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As The World Turns Transcript Wednesday 8/6/08

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Jack: Hey. Parker?

Parker: What?

Jack: I'm making pancakes. You hungry?

Parker: Not really.

Jack: Hold on! Hey!

[Doorbell rings]

Jack: Par-- hey.

Brad: Hey.

Jack: What do you want, Brad?

Brad: We need to put our heads together and figure out what to do about our kids.

Jack: Something tells me you've already figured it out, so why don't you clue me in.

Brad: Okay. Keep Parker away from Liberty. You do that and we won't have a problem from now on.

Katie: Well, good morning. How many alarms did you sleep through?

Liberty: I had to catch up on my Zs. Being held hostage in that cabin was, like, a major human-rights violation.

Katie: Oh, come on. It wasn't so awful. You got to do some bonding with your dad.

Liberty: Yeah, it was okay. Except for the gutting of the fish. Not cool. And dodging bears on the way to the outhouse. Ew.

Katie: Hey, listen. I hear you. I'm partial to indoor planning myself.

Liberty: Thank you.

Katie: But you got some driving lessons. Brad was a pretty good teacher, I bet.

Liberty: Yeah. He made it really fun, actually.

Katie: Then you shouldn't have paid him back by running away with Parker.

Liberty: Katie, I told you. That was Parker's idea.

Katie: Well, it got you grounded.

Liberty: Whatever. Okay? At least I still have my right to a phone, and Dad threw it out the window, so he has to replace it.

Katie: And I'm sure he will.

Liberty: Hey, where is that old guy, anyway?

Katie: He said he had something to take care of.

Liberty: Well, if he's getting me a new phone, he better get one with keypad for texting.

Katie: Actually, I think he went to go see your Uncle Jack.

Liberty: What? To find a way to keep me and Parker away from each other?

Katie: Do you have a problem with that?

Jack: Did you change your mind about the pancakes?

Parker: Nah.

Jack: Then why don't you go get ready for tennis?

Parker: I'm going.

Jack: You were saying.

Brad: I love Parker. I really do. I mean, he is a great kid, really. Parker and Liberty -- bad combo. Bad. Okay, my daughter has other stuff she should concentrate on besides boys and sex.

Jack: I agree with you.

Brad: So, what are you saying?

Jack: I'm saying it's a two-way street, though, Brad. Part of the reason Parker chased Liberty up to that cabin is because Liberty wanted to be chased.

Brad: And you let him off his leash. How about a little cooperation here, Brother?

Jack: I'm agreeing with you. I don't want Parker to be around Liberty anymore, either.

Brad: Well, good. At least we're on the same page about one thing.

[Doorbell rings]

Janet: Hi.

Jack: Hey.

Janet: I brought you some homemade muffins to make up for yesterday. What's Bradley doing here?

Brad: Hi.

Janet: You're not talking about our daughter behind my back, are you?

Jack: We were. We were discussing Parker and Liberty, yes.

Janet: Bradley Snyder, when are you gonna get it through your thick skull, huh? You want to do a major bonding number with our daughter? That's fine. I'm okay with that. But the minute you think that you can raise her without me, you are sadly mistaken. 'Cause I swear I will make your life a living hell.

Liberty: It's just, after our grand-theft auto, I didn't really think you guys would be cheering for me and Parker.

Katie: You know what, sometimes a little distance can be a really good thing, especially when things have gotten too intense. I'm just saying it could be an upside, right?

Liberty: Whatever. I don't have a cell phone now, and that's the bigger problem here.

Katie: Okay. Temporary, I'm sure. Listen, I have to get to the studio, but I am not allowed to leave you alone, so what do you say about getting dressed and coming with me? It's better than waiting for Brad to come home, give you another lecture.

Liberty: Okay, okay, okay, okay. But just have the a/c running in the car, and I'll be out in like five minutes.


Aaron: Ali, what's wrong?

Alison: Aaron?

Aaron: What's wrong? I'm right here. How you doing? You okay?

Alison: I don't know. I feel weak. It's just hard to breathe.

Aaron: D-d-don't stress out. I'll be right back, okay? I'll be right back. I need a doctor in here right now, please!


Aaron: It's gonna be okay. It's gonna be okay, okay? Just relax. What the hell are you doing here?

Chris: I'm helping Ali.

Aaron: The hell you are! You're only gonna make it worse! Now go out there and get another doctor right now!

Susan: Your vital signs are back to normal. That's a relief.

Emily: That's good. I mean, I definitely feel better. Do you have any idea what was wrong with me?

Susan: Not yet, but I'm waiting for more blood work.

Emily: I just -- I just wish I knew what made me so -- so out of it. It was like I was on another planet.

Susan: I know. That's exactly how Alison felt.

Emily: What do you mean?

Susan: She's here in another room.

Emily: What?

Susan: You may have both caught some kind of virus or something, but so far, nobody in the lab seems to know what it is.

Emily: Wait a minute. Alison's here? When did she get sick?

Susan: She hasn't been herself for several days. And at first, I thought it was just schoolwork or stress or -- but then she -- oh, you don't need to hear all this.

Emily: Yes, I do, Mother. She's my sister. I'm worried about her.

Susan: You don't have any reason to. Both your symptoms have been very similar. And if you're pulling out of it, I'm sure she will, too.

Emily: I hope she didn't do anything as crazy as I did.

Susan: You mean like getting married?

Emily: Mother, how insane is that? I married Casey. Casey Hughes. I mean, I made him fly to St. Louis with me. It was -- it was like I was possessed or something.

Susan: You can't be here. You can't be in this room.

Casey: Excuse me. Emily is my wife. I belong here. And no one's gonna tell me otherwise.

Susan: Do you want me to call security?

Emily: Mom, please. Will you just go? I need to talk to Casey in private.

Susan: All right. But don't stress her out. She's still recovering.

Casey: Hey. I've been going out of my mind. This thing you have, is it serious?

Emily: I'm okay now, but, obviously, it was serious enough to make me do things I never would have done, and I've been sick. Listen to me, I'm sorry. I am so sorry, Casey. I never should have pressured you into marrying me. If I was in my right mind, I never would have done it.

Casey: Well, forget it. All I care about is your health. Are you gonna be okay?

Emily: Yeah. Whatever I had, it's gone. I'm okay.

Casey: Good. I hope so. Well, I'm sorry, too, for getting bent out of shape.

Emily: You were angry and confused. Who could blame you?

Casey: When my mom said you were in the hospital, you know, I was a mess. All I could think about was, "I don't want to lose you."

Emily: It's okay. I'm okay. Whatever. Whatever I had -- whatever bug I had, it's gone. I'm just sorry it made me so crazy.

Casey: No. Getting married was not crazy. And don't say it was a mistake because it wasn't.

Aaron: Chris Hughes has no right to be in here, okay? He's been suspended.

Nurse: Dr. Hughes has been reinstated.

Aaron: I don't care. He shouldn't be treating this patient. You know, they have history. Because she sued him for sexual harassment.

Nurse: He's her attending physician.

Aaron: Says who?

Chris: Her B.P. is low. She needs more fluids. Keep an eye on her electrolytes, okay?

Nurse: Okay.

Aaron: I'm gonna go get your dad to see what he has to say about this, okay?

Chris: Do whatever you want, Aaron, but it's not gonna help Ali!

Aaron: Okay, we'll see about that!

[Door slams]

Chris: Ali, can you hear me? Can you hear me? You need to try to stay awake, Sweetheart, okay? You need to try to stay awake.

Brad: I may have missed out on the first 16 years of her life, but I am her father and I am responsible for her.

Janet: Oh, okay! Are you saying I'm not responsible?

Brad: Was it my fault that you dropped the ball and now I have to play defense?

Janet: Oh, don't give me that crap!

Jack: Can we please chill out? There's plenty of blame to go around. Carly and I have dropped a few balls with Parker in the past, too. But now what we need to do is step up, take responsibility and work together to fix it.

Janet: I'm with you, Jack, all the way.

Jack: Good.

Brad: Oh, you know, and since you brought that up, going all the way with Jack may not have been the best example for Liberty.

Janet: We gonna go down that road again?

Jack: Can we stay on topic, please?

Brad: Hey, you know, I'm saying kids learn by example, and maybe Janet should set a better example.

Janet: Who are you, the pope, all of a sudden? She wasn't conceived out of the Immaculate Conception, you know.

Brad: No, no, no. She was conceived by two stupid teenagers in high school, and, unfortunately, she's continuing on the tradition.

Janet: Again, my fault. Again.

Jack: Can we stop worrying about and fighting about whose fault it is? Listen, we both tried to lay it on the line with our kids. It didn't work. Your tough-love technique --

Brad: Hey, at least I'm trying to give her some discipline, Jack.

Jack: Yeah, yeah. Bodyguards and boot camp in the woods. That only made her run away.

Brad: Well, your son had something to do with that.

Jack: Yes, I agree, and that's why Parker is grounded. What we need to start to do is be firm and be consistent.

Brad: You have to admit, Janet, that giving Liberty this freedom, it only confuses her.

Janet: Are you talking about the birth control? Because I don't think she was confused at all. I think she was safe.

Jack: Time out, time out. You guys both agree that Liberty and Parker should not be having sex at this point in their life, right?

Both: Yes! Yes!

Jack: Carly and I, we also agree. So what we need to start to do is we need to find a way -- the right way to tell them that they can't be together.

Brad: Definitely.

Janet: You're right. You're right, Jack, yeah. So, what is the right way? I'm all ears.

Assistant: Oh, Katie, thank God you're here!

Katie: Why? I'm not late, am I? We're not taping till this afternoon.

Assistant: Oh, no, right. But Kim wants to add a fashion segment -- "Teen trends for back to school." Pick the designs you want for the insert shots?

Katie: Got it. Thank you.

Assistant: Thanks.

Liberty: I can help you with that.

Katie: Yeah. You know, now that you mention it, I can use some help. I like to try to keep up with trends, but they're a little different in the high-school aspect.

Liberty: Hey, no. You did really good when you bought me those clothes when I came to town.

Katie: No. You made all those choices. Look through this and see what you like.

Liberty: Okay, okay. Um, with jeans, high waisted -- no, no, no. Low rise all the time. And this baggy stuff works for guys, not for girls. So last season.

Katie: Yeah. Why do they always want to look like their pants are falling off?

Liberty: It draws attention to the below-the-waist area.

Katie: Yeah, 'cause all guys think about is sex, right?

Liberty: Pretty much.

Katie: Including Parker?

Liberty: I don't -- I don't know. I can't figure Parker out at all.

Katie: Well, you know he likes you. I mean, he's totally into you. It was his idea for you guys to run away, right?

Liberty: And these peasant blouses are really cool.

Katie: Right, yeah. We'll definitely take a look at those. You know, I only bring it up because running away was always, like, a default for Parker. Whenever things weren't going his way, he would run off to Chicago or the middle of the woods, wherever, and scare his parents to death.

Liberty: Yeah, he told me, but that's really not what we were doing.

Katie: Why not?

Liberty: Well, he wanted to and da, da, da, but I told him it was really dumb, and, you know, I talked to him about it.

Katie: Good, yeah. Well, I guess, sometimes it pays to be older, right?

Liberty: I guess.

Katie: You seem to know what you want and you're not afraid to say it.

Liberty: Yeah? Well, I really want these shoes.

[Cell phone rings]

Katie: Oh. It's your dad. Hey, what's going on?

Brad: Is Liberty still with you?

Katie: Yeah, she's with me, and we're actually at the studio.

Brad: I need you to bring her to Carly’s house right away. Jack and Janet are here. We're having a family pow-wow.

Katie: Passing around the peace pipe, I hope.

Brad: Or more like, you know, Daddy lays down the law.

Katie: You know what, that might not go over so well.

Emily: Casey, we got married way, way too impulsively. There's no way this marriage could ever work out.

Casey: I don't say it that way.

Emily: Casey, I could give you a million reasons why -- our age difference not even being one of them.

Casey: Okay, that is bogus, and you know that.

Emily: I'm your half-brother's mother, okay? That's just weird.

Casey: And if Daniel knew, I bet he'd have no problem with it.

Emily: I don't believe it for a minute.

Casey: Okay, look, look. I'm not going anywhere. I cannot lose you.

Susan: Are you still here?

Casey: Yes, and I'm still her husband.

Susan: Not for long, I hope.

Emily: Okay, you know what, get up. I'm checking myself out. I've had enough of this.

Susan: Emily. Emily.

Emily: Mother, I'm fine.

Susan: As your doctor, I don't think that's a good idea.

Casey: Yeah, shouldn't you wait for your test results.

Susan: For once, I agree with him. You've got to stay here.

Emily: I am fine. I am leaving. I promise I will come back if there's something in my -- in my blood work, okay? Just don't argue with me with this. I'm not -- I'm not staying here.

Susan: I know better than to argue when I can't win. Here. A couple of magazines. And I thought it would keep you occupied if you were staying, but you're not.

Emily: What is this? I gave this to you.

Susan: Oh, it's that perfume. I -- I know I used to wear it all the time, but, you know, I think I'm allergic to it now. Listen, just take it back so it won't go to waste.

Emily: Case, could you, um -- do you mind going outside? I got to change.

Casey: Why are you self-conscious all of a sudden in front of your husband? Okay. Okay, I'm going.

[Door closes]

Susan: I'm gonna go get your release papers. Don't make me regret this.

Emily: I won’t. I promise. I've got things to do. Mostly convincing Casey that this marriage needs to be annulled. And for his own good, I need to break things off with him. Once and for all.

Chris: When I get the samples, send one to immunology. I'm gonna take the other one to the lab myself and write some tests on it. Thank you very much. Ali, this will only sting for a second, okay, Sweetheart?


Ali: Get away from me!

Alison: Leave me alone!

Nurse: You need to go to E.R. for needle-stick protocol.

Chris: It's okay. It didn't hurt.

Alison: No, don't touch me!

Aaron: What the hell are you doing to her?

Chris: I'm doing nothing, all right.

Alison: He -- he -- he tried to kill me with a drug!

Aaron: Okay. He needs to stay away from her, okay?

Bob: Chris, what's going on?

Chris: Dad, I was just trying to take a blood sample, and she pulled the needle out of my hand and stuck me with it.

Aaron: Yeah, probably out of self-defense.

Nurse: I was here the whole time. Dr. Hughes did nothing wrong.

Chris: I'm just trying to help her.

Aaron: You're freaking her out! I mean, can't you people see that?

Chris: Dad, please don't take me off this case, okay? Lives can depend on it.

Casey: Are you really up to going back to work so soon?

Emily: Stop worrying about me.

Casey: I'm sorry. You gave us a real scare.

Emily: I scared myself, but whatever it is I had, I fought it off. I just wish I could say the same of my sister. I wish I got to see her before I left the hospital.

Casey: Well, your mom promised she would call with an update, right?

Emily: Mm-hmm.

Casey: And can you promise me something?

Emily: What?

Casey: You didn't leave the hospital because I showed up, did you?

Emily: Casey, it had nothing to do with you. I swear, really. I can't stand hospitals. I don't know how my sister and my mother can work in that place. The smell of it, it's still all over me. I can't stand it. It's like that antiseptic. Ugh. [Sighs] That's better. That's better. That's much better.

Casey: Okay, I'm ready.

Emily: What?

Casey: For the big lecture. How us getting married was a huge mistake, that it's over, that I'm too young for you, yada, yada, yada. Come on, do it. Okay, I agree with you. Yes, it was a huge mistake. We jumped into it without even really thinking about it, yes. But you know, when I got married to you, it really made me happy. So what if my parents don't approve of this, or your mom thinks we're crazy? But why should we let them tell us how to live our lives? Unless this was a huge fling for you and you don't care, honestly. I want to know. Can you please tell me what you want.

Emily: I want you. I want you so much. I will never stop.

Casey: Okay.

Aaron: Look at her. Can't you see he's doing more harm than good being here?

Chris: Alison is disoriented because she is sick. There is a compound in her blood that we have not been able to identify yet. Whatever it is, it is making her paranoid. I know the symptoms because I was infected with the same thing. I know what we're dealing with here. Dad, just -- just give me a chance. Maybe I can find a viable antidote.

Bob: What I want you guys to do is go outside. I want to examine Alison myself. All right, all right. Okay. Okay. It's all right.

Casey: Emily. Emily. Okay, what's going on? First, you want to get our marriage annulled and stop seeing each other, then you're all over me. What's -- what's up?

Emily: Sorry, okay. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I -- I can't help it. I don't know why I keep sending you these mixed signals. Just stop listening to me, okay? I don't want to break up with you. Oh, I love you, and I want you.

Casey: Okay.

Emily: I want you all the time.

Casey: Mm-hmm.

Emily: Go lock the door.

Casey: What?

Emily: Do it.

Casey: Seriously?

Emily: Lock the door. Get over here! Take off your clothes. Come on, Casey. Take off your clothes!

Casey: Yes.

Emily: Come on.

Casey: Yes.

Liberty: Why do you all look like someone died?

Parker: I'll give you three guesses.

Janet: It's okay. Honey, don't worry.

Parker: Yeah, right.

Jack: This isn't gonna be easy. We've all discussed this, and if your mother was here, she'd be on board, too. We're all in agreement.

Janet: I know that this isn't the way we normally have done things in the past, Sweetheart. We've never actually had a family meeting to set down some rules, but I think it's time. And it's for the best.

Brad: It's nothing against you or Parker. You both are great kids. We just think that you should spend your time focusing on being young and free, you know? Studying, playing sports, doing what kids do, except what you did and you can't do anymore, like, never, ever, ever, ever, ever --

Jack: I think what Brad is trying to say is that we don't want you to grow up too fast.

Janet: Exactly. Because heaven knows I made that mistake, and I learned from it. And I'm not saying -- please, don't get me wrong. Libby, you know how much I wanted you. That's not what I meant.

Liberty: I know what you mean, Mom. I do.

Jack: The bottom line here is we've decided that you two shouldn't spend anymore time together unsupervised. And I know it's not gonna be easy, but we want you two to agree to keep your distance.

Liberty: I do.

Parker: No. No way. Forget it.

Jack: Parker, we need you to sign out of this.

Parker: What if I don't?

Jack: It's not open for your discussion -- it's the way it is.

Parker: Well, it sucks.

Brad: We're not doing this as punishment, it's just to get things back to, you know, normal.

Parker: Yeah, whatever that is.

Liberty: I get what you're saying, Dad.

Brad: You do?

Janet: You're okay with this, Sweetheart?

Liberty: Yeah. I mean, it's not really our decision to make, right?

Brad: Right. I'm glad you're being so mature about this.

Jack: And what about you, Parker?

Parker: I'm out of here.

[Door slams]

Emily: Oh, God. Oh, my God. That is incredible. I cannot get enough of you.

Casey: That wasn't bad, eh? But it was a complete 180.

Emily: I know. I can't help myself.

Casey: Mm-hmm.

Emily: I got to face the facts -- we are perfect for each other.

Casey: What are you doing?

Emily: What's it look like I'm doing? Get dressed.

Casey: What?

Emily: Get dressed! We're out of here.

Casey: Where?

Emily: I want to show you off.

Casey: What?

Emily: I want to show you off! I want to share you with the rest of the world.

Casey: Okay, that was the complete opposite of what you were saying five minutes ago.

Emily: I know, Casey. Casey, listen to me. We're a couple. Me and you are a couple, and there's nothing anybody can do about it. We got to tell your battle-ax mother and your stuck-in-the-mud father that they got to fact the facts -- we're together, and there's nothing they can do about it, right?

Casey: Yes, I agree. They have to accept us, but that's the worst idea I've ever heard.

Emily: Casey!

Casey: What?

Emily: It's all or nothing! It's you marry me, you don't marry me. What's it gonna be?

Casey: Yes. You already know how I feel. I wanted to stay married, but --

Emily: Oh, God. Oh, God.

Casey: Okay.

Emily: Thank you for saying that.

Casey: Mm-hmm.

Emily: Oh, God, I love you.

Casey: Mm-hmm.

Emily: We are a couple, and I want the whole world to know there's nothing they can do about it.

Casey: Yeah.

Emily: Yeah.

Aaron: Is Ali okay?

Bob: I gave her sedatives. She's resting comfortably, but she's still critical. We cannot allow her to get that worked up again.

Aaron: Well, then tell Chris to back off.

Chris: Dad, whatever happened tonight was not my fault.

Bob: I believe you, Son. I'm sure that you acted professionally. But your presence seems to upset her for whatever reason. Aaron is right. You shouldn't be treating her.

Chris: Dad.

Bob: You did nothing wrong. But we cannot risk her -- her system being strained like this again.

Chris: I agree. But take another blood sample, Dad. I will keep my distance. I will work in the lab. But I am not giving up on this case. Not until I find a cure.

Casey: Hey.

Emily: So what's it gonna be?

Casey: Of course I want to be with you. I said that all along.

Emily: Good. Oh, good. All right, let's go pay a visit to my, uh -- my new in-laws and give them a big, fat reality check. What?

Casey: You look a little flushed. Are you okay?

Emily: I'm fine. I'm fine. It's you, Baby. You get my blood pumping.

Casey: Stop. Stop. Stop. Your eyes are a little glassy. Are you sure you're okay?

Emily: I'm fine! I am more than fine. Casey, I want to go to the rooftop and shout, "I love Casey Hughes!"

Casey: Okay.

Emily: I want to get a plane and, like, skywrite "Casey and Emily, happily ever after!"

Casey: Stop! Stop. Stop. Look. This is like when you wanted us to fly to St. Louis. You know, you still have the -- have the look in your eye again.

Emily: What are you talking about? I'm happy. This is Emily, happy for once in her life.

Casey: I hope so, but just to make sure, I want to take you back to the hospital.

Emily: No, I am fine. Casey, I'm not going to the hospital with you.

Casey: I don't want to take any chances. Please? Please? I am your husband. I love you. And I don't want anything bad to happen to you, okay?

Emily: Oh, you're my husband.

Casey: Okay, so can we go now?

Emily: All right. I think it's a waste of time, my husband. I can think of a lot more fun things we can be doing. Fine.

Katie: Hey, any sign of Parker?

Jack: He took off on his bike. He just needs to blow off steam.

Brad: You know, I can really tell, he does have a temper on him which is more reason for Liberty to stay away from him right now. I mean, if you want me to talk to him, I will. I'm getting pretty good at this dad stuff.

Jack: Uh, it's okay. I can handle it, Brad. Thank you very much.

Katie: Brad, we need to get to the studio.

Brad: Okay, what about Liberty? What are we gonna do?

Janet: Hey, I'll take care of her, okay?

Liberty: You guys, I really don't need a babysitter. I have to pick up my grades anyway, so --

Brad: Okay, well, we'll drop you off. Come on, let's go.

Janet: Take care, Sweetie. Bye.

Liberty: Let's not let this happen again, okay?

[Door closes]

Janet: Wow. That was really fun.

Jack: I'm sorry. I'm sorry about Parker and Brad.

Janet: Hey, Parker's just a kid. And Brad's a big kid. But I'll tell you something, I just am so impressed with you, the way you just kept a level head the whole time. And I really appreciate the way you got everybody to sign on.

Jack: Everybody but Parker.

Janet: He'll come around. Won't he?

Jack: Parker? Who knows? He's had it so tough. First his -- you know, his dad dies, his mother takes off. Any kind of separation really hits him really hard.

Janet: I know, it's rough. But now Carly's back in the picture, and I'm sure she'll be home soon, and she'll be able to, you know -- she'll be able to talk him into it, right?

Jack: Don't hold your breath. That's not fair. Carly's not to blame for all of this. And who the hell am I to be giving parental advice? I did my share of messing this whole thing up.

Liberty: Parker, what are you trying to do, give me a heart attack? My dad and Katie just dropped me off, and what if they see you?

Parker: I don't care.

Liberty: Well, I do.

Parker: Okay. Well, I stayed out of sight until the car pulled away. And don't have a heart attack, all right?

Liberty: Are you okay?

Parker: Yeah, why?

Liberty: Well, when you ran off like that, everyone was really worried.

Parker: Well, I couldn't just stand there with them all staring at me like that, especially after you said that you wouldn't see me anymore. And I was really mad at you for saying that. But then I realized that you're really good at telling parents what they want to hear, and you didn't really mean that, right?

Liberty: Yeah, I did.

Parker: Oh, come on. You're only swallowing this stuff because you're afraid that Brad will kidnap you again.

Liberty: I'm not afraid of my dad.

Parker: Okay, then why do you let him push you around? He can't stop us from seeing each other. No one can. I mean, how are they gonna stop us?

Liberty: I think they'd find a way.

Parker: Yeah, they'd make threats, like when my dad said that he was gonna send me away to the boarding school for bad kids, but he never did and he never would because he knew that I'd escape.

Liberty: For how long, Parker? They would find you and bring you back. Because you know what, your parents actually care about you, so stop talking about running away all the time.

Parker: All right, so I stay here. That still doesn't mean that I have to follow their rules, and neither do you, okay? We can both find a way to sneak out of the house and go meet up somewhere, like at the library, and that way we can meet without them knowing.

Liberty: I don't think so.

Parker: Okay, why not?

Liberty: I -- okay, I just think its best if we -- if we do things their way just for a little while.

Parker: No, don't say that.

Liberty: It doesn't have to be forever. Just like a week or two until they start trusting us again.

Parker: I don't care. One day is too long. I want to be with you all the time, Liberty. Don't you get it? I love you!

Brad: Liberty was really mature about everything, you know? I think having a real man, you know, like a strong man in her life has made a real difference.

Katie: Yeah, I'm sure that's a plus. Of course, having a strong woman doesn't hurt, either.

Brad: Wait. Wait a second, you had something to do with this, didn't you?

Katie: Moi?

Brad: Come on. Come on. How did you get Liberty to do the right thing?

Liberty: Whoa.

Parker: Yeah. What I just said, I really didn't mean to scare you.

Liberty: No. Forget it. It's fine.

Parker: I'll call you, okay?

Liberty: I think you better not.

Janet: You have been a great dad to all your kids. And don't forget, you were a single parent, too, when Carly was out of the picture. I know how tough that is. I was there. Only I had one kid. You had three.

Jack: Yeah, but I was older when it happened to me. You -- you did an amazing job under the circumstances.

Janet: Except I was more of a friend to her than a mother, and when I look back on that, that was a mistake.

Jack: Yeah. Maybe my mistake was that I went too far in the other direction. I was too strict with Parker sometimes. Maybe if I applied the "Live and let live" philosophy like you did, it would have turned out better.

Janet: You're not putting me up on a pedestal, are you?

Jack: No. Liberty, she was much more reasonable tonight than Parker. That says something.

Janet: You know how you're always telling me not to sell myself short? You need to take your own advice because you are an amazing father, and Parker knows that. He'll come around.

Jack: I hope so.

Janet: Damn. I got to -- I got to get to work. Just come see me at the diner later, okay?

Jack: Uh, you know what, I'm gonna stick around here just in case Parker decides to turn up.

Janet: Okay. Good luck. Parker's a great kid. He's lucky to have you.

[Heavily breathing]

[Door opens]

Bob: I got a blood sample from Alison. How you doing?

Chris: I'm fine. I'm fine. Thanks.

Bob: Any leads?

Chris: Not yet. Got to keep looking.

Bob: Let me know if there's anything more I can do.

Chris: I will.

Bob: And don't overdo it. I don't want you to get sick again.

[Heavily breathing]

Emily: I don't know why I let you bring me back here. I'm fine. Just a little overheated, that's all.

Casey: No, it's more than that. Look how winded you got walking back from the car.

Emily: Casey, it's like a million degrees outside! Give me a break!

Casey: And it's freezing in here and you're still burning up.

Emily: Oh, whatever.

Casey: I didn't do anything your mother wouldn't.

Emily: You okay? Sit down.

Casey: The heat must have gotten to me.

Emily: You feel sick?

Casey: I don't know. I got lightheaded. No, don't change the subject. This is about you.

Susan: I told you it was too soon to leave the hospital!

Emily: Oh, God. She's gonna be insufferable about this.

Susan: Casey, I need you to wait outside so I can examine Emily.

Casey: Yeah, sure, just let me know what's going on.

Emily: All right, Babe. Casey!

Susan: What's wrong with you?

Casey: Nothing is wrong with me! God! Please! I'm not gonna listen to this "Wait outside" garbage. Listen, no one's taking me from my wife.

Susan: I just need a few minutes with her.

Casey: No one is taking me from my wife!

Susan: Don't be ridiculous! I will call -- I will call security!

Casey: No, no. No one's going out of this room besides you.

Susan: What are you doing? Are you crazy?

Casey: We're getting another doctor.

[Door slams]

[Heavily breathing]

Katie: It wasn't so much what I said, really. Liberty's a smart girl. She knew what was going on with Parker, and that it was getting way too intense for her. She just needed somebody to confirm that she was right.

Brad: And that someone was you because you knew exactly what she needed to hear.

Katie: Really, all I did was talk to her like an adult. You should try it sometime.

Brad: I will.

Katie: Good.

Brad: I think it's really amazing. You've never had a kid of your own, but you're a -- you're a natural parent.

Katie: Oh, I don't know about that.

Brad: No, no, no. No. I have to give credit where it's due. You are going to be a great parent to a whole brood of little Katies and Brads some day.

Katie: I hope so. I want that so much.

Brad: Oh, it'll happen. In fact, um, what do you say, after taping, we go home and we start to work on, you know, expanding our gene pool?

Liberty: Hey, Mom.

Janet: Hi, Sweetie. What a surprise! What's up?

Liberty: Nothing, nothing. I just thought I'd stop by.

Janet: Mm-hmm. What's wrong? Oh. You got your grades back today. Are they that bad?

Liberty: No, Mom. I did not get my grades back.

Janet: What do you mean you didn't get your -- I thought Brad and Katie were gonna take you to school. What's going on?

Liberty: Well, they were. They did. I just didn't go in.

Janet: What's going on?

Liberty: Parker was there, and he was waiting for me.

Janet: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Libby, I thought we agreed that you were not gonna see Parker anymore.

Liberty: No, Mom. He was waiting for me, and it was not my fault. He just showed up, and --

Janet: Okay, so, what happened? Did he say something to upset you?

Liberty: No. Sorry. I don't want to just talk about this right now.

Janet: Okay. All right, Sweetie. You don't have to talk about it.

Jack: Hey, Parker.

Parker: Hey.

Jack: With the way you took off, I'm surprised you even came back.

Parker: Don't worry. I'm not going anywhere.

Jack: Good. You'll never guess who was on the phone. You know that tennis program you applied to in Chicago? You got accepted.

Parker: No kidding.

Jack: Yeah. And it wouldn't only be good for your game, it'd look really good on a college application. But I understand if you don't want to go away right now.

Parker: No, I'll go.

Jack: Really?

Parker: Yeah, why not? Got nothing better to do.

Chris: Keep it together, Chris. Got no choice.

[Heavily breathing]

[Casey yelling indistinctly]

Emily: What are you doing? Why are you -- why are you doing this?

[Casey mumbles indistinctly]

Susan: He's in here with my daughter. She's been ill, and I think he's coming down with the same thing.

Security: Hospital security. Open up.

Casey: No one's coming in here!

Susan: Okay.

Security: I'm going in.

Susan: Emily, are you all right? Honey, are you all right? Emily?

[Casey groaning]

Susan: What is happening at this hospital?

Chris: Ali. Ali, whatever you got, I got it now, too. [Speaks indistinctly] When you stuck me with the needle. But I can't get sick. No. I can't. I have to get us better, Ali.

Aaron: How many times do I have to tell you -- stay the hell away from her!

[Heavily breathing]

Casey: Get off of me!

Susan: Take him to another room.

Security: I got him.

Susan: I got to do something to save my daughter before it's too late.

Bob: Chris! Chris, stop it! Stop it!

Aaron: He's trying to kill me!

Bob: Sedative, quick! Sedative!

Chris: No! What are you doing?

Aaron: He's lost it! He needs to be locked up!

Chris: What are you doing?

Bob: Sorry. I have no choice!

Aaron: He needs to be locked up!

Bob: He's sick. He's got the same thing that Alison has. There's a dangerous, infectious disease running rampant around this hospital.

Aaron: Why can't you find out what it is?

Bob: We're trying to. And Chris was our best bet to find a cure. This could turn into an epidemic. God knows where that would lead us.

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