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As The World Turns Transcript Friday 7/18/08

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[Imitates engine sputtering]

Katie: Oh, come on. That's so hot.

Brad: See? You're gonna want me to make you breakfast in bed every morning.

Katie: I thought that was part of the package deal.

Brad: Mm.

Katie: And you do dishes, too, right?

Brad: I do? I do. You got me trained real good.

Katie: Well, it wasn't easy, but the results are delicious.

Brad: Mm. That's great jam.

Katie: Bet you say that to all the girls.

Brad: Yeah.

[Alarm clock beeping]

Katie: Oh, it's late. Liberty should be getting ready for school.

Brad: I didn't hear her in the bathroom when I was making breakfast.

Katie: I'll make sure she's moving.

[Alarm music playing]

[Music stops]

Brad: Was our little princess counting sheep?

Katie: Don't freak out, okay? Liberty's not here, and her bed does not look like it was slept in.

Brad: Are you kidding? Well, then, maybe she got up early and made her bed and then met some friends to study.

Katie: Does that sound even remotely possible to you?

Brad: Not really. Okay. What are we gonna do?

Katie: I -- I tried her cell phone, but it went straight to voice mail.

Brad: I knew we should have checked her room when we got home last night!

Katie: It was late! Her door was shut. You didn't want to wake her up.

Brad: Yeah, well, that was my first mistake -- well, maybe not my first. But she can't get away with this. She's got a curfew. She's got summer school. She's so busted.

Katie: Hold on. Hold it. Let's just calm down. Let's call Janet and see if she maybe stayed with her last night.

Brad: Where?!

Katie: You think she left the Lakeview already?

Brad: Yeah, well, why not? I mean, you heard me tell her I wasn't gonna pay for the room anymore. I'm sure she left town.

Katie: So -- no. Maybe Janet just wanted to hang out with Liberty and say good-bye. Here.

Brad: I have a really bad feeling about this. Yeah, hi. Janet Cicconeís room, please. Great. Did she leave a forwarding address? Great. She checked out without leaving a forwarding address.

Katie: Oh, that's helpful.

Brad: I can't believe that Janet finally did what we told her to do right when we need her. So, what are we gonna do?

Luke: That smells amazing.

Janet: Thank you, thank you. I picked out the eggs myself. But I could have sworn there was a rooster sitting on them. Think he's gay?


Luke: I don't know. I don't think so.

Noah: Well, it definitely looks great.

Janet: Thank you.

Luke: Aren't you gonna have some?

Janet: No. I can't eat a thing. My stomach's in knots. Has anybody heard from Jack?

Luke: Haven't seen him.

Janet: Well, I got an emergency call last night when we were in bed.

[Luke chuckles]

Luke: That's awkward.

Janet: Yeah! You must know what it's like. Does that ever happen to you?

Luke: Uh, actually, no. We're not allowed to sleep in the same room. Grandma's rules.

Janet: Oh, well. Don't tell her I said this, but I think rules are meant to be broken. Hmm?

Katie: Do you really think Liberty took off because we kicked Janet out of her hotel room?

Brad: Look, I didn't mention it to her yet, but her mom could have.

Katie: Oh, great. And if so, I'm sure Janet put us in a bad light.

Brad: Well, bad enough for her to take off and not tell us.

Katie: No, you know what? We're getting ahead of ourselves. Let's just calm down. We don't know what happened.

Brad: I don't know how I'm supposed to feel. I mean, my daughter's missing.

Katie: She's not missing! We just don't know where she is.

Brad: Katie, what is the difference?

Katie: You know, everything's probably fine. Maybe she's already at school.

Brad: No, fat chance. You know, if Janet got her all riled up, there's no telling what Liberty might do.

Katie: Maybe Parker knows where she is. We probably have time to go catch him before we have to go to work.

Brad: I'm not going to work! I'm gonna be too busy giving my daughter hell.

Katie: Their cars aren't here. They're probably not home.

Brad: Well, I thought I saw Parker's bike behind the house. [Knocking] It's open.

Katie: It's open?

Brad: Yeah. Hello. Parker, you home? Yo, Parker! It's your Uncle Brad. Parker, you home?

Parker: Liberty, Liberty, wake up. It's 8:00.

Liberty: Shh!

Parker: Liberty, wake up. We must have fallen asleep.

Liberty: It's cool.

Parker: No, no, no. It's not cool. Your dad's downstairs.

Brad: Parker, you've seen Liberty?

Katie: Nobody's home.

Brad: And the door's unlocked? Anybody could just walk in.

Janet: Sh -- whoa! What are you guys doing here? You scared me to death.

Brad: What are you doing here?

Janet: I'm looking for Jack. He wasn't at the police station, and he didn't come home this morning.

Both: Home?

Brad: What do you mean?

Katie: You and -- you and Jack?

Brad: Well, I thought you checked out of the Lakeview.

Janet: Well, technically, I was evicted by you. And Jack was nice enough to let me stay at the farm.

Brad: So you and Jack are living together?

Janet: Mm. Pretty much.

Katie: No, no. Jack wouldn't do that.

Janet: Oh, yes, he would.

Brad: Okay, well, then how come you don't know where he is?

Janet: Because it's the downside of living with a cop -- emergency phone calls at all hours. Kind of does a number on your private life.

Brad: I mean, we talked about this. I thought you and Jack were over.

Janet: That's what you wanted, but Jack and I figured we were old enough to make that decision for ourselves.

Brad: What the hell is my brother thinking?

Janet: He's probably thinking he doesn't need your permission to move on with his own life. Anyway, he left in the middle of the night to go investigate a mysterious accident, and I haven't seen him since.

Jack: Are you sure -- you're sure you didn't see anything?

Holden: Jack, I told you, I was inside the house, and -- and I heard this crash.

Jack: I just don't understand how this could happen, Holden.

Holden: It was an accident.

Nurse: Mr. Snyder, you can go in now.

Lily: Holden? What happened?

Carly: Where's Holden?

Jack: Lily's awake.

Carly: Thank God.

Jack: He's talking to her right now.

Carly: Is she okay?

Jack: I hope so. It was a close call. I mean, I just -- I just don't understand how this happened. So, she -- she runs her car into the retaining wall of her own driveway. How? And what were you doing there that time of night?

Carly: I don't want to talk about it.

Jack: That's exactly what Holden said. Why are you two being so weird about this?

Carly: Would you just drop it, please?

Holden: You had an accident, but you're all right.

Lily: Car -- a car accident?

Holden: No one else was hurt. You know what? We probably should talk about this some other time. You need to rest, okay?

Lily: Don't touch me. I re -- I remember. Get out of here. Get out of here! Get out of here, and don't come back!

Nurse: You should be resting. Try to sleep.

Lily: No, I can't. Is Jack here?

Holden: Yeah. He's outside.

Lily: Send him in. I need to talk to him.

Jack: Did you check in with Parker when you went to go get your coffee?

Carly: Uh, I called him last night. He's okay.

Jack: He was alone in the house all night?

Carly: Don't start with me, Jack! This has been hard enough. How is she?

Holden: She's better. She wants to see you, Jack.

Jack: Good. Maybe she can tell me what's going on.

Carly: What if she tells Jack about us?

Holden: I'm sorry. I told you, I couldn't lie anymore.

Carly: Right. You told Lily without even thinking about how it would affect me. What do you think Jack will do if he finds out?

Brad: I don't understand how you could be so casual about this. What kind of message are you sending to our daughter? I mean, you know, she's an impressionable kid, and you are living in sin with my brother.

Janet: We are two consenting adults.

Brad: Okay, well, don't get too comfortable at the farm, because you're not gonna be staying there long after I talk to Jack.

Janet: Is that a threat?

Katie: Brad, calm down.

Brad: No, I'm -- I'm fine. I'm fine.

Katie: No, you're not.

Brad: Okay, I'm not. Do you blame me?

Katie: I'm just saying, take a breath.

[Brad breathes deeply]

Brad: Look, I thought we had an understanding, Janet.

Janet: We did, Brad. You said I could stay in Oakdale as long as you weren't footing the bill. So, guess what? I came up with a solution that costs you nothing, and I still get to be with Liberty, and we're all happy. So what's the problem?

Brad: I just told you what the problem is!

Katie: Wait. Hold on. Hold on a second. Maybe this explains the whole Liberty situation. Did she stay with you last night at the farm?

Janet: No, she didn't stay with me. She was at your -- house. Are you saying that Liberty didn't come home last night?! Where is she?! What kind of father are you?!

Liberty: Oh, my God. My mom's here, too? She's gonna go ballistic! She's gonna go ballistic, and she's probably gonna slap me again!

Parker: Your mom hit you?

Liberty: Just when she got freaked out that she -- that I was gonna get knocked up like she did.

Parker: But last night, we -- we didnít.

Liberty: Oh, I know, but if my mom finds me in here, in your bedroom, I'm toast! I have to get out of here. I have to go.

Parker: Okay, well, you can't jump.

Liberty: You have a better idea?

Katie: We thought Liberty was in bed when we got home last night, and this morning, we realized she wasn't there.

Brad: We have no idea why she took off.

Janet: I think I do.

Brad: What? What? You know something?

Janet: We just -- we had a -- we had a little bit of a fight. That's all.

Brad: I see. You see? You see? Now it comes out.

Janet: It was no big deal!

Brad: Well, it must have been if it made her run away!

Janet: What if she's -- oh, my God. What if something happens to her?

Katie: Hold on. Everybody, hold on. What was the fight about?

Janet: It was just, you know, about her and Parker.

Brad: No, I don't know. What about Liberty and Parker? What do you mean?

Janet: Jack just walked in on them getting to know each other.

Brad: He what? And you -- why didn't you tell me that?

Janet: They were just kissing, Brad! It was no big deal!

Brad: Well, that's what you think, Janet!

Janet: Jack nipped it in the bud.

Brad: That's what you think!

Katie: Oh. That's why Liberty said the thing about having a relationship with Parker.

Brad: What, a relationship? She said that?

Katie: Well, yeah. I mean, it seemed pretty innocent at the time. We were just talking. It was private.

Brad: Private? Are you kidding me? This is my daughter we're talking about. I mean, they could have gone off someplace. Oh, man. I mean, my kid and Jack's kid? This is bad. This is really bad.

Liberty: Oh -- whoa. What's going on here? A meeting of parents anonymous?

Brad: What happened? What were you doing? Where were you last night?

Holden: Carly, I understand why you're upset. I just -- I couldn't pretend anymore that everything was okay.

Carly: After what happened last night, do you still think you did the right thing?

Holden: I never meant to hurt anyone.

Carly: You hurt her the moment you told her.

Holden: I -- it would have hurt her more to live a lie like that.

Carly: What do you think Jack's gonna do when he finds out, huh?

Holden: I don't know. But we'll deal with it.

Carly: No, no, no. He's gonna flip out! You know how he gets!

Nurse: A doctor has to examine you before you're discharged.

Lily: Well, could you tell them to hurry, please? I want to go home.

Jack: You're sure you're okay? Can you tell me what happened last night?

Lily: I was in the car, on my way to the house, and I saw Carly in the driveway, so I tried to run her down.

Noah: Janet is hilarious.

Luke: Yeah. And she makes a mean omelet.

Noah: Yeah. She's definitely fun to have around.

Luke: I bet Jack thinks so.

Noah: What do you think your grandmother will do when she comes home and finds out that she and Jack have been breaking her famous house rules?

Luke: I don't know. I'm more worried to see what she does when she finds out that Janet rearranged her spice cabinet.

Noah: Yeah, I mean, she may treat them differently 'cause they're older, but I don't think she'd cut us the same slack.

Luke: You know, I almost came to your room last night. But then I realized that if Grandma caught us there, she'd kick you out. And I love having you here. I love waking up and knowing that you're the first person I get to see every day.

Noah: Me, too. I love being in this house, too. I mean, I just feel safe here, you know? I haven't felt that way since -- since my dad died.

Luke: Is it getting any easier for you?

Noah: It's still strange that he's gone. You're lucky you have both your parents.

Luke: Yeah, I know. And speaking of which, I haven't heard from either of them in a really long time.

Noah: Yeah.

Luke: Hello. Is Mom there? She -- what? No, no. It's okay.

Noah: What is it?

Luke: It's my mom. She's in the hospital.

Jack: It's perfectly normal for the details to be a little hazy this morning, so if you want to wait and talk about the accident some other time --

Lily: It wasn't an accident.

Jack: You don't mean that.

Lily: Yes, I do. I'm just trying to be honest. You know how Holden values honesty.

Jack: So you're saying that what happened was not an accident?

Lily: No. I saw Carly in the driveway, and I put my foot on the accelerator, and I wanted to run her down. But at the last second, I couldn't do it.

Jack: This is insane. Why -- why would you want to hurt Carly?

Lily: Oh, I didn't want to hurt her. I wanted to kill her. But then I thought about what it would do to my kids and to yours, and I couldn't do it. So I turned the wheel the other way. Otherwise, she'd be dead.

Liberty: Anyway, I -- I was really ticked after my fight with my mom. So, you know, I just grabbed my stuff for school, went to Al's for breakfast. Come on. Did you really not hear me?

Katie: No. No, we didnít.

Liberty: Well, you guys should get your hearing checked, 'cause you're so not getting any younger.

Brad: Well, you know I'm a heavy sleeper.

Liberty: Yeah, like a dead guy.

Parker: Okay, what -- what's everyone doing here?

Brad: You didn't hear us calling for you?

Parker: I was in the shower.

Janet: Have you seen your father?

Parker: No. I have no idea where he is, actually. Sorry. Hey, Liberty, want to head out?

Liberty: Yeah, let's go. I'm kind of late for school, so --

Janet: Not so fast. Hey, Parker, if it's okay with you, I would love to take my little girl to school this morning.

Liberty: Mom --

Janet: That's final.

Parker: Are you gonna be okay?

Janet: She'll be fine. Let's go, Liberty. Get -- go.

Parker: Yeah. I should really get going.

Brad: Yeah, yeah. Not so fast.

Janet: Uh --

Liberty: What's your problem?

Janet: You are. Those clothes looked a little less wrinkled last night -- almost like they've been slept in.

Lily: Why don't you arrest me, Jack?

Jack: 'Cause the only person you hurt, Lily, was yourself. And wanting to kill someone is only a crime if you actually go through with it.

Lily: Maybe it should be.

Jack: I'm sorry. I just -- I don't understand. Carly's your best friend.

Lily: Was.

Jack: Okay. What did she do?

Lily: I feel sorry for you, Jack. I didn't see it coming, either.

Jack: See what?

Lily: Have Carly and Holden tell you. They can fill you in on all the gory details better than I can. Go ahead. Ask them.

Liberty: Mom, I was half-asleep when I got dressed this morning, so I just -- just put on, the ones that I got off the floor, 'cause I was --

Janet: Don't you lie to me, Liberty. You slept with Parker, didn't you?

Liberty: Okay, okay. The total truth here is that -- is that we did sleep in the same bed. But we just made out, and -- and that was it. And since I know you just don't believe me, why don't you just go ahead and hit me, Mom. Hit me and get it over with.

Brad: Listen to me. I know that Liberty's your cousin. She's family. And that's one of the reasons why you care about her, right?

Parker: Yeah, sure.

Brad: And that she's your friend. But she's also a relative. So that means you have to respect her.

Parker: And I do respect her. But, I mean, to call us cousins -- that's just a word. I mean, we're not even really related.

Brad: Technically, no. But when you signed on to be a Snyder, you signed on to the whole family, right? And I know that it's got to mean a lot to you.

Parker: Yeah, I guess.

Brad: Keep that in mind. Family, respect, loyalty.

Parker: You know, are -- are we the Snyders or the Sopranos?

Brad: Unless you want to start singing like a soprano, I suggest you listen to me. You stay away from Liberty. You got that?

Parker: Yeah, I have to go.

Brad: No, you got that?

Parker: I have to go.

Katie: Hey. How'd your talk go?

Brad: I don't know. I think he got the message.

Katie: I'm sure there's nothing to worry about. Liberty said she was home all last night.

Brad: Yeah. So she says.

Katie: All right. Let's get to work.

Janet: I am not going to hit you.

Liberty: Why not? You did when you found out I was making out with Dylan.

Janet: Get in the car!

Liberty: Where are we going?

Liberty: The farm.

Liberty: Well, I have summer school. I don't know if you know that.

Janet: We're gonna do a schooling, okay? I'm gonna teach you a lesson you'll never forget.

Liberty: Oh, right. With the back of your hand.

Janet: Hey! Get in the car right now, young lady.

Holden: Can we not do this here?

Jack: You were with Holden, and Lily found out?

Holden: Jack, donít.

Jack: You want to move on with your life? That's fine. But not with him. Not with your best friend's husband. No wonder she wanted to run you down. I don't blame her.

Carly: I don't, either.

Jack: Yeah? Then why did you do it? There's no excuse -- absolutely none.

Holden: Look, I take full responsibility. It's not her fault. It's mine.

Jack: That's very noble of you, Holden, standing up for Carly. It's too bad you didn't have the same consideration for your own wife.

Carly: Obviously, we both regret this.

Jack: Then why did you even go there in the first place?

Carly: Can we not do this here, please?

Holden: Carly's right.

Jack: I knew something strange was going on with the two of you. All of the sudden, Holden was your best bud. You guys were always together. He helped you at Metro, fixing the plumbing! That's -- that's poetic.

Carly: Nothing was happening then.

Jack: And you expect me to believe that?

Holden: Fine. You know what? You believe what you want. But it started out as friends. It was a gradual thing. We never intended --

Jack: You gave Lily hell for getting together with Dusty! And then -- and then this is what you do?! You cheat on her like this?!

Holden: I'm not gonna defend what I did.

Jack: Because you can't! Unbelievable. But you probably had a lot of pressure on you, too, right? I mean, 'cause when Carly wants something, she gets it. And it wouldn't matter if she has to ruin a marriage to get it, either, to satisfy herself.

Holden: You know what? Enough. Carly's taken enough from you.

Jack: No. Actually, I think it's the other way around.

Holden: Back off.

[Lily comes out of her room]

Lily: What the hell is she doing here? Get her out of my sight!

Lily: How dare you come here! And how dare you defend her!

Holden: Lily, please.

Lily: Don't you two have any shame?!

Carly: I never meant for it to happen. I'm so sorry.

Lily: Sorry? Really? Do you think that about covers it?

Carly: No, no, of course not.

Holden: Carly, maybe you should go.

Lily: Wha -- great. You're gonna defend her?! I'm in the hospital, and you care what Carly --

Holden: Lily, you know what? You need to be back in your bed.

Carly: I'll go.

Luke: Mom, are you okay?

Lily: Yes. I had a little accident, but I'm okay. I'm gonna be just fine.

Luke: Mom, no, you're not. Why are you so mad at Dad and Carly?

Dr. Fox: Mrs. Snyder, ready for one more exam? Then we can sign your release papers.

Lily: Yeah. I want to get out of here as soon as possible.

Luke: Dad, what's going on?

Holden: Can we not -- can we not do this here?

Noah: I think maybe I should go. I'll see you later.

Luke: Well?

Holden: I really don't want to talk about it right now.

Luke: You know what, Dad? Don't do this. Don't treat me like a kid. I deserve to know the truth. What's happening with you and Mom?

Holden: I made a big mistake. I hurt your mother. I hurt her bad.

Katie: The biggest problem in some marriages comes down to --

Brad: Lying.

Katie: What?

Brad: It all comes down to lying.

Katie: Lying in a marriage is not good. That's true.

Brad: It's not good for a family, especially when your kid is the one that's not being honest.

Katie: We are not gonna be taping for a few minutes, right? We're gonna take a five. Come here.

Katie: You don't really think that Liberty was lying about being at home last night and leaving before we got up?

Brad: She's a teenager. They're hardwired to lie. I know from experience.

Katie: You don't think that she spent the night with Parker, do you?

Brad: I wouldn't put it past her.

Katie: But she wasn't there. She got there later.

Brad: Yeah. That was convenient, wasn't it?

Katie: You don't think that they're -- no, no! Parker is like a kid.

Brad: When I was Parker's age, there was only one thing I was thinking about, and it wasn't tennis.

Katie: Did he say something to you to make you suspicious?

Brad: No! He didn't have to say anything! He had the -- he had the look.

Katie: What look?

Brad: There's a look guys get when they've been -- you know. There's a look, okay?

Katie: Okay.

Brad: And he had it big-time.

Katie: Okay. I think there might be a way to clear this all up and figure out what's really going on.

Brad: How?

Katie: Watch.

Janet: Hey. Are you paying attention to me?

Liberty: Do I have a choice? I just don't get it, Mom. You bring me out to the sticks to smack me around again? Great.

Janet: Nobody's smacking you around, okay? I am deeply ashamed of myself for ever letting that happen. I just -- I totally lost control.

Liberty: Is that your excuse?

Janet: Listen, I swear, I will never lay another hand on you ever again.

Liberty: Depending on how mad you get, right?

Janet: Hey, I'm get -- doing pretty well with my temper so far, considering, all right?

Liberty: Okay, fine, whatever. Can we just please cut to the chase here?

Janet: All right. The point is, I am going to take you for your word that you and Parker were doing nothing more than just kissing last night before you fell asleep, although it's a bit of a stretch.

Liberty: Mom, I swear, that is all we did! My God! You want me to sign for you in blood?! 'Cause I'm here --

Janet: Listen to me. You spent the night in a room with a teenaged boy.

Liberty: It's not fatal.

Janet: Take it from experience. You put yourself in a situation like that, and one thing leads to another.

Liberty: Okay, fine. I get it. You don't want us to fool around. It's cool.

Janet: Listen to me. I don't want you to mess up your life. So we are taking the steps we need to take to make sure you don't make the same mistake that I did.

Katie: Thanks, Henry. No, no. I don't need anything else. Tell Vienna we said hi, okay? Bye.

Brad: Well?

Katie: You were right.

Brad: I knew it. Oh, I knew it!

Katie: Liberty never showed up at Al's this morning. She was lying.

Brad: You know what? That's okay. She's gonna spend the rest of her life living in a convent.

Katie: That's practical.

Brad: What, you don't think I'll do it? Boarding school, all girls, Timbuktu.

Katie: Listen, Brad, you just need to sit Liberty down and have a father-daughter talk about sex.

[Knocking loudly]

Carly: Go away. [Door slams] No, Jack. I cannot take one of your lectures right now. I really can't.

Jack: So, how did this thing with Holden start?

Carly: You don't really want to know.

Jack: Yes, Carly, I do. So, how long has this been going on? Like a week, a month? How long have you two been lying to everybody?

Carly: Don't question me. I haven't done anything illegal.

Jack: No, no. But try immoral. You knew what it would do to Lily, to these children, to our children, and yet, that didn't stop you.

Carly: It's really none of your business, is it?

Jack: No, no, Carly. No, it has nothing to do with me, or the children up there that you claim to care so much about!

Carly: You don't live here anymore, Jack, remember? You can leave.

Jack: So, you say it has nothing to do with me, as if sleeping with my best friend and cousin wasn't the perfect way to get back at me for rejecting you!

Carly: Oh, please. Not everything I do, Jack, has something to do with you! And my getting involved with Holden was not my way of exacting some sort of revenge! It is the last thing in the world I wanted to happen, and I wish to God it never had!

Holden: I had an affair with Carly.

Luke: An affair.

Holden: I just couldn't lie to your mother anymore, especially after passing judgment on her -- she wasn't honest with me.

Luke: So, you told Mom the truth, and she tried to kill Carly?

Holden: It wasn't like that. She just wasn't thinking.

Luke: No, Dad, you're the one that's not thinking! How could you do this?!

Holden: You know what? I wish there was some way I could get you to understand how sorry I am. I never meant to hurt your mother, or you.

Luke: I looked up to you more than anyone in the world.

Holden: And I let you down. I let your mother down in the worst possible way. Look, you need to understand -- you need to understand that things -- they weren't -- they weren't right for a very long time.

Luke: And this is how you fix it?!

Holden: I don't expect you to understand.

Luke: Good! Because I don't. And I never will.

Carly: Nothing about this was planned. Holden and I -- we weren't looking for it. And when something happened, it shocked us both.

Jack: How many times did you sleep with him? More than once? Yeah, I thought so.

Carly: I said I didn't want it to happen, and I meant it.

Jack: Carly, you never change. You never change. You do whatever the hell you want, then you act like you didn't have a choice. Meanwhile, you destroy everything in your path.

Carly: Are you saying that I deliberately hurt Lily?

Jack: No. I'm saying that you knew what you were doing was wrong, and you did it, anyway. And now, you expect everybody to forgive you. Well, you cannot be forgiven for sleeping with Holden!

[Parker walks into the room and overhears what Jack said]

[Door slams]

Carly: What was that?

Holden: What did the doctor say?

Lily: I'm fine. I signed the release papers. I'm going home.

Holden: That's good. I'll drive you.

Lily: No. I want Luke to take me.

Luke: I'll bring the car around.

Lily: Thanks.

Holden: Is there anything I can do?

Lily: I think you've done enough already.

Holden: Can we talk later?

Lily: You can talk to my lawyer.

Jack: Parker's not in his room. He should be giving a tennis lesson by now.

Carly: It must have been the wind. This door hasn't been latching properly lately. Oh, thank God. Wouldn't want Parker to find out about this that way.

Jack: Is there a better way for him to find out? As if our kids aren't gonna find out what their mother's been up to.

Carly: Would you get off your high horse? I am sick to death of your self-righteous putdowns. Do you have any idea what a relief it was to be with a man who doesn't criticize me all the time?! Get out! Get out of here!

Katie: Was it something I said?

Brad: Huh? No, no. Yeah, yeah! I can't talk to Liberty about -- about --

Katie: Sex? A word you've never had trouble saying since I've known you.

Brad: Not to a 16-year-old who happens to be my daughter. It's just -- it's just weird, okay? I mean, the only thing I want to say about -- about -- about sex is, "Don't do it," okay? "Not now. Wait a couple decades. Get married. Then wait a few more years and give me grandkids." Isn't -- isn't that how it's supposed to work?

Katie: Not in the real world. You and Janet had sex when you were teenagers.

Brad: Oh, Katie, I just don't want to her making the same mistake that Janet and I did, okay?

Katie: Oh, well, here's a tip. When talking about it, please don't use "Liberty" and "mistake" in the same sentence.

Brad: I don't want to talk about it at all.

Katie: You have to! I'll help you. I mean, I'm not Liberty's parents. So it really is up to you and Janet. It's either that or let Liberty find out all on her own.

Brad: All right, all right, all right. I'll do it. Anything's better than leaving it up to Janet.

Janet: Boy, how many gynecologists are there?

Liberty: Mom, I'm -- I'm not pregnant.

Janet: You're old enough to get checked out.

Liberty: Okay, fine. I'll go. I'll go, but not with you.

Janet: Oh, please. Who else is gonna take you, your father? Right.

Liberty: I can do this by myself.

Janet: No, you can't. You're a minor. So we're gonna go. We're gonna talk to the doctor about birth control, and we're gonna get you one of the shots for the HPV vaccine for cervical cancer. That's very important for girls your age to have that. And hopefully, while we're there, the doctor will tell you about all the other sexually transmitted diseases you can get by having unprotected sex!

Liberty: Okay, okay. So, if I get on birth control, then I can have protected sex?

Janet: No! No, you cannot! You're still a baby! And God forbid, mistakes happen.

Liberty: The Lord knows I am living proof of that one.

Janet: Hey, I love you, always, okay? I just -- I want you to have a better life than I had. I want you to go to college.

Liberty: Stick to your day job, Mama, 'cause I already have a guidance counselor.

Janet: Do you listen to her? No. Do you pay attention in health class? Probably not.

Liberty: But I did kind of perk up when they had those 3-d images of the human body. Whoo!

Janet: What?! 3-d image -- when did school get so racy?

Liberty: Mom, it's the 21st century. Everything is high-tech.

[Cell phone beeps]

[Liberty sighs]

Liberty: So if the sex class is over, then I'm gonna go.

Janet: Whoa. Come here, come here, come here, come here, come here. I love you. I love you, okay? Be good. Be good.

Liberty: Bye, Mom.

Janet: Tell Parker to keep it in his pants.

[Janet sighs]

Luke: Do you need a -- a pillow? Do you want to put your legs up?

Lily: No. I'm -- I'm fine. Don't worry.

Luke: I can't help it. Are you sure you're okay?

Lily: Yes, yes. Thank God for that air bag. I hardly got a scratch.

Luke: I'm not talking about that. I'm talking about what Dad did to you.

Lily: He told you? Oh, I'm glad I didn't see that.

Luke: I can't believe it, even now.

Lily: Listen to me. Don't hate your father. He is still the same man who loves you and raised you to be the incredible person that you are. I don't want my problems with Holden to change anything between the two of you.

Luke: I'm sorry, Mom. I think we both know that this changes everything.

Parker: Hey. Are you okay?

Liberty: Mm.

Parker: How'd things with your mom go?

Liberty: She kind of went into Mom mode, and I just had to get out of there as quick as I possibly could. Why are you not in tennis camp?

Parker: I blew it off.

Liberty: No way. Are you having parental problems, too?

Janet: Hey. There you are, Stranger. Oh, you look like you've been hit by a truck. What happened?

Jack: Carly happened, again.

Janet: What now?

Jack: I didn't think she could hurt me anymore, and this time she totally outdid herself.

Parker: It's happening again. My mom -- she messed up again. She never stops. I mean, she ruins everything.

Janet: So, she slept with your cousin.

Jack: And he's married to her best friend.

Janet: Oh, whoa. That's -- that's really low.

Jack: That's Carly.

Janet: I'm so sorry, Jack. You deserve better.

Holden: I'm here to see your mother.

Luke: She's resting.

Holden: Fine, I'll wait.

Luke: Don't bother. She doesn't want to see you, and neither do I.

Next week on "As the World Turns."

Brad: What are you doing with condoms?

Janet: I think your Parker and my Liberty -- doing it.

Cole: You and me -- we're gonna go for a little ride.

Barbara: Where?

Cole: Wherever I want. I'm the one with the gun.

Paul: Meg. Meg.

Luke: There is nothing keeping us from having sex. So why aren't we?

Holden: What I'm asking is for you not to give up. Not yet.

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