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As The World Turns Transcript Thursday 7/31/08

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Emma: Ah, Holden. You're up early.

Holden: Yeah, I had to check on new foal.

Emma: Here you go.

Holden: Thank you.

Emma: So, how'd it go yesterday when you were picking up the girls from camp?

Holden: They're home. They're fine.

Emma: No, I'm talking about Lily. Did you two talk on the way up?

Holden: No, not really. We barely said two words to each other on the way up to camp, and then I didn't come back with her.

Emma: Why not?

Holden: Well, we ran into Carly. She was there picking up Sage.

Emma: Ah. And what happened?

Holden: Lily got all bent out of shape. She thought we planned it that way. She threw Faith and Nat in the car and drove home without me.

Emma: She just left you stranded there? How'd you get home?

Holden: Carly gave me a ride. Mama, nothing happened, okay? Sage was in the car, for God's sake. It's over, all right? Carly and I, we're doing everything we can to avoid each other.

Emma: Well, if that's true, then you're gonna have to find a way to get through to Lily and make her believe that.

Holden: Any ideas on how to do that? Because I really don't have a clue.

Luke: Hey!

Natalie: Luke, we missed you!

Luke: Aw. Well, I missed you guys, too, so much! So, how was summer camp? Was it totally tubular?

Faith: We made you and Noah matching lanyard key rings.

Luke: Way cool. Thanks.

Faith: I heard gay marriage is legal in California. You're not moving, are you?

Luke: No, sorry. You're stuck with me for a while.

Faith: I wish you could get married here.

Luke: Yeah. That'd be nice, but, you know, marriage is a great thing, but it can also be very complicated.

Lily: Luke is in time to have breakfast with us. Ethan was so excited to see the girls last night, I could barely get him to sleep, so he's sleeping in. Things should be relatively peaceful around here.

Luke: Okay, well, I'm taking orders. Who wants pancakes?

Natalie: Well, Dad usually makes pancakes. Can we call him?

Lily: Dad is at the farm, Sweetie.

Faith: Dad didn't sleep here last night, did he?

Lily: Well, no.

Faith: Why not?

Luke: Um, Faith. You know how it is when you're doing chores on the farm in the morning. You know, sometimes you have to wake up really, really early, so Dad just probably didn't want to disturb you this morning, you know? So, who wants to make pancakes?

Natalie: I will.

Luke: Okay, let's go.

Faith: Mom, you and Dad are breaking up again, aren't you?

Emma: You're just giving up on your marriage, huh? Just like that.

Holden: Mama, I have apologized to Lily every way I know how. I even asked her for a cooling-down period before she does anything legal. I keep hitting a brick wall with her, though.

Emma: Well, you have to go around the wall. You have to knock it down.

Holden: It takes two people to rebuild a marriage.

Emma: Holden, how badly do you want Lily back?

Holden: Honestly, right now I don't know what I want.

Emma: Well, you know you love your family, and your children need you and Lily to be together. You've got to do everything you can to get this marriage back again.

Holden: Yeah, but I can't do it by myself. She won't listen to me.

Emma: Then, I'll talk to her. Here I want to have all of them out to lunch today. I'm gonna have a big barbecue to welcome the kids home from camp.

Holden: Forget about it. She won't do it, especially if she knows that I'm here.

Emma: No, no, no, no. She'll do it. She can't say no to me.

Brad: Good morning, Sleepyhead.

Liberty: What's good about it? Where's Katie?

Brad: She's at the studio, which is where I'm headed. We're doing a segment on parakeets!

Liberty: Great. Something else you can keep in cages besides me.

Brad: You need a serious attitude adjustment.

Liberty: Yeah, maybe shock treatments or padded walls for my room.

Brad: Just try to stay out of trouble today, all right?

Liberty: Do I have a choice?

Brad: No.

[Liberty scoffs]

Liberty: Do I really have to hang out with this thing again?

Brad: No, he's not here to hang out. He's here to keep you in line.

Liberty: How long are we gonna play this little game?

Brad: As long as I say. Watch out for my little girl.

Ugo: You got it, Boss. Is there anything I can get you?

Liberty: Yeah, a passport and a one-way ticket to Cancun.

Ugo: That's not gonna happen.

Liberty: That's what I figured. So, in that case, you can leave me alone, don't talk to me, and just stay out of my sight.

Ugo: Brat.

[Doorbell rings]

Janet: Who the hell are you?

Carly: Hi. That was fast.

Jack: You made it sound like a five-alarm fire.

Carly: Well, uh, something is going on with Parker, and I need your help.

Jack: What's he done now?

Carly: It's what he won't do. He won't come out of his room. He won't speak to me.

Jack: So, what else is new?

Carly: Yeah, but this is getting out of hand. I know he's upset with me for what happened with Holden, but he can't just pretend I don't exist.

Jack: Well, I tried talking to him about that, Carly, but I don't know what else I can do.

Carly: Well, whatever you do, do it for Sage, too, because he has barely said two words to her since she got home. And he's been angry with me before, but he has never taken it out on his sister, which makes me think that maybe it isn't just me. Maybe there's something else going on here.

Jack: Maybe.

Carly: Jack. Well, if you have any idea about what that might be, I need you to tell me. Now.

Janet: Hello? Do you speak English? I said, "Who the hell are you?"

Ugo: I heard you the first time. Who the hell are you?

Janet: I am Liberty's mother. Where is she? And where are Brad and Katie?

Ugo: Mr. and Mrs. Snyder are at work.

Janet: Where's my kid?

Ugo: Liberty's safe.

Janet: What the -- what do you mean she's safe?

Ugo: It means I have my eye on her.

Janet: You do -- get -- get out of my --

Ugo: I have orders -- nobody goes in and nobody goes out.

Janet: You know what you can do with your orders?

Janet: Liberty? Liberty?

Liberty: Oh, Mom. Have you met Lurch? Oh, I mean Ugo. Isn't he great?

Jack: You're right, Carly. You're probably not the only issue for Parker right now.

Carly: So, what are these other issues, Jack? Has he said anything to you?

Jack: You know Parker. He doesn't say much.

Carly: I also know you, and it is painfully obvious if there is something you're not telling me. Did he ask you not to?

Jack: That's not it.

Carly: Oh, Boy. Why do I get the feeling this is not good news?

Jack: Because it isn't.

Carly: Tell me.

Jack: Parker did something inappropriate.

Carly: Don't you think I have a right to know what this something inappropriate is? What did he do?

Jack: He had sex with Liberty.

Carly: That's not even funny, Jack. Tell me what really happened, would you? Se -- seriously? Parker and Lib -- oh, my God! Oh, my God! Oh, God, Jack! What are we gonna do? Oh, no, no, no, no. No. Thi -- this is not true.

Jack: Yes, it is. Parker had sex with Liberty.

Carly: Hey, Jack, I thought that you had a talk with him about the fact that he is too young to become involved in this way. You said that he understood.

Jack: Did I say that?

Carly: He's 15! How old is this Liberty girl?

Jack: A year older. Maybe a little more.

Carly: Oh, this is wrong. It's so wrong. How did it happen?

Jack: How do you think it happened, Carly? I told you that Liberty and Parker had been hanging out.

Carly: Yeah, you mentioned it in passing. I had no idea it was already out of control!

Jack: Well, I didn't know anything was happening until it was too late.

Carly: Why did I think that you talking to him would be enough? Why did -- you know, we should have seen this coming.

Jack: Well, I think the grown-ups were a little preoccupied.

Carly: I'm sorry. Are you somehow -- are you somehow telling me that this is my fault?

Jack: No, no. I'm saying that there's plenty of blame to go around.

Carly: When were you planning on telling me about it?

Jack: I just did.

Carly: I had to pry it out of you!

Jack: Well, I knew you'd react like this.

Carly: I had a right to know!

Jack: Oh, come on, Carly! Please, let's not fight about who knew what when.

Carly: You're right. I really don't have time to fight with you right now. I have to fight with him!

Jack: Stop! Hey! Calm down, first. I already read Parker the riot act.

Carly: Obviously, it didn't do any good, did it?

Jack: No, it didn't. But now that I've had a chance to think about it, the advice that Janet gave me, it's kind of good, right?

Carly: Janet? Who the hell is she to tell us what to do?

Jack: She's Liberty's mother.

Carly: So Janet has known about this.

Jack: Yeah.

Carly: You've discussed this with Janet!

Jack: Yes, Carly. I have. And she was pretty levelheaded about the whole thing. Janet did everything she could to keep Liberty from being sexually active, and she made sure that Liberty had protection.

Carly: What? Oh, God! She gave her daughter birth control, Jack! Talk about mixed signals!

Jack: Would you calm down, please?

Carly: You want me to calm down? You confided in Janet about our son and kept me in the dark! You want me to be calm?

Jack: Oh, give me a break.

Carly: You had no right to keep this from me!

Jack: You're gonna make this worse, you know that?

Carly: You have already made it worse, Jack! Hey, Parker? Get down here now!

Ugo: Ow, that hurts!

Janet: Who is this goon?

Liberty: Just my bodyguard.

Janet: Your what?

Liberty: Yeah, he's more like a prison guard, actually.

Janet: That's ridiculous. Who's idea was --

Liberty: Just my so-called dad.

Janet: What the hell is he trying to protect you from?

Ugo: From herself.

Janet: Oh, that's stupid. My daughter is no danger to herself or anyone else. Now you can go. Go now.

Liberty: Good luck with that one, Mom.

Ugo: I'm not going anywhere. I take my orders from Mr. Brad.

Janet: Fine. Fine. You stay. We'll go. Go get your stuff.

Liberty: Oh, Mom. Mom, does this mean I get to go live at the farm with you and Uncle Jack? Please.

Janet: No. I don't think that Auntie Em would really go for that. No. I'm really beginning to think that this whole move to Oakdale was a bad idea. I think it's time for us to go home.

Liberty: No. I am not leaving this town, Mom.

Janet: Liberty Lou, you go in there and get your stuff right now!

Ugo: I'm calling Mr. Brad.

Janet: Fine. See how far that gets you.

Luke: Mmm. You know what? If I do say so myself, these pancakes were awesome.

Faith: Why couldn't we invite Dad?

Lily: Dad had a lot to do at the farm.

Faith: Mom, why won't you tell us what's going on? Is Dad mad at you again?

Luke: Look, Faith, is this what you did at camp? Just spent all your time creating all these scenarios that may or may not be happening?

Faith: Well, we told a lot of ghost stories.

Luke: Well, there you go. That's why you have such an overactive imagination. So it's time to turn that off and just chillax, okay?

Faith: Fine.

Luke: Fine. All right, good. Well, since I was the chef this morning, that means you guys have to do the dishes.

Faith: Come on, Nat. Let's just get it over with.

Lily: Thank you. You are a life saver.

Luke: Thanks. But sooner or later, you're gonna have to tell the girls that you and Dad are separated.

Lily: I know, I know. I just -- I wanted them to have one more carefree summer day before we broke their hearts.

Luke: I get that.

Lily: So great to hear them laughing. I mean, I wish it could always be like that.

Luke: Well, maybe it can be. I mean, if you and Dad try to work things out, may-- okay, maybe not.

[Cell phone rings]

Lily: Excuse me. Hello?

Emma: Hi. Hi, Sweetheart. It's me. It's Emma. How you doing?

Lily: Hi, Emma. Fine. What's going on?

Emma: Listen, I had a wonderful idea. How about coming out to the farm today? You know, I can have a big barbecue to welcome the girls home from camp.

Lily: Ooh, a big family barbecue at the farm. I was just about to make tuna sandwiches with the kids.

Luke: No, no. You should do it. It would be good for the girls.

Emma: I'm sorry. I'm not gonna take "No" for an answer. Come on, now. Get here as soon as you can.

Lily: All right, thanks. Can we bring anything?

Emma: No. Just yourselves and a very healthy appetite. Okay? See you soon. There you go. Easy as that.

Holden: The hard part is when she gets here.

Lily: I wonder if that was a mistake.

Luke: Why would it be?

Lily: Your father's gonna be there.

Luke: Come on, Mom. You can handle it.

Lily: I can if you'll be there with me.

Luke: Of course I will. But one condition -- I want to bring a date.

Luke: Hi, Noah. Do you have a minute?

Noah: Sure. Jeff, you mind covering for me?

Jeff: Yeah, Man.

Noah: So, what's up? I thought you were gonna be hanging out with your little sisters and your brother.

Luke: Well, that was the plan, but then my Grandma Emma decided she wants to get the whole family together, and you're invited. So, she's gonna have a barbecue.

Noah: Well, I love Emma's cooking, but will your parents be there?

Luke: Uh, yeah. And that's the downside.

Noah: And will they be speaking, or will they be throwing things at each other?

Luke: Probably throwing things. I don't know. The tensions gonna be so thick, you can cut it with a steak knife.

Noah: How are the girls doing? Do they know about the split?

Luke: No. But Faith is suspicious. So that's why I want you to come with me. We'll go to the farm. We'll put on these big, fake smiles, and we'll pretend that we're just happy family.

Noah: Well, that doesn't sound so bad.

Luke: Are you kidding me?

Noah: I don't have to fake being happy when I'm with you.

Carly: This is ridiculous. Parker, if you don't come down here right now, I'm coming up.

Jack: That's a great way to start off, Carly. That'll make him really receptive.

Parker: What do you want?

Carly: Your dad has told me what you've been up to with Liberty.

Parker: Thanks, Dad.

Carly: No, no. Don't blame him. I would have found out sooner or later, Honey.

Parker: Great. So, can we get this lecture over with?

Carly: No. I'm not gonna lecture you. I'm certain that your father has told you everything you need to hear. I would just ask that you take what he said to heart. Jack is a very good role model when it comes to these things.

Parker: Yeah. Better than you.

Jack: Hey.

Carly: I've made mistakes. Bad mistakes. But that does not mean that I have forfeited the right to be your mother or to have an opinion, Parker, and it is my opinion that you are too young to be sexually active.

Parker: Are you kidding me? Who are you to tell me anything?

Jack: That is enough.

Sage: Mom, Dad. Natalie called. She and Faith are going to the farm for a cookout, and I'm invited. Please, please, please, please, please, can I go?

Carly: Yeah, Sweetheart. Just need to finish this conversation I'm having with Parker, okay?

Parker: We're finished.

Carly: We're not. Just five minutes, okay?

Sage: I'll bring my bathing suit in case we go swimming.

Carly: Parker, listen to me.

Parker: I'm listening.

Carly: What happened, it shouldn't have happened, and it can't happen again.

Parker: Are you talking to me, or are you talking to yourself?

Jack: Cut it out. Your mother is very worried about you.

Parker: Okay, but there's nothing to worry about. We used protection, okay? So can I go now?

Liberty: I didn't pack everything, okay, Mom? Just the stuff I need for tonight.

Janet: That's fine. Brad and Katie can send the rest.

Ugo: I can't let the girl go.

Janet: That girl is my daughter. Now, I'm not gonna tell you again.

Ugo: I have my orders.

Janet: Fine. Then you'll have to shoot me if you're not gonna let me walk out that door. You're not packing heat, are you?

Ugo: I'll do whatever it takes to keep Ms. Liberty safe.

Janet: Ms. Liberty is my daughter, and I will not have you treat her like a convicted felon! Ow! That's assault. My boyfriend's a cop.

Ugo: I don't care.

Janet: Get off me! Come on! Let's go!

Brad: What the hell do you think you're doing?

Janet: Bradley Snyder, what kind of a pathetic excuse for a father are you?

Brad: The kind that cares enough to give his kid all the tough love she needs.

Brad: Good job, Ugo.

Janet: What kind of a father are you, pawning some goon off on our daughter?

Brad: Look, I can't be with her 24/7. I'm just making sure that she stays out of trouble.

Liberty: But I don't need a babysitter.

Janet: That's right. She needs a father, not a warden.

Brad: I'm just giving her discipline 16 years too late.

Janet: Are you saying that I never gave her any discipline?

Brad: You let her get away with murder.

Janet: She knows where I stand.

Brad: She knows she can get anything past you.

Janet: No, she can't!

Brad: Yes, she can.

Janet: Like what?

Brad: Like sex.

Janet: I never told her that was okay.

Brad: You never said "Never." I had to lay down the law.

Janet: Oh, right. Well, why don't you try being a father to her instead of foisting her off on Hulk Hogan over there.

Brad: Would you give us a second?

Ugo: Where do you want me to go, Boss?

Brad: I don't know. Just hang out in your car.

Ugo: All right.

Brad: Yeah, that's the way. Way to be civilized. What kind of lesson are you teaching our daughter?

Janet: What kind of a lesson are you teaching our daughter? Huh? Honey, Daddy really loves you, but he's gonna lock you up in handcuffs and throw away the key till you're 40.

Brad: I will do whatever it takes. I will do whatever it takes to keep our daughter out of trouble.

Janet: Mm. So she won't turn out like me.

Brad: Oh, no, no, no. I didn't say that, but neither one of us want her to get pregnant while she's still a kid, okay, which is exactly where she was headed.

Janet: Then try teaching her responsibility instead of locking her up and throwing away the key!

Brad: She wants no responsibility, period, Janet!

Parker: Okay, so we had sex, and maybe I didn't think about all the consequences. Does that remind you of somebody?

Jack: Hey, I thought we talked about this. She is your mother, and you'll respect that.

Parker: Yeah, well, I don't respect what she did.

Carly: This isn't about me right now.

Parker: Yeah, well, maybe it should be.

Carly: That went well.

Jack: He'll come around. Just give him time.

Carly: I wouldn't be too sure.

Sage: So, who's gonna drive me to the farm?

Carly: Would you wait in the car, Honey?

Sage: Don't take long, okay? Please.

Carly: Would you take her? I can't go to the farm, for obvious reasons.

Jack: I don't think it's a good idea for you to be alone with Parker in the house right now.

Carly: I can't argue with you there.

Jack: So I'll wait with him while you're gone.

Carly: Okay. I'll just drop her off and hightail it out of there.

Luke: So, my sisters made these for us out at camp. Take your pick.

Noah: Cool. You know, maybe one day we can use these to carry our keys to our own place.

Luke: Oh. That'll be wonderful. But right now, I feel like I need to stay with my family.

Noah: Yeah, I know. Staying at the farm is -- it's the right thing to do.

Luke: Are you sure you don't mind?

Noah: Come on. You know I love it there.

Luke: I know, but it's -- it's not like having our own place with our own private time.

Noah: No, it's not. But I love the way you care so much about your family. It makes me realize, you know, if you care half as much about me, I'm a pretty lucky guy.

Luke: Well, I do, and you know it. Look. But coming out to the barbecue, that's going above and beyond.

Noah: Hey, I'm just glad you want me there.

Luke: Are you sure that this is okay?

Noah: It's totally cool.

Luke: Okay, thank you.

Noah: Hey, Jeff. Thanks for covering me again, Man.

Jeff: Any time, Man.

Noah: I appreciate it.

Jeff: You guys have fun.

Noah: Oh, we will.

Luke: Don't hold your breath.

Noah: Oh, come on. It's not gonna be so bad.

Luke: I wouldn't bet on that.

Emma: Oh, I missed you girls so much.

Faith: We missed you, too, Grandma.

Lily: Luke is on his way over with Noah.

Emma: Oh, good, good. Isn't it wonderful? Isn't it wonderful to have the family together?

Holden: What about me? I don't get a hug? Huh?

Natalie: We missed you last night, Daddy.

Holden: Yeah. I'm sorry. There's been a lot going on lately.

Faith: I thought you were living with us again.

Holden: Honey, I'm sorry about last night. But you girls know that I will always be there for you. You know that, right?

Natalie: Well, we wanted to give you the presents we made you at camp.

Holden: Really? What did you make?

Faith: Napkin rings. One says "Mom," and one says "Dad."

Holden: Oh, really? I can't wait to see them.

Emma: You know what? I made some very pretty things -- pretty dresses while you girls were away, for you.

Natalie: Can we see?

Emma: You can not only see them but you can try them on. Come on. Let's go in here. And I have a present. I have a present for my sweet boy. Yes, I do. Yes, I do. Let's go.

Faith: I was right. You guys are having problems again. I can tell.

Lily: Yes. Yeah, we are, Sweetie. But it's nothing for you to worry about.

Faith: How can you say that? If you really loved us, you'd stop splitting up all the time.

Luke: Whoa, Faith. I'll go get her.

Lily: I can't deal with you right now.

Carly: I'm gonna let you out here.

Sage: How come?

Carly: Well, I just don't have time to say hello to everybody and make conversation, so I'm gonna get going. Get your stuff. Hey, come here. Give me a hug. Thank you. You be good.

Sage: I will. But first, can you ask Holden about riding lessons? I want to out to the farm every day so I can practice really hard and learn how to do jumps and everything.

Carly: Yeah, I know. I just don't want to bother Holden with that right now. Just enjoy the barbecue, and we'll talk about horseback riding later, okay?

Sage: Promise?

Carly: I promise.

Sage: Bye, Mom.

Carly: Have a good time, Sweetie. Bye. I was just dropping Sage off. I didn't want to bother you.

Lily: Too late.

Carly: I'll get out of your way.

Lily: How dare you show your face here.

Carly: That's exactly what I was trying to avoid. I don't want trouble.

Lily: Well, you've made plenty already.

Holden: Lily. Lily, just take it easy.

Lily: Don't touch me! And stay the hell away from my husband!

Carly: I didn't come here to see Holden.

Lily: Oh, please. I'm supposed to believe a word you say? You can't just have sex with Holden and then pretend like everything's okay.

Lily: Oh, Honey. I'm so sorry. I didn't mean for you to find out.

Holden: Faith, listen. Listen to me.

Faith: No, I won't listen to you. I hate you. I hate you both!

Luke: No, Dad. Better let me.

Lily: Why are you still here? You're only making things worse!

Carly: I'll go. I'll have Jack pick up Sage.

Luke: Its okay, it's okay.

Faith: Why do they keep doing this to us?

Luke: I don't know.

Faith: I hate them. I hate them so much.

Lily: I can't believe Faith found out like that. Because of Carly. Why did she show up at the farm today? Did you invite her?

Holden: Of course not. I had no idea she was gonna be here.

Lily: Was this your idea -- this whole family barbecue?

Holden: No, it wasn't my idea. It was my mother's. And it started out just fine.

Lily: Well, it turned into a disaster! Did you see our daughter's face? She was devastated!

Holden: I hate that Faith had to find out like that, but this was not my fault. It wasn't my mother's either.

Lily: Well, who's fault was it? Are you blaming me?

Holden: Lily, I take full responsibility for my mistakes, but you are out of control here, and it's just making things worse for the kids. Sleeping with Carly -- that was wrong on my part.

Lily: Oh, yeah.

Holden: I deserve everything that you want to dish out. All the abuse that you want to give me, I will take it. But what you're doing here to the kids, it's wrong, and it has to stop.

Janet: What kind of a father hires a sumo wrestler to body-block his daughter?

Brad: I'm protecting her so she doesn't make the same mistakes you made.

Janet: Uh, we made. Remember? Only I was the one left to clean up after it.

Brad: Well, I'm cleaning it up now.

Janet: Oh, no, you're not. Not like this, you're not. I'm not putting up with it.

Ugo: Excuse me. I don't mean to interrupt, but do the two of you have any idea what time you might be done in here?

Janet: Hey, mind your own business. Take a hike.

Ugo: I take my orders from my boss.

Brad: Yeah, yeah, we're done. Come on in.

Janet: Liberty, come on!

Brad: No, Janet.

Janet: No, what?

Brad: You're not taking Liberty.

Janet: Who's gonna stop me? You and Godzilla over there? Huh? Liberty, move your butt. Come on. Chop, chop. What are you looking at?

Brad: She's gone.  

Janet: How could she be gone, huh? Where did she go?

Brad: You didn't see her leave?

Ugo: I don't know. I might have closed my eyes for a second, but I thought she was safe inside with you.

Brad: What? You're an idiot, Man? I mean, you went outside and you didn't see her go? You let her go! You're fired.

Ugo: You owe me a day's pay, and you owe me severance pay, too.

Brad: Send me the bill. Go, go, go.

Ugo: You know, that kid's a pain, anyway.

Brad: Yeah, right.

Janet: Oh, great. Good one. Fire the guy that could help us find Liberty.

Brad: Don't worry. I'll find her myself.

Janet: You better!

[Cell phone vibrates]

Parker: Liberty, what's up?

Liberty: I ditched my bodyguard.

Parker: How'd you do that?

Liberty: Meet me at Java, and I'll tell you.

Parker: No way. My dad's downstairs guarding the door.

Liberty: Go out the window like I do.

Parker: Okay. I'll be right there.

Faith: Why are parents so dumb?

Luke: They're not. They just do dumb things sometimes. We all do.

Faith: You don't.

Luke: Yeah, I do.

Faith: Well, not like this. I mean, I can't believe they keep telling us that they love us and then they go and make the same mistakes over and over.

Luke: I know.

Faith: First, Mom cheated, and then Dad. It's so gross.

Luke: Yeah, but it's very true that parents can still really, really love their kids while they make messes out of their own lives.

Faith: But they're not just making messes out of their own lives. It makes messes out of their kids' lives, too.

Luke: You're right.

Faith: You're just as mad as I am, aren't you?

Luke: Yeah. I guess I am. But the way I see it -- we've got two options. We can either try to stay a family, or we can high tail it to the orphanage. I'm voting for family.

Faith: Okay. As long as you keep being my big brother.

Lily: You have to know that I would never deliberately hurt our children. But you have no idea what it's like when I see Carly or the two of you together. It just drives me crazy.

Holden: Lily, I know exactly how you feel. It's probably the same way I felt when you left Thanksgiving dinner to be with Dusty.

Lily: Well, at least you finally admit it. This whole thing with Carly is just payback.

Holden: That's not what I said.

Lily: You didn't have to. I know how much I hurt you when I was with Dusty.

Holden: And I've hurt you. And now the hard part is trying to figure out a way to stop hurting each other.

Jack: Hey.

Carly: Hey.

Jack: What's wrong now?

Carly: I should never have gone to the farm. Lily cornered me in the driveway.

Jack: What happened?

Carly: I dropped Sage off, I tried to get out of there as quickly and as quietly as I could, and then Lily started screaming about how I slept with her husband.

Jack: Sage heard that?

Carly: Faith.

Jack: I'm sorry, Carly.

Carly: You got to pick her up, okay?

Jack: Yeah, I got it, Carly. I got it.

Carly: Yeah. I really know how to screw things up, don't I?

Jack: Hey, you're not the only one at fault here.

Carly: Face it, Jack. I leave a disaster wherever I go.

Jeff: Can I get you something?

Liberty: Oh, no. I'm just waiting for a friend.

Brad: If you thought you were gonna hook up with Parker, forget it.

Liberty: You cannot tell me what to do.

Brad: Yes, I can.

Liberty: Ow!

Brad: Now you are coming with me.

Liberty: Get off of me!

Brad: No, it's okay. I'm her father.

Liberty: Let me down! I hate you! Let me down!

Noah: Hey.

Luke: Hey, Noah. How's it going?

Noah: You know. Usual fun and games at the Snyder farm.

Luke: Yeah. Tell me about it.

Faith: Only not so fun.

Noah: You know, Emma took the kids to the barn to see the new foal.

Faith: Magic had her baby?

Noah: Yeah. You should go check it out.

Faith: Okay.

Noah: Your parents are inside, and I thought Faith could use a little diversion.

Luke: No, that's -- that's very good thinking. Look, I am so sorry about this. This is a lot worse than I thought it would be.

Noah: Hey, nobody got murdered tonight? I think, if we're comparing families, yours still wins. But you know, if you ever -- if this ever gets too much for you, you need to get out of here, we could always look for a place ourselves, you know? Put those key chains your sisters made us to good use.

Luke: Yeah. You know there's nothing I want more than to be alone with you, but right now, I feel like I have to be here for my mother and my sisters, and even Ethan's gonna start figuring things out soon.

Noah: Hey, I understand.

Luke: But you know what? One day, we are gonna get our own place, and it's gonna be all ours.

Lily: The only way to stop hurting each other is to make a clean break. We can't keep putting our kids through this. At some point, we have to have the courage to admit it's over.

Holden: How are we gonna do that after all this time?

Lily: I can't live with what you did, Holden. I mean, maybe someday I'll get over it, but right now I can't be with you. Just bring the kids when they're done.

Emma: Holden, don't let it end like that. Go after her.

Holden: I can't.

Carly: Thank you.

Jack: You're welcome.

Carly: Why are you being so nice to me?

Jack: It's a tough job, but somebody's got to do it.

Carly: You know, I've never won any popularity contests around here, but it's never been this bad.

Jack: Then why don't you take off for a while? J.J.'s still at the camp. I'll watch Parker while you and Sage go to Montana or somewhere. She loves riding now. Maybe you two could rustle up a couple of horses, do some bonding. You know, just until the heat dies down a little.

Carly: It's tempting.

Jack: I'll make sure that Parker stays out of trouble.

Carly: Well, that's a tall order right now.

Jack: We'll be fine. You need this. You've been beaten up enough.

Carly: You know something, you're right.

Jack: I have been trying to tell you that for years. Seriously. You worry about taking care of yourself right now.

Carly: Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Jeff: You looking for someone?

Parker: Uh, no. Not really.

Jeff: Well, what can I get you?

Parker: Nothing. Thanks.

Liberty: You are impossible, you know. You're acting like a freaking caveman or something!

Brad: I am bigger than you. Deal with it.

Liberty: God, I could have you arrested! You don't know that, but I could have you arrested for kidnapping.

Brad: No, you can't. I'm your dad.

Liberty: Don't remind me. I'm gonna go stay with my mom. Yeah.

Brad: Forget it. That is not happening.

Liberty: You are so impossible! I got to go meet Parker.

Brad: Okay. You know what, this is what I think about you and Parker.

Liberty: What? I have minutes on that!

Brad: You want minutes? How about this for minutes? You're gonna be spending every minute with me from now on.

Liberty: Aah!

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