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As The World Turns Transcript Thursday 8/7/08

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Henry: One strawberry daiquiri. Vienna loved strawberries.

Carly: Howdy, Partner.

Henry: Carly! You are a sight for my aching brain. Welcome back. Get to work. How was Montana?

Carly: Ah. I brought you something.

[Carly shows Henry a cowboy hat]

Henry: Oh! Very thoughtful of you. Yes, yes. I love it.

Carly: Yeah.

Henry: Uh, so, here. I have, uh, the receipts. Everything ready for you to go to work.

Carly: Since I know how you and Vienna love to play dress-up --

Carly: Voila.

[Carly shows Henry a pink cowboy hat]

Henry: Oh. Yeah, she -- she would like that.

Carly: What do you mean, "Would"?

Henry: I mean she -- she will. She will like this. She'll love this. Uh, let me put, uh, some coffee on, tune you up so you can get to work on the books. And, so, Montana was good, huh?

Carly: Uh, yeah. So good, in fact, that those hats aren't just a gift. They're a bribe.

Henry: You're -- you're taking another vacation?

Carly: Well, no. No, not exactly. How about I get you a martini, huh?

Henry: Uh, how about you give it to me straight and I'll medicate later?

Carly: Well, Henry --

Henry: Mm-hmm.

Carly: How would you feel about the idea of me being more of a silent partner for the time being?

Henry: I think I'd need a -- a martini.

Carly: Okay. I'll get it.

Henry: And you're gonna have to tell me why you keep leaving.

Holden: Hey. Luke, what's going on? How you doing?

Luke: I'm doing fine. What are those papers?

Holden: What papers?

Luke: Papers that you almost broke your arm trying to hide from me.

Holden: Nothing you need to worry about.

Luke: So we're talking divorce papers, huh?

Holden: Yeah.

Luke: Wow. Mom moved fast.

Holden: Yeah. I don't blame her. She wants me to sign these papers so that we'll be done with it.

Luke: But you don't want to.

Holden: Uh, I'm not the only one with a vote here. And I'm gonna do what your mom wants to do.

Luke: Dad -- don't do it.

Lily: Mike, thank you so much for doing this. I know you don't do this kind of repair job anymore.

Mike: Well, you know -- how did it happen, anyway?

Lily: It's kind of embarrassing.

Mike: What? Don't tell me you did it. Really? I can't imagine you pointing your car at that -- that poor, defenseless wall.

Lily: Actually, I was aiming for Carly.

Mike: Yeah, right. Seriously, why?

Lily: Because Carly was my best friend, and she was having an affair with my husband. Reason enough? I'm gonna get us some coffee.

Holden: Look, Luke, it's pointless. I asked your mother for a cooling-off period. She doesn't want to do it. She wants a divorce.

Luke: Well, she's angry, Dad.

Holden: And I don't want to make her -- angrier.

Luke: Well, maybe this will give her that cooling-off period that she was talking about. Look, maybe she just wants to get back at you. And I don't blame her. But she loves you. And you messed up. You messed up really, really bad. But I feel like your love is stronger than this. Mom will come around.

Holden: No. No, we've been playing the waiting game for a very long time. I don't want to make it tougher than it already is for her. I want to just sign the papers, if that's what she wants.

Luke: Well, will you go talk to her one more time?

Holden: No. It is not gonna do any good.

Luke: Will you please go talk to her one more time and tell her that you looked over the papers and you can't sign them because bottom line is you don't want a divorce. Make her fight --

Holden: No. I don't want to cause her any more pain, Luke. I won't do it.

Luke: Fine. It's your marriage. But for Faith and Natalie, Ethan, me, it's our family.

Mike: I had no idea, Lily. I thought you and Holden were solid.

Lily: It's been up and down, but even so, I didn't see this coming.

Mike: How are you doing?

Lily: Not great. Most of the time, I'm furious with Holden, with Carly, and with myself for not seeing it. I can't let that out in front of the kids. Great. Here come the waterworks again. But Mike, you sure know how to cheer a girl up.

Meg: Mm.

Paul: Time to wake up.

Meg: What time is it?

Paul: Did you sleep well?

Meg: Uh, well, no. Not at first. But, um, I had a really nice dream. Yeah. I dreamt we were dancing.

Paul: Really?

Meg: Yeah. Mm-hmm.

Paul: Tell me all about it later. You have that appointment this morning, remember?

Meg: Yeah. Dr. Michaels.

Paul: She's a good doctor, Meg.

Meg: I wouldn't need to see her if I wasn't crazy.

Paul: You're not crazy.

Meg: You know what? It's okay. It's okay. I want to get better. I'll get dressed.

Paul: Okay. You know, uh, we could be late for --

Meg: No. To be continued.

Sofie: He's plotting against you with that shrink.

Meg: You're not here. You're not here.

Sofie: You know where I am -- in the cold, cold ground, no thanks to your husband. He's gotten even worse in store for you.

Meg: Shut up!

Sofie: I can't, Meg. Somehow, I have to make you see that you're going to spend the rest of your life locked up in a psych ward if you don't do something.

Meg: Leave me alone! Please, just leave me alone.

Sofie: Oh, Meg. Poor little baby. I didn't mean to scare you. I'm trying to help you. Remember, it's you or him.

Lily: Holden, I didn't expect you.

Mike: Hey, Holden. How's it going?

Holden: Hey, Mike. What's up? Why are you here? Are you here to repair that wall?

Lily: We were having coffee.

Mike: I was just telling Lily that I don't think that wall's gonna be too complicated to fix.

Lily: Girls are at my mom's. Didn't they mention that to you?

Holden: Yeah. Yeah, they did. Listen, Mike, I'd like to speak to Lily. Could you give us a minute?

Mike: Sure.

Lily: Separation papers?

Holden: Yeah. That's why I'm here.

Lily: Well, you don't need to talk to me. Just sign them and send them to my lawyer's.

Holden: Lily, I -- I don't want to talk to your lawyer. I want to talk to you.

Lily: Fine. What do you want from the divorce?

Holden: Nothing, except that it not happen.

Carly: Well, Henry, here's the situation -- um, my life has been very complicated lately, and I would like to spend more time with my children.

Henry: And?

Carly: It's not just what I want. I think it's really what they need. Sage is okay, for now. Parker is barely speaking to me, and J.J. is gonna be home from camp very soon.

Henry: And?

Carly: And I've been seeing someone -- someone that I should not have been seeing. And I need some time to get over him.

Henry: I feel your pain. Take as much time as you need. You are putting your kids first -- something my folks never did -- and you're mending a -- a broken heart. How could I not want to help?

Carly: Henry, thank you. How about Vienna? What will she say about you spending so much more time here, huh?

Henry: She won't say anything. Not a syllable.

Carly: Thank you.

Henry: You're welcome.

Carly: Hi, Bonnie.

Bonnie: Hey, Carly.

Henry: Hey. Want to join me?

Bonnie: No. I have lawyering to do. So, uh, tell me something, Henry.

Henry: Mm-hmm.

Bonnie: Uh, Vienna hates this place. So how are you gonna convince her to let you spend more time here?

Henry: I won't have to convince her.

Bonnie: Oh, yes, you will. I know Vienna, and she will not let you get away with it.

Henry: Well, she will, 'cause she's left me.

Lily: I thought we were done with this discussion.

Holden: So did I. I was about to sign the papers this morning. But then Luke walked in.

Lily: He was upset?

Holden: He was worried about you, me, the kids. Lily, I think we owe it to them to just give it one more try.

Lily: I can barely stand to look at you right now. How do you expect me to want to work at this?

Holden: Think about what their future will be if we don't show them that we're willing to fight to keep our family together.

Lily: Were you thinking about them when you were sleeping with Carly, when our girls were practically in the cabin next door? Did you give one thought to them then?!

Holden: We can get past this. We can. We just need to try. We can do it. It will take time. We can do it.

Lily: Yeah. Getting past this is exactly what I'm doing. And I'm making progress, thanks to Mike.

Holden: Fine. I won't waste any more of your time.

Henry: I recognize that look. You're gloating. As far as you're concerned, it's a great thing that Vienna is gone.

Bonnie: I'm in heaven that Vienna is gone, because finally, I can go someplace without having her call me names.

Henry: Oh. You'd call her names right back.

Bonnie: True. I will miss that. But obviously, you're a wreck over this, and I'm so sorry. Does Carly know?

Henry: Well, she has heartbreak problems, drama of her own. I can't believe how difficult it is without my little pepparkakor. Everything is just very, very sad, Bonnie.

Bonnie: I've been there, felt that. The worst thing is having a breakup of a relationship that you're not ready to let go of, you know?

Henry: Mm. How did you get through it?

Bonnie: Drinking does not help.

Henry: Oh!

Bonnie: Yeah. Work fills the hours. You won't think about it. But there is always the age-old cure.

Henry: Which is?

Bonnie: Just find somebody else.

Lily: I am so sick of crying all the time.

Mike: Well, if it makes you feel any better, Holden didn't look too happy on his way out, either.

Lily: Whenever I see him, this rage builds up inside of me. I'm so angry at him.

Mike: Yeah. I could tell.

Lily: It's that obvious?

Mike: Well -- it wasn't until you started pretending like there was a whole lot more going on between the two of us than household repairs.

Lily: I apologize. That was so unfair.

Mike: I'm guessing it didn't make you feel any better, either.

Lily: Well, maybe a little bit.

Mike: Okay. Well, then, that's something. Anyway, I should get out of here.

Lily: Thank you for being so understanding.

Mike: Yeah. Worse things have happened to me than being fawned over by a beautiful woman.

Lily: Beautiful? My mood's improving.

Mike: Ah. One thing.

Lily: What's that?

Mike: I would prefer that you and I just remain friends instead of me ending up as the other man on your divorce suit.

Lily: Since there's already another woman, another man would be overkill. But I could use a friend.

Mike: Well, then, you got one.

Meg: Hey.

Paul: You want breakfast?

Meg: Why? You made it?

Paul: Yeah, I did. I fired the chef. I made a gastronomical concoction.

Meg: I didn't know you could do that.

Paul: Yeah. Well, it's just French toast.

Meg: I love your French toast.

Paul: You're hungry. That's good.

Meg: Yes, I am. And I'm actually feeling better all around.

Paul: No more visions?

Meg: Not right now.

Paul: Okay.

Meg: You know what? Why don't you go downstairs and pour me a cup of coffee, and I'll be right there?

Paul: All right.

Meg: What?

Paul: I love your smile. Haven't seen it in a while.

Sofie: Aren't you forgetting something?

Meg: Quit it.

Sofie: You know he's buttering you up waiting to getting you off guard. He probably drugged the food he made.

Meg: He wouldn't.

Sofie: He forced you to take those pills last night. Remember? For all you know he could drug you and claim it was an accident. Then he'll bury you under the rose bushes like he buried me. There's no time to waste, Meggie. If you don't act now you'll never get away from him. Get the gun.


Sofie: Get the gun!

Paul: Hey. Dig in. I am really glad that you're gonna see Dr. Michaels. She was really helpful with Will. It took a long time, but she helped him pull out of it eventually.

Sofie: After about a year in a padded cell. Is that really what you want?

Paul: And I know you didn't want to see a shrink, but -- I think it's been helpful, you know? You're already a little better today. No -- no -- no visions.

Sofie: Don't listen to him. You have to protect yourself, or he's gonna destroy you. What are you waiting for?

Paul: Meg? You all right? What are you doing? What -- what -- put it down. Meg, put the gun down! Please, you're gonna hurt yourself.

Holden: I know I shouldn't have come.

Carly: Then why did you?

Holden: If your kids are here, we can do this someplace else.

Carly: The kids aren't here. Holden, I can't see you. I went all the way to Montana.

Holden: To stop thinking about us? How did that work out for you?

Carly: What is it you want?

Holden: I want to save my marriage, and you're the only person who can help me out right now.

Carly: What on earth are you talking about?

Holden: Look, can I come in? I -- I just -- I'll explain it to you. Lily and I -- we're trying to work things out. She's still very angry, but I think that we have a shot.

Carly: That's great. But why do you need me?

Holden: Because right now, she's determined to let me know that she can be happy with someone else.

Carly: What? Is she seeing someone? Who is it?

Holden: Mike Kasnoff.

Carly: Oh, no. No. Mike would not move in on Lily. You must have misunderstood.

Holden: No. I saw her with him. She was hanging all over him.

Carly: Well, I'm sure if he knew the story, he would back off.

Holden: Well, that's, um -- that's what I was thinking. Since you're friends with him, I was thinking that maybe --

Carly: What? You want -- you want me to talk to him? Go to him, tell him everything that's happened, and ask him to stay away from Lily? Is that what you want from me?

Holden: Well, yeah. That's -- that's kind of -- that's kind of what I was hoping.

[Cell phone rings]

Mike: Kasnoff.

Lily: Hey, Mike. Where are you?

Mike: Uh, Old Town. Why do you ask?

Lily: Oh, I was surprised. I went outside to the driveway, and you were gone.

Mike: Oh, yeah. I -- I figured I could, you know, start on the repair work today, but I needed to come into town, pick up some supplies. Uh, is everything okay?

Lily: Yeah. I, um -- I was gonna make you lunch. But since you're not here, I could, um -- I could meet you at the Lakeview and I could buy you lunch instead.

Mike: Oh, um -- I wasn't planning on taking time out for lunch. I was just gonna grab a quick sandwich.

Lily: Well, I -- I could have a sandwich with you. Uh, Mike, you -- you said that we could be friends. I didn't misunderstand, I hope.

Mike: Uh, of course not. The Lakeview it is. Give me a half an hour.

Lily: What to wear?

Carly: No. Leave me out of it. Putting myself I -- in the middle of you getting back together with Lily is -- is not exactly good for me.

Holden: I thought we both wanted the same thing -- for me to get back with my family.

Carly: Well, we do. But it hurts. I happen to miss you. I miss us, talking and laughing and being friends.

Holden: I miss you, too. I miss you so much.

Carly: Oh, God. Would you listen to yourself? Do you have any idea the mixed signals that you're sending to me?

Holden: Do you have any idea how difficult it is for me to get over you? I'm trying. I'm also trying to do the right thing, trying to get back with my wife for my family. I do love her. You do know that.

Carly: I know.

Holden: I'm trying to do the right thing, but sometimes, I just don't know what that is.

Carly: Well, I guess for today, the right thing is asking me to talk to Mike.

Bonnie: You are weirded out by what I said earlier, aren't you?

Henry: What, about replacing the one-and-only Vienna? No. I haven't even thought about that.

Bonnie: Henry, I was not talking about me.

Henry: Mm-hmm. Well, you always said that you and Vienna liked the same type. And I'm definitely her type. And you keep showing up here.

Bonnie: Well, I'm meeting a client here.

Henry: You don't have an office?

Bonnie: This guy just really creeps me out, and I just it would be better to meet in a public place. Anyways, that is not the point. There's no way that I'm into you the way that you are suggesting. And actually, I'm surprised Vienna was, too, because she used to date a really different kind of guy.

Henry: Yeah, well -- a guy with a title and personal fortune and untold millions.

Bonnie: Right, right. So the only explanation that I could come up with is that she loves you madly.

Henry: She used to.

Bonnie: Hold on. Mr. Lansing, hi. Thank you for meeting me here. I hope it didn't take you too far out of your way.

Mr. Lansing: Not at all. You do good work, Ms. McKechnie.

Bonnie: Thank you. Hopefully, uh -- -- you won't be needing my services again.

Mr. Lansing: If I do, I'll be in touch.

Bonnie: Mm-hmm.

Henry: Um, what is it exactly that you do for that guy?

Meg: No.

Paul: Whatever it is that you're afraid of, whatever it is that you are so terrified of, we'll fix it. We'll make it go away.

Sofie: Good idea. Make him go away. Pull the trigger.

Paul: Tell me. Please, tell me.

Meg: I have to kill you.

Paul: Why? You don't mean that. That's your sickness talking. You don't mean that. I would never hurt you.

Sofie: That's a laugh. Paul always hurts the people who love him. Look at what happened to me. And the same will happen to you unless you kill him. So do it. Do it now.

Meg: I don't want to.

Paul: I know. So let's just get rid of the gun, okay?

Sofie: Coward.

Paul: Let's get rid of the gun.

Sofie: Think -- think of the children you'll have with him.

Paul: Meg, hand me the gun.

Sofie: He will take them from you, and he will bury them like he buried my baby.

Meg: Stop it! Stop it!

Paul: Listen to me. Meg, look at me. Look at me. Look at me! I love you.

Sofie: And that is the biggest lie of all. Shoot him!

Meg: No!


Meg: Sofie. Sofie, where are you?!

Paul: Meg, Sofie's not here. Sofie's not here. She's dead. She's --

Meg: Let go of me! Let go of me!

Paul: Meg!

Meg: I can't -- I can't! I can't be with you --

Paul: Stop. Yeah. I need -- I need an ambulance right away. My wife's in a lot of trouble.

Carly: Mike.

Mike: Oh. Hey, Carly. How's it going?

Carly: Well, pretty lousy right now. You?

Mike: You know, do you want to talk about it?

Carly: I do. Now is good for me.

Mike: Uh, actually, I'm meeting a friend for lunch.

Carly: Well, I'll make it quick then, okay? I need a favor.

Mike: Name it.

Carly: I would like for you to stay away from Lily Snyder.

Lily: What am I doing? Moving on with my life.

Mike: Lily told me what happened.

Carly: Oh. I'm not surprised.

Mike: You really did sleep with Holden?

Carly: Yes, I really did sleep with Holden. Just happened. Don't look at me like that.

Mike: I'm not judging you.

Carly: Are you sure? 'Cause it kind of seems like you might be.

Mike: No. I'm just trying to figure out what you're doing here. You sleep with Lily's husband, and now you don't want me to be friend with her. What is that? And why would you even come to me about this? It's Holden. Holden asked you to tell me to back off. This is unbelievable.

Carly: He's just trying to work things out with his wife.

Mike: So he sends you to fend off the competition?

Carly: Are you competition?

Mike: No! I am not the competition.

Carly: Then why would Holden think you are?

Mike: 'Cause he walked in this morning when I was talking to Lily about a construction project.

Carly: Oh. So then you and Lily are just business partners then? That's it?

Mike: Well, she invited me to lunch.

Henry: Aren't you going to count it?

Bonnie: No. It's all here. He usually leaves a tip, too.

Henry: Who -- who pays thousands of dollars in legal fees in cash? What kind of business is this guy Lansing in?

Bonnie: If I told you, he might kill you.

Henry: Ah. Okay. Uh, well, he seems to like you.

Bonnie: Well, he was gonna get 10 to 15, and I got him off on a technicality.

Henry: Was he guilty?

Bonnie: Probably. Law and justice are too very different things. And I am sick of it. I am sick of being such a good lawyer that I end up feeling dirty.

Henry: Well, if you feel that bad about it, Bonnie, I could help relieve some of that guilt and just take away all this dirty money.

Bonnie: Henry, that's a fantastic idea.

Carly: Where are you meeting Lily for lunch?

Mike: Here.

Carly: I got to get out of here.

Mike: No, Carly. Wait, wait, wait. It's just lunch, really. Lily and I are just friends. That is it.

Carly: Huh. Are you sure about that?

Mike: Yeah. I picked up this morning that she was trying to make Holden jealous, and I said as much. I just laid it all out there.

Carly: Mm. And she was apologetic?

Mike: Sure. She didn't mean anything by it.

Carly: And she said that she just wanted to be friends?

Mike: Uh, look, I think I was the one that said that, but she agreed with me.

Carly: And then she invited you to lunch at a hotel where you have a room.

Mike: Look, you are -- you are reading way too much into this.

Carly: Mike, I practically wrote the book on this. If Lily wants you, she's not gonna stop until she gets you. I'm just asking that you not make it any harder for Holden than it has to be.

Mike: If Lily needs me, I'm gonna be here for her. But I don't want anything more than to just be friends.

Carly: Good. Good. Thank you. Thank you.

Mike: Yeah.

[Cell phone rings]

Lily: Looking for me?

Mike: Oh, hi.

Lily: Hi.

Mike: Yeah. I was just -- I was -- calling you.

Lily: It was so funny because I was just about to call you. We didn't say whether we were gonna eat in the lounge or the dining room. Ah, I'm so looking forward to this. Hope I'm not overdressed.

Mike: No. You look great. Um, listen, Lily --

Lily: Thank you so much, Mike. I couldn't take one more minute in that house feeling sorry for myself. Lunch with a friend is exactly what I need.

Mike: Yeah, yeah. Me, too.

Mike: Can you wait while I check the desk for my mail?

Lily: Oh, sure. Take your time. I'm a little early.

Mike: Thanks. And do you mind if we eat in the lounge? It's quicker.

Lily: Sure. I'll just, uh, let the bartender know to change our order.

Mike: Our order?

Lily: Yeah. I, um -- I called ahead and told them to put a white Bordeaux on ice for us.

Mike: Um --

Lily: I thought we'd be eating in the dining room. But it's -- it's no trouble to change it.

Mike: Look, Lily, um, maybe we should just cancel this whole thing.

Lily: Cancel lunch? You must really hate Bordeaux.

Mike: No. What I hate is playing games. People get hurt. I don't want that for either one of us.

Henry: Holy moly. This is a small fortune.

Bonnie: You are brilliant. What better way to purge myself than to give away those ill-gotten gains.

Henry: Oh, Bonnie, I thank you so much. This is like a royal flush. From now on, all your drinks are on the house.

Bonnie: Wait. What are you doing?

Henry: I'm --

Bonnie: Huh-uh!

Henry: I'm taking -- I'm taking the money.

Bonnie: No, you're not! Don't be silly, Henry. I am not giving you this money.

Henry: But I -- I -- I caressed each and every Benjamin in there. We have a bond!

Bonnie: No, well, unbond. I'm gonna give this money to charity.

Henry: To charity?!

Bonnie: Yeah.

Henry: Well, now, that's -- that's -- that's nice. It's imbecilic.

Bonnie: What?!

Henry: You earned that money. You should keep it.

Bonnie: But I don't want it!

Henry: J -- just because your client is a scoundrel, that has nothing to do with you. You're just an honest attorney doing her job.

Bonnie: No. I hate it. I hate it. If I do my job, bad guys go free. And if they get put away, I'm an incompetent lawyer. It sucks, okay?! Now, if -- if -- if I could think of anything else to do that I could make a living doing, I would quit right now, today.

Henry: That's interesting. Bonnie, I have a proposition for you.

Lily: You know what's more humiliating than throwing yourself at a man? Having him call you on it.

Mike: Hey. I didn't mean to embarrass you.

Lily: I know. I -- I just hope that you'll find a way to pretend like this never happened and -- if -- if you feel uncomfortable working at the house, I'll understand.

Mike: Wait. Just stop a second. Let's -- let's sit down and talk about this.

Lily: I -- I really like you, Mike. I -- I do want to be your friend. Nothing more needs to be part of the equation. I don't know why I got dressed up like this. I feel like an idiot.

Mike: Well, the dress definitely made an impact. It made it almost impossible for me to do the right thing.

Lily: You're not just saying that?

Mike: I'm just being honest. Can I offer you a little unsolicited advice, friend to friend? Be honest with Holden.

Lily: I have worked so hard to try to get our marriage back on track these last few months, and the whole time, he's been cheating and lying to me.

Mike: Wait. What about you? I mean, what about this -- you pretending to be interested in me? Wasn't that a lie? Look, I threw away a future with Katie because I refused to come clean. I didn't tell her that -- that I still loved her, that I wanted our marriage to last, and I just walked away. By the time I realized that I had made a mistake, it was too late.

Lily: I can't forgive Holden. I just can't.

Mike: But have you even tried? That's what I thought.

Lily: How can I forgive what he did? How could I ever trust him again?

Mike: Tell me something -- have you ever been less than Holden needed you to be? Have --

Lily: Yes, yes. And he wasn't exactly forgiving.

Mike: But you got through it, right? I mean, that's what marriages are about. You forgive each other. Now it's your turn.

Lily: I should go.

Mike: Are you okay to drive? I wouldn't want you to drive into any more walls.

Lily: I'm not going home. I'm going to find my husband. Thanks, Mike.

[Knock on door]

Holden: Hi.

Carly: Hi. I won't come in. Um, I -- I tried to call.

Holden: Really? I've been glued to my phone all morning. I didn't hear it ring.

Carly: I didn't let it ring. I -- I shouldn't have come here.

Holden: No, no, no. It's okay. I was gonna call you, too. Uh, this whole thing with Mike -- I'm sorry. I think I might have put you in an awkward position. So if you don't want to do it, that's fine.

Carly: Oh, you're gonna tell me this now? Because I -- I talked to Mike. I -- I did.

Holden: You did? Oh. I'm sorry.

Carly: I think you should be.

Holden: Can I make it up to you? How about some lemonade?

Carly: On. I -- I shouldn't come in.

Holden: No. It's okay. There's nobody here. I promise. Nothing's gonna happen. Come on.

Carly: Uh-huh. Since nothing's gonna happen.

Paramedic: Psychotic episode. Pulled a gun on her husband. Sedated in transit. Those are in the chart.

Nurse: I'll be right in. Sir, let us make her comfortable.

Paul: No, I'm going in there. I'm gonna be there when she wakes up. Meg's not gonna know what she's doing here. She's not gonna -- she's not gonna know what she's doing on this floor.

Nurse: We don't want your wife to hurt herself.

Paul: Meg's not crazy! She doesn't belong in the psychiatric ward! Please. Please, just give me one minute with her.

Nurse: Let us take care of her first.

Paul: Please. I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry.  

Meg: Paul --

Paul: Hey. You know what? You need to rest.

Meg: Hospital?

Paul: Yeah. You're in a hospital. You're in a hospital. But it's -- it's all gonna be okay.

Meg: I can't move my hands. Why can't I move my hands?

Paul: You're in restraints, Meg.

Meg: Restraints? The psych ward?

Paul: It's only until you --

Meg: You put me in the psych ward?

Paul: It's gonna be all right. Meg, don't -- don't --

Meg: Why did you let them put me in the psych ward?

Paul: Don't, don't. It's gonna be all right.

Meg: She said -- she said -- let me go! Let me go!

Paul: Meg, stop. Please, please.

Meg: Just want to go home.

Paul: I know, I know.

Meg: Why did you let them do this to me?

Paul: To save you. To save you.

Henry: Come work with me.

Bonnie: Seriously, what's the plan?

Henry: You've worked in this bar before.

Bonnie: So?

Henry: Yeah. Did you enjoy it?

Bonnie: Sure.

Henry: More than helping lowlife slugs dodge the system?

Bonnie: Yeah, more than that. But I -- I don't think that you and Carly need help around here.

Henry: Oh, no, no, no. I need as much help as I can get, especially now that -- that Vienna's gone.

Bonnie: Well, I would love to help you, but --

Henry: Would you -- could you -- should you -- this is great. This is great. I -- I really appreciate this, because with my sweetie gone, I can't handle Al's and Metro all by myself, especially that Carly wants me to be here more than ever.

Bonnie: I -- I've just never really thought about going back into the nightclub business. I don't know if I want to.

Henry: It's not forever. It's just until you figure out what you want to do for the rest of your life.

Bonnie: Uh, well, what if Vienna comes back? What if Vienna comes back and sees me working with you? She will blow a gasket!

Henry: She's not coming back. I have disappointed her too much.

Bonnie: Oh, she will. I feel that.

Henry: Really?

Bonnie: Truly. Okay. All right. Okay. Here's to that door --

Henry: Mm-hmm.

Bonnie: And our dreams walking through.

Meg: Why did you let them tie me up?! I'm not gonna hurt anyone!

Paul: I know that, Meg. I know that. Look, the doctor just needs a little bit of time to figure out what's wrong with you, and then you're gonna have your life back. I promise you. It's just gonna take a little bit of time.

Sofie: It's your own fault. You should have killed him while you had the chance.

Carly: Mike understands the situation. He's a good guy. He's not gonna get in your way.

Holden: Good. That's good. This is, uh -- it's a complicated situation, you helping Lily and me get back together.

Carly: I've never felt better about anything -- or worse.

Holden: I know what you mean. Maybe some other time, some other world.

Carly: Yeah. Uh, just fix things with Lily, okay, so I don't have to feel guilty for the rest of my life.

Holden: I'll try.

[Lily walks in]

On the next "As the World Turns" --

Emma: Giving up on Lily? Holden, that doesn't sound like you?

Lily: I know what Holden feels for you, and I can't live with that! I won't live with that!

Chris: Meg was poisoned.

Barbara: What do you want?

Rick: Well, I was hoping to be of hope to your family.

Sofie: He will keep you here forever. You will never get what you want from him.

[Meg grunts]

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