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As The World Turns Transcript Tuesday 10/14/08

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Liberty: Mom, um, you said the one thing that would really cheer you up is if I aced all my classes. And I actually have this, like, huge biology mid-term, I mean, huge. So, I was thinking I would just skip that really lame all-school overnight thing, and stay home and study -- like, study. Study, study, study. And it's just not a big deal. It's not a big deal, because a lot of kids are bagging it. Okay, not a lot. But the ones that are smart, like me -- who have a brain. And I know you're busy, so I wrote the note. You just -- you just have to sign. Just sign. Just sign. Oh, my God, that was way too simple. Mom, you are -- you are way more upset about Jack than I thought.

Janet: Honey, I'm fine, okay?

Liberty: No, you're not fine. You just passed up a totally amazing opportunity to ruin my life, and you didnít. You're not fine.

Vienna: I am sorry, Mr. Patel. I'll take care of it immediately.

Henry: That's the third order that Janet has messed up today.

Vienna: Well, she's obviously got something on her mind. My bet is Jack.

Henry: I don't care if it's global warming. If she doesn't get over it, we're not going to have any customers left.

Janet: Um, Honey, you better go because something's about to hit the fan and I don't want you to be here when it does.

Liberty: Okay. Are you sure you're going to be all right?

Janet: Baby, I'm fine, okay? Am-scray. Go, quick.

Liberty: I love you, bye.

Janet: Bye, I love you. Um, whatever it is, I'm really, really, really sorry.

Henry: Can you tell me how a grilled cheese turned into a bacon cheeseburger?

Janet: Um, they both have cheese on them?

Henry: The man's a vegetarian, okay? He orders the same thing every day.

Janet: I'm really sorry. I have a lot on my mind.

Vienna: Oh, man trouble?

Janet: Oh, how did you know?

Vienna: Woman, I know.

Janet: Jack -- I think that Jack and I are really over for good.

Vienna: Oh, no.

Henry: Okay, okay, can we save the post-mortem about you and Jack when you're off the clock? Which, may be sooner than you think.

Janet: Oh, no, please. First my boyfriend, now my job?

Vienna: No, no, no. You're not losing your job. Is she?

Henry: Just get this over to Mr. Patel, before he passes out from hunger.

Janet: Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Spencer: I thought you were going to lose it when the chef said there was jellyfish on those crackers.

Brad: Well, you know, he could have warned me before I swallowed.

Spencer: Your expression alone is going to make the whole piece.

Brad: Well, I don't know about that. But I did think it was a great idea to check out Chinese restaurants in Oakdale. It was -- it was really good, as long as some crazy chef doesn't break into your room and try to scare you into a good review.

Spencer: Don't even go there. I'm still freaked from the other night. Just knowing you were there, you made me feel better. It's the same as on the show. I couldn't pull it off without you.

Brad: Will you stop? Just stop it. You're totally great.

Spencer: No, we're great -- together.

Kim: Heads up, everybody! We're going live today.

Katie: Oh, looks like I'll be flying solo.

Kim: No, no, actually, you're going to be okay. I just spoke to the P.A. "411 crew" is on their way back from Mr. Cho's as we speak.

Katie: What took so long?

Kim: Brad had to insist on sampling everything on the menu.

Katie: Of course he did.

Kim: Speaking of sampling, what do you think of the "411" material that you've seen so far?

Katie: Actually, I've been waiting to talk to you about that.

Kim: You think there's some problem with the show?

Katie: It's just that Brad and Spencer, as a team -- I don't think it's going to work at all.

Carly: And don't forget to brush your teeth and brush your hair.

Sage: I'm not a baby.

Carly: Oh, Sage, you'll always be my baby. You're spending the night with a bunch of kids you don't know.

Sage: They're all in my school. And it's not like the teachers won't be there.

Carly: You know, this doesn't sound like the same kid who didn't want to go to Sleepaway Camp.

Sage: I did so want to go!

Carly: Okay, all right, I'm sorry. That's not how I remember it. Now, don't forget, your dad's going to be there to pick you and your brothers up at the school when the bus gets back tomorrow, okay?

Sage: Maybe you can come with him.

Carly: Sage.

Sage: But you guys had such a fun time picking apples together.

Carly: Sage, your father has a girlfriend. Honey, you know that.

Sage: Not any more. He dumped Janet.

Carly: Where did you hear that?

Sage: I heard Parker talking to Liberty.

Carly: Well, you couldn't have heard any such thing. Because nobody dumped anybody.

[ Cell phone rings ]

Carly: Now, go get your sweatshirt, all right?

Sage: But I don't need --

Carly: Just humor me. Hi, you know, I was just talking about you.

Janet: I know I told you to mind your own business, but I take it back. I need your help big time.

Carly: What's going on?

Janet: He won't even talk to me now.

Carly: Jack, huh?

Janet: Yeah, he just saw me and he bolted. I never should've gone to Margo and asked her for his job back.

Carly: Don't panic.

Janet: You know what? I'm afraid it's over. For good this time.

Carly: No. No, it is not over, okay, Janet? Not if I have anything to say about it.

Vienna: Let's talk. What's going on?

Janet: Did you see the way he just ran away from me?

Vienna: Yeah, what happened?

Janet: I don't know. I finally found a guy that I don't want to take out a restraining order against, and now he probably wants one against me. Vienna, I stuck my nose where it didn't belong. I went to Margo and I asked her to reinstate Jack.

Vienna: Yeah, but why would he be mad at you for that? Everybody knows he's been miserable not working.

Janet: I went behind his back.

Vienna: Oh, I see.

Henry: Well, I donít. Who cares how Jack gets his job back, as long as it happens?

Vienna: Yeah, well, you and Jack look at the world differently, my love. So, what are you going to do?

Janet: Well, I'm going to ask Carly to help me.

[ Henry coughs ]

Henry: As in, Carly "I-know-he's-your-boyfriend-but- I-can't-help-myself" Tenney?

Janet: She has been very, very supportive of me and Jack.

Vienna: Yeah, I bet she has. I have to agree with Henry. I mean, if you think that Carly is going to help you get your man back, the man she used to be with, well then you have more trouble than I thought.

[ Cell phone rings ]

Jack: Are you going to lecture me about Janet now?

Carly: No. No, I'm calling because Sage is going on that all-school overnight tonight and I thought you might want to come by and say good-bye to her. If you're not too busy.

Jack: I don't know, Carly. I think this crossword might take me all day. I'll see you in a bit.

Kim: I know there's a lot of extra work for Brad, doing two shows back to back. But I don't know, so far he's been more than up to the challenge.

Katie: No, it's not Brad's workload I'm concerned about.

Kim: What then?

Katie: Spencer.

Kim: You're kidding. I think she's nothing short of terrific.

Katie: No, on air, she's great. She looks great. It's just -- that I don't think she's tough enough for this business.

Kim: What makes you say that? I mean, you saw the footage. She was really relentless with that toy dealer. Kept her cool.

Katie: Yeah, well, then she totally freaked out after the break-in at the Lakeview.

Kim: Well, yes, somebody broke into her room. I mean, that would upset almost anybody --

Katie: Yes, but she was hysterical and the only person that could calm her down was Brad.

Kim: Oh, I see.

Katie: And Brad's not always going to be available. Do you really want to gamble "411's" future on someone who can't perform unless their co-star's there to hold them up?

Kim: Wait, wait, wait, just a minute. Are we talking about Spencerís effect on the show, or your husband?

Katie: Maybe a little of both.

Spencer: This a private conversation?

Katie: Uh, we can finish it later.

Kim: Okay.

Brad: Oh, hey, wait until you see this footage on the restaurant piece we just did. Oh, it was great. You know what, Spencer was awesome.

[ Spencer laughs ]

Brad: I wasn't so bad myself.

Spencer: You should have seen him, Katie. He was hilarious.

Katie: Sorry I had to miss it. You should change. You don't want to wear the same shirt on two different shows.

Brad: Oh, I didn't think about that. Oh, you're so smart. It's hard pulling double-duty, but somebody's got to do it.

Katie: I guess I should probably get changed, too.

Spencer: Oh, wait. I brought this for you. Mr. Cho's sesame chicken. Brad said it was your favorite. I hope you're hungry.

Katie: You didn't have to do that.

Spencer: Well, you guys have been so amazing about including me, it was the least I could do. Oh, I forget to get you a soda. I will be right back.

Katie: I know what you're thinking.

[ Kim laughs ]

Kim: Well, listen, yeah, if even she depends on Brad a little bit, it could because she's just starting out. Actually, it seems to me that she's more eager to have your attention than Brad's. Why don't you give her chance? Let me worry about the show.

Jack: Mmm! Do you have enough money because, you know --

Sage: Dad, it's one night. But Mom might get lonely in the house all by herself. Maybe you can come over tonight and keep her company.

Carly: No, no, I'll be fine. Thank you so much for thinking of me. Have a good time, Sweetheart.

[ Car horn beeps ]

Sage: I will.

Jack: Okay, let's get you out there. Get your stuff. Come on. Sleeping bag, let's go. All righty.

Sage: You have a good time, too, Daddy.

Jack: Yeah -- I thought she had given up on trying push us back together?

Carly: Yes, well, I think that she did. Until she heard that you dumped Janet.

Jack: Wow, news travels fast in this family.

Carly: Is it true? Are you and Janet over?

Jack: I'm not sure where my relationship is right now.

Carly: You can't still be mad at her for going to Margo, Jack. She just want to her because she cares about you.

Jack: She called you, didn't she, hmm? And she told you what happened and what didn't happen at the diner. And you called me over here to try to fix things.

Carly: She's really beating herself over it, you know --

Jack: Would you stop? Would you stop pretending like you give a damn about Janet? Because you and I know that's not what this is about.

Spencer: Oh, you didn't like it?

Katie: No, it was delicious. I just ate too much. I'm stuffed.

Brad: You know, you think I'd be stuffed after everything, but I could go for a few more helpings.

Katie: No, don't get it out of the trash.

Brad: What, it's still good.

Kim: We got some script changes. We have 35 until air. Let me know if that's a problem.

Spencer: Do you mind if I stick around and watch? I still feel like I have a lot to learn.

Kim: Up to Katie and Brad.

Brad: No, I'm good. What do you think? Are you all right?

Katie: Mmm, I don't know.

Brad: You look like you're about to hurl.

Katie: All of a sudden I just --

Stage manager: Half hour to places!

Carly: She went to Margo because she cares about you, Jack. She knows how important working is to you. We all know that --

Jack: Okay, listen, if and when I decide to go back to work, it will be my decision. Not Janetís and certainly not yours.

Carly: Mm-hmm, "If?" Jack, you're already climbing the walls.

Jack: What are you talking about? My life is very productive.

Carly: Uh-huh. So, do you have anything productive planned for today?

Jack: I have a few appointments.

Carly: With who?

Jack: People.

Carly: Come on, Jack.

Jack: Okay, one's a company that manufactures high-tech weapons and safety gear for special ops law enforcement.

Carly: You're going to see "Batman" again, aren't you?

Jack: It's a good movie. It's very educational.

Carly: Then, why didn't you want to tell me that's what you're doing?

Jack: Because -- because I really didn't feel like by being judged by you, okay?

Carly: Oh, my God, Jack. You sound just like me.

Jack: Good-bye, Carly. I'm missing -- I missing the show time and I hate missing the previews.

Jack: What are you doing here?

Carly: Unlike some people, I haven't seen this movie.

Jack: You don't like comic book movies.

Carly: I hear the guy who plays Batman is really hot.

Jack: So, is that why you're here? Because you feel sorry for me?

Carly: Don't flatter yourself, Jack. I'm here for the popcorn.

Brad: She doesn't want anyone near her. I wonder what made her so sick.

Spencer: I hope it wasn't the sesame chicken I brought.

Brad: Well, wouldn't we be sick if that was it?

Spencer: That's true.

Brad: Hey, how are you feeling?

Katie: Not good. Kim, I don't think it's a good idea if I go live today.

Kim: No, of course not.

Brad: Come on, let me take you home.

Katie: No, no, we can't both leave Kim. I'll have an intern drive me. Oh, actually, Spencer --

Spencer: I'll go see who I can find.

Katie: Great.

Brad: No, I'm going to take you home. I'm sure I can make it back in time.

Katie: No, I will be fine. Kim, I'm so sorry. I hate to do this to you.

Kim: Honey, Honey, forget it, forget it. Go home, take care of yourself and get better.

Katie: Okay.

Kim: Okay.

Brad: All right.

Spencer: Joe's bringing his car around.

Katie: Thanks.

Brad: All right.

Katie: You probably don't want to do that.

Brad: Okay.

Katie: I'm sorry --

Brad: I'll call you as soon as the show's over, okay?

Katie: Okay.

Spencer: Don't worry. I'm sure she'll be all right.

Brad: But I wonít. Kim, I hate doing the show without Katie. Do we have to go live? Can't we just air an old episode?

Kim: Honey, no, I'm sorry. Sweeps are just around the corner.

Spencer: I don't suppose there's anything I can do to help.

Kim: Maybe there is.

Vienna: I can't believe that woman has pulled the sheep over Janetís eyes.

Henry: The wool, Sweetheart. Carly pulled the wool over Janetís eyes.

Janet: Hey, Guys, Carly told me herself that she didn't want to go backwards with Jack.

Henry: Well, why should she when she could go forward right over you?

Janet: Hey, come on, now. If she still wanted to be with Jack, why didn't she stay with him on the island?

Vienna: You know what I think? I think that if you want Jack, you should ditch Carly and take matters into your own hands.

Janet: How am I going to do that?

Vienna: Well, we'll help you figure it out. Right?

Carly: Come on --

Jack: No, it's not over.

Carly: Jack, you know how it ends. It's a beautiful day out there. You should be taking advantage of it instead of sitting in here, hiding.

Jack: I am not hiding.

Carly: Prove it.

Jack: What are you thinking about?

Carly: You don't want to know.

Jack: Try me.

Carly: Holden. We were right here, right in this very spot and we talked about how we had to end things. I remember feeling like I couldn't breathe --

Jack: You know what, you're right. I don't want to know. Except I do. What -- what was it that drew you in? I mean, other than the fact that he's not a judgmental jerk like I am.

Carly: You're not a jerk, Jack.

Jack: But I am judgmental.

Carly: Back to Holden.

Jack: Nice.

Carly: I can't explain it really. It was torture most of the time, knowing how wrong it was. There was also something very peaceful about it. Very calm. Like this water. Staring into it -- it's like nothing matters but where we are right here, right now.

Jack: You know what I think of when I look at this water? How close I came to drowning. And how you found me. You knew I was in trouble, Carly. Like you've always known. Like I've always known with you.

Carly: All right. Don't get all mystical on me, okay? You're just going to bring us back to someplace we don't want to go.

Jack: Right. So you're sure -- you're sure, this time wouldn't be different?

Carly: We've tried before. It's never been different.

Jack: So, what are you going to do the next time you feel this pull to save me?

Carly: I'll ignore it.

Jack: I don't think you'll be able to.

Carly: Want to bet?

[Carly bushes Jack in the water]

Carly: Better start swimming, Snyder. My lifeguard days are over.

Liberty: Oh, hey. You're probably wondering why I'm not at the school overnight, but it's cool, because I got a note from my mom.

Katie: Okay, yeah, good for you.

Liberty: Hey, what happened to you?

Katie: I don't know. Oh, it happened so fast. I am so sick.

Liberty: Oh, my God, I can't catch it, right?

Katie: No, no, it's from something I ate. I threw up at the studio. And I don't even want to know what I did that poor intern's car.

Liberty: Eww, Katie. Gross. Um, you should probably keep this --

Katie: No, no, no, please, no. I'm fine. I'm fine.

Liberty: Katie --

Katie: I don't know what happened. One minute I was feeling fine, and the next minute I was just really regretting eating that sesame chicken.

Liberty: Oh, same thing happened to one of the cheerleaders last month -- right before she found out she was preggers.

Katie: I'm not pregnant. I'm telling you it's not possible --

Liberty: It's cool -- if you are, I could get a pregnancy --

Katie: No, no, no, I'm fine. I'm fine. Just do one thing for me. Turn on the show. Brad has to play solo today. I just want to make sure he's okay.

Liberty: Oh, he hates going on-air without you.

Katie: Oh, I hate that he has to.

Brad: Unfortunately, my better half couldn't be here today due to illness and hopefully she'll be back with us tomorrow but, in the meantime I got lucky.

Katie: Huh?

Liberty: What?

Brad: As you all know I also host a show called "Oakdale 411" with a great gal named Spencer McKay and I say great because she's never been live before and she was game to pinch-hit for Katie on this very special episode of "Oakdale Now."

Katie: What?

Brad: Girl, you rock!

Brad: Today, we're going to be discussing one of my favorite topics -- sexual attraction.

Spencer: What do you know? It's one of my favorites too. Our expert, Dr. Inga Hindenburg, author of the newest best-seller, "You're Not My Type" will be here to discuss the issue of types. For instance, are we physically attracted to certain characteristics because we're genetically wired that way?

Brad: Or am I just into blondes because they're hot?

Spencer: And I thought you liked me for my brains?

Brad: Well, I was talking about my wife, but you're not so bad yourself.

Liberty: Okay, this is disgusting. Now, I am actually going to hurl. This girl totally has the hots for Dad.

Brad: All right, so Spencer, what is your type?

Spencer: Tall dark and handsome works for me.

Brad: Wow. Okay.

[Spencer laughs]

Vienna: Not everybody is as lucky as me to find a smart, sexy stud muffin like Henry.

Henry: Yes, I am one-of-a-kind. And I'm all yours, Liebchen.

Vienna: Yeah, but I'm willing to share him.

Henry: How very "Swingtown" of you.

Janet: I can't share Henry with you.

Vienna: Why not?

Janet: Because he's your boyfriend.

Henry: I'm glad somebody remembered.

Vienna: Well, I don't mean it for real. You borrow him. You give him back when you're done.

Henry: What am I, a handbag?

Janet: No, no, no, if Jack found out this was just for show, he would be over me for real.

Vienna: No, it doesn't have to be just for show.

Janet: What do you mean? Like kissing and holding hands --

Henry: Do I have a say in any of this?

Vienna: No, you know, I'm not uptight about these things like you Americans. As long as you understand that this is not for real and you're not trying to take him away. Because then, you would be a dead woman.

Henry: There is no way that you would be okay with us together.

Vienna: Oh, yeah, absolutely, I would. Okay, okay, that's enough.

Henry: You're not uptight at all, no.

Vienna: All right, I was wrong.

Janet: And I'm right back where I started.

Jack: What the hell was that?

Carly: You see? You didn't need me to save you after all.

Jack: Oh, funny. Yeah, you're a laugh riot, lady.

Carly: You're funny, Jack. You know, I don't think I ever seen you look quite so surprised.

Jack: That wasn't surprise.

Carly: Mmm, you're dripping all over my floor.

Jack: Too bad.

Carly: Why don't we get you out of those wet clothes?

[Carly and Jack starting making love]

 [Doorbell rings]

Carly: Oh.

Jack: Ignore it -- no --

Janet: Hi --

Carly: Hi.

Janet: Oh, were you taking a nap?

Carly: Not exactly. What's up?

Janet: I wanted to return this.

Carly: Oh, thanks. There was no rush.

Janet: Oh, that's okay. It's not like I'll be wearing it again anytime soon. And I wanted to bring you this.

Carly: What is that? Oh, it's a pie.

Janet: From the apples you and Jack picked.

Carly: You didn't have to do that.

Janet: Well, actually I did bake the pie for Jack. But since he's no longer speaking to me, and you helped to pick the apples, you get the pie.

Carly: Oh, that's nice. It looks -- it looks yummy.

Janet: Wait till you taste it, huh?

Carly: Where -- what are you doing?

Janet: Don't worry I know where everything is. Here we go. All right. Mmm! Let me just cut you a little slice here.

Carly: Yeah. You know what, Janet, I'm not -- I'm not too really hungry right now.

Janet: Trust me. One bite, and you won't be able to stop. There you go.

Carly: Okay.

Janet: So, earlier, when you told me not to panic, I'm guessing that maybe you were going to call Jack?

Carly: You know what, something came up, and I never got around to it. I'm sorry.

Janet: That's okay. I -- I just really needed to talk to somebody about Jack. Somebody who knows him really well and that would be you, right?

Stage Manager: Okay, we're all going to Yo's for a beer.

Brad: Hey, have a beer for me, Buddy.

Spencer: Oh, you're not going?

Brad: No, no, I've got to go check on my wife.

Spencer: Oh, but this is the best day of my, like whole career. It wouldn't be right celebrating without the guy who made it all possible.

Brad: That's really sweet, but you know, I told Katie --

Spencer: One beer. Please?

Brad: Okay, okay, okay -- just one. But let me give her call and tell her --

Spencer: Oh, Katie seemed pretty wiped out when she left here. You think she's probably sleeping, right?

Brad: Yeah, you know, you're right. I don't want the phone to wake her up. Okay, yeah, let's go.

Spencer: Okay.

Liberty: Okay, forget her for a second because you really don't -- you don't look so good. Should I call a doctor or something?

Katie: No, no, I think the alien is out of my system. Actually, I'm going to get back to the studio.

Liberty: Katie, oh my God, are you okay?

Katie: What just happened?

Liberty: You kind of passed out for a second.

Katie: Brad -- call Brad.

Liberty: Okay, I will, after I get you to the hospital, okay? Come on.

Katie: Okay.

Liberty: Let's try to walk. Try to walk straight.

Liberty: Hey, how are you feeling?

Katie: Not so good. It's probably a good thing that you brought me here.

Liberty: Well, I'm glad that I bagged that school overnight lame thing.

Katie: Did you call your dad yet?

Liberty: I was about to, but then the doctor came out.

Katie: Well, why don't you call him now? I just don't want him to worry when he gets home and I'm not there.

Liberty: Okay, don't worry.

[Liberty is calling her dad but its so loud he doesnít hear it ring]

Brad: Fine, first round's on me.

[Everyone cheers]

Spencer: Thank you for coming.

Brad: Oh, I'm glad I did. Hey, let's have a toast to our new star, Spencer McKay. For a new kid, she acts like an old pro.

All: Arr! Arr!

Spencer: And to the best partner a girl could ask for.

Brad: Arr!

Liberty: Dadís ringer must be turned off, or something. But you know, I could actually go wait for him at home if you want.

Katie: No, actually, there's something I need you to do for me.

Liberty: Name it. Anything.

Katie: Can you go sneak into the studio and look for something that I threw in the trash earlier?

Liberty: Okay, I really want to help, but do I have to go looking in the trash?

Katie: No, don't worry. It's probably just mostly old scripts. But on top, there will be a takeout container.

Liberty: A takeout container?

Katie: Yeah, it had Chinese food in it. The stuff that Spencer brought me earlier.

Liberty: Spencer? Was that that girl that was drooling over dad, because that was so gross.

Katie: I know. It's on the edge of the set near the office. And it's still early, so the maintenance crew probably hasn't -- taken out the trash out yet. But they will soon, so you've got to go -- got to go, got to go.

Liberty: Okay, okay, but you don't actually think that she did something to your food, do you?

Katie: I don't know. But I need to find out. So, please, please hurry.

Liberty: Okay, okay.

Janet: So, I used to see him coming and I knew no matter how bad the day got, it would always get better. But not today. I mean, I was happy to see him, but he wasn't happy to see me. And Henry and Vienna tried to convince me that I was wrong, but I know what I saw.

Carly: I'm sorry.

Janet: You know, they also told me that I should try and go out with somebody else and make him jealous, but -- no, I'm not going to do that because I promised Jack once that I would never lie to him --

Carly: You know what? Excuse me. There's -- there's really something that I have to take care of.

Janet: Yeah, sure.

Jack: What's going on?

Carly: Janet's downstairs.

Jack: What does she want?

Carly: To talk -- about you.

Jack: With you?

Carly: Oh, I feel so guilty.

Jack: Well, you shouldn't -- you shouldnít. She and I, we're not really together.

Carly: Well, you're not really apart either. Unless I -- I go downstairs and tell her that you're here and then you would be.

Jack: Wait.

Carly: I think I have my answer.

Carly: Okay, sorry about that.

Janet: Is everything okay?

Carly: Yeah, it is now. So, where were we?

Janet: You've got someone up there, don't you? Is it Jack?

Carly: You think that I'm hiding Jack?

Janet: I'm sorry. It's just Henry and Vienna told me I shouldn't even be talking to you -- never mind.

Carly: No, I was just running a bath, I was going to lie down, and I have a little bit of a headache. I thought maybe I left the water running --

Janet: Now I feel really bad.

Carly: Well, you shouldnít.

Janet: You know what, you've talked to me long enough. Thank you.

Carly: I'm sorry I couldn't help.

Janet: Maybe time's the only thing that will. Maybe Jack will finally stop being angry at me and see that I was just trying to help.

Carly: I think he will.

Janet: Thank you for everything.

Carly: Okay.

Janet: I'm sorry. So sorry.

Carly: It's okay. I told myself I would never do that again.

Jack: What?

Carly: Lie. She asked me if you were here. I said that you werenít. She made it for you.

Jack: I should go.

Carly: Good idea.

Jack: Is this really what we want?

Carly: It is now.

Spencer: Tasted two shots, whatever two shots -- they're like --

Brad: Hey, you know what I mean, I get into trouble when I drink --

Kim: Hey, hey, hey, I thought you guys left for the day.

Brad: I was just dropping Spencer off.

Spencer: And I still want to take a look at the tapes of today's show, see where I still need work.

Kim: Very conscientious.

Brad: Well, I told her she was wasting her time, that she was flawless.

Spencer: Well, thanks to you.

Kim: You know, as much as I'm counting on your popularity to get "411" off the ground, "Oakdale Now" is still your first priority. After Katie, of course. Don't forget that.

Brad: No way. That show is what started it all. And Katie -- she's the reason for everything. Speaking of which, I've got to give her a call. How did I miss all these calls?

Liberty: Dad, it's me. I'm at the hospital. Katie is really sick and I had to bring her.

Brad: Liberty called. Katie's at the hospital.

Kim: What? I didn't think she was that sick.

Brad: Well, neither did I.

Spencer: Oh, did they know what caused it?

Brad: I don't know what they know. I've just got to get over there.

Spencer: I'll go with you.

Kim: Spencer, Katie and Brad can handle it.

Spencer: Oh, you're right. I'm sorry -- I was just worried. Will you call me if you hear anything? Okay.

Kim: Oh, my gosh, your dad -- he just left for the hospital.

Liberty: Oh, good. He finally got my messages.

Kim: Yeah, how bad is it?

Liberty: Um, Katieís pretty weak, but the doctor says she'll be okay.

Kim: Oh, listen, I'm going to call Bob. I'll ask him to be sure and stop in to see her --

[Cell phone rings]

Kim: Just a minute, hang on a second. Yeah? Okay, I'll be -- I'll be right there. Listen, you tell your dad, call me if I could do anything at all, all right?

Liberty: Okay, thank you. Thanks.

Kim: All right, Honey.

Liberty: Now where is that trash can?

Katie: Hey, you didn't forget about me.

Brad: I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry. I didn't get Liberty's messages until like five minutes ago.

Katie: It's okay. I figured you forgot to turn your phone back on after the show.

Brad: No, it was on. I just couldn't hear it over the noise at Yo's.

Katie: Yo's?

Brad: I went with -- you know, quick beer with the crew.

Katie: Did Spencer go?

Brad: Yeah, she wanted to celebrate. But forget that -- are you all right? What did the doctor say?

Katie: They said it's probably food poisoning. I'm guessing from the Chinese food that Spencer brought me.

Brad: Neither one of us got sick.

Katie: I'm not surprised.

Brad: What does that mean?

Katie: I think Spencer put something in my food.

Brad: You're kidding me, right?

Katie: No, I'm the only one who ate the leftovers and she insisted.

Brad: Why would she want to get you sick?

Katie: I don't know. I'm guessing she probably heard me talking about her to Kim.

Brad: What did you say?

Katie: That it bothers me how much Spencer is starting to rely on you.

Brad: That explains Kimís comment about -- about keeping you front and center.

Katie: Did Spencer hear that?

Brad: She didn't need to. She knows that you're my main thing.

Katie: And doesn't like it.

Brad: This is crazy. This is crazy.

Katie: Who got to go live because I couldn't?

Brad: It was Kimís decision.

Katie: And I'm sure Spencer was standing right next to her when she made it --

Brad: She's a kid starting out, Katie.

Katie: And she's moving up pretty fast.

Brad: All right, what are you saying?

Katie: I'm saying, I think she wants my job, and possibly my husband.

Brad: No, no, no -- no, she looks up to you. The only thing she wants from you is your advice.

Katie: I wouldn't be so sure about that.

Brad: Okay, okay, we're not going to do this now. You're sick. I'm going to go find your doctor and find out what I could do to help get you better.

Katie: I'm going to have proof.

Brad: Okay. Okay, okay, and when you do, we'll talk. Right now, I want you to rest.

Katie: Will you get my purse for me?

[Libertyís cell phone rings]

Katie: Did you find it?

Liberty: The only thing in this trashcan is someone's scripts with food stains all over it.  I'm guessing it's probably my dad's.

Katie: Are you sure it's the right one?

Liberty: Um, on the edge of the set, just like you said, right?

Katie: Well, check again.

Liberty: Katie, I already looked in there there's nothing in here. I mean, if there was ever any Chinese food in here, it's definitely gone now.

Jack: That pie looks really tempting.

Janet: I made it myself. With the apples you picked.

Jack: I thought I recognized them.

Janet: I'll cut you a slice. Voila!

Jack: I missed your cooking.

Janet: I missed cooking for you. Eat slow.

Jack: Oh, don't worry. I'm planning on taking my time.

Janet: That works for me.

[Carly remembering]

Jack: Is this really what we want?

Carly: It is now.

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