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As The World Turns Transcript Tuesday 10/28/08

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Alison: Hey! That's not cool. There is plenty of wall space. Who are you?

Casey: Hey.

Alison: You've got to be kidding.

Aaron: Please tell me you guys are going to a Halloween party.

Luke: At Yoís.

Aaron: Nice. What are you, a pirate?

Noah: He's sending a campaign message. Vote for Luke Snyder so he can swab the decks with all the scabbards in Oakdale.

Aaron: Subtle. How's the campaign going?

Luke: It's going good. People seem to be listening to what I have to say.

Aaron: Why wouldn't they be?

Noah: Because most kids are more interested in where their next beer is coming from.

Aaron: That makes me jealous.

Luke: You should come.

Noah: Yeah.

Aaron: No, thanks.

Luke: Oh, come on, Aaron. It wouldn't kill you.

Aaron: Haven't you guys been hanging out with Alison lately?

Luke: Sometimes.

Aaron: Then it might.

Noah: Rejection sucks.

Luke: Well, what about you, my fine-farmered friend? Are you ready to go?

Noah: Yeah. And you're in a good mood, huh?

Luke: I am, I am.

Noah: About the party?

Luke: Yeah, but also the election. I know you don't think so, but I really have a feeling that I'm going to take this guy.

Noah: Well, I hope so, for your sake. Because it sure doesn't feel too good being rejected by voters, either.

Casey: I think you're missing the basic idea behind politics.

Alison: Winning at any cost?

Casey: Exactly.

Alison: I don't think that's what Luke wants.

Casey: Well, that is why Luke is the candidate and we're out here doing the dirty work.

Alison: He can still win without playing dirty.

Casey: Yeah, but what's the fun in that? It's not like Kevinís taking the high road.

Alison: You saw that video?

Casey: Everybody saw the video. Taking down posters is nothing compared to that hatchet job.

Alison: Yeah, but that doesn't mean we should stoop to their level.

Casey: We have a long way to go before we're even in sight of that level. But hey, I'm sorry to talk smack about your boyfriend.

Alison: Kevin is not my boyfriend. I'm only talking to him because you asked me to.

Casey: Yeah, it's just -- it's a lot worse than I thought. Luke's gonna walk into that party at Yoís and he's not going to even know what hit him.

Alison: Well, I'm sure he's had to see it.

Casey: He would've called if he had.

Alison: Well, then we should warn him.

Casey: I was hoping he would hear it from somebody else. You tell him.

Alison: Casey.

Casey: Okay. Okay, we'll both tell him.

Alison: Okay, call him.

Luke: Why don't you think I can win?

Noah: I didn't say that. Hey, wasn't I the guy who was hanging your posters all day?

Luke: That's because you love my gorgeous mug.

Noah: Very true.

[Cell phone ringing]

Luke: Hello?

Casey: Where are you?

Luke: Still at home.

Casey: You okay?

Luke: Yeah. Why wouldn't I be?

Casey: I don't think he's seen it. I think we need to have a strategy session before the party tonight.

Luke: Now? Casey and Alison want to meet.

Noah: What for?

Luke: Strategy.

Noah: It's a Halloween party. What strategy do we need?

Luke: Do you mind?

Noah: No, whatever.

Luke: Where are you?

Casey: Java.

Luke: All right, we'll be right there.

Casey: He sounds good.

Alison: Then he definitely hasn't seen it.

Casey: Nope. No way.

Lucinda: Hey, hi.

Brian: Hi.

Lucinda: Are you very busy?

Brian: Well, I'm just trying to come up with an idea for the foundation that Luke can be happy with. It's not easy.

Lucinda: Ah, that's because Lukeís got such big ideals.

Brian: Yes, and I respect that, but let me tell you, it's a lot easier to work for a cynic.

Lucinda: Hey, I'm a cynic, is there anything I can do to help?

Brian: What's wrong?

Lucinda: Nothing. Okay, it's Halloween. Halloween. No kids, of course.

Brian: Oh, of course.

Lucinda: Oh, they do love Halloween so much, it makes your heart soar to look at them. I love it, too, because they're wondering what they want to be and how they want to look -- oh, never mind. Sorry, I don't mean to bore you.

Brian: Don't be silly. Can I make a suggestion?

Lucinda: Sure.

Brian: I see three choices. One, you can go home alone and wallow in misery and self-pity while I stay here and work.

Lucinda: Next.

Brian: Two, you can stay here with me and wallow in misery and self-pity and watch me work.

Lucinda: At least that way I won't be alone.

Brian: Right.

Lucinda: What's the third choice?

Brian: We can ditch this joint and go have ourselves some fun.

Lucinda: I choose the third door.

Brian: Excellent choice.

Lucinda: Okay, let's go. But if it has anything to do with mushrooms -- unless of course --

Brian: No mushrooms, no. No, no, no, I promise. No mushrooms.

Guy #1: Hey, Snyder, where's your tutu?

Luke: Maybe I should've gone with Indiana Jones. Is it just me, or is it really weird here tonight?

Casey: It is weird. Have you checked out ustube lately?

Luke: No. Why?

Noah: That idiot put up a video, didn't he?

Casey: Yeah.

Luke: How bad is it?

Alison: Bad.

Luke: Well, then, I want to see it.

Casey: No, no, you donít.

Alison: He can't be the only person on campus who hasn't seen it.

Noah: No, he canít. Let's see it. Now.

Kevin: Hey, what the hell's the matter with you?

Mark: You saw the video.

Kevin: Damn right I saw the video. I told you I don't want to go there.

Mark: You didn't, man, I did.

Kevin: In my name!

Mark: Listen, no one is going to be able to tie it back to you, I made sure.

Kevin: You think people are that stupid?

Mark: Pretty much, yeah.

Kevin: It's not right, Mark.

Mark: It's effective.

Kevin: How is it effective? Making me look like I'm some kind of gay-basher?

Mark: Listen, you didn't start this, Kev. They're the ones trying to make this into one big gay pride parade. That's why they're running. It's to push their agenda. And if we say so, it doesn't make us bigots.

Kevin: It does when you put him in a leotard! That kind of stuff turns off more people than it convinces.

Mark: No, not in politics. What matters most is the message. Even people that don't like the video still get the point.

Kevin: It sucks, Mark.

Mark: No, you know what sucks is losing. So go have a good time and let me win this election for you, huh?

[Luke watching video]

Luke: Vote for me and I'll turn our school into Fairy U! That's a promise!

Luke: I didn't know he'd go that low.

Noah: Oh, I think he's just getting started.

Luke: Yeah, well, then Noah, so are we.

Casey: Good. You've known this guy for a long time, right, Luke? What kind of dirt do you have on him so we can slam him with it?

Noah: Wait, you don't really want to go down that road, do you?

Luke: Why not? He already has.

Noah: I thought the whole point was to be better than him.

Luke: No, Noah. The point is to win. What did he know? When did he know it?

Luke: Okay, so what do we do to hit him back?

Noah: You donít. Guys, if you respond to that trash like that, you legitimize it.

Luke: Noah, if we don't respond, people are going to think that we're afraid of a fight. And you know what? Maybe some of us are!

Noah: Okay, let's go outside. You and me.

Casey: Are you still going to go to the party, though?

Luke: Oh, yeah. They're not going to scare me away.

Alison: Noah's right. Maybe the best thing to do is to just ignore it.

Casey: The whole campaign is based on the idea that Luke is going to fight for what he believes in. We're not going to let one video just scare him away.

Alison: So we become just like they are?

Casey: Unless we turn it around on them. Make it look like they're afraid of us.

Alison: How do we do that?

Casey: Kevin said he wasn't going to run a dirty campaign.

Alison: Yeah, that doesn't me he'll apologize.

Casey: He doesn't have to. All he has to do is take it down.

Alison: Why would he?

Casey: To impress you.

Alison: Are you pimping me out again?

Casey: No, no, no. All you have to do is talk to him, let him know how you feel. You know he's into you. He'll want you to think he's listening. And then we say that he's weak and he's scared of us.

Alison: Wow, I thought the people that I worked with in porn were sleazy.

Casey: Hey, this is politics.

Alison: It's lying, Casey. And you may not care about that, but I do.

Noah: Forget about the stupid video. Concentrate on the issues.

Luke: The video is the issue, Noah. He's using bigotry to try and win.

Noah: He's trying to make it look like you have some hidden agenda. You throwing a hissy fit is just playing right into his hands.

Luke: A hissy fit?

Noah: That's how he's going to make it look.

Luke: So, what? Instead, I should just hide because we fairies are afraid of a fight?

Noah: You're going to lose if you fight them on their turf. You have to make them fight on yours.

Luke: Is this some sort of military something you learning growing up?

Noah: It's called strategy, Luke. You're the one that keeps telling me this is a war.

Luke: It is.

Noah: Well, that's the one thing that my father knew all about.

Casey: I am not telling you to lie.

Alison: Letting Kevin think I'm a student? What's that?

Casey: Not correcting his mistake.

Alison: It's wrong, Casey. And so is wanting me to seduce him into backing down.

Casey: I never told you to seduce him. Okay, maybe a little, but --

Alison: What? And if a little flirting doesn't work, then do you want me to sleep with him?

Casey: No, I never told you to do that.

Alison: Where do you draw the line?

Casey: That's for you to decide.

Alison: Okay. Okay then, I am drawing the line here. I promised myself that after made those movies, I would never do anything that made me feel uncomfortable. And that is the way I am feeling right now.

Casey: Well, how do you think Luke feels about that video?

Alison: That is so unfair.

Casey: He's your friend.

Alison: He chose this fight. I didnít. I don't even go to your school.

Casey: You don't think they would go after you and me both for helping out Luke? They don't draw any lines.

Alison: I know that.

Casey: Yes, but at least with us, it would be about what we did. Not who we are.

Alison: Well, I guess that's what I'm afraid of.

Casey: Then don't do it. You know, you're right. I shouldn't even be asking you.

Alison: But you think I'm wrong? Like, what else is new?

Casey: I'm not judging you, Ali. I never did. I never think about that stuff you did. Okay, maybe every once in a while I do. No, come on! I'm only human.

Alison: Yeah, you almost had me convinced you are. All right. All right, I will talk to Kevin again, but that is it.

Casey: Yeah, that's enough. If it doesn't go anywhere, you know, we'll find another way.

Alison: I'm sure you will.

Casey: Yeah, he's going to be at the party at Yoís.

Alison: I haven't been to a Halloween party since I was like 15.

Casey: I know a place where you can get one of those skimpy little nurse outfits. Okay, okay, maybe you can just wear your scrubs, I know that's sexy. That's a compliment.

Alison: Good thing you told me.

Casey: Yes.

Alison: All right.

Casey: But seriously? Thanks for doing this. It means a lot to Luke. And to me. Let's go.

Noah: The point is, you don't want to play their sleazy games, because you'll never be as good at them as they are.

Luke: Well, I'm sorry, Noah, but I can't just lay there and take it.

Casey: I like that fighting spirit.

Luke: Thank you.

Noah: Oh, great. I'm sure you thought up your own dirty little tricks?

Casey: Nothing dirty. We're just going to get them to back down, that's all.

Luke: How?

Casey: I'm on the case.

Luke: And what are you going to do?

Alison: I am going to try and convince h m to take that video down. Maybe even apologize.

Noah: And you're comfortable with this?

Alison: I don't like what they put in that video.

Luke: Thank you. So, what do we do in the meantime?

Casey: Go to the party. Make it look like you're not intimidated. Have a good time if it kills you.

Luke: Well, you know what? If I see Kevin, I might kill him.

Casey: Hey, not yet. That's plan B.

Susan: Aaron. Hi.

Aaron: Hi. Is Alison here tonight?

Susan: She got off a couple of hours ago.

Aaron: Do you know where she is?

Susan: She mentioned a party at Yoís. Maybe she decided to go.

Aaron: Really? Well, can I leave this with you?

Susan: What is it?

Aaron: It's a wedding gift from her friends in Seattle. It just came in today. They obviously haven't heard.

Susan: She told me that you filed for divorce.

Aaron: That's right.

Susan: She was very upset. She didn't mean for things to turn out the way they did.

Aaron: It didn't seem that way to me.

Susan: She's afraid of hurting you any more than she already has. She's always had feelings for you.

Aaron: Yeah, just not the right feelings.

Susan: I don't think she knows what her feelings are.

Aaron: Right. So you think she went to a party to figure it out?

Susan: Maybe you should to drop by.

Aaron: She doesn't want to see me.

Susan: You never know.

Kevin: Hey, Doc. I've got a little condition you might have to examine.

Alison: Oh, I'm sorry, I don't make house calls.

Kevin: Well, I'll come to your house. Alison, right?

Alison: Yeah. I'm sorry I had to skip out on your meeting the other day.

Kevin: It's okay. I'll be happy to fill you in with whatever you missed. Are you here with anyone?

Alison: No. I'm alone.

Kevin: Well, not anymore you're not.

Alison: So, you mean to tell me that the presidential candidate is here without a date?

Kevin: Well, he has one now.

Lucinda: Now I know you want to break every bone in my body.

Brian: Don't tell me that, you're as tough as they come. You know how to skate, don't you?

Lucinda: Well, I did. It was a while ago.

Brian: I bet you were pretty good.

Lucinda: I held my own. You know, it's funny. I had not much of a childhood, but there was a pond and it froze over. That was the best day of the whole year.

Brian: I bet it was the highlight for all the boys in town to watch marry Ellen Walters do figure eights.

Lucinda: How do you know that name?

Brian: I do my homework.

Lucinda: Have you been investigating me?

Brian: I did research.

Lucinda: Gee, you could've just asked.

Brian: Yes, I know, I know. But I was afraid that you might become too modest to tell me all the interesting things. For instance, like your prowess in figure skating.

Lucinda: That was a long time ago.

Brian: That's what I mean. And if I didn't know, I'd never know task you to show me what you got.

Lucinda: I'll be lucky if I can toe a straight line.

Brian: Of course you can.


Lucinda: I guess you were wrong.

[Lucinda laughing]

Lucinda: I'm sorry about that. Are you okay?

Brian: I'm fine. Are you okay?

Lucinda: I'm fine. I'm just fine. But enough. I think maybe it's time for proverbial hot chocolate.

Brian: Hot chocolate? We just got here.

Lucinda: No, Darling, I think it's proven that this was just a Halloween mistake.

Brian: No, no, no. We have to give it another chance.

Lucinda: You're sweet. You're really very cute. But it's got to be obvious to any fool that my skating days are over.

Brian: I don't believe that. Some things never get old.

Kevin: Hey, here you go.

Alison: Oh, thank you.

Kevin: So where you been? I haven't seen you on campus since we met.

Alison: I work off-campus when I'm not in class.

Kevin: What's your major?

Alison: Biology.

Kevin: Wow. Brains and beauty.

Alison: What about you?

Kevin: Political science.

Alison: Oh, wow. Why am I not surprised? So, I hear your campaign's going really well.

Kevin: I guess everyone's just reacting to the fact that, you know, I understand their concerns.

Alison: You sure are good at this, aren't you?

Kevin: What, good at telling people, you know, what they want to hear?

Alison: Yes, and you know how to bash your opponent.

Kevin: You saw the video.  

Alison: Who didn't?

Kevin: I had nothing to do with that.

Alison: But you know who did. I mean, you don't seem like a jerk, so I don't know would you want to make yourself look like one.

Kevin: Couple of guys I know -- they put it up without telling me.

Alison: What did you do about it?

Kevin: Well, like you said, everybody's already seen I the damage itís done.

Alison: You could ask them to take it down. I mean, at least then people could see that it isn't who you really are.

Kevin: You seem to feel pretty strongly about this.

Alison: I know how it feels to be ridiculed.

Kevin: For what? Being too cute?

Alison: No, not quite. But whatever. I mean, it's none of my business.

Kevin: No, I understand, I don't want you to think I'm some kind of jerk. I'll be right back.

Alison: Okay.

Aaron: You sure don't any waste time, do you?

Mark: It's the wrong move, man.

Kevin: The wrong move was putting it up in the first place.

Mark: Well, not if you want to win.

Kevin: I do want to win. But I want to win my way. So I want you to take it down.

Mark: Okay, well, y mind if I ask why?

Kevin: It just makes me look like a jerk.

Mark: It's not about you.

Kevin: How is it not about me? I'm running for president.

Mark: What, did that girl get on you about it or something?

Kevin: It doesn't matter.

Mark: Listen, I know plenty of girls who dug that video.

Kevin: Just do it, okay?

Mark: Sure. Man, you know her?

Joel: You serious, dude? Everyone knows her. That's Alison Stewart.

Lucinda: I think hit my head when we fell on the skates, Darling, because I don't usually kiss on the first skate.

Brian: Well, that's a relief.

Lucinda: I don't know. I'm not myself lately. I think it's all this Lily stuff...

Brian: I don't think this has anything to do with Lily.

Lucinda: What are you talking about? The reason we're here is because I was so distressed about her and the kids.

Brian: I'm here because this is where I want to be.

Lucinda: Look, you don't have to humor a tedious sad sack.

Brian: Would you stop insulting my date?

Lucinda: Your date?

Brian: Yeah, okay, okay, since subtlety seems to be lost in you, let me spell it out. I think you're attractive and funny and intelligent and charming and elegant. And did I mention attractive?

Lucinda: Yes, you did. You mentioned that. But darling, I don't think you see the whole picture.

Brian: No, I think I do. Know you can be one tough cookie when you're cornered. And I would hate to be on your bad side. But I like that about you. In fact, I can't think of anything I don't like about you.

Lucinda: Brian --

Brian: Shut up, I'm not finished spelling it out.

Alison: I don't know what you're talking about.

Aaron: You know, you acted like getting a divorce really bummed you out, and here you are all over this kid over here.

Alison: I'm not all over anyone, Aaron. I was just talking to someone at a party.

Aaron: Oh, yeah. And it looks like you're ready to do a little bit more than talking.

Alison: You know what, go to hell, Aaron!

Casey: Not cool, dude.

Aaron: I blew it. I blew it.

Noah: Hey, I just want you to know, it's fine if you want to blow this off.

Luke: I canít.

Noah: Why?

Boy: Hey, Luke. Noah.

Noah: Hey, what's up, man?

Boy: Hey how are you? Hey, I saw the video. That was low, man. You gotta get right back at them.

Noah: Okay, can we all just have a good time tonight? You know, just party?

Luke: Yes.

Noah: No politics?

Luke: No politics.

Noah: All right. Let's go, then.

Luke: Okay, well, why don't you guys go in? I just -- I need a minute.

Noah: Do you want me to wait with you?

Luke: No, no, I'm okay. I just need a minute.

Noah: You sure? Okay.

Kevin: Hey, it's packed in there. I needed some air. That's a nice costume.

Luke: My leotard is at the cleaners.

Kevin: Look --

Luke: Look, that sucked. I know you had issues when I told you about how I felt about you. But that was a long time ago.

Kevin: I know that.

Luke: And you're still trying to get payback.

Kevin: That's not what it was.

Luke: What was it, then?

Kevin: I didn't know anything about it.

Luke: You expect me to believe that?

Kevin: Look, it's the truth. I told the guys who did it to take it down.

Luke: Yeah, well, do those guys still work on your campaign? So they'll just put another one up. That's real great, Kevin. I can't wait.

Kevin: Look, look. That's not going to happen. All right? I didn't want this to become personal. I have nothing against you. I haven't forgotten about when you saved me at the lake.

Luke: Yeah? Well, have you forgotten about you called me a faggot? Which is basically what your boys did on that video. Look, you can say whatever you like, but the truth of the matter is, Kevin, that this is as personal as it gets.

Casey: The guy you saw Ali talking to is running a gay-bashing campaign against Luke, okay? She's just trying to find out his plan is.

Aaron: What is she, some kind of a spy?

Casey: No, she's just trying to help out Luke, man. This has nothing to do with you.

Aaron: Well, you know, her life has kind of nothing to do with me now.

Casey: I'm sorry to break it to you, man, but you're getting divorced, remember?

Aaron: Yes, I know. I remember. I was just thinking that -- it doesn't matter what I was thinking. It doesn't matter. I'm out.

Casey: Aaron --

Alison: What did he say?

Casey: Nothing.

Alison: What did you say?

Casey: It doesn't matter.

Alison: Don't get in the middle of this.

Casey: I thought there was nothing to get in the middle of.

Alison: There isnít.

Noah: Hey, guys.

Casey: Hey. Where's Luke?

Noah: Oh, he's outside. He's trying to psych himself up to come in here.

Casey: We shouldn't talk here where everyone can see us. Come on.

Noah: You're kidding.

Casey: No, come on.

Noah: You realize this is ridiculous?

Casey: We can't let them know that aleís our friend.

Noah: You know, I have an idea. Why don't you stop making her be your spy?

Casey: That is one unhappy dude.

Alison: Maybe he thinks this is getting ridiculously out of hand. And he would be right.

Mark: Isn't that miss Lukeís campaign manager? What's he doing with the porn queen?

Kevin: You're the one making it personal, Luke. Look, I know what I said to you back then was wrong. But I learned from it, okay? I'm not a gay-basher.

Luke: It was your guys that made that video.

Kevin: They're taking it down.

Luke: Yeah, would you look at the timing? After you've gotten what you needed?

Kevin: I didn't need anything.

Luke: Because you can't lose to the fairy?

Kevin: You need to chill.

Luke: And you need to realize why you are so threatened.

Kevin: What is it with you people? Why do you have to think everybody is gay?

Luke: I never thought that --

Kevin: You just said I feel threatened! Why, because I'm secretly a homo? And I hate myself for it?

Luke: Look, I never said anything like that.

Kevin: I got news for you, okay? I'm not secretly anything. I like girls. I'm friends with guys. I used to be friends with you, until you tried to make it something else. And that's on you, not me.

Luke: All you had to do was say no. And that would have been enough.

Kevin: I was a kid. I didn't know what I was saying. But no, that doesn't matter. Because anyone who's not gay is a gay-basher! Look, you're the bigot here, not me.

Noah: What the hell's going on here?

Kevin: Nothing, nothing. Go have fun with your boyfriend.

Lucinda: It's not that I'm not flattered to be thought desirable at this juncture in my life.

Brian: Well, get used to it.

Lucinda: You're making my blood dance and my head spin.

Brian: Just returning the favor.

Lucinda: Oh, Brian.

Brian: Can I make a suggestion

Lucinda: Yeah.

Brian: As much as you seem to enjoy coming up with all the reasons why this can't work, why don't we just let it happen?

Lucinda: I don't know if I can.

Brian: Let's find out.

Lucinda: Okay.

Brian: Great. You know, I happen to have this really special bottle of port that would top off this chocolate very nicely.

Lucinda: Oh, you mean the bottle of port back in the room?

Brian: Well, I normally keep it in my back pocket, but I was afraid it might shatter when my butt hit the ice.

Lucinda: Why not? It wouldn't hurt.

Brian: God forbid, it might even be fun.

Lucinda: Yeah, okay. Oh.

[Cell phone ringing]

Lucinda: Yeah?

Susan: Lucinda, its Susan. I'm sorry to call you so late, but since Bob is out of town, he asked me to keep an eye out for your work-up. And it just came back. Could you come in and see me?

Lucinda: What's wrong with me?

Susan: We'll talk when you get here.

Lucinda: Gotcha. I'm on my way.

Brian: What happened?

Lucinda: There's something I've got to take care of immediately, briefly. Can we meet up a little bit later?

Brian: Are you all right?

Lucinda: Yeah. I won't be long. I won't be long.

Brian: I'll be waiting.

Casey: How did you convince Kevin to back off the video?

Alison: He already knew it was wrong, Case. And he's not that bad of a guy.

Casey: Well, he hangs out with enough of them. But hey, that was a good job. For a nurse, you make a pretty good secret agent.

Alison: Thanks.

Casey: I know you didn't like it, but it was a good thing you did.

Alison: I know. I'm sorry I got so bent out of shape earlier about it.

Casey: I am glad you said that. Because next week he's giving a speech at the pep rally, and it would be nice if we know what he's going to say.

Alison: I think you're taking this "Mission: Impossible" thing a little too far.

Casey: I was thinking more "Charlieís Angels."

Alison: Yeah, you would.

Casey: Okay, this is the last time.

Alison: You said that the last time.

Casey: But I really mean it this time, I swear.

Mark: You know your new girlfriend is Alison Stewart? You know who that is?

Kevin: Yeah, I know who she is.

Mark: She's playing you, man.

Kevin: Why?

Mark: I don't know. Ask Luke and his girls. They're all in it together.

Kevin: You sure about this?

Mark: I just saw them together.

Kevin: Look, forget what I told you before. Let's just win this stupid election.

Mark: Yeah, you got it. What about Alison?

Kevin: The hell with her.

Susan: We just got back your test results. There are signs of recurrence.

Lucinda: That's what I thought. Oh, God. What do I do now?

Susan: You have to talk to your oncologist and review your options as soon as possible.

Lucinda: Well, of course, of course. If I'm lucky, I'll just say good-bye to another breast.

Susan: There are other courses of treatment. Radiation. Chemotherapy.

Lucinda: Yeah, I know all about that. Been there, done that. It's just awful. Just awful. I should've known.

Susan: How could you have known?

Lucinda: 'Cause I was thinking during the MRI, I was feeling really very sanguine about my life right now.

Susan: It's biology. It's cell division. It's not divine retribution.

Lucinda: No. Just a cosmic joke.

Luke: Can you believe that piece of trash thinks that I'm a bigot?

Noah: You've got to calm down.

Luke: You should've heard what he was saying. He was acting like there was some big gay conspiracy against straight guys.

Noah: Well, isn't there?

Luke: That's not funny, Noah.

Noah: Sorry, I thought it was.

Luke: Yeah, well, maybe if it was you that was ridiculed online.

Noah: Okay, look, he told you that he didn't put it up there.

Luke: Yeah, he didn't make the video, but he sure let his guys put it up.

Noah: Alison said he was going to make them take it down.

Luke: Yeah, but Noah, look at the timing. Everyone's already seen it.

Noah: I know, but you've got to let it go.

Luke: I canít. And why are you so afraid to see what this really is?

Noah: It's student government, Luke.

Luke: No, it's so much more than that. And you're so scared, you can't even admit it.

Noah: You think I'm scared of those schoolyard bullies?

Luke: Yeah. I'm starting to, yes.

Noah: You know what? I'm going home.

Luke: You're leaving?

Noah: Yeah, I don't feel like partying anymore. You know what? I'm sick to death about hearing anything about who's going to be class president.

Crony #1: Hey, Casey.

Casey: What's up, man?

Crony #1: A bunch of us are going to play some flip cup. You up for it?

Casey: Yes, lead the way.

Crony #2: Ready to get wasted?

Casey: Yes, my friend. There are worse punishments. 3, 2, 1, flip cup.

Crony #2: Go.

Casey: Stop. I can't deal with this pressure.

Crony #1: Chase it!

Alison: Hey, you look bummed. Something wrong?

Kevin: No, I'm good.

Alison: Yeah? So, I hear you have to do a big speech next week?

Kevin: Yeah, we all do.

Alison: Did you write yours yet?

Kevin: Yeah, most of it.

Alison: Yeah, cool. What's it about?

Kevin: You'll have to wait and see like everybody else.

Alison: Fair enough.

Kevin: I see someone I've got to go talk to.

Alison: Okay, cool.

Kevin: Catch you later.

Alison: Sure.

Joel: You were last, man.

Casey: No, no. Let me get comfortable. Chill out, get my head in this game. Let's do this.

Alison: Hey, there you are. Well, it didn't work. I'm tired. Are you staying? Cool. You can take me home.

Crony #1: I thought you were good at this.

Casey: So did I. So did I.

Alison: How can you see with that mask on? Casey? Wait, this isn't your car. Wait, what is going on? Casey, talk to me.

Susan: You should know better than anybody, this doesn't have to be a death sentence. And it's not a good time to push your loved ones away.

Lucinda: The joke's on me. That's been taken care of.

Susan: Well, fix it. You're going to need them. I want you to see your oncologist tomorrow.

Lucinda: Okay, Susan. I get it. And I will.

[Phone rings]

Brian: Hello?

Lucinda: It's me. I can't make it after all.

Brian: What's wrong?

Lucinda: Something's come up.

Brian: Are you all right? You sound different.

Lucinda: I'm fine.

Brian: Lucinda, tell me what changed your mind.

Lucinda: Circumstances.

Brian: Well, I think I deserve a little more explanation than that.

Lucinda: Yeah, I suppose you do. You've been very good for me and very good to me. And you've made me feel special.

Brian: Well, you are special.

Lucinda: So are you. I think if I came up tonight, we'd both regret it.

Brian: Don't tell me what I will regret.

Lucinda: Sorry, that's the way it's got to be.

Brian: Why? Lucinda!

Noah: Why aren't you at the party?

Luke: You didn't think I'd let you just stomp off like that, did you?

Aaron: That's my cue to leave.

Luke: Why are you so mad at me?

Noah: I'm not mad. Okay, I just don't like what this election is doing to you.

Luke: It's not the election. It's Kevin. You think I still have feelings for him.

Noah: Yeah, well, rejection is toxic. It doesn't bring out the best in anyone.

Luke: You didn't answer my question.

Noah: You answer it. Do you have feelings for him?

Luke: I think that he's bad for our school. I think it would be a mistake if he won.

Noah: Geez that is campaign spin, if I've ever heard it.

Luke: No, it's the truth.

Noah: He was your first love.

Luke: That is the furthest thing from the truth.

Noah: No, whether he felt the same for you or not, you never get over your first. I know, because I know I'll never get over mine.

Luke: You don't have to, Noah. Whatever Kevin was, it's nothing to how I feel for you.

Noah: Then why are you so invested in this?

Luke: I don't know. I guess it brings up a lot of memories.

Noah: Well, that's all they are, Luke. Just memories. Don't make them bigger than that.

Luke: Okay, well, what do you want me to do?

Noah: Quit.

Luke: Are you serious?

Noah: Absolutely.

Luke: I canít. I have to win this.

Noah: Maybe you should ask yourself first, why.

Luke: I thought we were talking.

Noah: I have a paper to write.

Casey: Okay, I'm done. I'm wasted. I'm done. Hey, have you guys seen my costume?

Alison: Casey, this isn't funny. What the hell is going on?

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