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As The World Turns Transcript Tuesday 7/22/08

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Emma: Ah, Holden!

Holden: Mama!

Emma: Hey, look at you! Give your mama a kiss!

Holden: Let me help you with this.

Emma: Thank you! Thank you. I feel like I've been traveling for a week. If I ever, ever make another plane reservation, you have permission to shoot me. It's like being shoved into a cattle car. What are you doing here?

Holden: Why didn't you call me? I would have come and picked you up at the airport.

Emma: No, no. It wasn't a problem. I got a cab. What's with Fred, the hired man? Aren't you -- you're not here doing the chores, are you?

Holden: No, no. I'm not doing the chores. I moved back in.

Emma: Well, the last time we spoke, I thought -- oh, it doesn't matter what I thought. What happened?

Holden: I can't tell you how much I've been dreading this moment.

Emma: Oh, come on. You know you can tell your old mama anything.

Holden: Yeah, well, this one feels a little bit different.

Emma: I'm so sorry, Baby. You both were so hopeful. You know, Lily has been through so much this past year. Every time she went to Ivaís, you know, I wondered if that was enough. Maybe she should go back to that rehab center. I mean, could go again. I think it's supposed to be --

Holden: Mama, no. This, it's not Lily's fault.

Emma: Honey, I'm not talking about fault. I'm talking about a solution.

Holden: You don't understand. This is all on me.

Lucinda: Lily?

Lily: Come in. It's open.

Lucinda: I brought you the stuff that I promised. What happened? What went on in the driveway?

Lily: That? I tried to kill Carly.

Emma: Just give me a moment so I can freshen up after that gruesome trip. Then I can hear all the gory details.

Holden: Sure, Mama. You take all the time you need. Like I said, I'm not dying to tell you, anyway.

Emma: Sweetheart, no matter what it is, I'm sure you'll make it better. You always do.

Holden: I'm not so sure about that this time.

Emma: Now you're scaring me. And to think, for a few moments out there on the porch, I was happy to be home.

Lucinda: It's very funny, Honey. I'll send somebody to fix up the driveway, okay? Now, tell me. Tell me what really happened.

Lily: I did tell you.

Lucinda: Oh, you mean I'm supposed to assume from the evidence outside that you were out there and trying to kill someone.

Lily: Carly. She was standing at the end of my driveway, and I put my foot on the gas, and I drove right at her.

Lucinda: But, Honey, you're just -- you're sitting here in your den, and you're not behind bars, so I guess you didn't succeed in the intent.

Lily: No, no. Because, at the last second, I lost my nerve. I swerved into the retaining wall. I totaled the car. I didn't do my neck a lot of good, either.

Lucinda: Darling. This -- this actually happened. Oh, oh Honey --

Lily: Do you still have the name of that guy that comes to the house? I'd give anything for a massage right now.

Lucinda: Of course I have it. You can have anything you want. You could have -- you could have been maimed! You could have been killed!

Lily: Nope. Still alive. And I'd love to say I'm grateful, but the truth is, being alive doesn't feel that good right now.

Carly: Hi. I made some of those brownies that you like. "Oh, gee. Thanks, Mom. How's it going?" Parker, you haven't spoken to me since yesterday. What's wrong?

Parker: You really want to know what's wrong?

Carly: Yeah, I really want to know.

Parker: Okay. I think you're a slut. All you ever do is mess up this family.

Barbara: No! No!

Paul: You're okay. Hey. Hey, Mom!

Barbara: The look on his face. He was just so crazed. He shot up the morphine right in front of me. Then he demanded that I write a letter to you demanding money. And when I refused, he had this gun, and I just couldn't believe that he didn't kill me.

Paul: Mom, Cole Norbeck is in jail. All right, he's not gonna hurt you or anyone else.

Barbara: I want to go home. I want to go home. I just want to be in my own bed.

Paul: And you will as soon as everybody here says you're okay.

Barbara: Susan says I was okay. And Meg can be there to give me my drugs. How long was I sleeping? Where's Meg? Where's Meg?

Paul: I don't know. I'll find out.

[Knock on door]

Paul: Hey, excuse me. I'm looking for Meg Snyder. Dr. Stewart prescribed some antibiotics for my mom, and Meg was supposed to go get them, but she's been gone a long time.

Nurse: We keep the meds locked in there. I guess she got what she needed and left.

Paul: Yeah. I guess I missed her. Thanks.

Nurse: Sure.

Paul: Meg, you in there? Th -- there's blood. You got to get that door open. Meg! Meg? Meg? Meg? Hey!

Nurse 2: Get back! Tell the front desk we need a crash cart, stat!

Nurse 2: They're waiting for you in O.R. three.

Doctor: Let's move it!

Paul: She gonna be okay?

Doctor: She's been shot! We need to get her into surgery!

Carly: I honestly don't care what you think of me. I am still your mother. You will not call me names! Do you understand me? You will never speak to me like that again!

Parker: Okay. Are we done?

Carly: Not even close. I want to know where this is coming from.

Parker: From the truth.

Carly: Parker, has someone been talking to you about me?

Parker: I just notice that, throughout all this, you still haven't denied what I just said. Like, "Oh, hey. I'm not what you called me."

Carly: I have never denied that I've screwed up.

Parker: And you keep on screwing up over and over and over, right?

Carly: Parker, yesterday, when your dad and I heard the door slam, that wasn't the wind, was it?

Parker: No, Mom. It wasn't the wind.

Carly: Oh, Parker.

Parker: How could you do it?

Carly: I didn't set out to. I didn't want to hurt anybody.

Parker: She was your friend.

Carly: I know. I know.

Parker: How could you do that? How could you do that to your friend?

Lucinda: God knows Carly has been known to push people to their limits, but did you really need to kill her?

Lily: At the moment, yeah. I did.

Lucinda: I don't know -- I really don't know why you're friends with that girl, anyway. I can't think of anything she'd possibly do that would make you want to kill her.

Lily: She slept with Holden.

Lucinda: You won't believe what I think I heard you say.

Lily: She slept with Holden.

Lucinda: Why?

Lily: God, Mother. You're such a comfort to me.

Lucinda: Was he conscious at the time? Sober?

Lily: Yeah, yeah. It was reciprocal.

Lucinda: I don't know what to say. This is not anything I would ever expect. Do you want me to put out a contract on him? Do you want him sleeping with the fishes? I mean, Honey, you're so calm. Are you in shock?

Lily: I was, yeah. I was numb, and then I was angry. But now -- now it's sinking in. It's real. He did it. He went to somebody else. And now, God, I wish to hell I could be angry again because, just -- I feel like a fool!

Lucinda: No, Honey.

Lily: Oh, Mother! Mother, I can't believe it. I can't believe it. Why?

Lucinda: No, Darling.

Carly: If it makes you feel any better, this is officially the worst moment of my entire life.

Parker: Good.

Carly: Parker.

Parker: She was your friend. And what about Faith? Were you thinking about her?

Carly: I didn't think at all. I made a stupid, hurtful mistake.

Parker: Just like you always do. Except this is different from what happened with Simon. I mean, that was horrible, but at least he wasn't married to your best friend!

Carly: You're right. This isn't like Simon because I'm not going anywhere. I promised you I would never leave you again, and I will never break that promise, Parker.

Parker: You know what, Mom? I don't care what you do.

Carly: I don't expect you to forgive me.

Parker: Good, because I honestly don't see that happening.

Carly: I am gonna do whatever I have to do to make it right.

Parker: Make it right. How do you do that?

Carly: I don't know. I'll find a way.

Parker: You know what? I don't think you know what's right. Or maybe you do and you really just don't care. But you keep telling me how I should do this and I should do that. Now, why should I listen to you?

Carly: I know. I realize that I have not set the best example. All I can do now is be honest, admit that I've made a mistake.

Parker: And that's supposed to make it right.

Carly: No, of course not. Parker, please. Would you just come sit with me? Talk with me. Let me help you understand.

Parker: No, Mom. See, I will never understand this, and neither will Sage, and neither will J.J. No one will ever understand this.

Carly: You're right. They won't.

Lucinda: You think this was payback for Dusty?

Lily: I don't know. I don't know, and I don't care.

Lucinda: Now, wait. Wait. Everybody stop. How did you find out?

Lily: Holden told me. He had this out-of-town business trip all of a sudden. Said he was going to Louisville or something.

Lucinda: And he told you he was with Carly?

Lily: Yeah, in New York. I had a funny feeling.

Lucinda: Did you suspect this?

Lily: No, no. It just -- I just felt unsettled, like -- I didn't want him to go away, even overnight. When he came back and I saw him, I was so happy. I was so glad. And he must have seen it in my eyes, because that's when he said it. He said, "I'm having an affair."

Lucinda: He's a bloody idiot.

Lily: Mother.

Lucinda: He's a controlling idiot. He's a controlling idiot, for heaven's sakes. He's having an affair. He's sleeping with her. He wants you to know it.

Lily: No, no. It wasn't like that. He --

Lucinda: Well, why didn't he keep his mouth shut? Maybe it was payback for Dusty.

Lily: You don't think that he deserves that? You don't think he deserves the right to feel humiliated?

Lucinda: Now, wait a minute, Darling. You're not defending him.

Lily: No! But I'm not gonna stand here and rewrite history, Mother. Holden has to take responsibility for what he did, and I will take responsibility for what I did.

Lucinda: Okay, fine. But he slept with your best friend. With that --

Lily: Stop! Just stop!

Lucinda: Sorry, Honey. I can't take it. I can't take it any longer. For months now I've been watching you knock yourself out, take responsibility for every lousy thing that happens in this family. It's got to stop! This union has to come to an end!


Barbara: Honey. Honey, what happened? Are you hurt?

Paul: It's Meg. Cole shot her.

Barbara: No. You said that he was in jail. That he was in custody.

Paul: I thought he was in jail.

Barbara: Is she all right?

Paul: I don't know. They took her to the operating room.

Barbara: Oh, God.

Paul: Mom, I just got her back.

Susan: Paul? She -- she's in surgery.

Barbara: But she's gonna be okay?

Susan: Dr. Caldwell is doing the surgery, and he's the best -- the very best. Everybody's lining up to do the best they can.

Paul: But she's going to be okay?

Susan: She's lost a lot of blood. Family members can really help here, so call them, okay?

Emma: Oh, well. I'm gonna put on the tea kettle.

Holden: Mm-hmm.

Emma: I have a feeling I'm gonna need a strong cup of tea to get me through this.

[Cell phone rings]

Holden: Hello?

Paul: Hey, it's Paul.

Holden: What's going on?

Paul: It's Meg.

Holden: What happened?

Paul: She's been shot.

Holden: What? Is she all right? Where is she?

Emma: Holden, what is it? What happened?

Paul: She's in surgery. Holden, they're all hoping that you have the same blood type.

Holden: Yeah, I do. I'll be right there.

Emma: Tell me, what is it?

Holden: I -- it's Meg. She's been shot. She's in surgery right now.

Emma: Oh, my God!

Emma: Oh, Susan. Susan, how's Meg?

Susan: I don't know, Emma. She's still in surgery. Holden, come with me. She needs that blood now.

Emma: Holden. You. I should have known you had something to do with this. What have you done to my daughter?

Lily: Why don't you just go now?

Lucinda: No, Honey. No. Why don't -- why don't you face the truth? Come on. Also, there's a matter of pride. You know, if you had pride, you couldn't go on with this guy.

Lily: I have pride. I also have four children and a husband who has stood by me in some very dark times.

Lucinda: You're making allowances for him again.

Lily: You think I like this? Wh -- I've got a mother who's like --

Lucinda: You've got a mother, and you've got a mother who cares what's best for you. And I -- oh, I think a divorce might be best for you right now.

Lily: No, no! That's not what's best for me. That's what you want to hurt Holden.

Paul: Meg must have surprised Cole when he was poking around the drug cabinet.

Emma: He killed Sofie Duran?

Paul: Yep. He killed Sofie. Injected her with something. Killed his own unborn child. And he tried to kill my mother. We thought the cops had him. He must have gotten away.

Emma: How?

Paul: I don't know. My mother was here. Meg was looking after her. She left to get some antibiotics, and we got a call saying the cops had Cole, so we thought the whole thing was over and done with.

Emma: Just look. Look what you've dragged my daughter into.

Paul: I know.

Emma: You know, I hold you responsible for this. All these horrible people -- she never would have had anything to do with them if it weren't for you.

Paul: Emma, you can't say anything that I haven't already said to myself. I know that if it weren't for me, Meg wouldn't be around people like Sofie or Cole or any of it.

Emma: The trouble is, Paul, this is not the first time, is it? You always cause this pain, this chaos.

Paul: I'm sorry.

Emma: You always are, but nothing seems to change, does it?

Paul: Well, it'll have to change. It'll have to be different this time.

Emma: No, no. I don't believe that.

Susan: Meg's out of surgery, and, thank God, she's gonna be fine. They found the bullet. No major organs were involved. She's very, very lucky.

Emma: Thank God. Thank God. Can I see her?

Susan: In a bit. I'll let you know. There's paperwork for you to sign down at the desk.

Emma: Why -- why does he need to sign the paperwork?

Susan: He's Meg's husband. You didn't know?

Emma: No.

Paul: I'm sorry. We both wanted to tell you.

Emma: No, please, don't. Don't. I just want to see my daughter before this day gets any worse.

Liberty: Hey.

Parker: Is anyone else here?

Liberty: No, it's just me.

Parker: Great, because I cannot deal with anyone over the age of 18 right now.

Liberty: Okay, what happened?

Parker: You don't want to know.

Liberty: Yes, I do.

Parker: Okay, well, I don't want to know, and, unfortunately, I had to find out, anyway.

Liberty: What are you drinking there?

Parker: I believe it's called a beer.

Liberty: Are you okay? Oh, God. Was it your mom again?

Parker: I told her I knew what she did.

Liberty: That must have been really fun.

Parker: Yeah, I called her a slut.

Liberty: Seriously?

Parker: Seriously.

Liberty: Did she freak out?

Parker: Not really.

Liberty: So, you just called her a slut, and she was like, "Okay, whatever."

Parker: No. I mean, she said I couldn't talk to her that way and that it was the same old garbage.

Liberty: Like what? What did she say?

Parker: What she always says. I mean, it's just, "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry." Why does she not get that I've heard that a billion times, and why does she not get that she does the same crap over and over and over again and it never stops?

Liberty: Yeah, just come sit down.

Parker: And now she says she wants to make it better. How the hell does she do that?

Lucinda: Oh, you've come to twist the knife? I'm amazed that you would show your face around here.

Carly: I'd like to talk to Lily.

Lucinda: You've come to have a cup of tea and chat at the house? The home that you wrecked?

Lily: Mother, let her in and then go.

Lucinda: Okay, Honey. All right. You're gonna be very sorry for this.

Carly: I know. Thank you for letting me stay.

Lily: Part of me can't help wondering what you think you could say to me right now.

Carly: I'd like to talk to you about Holden.

Lily: I hope you're not gonna try to explain my husband to me.

Carly: I just want to make sure that -- that no one loses sight of what's really important here. Because, even if you hate me -- and God knows I know you have every reason to.

Lily: Oh, thanks for the permission.

Carly: You need to understand that Holden did not want this to happen.

Lily: So what's his excuse? You seduced him? He was powerless under your spell?

Carly: Under yours.

Lily: Yeah.

Carly: Just hear me out. Things were off between the two of you, and, for Holden, that meant that his whole world was off. It's like he was missing all the sign posts that he'd always counted on, the ones that said that "This is home. This is real. This is forever." He was lost, and I should have known that. I think that I did know it. Instead of running like hell in the opposite direction, I decided to look for a little --

Lily: A little what? A little what? I'm just dying to hear the word you use, Carly.

Carly: Comfort. I think that Holden and I were both very tired of feeling alone.

Lily: Oh, you are good! So, basically, what happened between the two of you is my fault?

Carly: No, no. It's mine. He was vulnerable, and, I think, underneath all of the coping and the patience, he was very angry, too.

Lily: Wow. This is just a fascinating analysis, Carly. But let me remind you what happened the last time I took your advice. I kicked my husband out of my house, and guess what he did next and who he did it with?

Carly: I'm not gonna apologize to you because I know you don't want to hear it, and I don't blame you. If I were you, I would never forgive me.

Lily: But you're not me, and, apparently, my husband found that very appealing.

Carly: No. He doesn't want me. He wants his life to be the way it was when the two of you had each other and the world was the way it's meant to be.

Lily: It's a little late for that.

Carly: But it isnít. That's what I'm telling you. It's not too late, Lily. Please. Please, do not lose the man you love over someone like me.

Liberty: I -- I don't know. It really seems like she has a serious maternal love for you, you know?

Parker: I'm not denying that she loves me. She does. It's just, you never know what she's gonna do from one day to the next. You can't count on her.

Liberty: Well, did you ever try grounding her?

Parker: You think this is funny?

Liberty: No, no. I donít. I don't think it's funny. I just don't know if it's tragic. No one died.

Parker: Yeah, but what if Holden and Lily get divorced because of this?

Liberty: So what if they do? God, maybe we should just give up on this whole perfect-family concept, like, two parents and the two kids and the dog and the picket fence and just grow up?

Emma: So, you and Meg are really married.

Paul: Yeah. Emma, it all happened very quickly.

Emma: It happened while I was out of town. I couldn't talk any sense into her.

Paul: It wasn't anything like that. We just both really wanted to get married.

Emma: You wanted. As I remember correctly, Meg had doubts from the very beginning after you did that. [Sighs] I canít. I just can't go into this again.

Paul: I'm really sorry.

Emma: Sorry? For what? You got what you wanted.

Holden: Mama, I just talked to Susan. She said that Meg's gonna be okay.

Emma: Yes, we know.

Holden: What now?

Emma: Did you know that Paul and Meg were married while I was gone?

Holden: Yes.

Emma: And you didn't even try to call me? I bet you didn't even really try to stop it, did you?

Holden: Well, I knew you'd be upset. It wasn't my decision to make. It was Meg's.

Emma: Holden. Holden, how could you let this happen?

Lily: So, that's the way you see it? Holden wasn't himself because we weren't together?

Carly: I think you know that's true.

Lily: And that's why you had an affair?

Carly: You were gone, Lily. He didn't know what was gonna happen.

Lily: Oh. And so one sad and desperate, lonely night you fell into each other's arms for comfort. That would work in a kind of get-me-through-the-night scenario, right?

Carly: Lily --

Lily: But that's not what happened, is it? Actually, that did happen, but that's not the whole story. It happened again. And the thing that really kills me is that I confided in you, my best friend, that I was trying to get my husband back! You must have had a good laugh about that.

Carly: I did not.

Lily: Oh, you must have had the time of your life when I asked you to help me pick out lingerie.

Carly: I hated it.

Lily: Yeah. Yeah, because you didn't need lingerie. You could land him in a camp t-shirt and a lanyard. You didn't need perfume to entice him. You could entice him with insect spray.

Carly: Would you stop it, please?

Lily: Don't you ever, ever come here again and try your famous spin on me. I am not as stupid as you want me to be.

Carly: I'm not spinning anything. I agree with you about me. I'm just trying to keep you from lumping Holden in with me. What we did didn't mean enough to ruin a marriage.

Lily: It meant enough for seconds. But still, you say that you don't mean anything to him, that I'm the light of his life, right?

Carly: Yes.

Lily: And the affair is over.

Carly: Absolutely over.

Lily: Funny. Holden doesn't seem to agree with you about that.

Holden: Mama, you need to try and relax.

Emma: You know, today, what I think I need is a whole new set of children.

Holden: Meg's gonna do what she wants to do. She's not gonna listen to me. And if I would have called you, you would have been angry and miserable over something that you could have done nothing about.

Emma: As opposed to how happy I am now?

Paul: Excuse me, Emma. I don't mean to interrupt, but --

Emma: I don't like it when you call me that.

Holden: How about Mother Snyder?

Emma: Oh, you think this is funny, do you?

Holden: Well, this is ridiculous, okay? Meg is gonna be okay. We should be happy about that.

Emma: I hate it. I hate it when you're right. Oh, Holden! I'm just so scared!

Holden: I know, Mama. I know.

Paul: Mother Snyder. Look, I know that you have no faith in me, but I promise you that I will do everything I can to make sure that Meg has a very full and happy life.

Emma: Don't you push it, okay?

Susan: I have good news. You can see Meg now if you like.

Emma: She's awake?

Susan: She's a little groggy. Don't stay too long, okay?

Paul: You go ahead. I'm sure she'd love to see you.

Meg: Mama, I'm sorry.

Emma: Shh. There's no reason to be sorry. None.

Meg: I, uh -- I have to tell you something.

Emma: I already know. I know. You and Paul are married. Paul told me. I -- I just think it's lovely.

Meg: You're okay?

Emma: Yes. And when you get better, we'll have a big celebration. I'll bake a big cake.

Meg: Thank you, Mama.

Emma: Baby. My baby.

Susan: I'm sorry. I think we need to keep this down to one visitor at a time.

Emma: Holden and I were just leaving. We'll let your husband stay with you.

Meg: Thank you.

Paul: How are you feeling?

Meg: Better now that you're here.

Paul: If anything had happened to you --

Meg: Let's not talk. I have you, so everything is fine.

Parker: Well, thanks for all the sympathy.

Liberty: Is that what you want -- sympathy?

Parker: Okay, what's with you?

Liberty: Your mom screwed up, Parker. Big time. But they all do. I mean, you and me, our moms, they screw up a lot, and they just get caught a lot. No one's parents are perfect, okay? Just some are better at hiding their mistakes than others.

Parker: You make it sound like it's no big deal.

Liberty: Okay, it is a big deal, but your mom and this -- ew, this Holden guy, they're gonna figure things out, not you.

Parker: So, that's what you mean by we should all just grow up?

Liberty: Well, if they're not going to, we sure better.

Parker: You think we'll mess up like they did when we're their age?

Liberty: Well, I refuse to even consider being their age.

Parker: You want to know something? Before, when something like this used to happen, I'd feel the way I did earlier -- I'd just take off.

Liberty: You ran away?

Parker: Yeah.

Liberty: That's cool.

Parker: No. No, it's not cool. But whenever I felt like I just couldn't take it anymore, I'd take off. But now -- now things are different.

Liberty: Yeah?

Parker: Yeah. You're here.

Liberty: And that makes a difference?

Parker: Yeah, a big one.

Holden: Mama, you must be exhausted. You should go lie down.

Emma: I'm not tired, I'm upset!

Holden: Meg's gonna be fine.

Emma: Physically.

Holden: Seemed okay with Paul at the hospital.

Emma: In front of Meg.

Holden: You know what, it was her choice. Nobody forced her to marry him.

Emma: Holden, I am not a superstitious person, but she has been married to Paul for just a short amount of time and she's been shot by a drug addict. A drug addict that he brought into her life!

Holden: I know, I know.

Emma: Just enough of that. Enough of that. Now, what about you? What is all this about you and Lily?

Holden: Yeah, yeah. About that. I guess it's time. I guess it's time to tell you.

Carly: There is nothing between Holden and me. Nothing. Why would he give you any reason to believe otherwise?

Lily: I don't know. But when I asked him, point-blank, if it was over between the two of you, he couldn't give me an answer.

Carly: Well, I will. It's over. I swear it.

Lily: Then why wouldn't he tell me that? See, the thing that really scares me here is you may be over him but he's not over you.

Carly: No. No. It isn't like that, Lily. All you have to do is forgive him. I know it's hard, but it's worth it. Do you have any idea how much he talks about you? How much he loves you? You have everything in front of you. All you have to do is take him back.

Emma: Whoa, whoa, whoa! It's that bad, huh?

Holden: I just want to make sure that you're nice and relaxed.

Emma: Mm-hmm. Why don't you relax? Just tell me. Just tell me what happened. I mean, the day could not get worse.

Lucinda: Holden, you and I have to have a little talk.

Emma: Oh, I was wrong. The day could get worse.

Holden: Lucinda, not now.

Lucinda: Yes, right now. And furthermore, you are to stay away from Lily. After what you have done, she never wants to see you again.

Holden: That is not your decision.

Lucinda: Oh, don't tell me you think it's your decision to make. You -- after what you've done, you've forfeited the right to make any decision whatsoever about my daughter!

Holden: Lucinda, my mother, she just got home. It's been a terrible, terrible day.

Lucinda: I do sympathize. I understand, Emma. I know how you must feel to find out, as I did, what your son is capable of doing!

Emma: Lucinda! I just am not in the mood for one of your tirades. Please.

Lucinda: Oh, you're not in the mood? Excuse me. You -- you who don't allow the boys to cohabit in the silly farm, you don't mind when your son fornicates with Lily's best friend? You don't care?

Holden: Lucinda, look! My mother, she just got home. She just found out that her daughter is not going to die, and you have to show up here and throw in your two cents. Would you do me a favor? Would you please just leave? Get out of here now! Now! Go!

Lucinda: Well, Emma, I'm glad that Meg didn't die. What happened to her?

Emma: Lucinda, I'm sorry, but could you please -- could you please leave?

Lucinda: Yeah. Mm-hmm. We have lots more to say, Darling. Lots more. In the meantime, I want you -- leave Lily alone in her grief. And I'm not going to say that again.

Emma: Well, well, well. Now I can see why you didn't want to tell me.

Paul: What if your mom's right?

Meg: About what?

Paul: Bad things seem to happen to you when I'm around. Do you think I'm being selfish, wanting to keep you all to myself?

Meg: Don't I have a say about it?

Paul: Aren't you better off without me?

Meg: You know, you can't think that way because then Cole and Sofie win. You know, I hope it would take more than a bullet to break us apart.

Paul: You're more than I deserve.

Meg: Don't you forget it.

Emma: I am never going to go away again. I cannot believe how much has happened since I've been gone.

Holden: I'm sorry, Mama.

Emma: Your sister marries a man who doesn't deserve her. The whole world has gone to hell, and you ruin a marriage with a woman who deserves better.

Holden: I know.

Emma: Holden, whatever happens, you have got to fix this. Do you hear me? You have got to fix this!

[Cell phone rings]

Carly: You shouldn't be calling me. I was just put through the wringer by Lily.

Holden: She was there?

Carly: No. It doesn't matter. I only got what was coming with me.

Holden: I've been dealing with Lucinda and my mother. Carly, I really need to see you.

Carly: I can't believe you just said that.

Holden: No, no. To talk. To try and figure things out.

Carly: You think that'll help?

Holden: Our lives are falling apart. Do you have any idea how to fix it?

Carly: No. I have apologized over and over again. It's not getting me anywhere. Not that I thought it would.

Holden: Yeah, well, I'm in the same place. And since we can't seem to figure it out separately, maybe we can do it together.

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