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As The World Turns Transcript Friday 10/31/08

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[Dusty dreaming]

Dusty: You always know exactly what to say to me. It's not just what I want, Jenny. You and me. All the time. From now until always.

Psychicís voice: You have to let her go.

Dusty: I can't.

Psychicís voice: Her spirit won't be able to move on if you donít.

Dusty: I don't want her to move on. I want her to come back.

Psychicís voice: You know she can't do that. You have to say good-bye.

[Dusty wakes up]

Dusty: No!

Sage: Why do I have to do this?

Carly: It'll be fun.

Sage: No, it won't.

Carly: Your dad's in there. Don't you want to see him?

Sage: Not with her.

Carly: Sage.

Sage: Why can't we just go in the neighborhood like always?

Carly: You will, okay, later. Meantime, Daddy said Janet made some delicious treats.

Sage: Who cares?

Carly: You're not being fair. You know?

Sage: So?

Carly: Look, your dad is going to marry Janet, whether any of us likes it or not. If you and your brothers don't find a way to be nice to her, you'll be hurting Daddy so knock on the door and when she opens it, smile, okay?

Sage: Hi! I thought I heard voices. Happy Halloween!

Jack: Hey, Baby. Wait until you see what Janet made to put in your goody bag.

Janet: I've been working all day and I desperately need someone to tell me if they're any good.

Carly: I think she means you.

Janet: Come on, I'll show you what I got.

Sage: Do I really have to?

Liberty: Parker. Wow, you really put a lot of effort into that costume.

Parker: The whole thing is beyond lame.

Liberty: Way to get into the holiday spirit.

Parker: Let's just go?

Liberty: Where?

Parker: The dance at school. Okay, I'm sorry I went off on you last night. And you have every right in the world to be ticked at me. It's just this whole deal between your mom and my dad getting married, it's just freaking me out a little bit.

Liberty: A little bit?

Parker: My dad's been married a lot, okay? Including more than once to my mom.

Liberty: I know. So you should be able to handle it then, right?

Parker: I know. I guess I thought the last time he and my mom would stick it out. I don't know why I thought that, which was stupid, I mean, why should they? No one else does.

Liberty: My mom will. Once she gets married, she's not going to be letting go. I don't want you to get your hopes up that it's not going to work out.

Parker: That's not what I meant.

Liberty: We're going to be family, and you'll have to get used to it.

Parker: I will, when it happens. Meanwhile, we can still go to the dance and hang out together. Can't we?

Liberty: No, we can't.

Janet: So I made candy apples, caramel popcorn balls, and my favorite, chocolate skulls! Which one do you want to try first?

Sage: I'm not hungry.

Janet: How about a chocolate skull?

Sage: No, thanks.

Jack: Sage, you love chocolate.

Sage: I'm not hungry.

Janet: That's okay. We'll go back to those later. How about I show you the costume I made for Liberty when she was your age. A gypsy costume. It was so awesome, in fact, she wouldn't take it off until way after Thanksgiving. Want to see?

Sage: Mommy made something else for me.

Janet: Oh. You can try it on anyway. You don't have to wear it. You can decide later.

Carly: You know what, why don't you give it a try? You might look it.

Janet: Okay, come on.

Jack: What is going on with her?

Carly: What do you think, Jack? She's miserable about you getting married.

Jack: I wonder where she got that.

Parker: Even if we are brother and sister, we can still go to a dance together.

Liberty: Yeah, but I'm not going to the dance.

Parker: So why did you put on that costume? Are you just going to go trick-or-treating by yourself?

Liberty: No, I'm going to a party.

Parker: What party?

Liberty: Just with some friends.

Parker: What friends?

Liberty: A guy in my homeroom invited me.

Parker: So it's like a date?

Liberty: No, it's not a date. It's just a party at a girl's house that I got invited to.

Parker: What girl?

Liberty: A girl in my grade.

Parker: Oh, all right. It must be one of those cooler, older kids that you're always talking about.

Liberty: Okay, I didn't say that.

Parker: It's fine. I got it. Dances are for the younger, losers like me.

Liberty: I didn't say that either. Come on, Parker. Why are you making this so hard?

George: Liberty?

Liberty: George, what are you doing here?

George: I'm in town on business. How about you?

Liberty: I live here.

George: If you must. Is your mom here with you?

Liberty: No, actually, I bought my own condo, right after my album went platinum.

George: I see you still have your charming sense of humor.

Liberty: Yeah, that's right. You have your charming little wife, still?

George: No, as a matter of fact I'm divorced.

Liberty: Oh, too bad.

George: Are you kidding? Best move I ever made. Worth every penny I had to pay her.

Liberty: Classy as always, I see.

George: I miss you, too. So who's this? Your boyfriend? He doesn't look like a dropout.

Liberty: Oh, no, actually, he's about to be my step brother. My mom's marrying his dad.

George: Janet's getting married?

Liberty: Yeah, she's getting married to a cop with a gun.

Dusty: Tarot cards? What do they do, tell the future?

Psychic: That card is called the lovers. Les amoureux. It represents harmony and union.

Dusty: Can I ask you something?

Psychic: I think you said all you had to say earlier.

Dusty: It's important.

Psychic: Look, I'm just doing my job here. If you don't like it, that's fine. We don't have to debate it. Just leave me alone.

Dusty: I need your help.

Psychic: I thought you considered me a fraud.

Dusty: Something you said really affected me.

Psychic: Really?

Dusty: I've been having all kinds of strange dreams. At least, I think they're dreams.

 Psychic: Amazing how often it happens to skeptics.

Dusty: What happens?

Psychic: Did you ever think they might be visions?

Dusty: No, I don't have visions.

Psychic: Okay then, I'm sure they're just dreams.

Dusty: How can you tell the difference?

Psychic: That depends.

Dusty: On what?

Psychic: On what they mean.

Dusty: Are you going to keep talking to me in riddles or --

Psychic: That depends as well.

Dusty: On what?

Psychic: On if you really want me to help you.  You're still not sure you believe in all this.

Dusty: No, but I'm here.

Psychic: Sometimes the biggest skeptics become the truest believers. Are you ready for that?

Dusty: Let's take it one step at a time.

Psychic: Fair enough. Why don't you tell me what's causing the distortion of your aura.

Dusty: Okay, if you tell me what you're talking about.

Psychic: Psychological energy produced by electrical emissions from our brains. They surround all of us.

Dusty: And mine is distorted?

Psychic: The disturbance is caused by your wife.

Dusty: My dreams, they're about her.

Psychic: She may be trying to communicate with you. Do you have anything that belonged to her? It might help to focus her energy.

Dusty: Will this work?

[Dusty holds up a wedding ring]

Carly: I've done everything I can to help that little girl get used to the idea that you're getting married.

Jack: It's usually what you don't say that counts.

Carly: What does that mean?

Jack: That sometimes the kids know what we think better than we do.

Carly: What would you like me to do? If our children have a problem with you getting married, why is that suddenly my problem to solve?

Jack: You're right, you're right. You probably weren't the only one sending mixed signals.

Carly:  And not just to them.

Jack: I know. I was kind of all over the place on this one. But I'm sure now.

Carly: But you can't expect them to get there faster than you did.

Jack: I know, but I'm kind of wishing they'd be a little more open-minded.

Janet: Ta-da! Doesn't she look cute?

Carly: Oh, that is a great costume.

Janet: You look good. Liberty will be so excited. She always wanted someone to share things with.

Sage: I already have two brothers. I don't need anyone else.

Liberty: So, are you really here on business? Or are you just like stalking us or something?

George: I was crazy about your mom, but I'm not crazy.

Liberty: That's not how I heard it.

George: Good seeing you, Liberty. Tell your mom I'll be at the Lakeview the next two nights. I'll be there if she wants to say hi.

Liberty: She wonít.

George: Then tell her I wish her the best.

Liberty: Yeah, whatever, good-bye.

Parker: Your stepbrother?

Liberty: I was not about to get into it with that guy.

Parker: Who is he?

Liberty: He's such a jerk. He kept telling my mother he would leave his wife for her but he never did. Which I always knew. He was a creep. He'll spend more time in the bar at the Lakeview than in his room. Unless he gets lucky.

Van: We're all in the car. You coming?

Liberty: Yeah. This is Van. Parker, Van. This is my stepbrother.

Parker: No, I'm not.

Van: Hey, man, what's up. Ready?

Liberty: Yeah. Let's go. Have fun at the dance.

Carly: You happen to look really in this cute costume.

Sage: What if I don't want to wear any costume?

Carly: Why donít you wear it?

Janet: You really don't have to wear any costume. That's your choice.

Jack: Hey, you happen to look really good.

Carly: Why don't you just wear it for your father?

Sage: All right.

Janet: Okay. Do you want your chocolate skull now or do you want to go trick-or-treating?

Sage: You're coming?

Janet: Yeah, I thought I might.

Sage: Then I don't want to go.

Jack: Sage!

Parker: Yes, you do.

Psychic: Your wife is dead.

Dusty: I know that.

Psychic: But not dead like you were.

Dusty: What does that mean?

Psychic: That's just what she's telling me.

Dusty: She's talking to you?

Psychic: In a manner of speaking.

Dusty: Are you playing me?

Psychic: Were her initials JMD?

Dusty: Five minutes of research could've told you that.

Psychic: Do you believe in the afterlife?

Dusty: I'm not sure.

Psychic: Do you believe in the human spirit?

Dusty: If it means the same thing to you as it does to me. I don't know.

Psychic: The indomitable force in all of us that drives us to accomplish great things, even against enormous odds.

Dusty: Okay, yeah, I believe in that.

Psychic: Why would something so vital and powerful cease to exist simply because our bodies become too frail to contain it?

Dusty: I don't know.

Psychic: Well, if the spirit lives on, doesn't it have to go somewhere? And wouldn't it make sense it could communicate back to the world it came from, back to us?

Dusty: You're really good.

Psychic: Mr. Donovan. Mr. Donovan --

Dusty: You're very good.

Parker: Okay, so, you know that I feel the same way that you do about Dad marrying Janet, right?

Sage: You do?

Parker: You think I want Liberty to be my stepsister?

Sage: I don't, either.

Parker: Right, so what you have to do is let Janet tag along while you go trick-or-treating.

Sage: No way.

Parker: Sage!

Sage: Why should I?

Parker: Because you can get her to go to the Lakeview.

Sage: No one goes trick-or-treating at a hotel.

 Parker: You need to get her there. And make sure she goes into the bar.

Sage: Why?

Parker: You want to get rid of her?

Sage: Yeah.

Parker: Then you have to trust me.

Sage: Like the time you told me to hide in J.J.'s closet and scare him and then you took him to the skateboard park and left me there?

Parker: Okay, this is completely different, all right. If you do this, I will let you play Streets of Pain.

Sage: I can play it whenever I want?

Parker: For a week.

Sage: Two weeks.

Parker: Deal.

Sage: Okay.

Parker: The guy's name is George.

Sage: Do you still want to take me trick-or-treating?

Janet: Of course I do!

Sage: Let's go.

Janet: Great.

Carly: What brought this on?

Janet: What's the difference? I'm just so glad you want to go.

Jack: Can I come along?

Sage: I'm not a baby, Dad.

Janet: Yeah, Dad. Besides, it'll be more fun with just us girls.

Jack: Right.

Janet: Come on, let's go.

Jack: All right, be safe.

Carly: All right. So what did you say to her?

Parker: Just big brotherly stuff.

Carly: Care to elaborate?

Parker: I told her it was the right thing to do.

Carly: That's all?

Parker: That's all.

Jack: Well, thank you. I appreciate that.

Parker: No problem.

Carly: Why aren't you at the dance?

Parker: No one was there except for the losers.

Sage: Can you take me to the Lakeview?

Janet: The hotel? I don't think there's going to be any good candy there.

Sage: We always go there.

Janet: Really? All right. To the Lakeview it is. Let's go.

[Dusty reads the pamphlet from Jenniferís funeral]

Dusty: Do not stand by my grave and weep. I am not there.

[Knocking on door]

Dusty: Who is it?

Psychic: Madame Penelope.

Dusty: $20 is all I had.

Psychic: You can keep the money. I don't care. You forgot this.

Dusty: Oh, my God, how did I do that? Thank you so much for bringing this back to me.

Psychic: You thought I would steal it?

Dusty: No, of course not.

Psychic: Are you all right?

Dusty: I'm fine.

Psychic: You look troubled.

Dusty: We all have problems. I guess.

Psychic: I can help you, you know.

Dusty: I don't think so.

Psychic: Isn't that why you came to me?

Dusty: It was a bad idea.

Psychic: Okay, if you're sure.

Dusty: Hold on a minute.

Janet: Are you sure you want to trick or treat here? I think we could get a lot more candy somewhere else.

Sage: If you don't want to, we can go home.

Janet: No, of course not. It's all good. We can go here. Where do you want to start?

Sage: In there.

Janet: In there is the bar. And you're too young to go in there.

Sage: Well, then, why don't you go in there for me.

Janet: Really? I mean, all they have are salty peanuts and maraschino cherries.

Sage: I love those cherries.

Janet: Okay. All right. But you stay right here where I can see you. Good. George?

Jack: I'm amazed how Parker turned Sage around like that. Do you think they're getting used to this whole marriage thing?

Carly: No, I donít. I doubt it.

Jack: You're just a ray of sunshine today.

Carly: Well, gee, Jack, I'm sorry. I just don't want you to get your hopes up. A bunch of Halloween candy isn't going to change anything.

Jack: I know. I understand. I understand that kids don't like change, Carly.

Carly: Our kids just want the earth to stop moving under their feet.

Jack: I wouldn't mind that either. Thank you. Thank you for being so cool about all of this. Janet and I, we probably wouldn't have made it without your efforts.

Carly: Let's hear it for me.

Jack: But happiness is contagious. Who knows, maybe you'll catch it, too.

Carly: Thank you.

Jack: And eventually the kids will catch it, too. One thing I know about Janet, she has a way of making people like her.

George: Janet! I knew you'd come!

Janet: Hi, George. Wow! What are you doing here?

George: I told Liberty, business.

Janet: You saw Liberty?

George: Isn't that why you're here?

Janet: No. I'm here trick-or-treating with my future stepdaughter, and I have to get back to it.

George: You look terrific.

Janet: Thank you.

George: I missed you, Baby.

Janet: Oh, okay. Yeah. And how's your wife?

George: Ex.

Janet: Really?

George: Finally.

Janet: Well, congratulations.

George: You, too. Liberty told me you're engaged.

Janet: I am.

George: Can I get you a drink for good luck?

Janet: No, I have to get back to Sage. So I'll see you later.

George: I'll be here a couple more days.

Janet: Okay. Take care.

Sage: Who's that?

Janet: That was an old friend.

Sage: What's his name?

Janet: George. I forgot your cherries!

Sage: No, it's okay. I will go to Mrs. Grimaldi's office. I always go there. She always has candy. You can talk to your friend if you want. He seems nice.

Janet: No, I'll take you.

Sage: I know where the office is. Mom lets me go by myself. Please?

Janet: All right. But don't be long.

Sage: Okay.

Janet: Well, looks like I have time for that drink after all.

[Cell phone rings]

Carly: Hello?

Sage: Mommy?

Carly: It's Sage. Is something wrong?

Sage: I want to come home.

Carly: Where are you? Where's Janet?

Sage: I'm at the Lakeview. Can you come get me?

Carly: You're at the Lakeview? Go put Janet on the phone, please.

Sage: She's not here.

Carly: Where is she?

Sage: In the bar, drinking with some man.

Psychic: I'm not sure what this means, but I had a vision right after you left. I was still holding your wife's ring, so I think it might be connected to her.

Dusty: What did you see?

Psychic: A hospital in Sandusky, Ohio.

Dusty: How's that connected to Jennifer?

Psychic: I thought you might know.

Dusty: Sandusky, Ohio? I have no idea.

Psychic: I saw a woman with red hair. Her initials were JMD.

Dusty: What else?

Psychic: That's all. I'm sorry I can't tell you more.

Dusty: Okay, okay, okay. We got a woman, a redhead in a hospital in Sandusky, Ohio, whose initials are the same as my wifeís.

Psychic: Did your wife have red hair?

Dusty: Yeah, but everybody in town knows that.

Psychic: I'm not trying to prove anything to you. I'm just telling you what I saw. I hope you find what you're looking for.

Dusty: I need the company jet right away.

Carly: I can't find my keys!

Jack: Will you calm down and tell me what's happening.

Carly: Sage said that Janet left her in the lobby at the Lakeview while she's in the bar having a drink with some man.

Jack: Oh, you know how Sage exaggerates things sometimes, Carly.

Carly: I think this one's just a little beyond her creative ability.

Jack: I'm going to call Janet.

Carly: Oh, where are they?

Jack: Straight to voicemail.

Carly: Clearly, she doesn't want to be interrupted.

Jack: You know this makes no sense.

Carly: Here they are.

Jack: I'm coming with you!

Liberty: That would be great.

Van: Hey, little brother.

Parker: I'm not her little brother. Chances are I never will be.

Liberty: What does that mean?

Parker: Just that stuff happens.

Liberty: What kind of stuff?

Parker: Wait and see.

Janet: I'm engaged, George.

George: Engaged isn't married. You were happy when we were together.

Janet: We were good.

Sage: Mom, Dad!

Carly: Hi, are you okay?

Jack: Where's Janet.

Sage: I don't know. She told me to wait right here while she went into the bar and she never came out.

Parker: I thought you guys were going to a party.

Liberty: We did, and it was absolutely pathetic, so we left. How was the dance?

Parker: Was worse than pathetic?

Liberty: Can you tell me what you're being all James Bondi about?

Parker: I'm not.

Liberty: Come on, Parker. I know you, tell me what's going on.

Parker: Nothing.

Liberty: Okay, great. What did you mean by the whole stuff happens thing?

Parker: It does.

Liberty: Look, I know you don't want this marriage thing to work out and you just want it to go away. But it's not because my mom is happier than I have ever seen her and your dad is really into it, too. Please, come on. And just give it a chance for them.

Parker: What about us?

Liberty: It's not about us.

Van: We're going back to my house to hang out and listen to music.

Liberty: Cool. Yeah, great. Listen, let's just leave them alone and see what happens, okay?

Parker: Whatever.

Liberty: And don't worry. Everything's going to work out. It's all going to work out.

Janet: Sorry, George, but you don't have a chance. Have a shot in hell. Because I am in love and I'm not giving him up for anyone.

George: You used to feel that way about me.

Janet: And you felt that way about your wife.

George: Ex-wife.

Janet: Not when it counted.

George: So, if I can't have forever, how about tonight?

Janet: You're funny.

George: The Janet I knew was always up for a party.

Janet: This Janet has to get back to trick-or-treating.

George: If this is good-bye, could I at least have a hug?

Janet: Okay.

Janet: Oh, Jack, hi! Hi, this is -- this is George. This is my fiancťe, Jack, Carly and Sage.

Carly: What the hell do you think you're doing?

Janet: What?

Carly: How could you leave that poor child alone in a hotel lobby?

Janet: I didn't.

Jack: She called us crying.

Janet: She went to see Lisa Grimaldi.

Carly: Where?

Janet: Her office. She said you always let her go and get candy there. All the time.

Sage: I did not.

Janet: I was killing time waiting for her. I would never leave her alone.

Carly: You're here, and she was out there! Very upset.

Janet: Sage, you want to tell them what really happened.

Sage: I already did.

Janet: The truth this time.

Carly: Are you telling me that our daughter is lying?

Jack: We're not doing this here. Nice meeting you. Let's go.

George: Hey, man, you are one lucky son of a gun. You're going to have a hell of a good time with that lady. I always did.

Carly: I have no doubt about that.


Dusty: Good afternoon. Do you have a patient here, a woman with the initials JMD? I know it's not the kind of a request you get every day. But it's very, very important.

Nurse: I need a name, Sir.

Dusty: I just know her initials.

Nurse: Then I'm sorry, but I can't help you.

Sage: Janet's not very nice, is she?

Carly: People make mistakes.

Sage: Is Daddy still going to marry her?

Carly: Of course he is.

Sage: He doesn't care what she did?

Carly: I don't think he's too thrilled of what you did either.

Sage: I didn't do anything.

Carly: Your story doesn't add up, Sage. Since when are you so terrified to be alone?

Sage: I just wanted to go trick-or-treating.

Carly: That's not what you said on the phone. You said you were scared.

Sage: I was.

Carly: You wanted us to see Janet with her friend. Didn't you? You wanted Daddy to be jealous. You're not going to stop this from happening.

Sage: Do you want it to happen?

Carly: It doesn't really matter what I want.

Sage: Well, I don't want it to happen. I want him to stay here with us.

Carly: Well, you know, your dad will always love you. He will always look after you no matter where he is, no matter who he's with. And you're not going to change who he's with by making up stories.

Sage: I didn't make it up. You saw her with that man!

Carly: Sage, you told Janet you were going to see Lisa, didn't you? She couldn't have made something like that up. Okay, up to your room. Let's go.

Sage: What about trick-or-treating?

Carly: What about it? You should have thought of that before. What are you doing home so early?

Parker: The town is dead.

Carly: Why don't you go back to the dance?

Parker: I told you, it was stupid.

Carly: Okay.

Nurse: We can't release patient information to anyone but family.

Dusty: Well, I think this woman is and I actually connected. That's what I was told anyway by someone who knows us both. I just want to find out.

Nurse: You have to be on the approved visitors list.

Dusty: This is one buttoned-up hospital.

Nurse: We're proud of that.

Dusty: Right. Right, right. Thanks for your help.

Janet: Do you really think I would leave her alone in the lobby and go have a drink in the bar?

Jack: Who was that guy anyway?

Janet: My ex-boyfriend.

Jack: He didn't look all that ex to me.

Janet: What are you saying?

Jack: I'm not saying. I'm just asking.

Janet: Look, it was over long before I ever met you.

Jack: Did you love him?

Janet: What's the difference?

Jack: I just want to know why you were so hippedy-hop on catching up with this guy.

Janet: I wasnít. I liked him a lot, okay? But he was married.

Jack: Was?

Janet: He's divorced now.

Jack: Is that why he's here? To pick up where you left off?

Janet: He said he was here in town on business. I just happened to run into him.

Jack: At a hotel bar, where you took a little girl to go trick-or-treating.

Janet: Oh, my gosh. It wasn't my idea to go to the Lakeview. Sage had her heart set on it.

Jack: Why did she want to go there?

Janet: I don't know. Why don't you interrogate her?

Jack: Well George didnít look a like he was too over you.

Janet: Look, Jack, come on we both have our pasts.

Jack: Yeah, but maybe yours isn't as past as I thought.

Janet: At least mine doesn't live five minutes away and butt into my business every day. Which, by the way, I'm trying to live with so why don't you cut me some slack.

[Phone ringing]

Janet:  Oh, let me guess --

Jack: Yes, Carly.

Carly: Jack, I think you need to come over here.

Jack: I can't do that right now.

Carly: It's important.

Jack: It always is.

Carly: You're losing your kids. Is that important enough for you?

Jack: I got to go. I'll be right there.

Janet: I rest my case.

Carly: Having a rough time with Janet?

Jack: She won't admit what she did was wrong.

Carly: Maybe it wasn't entirely her fault.

Jack: That's what she said.

Carly: I have a feeling, Jack, that our precious daughter, Sage, might have orchestrated the entire situation.

Jack: How? She's a kid.

Carly: She happens to be a very bright, very determined kid who wants to make Janet look bad.

Jack: Oh, come on. Sage hasn't accepted Janet yet, but that doesn't mean she's plotting against her.

Carly: Remember when Janet lost her engagement ring?

Jack: Yeah, doing the dishes.

Carly: I didn't find it. Sage did. And she was planning to keep it. She was hoping you would be so angry at Janet for losing it, that you would call off the wedding.

Jack: She said that. Why didn't you tell me?

Carly: I don't know. I guess I didn't want to make things worse. I was hoping she would get over it. But that doesn't seem to be happening.

Jack: You think she did the same kind of thing at the Lakeview?

Carly: If Janet wanted to meet her an ex-boyfriend, why on earth would she bring your daughter with her? And why would she bring a kid trick-or-treating at a hotel?

Jack: I don't know.

Carly: Maybe that's where Sage said she wanted to go and Janet just wanted to make her happy.

Jack: How in the world would sage know that Janetís ex was in that bar?

Carly: I don't know. But I'm going to find out.

Liberty: Hey, Mom.

Janet: Hi, daughter. How was the party?

Liberty: It was so lame. Really, only went there for a few minutes. Life just sucks.

Janet: Yep.

Liberty: You're not supposed to say that. You're the one who's supposed to say everything's going to be wonderful.

Janet: Maybe not.

Liberty: Okay, who are you? Where's my mom?

Janet: All right, you tell me. You go first.

Liberty: No, I think you better start.

Janet: Okay. So I take Sage trick-or-treating.

Liberty: She actually went?

Janet: Yeah, she did. She wanted to go to the Lakeview. Did you think she would give you mints?

Liberty: That they put on the pillows.

Janet: I thought it was strange, too. She said she goes every year so, of course, I couldn't say no.

Liberty: So what happened?

Janet: I ran into George.

Liberty: George?

Janet: Yes. He said he saw you.

Liberty: Yeah, I ran into him in Old Town when I was with Parker. And then I told him that you were getting married. And then he was like, oh, yeah, tell your mom I will be at the Lakeview, in case she wants to see me, to which I said of course not.

Janet: Well, of course, I have to run into him. I'm telling you, Lib, if it weren't for bad luck, I would have no luck at all. So Sage said she's going to go into the office to see Lisa Grimaldi and get some candy. I said go ahead. I can say hello to George and catch up for old time's sake. Next thing I know, she's calling Jack and Carly, they are storming into the lobby and they catch me.

Liberty: Doing what?

Janet: Ignoring their daughter.

Liberty: Mom, you were so played.

Janet: What? What are you talking about?

Liberty: Don't even worry about it. I'm going to fix this.

Jack: I came down so hard on Janet, and now you're telling me she may not have had anything to do with this.

Carly: I don't think she did. I think she went along with Sage because she wants the kids to accept her.

Jack: Why is Sage having such a tough time getting used to this?

Carly: It's not just Sage. Parker's been moping around, too.

Jack: That's because Liberty broke up with him.

Carly: And he thinks that's only because you got engaged to Liberty's mother.

Jack: I should have prepared them better. I should have. I can't go back now. They're just going to have to get used to it.

Carly: They need time.

Jack: They have until the wedding.

Carly: I'm not sure that's enough.

Jack: Carly, there's not much more I can do.

Carly: I think there's something you can do.

Jack: What? What?

Carly: You can postpone the wedding.

Jack: Are you serious?

Carly: Jack, I'm not telling you not to marry Janet. I'm just saying have a longer engagement.

Jack: Do you have any idea how Janet will react if I suggest that?

Carly: I can imagine she'll be very upset. But don't you think she would be a lot happier on her wedding day if she had the support of your children.

Jack: Yeah. Do you think that can happen?

Carly: I think it's a possibility.

Jack: Let me think about it.

Carly: I know it's difficult.

Jack: Yeah, but, you may be right.

[Parker and Sage outside the door listening do a high five]

Dusty: Excuse me. Sorry. I didn't mean to sneak up on you. Don't stand in my grave and weep. I know this poem.

Josie: A lot of people do.

Dusty: I know it from my wife's funeral.

Josie: I'm sorry for your loss.

Dusty: That was a couple years ago but it feels like yesterday. Thank you.

Josie: I'm sure.

Dusty: This book belongs to Josie Matthews Driver. JMD.

Josie: Those are my initials.

Dusty: My wife's initials were JMD. That's why I'm here. I'm supposed to find you.

Josie: I don't know you.

Dusty: I don't know you, either. But you were in a vision. I know it sounds crazy --

Josie: Please, I want to go back inside.

[Nurseís aid takes her back inside]

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