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As The World Turns Transcript Thursday 6/26/08

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(Banging noise)

Janet: Jack? Hi!

Jack: Hey.

Janet: What are you doing here? Are you moonlighting as a school security guard?

[Jack laughs]

Jack: No, no, things haven't gotten that bad. My ex is taking J.J. to camp, so I'm picking up Parker.

Janet: Oh, I'm glad that J.J.'s feeling better.

Jack: Thank you.

Janet: Parker in summer school? What? Why? He's a whiz kid.

Jack: Well, no, no, no, he's not attending classes. He's got a meeting with his tennis coach about next year.

Janet: Oh. Well, if that match the other day is any indication, he's a shoo-in.

Jack: Well, thanks. Yeah, I've got three kids, so a college scholarship will go a long way.

Janet: Boy, amen to that, huh?

Jack: Yeah. Well, he was acting as if walking through those doors before Labor Day was a curse, believe me.

Janet: Tell me about it. Every time I mention summer school to Liberty, she squeals like a cat. [Jack laughs] But you know what? She's showing up, and that's good. And that's because of Parker. He's a good influence on her.

Jack: Yeah, he's got his moments.

Janet: You know, that tennis match was really fun the other day, except I hate the fact that you have to be quiet when the ball's going back and forth. [Jack laughs] I actually had a nightmare that I screamed so loud in the middle of it all that the ref had to come and tackle me.

Jack: Yeah. Yeah, it's unnatural being quiet. You know, you want to root for your kid.

Janet: Yeah.

Jack: Yeah.

Janet: You're a good guy, Jack Snyder. Maybe we should all get together sometime, you know?

Brad: Janet. What are you doing here?

Janet: Hi. I'm picking up Liberty.

Brad: I thought it was my day.

Janet: Oh. Well, I guess I just wanted to see my kid, or something. But, you know, since we're both here, we can wait for her together.

Natalie: Daddy!

Faith: Daddy! What are you doing here?

Holden: Hey!

Natalie: Why didn't you tell us you were coming?

Faith: Is something wrong with Mom?

Holden: No, no. Your mom's great. Ethan's great.

Faith: What about Luke and Noah?

Holden: They're great, too. But everybody misses you guys. It's a little lonely out at the farm.

Faith: Did Mom come with you?

Holden: No, no, not this time. I had to drop off a horse nearby, so I thought I'd pay you guys a visit.

Faith: We miss you, too, but it's really fun here.

Holden: Well, good. Good. I want to hear all about it. And your mother -- she expects a full report.

Faith: Well, let's go to the fire pit. I want you to meet our counselor, Lori. I told her all about you.

Natalie: But, Faith, we got archery.

Faith: Not for 15 minutes.

Holden: Hey, hey, hey, we can do it. We can do it. We can do it all, just not all at once, okay?

Faith: Okay, fire pit first, then archery.

Carly: Hi, Winkie. It's Carly, Sage Snyderís mom.

Winkie: Oh, well, hi. We weren't expecting you today. Everything all right?

Carly: It's fine. I was just in the area, so I thought I'd stop by and see Sage. I miss her.

Winkie: Oh, I can see why. She's a lovely young lady.

Carly: She must be behaving herself, then.

Winkie: Yeah. She was a little shy at first, and then she warmed up pretty quick. I think she's having a wonderful time. Ooh, but you want to see for yourself. She's in arts & crafts right now, okay? So, why don't you go try to take a little gander yourself? Just follow those stepping stones up there and it goes right to the art studio and there's, like, a totem pole out front. You can't miss it.

Carly: Okay.

Sage: Mommy!

Carly: Hi.

Sage: How come you're here?

Carly: J.J.'s all better.

Sage: Thank goodness. I prayed for him every night.

Carly: Thank you, Honey. And I know it helped him.

Sage: He's really okay?

Carly: He is really okay. And he was bored silly at home, so I called the boys' camp, and they said it was okay for him to come, even though he missed a week, so I just dropped him off just now on the other side of the lake. And how could I be so close and not come and see you?

Sage: I'm happy J.J. got to go to camp. He's going to love it.

Carly: Is he? And what about you, Sweetheart? Do you love it? Are you having a good time?

Sage: The best! I missed home at first, but then I got over it. I can't believe you're actually here!

Carly: Ooh. You know, I do have to go home tonight.

Sage: But not now, though, right? The talent show's tonight, and I'm in it. You have to stay long enough to see my act. Please?

Carly: Are you singing?

Sage: I'm not telling. It's a surprise. You'll have to wait and see.

Carly: Twist my arm, why don't you?

Sage: Come on, Mom. I'm going to make you a beautiful necklace.

Winkie: It's showtime, Ladies! [Cheers and applause] All campers involved in the talent show --

Sage: Hurry up, Mom. We have to get ready now!

Carly: Oh.

Winkie: And all the rest of you, head on down to the outdoor theater so you can get a good seat.

Liberty: You guys really didn't have to bring the whole entourage.

Janet: Your father got confused.

Jack: Nothing new there.

Liberty: Whoa. No dissing, Uncle Jack. You might get detention.

Parker: Uncle Jack?

Liberty: Yeah. He is my uncle, Cousin Parker.

Brad: I don't mean to cut this touching family reunion short, but I have a lot of work to do for tomorrow's show. So, now that I'm here, why don't I take Liberty home?

Janet: Wait. Weren't we all going to do something together?

Brad: Well, I am starving, actually.

Liberty: Yeah, I'm hungry, too.

Brad: Okay, well, since Jack took the kids out last time, it's my turn. Al's okay?

Janet: Yeah, that sounds good.

Liberty: Yeah.

Brad: Okay, let's go.

Liberty: You coming?

Janet: Hey. You coming?

Jack: Uh, no, no, thanks. I don't want to play this game.

Carly: You look beautiful, Sweetie.

Sage: I just hope I remember the words.

Carly: Since when has that ever been a problem for you? Shake it out. Shake all those nerves out. Ahh. How do you feel?

Sage: Better. How about you?

Carly: I feel great. I know that you are going to be great. I feel it in my bones.

Sage: Make sure you sit up close so you can see everything.

Carly: Now, don't worry. I won't miss a beat. Have fun out there, Baby.

Holden: Hey, no sweat. You guys have got it down.

Faith: You really think so?

Holden: You guys -- you're gonna be the stars of the show. Dads know these things.

Faith: I'm really glad you're here.

Natalie: Me too.

Faith: Oh, gosh, it's starting. Go get a seat. Come on.

[Holden chuckles]

[Carly chuckles]

Carly: What are you doing here? I was just dropping J.J. off at the boys' camp.

Holden: He's well enough for that?

Carly: Yeah, he's 100%. He was going crazy at home, and since I was up here, I thought I'd come and say hi to Sage. I had no idea today was the big talent show. I couldn't leave without seeing her.

Holden: Yeah, I had to deliver a horse about 10 miles from here, so here I am. This is pretty weird.

Carly: It's a big coincidence. It's good, though. I mean, I'm glad.

Winkie: Hey, everybody! Welcome to Camp Chapawee's annual talent extravaganza. And I've got a feeling it's going to be a very special night.

[Cheers and applause]

Janet: What game are you talking about?

Brad: Hey, are you guys coming?

Jack: No, no. I've got some errands to run.

Janet: Oh, come on. You got to eat, Jack.

Jack: I had some pizza at the station, actually. I'm stuffed.

Janet: Come have a cup of coffee and hang out with.

Brad: Janet, he doesn't want to come.

Janet: You sure?

Jack: Yeah, I'm positive. I'll swing by to pick up Parker in about an hour, okay? Excuse me.

Janet: Well, I guess we'd better catch up to the kids, huh?

Brad: Yeah.

Holden: I hope that kid's good at math.

Carly: Come on, she was adorable.

Winkie: Very good, Hon. I'm going to call you Shirley Temple.


Holden: How many kids do you think even know who Shirley Temple is?

Carly: Hey, Faith and Natalie know. Sage made them watch the clip of "The Good Ship Lollipop" over and over and over.

Holden: I had no idea.

Carly: Lucky you. I still can't look at a lollipop without having flashbacks.

Winkie: And now, it is my great pleasure to introduce this year's Camp Chapawee idol, Miss Sage Snyder!

[Cheers and applause]

Carly: I'm so nervous.

Holden: You know what? She's gonna be great. Don't you remember the play she did? She was wonderful.

Carly: All Snyder women are born drama queens.

Holden: Mm-hmm.

Janet: You got a 95?

Liberty: Mom, don't act so surprised.          `

Brad: I'm really impressed. Good going, high five. All right.

Parker: What do you mean 95? You should have gotten 100.

Liberty: Nobody's perfect, Parker.

Parker: Okay, this can't be right.

Janet: Hey, don't question it. Liberty hasn't done this well in math since -- ever.

Parker: Yeah, I know, it's just that I helped her study, and I thought --

Liberty: Okay, nobody is perfect, and, I mean, I think it's good that I got a 95 and not 100, because if I got 100, I would be the annoying girl in class who threw off the curve.

Janet: Oh! Did you hear that? Our baby was almost the annoying girl who threw off the curve on the good end!

Brad: I think it's great that she's applying herself.

Janet: Great, nothing. Liberty flunked math before she came here. I was tearing out my hair trying to get her to study. And now, being around you, well, we have our own little genius on our hands.

Liberty: Okay, I heard that.

Janet: Oh, Libby. Your dad and I are very proud of you. You're just going to have to learn to live with it.

Liberty: Thank you. Since I'm doing so good in school, I was --

Brad: "Well."

Liberty: What?

Brad: You said "Doing good in school." It's "Doing well."

Liberty: Okay. Since I'm doing so well in school, I was thinking I could maybe learn how to drive?

Brad: If you keep it up, yeah. No problem.

Liberty: Really?

[Cheers and applause]

Carly: Yay! Oh, no, she was clearly not as good as Sage.

Holden: No, not at all. Sage got a standing ovation.

Carly: Well, I started that, though, remember?

Holden: Hey, the other people, they didn't have to get up. They could have let you stand there like a grinning fool.

Carly: Winkie's back.

Holden: Is that -- is that dancing?

Winkie: Oh, thank you. You are just too kind.

Holden: I'll say.

Carly: Don't be mean.

Winkie: Okay, Folks, next up we've got a sister act. Now, they did not give themselves a name, so I have taken the liberty of calling them the super stupendous scrumptidlyicious Snyder sisters, Natalie and Faith!

[Cheers and applause]

Carly: Breathe, Holden. You're no good to your kids if you're getting CPR under the bleachers.

Holden: Please just don't let this scar them for life.

[Cheers and applause]

[Thunder rumbles]

[Whistle blows]

Winkie: Sorry, Folks, sorry. Gonna have to postpone the rest of this talent show.

Holden: I'm crushed.

Carly: Say it ain't so.

Winkie: Just got off the horn with the rangers, and there's a fierce storm headed this way. Nothing to worry about, kids. Nothing to worry about. You campers know the rules about lightning.

Carly: I donít.

Holden: Avoid it at all costs.

Carly: Good to know.

Winkie: Just the same, though, I want you back in your bunks before the heavens let loose. So chop-chop.

Holden: I guess that's it.

Carly: Yeah. I guess I should say good-bye to Sage and head back to Oakdale before its too late.

Faith: So, did you guys really like it?

Holden: Yes. You guys were awesome.

Carly: Incredibly awesome, all of you. We were so proud, we were about to explode.

Sage: That would have been funny.

Holden: Yeah. Winkie sure would have been furious.

Faith: Did you see her dancing?

Carly: Oh, that was hard to miss, I think, wasn't it?

Sage: Be careful, Mom. If she hears you --

Holden: Yeah, she'll put you on K.P. duty.

Sage: No, she's not mean like that. I just don't want her feelings to get hurt.

Carly: Well, that's the sweetest thing I've ever heard.

Faith: I couldn't believe it when I saw you in the audience.

Carly: And I couldn't believe it when I saw your father, either.

Sage: Didn't you guys come here together?

Carly: No. No, it's just a really weird coincidence -- us showing up at the exact same time.

[Thunder crashes]

Holden: Storm's getting closer. You guys had better get back to your bunk, just like Winkie ordered.

[Natalie laughs]

Holden: What? What'd I say?

Faith: She laughs every time anyone says, "Winkie."

Sage: Maybe you should stay until tomorrow, Mom.

Carly: Oh, I'd like to, but I have to get back to work.

Holden: Same here. Maybe if we get on the road, we can beat the storm. Come here, you two. I want you to be good, I want you to watch out for each other, and come home in one piece, okay?

Faith: Kiss Mom for us, okay?

Holden: You got it, Sweetheart. And if you have any problems whatsoever, call me. Don't forget.

Carly: I was so proud of you today. Now, don't get a big head or anything, but you three girls stole the show.

Sage: I'm glad you got to see it. I wish Daddy had been there.

Carly: I will tell him all about it. And you can sing your songs for him when you home, okay?

Sage: That would be embarrassing.

Carly: More embarrassing than standing there and singing in front of a bunch of strangers?

Sage: Kind of.

Carly: I have a feeling you'll get over it. I'll see you really, really soon. I love you.

Sage: Love you, too.

[Carly sighs]

Holden: Are you going to be all right driving home in this storm?

Carly: Sure. It's just a little bit of rain. I'll see you back in Oakdale.

Janet: Yeah, so I had to drag her kicking and screaming to ballet school until she saw this bright purple tutu in the window of the dancing school.

Brad: Purple?

Janet: Oh, it wasn't just purple, it was Barney purple. Remember I called you my little dancing dinosaur? You were so cute.

Liberty: Mom, be cool, okay? Cool.

Parker: You wouldn't happen to have this on videotape, would you?

Janet: Of course I do. You know what? I'll bring it over to Brad's, and we can all watch it together.

Liberty: Okay, I'm full now. Great.


Liberty: I'm gonna go 'cause I have to do some studying.

Parker: Wow, you're suddenly all about school, aren't you? You want to go see a movie? There's a new action one showing around the corner.

Liberty: Yeah. Sounds good. Is that okay with you guys?

Janet: Yeah, great.

Brad: Yeah, as long as you get home in enough time to study.

Liberty: Okay.

Brad: Okay, okay. And when you get to the movie theater, find out what time it's over. Text me so I know when to come pick you up.

Liberty: Deal.

Brad: Deal.

Liberty: Ugh! Okay, let's go.

Janet: Have a good time, Guys.

Liberty: Bye.

Janet: Bye.

Brad: Someone needs to tell Liberty that she doesn't need to kill her sandwich before she eats it.

[Janet laughs]

Janet: Mmm!

Winkie: Hey! Hey, hey, hey! Mrs. Snyder, wait! You can't possibly be leaving in this weather.

Carly: Winkie, it's still sunny out.

Winkie: The rangers tell me this is one vicious storm.

Carly: Well, I spent a lot of time in Montana. I've driven in worse weather, I'm sure.

Winkie: I'm talking flash floods. The roads around here wash out in 10 minutes, no warning. No. You are staying here tonight, and you can start back in the morning.

Holden: Everything all right, Carly?

Winkie: I just told her she can't drive home.

Carly: She's worried about flooding. Apparently, the roads around here -- they wash out a lot.

Winkie: Yes, they do. And that's why you're spending the night -- both of you.

Holden: You know, I'll be fine driving home. But, Carly, you probably should stay.

Winkie: Okay, I'm having none of that, Mr. Snyder. There's warning bulletins all over the radio, and, lucky for you, the cabin you stayed in before is available. So, I have to go check on the kids, batten down the hatches, and why don't you just make your way over there and settle in for the night?

Parker: So, the whole movie is done with green screen, which is when the actors are filmed in front of a giant green backdrop and then they put the background using computers.

Liberty: Duh. I know.

Parker: Okay, well, the reason it's so cool is the way the animation was done. It's totally cutting edge.

Liberty: I just don't really want to go see a movie.

Parker: Why not? It's supposed to be awesome.

Liberty: Well, I was kind of thinking we could just go hang out at my place.

Parker: What about Brad and Katie?

Liberty: Katie's working late, and, I mean, you saw my mom. She's, like, in heaven with my dad. I don't think she's letting him go anywhere anytime soon. So, we would have the whole place to ourselves.

Parker: To do what?

Liberty: Study, doofus. I wanted my driver's license, like, yesterday, which means I have to ace my geometry test, which means from here on out, you and I are joined at the hip.

Janet: So, you want to go somewhere and have a drink?

Brad: Thank you but no, thanks. Katie's gonna be coming home soon, and we need some quality time together.

Janet: Oh, come on. You guys see each other all day.

Brad: It's not the same thing, but I will take a rain check.

Jack: Hey. Where's Parker?

Brad: Hey. Okay, don't get mad.

Janet: It's no big deal. He's just around the corner at a movie.

Brad: Yeah, I should've called. I'm sorry.

Jack: Yeah, you should have, but it's all right. It's early enough.

Brad: You know, I could drop him off when I pick up Liberty.

Janet: I have a better idea. Since you're gonna go and spend some time with Katie and you have to wait to pick up Parker, why don't you and I have a drink somewhere?

Brad: Actually, I might have time for one.

Janet: What about quality time with Katie?

Brad: Well, like Jack said, it's still early. You know, I'll just call Katie and tell her, you know, where I'll be, all right?

Janet: Oh, tell her that I'll have you back unharmed!

Jack: Janet. You can't do this anymore.

Holden: Winkie's right. It's gonna start pouring soon.

Carly: It's amazing. Look on the other side of the lake. It's already raining there. Poor J.J.

Holden: I wouldn't worry about the boys. The boys are gonna be thrilled because the counselors aren't gonna be checking on them in this downpour. They can do and get away with whatever they want.

Carly: Thank you. That's very reassuring.

Holden: Don't worry about them. They'll be fine.

[Thunder rumbles]

Carly: Oh, we should get inside, you know, because I'm not very familiar with Winkie's rules of lightning. Are you coming?

Holden: You know what? I'm used to driving in downpours, so I'm just gonna head home.

Carly: Through flash floods? It's dangerous.

Holden: It'll be more dangerous if I stay.

Holden: Winkie was right. I got a mile down the road, and everything was flooded out.

Carly: It's good you came back. No sense in acting like a cowboy if you don't have to. We'll be fine, you know. No problem.

Holden: There might be if you don't put some clothes on.

Carly: I was just getting ready for bed.

Holden: Don't let me stop you.

Carly: I was going to take the bottom bunk if that's all right.

Holden: Yeah, yeah, that's fine. Go ahead. It doesn't make any difference to me.

Jack: Janet, Janet, Janet. You're using me to get my brother's attention.

Janet: I have his attention. I'm the mother of his child.

Jack: Stop this. You're a smart woman. So don't waste my time pretending you don't know exactly what you're doing.

Janet: Okay. You want the truth?

Jack: Please.

Janet: I notice -- when you and I are together, Bradley pays attention to me. And I like it. He moved on from me a long time ago. But I had Liberty, and she's been my whole life. And for 16 years, when I look in her eyes, I've seen Brad. And now I'm finally here, and we're all together as a family. And I love that feeling. It's such a good feeling. I want it to last. But that doesn't mean I don't like you, Jack. It's just -- it's totally separate.

Jack: No, no, it's not. I'm sorry, Janet. I feel bad that you had to raise Liberty by yourself. That's not my problem.

Janet: What? Am I saying it's your problem?

Jack: No, let me finish. My brother and I, we -- we got a terminal case of sibling rivalry. It's childish. I'll admit it. But it's a fact of our lives. And I can't let you use that to your advantage.

Janet: You think that's what I'm doing?

Jack: You want what you want, that's all. And you're determined to get it. I like you. I have fun with you. But I don't want to do this if it's about making Brad jealous. If it is, just tell me now, and I'll be on my way.

Liberty: At last, an adult-free zone. Well, you had better get to work.

Parker: What?

Liberty: Come on, Eulerís formula for polyhedral.

Parker: That's pretty easy.

Liberty: Well, it's also not relevant to my existence, but my license is key, and you're key to that, my friend, so you better get to work.

Parker: But I thought that maybe we could --

Liberty: What? What did you think?

Parker: Since we were going to go to the movies I --

Liberty: Oh, that's so cute. You thought this was our little chance to spend some alone time together, huh?

Parker: I'm not your homework slave.

Liberty: I know. Did I force you to do my take-home quiz for me? No.

Parker: No, I just thought that maybe -- forget it. Just give me a pencil.

Liberty: Oh, yay! I'm so going to get my license! Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you. The so exciting thing about this is when I get my license, I'll probably get my own car, which you know my dad. He'll probably spring for a really nice one, and then we can spend all the time we want together.

Janet: I like you, too, Jack. And I wasn't trying to use you. It's just -- Brad's an old habit.

Jack: I'm sure he'll love hearing that.

Janet: Thinking about him got me through a lot of tough times.

Jack: You could have hunted him down, Janet, let him know he had a daughter. It would have made things easier.

Janet: I know. I know, and thought about it a million times. It's just, I had this idea in my head of the kind of dad that I thought Brad would be, and I was afraid that if I called him after so many years and told him the truth, what if -- what if he didn't want to have anything to do with us? Then what would I have left to hang on to?

Jack: Yourself.

Janet: You ever tried that? It gets old.

Jack: Hey, I've got a huge family. They're running around all the time. Time alone? That can be a good thing.

Janet: Well, you and I really do see things differently, don't we?

Jack: There's something you got to know about me. I can't stand being manipulated. My ex-wife did a fair share of it, and I just don't want to go down that road again.

Janet: I'm not a bad person, Jack. It's just -- I do everything I can to get Brad's attention. I can't help myself.

Jack: That's a waste, isn't it? The man's happily married.

Janet: I know! And Katieís a great girl. It's just I've had this dream for me and my kid of this normal, happy family. And now that dream's almost come true.

Jack: And that's good enough for you? Pretending that Katie doesn't exist, because that will never be real.

Janet: It's all I've got for now.

Jack: You sell yourself way too short. Well, all I can say is -- call me if you ever  get it out of your system.

Brad: Okay, Katie won't be home for a while, so I'm good to go.

Janet: Great.

Brad: Where's Jack?

Janet: Oh, turns out he couldn't join us after all. Let's go get that drink.

Brad: Okay. All right.

Janet: Okay.

Carly: Winkie shouts, "Lights out!" And I get ready for bed. [Rain falling] Listen to the rain on the roof. I love that sound. It shuts out the whole world. Anyway, if you and Lily do end up going to Montana, you'll go to bed early and wake up with the sun. Sunrise out there is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. Not to be missed.

Holden: I like getting up when we go on vacation, but Lily -- she sleeps till noon. I think she's the reason they invented the "Do not disturb" sign.

Carly: Well, sure, if you're at the beach or in a city someplace. When you're out west, you don't want to spend any more time in bed than you have to. Well, what I mean --

Holden: No, no, I know what you mean. Go on.

Carly: Well, there's so much to do. And the way it smells -- the trees and the river -- it smells different in the morning than it does at twilight. And everything tastes so good. And at sunset, you ride your horse to the top of a hill, and it feels like you could ride straight into the sun.

Holden: I know the feeling. The big sky. It's just you and your horse and maybe someone you love.

Carly: And all the things that make you crazy from day to day just disappear. Everything becomes so simple. What's important -- you just know.

Holden: I've got to get out of here.

Carly: Holden, stop it. You can't go out there. You'll get soaked. You'll catch pneumonia.

Holden: It's not cold.

Carly: You'll get struck by lightning.

Holden: In here or out there?

Carly: It doesn't matter where. How will I explain that to Lily and the kids, huh?

Holden: Why would I get struck by lightning? Punishment from him?

Carly: Punishment for what? You didn't do anything.

Holden: No, not yet.

Carly: Hey. We'll make a pact, okay? Nothing will happen here tonight.

Holden: I can't promise that.

Carly: Hey, I can't let you go out there.

Holden: Carly.

Carly: We're -- we're adults, okay? We can do this. We won't talk. We don't even have to look at each other. We'll just go to sleep.

Holden: I can't stay here. You expect me to sleep just a few feet from you? I'm gonna stay in my truck, all right? We'll both be better off.

Brad: I have to confess, I cheated my way through high-school geometry.

Janet: Ohh!

Brad: So Liberty must get her math talent from you.

Janet: Oh, yeah, right. I have no problem adding up the diner receipts. I don't even have to use the cash register to help me make change. Are you impressed?

Brad: You did a great job with the kid. That's what matters.

Janet: She's been my whole life from prom until right now.

Brad: Raising kids is a full-time job. I mean, do you ever feel like you missed out on other stuff because of it?

Janet: I don't know. I was too busy to think about it.

Brad: As far as I'm concerned, you're the mother of the year.

Janet: You know, I used to think that you'd hate me if you found out that I had your kid.

Brad: Was I that big a jerk?

Janet: I don't know. You disappeared from my life.

Brad: Well, I know I was a goofball in high school, but I would have taken responsibility.

Janet: Honey, you were 17.

Brad: Well, so were you. I mean, I would have -- I would have stepped up, too. No question.

Janet: I believe you. Maybe I blew it. Maybe I should have told you. But, you know, I was just -- I was afraid, and I was stupid.

Brad: You were young.

Janet: You grow up fast when you've got another mouth to feed.

Brad: I'm sorry. You know, I've said it a thousand times. I wish I could change things.

Janet: You're a good guy, Bradley. I should have told you sooner. And who knows? Maybe if I had shown up here a little earlier, before you got married to Katie --

Brad: Hey, hey, you know what? It's water under the bridge. The important thing is I'm here for Liberty now, right? She's got both of her parents. She's doing fantastic. So, it's like they say. It's never too late.

Janet: Yeah. You're right. It is never too late.

Carly: Stubborn, stubborn man! Oh, my God. You -- you could have been hit by a falling tree or something! You know, I was scared to death.

Holden: Yeah, so was I. That's -- that's why I came back.

Carly: Look at you. You're soaked. Come here.

Janet: Yeah, yeah, and she forgot to text me what time the movie gets out.

Brad: Did you hear me tell her that?

Janet: It doesn't matter, Brad. She's a big girl. She'll walk home.

Brad: It's about respect, Janet. If I tell her to do something, she should do it.

Janet: Okay. You're gonna have to learn to pick your battles, all right? Listen, forget about that refill. It's a school night. Oh, oh, oh, oh! Libby's chucks.

Brad: What are chucks?

Janet: High-tops. Sneakers. Oh, come on. You're supposed to be this big time TV talk show host. You should know all about this pop-culture stuff.

Brad: Ladies' footwear is not my department.

Janet: Okay. Well, I guess I'm gonna have to teach you. Why don't you walk me up to my room? I will grab the chucks and give them to you, and you can give them to Liberty in the morning. And you'll be her hero.

Brad: Okay.

Liberty: God, this is, like, the most genius thing I've ever seen. I mean, who could think about selling a plastic strip to desperate housewives for like 50 bucks a pop?

Parker: Katie's not a desperate housewife.

Liberty: I know she's not a desperate housewife, but she's probably like -- she's probably done this on a video for all the desperate housewives that want to be her.

Parker: Hey, Liberty, you've really got to stop. You're screwing me up. I can't concentrate with you doing this.

Liberty: Are you almost done?

Parker: No. I won't be if you don't leave me alone, okay? So go do something else. Maybe go in the kitchen and make me some popcorn or something.

Liberty: Whoa, is that where you think women belong -- in the kitchen?

Parker: No. I really don't care where you go. I just need you to stop distracting me.

Liberty: Okay, fine. Popcorn sounds good.

Carly: What time is it?

Holden: You know what? It doesn't matter. We're stuck here till the rain stops. I think the best thing for us to do is just -- is just sleep.

Carly: Good idea. Do you need a hand?

Holden: Nah.



Carly: You know that Winkie is going to be so mad at you.

Holden: You know what? She should have posted a sign or something -- a weight-limit sign, anything.

Carly: You could have broken your neck.

Holden: I could have crushed you. I don't know how I would have explained that one to Sage.

Carly: We can't tell the kids about this. We'll never get them in bunk beds again as long as they live.

Holden: You know what? I officially too old for this -- too old for camp.

Carly: No, Holden. You're just too fat.

Holden: So, what do you want, Carly -- bottom or bottom?

Carly: I'll take bottom. I like bottom.

Holden: You gonna help me with all this stuff? And then we'll yank this mattress out. Can you grab that end? Got it?

Carly: Yes. Oh!

Liberty: Hey, Tough Guy, are you done with my homework yet? Hello?

Janet: Go in. Grab yourself a soda.

Brad: No, it's okay. I'm just gonna pick up Liberty's chucks and head on home.

Janet: I'll be right with you.

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Liberty: No, that was kissing.

Brad: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Where did that come from?

Janet: You know where, and you know why.

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