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As The World Turns Transcript Wednesday 9/17/08

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[Paul dreaming]


Paul: I can't help you. I want to help you, but I can't help you right now. I don't have time. I got to get to the top. Hold on, okay? Will you just hold on? I'll come back for you in a little while.

James: Paul, I'm gonna make a man out of you, Paul.

Paul: No. No, donít. No, Dad. No, Dad, don't! Don't burn the rope! Dad! Dad, don't! No, Dad! Don't! Don't burn the rope! No!

Janet: Hey, you want some coffee?

Carly: I've been there.

Janet: He's just distracted like everybody else about poor little Ethan.

Carly: I think it's more than that.

Janet: Maybe it's just being around all the EMS guys, the cops, now that he isn't one anymore.

Carly: Exactly. It's like he's not sure where he should be or what he should be doing. It must be killing him. Would you like some advice?

Janet: No, thank you.

Carly: Okay.

Janet: Okay. What is it?

Carly: Don't try so hard. He'll come around.

Meg: Mama.

Emma: They'll figure out something today. They will. A hoist or a pulley or something like that. Then Holden will go down in that sinkhole and try and save his son.

Meg: They'll be okay.

Emma: I wish I could believe that, but nothing -- nothing has been okay. Since I sold this farm, it's been sinkholes, contaminated soil. And I might lose my son today or my grandson. I don't know. It's like -- it's almost like I made a deal with the devil.

Meg: Paul is not the devil. He has worked so hard on this project.

Emma: I'm not talking about Paul! I'm talking about the real devil.

James: Derek, coffee?

Derek: I've got news.

James: Oh.

Derek: Meg is staying with her mother at the farm. She's waiting for word on the boy who fell in the hole.

James: Good. So it's time to put Paul's feet to the fire.

Derek: So, you really want me to do what we discussed? I didn't think you were serious about that.

James: I was serious. I'm very serious. It's time Paul learned how to function in the real world.

Derek: Where's my money?

Paul: I'm working on it, you know. Working really hard. I just had a glitch.

Derek: Yeah, well, that's too bad, 'cause you just ran out of time.

Paul: Oh!

Lily: "And brave and fearless, the leader tiger smiled as his mommy and daddy kissed him good night." Ethan, did you like that, Sweetie? Honey? He isn't answering me. He hasn't said anything in a long while. I'm afraid of what that means.

Holden: What it means -- what it means is, he's asleep, and when he wakes up, I'm gonna have my arms around him.

Lily: The rigging is ready? When? When can you go?

Mike: We're still working on the pulley system, and we have to test it before we send anybody down there.

Holden: No. I'm going. I'm going now.

Mike: Fred's almost ready to strap you into the harness.

Lily: Holden, tell Ethan I love him.

Holden: I'll do that.

Jack: Hey, you don't have to do this.

Holden: Listen, I already let my kid down once. I'm not about to do it again.

Jack: You had no idea this was gonna happen.

Holden: Jack, if I had been at the house, none of this would have happened. Ethan would not have wandered off.

Jack: You thought he was with Lily.

Holden: Yeah, and she thought he was with me. But you know what? None of that matters if Ethan dies down there. Jack, he's 4 years old. He's been down there almost 24 hours.

Jack: Yeah, and you've been up all night, staying with Lily, working on the rigging, reading to Ethan.

Holden: What's your point?

Jack: My point is, let somebody else do it, like Mike.

Holden: No. No, I canít.

Jack: Then let me go down there. I got a lot more sleep than you did last night.

Holden: Come on, Jack. You have three kids. What if something happens to you? Carly would kill me. It's my kid. I got to do this, okay?

Jack: Just be careful.

Holden: Listen, if anything goes wrong --

Jack: No, it's not an option.

Holden: Jack.

Jack: I'm gonna be right here with you, whatever happens, okay?

Mike: Holden, we're set.

Holden: All right, let's do this.

Meg: Look, Holden is gonna be all right. Do you want to go up there?

Emma: No, no, no.

Meg: You could be with Lily. You could help her through this.

Emma: And what would I say to her?

Meg: That everything is gonna be all right.

Emma: Well, I am not sure that it's going to be. Listen, I'm going to put these sandwiches and things together, and I want you to take them to the site for me.

Meg: You know what, Mama, this is crazy and superstitious, and it's not like you at all. This land is not cursed. It's the same as it's always been.

Emma: No, it's not, Meg! I should have left well enough alone. I should have left the land intact, and then none of this would have happened to dear, little Ethan.

Meg: So, who are you really blaming here, yourself or Paul?

Emma: Paul.

Meg: Despite what Mike said yesterday, Paul had nothing to do with what happened to Ethan.

Emma: Meg, this is the second time you've assumed that I'm accusing Paul for something, and I had no such intention.

Meg: I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I guess I get a little defensive where you and Paul are concerned.

Emma: Are you sure that's all there is to this?

Meg: Paul has worked so hard to save this farm. He has done nothing wrong -- I'm sure of that.

Paul: Coburn, come on. I gave you a down payment. I gave you a bar of gold. That's got to count for something, okay? And my mother will get you the rest of the money. She needs a few days to liquidate some assets.

Derek: You don't have days, Paul. I saw it on TV last night. That project I loaned you money for, it's a disaster.

Paul: Ow.

Derek: Not only is the land contaminated but now it's got a great, big sinkhole in the middle of it. That boy could die.

Paul: No. They'll get to him. It's just a matter of time.

Derek: What, are you kidding me? You could have all the time in the world. Nobody's ever gonna buy a house built on that land. You're gonna go belly-up, Ryan, in more ways than one.

Paul: What exactly does that mean?

Derek: You have the light. Drive.

Paul: What are we doing at the Reservoir?

Derek: You are putting your hands behind your back.

Paul: No.

Derek: Or you die right here right now.

Paul: Okay.

Carly: Don't do it.

Janet: Do what?

Carly: You're thinking about grabbing Jack and dragging him off someplace for a heart to heart. That would be a big mistake.

Janet: No, I know. All he's thinking about is that little boy right now. I just thought maybe he'd be thirsty.

Carly: Janet, give it a rest!

Janet: I'm just trying to make contact, and, once in a while, he responds. He smiled at me earlier.

Carly: He smiled? Well, maybe if you're really, really good and you try really, really hard, maybe he'll nod good day to you. Yeah, I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I know, I'm in a foul mood.

Janet: Why?

Carly: When Lily and I were friends, our kids used to play together. Ethan was at my house all the time. And now to see her and Holden and Jack so worried and to have to keep my distance, it hurts.

Janet: I feel for you. I know Jack losing his job is partly my fault, and you said he'd be mad at me, and he was. But I just want things back the way they were.

Carly: Here's what you do.

Janet: What?

Carly: You be you.

Janet: That's what I am doing!

Carly: No, you're not.

Janet: Yes, I am!

Carly: You're not. You're smiling. You're trying to feed him. You're practically on your knees, begging him to forgive you. That's not gonna work with Jack. Take it down a notch. He'll come around.

Janet: When?

Carly: Eventually. It may take some time. But trust me, Jack is worth it. Be careful.

Holden: I kept waiting for Lily to say that. I'm glad you did.

Luke: Mom!

Lily: Baby.

Luke: They called home and talked to Faith. She told us what happened with Ethan.

Lucinda: Why didn't you wait? Why didn't you call us right away? We would have canceled. We would have flown right back.

Lily: I know. I didn't want to worry you. I thought we'd have him out by now.

Lucinda: What can I do?

Lily: It's being done.

Luke: What's Dad doing with all that equipment?

Lily: They're gonna lower him down to Ethan.

Luke: Well, isn't that dangerous?

Lily: I shouldn't let Holden take this risk.

Lucinda: Darling, he's gonna have to do more than just risk his life to redeem himself to me.

Lily: Holden, one more thing.

Holden: I'll make sure he gets it.

[Wood cracking]  

Mike: Holden!

Luke: Holden!

Lily: Holden! Holden, are you all right?

Meg: You are obviously worried, so maybe you should go over there and check things out.

Emma: No. No, I canít. The news is bad. I just don't think I could bear it.

Meg: Okay, Mama, you really need to stop blaming yourself.

Emma: It is my fault. If I hadn't sold this property, little Ethan would be okay.

Meg: Okay, stop talking like Ethan is dead. He's not. And Holden is gonna go down there and get him back out. Things will be fine.

Emma: You believe that, do you?

Meg: And why don't you? What happened to your Faith?

Emma: Do you know why -- do you know why I sold this land? It was just pure selfishness. I figured that I worked hard all my life and that now it was time for me just to take it easy, but since I did, Honey, it's been nothing but disaster. And, you know, somehow, I feel that it's just not an accident.

Meg: So you think all this is happening why? 'Cause God is punishing you? Because for probably the first time in your life, you're trying to make things a little bit easier on yourself?

Emma: I can't help it. It's what I think.

Lily: Holden? Why isn't he answering me? Get him out of there!

Mike: We canít. We canít. Not without his help. We need to get a second rope down there, but if he's unconscious --

Jack: Give me a harness! I'm going down there.

Mike: That is crazy, Jack. You could make it more dangerous for Ethan and Holden!

Jack: I'm not gonna leave them down there, Mike! I got to do something!

Lily: Wait, wait! Listen! Holden, are you all right?

Holden: I'm okay!

Lily: Oh, thank God. Do you see Ethan?

Holden: No. The rockslide, it knocked out my light.

Mike: Holden, hang on. We're gonna send down a rope. We're coming down after you.

Jack: I'm coming down, too, Holden!

[Henry panting]

Henry: Thank you! I couldn't breath!

James: So, you've developed an allergy to linen? That's very fine linen.

Henry: Oh, no. It's asthma. I have chronic asthma. I would have died if you left that gag in.

James: You're lying. I know you're lying.

Henry: I'm not lying. Would I be wheezing like this if I were lying?

James: You don't have asthma. You simply don't want the gag in, that's all. You think I'm some doddering, old fool just stumbling around here that you can get drunk, that you can manipulate.

Henry: No, no, no, no. No, I can't manipulate you. I would never think that.

James: Henry. Make no mistake, okay? I'm in charge here. You're here. You're staying here. No one's gonna find out that I'm out of prison. I get what I want, I do what I want by any means necessary. Do you understand that? Do you?

Henry: Yeah. Can I have my gag back, please?

Luke: Can you see my dad? Can you get him out?

Jack: We got him! Pull! Pull, pull!


Lily: All right. All right. We got to get him to the hospital.

Holden: No, I'm fine.

Lily: Holden? Holden?

Paul: So, what's the point of all this? You gonna drown me? Is that the big idea? You'll never get your money that way. You know, you screwed up. You've been seen around town too much with me. You know, I'm dead, the cops are gonna ask if I have any new acquaintances. They're gonna talk to Meg. Sooner or later, your name is bound to come up.

Derek: Oh, don't you worry your pretty little head. Meg will definitely know that I killed you. You know what? I'll tell her myself, personally.

Paul: Just leave her out of this. She's got nothing to do with this.

Derek: A guy like you, got a baby on the way? Whoo! You'll be bound to have a hefty life-insurance policy. I'm sure it'll cover the money you owe me plus interest. Hell, maybe -- just maybe I'll leave Meg enough for a nice pine box for you.

Paul: Okay, look, you trying to prove to me that you're dangerous? I get it, okay. You've accomplished that. All right? Just give me some time! Give me one day! I'll get you your money! Are you really gonna go to jail for killing me over what, a paltry sum of money? Or is it just you're so sick that murder is actually a part of this job that you enjoy?

Derek: You think I'm doing this for fun?

Paul: I'm not going down without a fight. No, no.

[Derek shoves Paul out of the boat]

[Paul grunting]

Derek: You poor fool.

Meg: Mama, you have raised me to believe in something bigger than me, to have faith in that, especially when life is hard. Now, I'm not saying that I bought everything you've shoved down my throat, but some stuff did stick.

Emma: Shoved down your throat, Meg, I never in my life --

Meg: You know what else I believe? I believe God is too busy trying to help people. He's not interested in punishing you for trying to provide for your family, which is what you wanted to do so you wouldn't have to ask your children to do it for you. And all this stuff that's happening, it's just stuff. And when it's over, we're really gonna have what matters -- each other. God knows you are a good and decent person, and if he doesn't, you know, he's not paying attention.

Emma: What a beautiful, wise daughter I have. Thank you, Sweetheart. I love you very much.

Meg: I love you, Mama. Just stop being so hard on yourself, okay? You did nothing wrong. Okay, look. I'm gonna go find Paul. Are you gonna be okay?

Emma: Yeah, I'm gonna be fine. Give my love to your husband.

Meg: I will do that.

[Phone rings]

Emma: Hello?

Luke: Hey, Grandma.

Emma: Luke, are you back from your trip?

Luke: Yeah. Grandma Lucinda and I went directly to the dig site.

Emma: Is there any news?

Luke: The situation's the same with Ethan, but Dad got hurt when he was trying to help him, so we're at the hospital now.

Emma: I'm on my way. How bad is it?

Luke: Not bad at all, really, Grandma. But Dad asked me to ask a favor of you.

Emma: Anything.

Luke: Could you check on Faith and Natalie? You know how worried Faith gets.

Emma: Of course I will. Tell him not to worry, and tell him to give me a call and that I love him.

Luke: I will.

Emma: Oh, dear God. Dear God, thank you. Thank you that my boy is all right, and please, dear Lord, please let Ethan be safe. And just for the record, God, you know I'm a very strong woman and I can take just about anything, but I'll tell you something -- this is enough. This is a real dozy.

Janet: I thought you could use some tea.

Lily: Thank you. Mike, how long before you can send somebody back down there?

Mike: I just finished talking with the town engineer about that. He doesn't think the pulley system's gonna work, given the dimensions of the hole.

Janet: What can we use instead?

Mike: We're gonna have to come up with a different system, maybe even a parallel tunnel.

Lily: How long will that take?

Mike: I don't know, but it's not gonna be quick. But in the meantime, we're gonna send some stuff down to Ethan -- maybe some food, something to drink.

Janet: Does he have a favorite backpack or something that he takes with him to preschool?

Lily: Yeah, it's red. He picked it out himself. It's in his room at home.

Janet: Okay, 'cause I think it would really help if he saw something familiar coming at him.

Lily: Absolutely.

Mike: Right. Great idea.

Janet: Okay. I'll go track it down.

Mike: Is there anything else that you think he'd want? I mean, to eat?

Lily: Well, I think we should put a peanut butter and jelly sandwich in there and a juice box and maybe an apple. He likes them when I cut it up.

Mike: Chocolate-chip cookies?

Lily: You remembered. This too. Maybe he wouldn't feel so alone if he had that.

Mike: Sure.

Carly: Hey, Mike. There's something that I'd like to add in that care package for Ethan. Do you think you could hold off till I get back?

Mike: Sure, if you hurry.

James: Mission accomplished?

Derek: What you just had me do was definitely pushing the terms of our agreement.

James: You object?

Derek: I object to murder, yeah.

James: It wasn't meant to be murder. It was a challenge. A test for my son. Is he dead?

Derek: I didn't exactly stick around to find out.

James: Well, can he escape?

Derek: I only tied a loose slipknot on the rope, and, well, the water's not that deep.

James: A loose slipknot. Shallow water. That's no challenge. That's no test for my son.

Meg: Paul? Paul, are you here? Paul, what happened to you? You're soaking wet.

Paul: I got stuck in the rain.

Meg: It's not raining. And how did you get all muddy?

Paul: Meg.

Meg: Okay, you know, no, don't! Don't do that! Don't try and calm poor, pregnant Meg and then go back out there and do something crazy and dangerous.

Paul: Getting upset isn't gonna help you or the baby.

Meg: If you don't want me upset, stop upsetting me! Tell me the truth!

Paul: Fine, I will, right after I get cleaned up.

Meg: You mean give you more time to think of another lie?

Paul: No. You want the truth. You really want the truth?

Meg: Yeah.

Paul: I almost died today.

Meg: What? How?

Paul: Someone tried to murder me.

Meg: Who? Why?

Paul: I'll tell you right after I take a shower.

Meg: Will you just tell me?

Paul: You know what kept me alive today, Meg? You. The idea of coming home to you and holding you, and I'm gonna go get cleaned up so that I can do that.

Meg: Then you'll tell me the truth?

Paul: Yeah. Then I'll tell you everything -- everything that happened today and everything that led up to it. I need you. I need you more than ever, Meg.

Meg: Okay, so, who tried to kill you?

Paul: It all started with the cleanup at the development. Mike gave me the original estimate. You remember?

Meg: Yeah, and then it doubled.

Paul: More like it tripled. So I went to my mom and I borrowed some money, but it wasn't enough. It wasn't nearly enough. I had to borrow some more.

Meg: So who'd you go to?

Paul: I went to a loan shark. Derek. You met him.

Meg: Derek? He drove me home from the hospital that one time, and you never said anything?

Paul: I didn't say anything to you, Meg, 'cause he had threatened to kill you. And today, he tied a cinder block to me and he threw me in the reservoir because he wants his money back. And I don't have it.

Meg: I'm calling the police.

Paul: No, no, no, hey! You can't call the police.

Derek: Paul's upstairs.

James: Oh, good. So he survived our little challenge.

Derek: And Meg's with him. I'm leaving. I've done enough of your dirty work for one day.

James: Wait a minute. You -- you stay. You've got to make sure that Paul doesn't let Meg know that I'm here.

Derek: And what if he does tell her, huh? What, are you gonna order me to cut off one of Paul's hands this time? Maybe bust a kneecap, see if he passes that test? What kind of father are you?

James: You be careful.

Derek: I'm just wondering when you're gonna be finished torturing your son.

James: When my son becomes a man.

Derek: Well, I want out of this.

James: Derek, you owe me.

Derek: Yeah, I owe you. I know that. But I've done everything you've asked me to do. At some point, I've got to be paid up.

James: True, true.

Derek: So, when will I be done?

James: I guess you'll be done when I say you're done.

Doctor: The rocks really scraped up your legs, but, fortunately, there's not much damage.

Luke: But he has to stay off the foot.

Holden: It's just a strain. I'm going back to the site. I don't care what the doctor says.

Doctor: I heard about your son. It's gonna be hard to stay off that ankle, but I think the --

Holden: Doc, I know the drill. I just ice it, I elevate it, and I'll be fine. Thank you.

Doctor: I'll be praying for your son.

Holden: Thanks. Could you get me out of here, please? Let's go.

Luke: Well, are you gonna promise to do what the doctor says?

Holden: I promise to try, but you need to get me back to the site.

Jack: Listen, you got to fill out paperwork before they'll release you anyway.

Luke: I'll try to speed that up.

Jack: Well, it looks like your days of climbing down holes and playing hero are over. You're gonna have to leave that to the professionals.

Holden: Yeah, like you.

Jack: I'm not a professional anymore, just a guy.

Holden: Still don't want to talk about it, huh, Jack?

Jack: No, Holden, I donít.

Holden: Because of what happened with me and Carly? Is that why?

Jack: No, that's not it. I have no right to judge you and Carly, believe me.

Holden: Well, then what happened? Why did you quit?

Jack: I messed up. When you think you know who you are, and then, one day, you do something you didn't know you were capable of, and, suddenly, your life is completely different, you know?

Holden: Yeah, I do know.

Lily: Ethan, Sweetie, its Mommy. Sweetie? Can you eat something for me, Baby?

Lucinda: Hey, Honey. Come walk with me.

Lily: No. I can't leave. We just sent him down some food, but I don't know if he got it, and I don't know if he's --

Lucinda: Hey, we are not going far. I just want -- it's my job to see that you get fed so that you can be here for him later. Come on. You got to come with me. You might as well, because I'll never stop pestering you until you do. Come on. Come. It's all right, Honey. It's all right. And he's gonna be all right.

Lily: I never should have left him. I should have been watching him.

Lucinda: No, no, no, no. Deal with guilt later on. Right now you have to be strong. You have to be strong.

Lily: Yeah. Thank you.

Lucinda: Oh, sure. Finally, the girl finally gets the point. Just be like me and everything. Come on. I'm gonna get you fed!

Carly: Am I too late? Did you send the package down for Ethan?

Mike: Yeah, we just sent it down. We couldn't wait any longer.

Carly: I really think this could help. I know how dangerous it is, though, each time you send something down there.

Mike: What is it?

Carly: It's a special microphone. It's extra-sensitive. The guy at Metro gave it to me. I wanted something that would sort of work as a baby monitor. It's only one-way, but Lily will be able to hear any sound that Ethan makes, even the slightest whisper.

Mike: That is a fantastic idea. I'll send it down.

Carly: Are you sure it'll be safe?

Mike: Yeah. We'll be careful.

Carly: Okay. And, Mike, don't let Lily know that it came from me, okay? I don't want to upset her.

Mike: Okay. I'll send it down now.

Paul: There are reasons we can't call the police, Meg. There are good reasons.

Meg: Okay, give me a few. Give me one!

Paul: Okay, here's one. If Derek finds out that we called the police, then all bets are off. He won't just be trying to get his money back, he'll be trying to save his own neck, and I don't think he would hesitate to kill either one of us.

Meg: Are you doing something illegal?

Paul: Not exactly.

Meg: You're never gonna be completely honest with me, are you?

Paul: Ethan could die! That's what we need to worry about!

Meg: What does that have to do with Ethan?

Paul: I don't have time for this, okay? I don't have time to do this with you right now!

Meg: Okay, you need money but you've been spending every free moment at the work site digging. Why?

Paul: Because I have a source, all right? There's a way for me to get the money and pay back the loan shark -- pay him what I owe him. Please, Meg, I just need for you to trust me just another little while, please.

Meg: I want to, but I don't think I can. Will you just listen to yourself? Will you listen to what you're saying? You are involved with a loan shark who tried to kill you, who threatened me, and you didn't tell me anything! You could have died! Something could have happened to hurt our baby!

Paul: But nothing happened.

Meg: But it could have! It still could happen! And you're telling me here to accept things, to just go with it, and I still don't know the whole truth.

Paul: I told you the whole truth. I told you all about Derek. If we just give him the money that we owe him, then everything will be okay.

Meg: How are you gonna get the money? You say you have this source. Where or who are you --

Paul: I can't tell you that.

Meg: I'm leaving. I'm packing a bag and going to my motherís. Don't touch me! Do not touch me! You have lied to me for the last time!

Paul: You know what? This is why I didn't tell you! This is why! You want to know why I don't tell you things, Meg? Because I took a vow to love you for the rest of my life, and I meant it. You took the same vow. Did you mean it?

Meg: Of course I did.

Paul: Then why does it always feel to me like you're leaving? Why does it always feel to me like you've got one foot out the door? It's like you're waiting. You're waiting for me to slip up. You're waiting for me to make a mistake, to lie to you, to let you down, and somehow disappoint you. I have to be 100% perfect, 100% of the time or else I lose you, and now I lose my baby. You're making me crazy. I -- I can't lose you. Nothing would be worse than losing you -- nothing. I know you love me.

Meg: I do. I do, and I will love you forever. I didn't decide to do that. It just is.

Paul: All right. You think maybe you could stay with me a while? Do you think maybe you could stay married to me while you loved me?

Meg: Oh, God help me.

Derek: I'm not gonna hurt you. I'm just gonna take this stupid thing out of your mouth.

Henry: Thank you. You know, my arms are a little cramped, too. Never mind. So, what is it that you owe James? Whatever it is, it's not worth it.

Derek: You don't know what you're talking about.

Henry: I can tell you're conflicted there. It can't be fun working for a madman, especially one who wants to hurt innocent women like Bonnie and Vienna.

Derek: They're safe. A little uncomfortable, maybe, but they're safe.

Henry: Knowing Stenbeck, are you sure about that? I can tell it's eating at you.

Derek: It's none of your business.

Jack: Janet?

Janet: Hi. I just came by to see if there was anything I could do for Holden.

Jack: Yeah, well, the doctors were with him, and he's gonna be fine, so --

Janet: So. Yeah. This was just a pathetic excuse to get my face in front of your face and hope that maybe -- I want things back the way they used to be, Jack, and I don't know how to do that. Can you please tell me how to do that?

Jack: Don't start crying, please, 'cause the next thing you know, I'll start crying, and then it'll just be --

Janet: That might be kind of cool 'cause I've never really made a guy cry before. Made them scream and throw things, but -- are you gonna stay mad at me?

Jack: I'm not mad at you, Janet. I'm not mad. I'm ashamed. I'm ashamed of what I did. I don't have a job. And the way I left the force? And I look at you and I see the guy I used to be. I miss being that guy.

Janet: So it's over for us?

Jack: No. Just until I figure out who I get to be from now on.

Janet: Okay. Well, when you figure it out, I will be here. And just so you know, when I look at you, I see the best guy I've ever known.

Lucinda: The town engineer is on his way. Dear God, I've got to make sure he's connected to the top specialists in his field.

Lily: Thank you, Mother.

Lucinda: Honey, we are going to deliver your son safely from this nightmare. Now, you hold on to that!

Lily: I'm trying, but it's hard. I just keep thinking of how alone he must be.

Mike: Hey, Lily. Lily, come here, quick.

[Ethan singing]

Lily: He's singing! My baby's singing! Oh, my God, Mike! Thank you! Thank you so much for this and for everything else that you're doing to help save Ethan.

Jack: That was your idea, wasn't it?

Carly: It was. Don't tell Lily, okay?

Announcer: On the next "As the World Turns" --

Holden: I'm not about to stand here and do nothing!

Faith: No! Dad, please don't go!

Holden: Faith, Honey.

Faith: I don't want you to die!

Jack: Even if Lily and Holden do get back together, where does that leave you?

Jack: Why would Paul come here if he's looking for Mike?

Meg: He will come here because he feels responsible for Ethan.

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