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As The World Turns Transcript Wednesday 7/2/08

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Bartender: What can I get you?

Alison: A soda. Actually, make that a vodka tonic.

Bartender: Lime?

Alison: Surprise me.

Bartender: Bad day, I take it?

Alison: Yeah. Try bad life.

Bob: My boy, I have something for you. Now, this wasn't easy to find, but luckily, your mother is a pack rat.

Tom: Well, don't let her hear you say that.

Bob: I say it with the deepest affection.

Tom: Nice save.

Daniel: What's a pack rat?

Bob: It is someone who finds strange and compulsive joy in saving everything.

Tom: Okay, you struck fear into my heart, so fork it over. Let me see what my gift is. And please tell me it's not that hat.

Bob: The hat that you wore the day that you and the lovely Margo were married.

Tom: Perfect.

Margo: No, no. It was the look on Mama's face when she showed up in her bathrobe and curlers.

Casey: Wait, Grandma Lila showed up in her bathrobe?

Lisa: Yeah. Darling, you have to remember that when your parents got married, it was, well, spur of the moment.

Casey: Really, really? And exactly what were you wearing?

Lisa: Well, nothing. Nothing.

Margo: Hey, where'd you get that?

Daniel: Grandpa gave it to me.

Casey: Oh, yeah, it looks really good on you.

Nancy: Isn't this wonderful? Three generations under one roof, and all celebrating that same remarkable event.

Kim: Oh, you're right, Mom. It really is. I mean, it just goes to show what's really important in life.

Margo: Where's my present? Wait a minute.

Bob: Nothing for you.

Margo: Wait, I want something new.

Tom: Honey, the best present you ever got was when you married me 25 years ago. Right?

Margo: Oh, my God, has it really been 25 years?

Tom: Yeah, 'fraid so.

Margo: It feels like a couple of lifetimes ago, doesn't it?

Tom: Yeah, well, I've changed a little bit since then, too.

Margo: No. No, you'll always be my Tom.

Lisa: Bob, where's that handsome son of yours?

Tom: Oh, hey. Hi, Mom.

Lisa: Oh, you're funny. I'm talking about your brother. Bob, you know, I thought Chris would be here tonight with the family. Didn't you give him time off from the hospital?

Bob: Well, he knows what time the party was to start. I don't know what the holdup is.

Chris: Hey, happy anniversary! Might want to fix this, Brother.

Tom: Yeah, I'll have it looked at after the party.

Kim: Chris, could I speak to you outside, maybe? Just for a few minutes.

Chris: Sure, Mom. I'm really sorry I'm late, Mom. What? What's wrong, Mom?

Kim: You are drunk.

Aaron: What are you doing?

Alison: What does it look like I'm doing?

Aaron: Like you're drinking.

Alison: Not yet.

Aaron: Why?

Alison: Why do you think, Aaron? I got kicked out of nursing school, humiliated in court, and now everyone thinks I'm a liar.

Aaron: No, not everyone.

Alison: And I have no idea what the hell I'm gonna do with my life. Except drink this.

Aaron: Well, I'm really sorry. But the pity party is over.

Kim: What is the matter with you, coming here like that at your brother's anniversary party?

Chris: I'm sorry to be such an embarrassment, Mom. But, hey, you know, every party needs one, right?

Kim: Don't you be a smartass. Your brother just went to court, went to bat for you, won your case for you.

Chris: You make it sound like he did me a favor.

Kim: What the hell did you expect? You got absolutely cleared of all charges, Alison was completely discredited --

Chris: Yeah, and that's all that matters, right? Do you ever think, Mom, that maybe I didn't deserve to win?

Meg: Sofie is a lot of things, but one thing she is not is pregnant with Paul's child, trust me.

Mike: She had a sonogram, Meg. She showed me.

Meg: A sonogram? That's your proof?

Mike: Isn't that enough?

Meg: It could be from her pregnancy with Hallie. You know, I really don't believe this girl. There really is no limit to how low she'll go, is there?

Mike: So you think this is all some trick? Seems a little elaborate.

Meg: Mike, if Sofie was pregnant, I would know about it because she would go running straight to Paul to tell him the big news.

Mike: And he would have told you?

Meg: That's right.

Mike: Maybe she did. You said yourself that Paul hasn't always been upfront with you.

Meg: We're not in the same place anymore. He wouldn't keep something like that from me, not now.

Mike: If you say so.

Meg: You know what I don't get? You. Buying into every single word that Sofie says, especially what she told you about Paul forcing himself on her, which ended up to be a great, big lie. Can't you see she's doing the same thing all over again?

Mike: That is what I thought, too, and I said as much to Sofie, but the way that she reacted, it made me wonder. So I thought that if there was any truth to what she was saying, that you would want to know it before you went off to Las Vegas and married Paul. My mistake.

Meg: No, it's not your mistake, Mike. It's Sofie's mistake. I've had enough.

Barbara: Paul, wait.

Paul: No, I know what you want. You've made yourself clear. I don't care. I'm gonna tell Meg the truth before we get married.

Barbara: And if you do, you may not marry her at all. Is that what you want?

Paul: No, what I want is for her to walk down the aisle towards the kind of man that she deserves.

Barbara: You already are that man. I am begging you, please, just get on that plane and let me take care of Sofie.

Paul: How are you gonna take care -- no, no, no, no! Mom, I know how you take care of things. I will take care of Sofie, right after I talk to Meg.

Barbara: And what are you gonna say, Paul? What are you gonna say? Don't you see? This is exactly what Sofie wants, to back you into a corner until you have no option except to sacrifice your own future.

Paul: I don't have a future if I can't be honest with my future wife. Can't you understand? Look, if Meg finds this out from someone else, I'll lose her forever. At least if I do things my way, I have a shot at holding onto what we have now.

Mike: I really hope I'm wrong about this, but I had to say something. You're my friend.

Meg: No, look. I'm glad you did. But now I can stop Sofie before she takes this sick lie any further.

Mike: Meg.

[Cell phone rings]

Mike: Kasnoff. Yeah, I got the water-level readings in my truck. I can bring them down to you right now.

Paul: Meg! Meg! What are you doing here?

Mike: Always good to see you, too, Paul.

Paul: Hey, Meg!

Mike: She's not here.

Paul: What do you mean, she's not here? She's here. We're leaving for Vegas. She's supposed to be packing a bag.

Mike: She got sidetracked.

Paul: By what?

Mike: By me.

Paul: You? What could you possibly have to say to her?

Mike: You're right. I should have said it to you. Congratulations, Paul. You and Sofie having a baby, that's great news.

Paul: Did you tell Meg?

Mike: Yeah, I did. She obviously wasn't gonna hear it from you.

Paul: Why would you tell Meg? Why would you tell Meg?! Why would you do something like that?!

Mike: So it's true. I guess I'm just not as good at keeping secrets as you are.

Paul: Secret? It's not a secret. I'm here to talk to her now, Mike. Where is she? Where did she go?

Mike: She ran out of here, and I don't blame her.

Paul: You had no right to do this. You had no right to talk to her. That was my job. It was my job to explain to her. I could have made her understand that --

Mike: You know what, Paul, if you want to be mad at me, that's fine.

Paul: You were just waiting for this, weren't you? Waiting for your chance, biding your time until you make your move.

Mike: You go right ahead and be mad at me, but why didn't you tell Meg when you had the chance?

Paul: You have no idea what you've done.

Meg: Just where the hell do you get off?

Sofie: Why are you here?

Meg: Oh, you know why. How many more lies are you gonna tell? Do you even know? Do you have a ballpark figure?

Sofie: I haven't lied about anything.

Meg: You have lied about everything! And I'm officially over it.

Sofie: You're angry with me, and I don't deserve that, so I would really like you to leave.

Meg: Why don't you leave? As a matter of fact, why are you still even here?

Sofie: What are you even talking about?

Meg: Paul paid you $100,000 to start your life over again.

Sofie: It was never about money for me and Paul.

Meg: Okay, listen to me. There is no you and Paul. And do you know how I know that? Because after I leave here tonight, do you know where we are going?

Sofie: Vegas. Mike told me.

Meg: And do you know why we're going there?

Sofie: To get married.

Meg: That's right. We're getting married. Paul is marrying me, not you. Paul loves me, not you. So all these lies aren't gonna change anything. So you can stop. Because there is no baby.

Sofie: I'm not lying, Meg.

Meg: Oh, what's this? Your sonogram? Let me see that.

Sofie: You know when Paul and I were together. You saw it. Look at the date. Look how big the baby is. You're a nurse. You can figure out how far along I am. You're holding proof that I am having Paul's child.

Meg: If that were true, Paul would have already told me. I don't believe you.

Kim: You got on the witness stand. You told the truth. Everybody thinks you should win but you?

Chris: 'Cause they don't know, Mom. And neither do you.

Kim: And what is it I don't know?

Chris: You have all these illusions about me, Mom. But I cannot go in there and pretend anymore to be the good doctor's son upholding the Hughes name, because I'm not. No, Mom, I am none of those things. You know what I am? I'm a liar. It was Alison telling the truth, not me.

Kim: Wait a minute. She accused you of sexual harassment. Of using your position at the hospital to undermine her. Are you telling me that's what you did?

Chris: No, Mom. It's a matter of degree. I didn't say, "Sleep with me and you won't flunk out."

Kim: Oh, really? Well, what the hell did you say?

Chris: Well, Mom, I went to Brenda and I asked her for a favor to me and not let Alison go, but when she let me believe that she slept with Aaron, I blew it. I felt like a fool. Putting myself out there for her when she didn't even want me. So, Mom, I went back to Brenda and I told her if she didn't want to keep Alison around, she didn't have to.

Kim: You didn't come forward.

Chris: I couldnít. All right? I didn't want to disappoint Dad.

Kim: You should have told me.

Chris: He would have fired me, Mom.

Kim: He would have encouraged you to tell the truth. You lied to save your job?

Chris: No. No, Mom. How many times has Dad given me the chance to get it right? How many times has he just shaken his head at me?

Kim: Your father loves you.

Chris: I want him to respect me.

Kim: Oh, my God.

Chris: But I don't think he can, Mom. He's given me so many chances to get things right, and for once, I wanted him to think I had.

Aaron: You know what you need? You know what you need more than this drink?

Alison: Please tell me.

Aaron: You need me.

Alison: Really?

Aaron: Yeah, really. Okay, because I tell you exactly the way it is. And you've taken a lot of hits lately, and I get why you want to give up. And I'm not gonna let you do that to yourself.

Alison: So, you're gonna help me pick up the pieces?

Aaron: Yes.

Alison: Well, at this rate, that could take years.

Aaron: Well, lucky for you, I'm not going anywhere.

Sofie: So you'd only believe that I was pregnant if Paul told you?

Meg: Yeah, pretty much. And since that's never gonna happen --

Sofie: Maybe he was waiting until you were married.

Meg: Oh, so now you're saying that he knows about this?

Sofie: Knows? He was with me when the doctor took the sonogram.

Meg: Nice try, Sofie. But all this is in your head. It's a fantasy.

Sofie: Look, if you don't believe me, call and ask the doctor. You work there. You should know her. It's Dr. Schiller. She'll tell you. She'll recognize him. He was there earlier today.

[Meg remembering]

Meg: So, why did you come to the hospital? It's not a problem with your mother, is it?

Paul: Oh, no, no. It's not a problem. But it does kind of have to do with my mom, 'cause she told me that you were here meeting your friends, and so I thought I would come by and see if I could take you all to lunch.

Meg: How do you know Paul was at the hospital today?

Sofie: Because he was there with me. It was our baby's first ultrasound. He wouldn't want to miss that. You know, he really should have told you that he's going to be a daddy. It's a huge thing to keep from the woman you say you love.

Kim: You know the difference between right and wrong. Those are principles! You have to make your choices! You have to make your actions based on that. You do that, and your father will be wildly proud of you. And so will you. You'll find your peace of mind.

Casey: You're the best mother I've ever had.

Margo: Oh, let's keep it that way.

Casey: I love you, okay? But you just got to learn to let go a little bit.

Margo: Unh-unh.

Casey: Yes, come on. Disengage. See? Look, I'm still here. But you just got to let me live my life as an adult.

Margo: Don't say that! You make me feel so old.

Casey: What do you mean? No! Too slow, Darling!

Tom: Hey.

Margo: What?

Tom: Don't worry, Honey. You'll always be young in the springtime to me. I'm gonna get a beer.

Casey: Psst. Hey. You're on hat patrol.

Kim: Oh. Ah, okay.

Bob: Hello, gorgeous lady.

Kim: Hello, my handsome husband.

Bob: Where's Chris?

Kim: Ah, he wasn't feeling as astute as he'd like to, so he thought maybe it was better if he didn't stay.

Bob: Oh, that's too bad. That puts me in charge of the champagne.

Kim: Oh, well, that's good. You're in charge of the champagne. That makes me in charge of driving you home.

Bob: Excellent. I love your hat.

Kim: Thank you.

Lisa: Well, I think it's a shame that Chris didn't want to stay. You can certainly understand it, though, given all he went through with that Alison Stewart. But I can't blame him for wanting to have some time to himself.

Bob: Lisa, can you give me a hand over here?

Lisa: Sure. Excuse me.

Nancy: Kim, I hope I'm not overstepping my bounds, but you're not the only one who noticed that Chris was a little different when he came in the door. What is with him?

Chris: Scotch neat.

Alison: What are the odds?

Aaron: Let's just go someplace else.

Alison: No, no, you're the one who said I can't hide anymore.

Aaron: Fine, let's grab a table. I'll handle this, okay?

Alison: No, donít. Donít. This is still my battle.

Aaron: You sure?

Chris: Alison.

Alison: Chris.

Chris: Just thought it was only fair you be the first to know that I'm quitting my job at Memorial. Effective immediately.

Paul: Mom. Mom, if you're there, open up. Come on, Mom. What are -- what are you doing?

Barbara: Oh, I just needed some air.

Paul: Why are you out of breath? You're totally overdoing it. Come on. Let's get you inside.

Barbara: No, no, no, no. Have you talked to Meg?

Paul: No. I tried her cell. She's not picking up. I thought maybe she was here.

Barbara: I haven't seen her.

Paul: Mom, I was too late.

Barbara: What do you mean? What do you mean, you were too late?

Paul: Kasnoff. He opened his big, fat mouth.

Barbara: Mike?! How does he know about this?

Paul: Because Sofie told him, and what did he do? He ran right to Meg and told her everything.

Barbara: You've got to find her.

Paul: I can't find her! What do you think I'm trying to do?!

Barbara: Calm down! Okay, calm down!

Paul: See, I knew this was gonna happen! I should never have listened to you.

Barbara: Look at me. Look at me, all right? You've got to find Meg. You find Meg and tell her that it's over with Sofie, that everything is gonna be fine. You can fix this! You've got to find Meg!

Paul: How do you know everything's gonna be fine?

Barbara: Because Sofie has done everything she can. She can't hurt you anymore. So you tell Meg that she is out of your life for good.

Paul: But that's not true.

Barbara: Yes, it is! And you've got to make Meg believe it. Now, you know Meg better than anyone. If she's not here, where is she? Where'd she go?

Paul: Meg! Hey, Meg! Meg! [Paul sees Sofie lying on the floor] Sofie! Hey, Sofie! Hey! Sofie! Hey! Sofie, come on! Open your eyes! Sofie, wake up! Sofie, wake up! Hey, hey. That's it, come on back to me. Hey. Sofie. Who did this? Did someone do this to you?

Sofie: Meg.

Paul: Hey. Meg was here? Meg was here? Sofie? Sofie?

Sofie: Meg.

[Paul sees a syringe on the floor]

Mike: Hey, Meg. Hey, are you all right?

Meg: I don't know.

Mike: What's going on?

Meg: I didn't think you'd still be here.

Mike: Yeah, there was a problem down at the site. What happened? Meg? Paul was here. He wanted to talk to you. Did he find you? Did you find Sofie?

Meg: What?

Mike: That's where you went, right -- to find Sofie? Hey, you can talk to me.

Meg: I canít.

Mike: Why not?

Meg: How did this happen?

Alison: You're quitting your job?

Chris: Yeah. That's right. You win. You can go back to work, and you don't have to worry about running into me, 'cause I won't be there.

Alison: Is this a joke?

Chris: Nope. I'm done. It's over.

Aaron: He's wasted.

Chris: You should be smiling, Ali. Come on. You know, this is what you wanted, right? You went to my dad and you said, "Make him leave." So I'm leaving. You know, it's kind of funny, right?

Alison: Funny.

Chris: Yeah. See, here you are, and you won't have a career in medicine because of me. And I won't have one because of you.

Alison: Chris, if you think this is what I wanted, you are so wrong.

Lisa: Okay, everybody. Gather around. It is now time to toast the happy couple.

Margo: No, no, that's Lisa. Cricket, I'm so glad you called. I can't believe that you remembered. No, no, no, Katie couldn't make it because making an appearance in Chicago with Brad. No, Brad. Jack is the cop. The other husband. Never mind. I can't go into it. I've got to -- I love you. Bye, Cricket, bye!

Lisa: Oh, goodness! All right. Now, are we ready. Since I am the mother of the groom, I have the honor of raising the first toast to the beautiful couple.

Casey: Grandma, I think you're forgetting --

Lisa: Don't say that. Don't do that. Get away from me. Oh! Casey, I am gonna shoot you. Here.

Margo: Don't you dare.

Tom: You're gonna shoot one of my kids?

Margo: What's the matter with you?

Lisa: Now, wait a minute, wait a minute, wait a minute. Now, what can we possibly say about 25 years of marriage, huh? Boy.

Margo: Say that I was a child bride.

Lisa: Well, I know 25 years seems like a really long time, but it's really just the blink of an eye. When these two got married, after they got married, I walked down the aisle, I'm sure, at least three times. Let's see. There was Earl. Oh, yeah, and then there was Eduardo. And, oh, then this horrible --

Nancy: Lisa, the toast.

Lisa: So sorry. It's about you, not me. Okay. To Tom, who truly is the joy and love of my life. And to Margo, his beautiful wife. Oh, you two are simply -- you're an inspiration. You really are. Now, I think that you just show the world that love is the biggest and greatest adventure of all. And I look at you two and I see the definition of soul mates. These crazy kids, just when they got married, they said, "Oh, hey, what the -- we can do this. It's not hard." And so, you just showed everyone. You showed everyone. And you fought the fight for love. And I, being a romantic, I think there's nothing sweeter. So, to Tom and Margo.

All: To Tom and Margo.

Bob: Hey, hey, hey. Don't get carried away, now.

Margo: Well, if not now, when?

Lisa: No, wait, wait. It's your anniversary, and we have a present for you.

Margo: You do? All right.

Tom: Who has the present for me?

Casey: We all chipped in together to give you it.

Lisa: Yes.

Tom: You all chipped in to buy one present?

Margo: You all are so cheap.

Tom: Okay, you do the honors, then.

Margo: All right.

Mike: I have to apologize. Paul was right. I never should have said anything. It wasn't my place. So whatever you're feeling --

Meg: I'm not feeling anything. I'm not. I'm not even supposed to be here.

Mike: Where are you supposed to be?

Meg: Seat 3a. Flight 117, going to Las Vegas, Nevada. Window seat so I could see the lights as we landed. We were gonna run off and get married in Vegas. How could I be so wrong about everything?

Mike: You weren't wrong, Meg. You just didn't know.

Meg: Do you know what I wish?

Mike: What's that?

Meg: I wish that it wasn't my wedding night, so I won't be sitting here in my mother's kitchen, thinking about a stupid dress that I'm never gonna wear.

[Paul hides Sofie]

Maid: Sir, is there a problem?

Paul: No, no problem. I just, I heard a big noise out here. Did you hear a noise?

Maid: No, it's been quiet tonight. Oh, sorry, I didn't mean to block you in.

Paul: Oh, no worries.

Mike: I can't believe I'm actually saying this, but maybe you should call Paul.

Meg: I canít.

Mike: Why not? Look at all these missed calls from him.

Meg: I don't want to see him. There's nothing to say. It's too late. Okay, I just want to be alone. I don't want to think about anything.

Mike: I don't know if that's such a good idea. Maybe you should just let me stick around until jack gets home.

Meg: Jack is working the night shift. Please, Mike.

Mike: Okay, but I'm gonna come check on you in the morning. Promise me you'll be okay.

Meg: Honestly, I don't think that I am.

Mike: Is there anything that I can do for you? Anything at all?

Meg: It's already been done.

Chris: I never was good at figuring out what you wanted, was I, Alison?

Alison: You know what, I really don't think we need to start that all over again.

Chris: That's why we're here, isn't it? 'Cause I couldn't get it. What you really wanted.

Alison: I just wanted to be a nurse, Chris.

Chris: Right.

Aaron: Listen, you've heard enough, okay? He's not listening to you. Let me just toss his butt out of here.

Alison: Start another fight? No. I just want this to be over with.

Chris: Yeah, I couldn't agree more.

Aaron: Then maybe you should just walk away.

Chris: Yeah. Yeah, maybe I should. You and me, we go way back, Kid. And no matter what, I never stopped believing in you. I still do. Take care of yourself, okay?

Margo: Oh, Lisa, this is just beautiful.

Bob: Hey, I picked it out.

Tom: Oh, stop it, Dad.

Bob: No, I did, really.

Kim: He had a little help.

Nancy: More than some help.

Bob: Sell me down the river, will you?

Casey: Its okay, Grandpa. I believe you.

Bob: Thank you.

Daniel: There's already some pictures in it.

Margo: Oh, look at my hair!

Tom: Wow. I was good-looking.

Lisa: Everybody sent pictures in. There's some from Sabrina and Frannie, Lien. And, oh, even old Johnny boy snuck in a picture. You and him on the motorcycle.

Kim: And Katie -- and Katie and Andy sent some, too.

Margo: Look at this one. This one is just beautiful.

Tom: Yeah.


Tom: Thank you, Guys. Thanks for all that. Really. That's really nice. Thank you for the toast.

Lisa: You're welcome, Darling.

Tom: Thank you, my friend. Not. Thanks, Buddy.

Tom: Look familiar?

Margo: Vaguely. 25 years ago, on a whim, we decided to get married, so we took everybody we knew into the park, and we said our vows, and we said we'd never look back. And I have not regretted one day of my life with you ever since that moment. Remember what else I said to you?

Margo: "Don't be late"?

Tom: After that. I said, "Be my wife." Because I knew that you were the woman I needed to spend the rest of my life with. I knew in my whole heart then. And I know it now. So, Baby, it's you, me, and the boys. I don't need any more than that.

Margo: And I stood next to you and I said, "I will go with you, I will be your companion for life." And I did. I followed you. And I found my heart. I found my purpose. I found myself with you. I'm so lucky I said yes that day. I love you so much.

Tom: I love you, Baby.

Bob: Tom and Margo and 25 more years.

Casey: Some of us were not at this legendary come-as-you-are wedding in the park.

Tom: That's because some of us weren't born yet.

Casey: Yes, but we are, now, okay? And Danny and I decided we wanted new wedding photos. So get in there! On the count of "Three," I want everyone to say "Happy anniversary," okay? One, two, three!

All: Happy anniversary!

Barbara: Excuse me. Have you seen Paul Ryan this evening?

Bartender: No, Ma'am, not tonight.

Barbara: Thank you. Well, well, well. Mike Kasnoff.

Mike: Barbara.

Barbara: Please don't get up. You know, we were family once. And I would have hoped that Jenniferís memory might have meant something to you.

Mike: Excuse me?

Barbara: I know what you did to her brother this evening. Running to Meg, telling her Sofie Duranís little secret. It was a big mistake, Mike.

Mike: Barbara, with all due respect, I've already heard this from Paul. So if you don't mind --

Barbara: I do mind. And if this little strategy of yours was aimed at hurting Paul or, heaven forbid, helping Sofie, it was a failure.

Mike: All I wanted to do was tell my friend the truth.

Barbara: And now it's out there, isn't it? In all its sordid glory. You must be quite proud of yourself.

Mike: No, actually, I'm not. I don't like seeing Meg in the kind of pain she's in, thanks to your son.

Barbara: They will be fine. Happy and married as planned.

Mike: You sure about that?

Barbara: I'd bet my life on that.

[Paul buries Sofie in his backyard and goes into the house to call Meg]

[Cell phone rings]

Meg: Hi, you've reached Meg Snyder. Sorry I missed your call. Leave a message after the beep.


Paul: Hey. It's me. We're gonna be okay. I promise we're gonna be okay. Call me. I love you.

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