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As The World Turns Transcript Wednesday 7/30/08

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Brad: This is like bad déja vu.

Liberty: Dad, what are you doing here? I thought --

Brad: What am I -- what are you doing with him? Huh? Don't say "Nothing."

Liberty: We're listening to music, okay?

Brad: I don't hear any music.

Liberty: 'Cause we're listening to it on that --

Brad: On top of each other?

Liberty: No, next to each other. God.

[Brad picks up the condom package]

Brad: And what is this for? To protect your ears from the really loud music?

[Telephone rings]

Jack: Snyder.

Carly: Jack, it's Carly.

Jack: Oh, hey. I was gonna call you and let you know that we were back.

Carly: Well, the tackle box in my living room sort of gave it away.

[Jack chuckles]

Jack: Sorry about that.

Carly: That's okay. Why did you come back early?

Jack: Well, the fish weren't biting, and our son wasn't talking, so I figured it'd be better if I put us both out of our misery.

Carly: I'm sorry your trip didn't work out.

Jack: Well, it wasn't a total wash. I think on some level, on some small level, I got through to him that he's getting too involved with Liberty too soon, and I did my best to convince him that he is nowhere near ready to be having sex.

Carly: I can't even believe we're talking about Parker and sex in the same sentence.

Jack: Me, either.

Carly: He's so young!

Jack: Well, kids are growing up fast these days.

Carly: I just hope he takes your advice. You wouldn't happen to know where Parker is right now, would you?

Jack: At work. Why?

Carly: Well, I was kind of hoping since you're back, I thought maybe you could go and pick up Sage from summer camp today?

Jack: Yeah, yeah. I can do that. I don't think anyone around here is gonna notice I'm gone.

Carly: I'll notice. Thank you. Thanks for saving me the trip. Bye.

Lily: What are you doing here?

Holden: The girls are coming home from camp today.

Lily: Yeah, I know. I was just getting ready to go pick them up.

Holden: Maybe we could do that together.

Lily: I don't think so.

Holden: Why not?

Lily: Are you really gonna push me on this?

Holden: I'm not pushing. I'm just asking why. Lily, come on. It's not that long of a trip.

Lily: You know what, at this point, 10 minutes in the car with you is 10 minutes too long.

Holden: Is that right? You know what, the girls would really love it if we showed up and brought them home together.

Lily: I'm sure they would.

Holden: Well, then let's not punish them because we're at odds.

Henry: Vienna? Sweetheart? What are you doing?

Vienna: What does it look like?

Henry: It looks like you're packing.

Vienna: You're a very smart man, Henry. I would never fool you the way you fooled me.

Henry: No, Sweetie, you always catch on.

Vienna: Just not soon enough.

Henry: That's not true. You're always one step ahead of me. Like now, for instance.

Vienna: Really?

Henry: Yeah, yeah. Look at this suitcase. You knew instinctively that you and I need to take a nice, romantic vacation together.

Vienna: And you think that would change anything for us?

Henry: I think it would do us so much good, Sweetheart, I really do. I think a nice warm, tropical beach. We could play in the sand. We could erase any obvious tan lines. We could -- we could talk about things.

Vienna: A beach sounds nice.

Hen: That's my girl. That is my girl. I'll get my duffel bag.

Vienna: Yeah, but a beach without you sounds even better.

Henry: What?

Vienna: Yeah. You're right. I need time away from you. So I'm leaving you, Henry.

Brad: You played me, Liberty. You lied to me.

Liberty: No, I didn't.

Brad: Yes, you did.

Liberty: I didn't.

Brad: Yes, you did. You told me you knew all about sex and being responsible and safe. I find this on the floor. That is not where this goes!

Liberty: Parker --

Brad: Listen to me. Don't look at her. Do you understand me? Do not look at her!

Liberty: Dad!

Katie: Hey, what are you doing?

Brad: Don't worry, I'm only gonna kill him a little.

Katie: Stop it. Let him go. Are you okay?

Brad: No, he's fine.

Liberty: Dad, no, Guys, really, this is my fault. It wasn't his. I lied to you, and I won't do it again.

Brad: No. No, you won't.

Katie: Okay, you've made your point. Where are you going?

Brad: Look, I haven't. I tried things your way. We are gonna work a few things out.

Katie: Can't you do that here, where there are witnesses?

Liberty: Dad?

Brad: Will you watch her? Don't let her out of your sight.

Liberty: You should so not let him leave with Parker.

Katie: I don't even know what I just walked in on, Liberty.

Liberty: What you just walked in on was my dad having a complete meltdown that he's gonna take off on a poor, innocent kid that didn't do anything wrong.

Katie: Okay, what happened before I walked in?

Liberty: It's not what happened before you walked in that's the problem.

Katie: Oh.

Liberty: My dad just came in and started freaking out for no good reason.

Katie: No good reason? I don't know, that doesn't sound entirely true to me.

Liberty: Wow. Well, if you already know everything, then why are you even asking me?

Katie: 'Cause I'm trying to have a two-way conversation here.

Liberty: Oh, I already had a lecture with daddy dearest, so thanks.

Katie: Okay, here's the deal. Why don't you drop the attitude for a second, 'cause I have a pretty good idea that your dad was right to be upset.

Liberty: I've had it. I'm leaving.

Katie: No. You are not going anywhere.

Brad: Jack!

Parker: You can't have me arrested. I didn't do anything wrong.

Brad: Jack. Sit down!

Jack: What's going on here? Hey!

Brad: Do you know what I caught your son doing to my daughter?

Jack: How much of this do I want to hear?

Parker: Dad, I didn't do anything.

Brad: The hell you didn't. Exhibit "C," as in condom.

Jack: It's open.

Brad: I know.

Jack: Is this yours? Liberty's?

Brad: What are you trying to do? You trying to pin this on Liberty?

Jack: No, Brad, I'm trying to deal with this like a rational adult.

Brad: Who are you calling? [Jack sighs] Carly, it's Jack.

Parker: Dad, don't.

Carly: Hey. Are you about ready to head out and pick up Sage?

Jack: No, something came up at the station that I got to take care of. I'm sorry.

Carly: Something more important than your daughter?

Jack: Please don't give me a hard time about this, Carly.

Carly: I was sort of counting on you, Jack.

Jack: I'm sorry. I got to go. Okay, start at the beginning, one at a time, please.

Brad: I came home and I found your boy on top of my daughter, and I don't think we need a GPS to know where it was going. But he keeps saying it was nothing.

Parker: Okay, we weren't, like, we were just kissing. Okay, and I tried to tell him that, but he just picked me up and grabbed me and dragged me out of there.

Jack: Okay, stop, stop. I can't listen to either one of you anymore.

Janet: Okay, why doesn't somebody fill me in instead?

Lily: You're unbelievable, using our girls to get me to do what you want.

Holden: I'm not using anyone.

Lily: Well then why does it feel like if I don't say yes to you, I'm being a bad mother?

Holden: I just want us to set our problems aside for one day so that when the girls come back from camp, they can be happy.

Lily: Our problems aren't gonna stay on hold forever, Holden, and I am not going to pretend like they don't exist.

Holden: I agree, but I don't think we should punish them for that.

Lily: I'm not doing this with you right now.

Holden: Lily, they're gonna find out sooner or later that we're not together, and I don't want that to be what they remember about this summer -- that they went away to camp and came back to a broken home.

Lily: And whose fault is that, that they have a broken home? My God, you sleep with Carly and then you stand there and act like I've done something wrong.

Holden: This is not about what I did. It's about being there for the girls, letting them know that we still love them. They need to know that. They need to see that.

Lily: Fine. We will go together. Because you're right -- they don't deserve to have their faces rubbed in your mistake like I have.

[Door opens]

Henry: No, nobody's leaving. What's all this talk about leaving?

Vienna: Yes, I am.

Henry: No, you're not. You're not. You're gonna stay right here, and you and I are gonna work this out.

Vienna: No, we're not. As much as this breaks my heart, I have made up my mind.

Henry: Then unmake it, okay? I'm not gonna let the best thing in my life walk out that door.

Vienna: Oh, that's what I am?

Henry: You know that's what -- you are my reason. You are my purpose. You are the luckiest charm a guy like me could ever have.

Vienna: Yeah, just not good enough for you to stop lying to me.

Henry: I wasn't gonna lie to you forever. I was trying to ease you into my point of view. I thought that if you faced us losing Metro, you would see the light and realize we were giving up a gold mine. But I was wrong. I was so wrong, and I'm so sorry.

Vienna: Yeah, but those weren't the only lies. You took money from Katie and then you tried to cover it up.

Henry: Because I thought it would make you happy. Not the lying. But I thought you would see the life that a club like that could afford us.

Vienna: Why can't you just accept that I don't care about those things? Loving you has changed me.

Henry: Yeah, but I'm still me, and you know me, Vienna, and I have weaknesses. And my biggest weakness, Baby, is you.

Vienna: I know, and I love you. And you're the man I've been waiting for my entire life.

Henry: I've dreamt about you all of mine. I have. And I still do. And when I wake up, the dream doesn't end, because you're right there next to me.

Vienna: Henry.

Henry: No, no. Nothing's happened. Nothing has to change.

Vienna: I can't stay here anymore. I have to go. I have lost faith in us, and there's nothing you can do to change that.

Henry: No, no, no, no. The hell there isn't. Okay? I want you to stay here, and I'm gonna prove something to you, all right? I'm gonna prove that this is where you belong. You stay here. Do you promise me?

Vienna: Promise.

Henry: Promise me.

Vienna: I promise!

[Door opens, shuts]

Brad: I come home and I find them making out to the beat of the band. I say, "What the hell's going on here," and they tell me some stupid story about listening to music, and then I find a condom on the floor.

Janet: Well, at least there was a condom.

Brad: Are you listening to what I'm saying?

Janet: Yes, Bradley, I am listening to what you're saying. And so is everybody else in the police station. Boy, so much for our parental guidance the first time they did it, huh? What?

Brad: The first time they what?

Jack: No, no, no!

Liberty: Why was he being so mean? I mean, we were just kissing, right? We weren't doing anything wrong. And he just went nuts.

Katie: That's what dads do, I guess. They go nuts when their little girls fall for someone.

Liberty: Yeah, what's he gonna do when he finds out that me and Parker --

Katie: What? That you and Parker what? Liberty, did you guys have sex?

Liberty: He's gonna hate me.

Katie: No, no, he's not.

Liberty: He's gonna hate me, and he's gonna not want to have anything to do with me like he didn't want anything to do with my mom.

Katie: No, Liberty, no. This is so different. It is. More than anything, Brad just wants to be a good dad to you.

Liberty: He wants a little girl, and I'm not a little girl anymore.

[Liberty cries]

Jack: Okay, all right. Calm down.

Brad: Why didn't you tell me about this?

Jack: We were handling it, Brad.

Brad: You're not handling anything, Man! He's still breathing!

Janet: Hey, stop it. That's enough, Bradley! Yes, they had sex. And Jack and I told them that they were way too young. We also told them that it's not too late for them to go back to being just friends.

Brad: What did you just say, Janet? Right? What? Just like, have sex and then not do it again? You should have known he would try again, and you should have stopped him!

Jack: What would you have had me do, Brad?

Brad: Tell me, number one. She is my daughter. I had a right to know. And if you don't keep this horndog away from her --

Jack: Okay, you know what, I'm not doing this with you right now. I'm not doing it. And I'm not gonna embarrass Parker. Come on. Let's go.

Brad: I'm telling you right now, Parker. Look at me. I'm telling you right now. Nephew or no nephew, you come near Liberty again, and I will break both your legs!

Jack: You threaten my son again, you see how close you come to doing anything ever again. Do yourself a favor -- worry about your own kid.

Janet: Where is Liberty? Is she here?

Brad: No, she's at home, where she is gonna stay for a very, very long time so she can think about what she's done.

Janet: Damn it, Brad, she's your daughter, not your prisoner.

Katie: You had to know your dad was not gonna be happy about this.

Liberty: That was just kissing, not sex. I mean, what do you think's gonna happen when he finds out the truth?

Katie: Honestly, yelling. Probably a lot of yelling.

Liberty: At me?

Katie: At you, at me, at your mom, at Parker. Your dad just wants to make sure that you grow up safe and happy and healthy, and when you start making these decisions that compromise that, he's gonna react.

Liberty: With the yelling?

Katie: Yeah. So if and when he finds out the truth about you and Parker, you're just gonna have to accept that. But know that it does not change how much he loves you, okay? Most parents would react the same way.

[Knock on door]

Janet: Where is she?

Liberty: Mom.

Janet: Oh, Honey. Oh, Honey. It's okay. Oh, Mommy's here now. Mommy's here. I'm gonna make everything all right, okay? Oh, my baby.

Jack: I got to tell you, I'm really disappointed, Parker, because I thought after the talk we had, you understood that you were too young to be having sex with anyone.

Parker: Okay. It wasn't anyone, it was Liberty. And Brad totally overreacted. We weren't having sex.

Jack: Yes, but you were headed in that direction, weren't you?

Parker: So what? We both wanted it, and we were being safe.

Jack: Honestly, that's beside the point. You're too young, and that is that.

Parker: Okay, so you and Mom can just hook up with whoever, whenever you want, but I'm too young to be in a relationship because you say so?

Jack: Oh, come on. This is not a relationship.

Parker: It's more of one than what you have with Janet or what Mom's doing with Holden.

Jack: Hey, hey, hey! Where do you get off judging us?

Parker: You're judging me!

Jack: I'm an adult! I might know a thing or two about this that you don't!

Parker: Oh, so is that why you keep messing things up? Because you know so much? Liberty and I may be young, but you know what, we will never end up like you.

Sage: Mommy, Mommy!

Carly: Hey, look at you! It's so good to see you!

Sage: I thought Daddy was taking me home.

Carly: Well, something came up at work, so he sent the next best thing -- me. Are you all packed up and ready to go?

Sage: Almost. I just want to say good-bye to my friends first.

Carly: Well, how long will that take, Sweetheart? We really should be going.

Sage: Not long, I promise. Be right back.

Jack: I'm gonna be honest with you, Parker. I really hope that you and Liberty don't end up like us. 'Cause your mom and I, we haven't been the best example. But I have learned a few things in my life, and one of them is that someone your age cannot handle the emotional ramifications of having sex. And as tough as Liberty says she is, she's not, either. And I love you too much to let you keep doing something that could have a serious effect on your future, so it's gonna stop. You understand me?

Parker: How are you gonna stop me?

Liberty: Mommy, it was so awful. Dad was so angry that I swear he's gonna kill Parker.

Janet: Oh no, Baby. The only thing Parker's dying of right now is embarrassment.

Liberty: How do you know that?

Janet: Because your father hauled him into the police station.

Liberty: What? He's being arrested?

Janet: No, no, no, no. No, of course not. For goodness sakes, why would somebody be arrested for just kissing?

Liberty: Mom, Katie knows.

Janet: Oh.

Katie: So you know, too?

Janet: Uh-huh. And Jack knows. And your father knows.

Liberty: Oh, my God! Oh, my God. What was he like when you saw him?

Janet: Um, I'm sure he's calmed down by now.

Liberty: Dead daughter walking!

Janet: No, no, no, listen. Stop it. Listen to me. I'm gonna go talk to Jack and try and get things back to normal and see what I can do, all right?

Liberty: Okay, well, make sure to come pick up my remains.

Janet: Liberty, Sweetheart, you're gonna be okay. I love you.

Liberty: I love you, too.

Katie: So, you want something to eat while we wait?

Liberty: I'm way too nervous for a last meal.

Katie: Hi.

Brad: Hello.

Katie: Who's your friend?

Liberty: Your really big friend.

Brad: This is Ugo, your new bodyguard.

Lily: You should wait here while I go find the girls.

Holden: You know what, I'd like to come with you. I know my way around the camp.

Lily: Oh, I'm sure you do.

Holden: Lily, I don't want to fight with you. Not here.

Lily: Here? You mean where you slept with Carly? No, I imagine you wouldn’t.

Holden: What do you want from me?

Lily: I want you to wait here. I want to spend some time with my daughters alone. We have the whole ride back to pretend that we're together.

Sage: Holden!

Holden: Hey, you. Did you have a good time?

Sage: It was the best time ever. And guess what?

Holden: What?

Sage: I'm not afraid of horses anymore.

Holden: You're kidding. That's amazing.

Sage: I know, right? Can Mom and I come out to the farm tomorrow so I can show you?

Carly: Uh, Sage --

Holden: Sure. You can come out anytime you want.

Sage: Oh, no.

Holden: What?

Sage: I forgot to say goodbye to Mr. Beasly.

Carly: Who's Mr. Beasly?

Sage: My horse. I rode him all summer. I have to say good-bye to him. I got him an apple from the cafeteria and everything.

Carly: I don't know, Honey.

Sage: Please, Mom, please?

Carly: All right. Just make it snappy.

Sage: Okay.

Holden: Need some help with that bag?

Carly: No. I got it.

Faith: Dad.

Holden: Hey. You girls ready to go home?

Natalie: Totally.

Faith: That's only 'cause she wants to show off.

Natalie: We took a cooking class.

Faith: And now she thinks she's better than Grandma.

Natalie: Do not.

Holden: All right, listen. We should get going.

Sage: No. They have to come say goodbye to Mr. Beasly with me. Come on, Guys.

Carly: I'm gonna get this in the car.

Lily: Aren't you gonna offer to help her?

Holden: Lily.

Winkie: Hmm, hmm, hmm! Well, look at you, Holden, here with the two Mrs. Snyders. I was beginning to think you didn't exist.

Lily: Excuse me?

Winkie: Teasing. Just teasing. Actually, I'm a little embarrassed about this mistake I made. When they showed up here with the same last name, I just assumed they were together.

Lily: Really?

Winkie: Oh, yeah. Treated 'em like an old married couple. They even had to bunk together in the same cabin.

Lily: Oh, I'm sure they didn't mind the close quarters.

Winkie: Holden, I was actually looking for you. There's a little billing issue I'd like to clear up before you leave. It'll only take a minute.

Holden: Um --

Lily: Holden, go.

Holden: Okay.

Winkie: Okay, I'll have him back in just a minute.

Lily: Don't. Don't say anything. You come here with my husband with my children, and you pretend to be me?

Carly: I didn't. I never pretended anything.

Lily: Oh, except to be my friend. Let's not forget that little charade. So tell me, Carly. Which one of these cabins did you have sex with my husband in? Was it that one? Was it that one over there?

Carly: Just stop.

Lily: That's what you should have said.

Carly: I didn't mean for anything to happen. We didn't. Winkie, she made an assumption. She put us together.

Lily: And you couldn't correct her? The words couldn't find their way out of your mouth?

Carly: I wish I had. I don't know why I didn’t.

Lily: Because you wanted my husband.

Carly: No.

Lily: What if the girls had walked in on you? Did you forget about them? You know, in all your spontaneity?

[Carly remembers]

Faith: Carly's here, too?

Carly: Hi, Honey.

Faith: Hi.

Lily: Oh, my God. Oh, my God, one of them did see. Who was it? Who saw?

Carly: Faith, but she didn't really see anything. She doesn't know that anything happened, Lily, I swear it.

Lily: You make me sick. You make me absolutely sick. Girls! Come on, let's go.

Faith: Why? What's wrong?

Lily: We're leaving.

Faith: Where's Dad?

Lily: Nothing's wrong. We've just got to go. Get in the car.

Faith: What about Dad? We can't just leave him here.

Lily: He'll be fine. He'll find his own way. Get in the car.

Henry: Thank God you're still here -- hold on!

Vienna: You said you were coming right back. I don't want to miss my flight.

Henry: Forget about your flight, okay? When you see why I'm late, you won't even care about it.

Vienna: What is it?

Henry: It's this.

Vienna: Henry.

Henry: No, listen, listen. I know I proposed to you once before with a lot of encouragement, of course.

Vienna: Yes.

Henry: And I've committed to you, heart, body, and soul. But I think -- I know that you deserve more from me. I hear you say that you've lost faith in us. Us. I mean, that's like the one and only word that gives my shallow little life any meaning. I can't tell you how that felt. Like I was drowning or something. And I realized what I had to do, okay? I had to make you a promise. Not to be perfect, of course. But to be yours. All yours. To put you above all others, put you above everything, to put you above even myself. Forever. Please don't ever doubt that I love you.

Vienna: I've never doubted that. Not for one moment.

Henry: I love you, Vienna. Please marry me.

Katie: Brad, don't you think maybe we should have talked about this first?

Brad: I'm trying to protect Liberty. You don't know the things that I do.

Katie: Yes, I do.

Brad: You do?

Katie: I do.

Brad: How come she didn't tell me?

Katie: Oh, I don't know. She might've thought you might do something extreme. Just a guess.

Brad: Well, it doesn't matter what she's doing with whom, all right, because Ugo is gonna keep her in line.

Katie: And exactly how do you see that happening?

Brad: He's just gonna be with her from now on, night and day, like a 280-pound shield.

Liberty: No! No way! Katie, really, seriously, you talk him out of this. I mean, you even have to admit that this is ridiculous.

Katie: I know.

Liberty: Where's the yelling? Come on, where's the yelling? I want the yelling. I mean, look at him. He probably eats live goats for breakfast. You can't leave me alone with him, please.

Jack: I tried to be the good guy here, Parker, to be understanding, but you have pushed me way too far this time.

Parker: Whatever.

Jack: Hey, I'm not the only one who feels this way. Your mom, Janet, Brad. He's made it more than clear he doesn't want you anywhere near Liberty anymore.

Parker: Okay, and when do we get a say in what we want?

Jack: In this case, never.

Parker: That's not fair.

Jack: Hey, listen, you both have demonstrated very clearly that you're not to be trusted on your own. So this is how it's gonna work -- from now on, you are not to be alone with Liberty. In public, family gatherings, that's one thing. But you, you stay away from her from now on, do you understand me? Do you -- understand me?

Parker: Like I have a choice.

[Knock on door]

Both: Hey.

Janet: Your brother has Liberty terrified that he's gonna rip Parker's arms out of his sockets.

Jack: Well, I'm afraid he's gonna have to get in line.

Janet: So, "The big talk, part two" didn't go so well, huh?

Jack: It's like talking to a wall. I hate saying this, but I think my brother may be right.

Janet: About what?

Jack: That trying to reason with Parker may not have been the way to go about this, that if I had done something instead of talking to him like you suggested, we wouldn't be in this mess right now.

Janet: Are you saying this is my fault?

Holden: Where is everybody?

Carly: Lily left.

Holden: What do you mean, she left?

Carly: She took the girls, and she left. She was upset about what Winkie said.

Holden: She took off because of that?

Carly: And --

Holden: What?

Carly: She knows that Faith saw us that night in the cabin.

Holden: What? Why would you tell her that?

Carly: I didn’t. She just put it together. I'm sorry.

Holden: Oh, Man.

Carly: I told her that Faith didn't see anything, that it looked completely innocent. And the other girls, they were off saying goodbye to the horses. They don't know anything. They didn't hear us talking.

Holden: You know what, it doesn't matter. The girls are gonna ask her why she left without me. I have no idea what her response is going to be.

Carly: Well, she won't say anything to upset them, Holden. You know that.

Holden: You don't know that, Carly.

Carly: When you get home, you two can straighten this out.

Holden: Right. See if I can rent a car somewhere around here.

Carly: Holden, the least I can do is give you a ride home.

Holden: I don't think that's such a good idea, Carly.

Carly: Well, neither do I. I like the idea of leaving you behind with the macaroni art and colonel Winkie even less.

Holden: What do you think Lily would say to that?

Carly: Well, she's the one who left you behind. Come on, let me give you a ride, and tomorrow we can go back to ignoring each other.

Sage: Mom, can we go?

Carly: Yeah, in a minute.

Sage: Holden, are you coming with us?

Holden: I guess I am. There's a choice?

Jack: I don't blame you for any of this, Janet.

Janet: Good.

Jack: But I should have taken it a little more seriously.

Janet: What, like Brad did?

Jack: Well, hey, he took a hard line with the kids. Maybe that would have worked. Unfortunately, we'll never know, because it's already done.

[Janet sighs]

Janet: What are we gonna do now?

Jack: I've already laid it on the line with Parker, told him he can't be alone with Liberty any more. That seemed to have an effect.

Janet: What? Are you telling him he needs to be ashamed of what they've done?

Jack: What?

Janet: Jack, come on. I don't like this any more than you do. But for goodness sakes, you and Brad are treating them like they're a couple of criminals. They didn't rob a bank. They're not on drugs. They just had sex.

Jack: "Just had sex?"

Janet: Yes, like everybody else.

Jack: No. No, Janet, not every 15-year-old kid is out there running around having sex.

Janet: Oh, come on, Jack, you're a cop. You know what's going on out there. And our kids, as young as they are, at least they were responsible enough to use a condom. That's something we should be thankful for.

Jack: You keep saying that, but I'm not real thankful that my 15-year-old kid just lost his virginity, condom or no condom. So don't act like I should take him out for a beer.

Janet: Wow, you know what? You and Brad -- you're not as different as you'd like to think.

Brad: You need anything, you got any questions, you got my cell number.

Ugo: There'll be no problems, Boss.

Brad: Excellent. Excellent. And what is the number-one rule around here?

Ugo: No boys.

Brad: No boys! No boys! That is the one. Katie, Honey, we really do have to go.

Liberty: Please do not leave me.

Katie: Brad, do you really think it's a good idea to leave Liberty alone with Hugo?

Brad: Ugo.

Katie: Ugo. Maybe we could take her to the studio with us? We could keep a good eye on her there.

Liberty: Yeah, I'd really like to go to the studio with you guys.

Brad: Yeah, yeah, yeah, okay, as long as Ugo comes along.

Liberty: Well, considering he can't fit through a door.

Brad: Is that a no? That's a no. Okay, that's a no. Sorry, can't do it. I'll see you later. Katie, we have do go.

Katie: Sorry.

Liberty: So, Ugo, what kind of music do you listen to?

Ugo: Thrash metal.

Liberty: Figures.

Henry: I don't understand this. Give me that. I love you. And you love me.

Vienna: We tried getting married, and it didn't work for us. You left me at the altar and it broke my heart.

Henry: I know, and that is the biggest mistake of my life.

Vienna: No, I think this is your biggest mistake. Asking me to marry you is the easy way out for Henry Coleman.

Henry: Marriage is not easy, but I want it with you, Vienna.

Vienna: Well, it's not gonna solve our problems. You have these impulses to gamble away our diner, to buy into Metro, to propose to me without even thinking about the consequences of whether or not it's something I want, too. It's always about what you want when you want it.

Henry: I want you, right now, forever. Look, if it's about the proposal or the size of the diamond --

Vienna: No, it's not the diamond.

Henry: Don't say that.

Vienna: Maybe one time, back in time, size would have mattered. But not now. After loving you with my whole heart, it's changed me. And I thought you loved me for the person I am right now.

Henry: I do, I do. I do.

Vienna: Well, then why are you trying to change me back to who I was?

Henry: I don't -- this is all coming out of left field for me. I love you. I love who you were. I love all of you, okay? Whatever you need to figure out, you can do it here.

Vienna: No, I'm lost, Henry. And I need to find me. I need to go and find me, who I was before I met you.

Faith: And then they took us to the lazy river, and we got to go down it in the inner tubes.

Natalie: It was totally cool, Mom.

Lily: Wow, sounds like it was a really great time. Listen, why don't you girls take your backpacks upstairs for a moment and put them away, okay?

Natalie: Okay.

Faith: Mom, is everything okay with you and Dad? Why didn't he come home with us?

Lily: Your daddy had to do some things with Winkie at the camp. It's nothing for you to worry about, okay?

Faith: Okay.

Holden: Thanks for the ride.

Carly: Under the circumstances, I think it's the least I could do.

Sage: And don't forget, Mommy and I are coming out to the farm tomorrow to go riding with you.

Carly: We'll see about that, okay?

Sage: But Holden said we could.

Carly: Sage, he didn't promise you anything.

Holden: I cannot believe what you did. How could you just leave me behind in front of the girls like that?

Lily: Maybe I thought it was better for them to get used to you not being around.

Holden: Oh, don't give me that. What you did was wrong, and this is exactly what I'm talking about. I don't want to expose them to stuff like that.

Lily: Get over yourself. When you were having sex with Carly in that cozy little cabin, just steps away from our kids, you weren't worried about exposing them to that. I am sorry, but the days of you lecturing me and me taking it like I deserve it are over!

Henry: Vienna, Vienna, please. Please. I'm begging you. Please, please don't leave me. Don't walk away from us.

Vienna: I have to.

Bellboy: Your bag, Miss Hyatt?

Vienna: Yes, here.

Bellboy: I'll take it downstairs.

Henry: Vienna! Vienna.

Vienna: Henry. My Darling. Sweetest Henry. You're the one and only. I love you.

Henry: I love you, too. I love you, too. Vienna, please.

Katie: You know this is one of the worst ideas you've ever had.

Brad: Look, I am doing this for Liberty. One day, she's gonna thank me.

Katie: Brad, you just found out your daughter had sex for the first time, and you're not talking to her about it. You're not talking to her at all. Don't you think you should? Instead of just running out and hiring some two-ton bodyguard to watch her every move?

Brad: Ugo is going to keep her from getting into trouble.

Katie: And who's gonna watch out for you?

Brad: Me?

Katie: Yeah, because if you're not very careful, you're gonna lose your daughter.

[Cell phone rings]

Parker: Hello?

Liberty: Hey.

Parker: Hey, are you okay? Why are you whispering?

Liberty: I'm being watched. My dad came home with my very own bodyguard.

Parker: Oh, you've got to be kidding.

Liberty: I wish. He's huge and creepy, and he follows me around everywhere. I had to say I was calling my mom just so I could use my phone.

Ugo: Hungry?

Liberty: How are things there?

Parker: They suck. My dad said that I can't hang out with you anymore, and everyone else thinks it's for the best.

Liberty: What? No, no. Not everyone, because I don't feel that way.

Parker: Yeah, me either. I really miss you.

Liberty: They can't do this to us.

Parker: I'm not gonna let them tell me what to do, especially when it comes to you. To us.

Liberty: Really?

Parker: Really.

Janet: Everything is either black or white with you guys. You're either all good or you're all bad. Heaven forbid you're somewhere in between, because there are no shades of gray with you, are there?

Jack: And it just irks you, doesn't it, when someone dares question you.

Janet: Excuse me?

Jack: Hey, you think just because you raised Liberty all by yourself, you know what she and every other teenager are thinking, but you don’t.

Janet: Oh, excuse me for knowing how to talk to my daughter.

Jack: You don't talk to her like she's your daughter. You talk to her like she's a grown-up.

Janet: I did the best I could, and I wouldn't change a thing, because I would rather be real with Liberty than treat her like a baby.

Jack: Yes, and maybe I made a mistake not treating Parker more like an adult, but you know what, neither one of us are in the clear here, because we're both in the same place.

Janet: Well, don't worry, Jack. I won't offer you my opinion on how to get out of it.

Sage: Do you think Holden will let me ride a different horse this time?

Carly: I don't know. I guess we'll have to wait and see what happens when we get there. You know what, it probably won't be tomorrow. I bet Holden wants to spend some time with Faith and Natalie. I'm sure he missed those girls just as much as I missed you.

Sage: If Holden really missed them, then why didn't Lily let him ride in the car with them?

Carly: You know grown-ups. Sometimes we do things that don't make any sense.

Holden: I'm not lecturing anyone. I just wanted today to be about us trying to hold our family together.

Lily: If that's what you want, try not sleeping with the town slut at our kids' Sleep-away Camp!

Holden: Can you just lower your voice so the kids don't hear you?

Lily: You're worried about them finding out now? Do you know what Faith told me on the way home? How funny it was how she found you with Carly, sleeping on the same mattress because your bunks broke, just absolutely hysterical.

Carly: Did she tell you about that on her own, or did you ask her about it?

Lily: Why? Does one make me a bad mother?

Holden: She didn't see anything.

Lily: Thank God. Lucky for her and for you. Though it's still not the same as you not doing it in the first place, is it? I want you to go. Now.

On the next "As the World Turns."

Carly: What'd he do?

Jack: He had sex with Liberty.

Liberty: You cannot tell me what to do.

Brad: Yes, I can.

Liberty: Ow!

Brad: Now, you are coming with me!

Liberty: Oh! Let go of me!

Carly: How badly do you want Lily back?

Holden: Honestly, right now, I don't know what I want. Lily, just take it easy.

Lily: Don't touch me! And stay the hell away from my husband!

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