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As The World Turns Transcript Friday 9/19/08

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[Lily dreaming]

Lily: Ethan! Ethan! Here's your mommy! Oh, Baby! You did it!

Holden: No, we all did.

Lily: Holden, I would have never gotten through this without you. No! No! Oh, my God, no! No! Oh, my baby! Oh, my baby! No! No! No, no!

Holden: Lily! Lily, its okay! It's okay.

Lily: Is he dead?

Holden: No, no, no, no. Look at me, look at me, look at me.

Lily: Oh, my God, Holden. You brought him out, and he --

Holden: Lily, Lily, Lily, you were just dreaming. You were just dreaming. We're still in the tent. Nothing has happened. It was just a bad nightmare.

Lily: Oh, it was so real. He wasn't moving, and then I looked at your face, and you were -- oh, God, Holden! It was so real!

Holden: It's not real. It's not real.

Alison: I can't believe all this has happened. We were only gone a couple days.

Aaron: Someone should have called us. We would have come home.

Emma: And what exactly would you have done? Worry? I mean, I think most of us have that covered.

Aaron: We would have been home, Grandma.

Emma: Well, you're here -- you're here now.

Alison: I can't believe he's been down in that hole for so long.

Aaron: He must be so scared.

Alison: Are they sure he's okay?

Emma: No. No, they're not sure he's okay. They -- they have this little -- this little device that they put inside the hole. They can kind of hear him, and they think he's all right, but they can't be sure. Can't be sure.

Aaron: Dad won't let anything happen to him, okay?

Emma: Yeah, I know. I know. He's such a little boy.

Aaron: Listen, I'm gonna out there, okay? See if I can help.

Alison: Okay, I'll go with you, okay?

Faith: Grandma.

Emma: Hi, Darling. Look who's here -- the honeymoon couple.

Aaron: Hey! I missed you.

Faith: Grandma, what were you talking about just then? Was it something bad? Is Ethan dead?

Henry: Call the maid, Honey. We'll have breakfast in bed. Oh, it's you.

Derek: Yeah. You okay?

Henry: Am I okay? You try sleeping, tied to a chair.

Derek: Yeah, well, you're the one who tried to escape.

Henry: How long are you planning on keeping me here?

Derek: Until Mr. Stenbeck tells me you're no longer a threat.

Henry: Derek, I'm only a threat to myself.

Derek: Yeah, well, obviously, he thinks differently.

Henry: What do you think?

Derek: Unfortunately for you, it doesn't matter what I think. I'll let you go when he says so.

Henry: Do you always do what you're told?

Derek: When James Stenbeck does the telling, yes.

Henry: Okay. What about Vienna and Bonnie? What did he tell you to do with them? Because, Derek, if anything's happened to those women, I tell you --

Derek: I gave you my word, none of you would be hurt.

Henry: I'm having a hard time respecting your word right now, especially if you tell me the shots are being called by Stenbeck.

Derek: Vienna and Bonnie are safe.

Henry: Are they still together?

Derek: Yes!

Henry: Then they're not safe!

Vienna: Oh, you! You! Get away from me!

Bonnie: No, you get away from me!

Vienna: Aah!

Meg: Paul, where are you? Paul?

Maid: Good morning, Ma'am.

Meg: Have you seen Mr. Ryan?

Maid: Not this morning. I don't think he's been here since yesterday.

Meg: Oh, okay. Thank you.


Paul: Hi, it's Paul. Please leave me a message.


Meg: Paul, it's me. Where the hell are you?

Holden: Mike, what's going on?

Mike: Well, the engineer just brought the new rig, and the rescue guys are checking it out.

Holden: Will it hold my weight and Ethanís?

Mike: It'll hold that and a lot more. We just have to make sure it's secure.

Lily: When?

Mike: Well, I need to make sure that we have stable enough ground to anchor it on.

Lily: That was supposed to be done by now. Morning. You said morning. It's morning. Well, what's taking so long?!

Mike: I know. We need to calm down and make sure we have everything safe first.

Holden: What's this for?

Mike: I was gonna ask you the same question. Did you try and go down there again?

Holden: No. Of course not.

Lily: He was with me in the tent.

Mike: Oh. Well, I'll ask Fred, see if he knows what it is.

Holden: Okay. So, what can we do in the meantime?

Mike: Nothing until we're ready.

Lily: Ethan, can you hear me?

Paul: He's fine.

Mike: Who is that? Who's down there?

Paul: This is your boss, Kasnoff. I'm down here doing your job for you, as usual.

Bonnie: Okay, nobody ever finds out about this. No one! And we do not speak of this again.

Vienna: Never.

Bonnie: We were just cold, and it was a matter of survival.

Vienna: Well, that doesn't mean that I don't despise you.

Bonnie: Oh, don't you worry, Honey. I cannot even stand the sight of you.

Vienna: Great! So we won't tell anybody.

Bonnie: Absolutely, because what happens in this warehouse stays in this warehouse forever. I'm so hungry. I feel like I'm gonna faint!

Vienna: You and me both.

Bonnie: I cannot even remember when my last meal was.

Vienna: Do you think there's some food in here?

Bonnie: I don't know. Let's go see!

Vienna: Okay. I found something!

Bonnie: What you got? Okay. Corn, pudding, cream corn, and whole-kernel corn. Who worked here?

Vienna: How old is this?

Bonnie: I don't know. It doesn't really matter. The beauty of canned food is that it lasts forever. Little pots. Ah! And plates. Can opener. Great, let's go. Whole kernel or creamed?

Vienna: Whole kernel is probably safer.

Bonnie: Mm-hmm. Probably. Let's try. Okay.

Vienna: With your fingers?

Bonnie: Oh, come on. You can go look for sterling silver if you want, but I am hungry. That is so awful.

Vienna: What?!

Bonnie: Have some.

Vienna: You just said it was awful!

Bonnie: But it's still food!

Vienna: No, I don't eat with my fingers.

Bonnie: Fine, you can be a dainty, little corpse.

Vienna: That's awful!

Bonnie: Come on, just eat it.

Vienna: No, I canít.

Bonnie: Fine. Starve if you want to.

Vienna: Fine. Just give this to me in 10 minutes.

Henry: Could you at least loosen the ropes a little bit? I'm starting to lose the feeling in my extremities.

Derek: Forget it, Coleman. I'm not gonna give you another chance to escape.

Henry: Who am I, Harry Houdini? How far am I gonna get on two numb feet, anyway?

Derek: Sorry. No can do.

Henry: Even inside a brute like you, there still beats a human heart.

Derek: Is that your twisted way to try to convince me?

Henry: That is over the top. Derek, all I'm trying to say is, you seem like a decent guy who's in the grip of a monster.

[Cell phone rings]

Derek: Coburn. Yeah, okay.

Henry: Who was that? Was that him? Did he tell you to kill me?

Derek: I thought you thought that even a brute has a heart.

Henry: What are you doing?

Derek: What does it look like?

Henry: Because I asked?

Derek: Because the monster said let you go.

Henry: Just like that?

Derek: Just like that.

Henry: And Vienna and Bonnie?

Derek: They can be let go, too. I can take you to them if you'd like.

Henry: Yes, I would like that. I would like that very much. Thank you so much.

Henry: Oh! They're asleep. So, what's this all about?

Derek: Well, as they say, I could tell you, but then I'd have to kill you.

Henry: In that case, I have the deepest respect for your privacy.

Barbara: Paul, the money went through. It's transferred into my account.

James: Hello, Barbara.

Barbara: Where is he?

James: It doesn't matter. You're too late.

Barbara: What do you mean, I'm too late? Oh, dear God. Not your own son!

James: Oh, of course not! Paul passed his test. He doesn't need your money.

Barbara: What test? What are you talking about?

James: Paul is about to rescue the boy at the Snyder farm. He'll become hero of Oakdale, assuming, of course, he survives.

Holden: How the hell did he get down there?

Lily: Paul, is Ethan with you? Is he okay?

Paul: Yeah, Ethanís -- he's fine. Except I think you just woke him up.

Mike: I still want to know what you think you're doing down there.

Paul: Well, I told you I was gonna be more hands-on, Mike.

Mike: And I told you to stay the hell away!

Paul: You know, as much as I'd like to debate this with you right now, maybe it's a good idea that we get the kid out of the hole first.

Lily: Mike, please, don't antagonize him.

Holden: Lily's right. He's down there. He could help us get Ethan out.

Mike: Okay, but -- we're gonna get everything set up. How long do you need, Fred?

Fred: Well, if we're just lifting the child, we don't need the new rig. We can handle this weight on the standard hoist. Get the small harness from the truck.

Lily: How long will that take?

Fred: Just a couple of minutes.

Lily: That's it? And you'll have him out?

Fred: That's the plan.

Holden: I told you. I told you it was gonna be okay.

Aaron: You know Dad won't let anything happen to Ethan, right?

Faith: I guess.

[Telephone rings]

Emma: Hello? Oh! Oh, that's wonderful! Oh, will you call us as soon as you know anything? Okay. Thank you. Thank you so much. They're getting him out.

Aaron: Yes! I told you! It's gonna be okay!

Faith: He's gonna be okay!

Aaron: He's gonna be okay.

Lily: Mike, I thought you said this was gonna take a lot more time to make sure it was safe.

Mike: Yeah. That's when I thought that we were gonna have to lower Holden down and then both of them back up. But now that Paulís down there to put Ethan in the harness, it's a lot less weight.

Holden: Okay, Paul. Here it comes. There's a walkie-talkie inside so we can talk to you directly.

Meg: Mike, Paul didn't come home last night. Have you seen him?

Mike: No, I haven't, but I think I know where he is. Down there.

Meg: Oh, my God! Did he fall?

Mike: I don't think so.

Meg: Then how did he get down there?

Mike: I'm looking forward to asking him that same question myself.

Paul: I got it. I got it! Can you hear me?

Mike: Loud and clear. There's someone who wants to talk to you.

Meg: Paul, hey. What are you doing in there?

Paul: Meg, that you?

Meg: Yeah. Are you okay?

Paul: Yeah, I'm fine. Look, we got to get Ethan out of here right now, okay? Hold on. Hey. So, you like amusement parks, Kid?

Ethan: Yeah.

Paul: All right. You got a ticket? Give me five. Get ready for the ride of your life.

Lily: What's taking so long?

Holden: I just hope he makes sure he puts that harness on right.

Mike: Paul, is there a problem? Paul?

Paul: Sorry. I needed two hands to put him in this thing.

Mike: Are you sure he's secure?

Paul: Yep. He's good to go.

Mike: All right. All set?

Meg: Okay, are they gonna be able to use this to get him out, too?

Mike: We need to put in the other rig to support Paulís weight.

Meg: Well, how long is that gonna take?

Mike: We're gonna do it as fast as we can. Okay, Paul. Are you ready?

Paul: Keep clear of the walls, okay? They look really shaky.

Mike: Got it. Here we go.

Paul: Here you go.

Meg: It's gonna work.

Lily: It has to.

Bonnie: There's no bowls anywhere, but I did find another spoon. So, just gonna have to eat out of that pot.

Vienna: At the same time?

Bonnie: Mmm. It's not bad. You can cook, kind of.

Vienna: I would have taken that as a compliment if it wasn't for the fact that you were ready to eat this stuff raw.

[Pounding on door]

Henry: Hello? Anyone in there?

Vienna: Oh, my gosh! Somebody's here! Somebody's here!

Henry: Hello? Anybody there?

Vienna: A little help, please! We're locked in!

Henry: Vienna, Baby, is that you?

Vienna: Oh, Henry! My God!

Henry: Is Bonnie with you?

Vienna: Yes, yes, yes!

Henry: Are you okay?

Bonnie: Yes, we're fine! Just get us out of here!

Henry: All right, all right! Hang on!

Vienna: Oh, my God! I knew Henry would save us!

Derek: I told you, no one would get hurt.

Henry: Yeah, yeah. You did. I thank you so much for that. How do we get in there?

Derek: I'm sure you'll figure something out.

Henry: Me?

Derek: Yeah, I told you I'd bring you to them. Getting them out is your problem.

Fred: Keep it coming. Nice and slow.

Barbara: Paul's down there?

Meg: How did you know?

Barbara: Is he all right?

Meg: He says he is.

Barbara: And they'll be able to get him out?

Meg: As soon as they can.

Holden: There he is.

Lily: Oh, my God! Ethan! Oh, my baby! Here we go. Here we go, Buddy. Oh, yes! He looks so pale.

Fred: Let us have a look at him. His pulse is good. Breathing is regular, but it's shallow. Hi. My name's Fred. Can you tell me your name?

Ethan: Ethan.

Fred: How old are you, Ethan?

Ethan: 4.

Fred: Does it hurt anywhere? Your head, your stomach?

Ethan: No.

Lily: He looks so listless.

Fred: Could be dehydration or shock. Why don't you take him to the hospital? They can take care of him over there.

Lily: We're gonna go with him.

Fred: Oh, sure.

Barbara: Are you gonna be able to get my son out of there?

Fred: We're working as fast as we can, Ma'am.

Barbara: That's just not good enough!

Mike: The bigger rig is in place, and it's ready to go. We're gonna get Paul out, okay?

Barbara: Aaah!


Meg: Paul! Paul!

Barbara: Paul!

Meg: Paul!

Mike: Paul, can you hear me?

Meg: Paul!


Mike: Paul, can you hear me are you hurt?

Paul: I'm here.

Mike: Are you all right?

Paul: Yeah, I'm all right. I think. My dry-cleaning bill's gonna be crazy, but I'm okay. Kid makes it all right?

Mike: He seems to be all right. We're taking him to the hospital to check him out.

Paul: So, do you want to think about maybe getting me out of here?

Mike: We're working on that.

Paul: Working on what?

Mike: What do you think?

Fred: I'm not sure where we can anchor the new rig.

Meg: What do you mean? How are you gonna get him out?

Mike: I don't know if we can.

Vienna: Henry, the doors are all sealed shut! You need to get help!

Henry: I can't use my cell phone.

Vienna: Well, how are you gonna get us out?

Henry: I'm working on it. Don't worry. Got gas. All I need is a car. A bomb, huh? Just hang tight a minute! Okay, Ladies, something's gonna go boom, so I need you to take cover, all right?

Vienna: We're ready!

Bonnie: We're ready!

Henry: Here we go!

Vienna: Henry! Oh, my God!

Bonnie: Oh, my God! There he is!

Vienna: Oh, my God! Henry! Can you hear me? Henry? Henry? Oh, my God! Help, please! Help!

Alison: I don't know why I keep staring at the phone. It's not like it's gonna make it ring any sooner.

Aaron: No, I know. I can't help it, either. I feel like we should have heard something by now.

Alison: Maybe we should go down there.

Aaron: No. No, Grandma's right -- we have to just stay out of their way. This rescue team needs as much space so they can do what they have to do. Everything's gonna be fine, okay?

Alison: I know. I just can't believe we didn't even know about this until like a couple seconds ago. I mean, someone should have called us.

Aaron: Maybe they felt bad. They didn't want to bother us on our honeymoon.

Alison: That's sweet, but my mom wouldn't have waited.

Aaron: No?

Alison: I love her to death, but when it comes to bad news, she and my sister do not hesitate to spread the word. You, I mean, you have this family who wants to protect you for as long as they can.

Aaron: That's your family now, too.

Alison: That's right. I keep forgetting that. Sometimes, it's hard to really believe that we're actually married.

Aaron: Yeah? Even after that fantastic honeymoon? I don't know. Should I be insulted?

Alison: Stop! Please. That was the best honeymoon ever.

Aaron: Yeah, not bad for last-minute.

Alison: Not bad? I give you 48 hours of bliss, and I get not bad? I don't know. Should I be insulted?

Aaron: No way.

[Telephone rings]

Alison: Oh! I got it!

Aaron: I should get it.

Alison: No, no. Okay.

Aaron: Hello? Lily. That's awesome. How does he look? Okay. Well, what can we do? Okay, we'll see you there. Okay. He's fine. He's got a few bumps, some scratches.

Alison: Oh, Aaron! That's amazing!

Aaron: Yeah. They're gonna send him to the hospital just to make sure 100% that he's okay. We got to tell Grandma and Faith the good news.

Alison: Of course! I can't wait to see him.

Meg: How can you not know of a way to get him out? You are the chief of the rescue squad! Do your job!

Fred: We need the bigger rig to handle the extra weight, and we have nowhere to anchor it.

Meg: Well, find a place!

Mike: We will. We will. You guys put the rig together, and I'll survey the hole.

Fred: We'll do the best we can.

Meg: Please! Paul? They're coming, Paul.

Barbara: Honey, Honey, Honey. Don't get yourself upset, all right? You have to remember the baby. Let me take you home, all right?

Meg: No, no, no! I am not leaving Paul in that hole!

Mike: Look, you need to go home and get some rest. I'll call you the minute we get Paul out.

Meg: I am not leaving my husband!

Mike: Paul, I need you to tell Meg that she should go home and get some rest. It's the best thing for her.

Paul: Meg, I never thought I'd say this, but maybe you should listen to Mike.

Meg: I don't want to leave you.

Paul: I know, but it's not about me. It's about the baby.

Meg: The baby's fine.

Paul: Meg, please. Just let someone take you home.

Meg: Promise me you will do everything you can to get him out of that hole.

Mike: I promise.

Meg: Paul, I love you.

Paul: I love you. I'll see you soon.

Meg: You better!

Barbara: Come on, Honey.

Paul: Mike, you still there?

Mike: Yeah.

Paul: Thanks for lying.

Vienna: My God. What are you doing?!

Bonnie: I'm trying to wake him up!

Vienna: He's cut. He's bleeding! He's gonna die! Help, somebody! Help!

Bonnie: Will you shut up?

Vienna: I'm trying to get help!

Bonnie: Haven't you figured out by now that nobody can hear us out here?

Vienna: Well, what do you have a better suggestion?

Bonnie: No.

Vienna: Help! Somebody help! Help!

Bonnie: Oh, no.

Derek: What happened? Is he okay?

Bonnie: Oh, my gosh! What do you care?!

Derek: I brought him here, and then I heard the explosion, so I came back.

Bonnie: No. He is unconscious, and he needs a doctor.

Derek: Let's get him to my car.

Bonnie: No. Oh, no, no. We are not going anywhere with you.

Derek: Look, I don't blame you for not believing me, but, at this point, do you have another option?

Vienna: No. He's right.

Derek: Come on. We have to carry him. Grab his arm.

Vienna: Hurry up!

Derek: Ready? One, two, three.

Aaron: How's Ethan?

Lily: He's awake. In the ambulance, the Medics thought that he seemed pretty stable.

Aaron: He's a tough kid. He's a tough kid. He'll be fine.

Holden: Is Mama with you guys?

Aaron: No. She thought it'd be best to keep Faith at the farm. She figured you had a lot of stuff on your mind.

Alison: Is Ethan with the doctor now?

Chris: You guys can come in.

Lily: My baby. Are you okay?

Ethan: It hurts.

Lily: Oh, I'm sorry.

Chris: He was pretty dehydrated. I wanted to get his fluids up quickly. I have him on a mild sedative so he doesn't fidget too much. He should be sleeping a lot in the next couple days. But his vitals are strong. He's a tough little guy.

Holden: When can we take him home?

Chris: A couple of hours to replenish his fluids, then he can go.

Holden: Listen, I should call Mama and Faith and let them know he's okay.

Lily: No, it should be me. I'm the one that left him in the first place.

Holden: Lily, it's not your fault.

Lily: Maybe not, but it was my responsibility. Sweetie, I'm gonna go get your sister, and then I'll be back, okay?

Chris: Holden, can I go over a couple things with you?

Holden: Yeah, sure. See you, Buddy. I'll be right back, okay?

Aaron: Next time you go hiking by the farm, you let me know, okay, Buddy? And I'll go with you. Poor guy. He can't even keep his eyes open.

Alison: No. He isn't breathing! Chris! Chris, he isn't breathing! Talk about a wake up call.

Barbara: You need to climb into bed and get some sleep.

Meg: How can I sleep?

Barbara: You got to try, Meg.

Meg: Okay. Okay, I will, but you need to get back there.

Barbara: No. Mike said he would call us.

Meg: Mike doesn't care about Paul! No one does! You saw the rescue-squad guys. They were ready to pack it in. We need to make sure that they don't give up.

Barbara: Okay. If I go back, will you go to bed.

Meg: Yes. As long as there is someone there I can count on.

Barbara: Fine.

Meg: And the minute you know anything, please call me.

Barbara: I will. You sleep.

Meg: Okay.

James: Hello, Meg. It's good to see you.

Meg: You're real. You're here.

James: Yes. I'm real, and I'm here. Look, I'm sorry that I woke you before in that dream business, and I'm also sorry that Paulís had to deceive you all this time.

Meg: You've seen Paul?

James: Yes.

Meg: How long have you been here?

James: Well, ever since the problems with your development started.

Meg: That long? And Paul knew it?

James: Yes, but you were in a delicate situation. He didn't want to upset you, and he didn't want you to know how much trouble I've gotten him into.

Meg: So the money, the loan sharks, all that led up to it, that was your doing?

James: Yes. But it's almost over.

Meg: You better make sure nothing happens to him.

James: I can't do that, Meg.

Meg: Really? Well, who can?

James: You.


Chris: Okay, okay, okay. Okay, Buddy. Just relax. Just relax.

Holden: How is he? Is he okay?

Chris: He's breathing normally right now. That's the main thing. His pulse is steady. Holden, I'm so sorry. There must have been some dirt lodged in his larynx. I should have caught it.

Holden: Are you sure he's gonna be all right?

Chris: Yeah.

Holden: Okay. Hi, Buddy. You're gonna be fine. It's a good thing your mommy wasn't here to see that.

Faith: Is he okay?

Lily: He's fine.

Emma: Oh, thank God.

Lily: I know.

Emma: Thank God.

Faith: When can I see Ethan? I want to apologize.

Lily: For what?

Faith: For not watching him like I should have been doing.

Lily: Listen to me. I never should have left you. You did your best. In fact, you were very responsible. None of this was your fault.

Faith: Can we not talk about this anymore?

Lily: Sure.

Faith: So, when can I see him?

Lily: How about right now? Let's go.

Derek: I can't stay here.

Bonnie: What, do you think you can run? Look, I know who you are, and I'm not gonna let you get away with this.

Derek: Look, I don't blame you for hating me.

Bonnie: Oh, really?

Derek: And I'm sorry the way this all happened. To tell you the truth, I really like you.

Bonnie: Oh, well, next time, you know, find a better way to show it. You know what? There will not be a next time!

Derek: I never meant for you to get caught up in this. This wasn't your fault.

Bonnie: You're right. It was all yours.

Derek: I know. I know. And it might not mean anything now, but I never had a choice.

Mike: We're trying to find a way that we can anchor the rig so that we can both support Paulís weight and keep him clear of the sides. Any small disturbance can make things worse.


Barbara: What was that?

Mike: That was exactly what I was worried about. Paul, are you okay?

Paul: I'm fine. I just -- a bunch of stuff just fell again, that's all.

Mike: Okay, just hang in there. I'm gonna put your mom on.

Barbara: Paul, Honey?

Paul: Mom, I thought you took Meg home.

Barbara: I did. She made me come back to be with you.

Paul: Well, thanks for dropping by, but you got to go back and stay with Meg!

Barbara: I am not leaving you Paul. You're gonna be okay. You're gonna be all right.

Paul: I hate to break it to you, Mom, but I think this might be one situation that you're probably not gonna be able to buy my way out of.

Barbara: Mike promised that he was gonna get you out of here, and I believe him.


Paul: Might want to tell him to hurry up.

Meg: What can I possibly do to get Paul out of that hole?

James: You can't, but I can.

Meg: How?

James: Well, let's just say it's gonna be a lot easier getting him out than it was getting him in.

Meg: Okay, then do it. What are you waiting for?

James: Well, you know, like everything in life, Meg, there's a price. And only you can pay it.

Alison: Chris, you saved his life.

Chris: I wouldn't have had to if I'd got the examination right the first time. I still don't know how I missed that.

Aaron: Listen, it's over. Alison's right. My family owes you a lot.

Chris: Just doing my job, but thanks.

Holden: Yeah, it was a little scary. He stopped breathing.

Lily: Oh, my God.

Holden: But he's gonna be fine. Chris wants to keep him a little while longer just to make sure.

Faith: I am so glad you're okay. I was very worried about you, and I promise, I'm never gonna call you annoying again.

Henry: My head feels like someone dropped a piano on it.

Vienna: I'm just glad you're all right. You saved my life.

Bonnie: Mine too.

Henry: Hey. Question -- how did you two manage to survive without killing one another?

Bonnie: We have no idea what you're talking about, do we, Vienna?

Henry: Right. So, what did you do? Did you spend the night on opposite sides of the warehouse, or what?

Vienna: No, we're adults, Henry. We would never do that.

Henry: Right.

Vienna: So, is Derek out there?

Bonnie: No, he's gone.

Henry: He was here?

Vienna: Well, he drove us here. You were unconscious, but he probably saved your life.

Bonnie: Okay, look. Let's not give him a medal. He's the one who got us in danger in the first place, but I just completely misjudged him.

Henry: Bonnie, you couldn't know.

Bonnie: No, I should have. I've spent enough time with criminals.

Henry: I don't want to defend the guy, but I don't think he had much of a choice.

Bonnie: That's what he said.

Henry: He was just doing what Stenbeck asked him to do. James Stenbeck.

Bonnie: James Stenbeck?

Henry: Yeah.

Bonnie: That guy's been in prison for years, and everyone is always blaming everything on him.

Henry: For good reason, because James told me himself.

Bonnie: You are telling me that you saw him?

Henry: That's right.

Vienna: Who is this guy?

Bonnie: Paul Ryanís degenerate father, who's supposed to be locked up forever.

Henry: Well, he's out.

Vienna: Why would he want to kidnap us?

Henry: Because he doesn't want anyone to know he's here, Sweetheart. And when I saw him, he had to shut me up. And when you two tried to find me, he had to shut you up, as well.

Bonnie: So, why is he back?

Henry: He didn't tell me. Whatever he's after, he's not gonna stop until he gets it.

Meg: You want my baby?

James: I need an heir.

Meg: What about Paul?

James: Paul is worthless. Your child is my only hope for the Stenbeck future.

Meg: You're insane.

James: Don't you insult me! I'm giving you a chance to save Paulís life, now sign this.

Meg: And if I don't sign it, what? You're just gonna let him die?

James: That's right.

Meg: He's your son! Don't you care about him at all?

James: Not really, no. Do you?

Meg: Of course I do!

James: Good, good. That's very good. Then you sign this document, I'll save Paul, and your child will inherit an empire.

Barbara: They're setting up now! It won't be long!

Paul: No, totally not.

Derek: Is it off?

Paul: How did you get in here?

Derek: I followed your father's directions.

Paul: My father?

Derek: Yeah, he sent me to get you out.

Paul: How?

Derek: There's a tunnel.

Paul: Oh, of course. There's a tunnel that, let me guess, only he knows about.

Derek: Yeah, he dug it.

Paul: So, all of this -- all of this, he set all this up, and you, you're a part of it?

Derek: Yeah, from the beginning.

Paul: Why?!

Derek: Let's just say I'm paying off old debts.

Paul: But why would -- go through all of this for an empty chest?!

Derek: I don't know. He doesn't confide in me. He tells me what to do, and I do it.

Paul: I'm gonna kill him.

Derek: Yeah, well, that's not my problem.

Paul: No, but this is.

Mike: Will that hold his weight?

Fred: It should.

Mike: Tell him we'll be ready in five minutes.


Barbara: What's happening? Paul?! Paul, can you hear me?! Paul?! You've got to do something!

Fred: I'm sorry. There's no way anyone could have survived that. He's gone.

Paul: Where are you? Where are you?! Meg? Meg? Meg?! What did you do to her, James? I'll kill you. I swear to God, I'll kill you.

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Aaron: What's got into you?

Alison: I want to make a baby.

Lily: Please don't go.

Jack: If I were you, I'd tell him where his wife is before he kills you.

Meg: Oh my God.

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