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As The World Turns Transcript Friday 8/29/08

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Jack: I'm telling you, brad, parker did not rape liberty.

Brad: How do you know, huh? Where you there?

Jack: Would you stop and think about it for a second? This -- this is parker we're talking about! He's your nephew! He's a good kid! There's no way he would hurt anybody like that.

Carly: He -- he wouldn't hurt liberty in any way.

Brad: He can't keep his hands off her. Would you -- how do you honestly expect him to confess? Are you kidding me?

Jack: No, we expect him to tell us the truth.

Brad: I mean, he's lied before, jack. And he's willing to break all the rules to be with her. And this time, he's gone too far, okay? I get it. I totally get it. You're his parents. You don't want it to be true. But it is. Parker raped liberty.

Jack: Oh, would you stop! Stop saying that?! He's innocent, brad, and I'm gonna prove it!

Katie: She's in good hands.

Janet: What if they -- what if she was raped?

Katie: No, we're gonna get liberty all the help she needs.

Janet: Can I ask you something?

Katie: Sure.

Janet: I know you don't like me very much, so don't spare my feelings. This is my fault, isn't it? What happened to liberty is my fault.

Alison: Hey, chris. Would you mind if I join you? This will only take a second.

Chris: Sorry. I was just leaving.

Aaron: You know, I'm really glad lily stayed for that engagement party.

Holden: Well, she's happy for you. Do me a favor. Hand me that wood vice.

Aaron: Dad, getting married is intense. I mean, the flowers and the rings and picking a wedding date.

Holden: Well, just make sure it's one you will remember.

Aaron: For the anniversaries. Right. I didn't even think about that. I mean, we're gonna have to work around alison's schedule. So I'm thinking, I don't know, maybe like early next summer.

Holden: In the summer? Why are you gonna rush? There's no need to do that.

Aaron: What, are you kidding? Next summer isn't rushing it. Besides, ali and I have been married, dad. You know we have history.

Holden: Yeah, well, the same with me and lily. Didn't really help us. Look, all I'm saying is, you know, you should take your time. I mean, marriage is a big deal. Right now, everything's going really, really smooth. But I promise you, there will be bumps in the road.

Aaron: Dad, are you saying you don't think ali and I will make it?

Alison: Chris, wait. I need to apologize for what happened the other night at the lakeview.

Chris: You already did. Let's forget it.

Alison: No. I have to apologize for aaron. He never should have tricked you into coming to our engagement party. It was a lousy thing to do.

Chris: It worked. I got the message, loud and clear.

Alison: He was just upset because you sent me those flowers and -- and he misinterpreted what you were trying to say.

Chris: No. He didn't misinterpret a thing.

Aaron: Dad, can you please tell me what you're thinking?

Holden: Aaron, I know how much you care about alison, but she has thrown you a lot of curve balls in the past, and I think you need to watch out for those.

Aaron: Well, yeah. Alison is definitely the wild child, and I was right behind her. And if we can survive that -- listen, dad. Ali and I, we're on the same team, okay? She's not throwing me any more curve balls -- not anymore.

Holden: All right. If this is what you really want, then I wish you the best of luck.

Lily: Mike.

Mike: Hey.

Lily: What's all this?

Mike: Mmm. Labor day weekend. Last bash of summer, right?

[ Lily chuckles ]

Lily: You really went all-out. Are -- are those beach balls?

Mike: Yeah, for ethan. And then I got, uh -- I got volleyball, badminton for the girls, horseshoes. I got, uh, hot dogs, steaks, salad, slaw, picnic supplies -- you name it.

[ Lily laughs ]

Lily: You are unbelievable.

Mike: Yeah. And the kids had such a fun time at the amusement park, I figured this time, I'd bring the amusements to them.

Lily: Mm. And make up for the date I canceled.

Mike: Yeah. You up for it?

Lily: Yeah. You brought chalk for hopscotch. How can I say no to that?

Brad: Believe what you want, jack. But it doesn't make it true. Now, I'm gonna go check in and see how my daughter is doing. Make sure he pays for what he did.

Carly: What happens now?

Dallas: Well, we --

Jack: I'm handling the case.

Dallas: No, no. That's totally against regulations.

Jack: We have got nothing to hold parker on, only my brother's word. I'm taking my kid home. Come on. Let's go.

Dallas: No, no. I can't let you do that, jack.

Katie: This is not your fault.

Janet: It's got to be. I raised her all by myself, and I treated her like a girlfriend instead of a daughter. I taught her things that she was way too young to understand. I made her wild. Katie, I made her reckless.

Katie: Listen to me. There is no way liberty is to blame for this, and neither are you.

Janet: But she's still a baby.

[ Voice breaking ] She's just my baby. How could parker do this?

Katie: I don't know. I don't know. I don't understand it, either.

[ Janet sobs ] I'm so sorry.

Dallas: Look, I have to follow procedure, jack, okay? We can't let parker go until we question the alleged victim and investigate the alleged crime.

Jack: Okay, no, I know the drill. I'm just asking for some time here -- a couple of hours to straighten this out. Let me -- let me do some digging, see what I can come up with. Dallas, my kid is innocent. Cut me some slack.

[ Dallas sighs ]

Dallas: Look, I'll give you one hour, okay? But if you're not back here by then --

Jack: I'll be here, I promise. Thank you. I owe you one.

[ Jack sighs ]

Parker: I have to come back here?

Jack: Let's just concentrate on finding out what really happened, okay?

Parker: In an hour? How?

Carly: Well, you -- you have the best detective in the oakdale P.D. On this case. Don't underestimate your dad.

Jack: All right. Come on. Let's make sure you never see the inside of a jail cell again. Captioning sponsored by procter & gamble productions, inc. And cbs

hey, you don't have

to be a man to love manwich

Chris: Aaron saw the flowers, figured I was trying to move in on his girl. He handled it.

Alison: Yeah, but you were just trying to congratulate me for getting a b-plus on my exam.

Chris: Came across as more than that, so aaron set me straight.

Alison: More like set you up. He wanted to rub your nose in our engagement. And it wasn't very nice. I'm -- I'm sorry if it upset you.

Chris: Sure. You know, I was embarrassed at the time.

[ Chris chuckles ] Okay, still embarrassed. But I get why aaron did it.

Alison: That doesn't make it right.

Chris: No, it doesn'T. But I'm the one that messed up, not aaron. He knew I was kidding myself. The truth is, ali, I sent you those flowers because I --I thought I still had a chance with you.

Aaron: I'm going to pick up my bride-to-be.

Emma: Well, you give her a big hug for me, okay? This is it. Oh, that -- just like that.

Aaron: Of course.

[ Emma laughs ] Oh, my goodness. To be young and in love.

Holden: I just hoping he knows what he's getting himself into.

Emma: Oh, holden, don't say that.

Holden: Mama, they're setting a wedding date. If they were smart, they would just put it off for a while.

Emma: Now just stop it! You should be ashamed of yourself, holden.

Mike: Why don't you guys go outside and set 'em up, and I'll get the grill started, and we'll get going on the hot dogs.

Faith: Ethan likes his with ketchup, okay?

Mike: Okay. They're the best.

Lily: So are you.

Holden: Why are you snapping at me?

Emma: 'Cause you're turning into a bitter, old grouch.

Holden: Oh, well, that's kind of harsh.

Emma: Why are you so gloomy about aaron's wedding? Just because your marriage fell apart, it doesn't mean the same thing is going to happen to aaron and alison.

Alison: I, uh, hope that isn't aaron.

[ Pager buzzes ]

Chris: I got to get back for rounds.

Alison: Chris, wait. About what you just said, about us, I -- I don't know what to say.

Chris: You apologized, I apologized. Let it go.

Alison: Maybe I can'T.

Chris: Alison, I just want you to know that, you know, I really do regret that I never got a chance to make up all the things I did to hurt you.

Alison: You saved my life. I think that was enough.

Chris: I got to go.

Aaron: Was chris hassling you again?

Alison: No. No, not at all. He's a really good guy.

Parker: After we left the school picnic, we ended up here. It was liberty's idea. She was acting really weird.

Carly: Well, how do you mean?

Parker: I don't know. She was -- she was all over me. It wasn't like her.

Jack: Do you remember hearing anyone or seeing anyone else around? Parker, think.

Parker: Look, I -- I know we were alone, because I -- look, just believe me, there was no one here.

Jack: Okay. We need to search every inch of this place. Whoever roughed up liberty -- they may have left a clue.

Brad: Hey. How's liberty doing?

Janet: They're still examining her. We don't know anything.

Katie: Hey. What happened at the police station? Did parker admit to anything?

Brad: Not yet.

Katie: I still can't believe he would do something like this. He's such a sweet kid.

Brad: I have cut him way too much slack because he's family. But the truth is, that is one really messed-up kid. It has been one thing after another with him. And this time, he tore her clothes, katie. He raped her and then just left her there in the woods.

Katie: We don't know yet for sure if it was parker.

Janet: I don't want parker anywhere near liberty ever again. In fact, I think the best thing to do is take her home -- to michigan.

Brad: No way. No, no, no, no, no, no. Liberty's not going anywhere. She's gonna be fine once parker's locked up.

Parker: Well, this is where we were, by the fire pit.

Carly: What's this?

Parker: That's liberty'S.

Jack: May I? And what was in here?

Parker: Brownies. She was eating them.

Jack: I got to get this to the station.

Carly: What is it?

Jack: I don't want to say until we know for sure. Let's go. Nasal allergy symptoms, like congestion,

Aaron: You know, I really wish you -- you wouldn't defend chris so much.

Alison: He wasn't bugging me.

Aaron: Then what did he want?

Alison: Um, I went looking for him to apologize for what you did.

Aaron: Oh, my god. I really wish you wouldn't do that. Ali, chris needs to get the message that you're off-limits.

Alison: That still doesn't make it right. You know, I have to work with him at the hospital. I just -- I wanted to smooth things over.

Aaron: Fine. Whatever. Forget it. Forget it, okay? Let's just forget about chris, and let's just concentrate on us.

Alison: Sure.

Aaron: Okay. So let -- let's pick a wedding date here. I mean, when do you want to do this thing? I'm thinking -- I'm thinking june 6, 2009.

Alison: Sooner.

Aaron: Sooner? Sooner?

Alison: Yeah. How about next week?

Jack: Take a whiff.

[ Dallas sniffs ]

Dallas: Look, we'll send this to the lab for testing, but I can tell you right now, these brownies were baked with marijuana or hash.

Jack: I thought so, too.

Dallas: You sure that's liberty's purse?

Jack: Her I.D.'S in here.

[ Dallas sighs ]

Dallas: Hey, man. Get this checked out for drug residue.

Cop: You got it.

Dallas: Cool. Thanks, man.

Carly: What's happening?

Jack: Oh, we're waiting for the test results. Do you know if liberty was taking drugs or was hanging out with people who are using?

Parker: No. She's not like that.

Jack: Are you sure? 'Cause those brownies -- we think they were made with pot.

Parker: Pot?

Jack: Mm-hmm.

Parker: For real? 'Cause, I mean, she ate the whole bag. What's that gonna do to her?

Carly: Parker, did you have any?

Parker: No. There's no way that she knew that those brownies were spiked.

Jack: Or maybe you don't know her as well as you think you do.

Janet: Thanks for hanging with me. You know, thank you. It's hard enough having to wait when you're by yourself.

Katie: I guess jack probably had to see about parker.

Janet: Yeah. He loves his son, and he will stand by him no matter what. And I get that. I understand, because I would do the same for liberty. She's my whole life. She always comes first. What is taking that damn doctor so long?

Parker: Liberty's not into drugs. She says people who party like that are losers.

Jack: Do you know where she got the brownies?

Parker: No. She already had them when I got to the picnic.

Jack: Why don't you take, uh -- why don't you take parker home?

Carly: Is that okay?

Jack: Yeah. I'll vouch for him.

Carly: Will you be here?

Jack: No. I'm gonna go question liberty.

Parker: Could you call us and let us know how she is?

Jack: Of course I will. Yes.

Carly: Hey, parker. Would you wait for me outside, please? I want to talk to your dad. You shouldn't talk to liberty alone. You know, you're not exactly objective about this case.

Jack: She was high, carly, and she said that parker was the boy who was with her. We've got to clear this up.

Carly: I know. I know that. I -- would you just -- would you please take dallas with you?

Jack: Carly --

Carly: You can't protect parker if you're out of a job. And you are gonna be out of a job if brad gets in your face again and you deck him.

[ Jack laughs ]

Jack: Okay. All right. I'll take dallas. It's gonna be okay. I promise.

Jack: We need to talk to liberty.

Brad: She's in with the doctor. You can't see her.

Jack: When she's finished, we have some questions for her.

Brad: You shouldn't even be here. Your kid's the one who raped her.

Jack: Brad, you don't know that!

Brad: Yes, I do!

Katie: Hey, hey. Cool it. You'll only make it worse.

Jack: Janet, I hate asking you this, do you know if liberty was using drugs?

Janet: Absolutely not. What do drugs have to do with any of this, jack? How is she? How's my baby?

Dr. Schiller: The good news is, liberty was not sexually assaulted.

Janet: She wasn't raped?

Dr. Schiller: There's -- there's no evidence whatsoever of any sexual contact.

Janet: Oh, thank god!

Katie: What happened to her?

Jack: Well, it looks like liberty falsely accused parker under the influence. What we need you to do is run a drug test.

Brad: No way. That's not happening.

Janet: That's ridiculous. How are drugs involved in any of this?

Dallas: Wh -- wh -- we're just following through with the case, okay? Um, parker saw liberty eating some brownies, and it appears they were laced with marijuana.

Brad: That is -- that is bull, and you know it! I mean, he's just trying to protect his kid!

Dr. Schiller: I'm still waiting for the tox screen results.

Brad: Okay. Well, even -- even if the test comes back positive, who's to say parker didn't drug liberty to make her willing?

Katie: Well, now, cool it brad. Really. Do you really think parker is the kind of kid to do that? He cares about liberty too much.

Brad: He is never going near her again. And now I'm gonna check on liberty.

Janet: My daughter was found in the woods with her clothes torn. Just because parker says he didn't rape her doesn't mean he didn't try.

Jack: No. Net, I'm telling you, parker had nothing to do with this.

Janet: Come on, jack. Everybody knows your kid has issues. So don't try and put this on liberty just to get him off the hook.

You can probably imagine

Jack: Parker didn't do this.

Janet: You don't know that. And now you're trying to throw my kid under the bus to try and save yours.

Jack: Well, if you think I'd do something like that, then you don't know me at all?

Janet: Maybe I don't want to know you.

Dallas: Test results came back.

Dr. Schiller: You were right. Liberty's blood work tested positive for marijuana.

Jack: Thank you. Uh, we're gonna need a statement.

Dallas: Yeah. I'm on it.

Jack: I need to ask liberty some questions.

Janet: Not without her parents in the room.

Brad: You should not be on this case? I mean, do we have to call margo?

Jack: Can we take it easy, please. There's some things we need to straighten out. You're welcome to stay. In fact, you need to hear it, too. How are you feeling?

Liberty: Um, better. My head, um, still feels like it's full of rocks, and my stomach -- I'm kind of sick to my stomach.

Jack: Yeah, we found your purse in the woods. We found a -- an empty bag of brownies in it.

Liberty: Brownies?

Jack: Yeah. You remember eating them?

Liberty: Not really.

Jack: That's probably because they were laced with marijuana.

Liberty: With pot?

Jack: Mm-hmm.

Liberty: Wow. That would explain why I was feeling so weird.

Jack: Can you try and remember how you got those brownies?

Liberty: Okay. Um -- I was at the picnic, hoping that parker would stop by. And leo -- leo gave them to me.

Jack: Leo?

Liberty: Yeah.

Katie: He's the intern from woak.

Brad: We fired him.

Liberty: Yeah. He was a guy that came onto me at the reservoir. And -- and parker kind of made it so he would stay away from me.

Jack: So leo gave you the brownies? What happened next?

Liberty: Um, parker and I got into this weird fight, and then he left. And then leo came back.

[ Liberty remembering ]

Liberty: Get off of me.

Get off of me!

Leave me alone!

Leave me alone!

Leo: Come on.

You know you want it.

Liberty: No, wait.


No, wait, don't!

Get off of me!

Get off of me!

Leave me alone!

[ Liberty sobbing ]

Get off of me.

Get away from me.

Leo: You're a slut, and

everybody knows it.

Liberty: Get away from


Leo: You're gonna get

what's coming to you --

you and your boyfriend both.

Liberty: Oh, my god. I remember.

[ Voice breaking ] Leo -- leo was alone with me in the woods and he tried to force me to -- he tried to force me, but I -- i fought him. I fought him, and he ran away. But it wasn't -- it wasn't parker. He didn't do anything wrong. It was leo.

Aaron: Oh, great. You guys are here. Uh, listen. I have some news about me and alison.

Emma: What is it?

Holden: I hope you took my advice and put off the wedding date.

Aaron: Well, not exactly.

Susan: You want to get married next week? Why so soon?

Alison: Well, we were talking about next year, but it's so far away. And -- and I have that break before the fall semester, so it -- it's like, why wait?

Susan: Don't you think this is a little sudden?

Alison: Not really. I mean, we've known each other forever.

Susan: But a -- a wedding takes planning.

Alison: We want to keep it simple, mom. Just close friends and family.

Susan: Still, alison, you've got to send out the invitations. You've got to find a minister, book a church. Uh, then there's the food and -- and the cake. And what about your wedding dress?

Alison: We don't want to make a big production of this, okay? As long as aaron and I are together.

Susan: Okay. I -- I'm -- I'm glad that you're finally settling down. So if you -- if you want to get married next week, then I'm happy for you. I am.

Holden: Next week?

[ Emma laughs ]

Emma: Oh! There's going to be a wedding! Yay!

Aaron: Dad, what's wrong? I mean, you think it's too soon?

Holden: If this is what you and alison want, the sooner, the better.

Aaron: Grandma, I know this is last-minute, but do you think we can, uh, use the farm for the wedding?

Emma: Oh, aaron. Oh, sweetheart, you know there's nothing I'd like better. But with all this construction equipment going around and the soil being contaminated, I don't think it's a good idea.

Aaron: Yeah, th -- that's okay. We'll -- we'll figure something out.

Emma: Listen. Why don't you ask lily? I mean, she has a -- she has a lot of space. She has a big yard.

Aaron: Do you think it will be okay?

Emma: Well, lily's still your stepmother, and even though he doesn't live there any longer, it's still your daddy's house.

Aaron: Dad, what do you think?

Holden: I think that you need to ask lily.

Emma: And your father can go with you.

Lily: Come on. Sit down, guys. Dig in.

Holden: Hey, guys.

Lily: Holden. Aaron.

Aaron: Hey.

Lily: We weren't expecting you.

Holden: Yeah. I can see that.

Mike: Well, you know, we have got plenty of food. You guys hungry? You should join us.

Carly: I'll put this in the fridge for later.

Parker: Sorry I wasn't hungry.

Carly: It's gonna be okay, you know?

Parker: Brad was so angry at me. I kept trying to explain, but he wouldn't listen.

Carly: Well, sometimes, when you're scared, it's easy to yell, harder to listen.

Parker: Mom -- I'm sorry.

Carly: Parker, none of this is your fault.

Parker: No. No, that time when I called you a slut. I -- I never should have said it. I didn't mean it.

Carly: I know you didn'T.

Liberty: I think, um -- I think leo was trying to get back at me and parker for getting him fired.

Katie: I bet it was leo who called to tell us where to find liberty. He wanted us to think that parker did this to her.

Brad: That little -- I mean, oh, he's gonna pay for what --

Jack: It's a police matter, brad. I'll put out an apb. What's his last name?

Katie: Morrisey? Leo morrisey.

Brad: Yeah, I want to be there when you arrest him.

Jack: Right now, I'd concentrate on apologizing to your nephew. I'll check out the apb.

Brad: Oh. When I get my hands on him -- oh! That little coward -- he's gonna wish he was dead.

Katie: Don't, don'T. Please don'T. This is not helping. Let's just get to work and try to get some information from leo's file.

Brad: What about liberty?

Katie: Janet, you'll stay with her?

Janet: Of course. Yes.

Katie: Bye, sweetie.

Brad: Hey. Hey, you take care of yourself.

Liberty: Don't worry about me, dad.

Brad: I'm really sorry. I'm really -- I'm really sorry about everything. You take care.

[ Door closes ]

[ Liberty sobbing ]

Liberty: Mama --

Janet: Yes, baby.

Liberty: -- I know parker was there and that my shirt was ripped and everything, but I knew he would never hurt me, and I never should have said his name.

Janet: Shh.

Liberty: I never should have said his name!

Janet: Stop it, stop it, stop it.

[ Liberty's voice breaking ]

Liberty: I never should have said his name.

Janet: It's okay, baby. It's okay. Listen. That was your dad and me, okay? Your dad and me -- we blamed parker. You never did. It's gonna be okay. I know. I love you, sweetheart. It's gonna be okay. I'm gonna go check with the doctor and see when we can get you out of here, okay?

Liberty: Okay.

Janet: You need some clean clothes.

Liberty: Okay.

Janet: Pretty clothes.

Jack: Name's leo morrisey. He used to intern at woak.

Dallas: Okay. We'll bring him in.

Jack: Great.

Janet: I was wrong to blame parker. I was so wrong. I hope you can forgive me. Whoa!

Jack: I can't get into this right now.

Janet: Wait, jack. Jack, I should have had more faith in parker -- and in you. I'm so sorry.

Jack: No, I get that. I get that. And I know you've never had any reason to trust a man before. I guess I was just hoping to be the exception. I guess I was wrong. Take care of your daughter.

Lily: These are mike's specialty.

Aaron: Mmm! They look good!

Holden: Yes, they do.

Lily: Mmm.

Mike: Glad we made extra.

Holden: So, uh, aaron has a question for you.

Aaron: Mm, yeah. Well, um, as we all know, uh, alison and I are getting married.

Lily: Have you set a date yet?

Aaron: Next week.

[ Lily laughs ] Yeah.

Faith: Whoa.

Lily: That -- that's really soon.

Aaron: Yeah. I know. I mean, with all the craziness, uh, going on on the farm and, uh -- we can't do it there.

Lily: Would you like to have it here?

Aaron: Uh, if you don't mind.

Lily: Of course not. This is your home, too.

Aaron: Well -- I mean, it's not gonna be big. It's, you know, small. Nothing formal, just family.

Lily: That sounds really lovely.

Faith: Is it gonna be too small to have bridesmaids?

Aaron: Well, actually, alison and I talked about it, and she wants you two to be the bridesmaids.

Faith: Oh, cool!

Sage: Awesome!

Aaron: And she wants ethan to be the ring bearer.

Holden: Hey. How about that? Ah!

[ Laughter ]

[ Alison clears throat ]

Alison: I guess you heard. I'm getting married next week.

Chris: Congratulations. I hope it's everything you want it to be.

Alison: Thank you.

Chris: I got to get back to work.

Mrs. Ward: Patience, voldemort. Once I get my prescription, we'll be on our way.

Chris: Excuse me, ma'am. Who are you talking to?

Mrs. Ward: My little voldemort. He's just a puppy, and he's teething. Poor dear.

Chris: Uh, I'm sorry, ma'am. You can't have dogs in the hospital. It's against regulations.

Mrs. Ward: Well, I couldn't leave him home. He has anxiety issues. He's harmless. See? Voldemort! He's gone!

[ Chris chuckles ]

Chris: Don't worry, ma'am. I'll find him for you.

[ Chris sighs ]

Chris: Voldemort? Here, boy?

[ Kisses ] Voldemort?

Alison: What are you doing?

Chris: Uh, looking for a lost puppy. You want to help? Voldemort?

Faith: Can we go shopping for dresses tomorrow?

Lily: Actually, your dad has you tomorrow, but we can go the day after.

Holden: And delay wedding shopping? I don't think so. We can work something out.

Lily: I'll call alison and find out what she wants the girls to wear.

Aaron: Thank you so much for everything.

Lily: This wedding should be special. Family event.

Holden: That's the important thing. We got to get going, right?

Aaron: Yeah.

Holden: Okay, girls. We'll see you later.

Aaron: Okay. Bye again.

All: Bye.

Faith: Do you guys want to practice walking down the aisle?

[ Lily laughs ]

Mike: Yeah. Well, that was -- civilized.

Lily: Yes, it was.

Katie: Hey. I just called dallas with the info from leo's intern file.

Brad: I mean, what do you figure he'll get? Like 10 to 20 for the attempted rape? And then what, like another five for the drug charge?

Katie: Brad, brad, let it go. Leo's gonna get what's coming to him. But you need to calm down. You're scaring me. You don't look so good.

[ Brad sighs ]

Brad: Yeah. I mean, you're right. I -- I have a killer headache.

Katie: Why don't you go home, take a nap, okay? I'll take care of the stuff here, and then I'll come take care of you.

Brad: Okay. I think I need to do that. All right.

Katie: Okay.

Brad: Hey, uh, hamilton?

Hamilton: Mm-hmm.

Brad: Can you do me a favor? You know that guy, leo morrisey? Do you have his number?

Hamilton: You mean the ex-intern?

Brad: Yeah.

Hamilton: He was just here, cleaning out his locker. If you hurry, you can catch him.

Brad: I'll do that. All right.

Dallas: Morrisey lives with two roommates. The apartment's not in his name. Katie called over with his address.

Jack: Good. Go pick him up.

Dallas: All right. Cool. I'll call you when we collar him.

Jack: Call me on my cell. I want to give parker and carly the good news.

Dallas: I got you.

Brad: Hey, leo, we need to talk.

[ Tires screeching ] No, man. I just want to have a friendly conversation, okay? Let's go. (Wind whistles)

Chris: Voldemort!

Alison: Voldemort!

Chris: Voldemort!

Alison: Voldemort!

[ Chris kisses ]

Alison: Wait, wait. Wait a second. What if that lady's like a nut job, and voldemort's just her imaginary best friend?

Chris: Then he is chewing on an imaginary shoe.

Alison: Oh!

[ Chris laughs ] How are we gonna get him?

Chris: Watch. Uh --

[ Alison laughs ]

Alison: Good job! All right!

Chris: Mm.

Alison: Okay. My turn. Voldemort.

[ Kisses ] Voldemort. Ooh!

[ Both laughing ]

Chris: You are no better, all right?

Alison: Ow.

[ Alison laughs ]

Chris: I got it, all right? Watch.

Alison: Okay.

[ Chris laughs ]

Alison: Aww! I think he likes you!

Chris: Oh, he's such a little cutie.

[ Alison laughs ] How does it feel to be top dog?

Alison: Oh, no. Don't look now, but I think he's peeing on your shirt.

Chris: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Oh, man! I thought I felt something.

[ Alison laughs ] Here, here. Uh, careful. I don't think he's done yet.

Alison: Oh! Soaked you pretty good, didn't you. Yeah! Oh. What will your patients say? Uh, "what's that aftershave you're wearing, dr. Hughes?" I'm sure they'll love that.

[ Alison laughs ]

[ Alison clears throat ]

Alison: Okay. Uh, come on, voldemort. Mommy's probably worried.

Emma: Did lily agree to have the wedding at her place?

Holden: Oh, yeah. Flowers, bridesmaids, dresses, the works.

Emma: Is there a problem?

Holden: Yeah, there's a problem. Mike was barbecuing on my grill, playing with my kids.

Emma: If it bothers you, holden, do something about it.

Holden: It's lily's life. She doesn't need my permission.

Emma: Look, holden, if you want lily back, you better do something about it before it's too late.

Holden: I'm not sure that's what I want.

Emma: Do you still have feelings for carly?

Holden: Yes.

Emma: Aha. Are you still seeing her?

Holden: No. Well -- well, not exactly. It's -- it's oand off.

Emma: Holden, you better figure out what you want and then fight for it. I'll tell you, because you're gonna lose it all.

[ Knock on door ]

Jack: Great news. Parker, you're in the clear.

Carly: Oh, thank god.

[ Jack laughs ] Oh, thank god!

Parker: Is liberty okay?

Jack: She'll be fine.

Carly: So what -- what happened?

Jack: That kid, leo -- he set you up, parker. Made pot brownies and gave them to liberty.

Parker: Did you arrest him?

Jack: Dallas should be picking him up now.

Leo: Where are we?

Brad: I think this is a nice, quiet place for a chat? I mean, don't you think? I want you to tell me, what did you do to liberty?

Leo: Nothing, I swear.

Brad: Don't lie to me. You drugged her.

Leo: It didn't mean anything. It was kind of a joke.

Brad: That's funny to you? You tried to rape her, you get her stoned, you rip her clothes. That's -- that's funny to you?

Leo: That was -- that was an accident. I never meant to hurt her.

Brad: That is what you did, isn't it? Listen to me, leo. I'm telling you right now. I'm warning you. You stay away from my daughter. Do you understand me? Is that clear? Do you understand me?

Leo: Yes, sir.

Brad: Say it louder!

Leo: Yes. I'll stay away from her!

Brad: You know what?! I don't think I believe you. Maybe this will emphasize my point.

Jack: Did you find leo?

Dallas: No. He wasn't at his apartment. He was supposed to meet his roommate at al's, but leo never showed up.

Jack: Let me know when he surfaces.

Janet: Here, sweetie. Drink this. It will help settle your stomach, okay?

Liberty: My head still feels weird, and parker probably hates me. And I just feel grimy and --

Janet: You're gonna take a bath with lots of bubbles, baby, because bubbles cure what ails you.

Liberty: Mom, I'm so sorry for all the trouble I caused, especially with you and jack.

Janet: Oh, honey, stop it, okay? Don't you worry about that. It will all blow over. It's okay.

[ Telephone rings ] Hello.

Katie: Hey, janet. It's katie. How's liberty doing?

Janet: Hi, katie. She's -- she's still a little sad, but she'll be okay.

Katie: Has brad calmed down?

Janet: I -- I don't know. Isn't he with you?

Katie: No. He said he was gonna come home and take a nap.

Janet: Uh, let me check. No, katie. He's not here.

Katie: Where could he be?

Brad: Leo. Leo, you can come up now. Stop messing with me. Got to come up for air sometime. Leo! Leo!

Announcer: Next week on -- "as the world turns."

Carly: You know what? I don't want this.

Holden: What?

Carly: I don't want you to kiss me, because lily might have a new boyfriend.

Henry: He was threatening to do someone bodily harm.

Bonnie: He's a businessman, henry. They like to talk tough. You cannot take that literally.

Paul: This is a map of the snyder farm. The money's underneath the construction site?

James: Let's start digging.

Jack: Apparently, there was an incident with leo at the reservoir. I got a bad feeling about this.

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