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As The World Turns Transcript Friday 8/22/08

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Katie: Today, we're going to be taking a look at what kids will be wearing this fall so all you moms and dads out there don't have to be totally lame when you hit the stores. I remember back when I was in school, the best part about going back was the clothes -- the only good part. What about you, Brad? Did you have a favorite special outfit for the first day?

Brad: Jeans and sneakers for me, Katie.

Katie: Cool. Wow. What a dramatic fashion statement.

Brad: You know, I really don't see why it matters.

Katie: Oh, I don't know. Maybe because we're doing a segment on back-to-school fashion.

Kim: Okay, cut. Which one of you two got off on the wrong side of the bed this morning?

Brad: I thought that was going well.

Kim: Really? Really? I think the only thing going will be the audience, to some other channel. We need some banter, some -- I don't know -- sparkle, signs of life.

Katie: Okay. We'll do it from the top, and we'll be good.

Kim: Terrific. Okay. Stand by. And action.

Katie: Today, we will be looking at what kids will be wearing when they go back to school. I remember when I was in high school, it was so important to make a statement the first day. What about you, Brad? Did you, um, have a particular outfit you liked to wear? Did you care at all what you wore?

Brad: Why?

Katie: I don't know. Didn't you want people to think you were cool?

Brad: Well, I was on the football team. Everybody knew I was cool.

Katie: Right. But wasn't there, you know, a particular look you were going for?

Brad: Not really.

Katie: Right, right. Way to sparkle. So sparkly.

Brad: You know what? If you don't like my answers, why don't we get an intern to explain it to you?

Katie: Why don't you take your football and stick --?

Kim: Okay, cut, cut! Are you two just having a bad day, or is the honeymoon finally over?

Parker: I'm out. I'll be at the car wash.

Carly: Hang on a second there.

Parker: I told you about it, remember? We're raising money for the after-school sports program.

Carly: Yes, Honey. I know what the car wash is for.

Parker: So, is there a problem?

Carly: Mm, no problem.

[Knock on door]

Jack: Everybody ready?

Parker: For what?

Jack: Car wash.

Parker: Oh, I don't need a ride.

Carly: We're going with you.

Parker: Oh, you got to be kidding.

Jack: No. No, we're not.

Janet: Okay, good. Oh, yeah. Grab a water. Don't get dehydrated. Everybody, there's cookies here, okay! Cookies! Keep up your strength! Hi.

Liberty: Wow. Are you gonna check everyone's blood sugar, or can we please end this embarrassing Mom moment? Hi.

Janet: Well, I'm just trying to help.

Liberty: Okay, you want to help? Go home.

Janet: Liberty, I know why you're here.

Liberty: It's a real mystery, Mom. Whoa.

Janet: Uh, yeah. Cleaning without a reward -- I don't think so.

Liberty: It's a -- it's a fund-raiser for the, um, sports program.

Janet: Okay. The last time you were interested in sports was when you tried out for the soccer team. But then you found out you'd have to sweat.

Liberty: Okay. All right. Fine. If you're so smart, you tell me why I'm here.

Janet: You're here to see Parker.

Liberty: Wrong.

Janet: Uh, uh, uh. Don't lie to me, Liberty.

Liberty: Okay, Mom. I didn't think it was a big deal. He had my back with the Leo thing. Oh, come on. It's not like we're gonna have hot, sudsy sex on the dirty towels.

Janet: Oh, please don't tell me you're watching late-night cable again.

Liberty: He blocked it. I'm down to animal channel and cartoons.

Janet: Well, good for him.

Liberty: All right. First off, this is not about TV. And second off, this conversation's over.

Janet: All right. Go ahead. Back to work.

Liberty: Okay. You will be heading home.

Janet: Okay. First off, we have a deal. And second of all, I'm here to make sure you stick to it.

Jack: You know the deal. You can't see Liberty without an adult present.

Parker: We're washing cars, which, by law, have to be driven by adults. Besides, I don't even know if she's gonna be there.

Carly: Parker, you're lucky that we're even letting you go after that stunt you pulled with J.J.

Parker: You're right. I'm sorry for launching that boy into a life of crime.

Jack: Parker --

Parker: Okay, you know what? Fine. Let's just go. It's probably gonna be over before we get there.

Carly: Charming. You know, I -- I do have this covered. If you have someone else to do, I -- I totally understand.

Jack: I'm free.

Carly: Janet working?

Jack: No, no. She's gonna be there, too.

Carly: How romantic.

Jack: Yes. Every man's dream date. So if you have something else you need to do --

Carly: Oh, no, no. I wouldn't miss this for the world.

Janet: Harder, harder, harder. Scrub harder. Wow.

Liberty: Thought you were on hydration patrol.

Janet: I'm just trying to help. After all, the sports program means so much to me.

Liberty: Oh. You can drop that now, please. Hey, you never told me what Dad said about me seeing Parker.

Janet: I -- I didn't?

Liberty: No. Is he cool with the whole adult-supervision feature?

Janet: Oh -- don't worry about it.

Liberty: Mom, you didn't tell him.

Janet: Well, not yet, but --

Liberty: Oh, my God, Mom! He's gonna go Incredible Hulk on us.

Janet: Listen to me, all right? Don't worry about your father. I will handle him.

Katie: We're just having some problems with Liberty.

Kim: You're kidding? She's a teenager. What else is new?

Brad: What's new is that some people think the only way to deal with other people is to come up with crazy schemes that end up backfiring.

Katie: Like you weren't in on it.

Brad: I knew it wasn't gonna work, Katie.

Kim: Okay. We've already lost an intern over this. If you two can't leave this at home, I'm gonna find a new pair of anchors, preferably total strangers.

Katie: We're okay. We're okay.

Kim: You're sure?

Brad: Absolutely, yes.

Kim: All right. Let's take it from the first model. I've lost the will to go on. Stand by. And action.

Katie: Our first outfit is for the studious girl who still wants to be asked to the dance. This look is from the New City Girl line, and it is perfect.

Brad: Especially if you want your daughter to be accepted at Hooker U.

Kim: Cut!

Katie: Brad --

Brad: You know what? I'm sorry. Please, can I ask you a question? Can I just ask you a question? How -- would your parents let you walk outside like that?

Katie: Oh, no, no, no. No, wait. I have a better question. Would they hire a bodyguard to make sure you didn't grow up?

Model: Um, no, but they did have my boyfriend arrested once.

Brad: When was this?

Model: About a year ago, when I left them to start my modeling career.

Katie: I rest my case.

Paul: Mike, I don't care what he read in the papers. I have paid every bill on time. You tell him, he delivers within the hour or I will sue him.

[Paul remembering]

Paul: I can't pay you back the full amount. Who comes up with that kind of money on a moment's notice?

Derek: You, if you know what's good for you.

Meg: Paul?

Paul: I'm in here.

Meg: What's wrong?

Paul: Nothing. Everything's fine.

Meg: Look, I know you're worried. So am I.

Paul: No. There's nothing to worry about. Really, it's like I told your mom. Project is back on track.

Meg: I wasn't talking about the project. I was talking about the baby. What if, uh, Deckerís toxin did some kind of damage?

Paul: This baby's gonna be happy and healthy and have you as a mother. Baby's gonna be better than just okay.

Meg: I hope so.

Paul: I know so. We're married. We're having a baby. What could be wrong with this picture?

[Cell phone rings]

Meg: Hello. Speaking. Uh -- all ready? Uh, uh, yeah. We'll -- we'll be right down. That was Dr. Schiller's office. They've got the results.

Paul: Great. Great. Once the tests confirm what we already know, then we're gonna have to tackle our real problem, like what are we gonna do if it turns out that this kid looks like me?

Janet: Mm. Honey, Honey, you want to see your reflection in that chrome. Go on.

Liberty: Okay. Do you just want to show me how it's done?

Janet: Mm. Heck, no. You know I don't wash cars -- not since Peoria.

Liberty: Oh, that dude that cornered you in the gift shop?

Janet: Yeah. Then fired me for spraying him down with the power nozzle.

Liberty: Whoa.

Janet: What an -- hey. Good -- good job. Hey, I need some more cookies. I need more cookies and some water here! Um, keep polishing, Baby. Keep -- good job. Aah!

Parker: I'll see you.

Liberty: Ah, hello. Nice of you to stop by.

Parker: Sorry. I had to wait for my police escort.

Liberty: Oh, God. Uh, we have a lot of catching up to do, Tough Guy. I want to see your reflection in that bumper. Go.

Katie: I admit it. I was wrong. Making Parker believe that Liberty was with Leo was a huge mistake.

Brad: Try disaster.

Katie: Brad, I am sick of fighting with you! Liberty is fine! Nothing happened! She's not dating Parker! Can we just let it go?!

Brad: You know what?! That is so easy for you to say! She's not your daughter!

Katie: Right. My mistake for in some way thinking that maybe she was.

Janet: Hi.

Jack: Hey.

Janet: You've made it.

Jack: Yes.

Janet: Yay! Oh -- hi, Carly.

Carly: Hi, Janet.

Janet: You guys ready to pitch in?

Carly: Uh, well, actually, I was thinking maybe this would be one of those times that I take a hands-off approach to parenting.

Janet: Jack, want to get wet?

Jack: Oh -- I think I'm in Carly's camp.

Janet: All right. You're missing out. Okay.

Liberty: Whoa. My God, Mom. What are you doing?

Janet: I'm helping out.

Liberty: But I thought you said that you wouldn't --

Janet: Shh, shh. Come on. You need help from a professional. And, after all, this is for a good cause.

Carly: That's an interesting technique.

Jack: Can you cut her some slack, please?

Carly: I'm your ex-wife, Jack. Mocking the women you date is part of my job.

Liberty: Mom, Mom, it's not gonna work, unless you're looking to score with the entire varsity hockey team.

Janet: Oh, zip it. You're no fun.

Liberty: Can you spell "Clueless"? The only one worse than her is my dad.

Katie: You don't think I don't know that I'm not Liberty's mother? You don't think I feel like a fifth wheel every time Janetís around? I'm sorry. I've never done this before. I was just trying to help. I made a mistake. I'm sorry. But you know what? I'm done. So send Liberty off to a convent or whatever you want to do. That's fine. But I'm done fighting with you.

Brad: Yeah, okay. I didn't come in here to fight with you. I just came in here to tell you something you may not be aware off.

Katie: What's that?

Brad: You married an idiot.

Janet: Oh, my goodness.

Jack: It's been a long time since I've seen Parker smile.

Janet: I know. Same thing with Libby.

Carly: They look so innocent.

Janet: They are innocent. Which is why we should let them go ahead and see each other? If we forbid it, it's just gonna make things worse.

Jack: I'm surprised Brad got on board when you told him.

Janet: Oh -- let's not talk about Brad, okay? It's such a beautiful day. Why ruin it?

Brad: Liberty needs you in her life.

Katie: Why?

Brad: 'Cause you -- she needs you to teach her how to be a smart, sane, adult woman, because she is not gonna get that from her birth parents.

Katie: Hey, don't sell yourself short.

Brad: How could I not, considering that my daughter -- our daughter -- hates me.

Katie: No, she doesnít.

Brad: She's got every right to. I mean, Katie, I tried to be, like, this cool and laid-back guy, but I just care about her so much, I cannot pull it off.

Katie: So why don't you tell her that?

Brad: She not gonna listen to anything I have to say!

Katie: So we'll go talk to her together. We'll tell her how sorry we are that we got her in trouble.

Brad: You think that will work?

Katie: And we'll tell her that we love her and we're proud of her for being mature enough to know that not seeing Parker is the right thing to do.

Brad: That is so much better than your other plan.

Katie: Little bit. No more fighting.

Brad: No more fighting, with anyone. Kim, we are going to the car wash.

Dr. Schiller: There's no sign that the toxin had any effect on the baby. Everything points to a healthy fetus.

Paul: See? I told you.

Dr. Schiller: Of course, we'll keep a close eye on you both during the course of the pregnancy, just to be safe. If you have time, there's another test I'd like to run right now.

Meg: Yeah. Of course I have time.

Dr. Schiller: Great. Then I'll be back.

Paul: This is good news.

Meg: Yeah, I know. I know. Uh, I'm so happy. I'm so excited. I -- I can finally let myself believe that we're having a baby!

Paul: You're gonna be such a great mom.

Meg: Oh, and you're gonna be such a great dad.

Paul: Yeah. I'm not so sure. I mean, given the role models I had growing up --

Meg: I've seen you with Parker, and I've seen you with Faith. This kid is gonna be one lucky kid to have you as a dad.

[Cell phone rings]

Paul: Hello.

Emma: Paul, you have to come over. There's a man here. He says he won't leave until he gets his money.

Girl: What are we doing here? We're way behind on our fund-raising target, so we need to wash more cars.

Parker: Would you like us to go out and steal you some?

Girl: No. I want you to go down to the art room and make posters to put around town, okay?

Liberty: Instead of washing cars? Oh, that sounds great.

Parker: I love art projects.

Liberty: Yeah!

Parker: Okay, see, this is good, because I need to talk to you about something, alone.

Liberty: About what?

Parker: Stuff.

Liberty: Whoa. Sounds urgent.

Parker: It is.

Jack: Hey, Guys. Where you going?

Emma: I mean, what's going on here? Who is this man?

Paul: Can you put him on?

Emma: He's at the work site. I told him to talk to, uh -- to Mike. Did I do wrong?

Paul: No, not at all. But you know what? I'm on my way, and I'll deal with it.

Emma: Deal with what? Is there a new problem?

Paul: No. Um, not to worry. Everything is completely under control. I got to head out to the farm and check on something. Can we move this test you're supposed to have till tomorrow?

Meg: I'll stay. I want to get it done.

Paul: Uh, h -- how are you gonna get home?

Meg: I think I know my way home. Uh, I'm fine. I'll take a cab.

Paul: Okay, great.

Meg: Again.

Janet: Carly, do you mind if I ask you a quick -- eh, forget it. You know me. I'm just gonna ask away and let the chips fall where they may.

Carly: I hadn't noticed.

Janet: Are you and Jack really over? Because I like him, a lot, and I don't like to steal fruit from another girl's orchard.

Carly: Jack told me that you don't want a commitment.

Janet: Not yet. I don't know where we're headed. But I'd like to go along for the ride.

Carly: Well, in that case, Janet, don't worry about the orchard. That fruit's been picked.

Janet: Thanks.

Carly: Thanks for asking.

Jack: Changed my mind. I think washing cars can be fun for all.

Carly: Good.

Parker: You're really never gonna let us out of your sight, are you?

Jack: Yeah, well, that's the plan.

Liberty: I, for one, can't wait for gym class.

Janet: Well, we need more rags.

Carly: Uh, and more cookies.

Liberty: Well, here we are. Oh, my -- hey!

Parker: Oh, I'm sorry.

Liberty: Oh, no, you're not. You are so -- you're so gonna pay. Oh, my -- I'm gonna get you. I'm gonna get you. I'm gonna --

Parker: No, no, no, no, no, no.

Liberty: Yeah.

Parker: No.

Brad: What the hell are you guys doing?

Liberty: Oh.

Brad: No, wait. What are you doing?

Liberty: We were just fooling around.

Brad: Yeah. I can see that. Parker --

Liberty: Dad --

Brad: You're really pushing me, man.

Liberty: Dad -- we weren't -- we weren't doing anything wrong.

Brad: Well, except lying and sneaking off together.

Liberty: Okay, its broad daylight, and we weren't sneaking around. Besides, we have permission.

Brad: From who?

Liberty: From them.

Paul: Where is he?

Emma: He's right here. He's waiting. This is, uh -- I'm assuming you know each other. I don't know. Paul Ryan, this is Mr. MacDougal. He's from the, uh, Acme Carting Company.

Paul: This is who you called me about?

Emma: Yes. That's right.

Paul: Acme Carting? You're the clowns who pulled our credit.

MacDougal: That's why I came out here in person, Mr. Ryan. And my boss won't let our trucks roll without a deposit. And I thought if I picked it up myself, you can avoid any further delays.

Paul: Thank you. That's very thoughtful of you. How much do you need?

Meg: It's okay. It's -- I'm fine. It's -- its normal. Okay. Okay. Okay. Oh, God. Oh, God. Oh, God.

Derek: Miss, are you all right?

Meg: I don't know!

Derek: Tell me what I can do to help.

Meg: Uh, thank you.

Derek: Wait here while I get someone.

Meg: No, no, no, no. It was just muscle spasms. I -- I overreacted.

Derek: Are you sure?

Meg: Yes, yes. I'm -- I'm also pregnant, and I guess I got scared.

Derek: Understandable. But I still think I should get someone to take a look at you.

Meg: Uh, my doctor is gonna be right back. But thank you for all your help.

Derek: You're welcome. And congratulations on your baby.

Meg: Thank you. Uh, I'm sorry. Y -- You look familiar. Do I know you?

Derek: As a matter of fact, you do.

MacDougal: This should take care of it, Mr. Ryan.

Paul: Great. And thank you again so much for coming all the way up here. All right. Crisis averted.

Emma: What's, uh -- what's really going on, Paul?

Paul: Nothing. You heard him. Everything's fine. Trucks are ready to roll. Everything's back on track.

Emma: Well, you came rushing in here like your hair was on fire.

Paul: I didn't like the idea of someone hassling you.

Emma: No, he wasnít. He was very polite.

Paul: Great.

Emma: Were you, uh -- were you expecting someone else?

Paul: Who?

Emma: I don't know.

Paul: Emma, there's nothing to wor -- no, there is something that you do need to worry about. You are gonna have the name of another grandchild that you're gonna have to remember.

Emma: Well, I think I can handle that.

Paul: I better get going.

Emma: Wait, wait. Wait just a minute. I am no dummy, Paul. Tell me, what were you so scared about?

Derek: Your husband introduced us. I was talking to him about the Snyder farm development project.

Meg: That's right. You're a builder?

Derek: Financial consultant. Derek Coburn.

Meg: Meg Snyder -- Ryan. I'm still getting used to that. Oh, God.

Derek: Mrs. Ryan? What's wrong?

Meg: Uh, n -- nothing. I -- it's normal.

Derek: I'm gonna get someone. If something were to happen to you, I'd never forgive myself. Neither would your husband.

Paul: You're right. I'm a little anxious. I just -- I -- I really want this cleanup to go smoothly, and there's a lot of moving parts.

Emma: I am so very, very grateful for what you're doing for me, Paul, and for the family. I -- but there's nothing -- nothing in this world that means more to me than my children.

Paul: I know.

Emma: Is Meg all right?

Paul: No. Meg's fine. I am jumpy. I guess I haven't gotten used to the idea of being a father.

Emma: Well, it is a very big responsibility. And, uh, I guess, uh, that hasn't been your strong suit over the years, has it?

Paul: Wow. Sugarcoated.

Emma: Please, just -- just help me out here, Paul. I'm -- I -- I want to be honest with you. The idea of you with a baby just scares me to death.

Liberty: You were supposed to tell him the deal.

Brad: Deal -- what deal?

Jack: You didn't tell him?

Janet: Not exactly.

Brad: Tell me what?

Jack: You said you told him.

Janet: Not exactly.

Katie: Well, Janet, whatever you didn't exactly tell us, tell us now.

Brad: Exactly.

Janet: Okay! Don't get your panties in a bunch.

Brad: I don't wear panties.

Liberty: That's an image that will keep me up for the rest of my life.

Jack: Just tell him!

Janet: Okay. All right. We decided that it would be okay for Parker and Liberty to see each other as long as there was an adult present.

Brad: I never agreed to that!

Janet: Well, not yet.

Brad: Not ever.

Jack: Calm down.

Brad: Don't tell me to calm down.

Liberty: Can we take the place of this discussion a little more private?

Brad: No. We're not gonna leave -- we're not gonna leave here until we straighten this out.

Carly: Look, Liberty, Parker, can we just talk about this, please?

Liberty: Yeah. I've never heard a better idea.

Brad: I mean, since when did you start making decisions about our daughter without telling me.

Janet: Well, since she -- about 16 years now.

Brad: Hold it. Isn't that why you came here, 'cause you wanted me to be a part of her life? So now -- but now you're just gonna shove me out because you don't like what I think?

Janet: It's not about what you think, Brad. It's what you do, like setting her up with that stupid intern from work. Who'd you consult about that, huh? No one. So if you think that you have a right to be in the loop about our daughter, you blew it.

Katie: Don't blame Brad. The whole Leo thing was my idea, and I know it was a huge mistake.

Janet: Uh, you think?

Katie: Yes, and I already told Brad I would not interfere again.

Brad: No. You are not interfering.

Janet: No, Bradley. You are.

Brad: All you do is have everybody here listen to you.

Jack: Well, it didn't take long to figure that out.

Brad: Oh, I haven't even started with you.

Carly: Hey, you know what? Liberty's right. This is not the best place for this.

Janet: You know what? Carly's right. We are here to wash cars, all right? And that's exactly what I'm gonna do. Excuse me.

Brad: No. No, no, no, no. This is not over, okay? Don't you think we should at least try to keep them from having sex instead of encouraging them?

Janet: I am not encouraging them!


[Janet screaming]

Jack: All right, all right. Enough, enough, enough, enough.

Liberty: Are you insane? Are you trying to humiliate us for the rest of our lives?

Jack: No. This has nothing to do with you two.

Parker: We go to school here. You think no one knows that we're related?

Janet: Oh, it's okay, Honey.

Liberty: It's not okay. It's not okay. You tell us to have control, but you have no control at all whatsoever. You set me up with a sex maniac, and -- and you treat us like criminals for being friends? You act like you're 12! And you said its okay? It is not okay. And as long as you people are -- are running our lives, it will never be okay.

Janet: Libby, wait!

Katie: No, no. You're with me.

Carly: Liberty's right, you know. We don't want them to act out, but we keep giving them reasons to. We have to stop this, all of this, right now, before it blows up in our faces.

Brad: Can't believe they're making deals behind my back.

Katie: Maybe they're right. Brad, maybe trying to keep Liberty and Parker apart, it's just making them more determined to be together.

Brad: You remember what happened the last time they were together? I can't stand the idea of something bad happening to her.

Katie: Nothing did. And she knows it's something she doesn't want to do again.

Brad: What if she changes her mind?

Katie: That's a chance you have to take.

Brad: I canít.

Katie: Then you're gonna lose her.

Parker: We should not be here alone, 'cause if your parents find us --

Liberty: I don't care. I don't care. I don't care. I don't care, because we can just let them do whatever they want, because how much worse can it really get, right?

Parker: A lot.

Liberty: Okay. If you're so scared, why -- why don't you just go, you know? Leave.

Parker: Why are you mad at me?

Liberty: 'Cause I just want to know whose side you're on.

Parker: I'm on yours, okay?

Liberty: Really? Good.

Parker: Okay. Um, um, I just -- time-out, all right?

Liberty: What?

Parker: We need to talk, okay?

Liberty: I'm so sick of talking.

Parker: Yeah, yeah, but it's just one question, all right? Were you in on it?

Liberty: In on what?

Parker: Did you know that your parents were using that Leo guy to try to get me to back off? You knew.

Liberty: No. It's -- it's complicated.

Parker: No. No, it's not.

Liberty: Parker, no. Okay, listen. I -- I was so sick of being in trouble all the time, you know? And so I -- I thought if I went along with it that things would just chill out. But I so did not mean to hurt you, you know? I'm so sorry. Please believe me. Please don't hate me.

Emma: Now, listen, Paul, you know that Meg is not very strong. I mean, she just about recovered from that -- that gunshot, and she ended up in the hospital again. That is a strain on anyone's body. And trust me, being pregnant is no walk in the park, especially if someone's had a miscarriage before.

Paul: Meg really wants this baby.

Emma: I know she does. And I -- I really, really want it for her. But I -- I want so much that they'll both get through it safely.

Paul: Emma, we were at a doctor like an hour ago, taking tests. Everything's fine.

Emma: Well, good, good, good. But listen. It is up to you now, Paul, to protect her from any more stress.

Paul: Okay, listen. I'll be honest with you. You're right. Responsibility hasn't been my strong suit. But Meg and our baby -- their lives mean more to me than my own.

Emma: I actually believe you.

Paul: That's a surprise?

Emma: Yeah, you bet.

Paul: Can I have a hug? Come on. You know you want to.

Emma: Well, I'll try anything once.

Meg: You're still here.

Derek: I just wanted to make sure you were okay.

Meg: Yeah. Everything is normal and fine, and they were just spasms like I thought, which now I'm totally embarrassed.

Derek: There's no reason to be. This your first child?

Meg: Um, actually, I had a miscarriage not too long ago.

Derek: No wonder you're scared.

Meg: Yeah. If that happened again, I don't know if I -- I can't believe I'm telling this to a stranger.

Derek: Well, sometimes, it's easier to come clean to people you don't know. I mean, isn't that why people go to a therapist or a priest?

Meg: Yeah. I guess it is. Well, thank you, again, for all your help.

Derek: You're welcome. Let me walk you to your car.

Meg: Uh, actually, I'm taking a cab home.

Derek: Absolutely not. I'll drive you home.

Meg: I -- no. I can't ask you to do that.

Derek: You didn't ask. I insisted. Don't worry. You're not taking a ride from a stranger. Paul knows me, very well.

Meg: Really, you did not have to walk me in.

Derek: It's no trouble. Can I get you a glass of water or something?

Meg: I think you've done enough good deeds for the day.

Derek: Well, don't give me too much credit. It has crossed my mind that maybe being next to Paulís wife might not be so bad for business.

Meg: Oh. So you're not just a Good Samaritan after all.

Derek: Absolutely not. And if you start telling people that I am, I'll have to sue you for slander.

Meg: Well, don't worry. Your secret is safe with me. Paul, hey. Uh, you remember Mr. Coburn? Uh, he was nice enough to drive me home.

Derek: Please, call me Derek.

Meg: He's really been wonderful.

Derek: It was my pleasure.

Paul: I'm sure it was. What's going on?

Derek: Your wife ran into some distress at the hospital.

Paul: Distress? What kind of distress?

Meg: It was nothing. Really, I'm fine.

Derek: Yeah, well, I'd still keep an eye on her though. You wouldn't want anything bad to happen to her.

Meg: So, anyway, they were just normal muscle spasms. I panicked. And Derek here kept me from flipping out completely.

Derek: I just happened to be there.

Paul: Why?

Derek: On business.

Meg: Lucky for me.

Paul: Yeah. Lucky for you.

Derek: Yeah, well, now that you're here, I'll be going. I just wanted to get Meg home safe.

Meg: Well, thank you so much, Derek. You were a real lifesaver.

Derek: Hey, good luck to you and your baby.

Meg: Thank you.

Paul: I'll see you out.

Derek: Lead the way.

Jack: Parker, you here?

Carly: Parker.

Jack: I'll call him.

Carly: You know where he is?

Jack: Well, then I'll call Janet and see if she's with them.

Carly: Let her handle it, Jack. She knows what she's doing.

Jack: You mean that?

Carly: Surprisingly, I think I do.

[Door opens]

Janet: Parker, go home. Your parents are waiting for you.

Liberty: Mom --

Janet: I need to talk to my daughter. Go. We're just gonna talk.

Liberty: Mom, it was not what you think.

Janet: Listen to me. You are upset with your father and me, and so you take it out on us by jumping on Parker.

Liberty: Mom, I wasn't gonna do anything!

Janet: You are smarter than that. You are worth more than that.

Liberty: I wasn't gonna do anything.

Janet: Liberty, that's not always your call, okay? I know that Parker's a good boy, but he is still a boy.

Liberty: I know that.

Janet: Baby, I just love you so much. I just want you to have everything you've ever wanted in this lifetime. And I just -- listen to me. I'm afraid you're gonna make a mistake.

Liberty: I will, Mom. I'm gonna make a lot of mistakes. But they're not gonna be yours. They are gonna be all mine. Okay?

Janet: How did you get to be so smart? How did you get to be so smart?

Liberty: I -- I think I learned it from you. But hey, at least you soaked Dad earlier.

Janet: Oh, I sure did. I got him good, didn't I? Oh.

Brad: Good. You're here.

Janet: Parker's not. All right. I'm gonna go. I'll see you later.

Liberty: Yeah. I'm gonna go with you.

Janet: No. There's some things you need to talk about first.

Liberty: Mom, no, I donít.

Janet: I'll call you later.

Brad: Your mom's right. Please, don't run away.

Jack: You okay?

Parker: Yeah. Where's Mom?

Jack: Getting into some dry clothes.

Parker: I feel like a soda. So, are you gonna give me a lecture now, or are you gonna wait for Mom to come downstairs?

Jack: I just want to know what happened.

Parker: Liberty and I went back to her house and her mom caught us. But you don't have to put the eternal ban into affect, because I'm sure her parents have that covered. We were just making out, okay?

Jack: Here's how I feel about that. You care about Liberty, right?

Parker: You know I do.

Jack: Okay. And you're old enough to know how the world works. Guys get props. Girls get reputations. I'm sure you've -- you've heard your buddies talk about scoring with girls, right? You want them to talk about Liberty like that?

Parker: No.

Jack: Okay. Well, then, you have to make sure they don't get the chance.

Brad: Okay. I was a bit over-the-top today.

Liberty: Today? Really? Just today?

Brad: No, no. Not just today. But see -- okay, here's the deal. You have been a kid your whole life. I just became a parent. This is all new to me. Look, I'm -- I'm just trying to learn the rules here.

Liberty: Okay, rules, rules. Rule number one -- don't be a jerk.

Katie: Liberty --

Brad: No, no, no, no. No, you're right. I am a total jerk. You can be angry with me. But just -- just don't forget that I care so much about you, I am just trying to do what's best for you.

Liberty: Well, how is it -- how is it best for me not to see Parker is that's what I --?

Brad: You're too young.

Liberty: Rule number two is going to be to trust me.

Brad: That's a tough one.

Liberty: If you can't handle it, fine. I've made it this long without a father, and I can manage without one now.

Katie: Just give her time, okay? She'll come around.

Brad: What if she doesn't?

Parker: I'm going upstairs.

Carly: I heard what you said to him. It was great.

Jack: At least somebody thinks so.

Carly: Eh, give him a couple of decades. He'll think so, too.

[Knock on door]

Carly: Hi.

Janet: Hi. I was just checking to make sure that Parker, uh, came back here.

Carly: He did. Yeah.

Janet: Good. Fantastic.

Jack: How's Liberty?

Janet: Still mad at the world, but, uh, she's a smart girl. A lot smarter than I ever was.

Carly: Somehow, I doubt that.

Janet: Thank you. Well, I'm damp and exhausted, so I'm gonna go home.

Jack: Yeah. I'm -- I'm gonna go, too. I'll see you later, okay?

Paul: You ever go near my wife or my house again --

Derek: Oh, come on, now. You're in no position to be making threats.

Paul: You don't scare me.

Derek: I don't need to scare you. You know, your wife is very fragile. I think that miscarriage took a lot out of her.

Paul: How do you know about that?

Derek: She told me. You know, she's very open, trusting. You know, Paul, you really need to take care of her, make sure that nothing upsets her. That wouldn't be good for her or -- or your baby.

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Brad: Liberty's in trouble.

Carly: Brad just dragged Parker to the police station.

Jack: Why?

Carly: It's crazy. He's saying that Parker raped Liberty.

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