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As The World Turns Transcript Tuesday 9/9/08

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Jack: Mmm! I am absolutely stuffed. I'm not going back to work.

Janet: Oh, but who's gonna catch the bad guys, Honey?

Jack: Somebody else, Darling. Margo, Dallas. A rookie who needs a win. I'm taking a nap.

Janet: What? On one of those uncomfortable cots in the holding cells?

Jack: Yeah, you're gonna take it with me. Aren't you?

Janet: Ooh! I would love to.

Jack: Mm.

Janet: Mm. But not today.

Jack: Oh, damn it!

Janet: I have to go back to the farm. I'm helping Emma cater -- whoo -- two points -- Alison and Aaronís wedding. And I am making my very famous apple chipotle pecan pie.

Jack: Ooh, outstanding. Does Emma know this?

Janet: She's gonna love it. And so are you.

Jack: Does this mean you're not gonna have any time to spend with me at the wedding? Hmm?

Janet: Are you asking me to be your date?

Jack: Something like that. Unless you have a better offer.

Janet: Not yet. Oh. You're pretty cool. You know that?

Jack: Thank you.

Janet: And I know what we went through with Parker and Liberty was horrible, and I would never anything like that to happen again, but, in a way, I'm kind of glad it did, because it brought us closer together.

Jack: Yeah, me too.

Janet: Now, be a gentleman, and show a lady out.

Jack: All righty.

Janet: Thank you. Thank you.

Dallas: Hey, Jack, just left a file on your desk. You should take a look, Man.

Jack: Okay.

Dallas: All right.

Janet: Um, uh, I'll see you later.

Jack: You got it. Bye-bye. Dallas! I thought the, uh, I thought the Leo Morrissey case was dead. What -- what's going on?

Dallas: Almost, but we just got some new evidence. And I think it might lead us to whoever almost killed that kid.

Lily: Listen, you and Alison and Emily can all use my room tomorrow to get ready.

Susan: Are you sure?

Lily: Absolutely.

Dani: Lily?

Lily: Dani?


Lily: It's so good to see you.

Dani: Oh, you too.

Lily: Look at you. Wow! You can't be the same little girl who used to get in trouble at the farm.

Dani: I am afraid so. Do you think Emmaís forgiven me yet?

Lily: Absolutely.

Emily: Oh, Case, I --

Casey: Lily, I want to check the output on the speakers. Do you have that CD you want me to play?

Lily: Well, yeah, yeah, it's in the kitchen on the counter.

Casey: Thanks.

Emily: Hey, hang on. I need to talk to you.

Casey: I'm busy, sorry.

Emily: Well, you're not busy to talk to Lily, so can you just hang on here? Are -- are you really that mad at me?

Casey: I just want to get some stuff done for tomorrow. You know, not that you care. It's only a wedding, and we all know how you feel about that.

Aaron: Yo!

Casey: Hey!

Aaron: I heard you asking for this.

Casey: Sweet, Sweet. Thank you, thank you.

Emily: Hey, Case --

Dani: There's the man of the hour.

Susan: This rehearsal shouldn't take too long, so we'll have plenty of time to make our reservation at the Lakeview.

Emily: Yeah, if the bride ever shows up.

Susan: Emily.

Emily: What?

Lily: Do you know where Alison is?

Aaron: Running late, as usual. Just another thing we love about her, though.

Chris: What is it, Ali?

Alison: I'm just so overwhelmed. I mean, everything is happening so fast.

Chris: Why don't you slow down, take a step back?

Alison: Take a step back from what?

Chris: From the craziness. Where is it written that you need to get married right this second?

Alison: I don't have to get married?

Chris: Not if this is how it makes you feel. I mean, look at you, Ali. You're a mess. A completely adorable mess, but still --

Alison: Hello! I'm getting married tomorrow! Of course I'm a mess. Like any other bride would be. It's called nerves.

Chris: Are you sure that's what this is?

Alison: What are you trying to get me to say, Chris?

Chris: Nothing. But if you doubt what you're doing --

Alison: This is so like you.

Chris: What is?

Alison: You thinking you know what I want better than I do. You think this is all because, deep down, I don't want to get married.

Chris: That's right. I don't think you do.

Susan: Maybe Aliís still at the hospital. I know she had a lot of loose ends to tie up before the wedding.

Aaron: Yeah, I'm gonna give her a call right now, find out.

Susan: Great idea. Don't say a word.

Emily: I --

Susan: Your sister will be fine.

Emily: -- Didn't say anything. But you saw how -- how crazy she was when we were looking at dresses. I'm only stating the obvious.

Susan: Of course she was crazy. She's getting married tomorrow!

Alison: I love Aaron. He has been it for me for as long as I can remember.

Chris: But are you still in love with him now? Look, Ali, something is obviously missing here. You should be happy, excited --

Alison: I am excited! I mean, that's why I'm all over the place. Did you ever think of that?

[Cell phone ringing]

Chris: Guess who.

Aaron: Hey, Ali, it's me. Where are you? Listen, we're at the house, okay? Call me when you get this. I love you.

Holden: Hey.

Aaron: Hey.

Holden: What's going on? Everything under control?

Aaron: Yeah. Just waiting for the bride.

Holden: Good.

Emma: I would not have known you. You've turned into a big girl! You'll have to come out the farm so we can catch up.

Dani: Oh, I would love to. Thank you.

Susan: Would you girls like to see the arbor?

Natalie: What's an arbor?

Susan: It's a big --

Emma: I'll show you what it is. Let's go.

Dani: So, hey, is Ali okay?

Emily: Yeah, she's fine. Ali's just fine. It's just pre-wedding jitters. Dani.

Lily: This outlet should be working. I don't know why it isnít.

Holden: It's on a different circuit than the porch lights. Breaker's inside the garage.

Casey: Thanks.

Lily: I would've figured that out eventually.

Holden: Wedding's tomorrow, so, uh --

Lily: Holden, I'm serious. You don't live here anymore. I need to start dealing with stuff on my own.

Holden: I'm sure you could just ask Mike. He seems to know his way around here.

Katie: And we'll tell you what to do when your baby won't stop crying. Brad?

Brad: Yeah, all that and Katie on tomorrow's "Oakdale Now." Hey, can you give us a minute? Hey, what's up?

Jack: You need to get a lawyer. The sooner the better.

Brad: A lawyer? I thought you said that Leoís case was closed.

Jack: It's not. Not by a long shot. As a matter of fact, it's about to bust wide open. they're going game.

Brad: All right. What's going on? Okay, why do I need a lawyer if Leo doesn't remember anything?

Jack: They lifted footprints going from the water up to the parking lot.

Brad: Those could be anybodyís. They could be the paramedics'.

Jack: Yeah, well, those guys are gonna be easy to rule because they wear regulation boots.

Brad: So, I mean, this means nothing. I'm not gonna freak out about this.

Jack: They also lifted fingerprints off the pay phone where you dialed 911.

Brad: Okay. All right. I'm gonna freak out.

Katie: Now, wait, hold on. Even if the prints they found are Brad's, that doesn't necessarily mean they can prove he was the one who pushed Leo in the water.

Jack: But he did, Katie. What are you two missing here? This evidence puts Brad at the scene of the crime. Nobody else.

[Janet whistling]

Liberty: Hey, you're in a strangely good mood.

Janet: I know. I am, aren't I? Do you want to know why?

Liberty: Why?

Janet: Jack.

Liberty: Really?

Janet: Yes! I know. Oh, you should have seen the look on his face when he came into Alís to apologize to me.

Liberty: He was that good, huh?

Janet: He took my hand in his hand, and he looked me in the eyes, and he said, "Come back to me."

Liberty: Oh!

Janet: Oh! It was like something out of a romantic movie. It was amazing. And you know what killed me? Is that when he apologized, he actually meant it.

Liberty: Mom, you're surprised by that?

Janet: Yeah. I guess I am, you know? I -- well, I've never been in a relationship that's lasted long enough or -- or meant enough to make it to the other side of a fight. I feel -- I feel so --

Liberty: Mature?

Janet: Exactly. Yes. God, I hope I don't screw it up.

Liberty: You won't, Mom. You wonít.

Janet: How do you know?

Liberty: I won't let you. I have never seen you like this, so stable and everything. It's really nice.

Janet: Nice? It's spectacular! Hey, I know what you and Parker went through with Leo was hell, and I would never wish that on anybody, but it kind of -- it brought Jack and I closer, you know, in a way that I never saw coming. And I have a feeling it's gonna do the same thing for Jack and your father.

Jack: Let me paint a picture for you here, Brad. Your daughter was drugged and assaulted at a school picnic. And you know who did because the kid used to work for you. You're angry, you want justice, so you ask a pal at this station for the kid's information. And then this kid -- the one who assaulted your daughter, the one you're looking for, the one you're madder than hell at, he goes missing. And where does he miss up? He ends up half -- half-drowned and unconscious at the reservoir, the same reservoir where someone used a pay phone to dial 911 to report a possible drowning. You see where I'm going with this? Do you?

Brad: Yes.

Jack: Good. Because it's the same pay phone that the police lifted your fingerprints from. You see how the dots connect?

Brad: Yeah, okay. What I don't see is a crime.

Jack: No, you threw the kid in the water, Brad.

Brad: It was an accident, Jack.

Jack: It doesn't matter.

Brad: It matters to me, because I pulled him out of the water, I gave him CPR, I called 911. He attacked my daughter. I save his life.

Jack: The kid would not have needed CPR if you had just left the kid alone and let the police do their job. What you did was premeditated.

Brad: That's just cop talk.

Jack: No, it isnít. It's what the jury is gonna say.

Lily: Look, I know you're upset about what you walked in on here yesterday.

Holden: I didn't say a word about that.

Lily: We promised we wouldn't do this today.

Holden: You're right. I'll stop making cracks about Mike.

Lily: Thank you.

Holden: If you stop finding ways to remind me that I don't live here anymore. Deal?

Emily: Oh, there are my fellow bridesmaids. Hey, you two. You want to help me make Alisonís ribbon bouquet?

[Susan sighs]

Dani: Still no word from Alison?

Susan: No. And -- I -- it's not as if I'm worried, but it's her rehearsal, and -- and she's not answering her phone.

Dani: And you're worried. You're worried. I understand. Do you want me to go to the hospital, see if I can track her down?

Susan: Oh, Dani, would you? Oh, you're a lifesaver. Thank you so much.

Dani: Yeah. Okay.

[Cell phone chimes]

Aaron: Text message from Ali.

Casey: Uh-oh. Is she bailing on you?

Susan: Don't make jokes like that. It's bad luck.

Aaron: No, no, no. No worries, no worries, no worries. My bride is on the way.

Chris: Ali, wait.

Alison: Chris, I really have to go.

Chris: Please, just -- just give me a minute. I may not get another chance to say this, and I want to get it right.

Alison: Get what right?

Chris: My apology. I --I had no right to say those things to you, and I promise it's -- it's not gonna happen again.

Alison: Right. Well, I've heard that before, so --

Chris: I mean it, Ali, all right? I'm not gonna push you to say things you don't mean, feel things you don't feel.

Alison: Chris --

Chris: I had no right to question your decision to marry Aaron, and -- and I'm sorry.

Alison: Then why did you? Why is it so important to you to know how I feel about Aaron?

Chris: Because. I'm in love with you, Ali.

Brad: Are we talking jail time if it goes to trial?

Jack: If they can prove premeditation, with the injuries Leo sustained, they could make the leap to attempted murder.

Katie: Oh, my God!

[Knock on door]

Assistant: We're going to have to redo the promo.

Brad: I canít. You know, I canít. I really -- I really don't feel well. It's my stomach. I don't feel go at all. My brother's gonna take me to the hospital.

Assistant: What about the promo?

Brad: Well, Katie can do it. She'll be out in a minute. I promise. I'm sorry. Okay, so, how are we gonna fix this, Jack.

Katie: Now, wait. Hold on. Whatever you're thinking of doing, we should about this.

Brad: No, I don't want you involved any more than you already are.

Jack: Yeah, Brad's right. With what you know, you're already an accessory.

Brad: Please. Please do this for me.

Katie: No, Brad, listen --

Brad: Katie --

Katie: All right.

Brad: Okay, so what are we gonna do about this?

Jack: We're not going to do anything about it, Brad.

Brad: You're telling me they could charge me with attempted murder, and you're saying that you're just not gonna do anything about that?

Jack: No, no! The evidence is what it is, Buddy. My hands are tied.

Brad: Yeah, but you're my brother, Man. Untie them.

Jack: I can't do that. Okay, listen. I will stand by you. I will defend your version of the story. But you have to turn yourself in first.

Brad: I can't believe you're doing this to me.

Jack: No, you did this to yourself! And you know that.

Emily: I can't believe you're acting like this.

Casey: Well, believe it.

Emily: Is this really all because I said I didn't see myself getting married again?

Casey: Why is it always about you, huh? What you want? What about what I want for us, how I feel? Does that even matter?

Emily: Yes, of course it matters. It's just that -- y-y-you are so --

Casey: Oh, don't use that lame excuse again.

Emily: You didn't know what I was gonna say.

Susan: Okay, we've made an executive decision to start the rehearsal.

Emily: Without Alison? Do you really think that's a good idea?

Aaron: It's fine. Yeah, I mean, we're only doing this for Natalie and Faith, anyway. Ali's not gonna mind. How hard is it gonna be walking down the aisle?

Casey: Dude, you have no idea.

Susan: Emily, you stand in for your sister. Holden, you be the minister. And let's just do it here on the terrace, since we're all here.

Susan: Emily, ready to get married again?

Emily: Always with the jokes, aren't you?

Susan: Yeah.

Dani: Hi. I'm looking for Alison Stewart. Have you seen her?

Nurse: She left early. She's getting married tomorrow.

Dani: Mm-hmm. Um, sorry, just one more question. Is Dr. Chris Hughes here?

Nurse: He was. He left a little earlier.

Dani: Are you sure?

Nurse: Yes, he asked a doctor to cover his shift. Said he had something important to take care of.

Dani: Huh.

Alison: You don't know what you're saying.

Chris: Yes, I do, Hun. I'm in love with you, Alison.

Alison: No. You only want me now because you can't have me. And you never even really wanted me! I was just a rebound after Emily!

Chris: You were never a rebound. Not to me. You mean so much more than that.

Alison: Yes. Yeah. I am Aaronís fiancťe.

Chris: Because I'm an idiot. I let you go all those years ago, and it was the biggest mistake of my life. I was young. I was stupid. I didn't get it. Then later, when it looked like we had another chance, I went for it. Only this time, I did it all wrong. I just wanted you back. I didn't -- I didn't get what that meant. I -- I didn't understand that I needed to earn the right to be with you.

Alison: Why are you telling me this now?

Chris: Because I finally realized how much I hurt you, and why you turned to Aaron.

Alison: I didn't turn to Aaron.

Chris: Chose. Why you're with him.

Alison: I thought you weren't going to tell me how I'm supposed to feel anymore.

Chris: I'm telling you how I feel, all right, what I want. And I want you, to want me, Ali. To look at me the way I look at you. I want to be worthy of you loving me back.

Holden: Do you, Aaron, take Alison? Alison, do you take Aaron?

Faith: No that's not how it goes.

Holden: What?

Faith: You're supposed to say, "Do you, Aaron, take Alison to be your lawfully wedded wife, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better or worse, in sickness and in health, till death do you part."

Susan: Wow!

Holden: That's pretty good.

Lily: She likes her romantic comedies.

Holden: Okay. Um, right. Do you?

Aaron: I do.

Emily: Oh, I do.

Natalie: Now you're supposed to kiss!


Emily: Welcome to the family, Snyder.

Aaron: Right back at you, Sis.

Janet: No, it could be a date, but I am there in charge of the food, you know?

Liberty: Mom, are you gonna be sitting next to Uncle Jack during the ceremony?

Janet: I guess so.

Liberty: Then it is a date.

Janet: It is a date, isn't it? It is totally a date.

Liberty: Yeah!

Janet: At a wedding, no less. I mean, people are going to be taking our pictures. People are gonna be saying how cute we look together. And --

Liberty: Speaking of which, what are you gonna wear?

Janet: I don't know. You know, it's -- it is a wedding, and his family's gonna be there, and its Alisonís day, so, you know, she's the bride. I don't want to show her up. So I guess I'll have to tone down the cleavage a notch or two. You know what I mean?

Liberty: Since I was 5 -- um, Mom, do you have anything that buttons that high?

Janet: No. So you know what this means?

Liberty: No. No, no, no. You're not borrowing my stuff because you already stretched out my "Italians do it better" t-shirt.

Janet: No, no! This means we're going shopping!

Liberty: Hey, what about the pies?

Janet: Pies, shmies. Come on. The girls need covered.

Liberty: Okay, okay. Bag, bag.

Janet: Get it.

Liberty: Go, go!

Jack: Okay, when Dallas comes in here, just tell him the truth.

Brad: So, where are you going to be? You gonna be preparing my cell?

Jack: No, I'm going to be in here with you. I'm going to help you through this.

Brad: I don't want your help if it's just going to get me busted.

Jack: Everything you know has got to come out, Brad, now. You don't want to make it seem like you're covering anything up.

Brad: Or like you're covering anything up.

Jack: Excuse me?

Brad: You heard me. I mean, you were more than willing to keep quiet about all this when it worked for you.

Jack: No, time out! I was more than willing to keep what I knew to myself when I thought the case was closed. But now ev-- everything's changed.

Brad: I'm still your brother. Is that changed? I am asking you to help keep me from going to jail.

Jack: What do you expect me to do?

Brad: I want you to take the evidence against me and get rid of it.

Jack: No. No way. I'm not destroying evidence for you.

Brad: Why not?

Jack: Well, for starters, it's illegal. And, secondly, upholding the law actually means something to me.

Brad: But not me.

Jack: I have been down this road before. I have broken the law to help somebody, and let me tell you something. It doesn't work, not for anyone.

Brad: I am desperate here, Man. I know it is a lot to ask after what I put Parker through, but that is all on me. It is. But if I go to jail, I'm gonna lose everything. Every single thing that matters to me.

Katie: And, after that, I'll show -- sorry. I'm sorry.

P.A.: It's all right. We all know you're worried about Brad.

Katie: Let's just take it from the top.

Brad: Put yourself in my shoes. What if it was Sage?

Jack: Stop. Stop it right there.

Brad: No. I mean it. I know I haven't been the best brother. I have been a screw-up and a cheat, and I looked out for number one most of my life, and I took the easy road out, and I bailed on people when they needed me. But then something happened. I found something -- or someone that made sticking around look good. You know, for the first time in my life, Jack, I'm proud of who I am. I'm a husband now. I'm a good one. And I'm learning to be a father. I'm trying. I don't want to bail on them. I don't want to be just, you know, an absentee dad to Liberty and just one more guy that just promised to love Katie forever and couldn't go the distance.

Jack: I can't hear this anymore. Go. Go!

[Cell phone ringing]

Brad: Hi.

Katie: Hey. I have been worried sick since you guys left. Is everything okay?

Brad: I wish I knew.

Alison: Oh, my God. What did we just do?

Chris: It's okay.

Alison: How can you say that?

Chris: Because what we did, the way we felt, it wasn't wrong, Ali.

[Cell phone ringing]

Alison: The rehearsal. What time is it?

Chris: Just after 5:00.

Alison: It started an hour ago! Oh! Aaron. Oh, God. Why? Why now? How could I have sex with you of all nights tonight?

Chris: It wasn't just sex, Ali. You and I -- we made love.

Alison: Stop it! Just stop it, please. Don't say anything. I have to get back there.

Chris: What?

Alison: They're waiting for me.

Chris: You're not still going through with the wedding?

Alison: Why wouldn't I?

Chris: Because you and -- we made love. Don't act like nothing's changed here.

Alison: Nothing has.

Chris: Don't kid yourself, Ali. You have to tell him.

Alison: No. No, I donít. Okay? I'll just -- I'll just tell him that I had a lab or something, and he'll understand, and -- and I'll just be like dirt.

Chris: Then why lie to him? Tell him the truth and what that means.

[Door opens]

Chris: Ali, wait.

[Door slams]

Katie: Hey, what happened?

Brad: I pretty much begged Jack to make it go away.

Katie: How? What did you ask him to do?

Brad: Destroy the evidence they have against me.

Katie: What? Brad, do you know what kind of position that puts him in?

Brad: Yes, yes, yes, I do. I know it's not fair, but I'm fighting for our lives here, Katie.

Katie: Well, there is a thing as asking too much.

Brad: Look, look, if -- if Leo was still in a coma or, God forbid, he didn't make it, I would step up. You know that. But he's fine. He's fine now. And I have to look out for my family, and you are my family. So you tell me, do you want me to turn myself in?

Katie: No, no, not yet. Don't do anything yet.

Jack: Well, look who it is.

Liberty: Hello, uncle of mine. Just thought you might want to know I was with this ridiculously happy woman, formerly known only as my mom, helping her pick out a dress for this wedding.

Jack: Why is she knocking herself out? She's got a half dozen things she looks fantastic in.

Liberty: You're missing my point here.

Jack: Okay. I'm sorry. And that is?

Liberty: Since you took my advice, you know, to give her a second chance, she's been really happy, and I've never seen her like this, ever. So don't fall down here. But thank you.

Jack: All right. You're welcome. Although I would have gotten there on my own.

Liberty: Um, maybe.

Jack: So, how you doing after this -- this Leo Morrissey thing? It was pretty rough on you.

Liberty: No. I'm a Ciccone. Nothing gets to us.

Jack: For real.

Liberty: It sucked. It really sucked. More for my dad than for -- for me, 'cause he was so mad and he wouldn't listen to anyone. He just -- he just kept saying, "You hurt my daughter."

Jack: Yeah. Dads can be like that sometimes.

Liberty: I wouldn't know that. I've never had a dad before -- ever. But it was so weird having someone other than my mom care about me so much, and he just showed up and said that he would take care of me and everything would be fine. And it made me really realize something.

Jack: What's that?

Liberty: I have a dad. I have a dad, and he loves me, and he -- he cares about me, and he would do anything for me. And that is just so amazing, considering he didn't have to, 'cause I just kind of showed up full grown. But I guess that was all it takes. I can't imagine my life without him. Or without you. My uncle is pretty great, too. Thank you. Bye.

[Door opens, closes]

Alison: I'm sorry. I am so sorry.

Aaron: It's okay. You made it. Oh!

Alison: No, it's our wedding.

Aaron: It's okay. Things happen. You got caught up at the hospital. It's fine.

Alison: It's our wedding rehearsal. There is no excuse. You just, uh, you know, give me a few minutes, and then I'm ready to go, okay?

Aaron: It's done, Ali.

Alison: What?

Aaron: It's done. We -- we did it. We finished it.

Susan: We didn't know when you'd get here, and -- and we were waiting and waiting.

Alison: You must hate me.

Aaron: Impossible.

Alison: I don't -- I don't know what I'm doing.

Aaron: Well, your part's pretty easy. All you have to do is show up, look beautiful, say you love me forever. You think that's possible?

Alison: Of course.

Dani: You're here.

Susan: Oh, I'm sorry you wasted a trip.

Dani: Yeah. Your mom -- she sent me to the hospital to find you, but they said that you had left.

Alison: Oh. Um, I guess we must have just missed each other.

Dani: Yeah, like two ships in the night.

Susan: Okay, everybody, let's go have dinner. We have a wedding to celebrate.

Aaron: I know this happened very fast, and all you being here tonight means a lot. But what means most to me is Alison and that she agreed to marry me. I've never been good at saying how I feel. I've been told it's a Snyder thing.

Emma: That's not true.

Aaron: But I wrote it down. I wrote how I felt. And I gave it to Alison with a box of candy. And I wrote, "Weíre together for good now." And I really meant it. I love you so much.

Alison: I love you, too.

Aaron: To Ali.

Everyone: To Ali.

Alison: What you said was amazing.

Aaron: Well, I meant it. Where are the chocolates?

Alison: What?

Aaron: The chocolates. We were gonna have them after dinner.

Alison: Oh, uh, remember when you asked me before if I ate them and I -- and I kind of tried to change the subject?

Aaron: Are you serious? All of them?

Alison: I guess I was nervous. I wasn't really paying attention.

Aaron: Okay, okay. That's fine. Just don't get sick on me. I only plan on getting married once.

Emily: Can I talk to you for a second, please? I can't stand sitting next to you like this, knowing how miffed you are at me.

Casey: What -- what am I supposed to do?

Emily: Can you think of some way that you could be persuaded not to be mad at me anymore?

Casey: I think there's something I can do, yeah.

Emily: Come on.

Alison: Would you please excuse me for a minute?

Aaron: Where are you going?

Alison: Uh, the ladies' room. I'll be right back, okay?

Susan: I hope she's okay. She barely touched her dinner.

Dani: Yeah. It must be all that nasty, sinful chocolate.

Chris: Ali, what are you doing here? Did you tell Aaron?

Alison: No.


Alison: And keep your voice down. I didn't tell him, and I'm not going to.

Chris: Why not?

Alison: I'm not gonna hurt him, Chris. Not for anything.

Chris: No, you're just gonna marry him without ever telling him about us.

Janet: Mmm. Hey! There you are. Check out these babies, huh? I mean the pies.


Janet: I even made an extra one for us for later. We can have it with a little bit of whipped cream, a little caramel. A little -- what's wrong?

Jack: Brad's in trouble. There's new evidence in Leoís case, and I'm the only one that knows that it connects back to him.

Janet: What are you gonna do?

Jack: Nothing. It's already done.

Janet: Does anybody know you took it?

Jack: No. And I want you to forget I did, too.

Janet: Do you really think I can?

Jack: If I ask you to, yes, Janet. That's exactly what I expect you to do.

Janet: What's the evidence against Brad?

Jack: It doesn't matter, because I've gotten rid of it.

Janet: No, you havenít. Give it to me.

Jack: What?

Janet: Give it to me! I will take it. I will hide it somewhere. I won't tell you where it is. And then you can forget all about it.

Jack: No. I shouldn't have told you about this in the first place.

Janet: Yeah, but -- wait, wait, wait. But you did. You trusted me enough to share this with me, okay? So if you hold onto it, it's gonna eat you alive. Please. After everything you've done for me and for Liberty and for Brad, please let me do this for you.

Emily: Am I forgiven?

Casey: I don't know. I was pretty mad.

Emily: I need -- I need for you to be serious for a minute.

Casey: No, no. I do not want to be serious. I want to be naked.

Emily: Come on. Stop it, okay?

Casey: What?

Emily: I need you to understand where I'm coming from, Case.

Casey: I get it. You don't want to be married again. Yeah, even to me.

Emily: Okay, the most important -- the most important word you just said was "Again." I've been married, Case. It doesn't work for me. But this, what we have, it works better than I ever thought it could. So I don't need a ring to know that.

Casey: Well, what do you want?

Emily: I want you. I want you. I want to love you. Let Alison and Aaron get married, okay? Let them settle down. We can have any kind of future we want. Okay?

Casey: Well, can you do something for me first?

Emily: Name it.

Casey: Stop bringing up the whole age thing, all right? You may think about it all the time, but I donít. I don't want that to be a part of our relationship.

Emily: Okay. Fine. Anything else?

Casey: Yes. Never ask me to stop kissing you, okay?

[Both laugh]

Casey: I'm gonna try this again.

Alison: What we did, it was terrible. It was a mistake. I want Aaron. I am marrying Aaron. I mean, how many times do I have to tell you that?

Chris: Ali, I was there. I know better. I know every time we touched, every time you caught your breath, that told me how you felt about me.

Alison: Stop it. Please.

Chris: Are you gonna really stand there and deny it?

Alison: I'm not denying anything.

Dani: Here you are. Hi.

Chris: Hey, Dani.

Dani: Your mom wanted to know if you wanted some tea to settle your stomach. Big day tomorrow.

Alison: That would be great, thanks.

Dani: She's gonna make such a beautiful bride.

Aaron: How are you feeling?

Alison: Oh, I'm fine. It's just there's -- there's so much to do and remember, and sometimes I'm just not great with stress.

Aaron: You have nothing to be stressed about. It's gonna be you and me forever. The way it was always meant to be.

Brad: What if Jack doesn't come through for me? I can't go to jail, Katie.

Katie: You wonít. You wonít. Stop thinking like that.

Brad: Listen to me. I promised I was gonna do right by you. And I meant that. And this -- this is not right. How do I explain this to Liberty?

Katie: Don't worry about Liberty right now, okay? I know this is a hard thing to ask you to do, but you have to try to calm down, relax. It's all in Jack's hands now. And even if Jack doesn't destroy the evidence, we will be fine. We will get through this. You have to believe that.

[Cell phone rings]

Katie: Is it Jack?

Brad: Yeah. Hello?

Jack: You have nothing to worry about.

Brad: He did it. It's over.

Janet: You did the right thing, Jack.

Jack: No. No, I don't think I did.

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