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As The World Turns Transcript Thursday 7/17/08

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[Jack chuckles]

Jack: What are you doing out here?

Janet: I'm leaving. Here's some food. See you later. Bye.

Jack: Okay -- hey! You've been here for ten minutes, and you're -- that's it?

Janet: What?! How do you know that?

Jack: Because I -- I heard you pull in. I -- I saw you sitting in your car. I watched you turn on your car, get out of your car --

Janet: All right. I'm conflicted, okay? I'm conflicted.

Jack: Why?

Janet: Because your ex-wife told me to stay away from her territory.

Jack: Ah.

Janet: But then I thought, "What if you and Parker -- you don't have any food. You're starving over here, because if you're anything like your brother, you don't cook --"

Jack: It smells outstanding. It really does.

Janet: Oh, it tastes even better. [Jack laughs] You having fun with Parker?

Jack: I am, I am. Well, at first, I was pretty ticked that Carly took off for, you know, those couple of weeks. But Parker -- I mean, it's nice to have some 24-hour time alone with at least one kid.

Janet: Well, I'll let you get to it.

Jack: Yeah.

Janet: Enjoy.

Jack: I intend to.

Henry: What do you think?

Customer: I thought a chocolate martini would be wimpy, but this is lethal.

Henry: Ah.

[Henry laughs]

Customer: Talk about lethal.

Henry: Oh.

Vienna: Oh, I need you, Henry.

Henry: Mm.

Vienna: I need you now.

Customer: Hey, hey, hey. Can I have what you're having?

Vienna: I'm sorry. I'm a one-man woman. This man is all mine.

Henry: Excuse us.

Vienna: I need us to be alone. This is not alone.

Henry: I know. I got to keep an eye on the bar, though.

Vienna: Yeah, but we never get to spend any time together anymore.

Henry: What are you talking about? We spent all morning together and most of the afternoon.

Vienna: No! We used to spend every single minute together. And -- and now, after you started helping Carly here, I don't get to see you. You know, it's very noble. You're always very generous and very selfless of you, but it's got to stop.

Henry: Yeah, well, about that --

Vienna: No. I need you. I need you now.

Henry: I need you, too. Mm. Not -- not here. Wait -- wait a second, Darling. Not here, not now. Not in front of all these witnesses. That would set a very bad example for my employees.

Vienna: You mean Carly's employees. Oh, that's what we'll do. We'll help her by hiring someone else so you don't have to spend this much time at her club.

Henry: Yeah, well, the thing is, it's our club now, too.

Vienna: What?

Janet: Hey, is Parker here?

Jack: Yeah. He's upstairs.

Janet: What?! What the hell are you doing, kissing me? I want to get accused of "Corrupting your children."

Jack: It was just a kiss, Janet.

Janet: Yeah, but Carly doesn't want me hanging out with you when Parker's around.

Jack: Oh, come on. It was nothing against you. Carly just doesn't want us being overly affectionate in front of Parker. So from now on, I promise you, I will keep my hands to myself. You see? No hands.

Janet: You are so bad.

Jack: Well, you brought me food -- serious food. I got to thank you.

Janet: You're very welcome. Okay.

Jack: Hey, why don't you stay and help us eat it? Come on.

Janet: Oh, no, no, no. I -- I don't want to tempt you. You know, your fast hands and all. But -- oh, all right. I guess I could just, you know, heat it up and help put it on the table.

Jack: Come on. Oh, you know, I'm gonna feel obliged to give you a kiss good night. On the porch, of course. "Corrupt the children."

Janet: Oh, yes, Baby.

[Doorbell ringing]

Parker: That's for me.

Liberty: Hey. What's my mom's car doing --?

Janet: Hi! Hi, Sweetie Pie. What are you doing here?

Liberty: Hey. Probably the same thing you are.

Holden: I know that I owe you an explanation, but I'm just not sure how to begin.

Lily: You weren't in Louisville? You -- weren't on a business trip because you were with some woman?

Holden: To hear you say that, to hear how it sounds, I feel terrible.

Lily: Oh. You feel terrible? How sensitive of you. Does your mistress know that about you -- how sensitive you are? Who is she?!

Holden: It doesn't matter. What matters is that the lies, they have --

Lily: It matters to me! Who is she?!

Holden: Carly.

Lily: What? What?

Carly: I don't typically cry. I'm not a crier. I don't typically spill my guts to cabdrivers, either.

Driver: What happens in the cab stays in the cab.

[Carly laughs]

Driver: Boyfriend bail on you?

Carly: I bailed on him. It's not really a boyfriend, just a guy. But there's this other guy.

Driver: The one you're crying over.

Carly: Mm-hmm. But it would be a huge mistake for us to be together. For the first time in my life, I'm gonna do the right thing.

Lily: The -- the trip you just took, you went to New York.

Holden: Yes.

Lily: Carly was stopping in New York on her way to Paris.

Holden: I had to see her.

Lily: For what?! To -- to say good-bye?

Holden: I was worried about her.

Lily: Ohh. You -- you didn't want her to go to Paris with another man. You flew to New York to stop her. This is -- this is like out of the movies!

Holden: I -- I know it sounds crazy, but I just thought she was doing it for all the wrong reasons.

Lily: And while you were there, what -- what? You grabbed a quickie?

Holden: No, it wasn't like that.

Lily: Then educate me, Holden! Inform me! Because obviously, I don't know what it's like! I'm in bed with you, barely an inch between us, and I have to beg you to touch me! But for Carly, you'll travel thousands of miles just to spend a few stolen minutes with her?!

Holden: What do you want me to say?

Lily: I want you to tell me how it started.

Holden: Okay, fine. You were away. Carly and I -- we started relying on each other.

Lily: Oh. Oh, that's an interesting way to put it. How many times?

Holden: What?

Lily: How many times did you have sex with her, and where?! Here?! Here, in my house, in my bed?!

Holden: You know what? It doesn't matter. It's not important. What's important is where we go from here.

Lily: Oh. Oh, that's what's important? Gee, I didn't know we had an agenda, Holden. Let's cut to what's most important! Are you in love with her? Are you?

Holden: We never used words like that.

Lily: It's a simple question, Holden. Are you in love with Carly?

Holden: Lily, I love you. I -- I love our family. I love our life together.

Lily: How can you say that? How can you stand there and tell me that you love me when you have broken every vow we have ever made?

Holden: I'm trying to tell you the truth.

Lily: God, I was so stupid.

Holden: No, don't say that. Don't say that. You didn't do anything wrong.

Lily: Oh, but you did. You made so many mistakes. You -- you left me so many clues. The way you reacted when Carly brought Mike to that barbecue. The -- the stupid argument you had with Neal over polo. You were jealous! It was eating you alive! You didn't even try to hide it, and still I couldn't see.

Holden: Yeah, because you trusted me. You did everything right.

Lily: Then why did you go to her? What does she have that I -- don't -- don't even answer that. I know the answer. I'm the idiot that's been running around town, telling every available man I see about my pretty friend Carly, my -- my funny friend Carly, my loyal friend, Carly!

Holden: She didn't do this by herself.

Lily: No, no! I helped her! I told her how you were pulling away from me -- that I couldn't reach you that I couldn't stand to lose you. She knew all that! And to hell with waiting for me to help her find a man! She just helped herself to mine!

Jack: Janet came by to -- to bring us some dinner. See? Your mother knows how inept I am in the kitchen, so she took pity on Parker and me.

Janet: You didn't tell me what you were doing here.

Parker: I'm helping her with her homework.

Liberty: Yeah. And, oh, Mom, I didn't call you back yesterday. What did you want to talk to me about?

Janet: Oh, uh, well, I -- I thought I was gonna have to leave town. But then Jack came to my rescue, and I'm staying at the Snyder farm.

Liberty: Really? So, you guys are like shacking up now?

Janet: Oh --

Jack: No. She -- your mother is staying there until she can find a place of her own.

Liberty: Okay. Well, whatever.

Parker: We should really get started on that homework.

Liberty: Yeah.

Jack: Make sure you just stick to homework, though, okay?

Parker: Dad!

[Jack laughs]

Janet: Hey.

Jack: What?

Janet: "Just homework"?

Jack: It's nothing.

Janet: Wait. Whoa, whoa, whoa. No, no, no, no. Tell me what else you think my daughter would be doing with your son.

Henry: So, isn't that great news? About us being co-owners of the club, huh?

Vienna: Okay, something very strange is going on with you. You are not acting like my Henry.

Henry: What are you talking about? Of course I'm your Henry.

Vienna: No, because my Henry wouldn't go behind my back and buy a nightclub that I don't want. Or would you?

Henry: I've done some foolish things, obviously. And this is one of them. Vienna, I'm sorry. I thought you would -- you would like the idea, once you got used to it.

Vienna: But -- why didn't you tell me?

Henry: I had to work out the details of the deal first. I got to figure out the schedule for the diner. I mean, you want me to keep that place, too, I hope.

Vienna: And now we can't!

Henry: What are you talking about? Of course -- of course we can. Hey, hey. I'm gonna hire a night manager for the diner, all right? And that way, you can spend all your evenings here, being this glorious hostess. We can have the bar. We can have the diner. We can have glamour, money. What could be more perfect, huh?

Vienna: Our life the way it was.

Henry: Getting up before dawn to feed the morning crowd? That? And spending 17 hours a day on our feet and smelling of sugar and baking grease? That life?

Vienna: No. I loved those long days at the diner with you. Even baking grease was romantic when we were together.

Henry: I know you always said that. I just -- I never thought you really meant it. Vienna, I just want you to be happy. I really do.

Vienna: And I want you to be happy. My yummy, scrumptious muffin.

Henry: What?

Vienna: But if you don't sell this piece back to Carly, both of us will be very, very sad.

Jack: Janet, there's nothing to worry about. I had a long talk with Parker. Oh, lasagna. Yes! I was hoping it was lasagna.

Janet: I knew you'd like that. Listen, what did you talk to Parker about?

Jack: And garlic bread. Come on. Let's heat this stuff up now. I'm suddenly starving.

Janet: Jack, Jack -- what did you talk to Parker about?

Jack: Just -- just kids being kids, Janet.

Janet: Kids, what? Parker and Liberty?

Jack: Yeah.

Janet: And what did he say?

Jack: Well, it was kind of cute, actually. See, the other day, I -- I kind of walked in on them, and I caught them kissing.

Janet: What?!

Jack: I told you it was no big deal.

Janet: What?! Why didn't you tell me?!

Jack: Well, why would I? Janet, isn't it normal for kids that age? And why are you getting so upset? Nothing out of line happened.

Janet: Hey, it is not for you to decide what is out of line for my daughter! Liberty, get down here right now!

Lily: All your lectures about how I betrayed you, how my dishonesty was hurting our children, how I wasn't worthy of you.

Holden: I never said you weren't worthy.

Lily: Oh, but that's how you made me feel. I felt so guilty, so wrong that I had to go away to try to "Fix" myself, all the time thinking that I wasn't a good enough person or a good enough mother. You let me do that!

Holden: You have every right to be angry, but don't accuse me of saying things or doing things that I -- that I never did. Look, I'm just trying to be honest with you here. If you had been honest with me from the very beginning --

Lily: What, what, what? You wouldn't have cheated? That our marriage would have been perfect? This is my fault?

Holden: No, no. No, of course not.

Lily: You set the pace, Holden. You're the one that said that we had to take our marriage slowly, one step at a time, open and honest. And all the time, you were sleeping with Carly?

Holden: No, not the whole time. It hasn't been going on that long.

Lily: How long?

Holden: Lily, we've always managed to find our way back to each other. I don't expect this time to be any different.

Lily: And after you slept with Carly, what did you expect then?

Holden: What are you saying?

Lily: I'm asking if the times that you got out of her bed and came to mine, if all these months that you've been making love to me, you've been thinking about her.

Jack: Janet. Janet, be reasonable about this. How old were you when you had your first kiss?

Janet: Oh -- Liberty!

Liberty: What?

Janet: Come here.

Liberty: I'm right here. You don't have to yell.

Janet: I want to know what the hell is going on between you and Parker.

Liberty: Wow. Okay, crazy lady, you caught us. Parker just got "The Intruder's" 100 most warped people issue, and we could not put it down.

Janet: Liberty Ciccone --

Liberty: What, Mom?! We were studying. What do you think we were doing?

Janet: I cut you a lot of slack. I let you hang out with Parker whenever you wanted to because I thought you were doing homework.

Liberty: We were, Mom. Have you not seen my Math grades?

Janet: What else were you doing?

Liberty: Nothing!

Janet: That's not what I heard.

Liberty: What?

Parker: Dad, you didn't!

Jack: Didn't what? Listen, if Janet has a problem with Liberty kissing you, then that's their business.

Janet: Of course I'm gonna have a problem with that! You think I'm gonna let Liberty go and do something she shouldn't, and just go, "Oh, who cares. Whatever. I don't care. Whatever"?

Liberty: Oh, well, you sure have done it before, Mom.

Janet: Well, not this time. From now on, you are keeping your lips and every other body part to yourself until you are 18 years old, and that's an order!

Henry: What's the matter? Honey? I made a deal with Carly. I can't go back on it.

Vienna: Of course you can. And if she won't listen to you, she'll listen to me. I'll make sure that she gives us our money back.

Henry: No. No, you won't, because I won't let her. Now, I -- I bought a stake in this place for us. Listen, for us, because I want you to have diamonds, and I want you to have designer dresses. I want you to be who you were when I met you.

Vienna: What, you don't like me the way I am right now?

Henry: I love you. I love you. I'll love you always.

Vienna: Then why are you talking about diamonds and -- this is about Gray Gerard, isn't it?

Henry: What do you mean? The very dead and buried Gray? Come on.

Vienna: He's like a ghost, haunting us. Just because he bought me diamonds, you think that I want diamonds, huh?

Henry: Well, you liked them, didn't you? Champagne wishes and caviar dreams.

Vienna: You think I'm that easily bought, that any rich man can just come along and steal me away?

Henry: No.

Vienna: What?!

Henry: Listen, I love you. I love you. Just -- you're out of my league.

Vienna: How can you even say that?

Henry: I can say it because it's how I feel. Look, you're a miracle. You're a miracle. And I want us to be forever.

Vienna: Me, too. We are all we need, Henry. So let's not -- let's not complicate our life. Let's get rid of this place. Please, come back to being poor with me. Huh?

Jack: Janet, come here. Why -- why don't we table this discussion for now and have some dinner? The kids can finish their homework down here, and then later, you can Liberty can talk, okay?

Liberty: There's nothing to talk about, because Parker and I did not do anything wrong here.

Janet: Oh, not yet, maybe.

Liberty: Look who's talking, Mom! Oh -- isn't like you never kissed a boy when you were my age.

Janet: Yeah, I did, and look what happened to me?!

Liberty: Well, I'm not you, Mom! I'm not you, okay? So if I decide to have sex, I will use birth control so then I won't get stuck with a baby that I don't want to have.

Janet: Oh, no. That's not what I said.

Liberty: Yeah, you didn't have to.

Parker: See what you started?

Janet: That's not what I meant. That's not what I meant. That's not what I meant.

Jack: Come here, I know.

Janet: That's not what I meant.

Henry: Why do we have to be poor? We were happy when we were rich.

Vienna: Yeah, but then we lost everything, and that was pretty upsetting. So I figured if we just keep the diner, we have nothing to lose.

Henry: You're the most incredible, beautiful, wonderful woman in the world, and that's why it's killing me to confess this to you.

Vienna: What is it? What's wrong?

Henry: The reason that I want to give you riches and glamour --

Vienna: Yeah.

Henry: It has nothing to do with Gray, all right? I'm not competing with a dead man.

Vienna: Are you sure about that?

Henry: Yes. The truth is a lot uglier than that. The truth, Darling, is that this is about me. I don't want to spend the rest of my life slinging hash in a diner. I don't want to face a life of martinis made with cheap vodka, okay? I love you, and I love spending every moment with you, but I am -- I'm shallow, okay? And I want my glamour back.

Janet: I never meant to say that I didn't want her. She is my whole life.

Jack: She knows that. She knows that. You two are just -- you just -- you were very angry.

Janet: We've had some serious, big-time fights in the past, and we have -- we've managed to make up. But what if this time, I took it too far? What if she doesn't ever forgive me for this?

Jack: No, she'll come around. Come on. Liberty is as devoted to you as you are to her.

Janet: That is the nicest thing anybody's ever said to me.

Jack: The nicest thing?

Janet: Can I have my good night kiss a little early?

Jack: Oh, because you asked so nicely.

[Carly walks in]

Carly: Oh, God. Oh, no. I -- I can't take this. Not tonight.

Lily: It's a simple question, Holden. Have you been thinking about Carly when you've been making love to me? There he is. There's my husband, fighting the good fight of telling me the truth and not hurting me. So the answer is yes.

Holden: Yes or no doesn't really work in this situation, Lily. There were times when, you know, I was obsessed with her. But then I would come here. I would see you, and I would think, "I'm out of my mind. How could I walk away from you? How could I lose you?"

Lily: You said this happened while I was away.

Holden: Right. That's when Carly and I started to get close.

Lily: But you didn't sleep with her then? When?

Holden: It only happened twice. And it was never planned. It just happened.

Lily: Not like me, planning my every move, buying sexy new lingerie, getting Carly to help me pick it out. Oh, God. You must have had a good laugh over that.

Holden: No. No, never. Lily, please, let's don't do this.

Lily: What am I supposed to do, Holden? What kind of reaction am I supposed to have? Tell -- tell me what to do next.

Holden: I can't.

Lily: Have you taken the next step? Have you put an end to this?

Holden: I don't know.

Lily: You don't know? You don't know if your affair is over? What kind of an answer is that?!

Holden: It's the only answer I can give you right now.

Lily: Well, what am I supposed to do? Just -- just sit around and wait until you decide who you love best?

Holden: Lily, we promised each other that we would be honest. That's what I'm doing. I'm trying to be honest.

Lily: You're leaving it up to me. If I decide that I still want you, you'll give our marriage the old college try, even though you're still in love with Carly.

Holden: I want to keep our family together. I do. I want that. I just don't know if I have it in me.

Lily: What? What?

[Lily sobbing]

Holden: I'm sorry.

Lily: Don't touch me!

Holden: What can I do?

Lily: Get out. Get out!

[Lily screams]

Carly: The only thing that I asked of you was that you not bring your girlfriend into my house.

Jack: You were supposed to be in Paris.

Carly: That makes it okay? Where's Parker?

Jack: Liberty got upset, so he went to go find her. Janet just stopped by to bring us some dinner.

Janet: And I wasn't planning on staying. I was just gonna stay for a few minutes.

Carly: Stop. I don't -- I don't actually care why you're here. I would just like it if you -- if you left, please.

Jack: Fine.

Janet: What about the food? Should I get the food?

Jack: Let's just go.

[Cell phone rings]

Carly: Hello.

Holden: Carly, it's me.

Carly: Holden, I can't talk to you now.

Holden: Where are you?

Carly: I'm home.

Holden: So you're not going to Paris.

Carly: I couldn't go through with it.

Holden: I need to talk to you. I'm coming over.

Carly: No, no. I -- I don't want to see you.

Parker: Where's Dad and Janet?

Carly: Well, hello to you, too.

Parker: I'm sorry, but they really blew things for me big-time.

Carly: I love you, Sweetheart, but I am not interested in the exploits of Dad and Janet right now. I gotta go. Are you gonna be okay for dinner?

Parker: Uh, sure. Wait, wait. You're supposed to be in a completely different time zone right now. What -- what happened? Is everything okay?

Carly: It will be.

Vienna: Hey. Is that really what all this is about -- you being shallow?

Henry: Yeah, I'm afraid so.

Vienna: Well, there's nothing wrong about that. I love that about you.

Henry: Love me enough to give this place a shot?

Vienna: Anything for you, my materialistic man.

Henry: You should see the kitchen. It's about four times as big as Al's. Can you imagine all the pepparkakor that we can make? We can serve it at happy hour.

Vienna: And while it's baking --

Henry: Mm-hmm. I love -- I love the smell of pepparkakor in the evening. It's such an aphrodisiac.

Vienna: Maybe I can make some now. I'm gonna go and check if we have any ingredients.

Henry: Hey, hey, hey. Thank you for this.

Vienna: No more secrets.

Henry: Not one, not ever.

Bonnie: Oh, hello. [Henry laughs] How did it go?

Henry: It's going great.

Bonnie: Good.

Henry: Vienna's on board, so everything is golden! I think tequila is your drink, is it not?

Bonnie: Oh, what isn't? Forgoing a world-famous martini to have a shot? What's the occasion?

Henry: The occasion, my darling dear, is you. Have a little salt there. To Bonnie for setting me on a new path.

Vienna: Don't you dare drink a toast to that wicked woman.

Holden: Parker, hi. Where's your mom?

Parker: Gone. She just dropped off her bags and took off.

Holden: Do you know where she went?

Parker: I have no idea. She didn't say. But, I mean, you could try her on her cell phone. I can give you the number.

Holden: No, no. I have it. Thanks. I'll see you.

Carly: I am not gonna cry over you.

Holden: I've been looking all over for you.

Carly: I didn't want to talk about this until I was sure I had a plan. But I -- I guess I know what I want to do, so I might as well tell you.

Holden: Tell me what?

Carly: We can't see each other anymore.

Holden: Carly --

Carly: I've been through a divorce. I saw what it did to Jack, to my children, to me. You still love Lily. Your marriage still has a chance, Holden. You have to take it.

Holden: No, no, it's too late.

Carly: So all we have to do is not see each other, okay? Not at all. And we'll come up with some -- some story about something I've done to make you angry.

Holden: No, it's no use.

Carly: And whatever it is, it would have to make Lily angry so she doesn't call me and try to smooth things over between us. And then, after time has gone by, after we've had no communication at all, maybe this will just go away.

Holden: It won't work.

Carly: You have to make it work! Not just for you and Lily, but for me. I can't keep wanting you like I do, knowing that the -- this can never be what I want it to be. And if Lily is gonna hate me, I don't want it to because I betrayed her.

Holden: Carly.

Carly: I don't want it to be because I slept with you.

Holden: Carly, I'm trying to tell you, she knows.

Carly: How could -- no one ever saw us. How did she find out?

Holden: I told her.

Carly: You told Lily? Why? Why would you do that?

Holden: I had just left you in New York. I came home. There she was. She was so happy to see me. I couldn't do it anymore. I couldn't lie. It wasn't right.

Carly: Nothing we did was right, but we could have ended it. She never would have had to know.

Holden: What about Jack? Would you have known if he -- if he couldn't look you in the eye, and if every time you went to kiss him, there was a slight hesitation on his part? Wouldn't you have known?

Carly: So you told her everything?

Holden: Everything she wanted to know.

Carly: You told her it was me.

Holden: I had to, Carly. I had to. That's why I came to see you, so that --

Carly: Thanks for the heads-up.

Holden: Where are you going?

Carly: To save your marriage.

Janet: Great. Still not answering her phone. You know what? Maybe I should just drive around and go look for her.

Jack: No, or perhaps she just needs some time to cool down.

Janet: Okay, fine. Fine. You want a sandwich or something? 'Cause you didn't eat, and I need to keep busy.

Jack: Sure.

Janet: Oh, thank you. Oh. You know, I don't blame her for being mad at me, going off on her like that. I -- gosh! I yelled at her over kissing a boy! Do you think I overreacted?

Jack: I know how it is, okay? You see your kid heading, you know, down the wrong path, and sometimes you panic.

Janet: Jack, she is so much like me. You know, when I got pregnant with Liberty, I was just a stupid teenager with stars in my eyes. And then the day she was born, I fell in love with that little girl. And I thought, you know, even though I'm a high school dropout, I am gonna be rich, and I am gonna be able to give her the best education, give her the best nannies. I wanted the best -- only the best -- for my Liberty. It didn't work out like that.

Jack: And that's probably why she thinks you regret having her.

Janet: I wish I could have given her more. And I definitely wish I could have had her father help raise her. You know, I'd never tell Liberty this, but having her is the best thing that ever happened in my life and the worst. You know what I mean?

Jack: Janet, you did a great job with her.

Janet: I just don't want her to make the same mistakes that I did, Jack.

Jack: She wonít. Hey. Come on. She's gonna be just fine.

Liberty: Any chance we can lock the door and keep the parents out forever?

Parker: Not so much. They have keys.

Liberty: Mm.

Parker: You all right?

Liberty: Yeah. I am fine. Why would I not be?

Parker: You seemed pretty upset when you ran out before.

Liberty: Do you think so? Really? 'Cause if she believed it, maybe I can guilt her into getting me a laptop or --

Parker: So, you didn't mean those things you said to her about how she didn't want you?

Liberty: Okay, look, I know I was a mistake. Obviously. Duh. But I know my mom really loves me to death, and it's just -- God! Sometimes, she says these things. They make me so mad, and then I say really mean things back to her and -- we get over them pretty fast.

Parker: Wow. I can't believe how easy all this stuff is for you.

Liberty: It's easy, Parker, when you learn that all grown-ups are a little crazy.

Parker: So, hungry or something?

Liberty: No. I just want to get started on that homework.

Henry: Honey, it wasn't a toast to Bonnie, per se. It was a toast to you and me and to the club! I mean, she -- she helped engineer the deal with Carly.

Vienna: "Engineered"? Engineered how?

Henry: Well, she, um -- she --

Bonnie: It was a little legal thing. Carly was a little reluctant to get a partner at first. But I just helped Henry work out some kinks.

Vienna: Kinks? Henry only does kinks with me.

Henry: Of course you do, Sweetheart. Of course, of course, of course. She knows that. Bonnie, please.

Bonnie: Yeah. I'll go powder my nose.

Vienna: How could you?

Henry: How -- how could I hire Bonnie? She's a good lawyer. And without her, we would not have gotten the windfall from Gerardís estate.

Vienna: Okay. How could you share your secrets with her?

Henry: What secret?! What secret?! It was a business transaction!

Vienna: Yes, that you kept hidden from me. And you shared it with her, someone I dislike, and I don't trust her, and she's stolen men from me in the past.

Henry: What do you mean, "Men"? Plural?

Vienna: Yeah, well, a European count and a Venezuelan tycoon. I barely remember it. You're the important one. I can forgive you for being shallow, but you shared things with Bonnie instead of me -- intimate things.

Henry: What? Sweetheart, it was just some business transactions. Look. There's nothing intimate -- there's nothing intimate about that. Don't go. Don't go away. How are we supposed to play bossy barmaid and macho martini maker after we close, huh?

Vienna: No. I couldn't do that, because all I would be thinking about is all the secrets you've been sharing with Bonnie instead of me, your partner.

[Lily sobbing]

Lily: This is insane. Home -- I need to go home.

Holden: Carly! Carly, you're going to see Lily. Why?

Carly: You never should have told her about us, Holden.

Holden: I couldn't look her in the eye. I couldn't lie to her anymore. I just couldn't do it.

Carly: So without warning me, without one word to me first, you told her? And what happens when she tells Jack and Emma and ev --

Holden: I'll take the blame.

Carly: You can try, but they'll blame me.

Holden: No. I won't let that happen.

Carly: I adore you, and I'm so grateful that I got to know you like this.

Holden: Carly --

Carly: You always see the good in me. No other man in my life has ever done that.

Holden: What are you saying?

Carly: Good-bye.

Holden: We don't have to do that. Everything's changed now.

Carly: What's changed? Do you still love her?

Holden: We have a history together. We -- we have a family.

Carly: I'll take that as a yes.

Holden: No, no, no. Stop, stop. We need to talk about this.

Carly: No, we donít. I have to go. The sooner I can get your wife to start hating me, the sooner she can get back to loving you.

Janet: It's still going to voice mail.

Jack: Okay, why don't you call Brad and Katie and see if she went over?

Janet: What?! Are you kidding me? And prove to them that I'm the worst mother that ever lived by having her daughter run away from her?

Jack: She ran off, Janet! She ran off. She did not run away, okay? And she's probably at Al's right now, drowning her sorrows in a milkshake.

Janet: Or she's trying to prove how adult she is, and she went out and found some random teenaged boy and is making out with him and making his mind turn to mush and hers!

Jack: Stop it! Are you kidding me?!

Janet: Or who knows what else!

Jack: She's a great kid!

Janet: Ohh! I don't want history repeating itself!

Jack: It won't! You taught her. You taught her to be responsible, to be independent. You also taught her to be smart. She's got enough street smarts that she won't -- she'll avoid the same pitfalls.

Janet: In other words, she ain't me.

Jack: Well, and that's a good thing, right? But that doesn't mean that there's anything wrong with you. Come here. Better?

Janet: My brain's not mush yet. Keep going.

Liberty: Parker?

Parker: I'm almost done. Okay, there's an upside to you flunking out of geometry. If you keep flunking out, then we'll end up in the same graduating class.

Liberty: Oh. Ha, ha, ha. Well, if you -- if you keep making fun of me, I'm just not gonna want to kiss you anymore. Do you want to? You can touch me if you want.

Bonnie: You've resorted to water. Guess I'm not gonna ask how that went.

Henry: Worse than I could have ever imagined.

Bonnie: Henry, she's not even angry at you. She's angry at me.

Henry: Well, she thinks I've been keeping things from her.

Bonnie: Have you?

Henry: I didn't tell her. . .

Bonnie: What?

Henry: I thought that --

Bonnie: What?!

Henry: I thought that she would come around to it if it was a fait accompli.

Bonnie: Henry, that's the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard --

Henry: Are you here to help or what? You're gonna help?

Bonnie: Okay, fine.

Henry: Thank you.

Bonnie: Go -- go ahead. Whine.

Henry: Look, I know. I didn't tell her because I -- I had an idea that maybe she wouldn't be crazy about it. But I would never pick Metro over Vienna. Why can't I have them both?

Bonnie: You're just a typical man. That's why. But, look, you haven't completely blown it.

Henry: You sure?

Bonnie: Yeah. We may not like each other, but we understand each other. Trust me, she'll come around.

Henry: How do you know that?

Bonnie: Because we've stolen men from each other for years.

Henry: Yeah, okay, wait a second. Who are these men?

Bonnie: Just irrelevant. We have similar attitudes and similar tastes.

Henry: And those are?

Bonnie: When you find the man you want, you keep him.

Holden: Lily? Lily, are you here? Ohh, what have I done?

[Lily remembering]

Lily: It matters to me! Who is she?!

Holden: Carly.

[Lily is in her car and sees Carly on the street and she slams on her gas pedal so she can hit Carly with her car]

Lily: You bitch!

[Carly sees Lily and screams]

Announcer: On the next "As the World Turns."

Carly: Do you have any idea what a relief it was to be with a man who doesn't criticize me all the time?! Get out!

Brad: Hello! Parker, are you home?

Lily: Don't touch me. I remember -- get out of here. Get out of here! Get out of here and don't come back! 

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