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As The World Turns Transcript Wednesday 10/15/08

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Alison: That is really sick.

Casey: It's high in protein.

Alison: Casey, you're one person. And you're eating like three breakfasts.

Casey: Okay, Emily used to bust me on that. But now I don't have to listen to her. And I need the carbs. Okay? Can you please stop staring at me?

Alison: It's like a car wreck. You can't turn away.

Casey: I eat like this when I'm depressed. It helps. You should try it.

Alison: Oh. If I ate that many calories, every time I got depressed, I would weigh 400 pounds.

Casey: So, you starve yourself? At least I have a lot more fun.

Alison: Okay, it clogs your arteries, and you have heart trouble in your family.

Casey: Hey, yes. Thank you for reminding me. My only heart trouble I have right now is Emily and --

Alison: Casey, it is not your fault. The Stewart women suck in relationships.

Casey: Yes, tell me about it.

Alison: I mean, Emily messed up with you. I messed up with Aaron, and Chris, and -- oh my God! Why is she coming looking at me. Okay, I'm going to need three breakfasts after this. No, I'm just kidding.

Kim: Hi, Darling.

Casey: Hey --

Kim: How are you?

Casey: Good.

Kim: Alison, I'm sorry to interrupt, but I need to talk to you. Now.

Chris: My flight's this afternoon. I need to check these bags. And there's a trunk in my room, if you could send up a bellhop.

Clerk: I'll prepare your bill, Dr. Hughes. Sorry to see you go.

Aaron: Yeah, some of us aren't that sorry.

Chris: No? I thought you were going to throw me a going-away party.

Aaron: It's just weird timing. I mean, you finally got what you wanted. Ali and I are over. Why are you in such a rush to leave?

Kim: Chris is going back to Africa to work.

Alison: He is?

Kim: He's planning on leaving today.

Alison: I knew he was thinking about it, but I had no idea that he -- how long will he be gone for?

Kim: He's given them an open-end commitment. He's going to be there indefinitely. Alison, I was hoping -- I thought maybe -- there's something you can say to him to help him change his mind.

Dusty: I'm glad you came over. I need you to do me a favor.

Emily: What did you have in mind?

Dusty: I need you to go check on Meg.

Emily: You're kidding.

Dusty: No. I can't go over there. Her husband's watching like a rabid dog. Would you just go over there and make sure she's okay?

Emily: You want me to be a go-between with your ex.

Dusty: Yeah, do you mind?

Paul: You can open them, you know? Come on, I know you want to.

Meg: Do you really think this will work?

Paul: I'm hoping. Come on, you're not a little bit curious? Hi, Meg. And that one's a girl.

Meg: Yeah. Yeah, I can see that.

Paul: And they're anatomically correct. So by the time you get to the next trimester, I'm going to be like a gold-medal diaper changer.

Meg: Where did you find time to hit the stores, Paul? Before or after you hired people to impersonate Lucy and Johnny?

Paul: Okay, maybe that was a mistake. I'm thinking maybe that I shouldn't have done that --

Meg: You know, it really surprises me that you're about to be a father and you found no qualms about trying to trick Dusty into believing that he had found his missing son. That's really unforgivable.

Paul: James put me through a lot. He did. I wasn't acting like myself --

Meg: You know what? No more excuses. You really went too far this time. And you can't make up for it with cute little presents.

Paul: Okay, fine. How can I make up for it?

Meg: Oh, do you really want to know?

Paul: Yeah.

Meg: Go apologize to Dusty. And promise him that you will never do anything like that again.

Paul: You want me to apologize?

Meg: Yes. And you have to mean it.

Emily: I'm not going to spy on Meg for you.

Dusty: It's not spying. I want to make sure she's okay.

Emily: I didn't realize you still cared so much.

Dusty: She's a good person. She's pregnant. I'm worried about her. Is that a crime?

Emily: I can't tell you how to feel, Dusty.

Dusty: Her husband's a lunatic. That's how I feel.

Emily: Yeah, I get that. I get that. You hate Paul. Paul hates you. That doesn't mean I'm going to let you turn me into Meg's full-time bodyguard.

Dusty: Listen to me. Have a heart, will you? Her man's putting her through hell. She could lose her baby. You know what Paulís capable of.

Emily: Yeah, I do.

Dusty: Then would you go over there and tell her if she has any problems, she doesn't have to call me directly, she can call you. Would you tell her that?

Emily: She can call -- so, this isn't just a one-shot deal? This is me being a full time go-between.

Dusty: Don't be such a drama queen. Just say yes.

Emily: Sorry. I already have a job, thank you very much. I am not going to baby-sit Meg for you.

Paul: Come on, we're not really going to have a fight about Dusty, are we?

Meg: Dusty saved my life when your father kidnapped me. He didn't press charges when you shot him! He bailed you out of all those debts so you wouldn't end up on the street! I think an apology is the least you owe him!

Paul: I disagree.

Meg: Yeah, you made that quite clear when you orchestrated that vicious set- up. Just to get him out of town.

Paul: Have you noticed the way he looks at you?

Meg: He's my friend.

Paul: He's your ex, Meg.

Meg: Yeah, that was ages ago. We've both moved on since then. Paul, you have nothing to be jealous about.

Paul: You're my wife, right? You're having my baby. If there's a problem, don't you think you should come to me?

Meg: Okay, so you're still upset that I asked him to bail us out financially.

Paul: I want to be the one to take care of you, Meg.

Meg: Paul, you just had a nervous breakdown. You were just released from the hospital. I wasn't going to risk making things worse.

Paul: Did it occur to you that going to Dusty for help might make things worse?

Meg: We needed help out of a bad situation, and Dusty was in the best position to do that!

Paul: Yeah! Dusty was in the best position to do that because he's up to neck -- his neck in my money -- my money! My father's inheritance was supposed to go to me!

Meg: Okay, look, I know you're angry that James cut you out of the will. Anyone would be. But for the sake of your own recovery -- your own mental state, you need to stop fixating on Dusty.

Paul: You first.

Meg: I have no fixation on Dusty Donovan.

Paul: Okay, prove it.

Meg: Prove it? Okay. The proof is that I love you. I am having your baby. And despite warnings from everyone in my family, I am here with you. To stay.

Paul: And that's a good thing, right?

Meg: And it would also be a good thing if you would apologize to Dusty.

Paul: Can't we just let this whole thing go?

Meg: No, no because I think it's really going to help you get over your paranoia. You've been attacked so much that this has become a way of life. The only way to recover psychologically is to realize that these attacks are over. Not everybody is out to destroy you.

Paul: Mm-hmm. Okay.

Meg: Paul, you need to do whatever it takes to make yourself better for us, for our family.

Paul: Okay, and getting down on my hands and knees and begging Dusty to forgive me, that's going to make things better with us?

Meg: It's a start.

Paul: Okay. I'll try anything to keep you around.

Meg: Just prove to me that you're big enough to admit when you're wrong. And go apologize.

Chris: I just want you to know -- I didn't get what I wanted at all. I'm not the winner here. In fact, I ended up losing Alison for good. She hates me for being the one that told you what happened. I'm sure she thinks I couldn't wait to clue you in, but that's not true. I had no intention of saying anything. All right? It just came out.

Aaron: Uh-huh. Come on. You didn't have any joy saying it? I mean, how often do you get to tell a man that you slept with his fiancťe the day before his wedding?

Chris: I got no pleasure in that, believe me.

Aaron: I donít.

Chris: Alison loves you, don't you know that?

Aaron: Please, don't tell me what Alison feels. Okay?

Chris: If you were smart, you'd give her another chance. But if you can't forgive her, maybe you deserve to be alone.

Aaron: Well, you know what? You're wrong. Okay? Because I did forgive her. I was willing to take her back. She said no. So, she obviously hasn't gotten you out of her system yet.

Kim: There's a lot of reasons for Chris to stay here in Oakdale. And he's giving only one reason to leave. And that would be his feelings for you.

Alison: Well, whatever we had is over.

Kim: Maybe for you, but not for him. Alison, he says he is haunted by his feelings for you. I'm so sorry, I didn't want to lay this on you. But I was frightened that, I have such a sense of foreboding about his going back there. And if I -- if I didn't talk to you now that maybe I'd regret it later on.

Alison: Okay, so you want me to get him to do a 180, and -- and decide to stay? I mean, how am I supposed to pull that off?

Kim: Honestly, I don't know. All you can do is try. But whatever you could do, I would be so grateful.

Alison: Okay, I'll try.

Kim: Oh, thank you. Thank you. Bye.

Casey: So what was that all about?

Alison: Um, she wants me to talk to Chris.

Casey: About what?

Alison: She thinks I can convince him to get over everything that happened between us, and to change his mind about going back to Africa. Oh, and I have to do this today before he leaves for the airport.

Casey: You know what? No offense to Chris, but he's the one who messed up his life. So why does this have to be your problem?

Alison: With Chris, I guess I feel responsible. I mean, I've played with his emotions because I was running away from my own. I mean, sleeping with a guy on the day before you're supposed to get married, I mean, that kind of sends mixed signals, you know?

Casey: Um, Chris is a big boy. He'd know what he was doing.

Alison: Oh, like you knew it was that you and Emily were going to be a train wreck?

Casey: Okay, yes, I would've figured that out sooner or later, you know. The age difference, her being my half-brother's mother --

Alison: Yeah, I think they call those "Warning signs."

Casey: Yes, but Chris is doing the same thing. He knew you were engaged. You and Aaron have loved each other for -- like forever.

Alison: Yeah, but it didn't work because I couldn't be in love with one person at one time. Okay. Kim is right. If Chris is really is leaving because of me, then I need to go make him know that it's a bad idea.

Casey: Well, tell me how it goes.

Alison: I will. And, thank you for helping me make sense of my ridiculous life.

Casey: Hey, it's not like my life's in great shape right now. You know, it's good -- it's good to have a friend. Besides, I have nothing else to do.

Alison: What about school?

Casey: Oh, my -- yes, you're right! I forgot about that. I should get on that.

[Alison laughs]

Alison: All right, well good luck with that.

Casey: Yes, and good luck with Chris. You'll need it.

Alison: Hmm. Okay.

Chris: Hey, Lois. Seen Alison Stewart today?

Nurse: No, I don't think she's due in until later. Is it true you're leaving Memorial, Dr. Hughes?

Chris: Yep, I'm out of here. Just came to clean out my locker.

Nurse: Well, good luck -- we'll miss you.

Chris: Thanks.

[Cell phone rings]

Chris: Alison, I was just thinking about you.

Alison: I heard you were leaving today.

Chris: Yeah. By tomorrow night, I'll be back in Africa.

Alison: Well, do me a favor? Don't leave before we get a chance to talk, okay?

Chris: You free right now?

Alison: Yeah, where are you?

Chris: Cleaning out my locker. Come on over.

Alison: Okay. See you soon.

Emily: I got to go. I got an editorial board meeting.

Dusty: Em, wait. I didn't mean to put you in an awkward situation.

Emily: What did I just say to you? You always have to have some woman to rescue. And now, it's Meg's turn. Sorry, I can't help you with this one.

Dusty: Even though she's pregnant, and she could lose her baby? You're a mother, how can you not relate to this?

Emily: Okay, you know what? Now you're not playing fair.

Dusty: I'm pushing this because I feel responsible.

Emily: For Meg?

Dusty: Yeah. Remember you told me, I was asking for trouble if I paid Paulís debt? You were right. I think he's dangerous. She could lose her baby.

Emily: Okay, fine. Fine, I will check on Meg, and make sure she's okay. But you owe me, big time.

Dusty: Definitely.

Emily: Count on it!

Emily: What the hell am I doing? Forget it.

Bob: Look, I know you're concerned about this pregnancy. I just want to make sure that everything is a-okay.

Meg: Well, thank you for going out of your way.

Bob: Shh, shh, shh, shh. Doctor at work. Yeah, there is reason for concern.

Meg: Why? What's wrong?

Bob: Meg, your pulse is racing. Your blood pressure's too high. And I think I know the cause. It's Paul -- your husband is putting too much stress on you, and it's got to stop.

Dusty: What do you want?

Paul: It's not my idea to come here, I just -- I'm only here because of Meg.

Dusty: Is she all right?

Paul: Yeah, of course she's all right. Why wouldn't she be all right?

Dusty: 'Cause you're in the psych ward frequent flyer program.

Paul: Is that supposed to be funny?

Dusty: No. What do you want?

Paul: I came here to -- to apologize.

Dusty: Listen, for an apology, you're not supposed to show up because someone else makes you show up. You're supposed to show up because you mean it.

Paul: You don't think I mean it? I just said it. I apologize.

Dusty: Really? What are you sorry for? Seriously. What are you sorry for?

Paul: I'm sorry that -- that I led you on a wild goose chase looking for your son.

Dusty: Yeah, but you'd do it again, in a heartbeat.

Paul: I knew this was a mistake to come here.

Dusty: Meg got you down here, but she can't make me believe you.

Paul: And another thing -- you stay the hell away from my wife!

Dusty: Why? I'm not putting her in danger.

Paul: Dusty, if you're sniffing around Meg, I'll kill you. I swear, I'll kill you.

Dusty: Pack up your threats. Get out of my room.

Paul: Just consider yourself warned.

Dusty: You're crazy, you know that?

Paul: I'm crazy?

Dusty: I'm not trying to steal your wife.

Paul: See, this is what I don't understand. Everybody thinks that you're so noble, and I'm crazy. You're the one who -- you pretended to be dead for what, like a year? And I'm the one who's crazy?

Casey: Emily.

Emily: Casey.

Casey: What are you doing here? Oh, hoping to run into Dusty.

Emily: No.

Casey: Really. There's no way you're here to see your new boyfriend?

Emily: You know what, it's none of your business.

Casey: Actually, I think it is my business. I think Dusty's the reason you turned me down when I wanted us to get back together.

Emily: That's not true.

Casey: Oh, sure it is. Once you heard Donovan was alive and available, there was no stopping you.

Emily: I don't know what you're talking about.

Casey: I know he cheated on you with your own sister. But now you can't get enough of him? What --

Emily: Do we have this conversation right now?

Casey: I can't think of a better time.

Emily: What do you want me to say?

Casey: Tell me. Was it fun hooking up with him again? You know? All that unfinished business. It must've been a blast, catching up on everything, you know. Figuring out what he was really doing when he was supposed to be dead.

Emily: He was looking for his son.

Casey: Hey, don't get me wrong. I feel for the guy. In fact, I was wondering, if he doesn't find his little boy, do you think he'll want to have a kid again? Oh -- oh, wait! He can't have a kid with you --

Emily: Oh, you know -- just stop it.

Casey: What, you regretting your decision? I mean, for Dusty's sake, not mine.

Emily: Are you finished?

Casey: Have you told Dusty that you can't have any more kids? He's not going to be very happy.

Emily: We are not having this conversation.

Casey: Just for your sake, I hope you know what you're doing. I hope he doesn't break your heart like he did last time.

Emily: That was a sad, sad day. Jealousy doesn't look so good on you, Case.

Casey: I am not jealous. Because now I know us breaking up wasn't about me. It was about Dusty.

[Elevator bell dings]

Casey: So good luck. You two deserve each other.

Paul: You look like you could use a drink too. You want it?

Emily: Lead the way.

Paul: I'll buy.

Bob: Well, I understand that James is a huge part in Paulís breakdown. But I don't understand, and I'm concerned why he didn't tell you that his father broke out of prison.

Meg: I'm concerned about that, too. But James is gone now.

Bob: But that's not going to end it. If mean, if he feels that he contributed to his father's death, this could have repercussions way into the future.

Meg: Yes it can. You're right. Paul has been through the wringer. But I am taking very good care of him.

Bob: Well, I'm sure that you are. But I think he needs more aggressive treatment.

Meg: Okay. If you're talking about therapy, I could make sure he goes more often.

Bob: No, no. I don't mean outpatient therapy. That's not enough. Look at the toll that this has taken on Paul, and you.

Meg: Don't worry about me, Bob, I'm fine.

Bob: The spike in your blood pressure says otherwise. Dr. Schiller told you that this could be a problem pregnancy. I think you should re-admit Paul to the hospital --

Meg: No, no. I am not going to have Paul committed against his will. Besides, I really think he's turning the corner, Bob.

Bob: Meg, I hope you're right. But if this situation deteriorates, and you're confined to bed rest to the term of your pregnancy, you'll be in no condition to help Paul.

[Cell phone rings]

Bob: I got to take that, I'm sorry. Hello?

Kim: Honey, I'm sorry to interrupt. But Chris is meeting me at Java. I wonder, can you join us?

Bob: Yes, yes, I'll be there right away. Is he going straight to the airport?

Kim: I don't know. With any luck, maybe not.

Chris: Hey, Alison. Glad you made it.

Alison: I -- I couldn't believe it when I heard you decided to take the global health job. I mean, I know you were thinking about it, but --

Chris: You thought I'd chicken out?

Alison: No, of course not. Can I ask you a question?

Chris: Sure.

Alison: Uh -- what happens to Morty?

Chris: Oh. I found him a great home. One of the nurses down in pediatrics -- Sarah Fielding, you know her, right?

Alison: Yeah, yeah. I've met her. Oh, that's great. That's great.

Chris: I mean, I knew you weren't in a position to take him --

Alison: Right. No, I'm not. I mean, not while I'm still in school. And obviously, you can't take him with you.

Chris: I don't think he'd be too happy where I'm going.

Alison: What about you? Will you be happy?

Chris: I'll be doing work that needs to be done.

Alison: Yeah, I know, but -- Africa. I mean, you once told me how hard it was to be so far away from your family. Is this really what you want?

Chris: There's nothing keeping me here, Ali -- is there?

Alison: This isn't about me, Chris.

Chris: Let's be honest. I saw Aaron earlier. He told me you two split up for good.

Alison: That's true.

Chris: He said he tried to get back together with you, but you turned him down. And I was the reason for that.

Alison: He told you that?

Chris: He seemed to think you still had feelings for me. So when you called me asking to meet before I left town --

Alison: You thought I wanted you to stick around for me.

Chris: Was I wrong?

Alison: The reason I called, Chris, was because your mother asked me to. I didn't even know you were leaving until she told me. Kim doesn't want you taking off halfway around the world -- just to get away from me.

Chris: So the reason you broke up with Aaron wasn't because you still had feelings for me?

Alison: I'm not going to deny that I care about you, Chris. But you're not the reason that I ended my marriage. And you're not the reason that I turned him down again when he wanted give it another try.

Chris: Then why did you?

Alison: Because I couldn't take hurting him again. I've done it too much and I was starting to hate myself for it.

Chris: Maybe if I stayed, I can -- I can help you.

Alison: No offense, but I don't think you're the kind of help I need. I don't think I should be with anyone right now. I'm sorry.

Chris: I'm a -- I'm a fool for getting my hopes up. Again.

Alison: You're not a fool. Not at all.

Chris: I still think we could've been good together.

Alison: Maybe someday, but not now.

Chris: Will you think about it while I'm gone?

Alison: I will, but right now, I agree with your mother. I shouldn't be the reason for you leaving. And I hate to think that I'm taking you away from your friends and family.

Chris: If I can't be with you Ali, I can't be around. Take care of yourself.

Bob: So you really think there's a chance that Chris may change his mind about leaving?

Kim: Honey, I have absolutely no idea. I talked to Alison -- she said she'd would try talking to him.

Bob: She won't change his mind.

Kim: Well, you know, I thought even if she could convince him that there's no future for them, maybe he wouldn't feel like he had to take off.

Bob: Well unfortunately, this is about what Chris deciding what he wants to do with his life, not about what his mother and father want.

Kim: I know. I realize he's going be doing wonderful humanitarian work in Africa. But I swear to you, when he was there the last time, I don't think a day passed that I didn't feel like my heart was in my throat. I'm terrified. I'm not kidding you. It is so dangerous over there.

Bob: We just have to hope and pray that he'll come through it as well as he did last time. Look, I know you want him to stay. I do too. I'm gonna miss him terribly, but he's a grown man. We have to respect his decision.

Kim: You're right.

Alison: I can't believe you, Aaron.

Aaron: What did I do now?

Alison: You told Chris that he was the reason that we broke up, which isn't true!

Aaron: Then what was it, Ali? Was it just some random coincidence that you slept with Chris Hughes the day before our wedding?

Alison: It wasn't about him. It was about running away from something that I was afraid that wasn't going to work. I was getting married for the wrong reasons. And maybe you were too, but obviously, it's my fault.

Aaron: I'm not blaming you.

Alison: Well, I am. And I've been feeling pretty horrible about myself these days. And until that changes, I think it would be a mistake for me to try to make a commitment to anyone.

Aaron: You know, you keep -- you keep saying that Ali, you keep saying it, but the fact is this, you don't love me enough to make this work.

Alison: That is not true. I do love you, Aaron. I always have, and I probably always will.

Aaron: Why can't that be enough?

Alison: Because I know me, and I'd end up making the same mistakes again. I'm sorry.

Aaron: Yeah, I'm sorry too.

Casey: Hey, Alison. You look like crap.

Alison: Thanks. I feel like crap.

Casey: I told you it was going to be a bad idea to talk to Chris again.

Alison: Yeah, that was bad enough. And he's still leaving, by the way. I couldn't talk him out of it.

Casey: Well, maybe it's for the best.

Alison: Maybe. Who knows? Then I had to go another round with Aaron.

Casey: Oh, and he put you down for the count?

Alison: Yes. So, if you want to take a shot at me, you know, go right ahead.

Casey: I may be the only guy in Oakdale who doesn't have this sick love-hate thing going for you right now.

Alison: Two guys. Please. I'm not that bad.

Casey: Yes, you are that bad. But I'll overlook it, you know? So what are you up to now?

Alison: I'm supposed to go to class. You?

Casey: Same. Do you wanna blow off school and do something irresponsible and immature?

Alison: That sounds like a plan.

Casey: Yes!

Emily: Wow, a Bloody Mary in the morning is one thing. But a double shot of single malt, Paul?

Paul: I'm looking forward to having one of those days.

Emily: Eh, join the club.

Paul: Yeah, I just had a run-in with Dusty. What's your excuse?

Emily: No run-in.

Paul: But Dusty? Come on, you can tell me. I've known you a long time. Why do you got a frown on that beautiful face?

Emily: I'm not so sure you want to know.

Paul: No, I do. Spill it.

Emily: Okay. You know how Dusty always has this thing for damsels in distress? Which is fine, really, as long as I'm the damsel. But this time around --

Paul: The damsel in question is my wife.

Emily: Bingo.

Paul: I told him I'd kill him if he even went anywhere near her.

Emily: Yeah he knows that. He know that you would make good on that, if he stepped foot into Fairwinds, so he --

Paul: Good. So what?

Emily: He asked me to do his dirty work.

Paul: You told him no, right?

Emily: Mm-hmm. I should have, but I didnít. I'm supposed to be there right now -- making sure Psycho Paulís not putting Meg's life in danger.

Paul: Dusty's life's in danger.

Emily: Look, I'm not telling you this to instigate a murder. I am telling you -- God help me, I still have feelings for that guy, okay?

Paul: Yeah but you're not there, are you? I mean, you're not sticking your nose where it doesn't belong and doing what he says. You're here.

Emily: I'm afraid if I do of where it might lead.

Paul: Where would it lead?

Emily: Do I have to spell it out for you?

Paul: That bastard. You know he swore to me that he had no interest in being with Meg.

Emily: Okay, maybe he does, maybe he doesnít. I don't know. All I know is Meg is his new project, okay? And Dusty always falls in love with his projects. Damn it. I swear, I really thought I had a chance with him this time.

Paul: Well maybe you do. You want Dusty. I want Meg. Maybe we can help each other.

Emily: You remember the last time the two of us teamed up together? It was a total disaster.

Paul: No it wasnít. I bought you the Intruder. That worked out really well for you.

Emily: Yeah, because I retained total editorial control. And if Dusty hadn't bailed you out, the entire company would've gone under.

Paul: That's not true. I would've figured out a way to keep everything afloat.

Emily: How? Wishful thinking? Dusty saved your butt again.

Paul: Fine, I'm not going to argue with you. Look, you want the guy, you can have him. I don't care, as long as he stays away from Meg and he stays away from our baby. There's no way I'm gonna let him replace his son with mine.

Emily: What if it's a girl?

Paul: Then it goes double. Look, this isn't astrophysics. It's no big deal. You just stay on your toes. We clue each other in. We play a little defense. Then we both get what we want.

Emily: Yeah, except I'll never get a good night's sleep. I'll be having nightmares about the other times we teamed up together. Do you remember the baby switch? Hmm? Didn't work out so good, did it?

Paul: Yeah, this will be different, okay? You just keep me in the loop, and then you get to keep Dusty, and I get to keep Meg. Everybody's happy.

Emily: I'm in. God help us.

Chris: Hey.

Kim: Hi, ohh. You're all packed?

Chris: Yeah, I just finished packing my locker at the hospital.

Kim: You didn't change your mind.

Chris: I know you called Alison. She came to see me, but it didn't do any good.

Bob: I figured as much.

Kim: You mad at me 'cause I tried?

Chris: I appreciate it, Mom, but seeing Alison made me realize I made the right choice. Leaving Oakdale is what I need to do.

Bob: Well, Son, you must know that your mother and I will support whatever choice you make.

Chris: Thanks. That means a lot.

Bob: But remember, I'd like you to take over as chief of staff at Memorial someday.

Chris: That's great, Dad. But someday is way, way off in the future.

Bob: From your mouth to God's ear. In the meantime, you know, we're really proud of the work you'd be doing in Mali.

Chris: I really think I can make a difference there.

Bob: I know you will.

Kim: But please be careful.

Chris: I won't take any unnecessary risks.

Kim: Well, you'd better not.

Chris: Just look on the bright side, all right? When I'm over there, I can brush up.

Bob: Hey listen, the first time you get a break, why don't we all meet in Paris and have a family reunion.

Kim: Ohh!

Chris: I'm there.

Kim: Oh Honey, that would be so much fun! Isn't that -- you, bless your heart. He's so good about saying the right thing to make me feel better. Honey, thank you.

Bob: Mm-hmm.

Kim: Thank you, Darling.


Chris: That's exactly how I want to remember you guys. I better get going though. I don't want to miss my flight.

Kim: Okay.

Bob: Well, listen, take care of yourself.

Kim: And, and, and. Please be careful. Please? I know I've said it before, but just do it.

Chris: I will. You guys know I keep leaving town and keep promising I'll grow up and one of these days, I really will.

Bob: You already have. I love you, Son.

Chris: I love you, Dad.

Kim: Honey.

Chris: Love you, Mom.

Kim: I love you. Be careful.

Casey: And he's good!

Alison: Okay, uh, first the video game, and now the skateboard. No wonder Emily thought you were too young.

Casey: Hey, that is not fair. This -- this was to help me forget about Emily and for you to forget about Chris and Aaron. Okay, deal?

Alison: Deal, but I still can't believe you got me to buy this thing. If I -- you know I'm going to break my neck.

Casey: No, you wonít. I'll show you how to hit the groove, and not the pavement.

Alison: But you know I -- I bleed really easily, and I don't think it's a good idea. Okay, I will do it, okay? I haven't been on one of these since I was like twelve, so don't make fun of me.

Casey: Okay.

Alison: And you know after this, we're going to do something really girly so you feel humiliated too.

Casey: Oh, you wanna bet?

Alison: Sure, I'll take your money.

Casey: Oh, what's that. Hold on!

Dusty: How'd it go? Is Meg okay?

Emily: Ah, you have nothing to worry about. Meg was fine.

Dusty: Paul's not giving her trouble?

Emily: No, not that I could see. But I'll -- I'll keep my eyes and ears open, I promise.

Dusty: How can I thank you?

Emily: I can think of a few ways.

Meg: Hey.

Paul: Hey.

Meg: So uh -- did you apologize? What did he say?

Paul: Well, it went a lot better then I thought it would.

Meg: Oh, so does that mean things will be better between you two?

Paul: I can only speak for myself, but definitely.

Meg: Good, good. So that means you're gonna stop obsessing now?

Paul: Absolutely. I got nothing to worry about. I've got everything under control.

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Katie: I think the new girl is trying to kill me.

Janet: If I hadn't shown up, would you have slept with Carly?

Carly: What are we doing?

Jack: I don't know.

Carly: We should stop, you know? Before someone gets hurt.

Janet: Oh, ohh!

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