself.

Paul: Didn't Dusty check her out?

Emily: I doubt it.

Paul: Okay, well, why don't you go call your sources, and I'll see what the internet has to say.

Emily: Wait a minute, why are you helping me do this?

Paul: I'm not helping you. I'm helping Dusty. After everything I've done to him, helping you might be the only way I can start to pay him back.

Josie: I may not remember much, but I know that I am not your wife.

Dusty: No, of course not. My wife's dead.

Josie: But not gone. Or at least you hope not, or you wouldn't have come all the way to Sandusky on the word of a psychic.

Dusty: I know you're not Jennifer. But like you said, there's a connection. I want to find out what it is. And so you do, or you wouldn't be here.

Josie: Well, I had nowhere else to go.

Dusty: Don't you want to see what we can find out?

Josie: Of course I do. I'm just afraid that it won't be what you want.

Dusty: Well, how do you know what I want? Do you know what you want?

Josie: I want my memory back.

Dusty: Then let's get it back.

Henry: Okay, I've got a plan.

Katie: Already?

Henry: Oh, baby, once these wheels start turning, there's no stopping them.

Katie: Okay, what is it?

Henry: All right, what I learned as a P.I. is that the best witness to any crime is the victim.

Katie: She's dead.

Henry: Yeah, Sweetheart, I know that. Sit down. That doesn't mean that she can't still speak to us. We got to put together everything we know about this girl and see what it says.

Katie: Unfortunately, there's not much. I mean, she moved here when Kim hired her. She lived at the Lakeview. She did her work. I don't even think she had time to make any friends.

Henry: Whoa, not so fast about that, okay? Let's go back to the money switch after we found the real cash in the hotel. Do you think she could have pulled that off by herself?

Katie: Probably not.

Henry: Right, which means she must have an accomplice. But did she mention anyone she knew before she moved to Oakdale?

Katie: Not to me.

Henry: Did anyone ever visit the set?

Katie: About that brother of hers that delivered the music box!

Henry: There you go. Now we're thinking. Where can we find this guy?

Katie: Not a clue.

Henry: Well, maybe there's one in her room. An address book, a PDA, something like that.

Katie: The police have searched every inch of that room.

Henry: Cops always miss things that don't fit into their idea of the case.

Katie: Oh, you mean they were only looking for evidence against Brad?

Henry: Right, little bit, which means there might still be something in there about the brother.

Katie: Yeah, but don't the police seal off a crime scene?

Henry: If you think that cops aren't sloppy, you've been watching too many detective shows. Let's go.

Bob: Well, whatever injuries you suffered, there doesn't seem to be any lasting effect. So next step is a full workup. We'll do an MRI and a C.A.T. scan.

Dusty: Let's say it doesn't show anything, Bob, then what?

Bob: Well, brain trauma doesn't always show, but it will explain some of the symptoms. And sometimes the condition resolves itself. Now, what you've got to be aware of, any kind of a mental trigger, vocal, visual, something that might give rise to a memory. And if that should happen, don't resist it. Let it happen. Let's see what comes back to you.

Dusty: When would that begin?

Bob: Well, it's hard to say. It could be days, weeks.

Dusty: Months.

Bob: Yeah, you got to be patient. So we'll run those tests, so why don't you come in and see me next week?

Josie: Well, I don't know if I'll be here.

Dusty: Where are you going?

Josie: I can't sponge off of you indefinitely. I wonít.

Liberty: Hey.

Waitress: Hey, Liberty.

Liberty: Hi, I'm looking for my mom.

Waitress: She's not on until later.

Liberty: She wasn't at home. Do you have any idea where she is?

Waitress: Sorry.

Parker: Hey, Henry said I could put these up. They're for the "V8 make every serving count" food program.

Waitress: Oh yeah, the food drive. Knock yourself out.

Parker: Thanks. Hey, Liberty, what 's wrong with you?

Liberty: Nothing.

Parker: Really, so you're upset about nothing?

Liberty: Yeah, my dad's in jail.

Parker: Again?

Liberty: But this time I don't think he's going to get out.

Katie: Are you sure we should be doing this?

Henry: You want to find out who really killed Spencer?

Katie: Of course.

Henry: Okay, then we have to get in there. We got to work fast.

Katie: Where do we start?

Henry: Um, the desk.

Katie: Okay, what are we looking for?

Henry: Unopened mail, notebook paper, a PDA, anything with a name, or a phone number or an address.

Dani: Lose something?

Henry: Okay, this is not as bad as it looks.

Dani: Oh, breaking and entering, trespassing, obstruction of justice, and I'm going to guess theft if I hadn't walked in. This looks pretty bad.

Katie: We were just trying to help my husband.

Dani: By looting the victim's hotel room?

Henry: No, no, we weren't looting anything. We're looking for evidence.

Katie: We're trying to prove that Brad didn't kill Spencer. And Henry used to be a private investigator.

Dani: Oh, I used to be an astronaut, and then I grew up.

Katie: You helped me before. Can't you help me again?

Dani: I wasn't an OPD employee before.

Dani: Listen, I understand you want to do something. But this is not it. Okay, we are building this case scientifically. You just need to let us get there.

Henry: That's all well and good, but sometimes got to play a hunch.

Dani: This is your hunch, not mine.

Katie: Can't you just let us see if we're right?

Dani: That's not up to me.

Katie: Who is it up to?

Dani: Lieutenant Hughes.

Liberty: I know that my dad has been like a huge screw-up sometimes, and he's been unfair to you, but do you actually think that he would be like a killer?

Parker: No. There's no way.

Liberty: I know, then why can't Katie's sister even see that?

Parker: Listen, she put her own son in jail. Even let him do time. And she tried to put me away as ll.

Liberty: She's probably not going to go easy on my dad, then, huh?

Parker: No, I wouldn't get your hopes up. Um, have you talked to my dad?

Liberty: He wasn't there.

Parker: Well, does he even know that Brad was arrested?

Liberty: The last time he helped my dad, he lost his job. I really cannot ask him for anything.

Parker: Then I'll talk to him.

Liberty: Really?

Parker: Listen, they're brothers. And that means a lot to my dad. And he'll do what can, as long as he doesn't have to cross the line. All right? I'll call him.

Liberty: Hey, can I ask you something?

Parker: Sure.

Liberty: Why are you being so nice to me after everything that's happened?

Margo: You broke into her room? Again?

Henry: No, actually this was Katie's first time.

Margo: Oh, well, then, that makes it all fine. Are you out of your mind?

Katie: I told -- we had to do something! You're ready to throw Brad in prison forever!

Margo: No, that is exactly what I'm trying to avoid.

Henry: And we were trying to help you do that.

Margo: I have a whole police force that helps me, I don't need your help. Brad doesn't need your help. And his attorney doesn't need your help.

Katie: Tom's in depositions all day.

Margo: I know where Tom is, he's my husband.

Katie: We were just trying to get proof that Brad is being framed!

Margo: And did you find any?

Henry: Well, we might have, if we hadn't been interrupted.

Margo: She was simply doing her job. Officer, take him in the other room and search him. See if he removed any evidence from the crime scene.

Henry: I told you, we didn't have time!

Margo: Please, forgive me if I don't believe a word you say. Shall we have you searched as well?

Katie: No, I promise, we never found anything.

Margo: You want to tell me what you're thinking?

Katie: I'm thinking it might be nice if the chief of detectives remembered she was my sister for a second!

Margo: You think I like this? I can't change the evidence, Katie.

Katie: Oh, no, of course not, what's more important than your precious evidence?

Margo: Oh, fine, fine. Put it all on me. I can take it. It's not my fault that Brad went to her room. And it's not my fault that all the evidence points to Brad.

Bob: So, there's no reason you can't lead a normal life, without the memories. Some people may feel that's a blessing.

Josie: Not me.

Bob: Well, don't give up hope.

Josie: I wonít.

Dusty: I'll wait outside for you.

Bob: I'm sorry I couldn't give her a more definite prognosis.

Dusty: Well, you did what you could.

Bob: Can I ask you something? Why are you so interested in this young woman?

Dusty: She needs help.

Bob: Honestly.

Dusty: Doesn't she remind you of Jennifer?

Bob: Well, I hadn't thought of that. But there are some similarities.

Dusty: Yes. It's got to be more than a coincidence.

Bob: No, it doesnít. Look, we all loved Jennifer. We all miss her. But there's nothing any of us can do to bring her back.

Emily: There's nothing on this woman before her hospital stay in Sandusky.

Paul: There's nothing here, either. It was a big waste of time.

Emily: No it wasnít.

Paul: We didn't find anything.

Emily: Exactly. Do you know how impossible that is? I mean think about it, everyone leaves a trace somewhere. School transcripts, hospital records, wedding videos, somebody blogging out running into you at their high school reunion. It's like this -- it's like this Josie woman never existed.

Paul: Maybe she just erased everything.

Emily: Maybe. Or maybe she never existed at all.

Josie: You know that I appreciate everything that you've done for me. But it was a mistake for me to come here.

Dusty: Let's not give up.

Josie: You heard what Dr. Hughes said. It could be a really long time before I remember anything. If ever.

Dusty: He might be wrong.

Josie: It's the same thing that they told me in Sandusky.

Dusty: Well, we'll have to wait and see.

Josie: I won't be a permanent burden to you.

Dusty: You're not a burden to me.

Josie: Well, you might not think so, but everybody else does.

Dusty: Who cares about them?

Josie: It's not just them. It's me. I don't want to be indebted.

Dusty: You don't owe me anything. You know that.

Josie: I don't now, but if I stay, I will. And besides, those mental triggers that Dr. Hughes was talking about? I'm much more likely to find them in Sandusky.

Dusty: You may not even be from there.

Josie: It's where I was. Doesn't it make more sense that I be there instead of a town that I've never been to before?

Dusty: Well, maybe you have.

Josie: One of us has to be realistic.

Dusty: You're saying it's not me?

Josie: You've been a lot of things since I've met you, Dusty. But realistic isn't one of them. I'm going to go pack.

Cop #1: He's clean.

Cop #2: Here's the prisoner.

Brad: You're here.

Henry: Not voluntarily.

Margo: Your wife and her friend decided to help you by breaking into the crime scene.

Henry: Guilty with an explanation.

Brad: It was my idea.

Katie: No, it wasnít.

Brad: Yeah. No, I take full responsibility.

Katie: Stop it, Brad. Margo knows that's not true.

Brad: Yes it is true.

Margo: Stop it, Brad. If I add conspiracy and obstruction of justice to the charges, you can kiss bail good-bye.

Brad: But you'll let them go with a warning?

Henry: Brad --

Brad: Shut up. Just -- shut up, Henry! Margo, please? Please.

Margo: You two ever pull another stunt like this again, I will throw you in jail. Both of you.

Brad: Thank you.

Margo: Donít thank me. You're the one who's going back to lockup.

Brad: Well, hey, lucky for me I've got nowhere else to be, huh?

Katie: Brad!

Brad: Look, don't worry about it. I'm going to be out of here as soon as they realize I didn't do it.

Margo: Officer, take him to interrogation. Why don't you go and spend a few minutes with your husband.

Katie: Thank you.

Margo: Henry.

Henry: Yeah.

Margo: If I catch you playing amateur detective one more time, Iíll throw the book at you.

Henry: Okay, there is no need to waste good literature on me, Detective. You have my word. And free breakfast at Al's for you for the rest of your life, okay?

Liberty: Thanks for not being mad me.

Parker: I am mad at you. But --

Liberty: I'm sorry, Parker.

Parker: Yeah, I'm sorry, too, but this is about Brad. So, I'll call my dad, all right?

Liberty: Thanks. Thank you. Hey, you're still the best friend I have, no matter what.

Katie: I'm still mad at you.

Brad: I know, I know. I am -- I'm an idiot. Listen to me, I want you to stop trying to help me.

Katie: No, I wonít.

Brad: No, I know -- I do not want you to end up in here because of me. I've caused way too damage. I mean, I saw the look on Liberty's face when she --

Katie: You saw her?

Brad: Yeah, I mean -- she came in here looking for Jack and she saw me in handcuffs.

Katie: Oh no --

Brad: After sixteen years, she finally gets a father, and he turns out to be a loser like me. You know? Who wouldn't be disappointed?

Katie: Don't call my husband a loser. I'm not giving up on you, and neither is Liberty. She didn't come searching for you after all this time to give up when things got tough, okay? So get it together. We're going to get you through this whether you like it or not.

Kim: Okay, listen, promise me you will call me back right away if you get any more information. Especially if they're trying to charge Brad formally. Okay, okay, Roland. Thanks, I really owe you one. What are you doing with my coffee?

Bob: How many cups have you had since I last saw you?

Kim: You -- smarty pants. Oh, Robert Hughes.

Bob: This is only my second cup. Who was on the phone?

Kim: Oh, you're not going to believe this. My contact at the police station.

Bob: What did they say?

Kim: They're holding Brad on suspicion of murder, and that's not all. Katie almost got herself arrested trying to get evidence to clear him.

Bob: She should know better than that.

Kim: Well, wouldn't you think. Of course she loves him. And as far he's concerned, he is a loose cannon. I made him promise he was going to stay away from Spencer. You know where the police found him? Standing over her body.

Bob: Have you been able to find any relatives of Spencer?

Kim: No, no, that's another thing. Not one of those emergency contact numbers answer. I mean, they're all out of service.

Bob: That's odd.

Kim: Well, it's more than odd. I'm telling you, this is a disaster. Please tell me you're day is going better than mine.

Bob: I wish I could. Dusty Donovan brought in a young woman to see me. A patient.

Kim: What's the matter with that?

Bob: Brought this young woman from Ohio. She has partial amnesia. You know, I'm really worried about it.

Kim: About the girl?

Bob: No, no, about Dusty. No, for some reason, he feels that this young woman has a connection to Jennifer.

Dusty: I got you car to the airport and a flight to Sandusky.

Josie: You didn't have to do that.

Dusty: Well, I brought you here. The least I can do is get you back.

Josie: Thank you.

Dusty: So, stay in touch, okay? And let me know if you need anything.

Josie: I'll be fine, Dusty. Thank you, again for everything. Bye.

Paul: So, you think this Josie girl is playing Dusty.

Emily: Absolutely.

Paul: Huh. You know if it was just him, I wouldn't care, but Jennifer was my sister. And if she's decided to go after my mother, do you know what that would do to her?

Emily: What are you going to do to stop it?

Paul: Whatever it takes.

Dusty: Josie, wait a second. Did you do these?

Josie: Yeah. I like to draw. It relaxes me. What's the matter?

Dusty: I don't think you should leave.

Josie: We agreed.

Dusty: Yeah, I know, I know, but now --

Josie: Now what?

Dusty: I can't explain. I just think we should give it more time. Please.

Josie: I don't think so.

Dusty: Wait a sec. There's nothing for you in Sandusky. Let's face it. Hey, just stay for a while.

Josie: Well, I don't see why it matters.

Dusty: Then why not stay?

Josie: Okay.

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