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As The World Turns Transcript Wednesday 8/20/08

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Lily: Faith, don't worry. I'm gonna be fine by myself. Yes. Just listen to what your dad says, okay? Oh, and make sure Ethan doesn't get into the jam again. I love you too, Sweetie.

[Cell phone rings]

Lily: Faith called you, didn't she?

Lucinda: No, nobody called me. I need a favor.

Lily: I don't need you to make me feel useful while the kids are with Holden. Actually, I have got a night filled of romance and drama already planned.

Lucinda: Well, cancel it, Darling, because I've got something better planned. Meet me at Fashions, and I will tell you everything.

Brian: All right, what if we partner up the Luke Snyder foundation with theme parks? You could make the dreams come true for needy children all around the world. Of course, if you had something else in mind --

Luke: No, no, no, that sounds like a great idea. I love it. Don't you?

Noah: Totally.

Luke: That's exactly what I want to do the money. Something like that.

Noah: Isn't it great? This money you didn't even want is gonna help so many people.

Luke: Yeah, well, I should thank you. You're the one who convinced me to take it.

Noah: Well, I had a little help from Lucinda.

Luke: Well, that is true. So, Brian, I know that my grandmother set you up with an office, but if you need anything, you know, an assistant, staff, just name it and it's yours.

Janet: Wow. It's dead in here.

Jack: For a change.

Janet: All still quiet on the Parker front?

Jack: Laid out the law for him, so yeah, it's working for now.

Janet: I still think it wasn't necessary.

Jack: See, you and Carly have something in common after all.

Janet: Seriously, Jack. Come on. The kids are gonna be starting school soon. They don't have the same classes. They're not gonna be hanging out with the same crowds. I say this thing is gonna resolve itself without us having to lift a finger.

Brad: Don't you think we should get Liberty up to speed on the plan?

Katie: Better keep her in the dark just so she doesn't get nervous, okay?

Brad: All right, good luck.

Katie: You, too.

Liberty: Hey. Ready to roll.

Katie: Not in that.

Liberty: What? It's Al's with you and Dad.

Katie: What if you run into someone you know?

Liberty: Then I can just tell them that this is the latest prison-wear for teens.

Katie: Very funny. Go change.

Liberty: What's the big deal?

Katie: Okay, I didn't want to tell you this 'cause I didn't want to freak you out. But there have been some paparazzi stalking your dad and me.

Liberty: Really? Paparazzi in Oakdale?

Katie: Fine. Go ahead and get caught with your picture in a magazine with a caption that reads "Celeb kid donít."

Liberty: Okay, fine, I'll change. But if the flash bulbs start popping, don't expect me to smile.

Carly: You want a snack with that?

Parker: I'm fine.

Carly: Well, what about supper? Do you have any requests?

Parker: I'll pass.

Carly: You know, you can't go the entire day without eating, you know?

Parker: Watch me.

Carly: Hey. What can I do to make this better for you?

Parker: You could help me take off the invisible collar so that maybe I could set foot outside the house without an alarm going off.

Carly: Parker, it's not that bad.

Parker: You're not me.

Carly: You know, your dad didn't say you couldn't go out. Just that you couldn't go out with Liberty.

Parker: Then I don't want to go out at all. Come on.

[Carly leaves the room] [Parker uses his cell phone to call Liberty]

Parker: Please be the one who picks up.

Katie: Oh, so much better! You look so cute. Oh, I have a perfect necklace to go with that. I'll be right back.

[Telephone rings]

Katie: Oh, it's probably your dad wondering where we are. Tell him we'll be right there.

Liberty: Home of the strict and the famous.

Parker: Liberty?

Liberty: Parker?

Parker: Yeah, it's me. I'm calling on my mom's phone. My dad took mine away. I need to see you.

Liberty: I canít. It's Parker and he wants to see me.

Katie: Perfect!

Liberty: What?

Katie: Perfect timing. You know, if he would have called earlier, he might have showed up here.

Liberty: What do I say?

Katie: Tell him you're going to Al's with me and your dad.

Liberty: And then what if he shows up?

Katie: Well, he'll have to deal with the consequences.

Liberty: I'm going to Al's with my dad and Katie. And my mom's working, so your dad will probably show up.

Parker: They're watching us both like "Americaís Most Wanted." But don't worry. I'll figure out a way for us to see each other.

Liberty: Parker, no. He's gonna show up. My dad's gonna hit the roof.

Katie: Well, then he'll just have to deal with the consequences.

Liberty: What do you mean?

Katie: Nothing, nothing. Let's go.

Liberty: Okay.

Parker: J.J. get in here.

J.J.: Hey, Dude. A sci-fi marathon is about to start. Do you want to watch it with me?

Parker: Close the door. And forget the marathon. First, put this back in the kitchen like nothing ever happened, and then you and I are going to the movies.

Brad: Okay, just so we're clear, you're gonna show up with a package from the station, and then I'm gonna say, "Hey, would you like to join us?" And you're gonna say --

Leo: "Sure, why not?"

Brad: And you're gonna sit next to Liberty. Not too close. Just remember, you're supposed to look like you're interested, not be interested.

Leo: No problem.

Brad: All right, okay. Okay, they're coming. Just let us get settled in and then make your move, all right? Wow, you two look great. Little -- maybe too great.

Katie: Isn't that your mom in there?

Liberty: Yeah, I'm gonna go say hi.

Katie: We didn't factor Janet into this whole thing. I don't know why. I hope she doesn't screw everything up.

Brad: Don't worry, I made sure that Leo knows it's supposed to look like a coincidence when he shows up.

Katie: So he's ready and willing?

Brad: A little too willing, if you ask me.

Katie: Well, he has to make it look real if Parker is gonna get the message.

Brad: Well, what if he doesn't show?

Katie: Oh, I forgot to tell you. Before we left, he called.

Brad: What? I said no contact.

Katie: Brad, if he didn't call, he wouldn't know where to find Liberty.

Brad: Right, right.

Katie: Stop worrying. Once Parker sees Liberty having fun with another guy, he's gonna walk away and never look back.

Katie: Hi.

Brad: Hello.

Jack: Quiet day.

Brad: Let's hope it stays that way.

Jack: I'm getting out of here. Just in the nick of time. No offense.

Liberty: Whatever. I'm gonna go sit down.

Jack: Parker -- have you heard from him?

Liberty: How could I? You took his cell phone. I'm gonna go to the table.

Katie: Hey.

Brad: Saw you were talking to Jack.

Liberty: Is that against the law, too?

Brad: As long as you weren't talking about Parker.

Katie: I am starving. How about you?

Janet: Well, I know what my little girl wants. She wants a deluxe cheeseburger with extra onions on the side.

Katie: No, no onions, no.

Janet: Excuse me?

Katie: I get killer heartburn even looking at them on someone else's plate.

Liberty: Okay, whatever, weirdo. No onions.

Brad: Leo, my man.

[All talking at once]

Liberty: Mom, make my burger medium-rare, please.

Leo: Mrs. Hughes asked me to deliver this --

Janet: Rare? Are you sure? You know what they say about rare hamburgers.

Brad: Why don't you join us?

Liberty: Mom, I'm not gonna get that mad cow thing.

Janet: You could get mad cow. You never know!

Katie: Stop, stop, stop! Please, sorry. Don't mean to be rude. Liberty, do you remember Leo, our intern at WOAK?

Janet: Hi. I'm Liberty's mother, Janet.

Leo: Nice to meet you.

Katie: Leo was just delivering a package to us. And while you were arguing mad cow with your mother, your father invited him to stay with us. So, isn't that great?

Liberty: Yeah, great. Cool.

Katie: Why don't you sit down right here?

Leo: Excuse me.

Katie: Oh, could we get some more water, too? No rush.

Janet: Oh, not at all.

J.J.: Hey, I couldn't put the phone back. She's in there. So now what?

Parker: So now we go to the movies, and you stay back while I hang out with Liberty.

J.J.: But then I'll miss the first two episodes of the marathon.

Parker: Then record it, Geekwad.

J.J.: Okay, listen, you're grounded and you need me, so stop acting like a jerk.

Parker: Fine. You don't have to go. But you just have to get me out the door and then you can sneak back in and watch your lame marathon, all right? I'm going. Hey.

J.J.: Hey.

Carly: Hey. All right, who hit who first?

Parker: No one hit anyone. We're just letting you know that we're going to the movies.

Carly: What about the sci-fi marathon?

J.J.: I can record that later, I guess.

Carly: Uh-huh. And what about supper? You haven't eaten.

Parker: We'll grab a hot dog if we're hungry.

Carly: Okay. I'll get my keys.

Parker: No, no, no, we can walk.

Carly: That's a little far, don't you think?

Parker: Come on, Mom. I've been in this house all day.

Carly: Okay. Hold it. No detours, you understand me? Right to the movies and back. And you, you stick with your brother. You promise?

Parker: He promises. Can we go now?

Lily: Mother.

Lucinda: Hi, Honey. What do you think?

Lily: Beautiful. Who are they for?

Lucinda: Me.

Lily: [Laughs]

Lucinda: What's so funny?

Lily: Well, I'm sorry. I've just never seen you wear anything so sexy.

Lucinda: Oh, funny. Well, I need a change.

Lily: I'm all for that.

Lucinda: Thank you. I'm getting these two. I don't know about that.

Lily: Would this change have anything to do with your sudden interest in dancing.

Lucinda: Oh, Luke, what a mouth.

Lily: He said he's never seen you let loose like that before.

Lucinda: Oh, it was a mere bag of shells, Darling. I was just showing the new director of the foundation Oakdale nightlife.

Lily: Hmm. And was the new director impressed?

Lucinda: Yes, I think he was. But he's going to be even more impressed by the little dinner that you are throwing in his honor.

Lily: Me?

Lucinda: This evening. And as we will be discussing the foundation business, the boys must be included.

Lily: I am curious. Is this dinner about the foundation or you and Mr. Wheatley?

Lucinda: Oh, that Luke and his mouth. Mr. Wheatley isn't interested in me.

Lily: Oh, that's not what Luke said.

Lucinda: Luke couldn't be more wrong.

[Cell phone rings]

Luke: Hey, Mom. Are you okay?

Lily: I'm fine. Did Faith call you?

Luke: No, but I know it's Dad's turn to have Ethan and the girls.

Lily: And my night to have you and Noah over for dinner. That is, if you're not already booked.

Luke: Let me ask. Do we have plans for dinner tonight?

Noah: Well, there's just that paper that I don't want to write, so --

Luke: We're there. Just let us finish up with Brian, okay?

Lily: Oh, ask him if he can come, too. And be sure to tell him that your grandmother will be there.

Luke: Oh, okay. So, Brian, my mom is asking you over for dinner tonight. I think my grandmother is going to be there. She wants you to come.

Brian: In that case, how can I say no?

Luke: He's in.

Lily: Perfect. See you guys at 8:00.

Katie: You know, I noticed that Janet was having a little trouble getting through this aisle. Do you want to scooch over and help her out a little bit?

Liberty: Could you just excuse me for, like, one second? Katie, come here. What do you think you're doing?

Katie: Nothing.

Liberty: Yeah, right. You're dumping this guy in my lap.

Katie: Okay, fine. Just turn around for a second real quick.

Liberty: Oh, my God, Parker's here. My dad's gonna, like -- oh, the two of you wanted this to happen, didn't you?

Katie: This is your chance, Liberty. You said that Parker was getting too serious.

Liberty: What? I didn't mean hurt him.

Katie: It's not about hurting him. It's just a wake-up call.

Liberty: So, what else did you say you've written?

[Carly is talking to one of Parkerís teacher on the phone]

Carly: No. You know, Parker did not give me that orientation schedule, but I would love to donate my time. All right, let me see if I can put my hands on that paperwork, and I'll call you back. Bye. [Carly goes to Parkerís room and looks around for the papers. She finds them and turns around and sees J.J. climbing in Parkerís window] Oh.

Lily: Hey.

Noah: Hi.

Lily: Nice shirt.

Noah: Thank you.

Lily: You must be Mr. Wheatley.

Brian: Oh, please call me Brian.

Lily: I've heard so much about you.

Brian: And I, you.

Lily: Come in.

Brian: Thank you. Lucinda. You have never looked lovelier.

Luke: He's not kidding. Grandma, that dress looks awesome.

Noah: Yeah, that's totally hot.

Lucinda: Thank you, one and all. I really appreciate that. Well, Darling, aren't we gonna have any drinks?

Lily: Yes, sorry. I'll be the bartender. I hope I know where the corkscrew is.

Brian: Will Mr. Snyder be joining us tonight?

Lily: Uh, my husband and I are recently separated.

Brian: Oh, I'm so sorry. I've just been through the same thing myself not too long ago. You have my sympathies.

Lily: Thanks.

Brian: Here, let me do this.

Lily: Handsome. Sensitive. Unattached. You go, Girl.

Lucinda: Okay.

Liberty: There is no way that you were a roadie for Fortune 5.

Brad: Who?

Liberty: Only, like, the best band in the world. Do you think you could get me their latest CD? Please?

Leo: I probably have an extra copy back at my dorm.

Brad: No dorm. Not gonna happen.

Katie: I wonder what I want for dessert. What are you doing?

Brad: What do you mean?

Katie: He's gonna leave, and then Parker's --

Brad: He's talking about going to a dorm!

Katie: I know, but Parker is gonna take off.

[Whispering indistinctly]

Janet: I'll be back in five!

Carly: J.J., where is your brother? I know you know where he is. And what about your promise to stick together, huh?

J.J.: Does that mean I have to give back the 20 bucks?

Janet: Hey, hey. What's your hurry?

Parker: I really need to get home before my mom starts worrying.

Janet: Oh, since when did you care about that? You're here to see Liberty, aren't you?

Parker: Well, I didn't know she had a date.

Janet: That's not a date.

Parker: Well, then who is that guy?

Janet: He's just some intern from WOAK. Brad and Katie asked him to sit down. He was there delivering a package. That's all.

Parker: You sure?

Janet: Yeah. Heard it with my own two ears. But that still doesn't mean Liberty's available.

Parker: That's not fair.

Janet: Hey, life isn't fair, Buddy. Get used to it. Listen, why don't you go home before you get yourself into even more trouble, okay?


Brad: I can't believe it.

Katie: I told you.

[Cell phone rings]

Jack: Snyder.

Carly: Hi, Jack. It's me.

Jack: What happened?

Carly: You're not gonna believe this.

Jack: Parker's gone, isn't he?

Carly: He and J.J. said they were going to the movies. Well, after they left J.J. came back and climbed in the upstairs window. And he says he doesn't know where Parker is.

J.J.: I'm telling the truth, Dad, I swear.

Jack: Did you call Brad and Katie?

Carly: No.

Jack: Good. Donít. I think I know where he is, and I want to get to him before Brad does.

[Cell phone rings]

Janet: Hey. I was just about to call you.

Jack: Parker's there, isn't he?

Janet: He was. He just left.

Jack: Did Brad see him?

Janet: I'm not even sure if Liberty saw him.

Jack: Great, thanks.

Brad: You come right back when you're done.

Liberty: Okay, I will.

Janet: What, you're leaving?

Liberty: Yeah, Leo's just gonna go with me to pick up a CD at the bookstore.

Janet: Well, hurry back.

Liberty: I will. Come on.

Janet: What? You won't let her talk to Parker, but you let her go off alone with a total stranger?

Brad: Leo's cool. He works with us.

Janet: What do you know about him?

Katie: They went to the bookstore, not Vegas.

Brad: He's a good guy. Don't worry.

Janet: I just feel really bad for Parker. You should have seen the look on his face when he was just watching them sit together.

Katie: I know. I felt bad for him, too. We just thought that maybe if Parker saw Liberty with another guy, he would tone it down a little bit.

Janet: Wait a minute, whoa. You two are behind this thing with Leo?

Brad: Somebody had to get Parker under control.

Janet: Oh, poor kid! You guys totally tricked him.

Jack: Is he back yet?

Carly: No. Why would you think that?

Jack: Janet said she sent him home.

Carly: He was at the diner.

Jack: So was Liberty.

Carly: That explains it.

Jack: Yeah. When is this gonna stop?

Carly: He's in love, Jack. That doesn't just stop.

Jack: You think I don't know that? I do remember what it was like the first time I fell hard for someone. I got to find him before Brad does.

 [Cell phone rings]

Jack: He came back, didn't he?

Janet: No. You mean he's not home?

Jack: No, but if Liberty's still there, I figured he couldn't tear himself away.

Janet: Well, she's not. She left with Leo.

Jack: Who?

Janet: Some kid from WOAK. Brad and Katie set it up. It's part of their grand plan.

Jack: What plan?

Janet: To get Parker out of Liberty's life. For good.

[Jack and Carly arrive at Alís]

Jack: So, what's this about a plan to try to get rid of Parker?

Katie: Janet didn't waste any time.

Carly: So it's true?

Brad: Thank you for sounding the alarm, Janet.

Janet: He's their kid. They have a right to know.

Brad: Somebody has to get Parker under control.

Jack: Yeah, by making him believe that Liberty dumped him for some other guy?

Carly: That is just mean.

Brad: Look, I am trying to protect my daughter.

Jack: By sending her off with some guy she doesn't even know?

Katie: I know what we did was harsh, but it worked. Parker saw Liberty with Leo, and then he left.

Janet: And then, he ran into me, and I told him there was nothing going on with Liberty, Leo, anybody else.

Carly: At least someone here has a heart.

Katie: We did this for Liberty. Parker was getting too intense. It was making her uncomfortable.

Janet: Except I saw her face when he left. She wasn't happy. So if she went along with this thing, it's because she felt like she had to.

Katie: Okay, stop acting like I forced her into this.

Carly: This was your idea?

[Liberty looks in the window at Alís]

Liberty: I so cannot deal with another parental scene.

Leo: You don't have to. Come with me. No dorms, I promise.

[Parker sees  them and follows]

Brian: Family is a huge priority for me. That's why I'm so committed to your son's project.

Lucinda: Oh, this is a moment. Everybody wait, wait, wait, wait. This is it. Lest we forget. Let's sign it. Make it official. Okay. Do you have a pen?

Brian: Have I got a pen?

Luke: To a long partnership.

Noah: Hear, hear.

Lucinda: Cheers.

Brad: Okay, I think everybody is making way too much out of this. Let's calm down, and we'll go get Liberty.

Jack: I'll try J.J. one more time.

Brad: Come on.

Janet: Hey, wait. Before you take Liberty home, can you bring her back here so I can say good night to her, please?

Noah: Mr. Wheatley, I will be seeing you soon. And, Lucinda, totally hot.

Lily: Luke, why don't you show Brian out to the terrace? You, come with me.

Brian: Ah, this is beautiful.

Luke: Yeah, it is. I wish Noah was still here. I'm bummed.

Brian: You two are very close.

Luke: Yeah, well, we are now.

Brian: I'm sure it wasn't always easy.

Luke: Well, what relationship is? So, tell me more about this foundation business. I'm still pretty clueless.

Brian: Well, you know, one thing you should know, the world you're entering, it can be a conservative place.

Luke: Okay, well, I'll always remember to bring my suit and tie.

Brian: That's not exactly what I was talking about. Luke, the philanthropic community, while generous, can be -- well, it might not be as accepting as you'd expect.

Luke: Do you mean because I'm gay?

Brian: Personally, I don't have a problem with it.

Luke: Good for you.

Brian: I've offended you.

Luke: You've surprised me.

Brian: See, I'm just simply suggesting that you might want to, I don't know, rethink how open you are about your relationship with Noah.

Luke: You mean you think that I should go back in the closet? No way. No way.

Leo: Feeling better?

Liberty: You must think my family is totally whacked.

Leo: I'm not interested in your family.

Liberty: Look, wow. I know what tonight was about, and I kind of get why they set it up, so it's over now. You can really stop pretending.

Leo: Who says I'm pretending?

Liberty: Right. They're probably done fighting, so I'm gonna go.

Leo: They think we're still at the bookstore. Besides, I want to hear the reason for this setup.

Liberty: They didn't tell you? Oh. Well, I had sex with a guy and my dad totally freaked out.

Leo: About the guy or the sex?

Liberty: Both. He said we couldn't see each other anymore, but the guy, Parker, wouldn't listen. So they brought you in so that he would think I was over him and back off. I don't know. I get kind of why our parents freaked out, but I don't know.

Leo: What?

Liberty: I still feel really connected to him.

Leo: I get it. Maybe it's time you get connected to someone else.

Jack: Parker's still not home.

Carly: What? What are we gonna do?

Brad: Liberty didn't come back here?

Janet: What do you mean? She's at the bookstore.

Brad: No, she's not. They're both not.

Jack: You checked the other stores?

Katie: We looked all over Old Town.

Janet: Damn it, you took away her cell phone!

Jack: All right. Let's just calm down.

Janet: No! She doesn't even know him! You don't even know him.

Katie: I'm gonna call WOAK, see if I can get a number.

Janet: Listen, I don't care whose idea this was -- if something happens to our little girl, you are the one I will never forgive.

Luke: Do you have any idea how hard it was for me to come out?

Brian: I'm sure it was very difficult.

Luke: It was hell. And it was even worse for Noah. But we finally did it because we were sick of living a lie. And we're not gonna go back to that -- not me, and not Noah.

Brian: I'm not saying you should. I just don't think you need to advertise your lifestyle. I mean, you don't want the Luke Snyder foundation to be labeled the gay foundation, especially when children are involved.

Luke: Children? What, because since I'm gay, people are just gonna assume that I'm a pedophile or something?

Brian: Not all people.

Luke: This is insane.

Brian: This is reality.

Lily: Hope you guys are still hungry. Oh, thank you. Thank you very much.

Brian: You're welcome.

Leo: Parker's not the only guy in town. Give someone else a chance.

Liberty: Okay, the way you're looking at me right now is really creeping me out.

Leo: We didn't come up here just to talk.

Liberty: Right, I came here to get away from my screaming parents.

Leo: Just relax.

Liberty: Okay, what's your problem?

Leo: It's not like you've never done it before.

Liberty: I'm not doing it with you.

Leo: I bet I'm a whole lot better than your little boyfriend.

Liberty: Get off of me!

[Parker comes running and hits Leo]

Liberty: Parker, no! Parker, stop! Parker!

[Leo runs away]

Parker: You better run!

Janet: How could you trust parenthood to somebody who's only taken care of a rabbit?!

[Cell phone rings]

Janet: Oh, my God. It says "Carly."

Carly: It must be Parker. He must have taken my phone.

Janet: Parker! Parker, please tell me Liberty's with you.

Liberty: Hey, Mom, it's me.

Janet: Honey, are you all right?

Liberty: Can you just come and get me? I'm at the gazebo near the park.

Janet: Is Leo with you?

Liberty: Thanks to Parker, he's gone.

Janet: I'll be right there.

Jack: Is she all right?

Janet: All I know is that she is with Parker, and she wants me to come get her.

Liberty: It was not my idea at all, this thing with Leo. And I told Katie that I didn't want to.

Parker: Yes, but you're okay. That's all that matters.

Brad: Hey, are you all right?

Liberty: I am now.

Jack: Using your brother to help you sneak out of the house?

Carly: J.J. told me that you paid him $20. Did you do that?

Brad: What happened to Leo?

Liberty: Parker punched him, hard. And I am so glad, because Leo was such a jerk. And if he hadn't showed up when he did -- he saved me, and you should all -- you should all be thanking him.

Janet: Oh, Sweetheart. Parker, I knew that if she was with you, nothing bad would happen. Thank you.

Jack: I still don't like the fact that you lied to your mother, but I'm proud of you.

Carly: Me, too.

Jack: Come on, let's get home.

Brad: Wait a minute, Jack. I need to say something.

Jack: I think you've said enough, Brad.

Brad: Just, please. Please. Parker, I'm sorry. Thank you.

Brad: Come on, let's go home.

Janet: Liberty's gonna stay with me tonight.

Katie: Liberty, I had no idea that Leo would do something like that. I'm so sorry.

Liberty: Katie, I told you I didn't even want to do this, but you didn't listen. God, getting Parker out of my life was the only thing that you even cared about.

Janet: Come on, Sweetie. Let's go home.

Brian: Thank you again for a lovely dinner.

Lily: My pleasure.

Brian: I'll be calling you.

Lily: Wow. Hello?

Lucinda: Hello.

Lily: You guys must be over the moon. He's the ideal choice to run this foundation.

Luke: I think we made a mistake.

Lily: What?

Luke: I don't think we should work with Brian.

Lucinda: Honey, that's not what you said an hr ago.

Luke: Well, I changed my mind.

Lucinda: But, Darling, what about the fabulous ideas?

Luke: Oh, you want to hear the most fabulous one?

Lucinda: What?

Luke: He thinks I should go back in the closet.

Lucinda: No, that's ridiculous.

Lily: Did he really say that?

Luke: Yeah. He said that being out is not generally looked upon very fondly in the philanthropic community.

Lucinda: Darling -- possibly, he was just preparing you for what you might have to face in that community.

Luke: Look, Grandma, I know you like him, but this --

Lucinda: That is beside the point! Forget about that, totally! If we find out that this man is homophobic, well, then, we cut him loose. Only I don't -- I don't think he is.

Lily: Neither do I. I'm not saying that you shouldn't be bothered by what he said. It's horrible to think that anybody in that world could be so closed-minded. But, Sweetie, believe me, if Brian had a personal issue with you being gay, he never would have taken the job in the first place.

Lucinda: Right. Hear, hear.

Janet: Hi, Brad.

Brad: How's she doing?

Janet: Not great.

Brad: Can I speak with her?

Janet: Maybe tomorrow.

Brad: Tell her that we love her and we're sorry.

Janet: Okay, see you. He says they love you.

Liberty: Right.

Janet: Hey. Listen, maybe you should cut him a little bit of slack. This is their first time up to bat as parents, you know?

Liberty: I just hate that I hurt Parker, you know? And I didn't even get to thank him for what he did.

Janet: We're gonna fix that. Come with me.

Parker: So, I guess I'm grounded till I'm 30.

Jack: Would it make a difference?

Parker: Look, I know sneaking out was wrong, but I'm not sorry about what I did. Not after what almost happened to Liberty.

Jack: Yeah, well, it wouldn't have happened if Brad hadn't been trying to keep you away from her.

Parker: Okay, so what happened to you being proud of me?

Jack: I am proud of you, Parker. I'm a little scared, too.

Parker: All I want to do is see her. Why is that so bad?

[Doorbell rings]

Carly: Oh, I'll get it.

Janet: Hi. Liberty wants to talk to Parker. Come on, Jack. Don't you think it's time we stopped this nonsense and let these two be friends again?

Brian: Hello.

Lucinda: Thank you for coming.

Brian: Oh, it's never a problem with you. Can I get you a drink?

Lucinda: No. I'm not staying.

Brian: Okay. What's wrong?

Lucinda: You offended my grandson tonight, and you came very close to losing your job.

Brian: I meant no disrespect. I was simply trying to make him aware of what he might have to face.

Lucinda: And these were not your personally held convictions?

Brian: Absolutely not. I told him I had no issue whatsoever.

Lucinda: Then tell him again. But this time, make sure he believes you.

Brian: Oh, I will. I promise.

Noah: You're back. Where's dessert? Your mom said she was gonna send us -- what's wrong?

Luke: I want Brian out of the foundation.

Noah: When I left, you guys were toasting him.

Luke: Yeah, well, he said our relationship might be a problem.

Noah: In what way?

Luke: In the gay way. He implied that people might not be too accepting of us.

Noah: Shocker. What else is new?

Luke: Noah, he came out and said that for the sake of the foundation, we shouldn't go around "Advertising" our relationship.

Noah: Well, maybe he's right.

Luke: Of course he's right to you. Way to jump right back in the closet, Noah.

Noah: Hey, that's not cool.

Luke: Look, I know. And I'm sorry. I am. It's just -- how can you be okay with this?

Noah: Because it won't change anything between us. I don't want you to quit the foundation because you're afraid it might. When Brian was telling us his ideas, you lit up in a way I really haven't seen you do before. And you can't give that up.

Luke: Yeah, but I feel that it took us so long to get to where we are.

Noah: Hey. We are still right here. Nobody can take it away.

Jack: It's not just up to me.

Parker: Dad, please --

Janet: You've got to admit, what you're doing so far, it hasn't been working.

Jack: Fine. If I do say yes, there's gonna be some ground rules.

Liberty: Here he goes.

Jack: No. Like, if you two are gonna spend some time together, there's gonna be an adult in the room.

Carly: That's fair.

Janet: Yeah, that works for me.

Liberty: Yeah, that sounds okay.

Parker: Yeah, I can live with that.

Janet: Great. Great. Okay, Liberty, why don't you tell Parker what you came here to say?

Liberty: Could you just pretend not to be here?

Carly: Yeah. I'll make coffee.

Janet: Yeah, I'll help. I'll help. And you can be the adult who's present.

Jack: Yeah, thanks.

Liberty: I just wanted to thank you. You're definitely the guy I want around when I'm in trouble. And even when I'm not.

Janet: Kind of funny, isn't it, you and me being on the same page. Then, I guess we both know what it's like to be that nuts about somebody.

Carly: Janet, what you did tonight.

Janet: I know. I should have called Jack to come get Parker. I'm sorry.

Carly: You looked out for my son. And when everyone was getting crazy, you reminded us all that the only thing that really matters is those kids. Thank you for that.

Janet: Come here.

Jack: Must be a full moon.

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