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As The World Turns Transcript Monday 8/11/08

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Aaron: Look, you have to let me in.

Cop #1: I canít. The hospital's on lockdown.

Aaron: You don't understand. I -- my friend's in there, and she's really sick, and I really have to be there for her.

Cop #1: I'm sorry. Only medical personnel are allowed in.

Aaron: Look, I was -- I was just in there, Sir! My friend Alison, she's one of the people that they're holding for quarantine. Please!

Margo: Every present that was sent was tainted with the same poison. The watch, the bracelet, the necklace, the perfume -- and they were all sent by Rick Decker.

Bob: Are you sure?

Margo: Yes. I've been trying to think, "What is the connection? What ties this all together?" It's got to be Decker. Everyone that got a gift had betrayed him in some way. Susan was married to Rick, but then she found out that he was behind the murders at the hospital, so she betrayed him. She turned him in, and he tried to kill her. Then Emily did everything in her power to expose him, even to the point where she accused him of murdering someone that he didnít. So he went after the both of them. He sent two bottles of tainted perfume to Emily under the guise of it being a gift from an advertiser. Now, one of those bottles was Susan's favorite perfume, so Emily re-gifted it to her, only Susan didn't put it on, so she didn't get sick. Casey wasn't so lucky. He got infected by being exposed to Emily.

Bob: I can understand why he would target Susan and Emily, but what about the watch Chris got and he thought it was from his mother, Kim?

Chris: That's easy, Dad. When Decker was killing all those patients at the hospital, he tried to make you look like the guilty one. But when you got sick and you fell into that coma, I knew he was behind it, and I made sure everyone else knew, too. But it wasn't enough to stop him. The person who really brought Rick Decker down was Alison. She faked her own death when he went into hiding to flush him out, and it worked. Alison proved Rick Decker could be outsmarted, so Rick retaliated by sending her that bracelet from her father.

[Beeping rapidly]

Nurse: Dr. Stewart!

Bob: What about Meg Snyder? She never betrayed Decker. They never even worked together.

Margo: Yes, but the necklace was never intended for Meg, it was sent to Barbara. Barbara simply loaned it to Meg.

Bob: Oh, it was meant for Barbara to get infected.

Margo: Do you remember when Barbara used Decker to escape from the psychiatric hospital and then once they were free, she abandoned him? Well, Rick led her to believe that the necklace was from Will and Gwen, and then Barbara loaned it to Meg for her wedding to Paul as something borrowed.

Bob: So now she's collateral damage in Rick Decker's private war.

Paul: So, how do I save my wife?

Rick: I told you, I have the antidote, and I'm willing to turn it over to you.

Barbara: But only if we'd help you escape.

Rick: It's quid pro quo, Barbara.

Barbara: You're out of your mind.

Paul: I think he already knows that.

Rick: Here's how it's going to work -- while I'm at the hospital producing a cure, the two of you are going to arrange for a helicopter to meet me. Inside, there's going to be a briefcase. My price is $1 million. Now, if you can arrange to make that happen, you'll have the antidote, and Meg will be as good as new. As well as everyone else. Do we have a deal?

Barbara: Yes.

Paul: No way.

Emma: Excuse me? Hello. I'm Emma Snyder. I'm Meg's mother. Could you tell her that I'm here?

Maid: I'm sorry, Mrs. Snyder. Your daughter's not here.

Emma: Do you have any idea where she is?

Maid: She's in the hospital.

Meg: Paul? No!

Sofie: That's what he's going to do to you, Meg. He's going to kill you. What do you think you're still in those restraints? So you can't fight back.

Meg: No.

Sofie: He wants you to die. And then he'll bury you just like he buried me.

Barbara: What are you doing? He's our only chance at a cure.

Paul: I'm not gonna help that psychopath get away with what he's done.

Barbara: And what about Meg?

Paul: We'll find another way to heal Meg.

Rick: Well, there may not be enough time. Excuse me for eavesdropping. But, Paul, I'm very good at what I do, and I can assure you that your wife may not have the strength to hold on much longer.

Paul: You don't have a clue what my wife is capable of.

Rick: Well, I do know that very shortly she's going to be going into respiratory failure and then cardiac arrest, and then her heart, filled with all that love for you, will just stop -- just stop beating. And then, even if they do revive her, she'll start having seizures.

Paul: You want a helicopter, we'll get you a helicopter.

Rick: What about the money?

Barbara: Yes.

Rick: Good. Well, come on. Let's get a move on.

Margo: No, no, no, no, no. You're not leaving on my account, are you?

Paul: Don't flatter yourself, Margo.

Margo: I insist that you stay. We're gonna have a nice, long talk.

Chris: Dad, look at this. Look at the toxicity levels in Alison's blood. Decker just doesn't want to hurt her, Dad -- he wants her dead. Damn it!

Bob: Hey! Hey! I'm ordering you to take a break right now!

Chris: I can't, Dad! He's trying to kill her!

Bob: Listen to me! Whatever this is, it makes people act to extremes. You and Casey were violent. Now, you can't do things like this if you want to help Alison.

Chris: I know. I know. I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

Bob: Don't be sorry. Just remember that the research that you're doing is a matter of life and death, and you're on the right track.

Chris: You really think so?

Bob: Son, I have faith in you. You can do this.

Chris: Thanks, Dad.

Barbara: Okay, let me streamline this, all right? I hired Rick to help us -- all of us. It's obvious that his background is the key to a cure.

Margo: Barbara, his background in poisoning people to death?

Barbara: If it helps Casey and Meg, does it really matter, Margo?

Rick: Why is everyone looking so pensive? As Barbara said, I'm here to help. And if I could come up with a cure, perhaps it would atone for the crimes I've committed in the past.

Margo: Oh, well, that's all very noble.

Barbara: And we need to talk to Bob now so he can give Rick access to the hospital lab --

Margo: Go, go! Get out! Go!

Barbara: Thank you.

Rick: Now, I -- I assume that you'll arrange for transport to the hospital.

Margo: Let me ask you something, Rick. Why are you so invested in this case?

Rick: Let's just say I like a good medical mystery. Don't you?

Margo: One in which all the people involved are directly connected to you?

Rick: You're not suggesting that I might have something to do with this, are you?

Margo: I know you did.

Rick: Well, that's a serious accusation.

Margo: You targeted these people. Susan, Emily, Alison, Barbara.

Rick: Well, in case you didn't notice, I -- I think that was Barbara that just walked out of here. Looking quite well, I might add.

Margo: Oh, you disgust me. All this mock, piety. You went after these people, you've poisoned them slowly and sadistically, and then you want me to allow you to swoop in here and be revered as some sort of hero. I don't think so.

Rick: So I must assume that transport's out of the question?

Margo: Nope. Your plan failed.

Rick: So, in other words, well -- in cop-talk, you're taking me down.

Margo: That's exactly what I'm doing.

Rick: Hmm.

Margo: Oh, and you find that funny, do you?

Rick: No, no, no. I just think it's extremely arrogant of you. I'm already serving consecutive life sentences. If you want to tack on another one, be my guest. But you know what, without any evidence to actually prove that I'm behind this, it might be a bit tricky to arrest me. You go ahead and push your paperwork around. It doesn't make any difference to me. I'm not the one with something to lose here -- you are.

Margo: Are you threatening me? 'Cause that would be a really stupid thing to do.

Rick: No, Lieutenant. You have a responsibility to protect the people of this town. So many of them are suffering right now. Can you afford to turn down my help?

Margo: Your help? You're the reason they're suffering.

Rick: No. I'm offering you a chance to make things better for your son, your brother-in-law, and the women they love. Take it.

Margo: If I do this, what do you get in return?

Rick: Aside from your assurance that I'll have clearance at the hospital -- my freedom.

Margo: Your freedom?

Rick: I want my prior sentences commuted.

Margo: Are you insane? Well --

Rick: You want these people to live, I want a second chance. Now, we can give each other what we both want. All you have to do is say "Yes."

Barbara: Okay, listen to me. I'm gonna need to make a very large withdrawal, and you need to make it happen immediately. Thanks.

Margo: You're astounding. You are nothing but a calculating, vicious coward.

Rick: I see.

Margo: No, you don't see. You don't see anything at all because you didn't use that time in your cell to find a higher power, you used it to calculate revenge against the people who put you there, and then the people who loved them are left behind, going through hell. And now you want to use this as leverage and get yourself out of prison? Sick!

Rick: Listen, I haven't done anything wrong. Not this time. I swear.

Margo: And why am I gonna believe anything that you say.

Rick: Look, I made some mistakes -- some terrible mistakes in the past, and I know I can't take that back. But perhaps, maybe, now I can do something to change things for everyone, including you. Margo, think about your son. I could stop the pain.

Margo: All right! If you think that you can reverse the effects of this poison, I'll see what I can do.

Rick: Well, that's not good enough.

Margo: Well, that's all you are gonna get.

Rick: No. I want you to call the governor. I want time served. I'm not going to stand around here and argue with you while lives are at stake!

Margo: Jones, take the good doctor to Memorial. You'll have clearance by the time you get there.

Jones: Yes, Lieutenant.

Rick: Hello, Tom. Long time no see. You're looking fit.

Tom: What the hell is going on here? You're gonna ask the governor to pardon Rick Decker?!

Margo: Tom, he did this. He put those people in the hospital. Now, if he thinks that saving Casey is gonna -- is gonna get me to pull a few strings, then that's just what I'm gonna let him think.

Tom: Hold on. Hold on. What are you talking about -- saving Casey?

Margo: I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. I'm so scared that we're gonna lose him.

Tom: Lose him? Margo, what the -- what is going on?

Margo: I couldn't tell you on the telephone. I'm sorry.

Tom: Okay, okay. It's all right.

Margo: I'm doing everything I can. I'm doing everything I can to save them, to save Casey, but I don't think it's enough.

Tom: Okay, then I'm gonna go down to the hospital and see Casey, and you focus on everything that's going on around here.

Margo: Honey, they're not gonna let you in.

Tom: Oh, they're gonna let me in or you'll see me back here in handcuffs.

Tom: What the hell's going on here?

Emily: Tommy, we're sick. And none of us are getting any better.

Tom: Well, maybe you should go to your own room and you can get some rest.

Emily: I'm not leaving.

Tom: Emily.

Emily: I'm not leaving. He's my husband. We got married. I'm not leaving.

Margo: Bob, I just need you to set Rick up in a lab. He's not gonna bother anyone. He's gonna have an armed guard there with him. Just let him get to work, and see what he comes up with.

Bob: I don't know that I can tolerate having him in my hospital.

Margo: Well, I wish there was another way, but right now, I just don't see it.

Bob: All right. I'll see what I can do.

Margo: Thank you. Williams. I want you to put a tail on Paul and Barbara Ryan. If they go anywhere near Decker, you let me know about it.

Nurse: She's resting now.

Paul: She had another episode?

Nurse: She was agitated before, but we calmed her down.

[Door closes]

Paul: I promised you that I would make everything okay. That's a promise that I'll keep to you, Meg. No matter what I have to do. I love you.

Chris: What the hell are you doing here?

Rick: I'm here to help.

Chris: Get out. Get him out of here. I don't want you out of here!

Rick: Get him off of me!

Chris: I want you out of here!

Rick: I'm trying to help! What's the matter with you?

Chris: I've been poisoned! That's what's wrong with me! You -- you, I can kill you, and no one would blame me.

Rick: You kill me, your career is over.

Chris: I don't care. It'd be worth it.

Rick: Oh, really? What about Alison? Don't you care about her? If we can work together, we can save her and everyone else.

Chris: I don't want or need your help. I want you gone.

Bob: Chris, I just saw the --

Rick: Bob. Kudos for being able to put aside our differences so we can work together and find a cure.

Bob: I hope so. That's not gonna happen here. You'll have your own space. And you report only to me. And I don't want you to go near any member of my staff.

Nurse: Alison!

[Machine beeping]

Nurse: Page Dr. Stewart stat! Her daughter's heart rate is dropping fast!

Rick: You're going to have to remove these handcuffs if you expect me to be able to work.

Guard: Yeah, I don't see that happening. But I tell you what, if you need anything, just ask me.

Rick: Well, I need that microscope moved over there. Some of these vials, and maybe a couple of dishes, too.

Guard: See? Was that so hard?

Rick: That was surprisingly easy.

[Rick stabs the guard with a needle]


Rick: It's good to be back.

Susan: Oh, my God.

Rick: Hello, my darling.

Paul: I need to rent one of your helicopters.

Heliport manager: You gonna need a pilot, too?

Paul: No. I'm gonna fly it.

Heliport manager: You?

Paul: It's not really gonna be a problem, is it?

Heliport manager: No.

Nurse: Have either of you seen Dr. Stewart?

Kim: No. Why?

Nurse: We've been paging her. Her daughter needs her.

Emily: Alison?

Kim: It's all right. They're just trying to get hold of your mother.

Emily: What's wrong with Alison?

Kim: Honey, Alison's gonna be fine. You're all gonna be just fine.

Emily: I can't lose her! I can't lose her!

Kim: Oh, Honey, no. Calm down, Honey.

Emily: I can feel it. I carried her, Kim. I can feel she's fading away.

Kim: Okay. Okay. Oh, Honey! Thank heavens.

Bob: What is it?

Kim: It's something about Alison. There's something going on with her, and I think she needs your help.

Susan: Who on earth let you in here?

Rick: Margo Hughes, Bob Hughes, and the state of Illinois.

Susan: Why?

Rick: Well, in case you haven't noticed, this hospital is in a bit of a crisis.

Susan: I'm painfully aware of that.

Rick: I heard about Emily and Alison. Terribly sorry.

Susan: Pity from a monster is the last thing I need.

Rick: Well, you didn't hate me once. You loved me. You married me. We made each other happy.

Susan: You used me. You lied to me to get a job here just so you would have a fresh crop of victims, including me and my daughters. And, please, don't tell me you've changed. I might just lose it.

Rick: Susan, all I'm asking for is a second chance.

Susan: A second chance at what?! It should be you up in one of those beds. That's what you deserve.

[Pager beeps]

Rick: Do you see this?

Susan: What is that?

Rick: It's an antidote to the poison that everyone has been exposed to. Susan, I have no intention of hurting anyone. Least of all, your daughters.

Susan: If that's true, then why aren't you upstairs administering your big cure?

Rick: You know, Susan, why has it always been so hard for you to just say "Thank you"?

]Rick sticks Susan with the poison]


Bob: We gave her adrenaline to increase her heart rate.

Kim: Oh, thank goodness.

Nurse: We're back up to 60.

Bob: Exchange that for an oxygen mask, please.

Officer: Hey, Buddy. We can't keep this here. We're gonna have to move it around back, all right?

Ambulance driver: All right.

Officer: Thank you. Thanks.

Casey: Dad?

Tom: Hey, Buddy. I'm here.

Casey: I don't feel so good.

Tom: I know. You're gonna be fine, and I will be here as long as you need me to be.

Casey: It's okay. It's okay. Emily's here. We got married. Did you know that?

Tom: Yeah, I did.

Casey: It's been beaut -- happy, Dad. I'm just -- Emily --

Tom: Hey, Casey?

Emily: It's okay. Its okay, Tommy. He does this. He needs sleep. He needs to sleep. But I know something else he needs, and he can only get it from you.

Tom: What's that?

Emily: He needs your blessing. Please? Please give it to him. Let him hear it while he still can.

Fresnic: Lieutenant, we caught Mrs. Ryan coming out of the bank.

Barbara: I was not caught. I was walking. You had no reason to bring me down here.

Fresnic: She had this.

Margo: Oh.

Barbara: That's private property. You can't open that.

Margo: No, you're right. I canít. But you can. Open the damn case, Barbara. Oh. How much is in there? How much?!

Barbara: A million.

Margo: Barbara, that's some serious money.

Barbara: It's for Rick for finding a cure.

Margo: A cure? For a condition he's directly responsible for? The man is serving multiple life sentences. What is he gonna do with this kind of money behind bars?


Susan: Don't you ever touch me again!

Rick: I apologize. I thought that you might still have some feelings for me.

Susan: I do -- revulsion.

Rick: Susan, what do I have to do to convince you that I mean you absolutely no harm?

Susan: Drop dead!

Rick: Susan, have you forgotten something?

Susan: What?

Rick: The antidote. You know, you really mustn't allow your personal feelings toward me to get in the way of your professional responsibilities. After all, lives are at stake.

[Telephone ringing]

Rick: Rick Decker's office.

Paul: Do you have the antidote?

Rick: Yes, I do. And as soon as you and your mother come through for me, I'll hand it over to you. Paul, you're going to be a hero what do you think of that?

Paul: Meet me in five minutes.

Rick: Pardon me, my darling.

Barbara: Please let me go. I got to get this money to Rick.

Margo: Fresnic, impound the briefcase.

Barbara: Oh, don't do this, Margo!

Fresnic: I just got a call. Paul Ryan rented a helicopter. He's en route to Memorial now.

Margo: Damn it, Barbara! Lock it up, and don't let her leave.

Chris: It's a long shot, but I think this may be the cure we're looking for.

Doctor: How do you plan on testing it?

Chris: There's only one way I can. Let's just hope it works.

Sofie: Meg Meggie? Wake up.

Meg: Go away.

Sofie: Paul was here again. You have to stop him. He's going to hurt you.

Meg: He loves me.

Sofie: No. No, that's what he wants you to think so you won't see it coming.

Meg: No. No, he wouldn't hurt me. He loves me, and that's real, and you're not real, so just -- go away! Leave us alone!

Sofie: Don't fall for it like I did. He's going to kill you, Meg.

Meg: I said go away!

Tom: I don't want to hear either of you talking like that. You're gonna be fine.

Emily: Tom, look at us. I know what's happening, and so does Casey. We're getting weaker all the time.

Tom: Well, I'm not gonna lose my son.

Emily: Oh, Tom, please! Just do this one thing for Casey, even if you don't mean it.

Tom: Emily.

Emily: You heard him. He's happy. Even if he's in pain, he's happy. He just wants -- he just wants you to acknowledge that.

Tom: Case --

Emily: Our marriage, it wasn't planned. And I love him, and he loves me. Isn't that all that matters?

Tom: Case?

Casey: Hey.

Tom: Hey.

Casey: Hey.

Tom: I need to tell you something. Can you hang in and listen to me?

Casey: Yeah, Dad.

Tom: I love you, pal. You and your brothers are the best thing that's ever happened to me.

Casey: I won't -- tell Mom you said that.

Tom: Listen, I'm -- I'm happy for you. I'm happy for you and for Emily, and I really am. You will -- I don't wish anything but the absolute best for both for you.

Casey: Thanks, Dad. I love you, too.

Kim: It seems as if everything has kind of quieted down now. Have you had anything to eat today?

Bob: No, no. Not yet.

Kim: Why don't I go downstairs and get something for us to eat, okay?

Bob: That sounds good.

Kim: All right. I'll be back.

Alison: Dr. Bob.

Bob: Hey, there.

Alison: What happened?

Bob: Well, we made a few adjustments to make you more comfortable.

Alison: I want my mom. Can you -- can you find my mom?

Casey: Emily.

Tom: Emily?

Emily: I'm fine.

Casey: Don't lie. Are you okay?

Emily: I just need some -- I just need some water, I think.

Tom: I got it. I got it.

Casey: I love you.

Emily: I love you, too.

Tom: Here.

Emily: Thank you. There's one more th-- there's one more thing I have to ask you. It's about Daniel.

Tom: Okay.

Emily: Just, please, don't let him grow up thinking the worst of me.

Tom: He wouldn't do that. It's not even an issue because you're not going anywhere.

Casey: Dad's right.

Emily: Casey, please just -- please just don't let Margo -- don't let Margo tell Daniel all those bad things I did with my life.

Tom: You've been a really good, good mother to Daniel. He loves you very much.

Emily: Oh, I love him, Tommy. I love him! You tell him that. You tell him that every day.

Officer: Dr. Decker, freeze!



Margo: Paul Ryan, Oakdale P.D. bring the helicopter down now. You're under arrest.

Chris: All right, give me the slide.

Doctor: What are you looking for?

Chris: I'm looking to see if the levels of toxicity have gone down. If they have, we may finally have the cure on our hands.

Officer: But will it work on everyone?

Chris: It better. This may be the only chance we got.

Emma: I know you can't give out any information, but I have a daughter who's a patient there. Please, can't you tell me anything? Anything at all?

Meg: Who's there?

Rick: Oh, my goodness. No wonder why your husband is so desperate to save you. Even in restraints, you're quite beautiful.

Meg: You're not real. You're a hallucination.

Rick: Oh, no, no, no, Meg. I am very, very, very real. Come on, my darling. I need you to get up on your feet.

Meg: No, no, no. Where are we going?

Rick: Well we -- we are going on a little adventure, okay? So I want to see you smile, all right? Hmm? Now, if I left you behind, you'd miss all the fun, wouldn't you? Right?

Margo: Arrest him!

Paul: You want to arrest me, you can do it later. Right now, we got to get to Decker. We got to get this antidote and give it to Meg.

Margo: Paul, I think Decker lied to both of us. He doesn't have anything.

Paul: What if he didn't? What if there's the slightest chance that he's telling the truth?

Margo: So, the helicopter, the money -- Decker brings you the antidote and what? In return, you help him escape?

Paul: I do whatever I have to to save my wife. What would you do to save your son, Margo? If ever there was a time to bend the rules --

Margo: I don't have that luxury, and neither do you! You're making this worse!

Paul: Look, I saw Decker right there. He attacked a cop the was following him. He has his gun. We need to find him.

[Monitor beeping]

Alison: No.

Meg: A-- Alison, its okay. Just stay calm.

Alison: What are you doing here?

Rick: Come on, now, Alison, don't look so frightened. It's unworthy of the girl who put me behind bars. I mean, that girl was brave.

Alison: Please. Please leave me alone.

Rick: No. No, without me, you could die. And if that should happen, I just don't think I could live with myself.

Rick: Come on. Get her out of bed. We're gonna put some color back into those pale cheeks of yours. Get up.

Alison: No.

Rick: Right now!

Alison: No. No.

Chris: We need to find my father. We have to tell him we found the antidote.

Bob: Decker? Susan! Susan, can you hear me? Susan?

Chris: Alison!

Rick: Hello, Chris.

Chris: You son of a --

Rick: Oh, no. Come on, now. We have ladies here. Mind your manners.

Chris: Ali. Why are you doing this? What do you want?

Rick: You know, I'm so glad that someone has finally bothered to ask.


[Breathing heavily]

Margo: Chris!

Chris: Margo, he's got a gun.

Margo: Oh, my God.

Rick: You know, she's a real beauty, Paul. You've done very well for yourself.

Paul: If you hurt her, I'll kill you.

Margo: You don't want to do this.

Rick: Don't tell me what I want to do. Now, did you call the governor?

Margo: Yes, I put in the call.

Rick: Why is it that I don't believe you?

Chris: Rick, just let them go, okay? We can save them all. Between the two of us, we can make enough of the antidote.

Rick: Oh, excuse me, Dr. Hughes, but I thought you said you di-- you didn't want anything to do with me. That is what you said, isn't it?

Chris: I was wrong.

Rick: Yes, you were wrong. Let's just hope you're not wrong about your antidote. 'Cause mine -- it's just saline.

Paul: Will you go ahead and shoot him, please?!

Rick: Paul, did you leave the helicopter where you left it?

Margo: There is no helicopter, Rick. And the money you wanted from Barbara -- that's gone, too.

Rick: Really? Oh, that's really unfortunate. You know why? Because I was willing to negotiate with you. My release for theirs.

Margo: I will not negotiate with you.

Rick: I do implore you to reconsider.



Margo: Tom! Not his heart! He's already had one heart attack! You're a doctor! Don't just stand there. Help him!

Rick: Let the negotiations begin.

[Tom coughing]

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Chris: This is the antidote. Take it. Get it to anyone who needs it. And it works, okay?

Bob: Where are you going?!

Chris: I'm going to save Alison!

Rick: Keep your distance, Cowboys. I'll shoot her! You know I will.

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