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As The World Turns Transcript Wednesday 6/25/08

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Luke: What are you doing there?

Noah: Trying not to get third-degree burns from the cappuccino machine.

Luke: You work here now?

Noah: Got to make money, don't I?

Luke: Well, I -- I thought your tuition was covered?

Noah: Yeah, but the lab fees are not. You know, stock footage and processing --

Luke: Uh, well, look, um, Noah, if -- if you want any help, you can just --

Noah: No, I can -- I can handle it. I can't take any money from you.

Luke: Well, we could look at it as a loan. Yeah, okay, okay, okay. I guess I should just order. Um, I want --

Noah: I know what you want. Have a seat. I'll bring it right over.

Aaron: What's going on here?

Bonnie: I'm trying to get Alison to eat something, because it is gonna be a long day.

Alison: And I'm trying to get her to ask me more questions.

Aaron: Yeah, listen. You don't want to practice too much, because it's gonna sound like you've been practicing.

Bonnie: Yes. I actually agree. Thank you, Aaron.

Alison: I know, but I need to hear the tough questions, like the ones Tom's gonna ask when he whips out that movie I made.

Bonnie: Look, I don't think we need to worry about that right now.

Alison: Okay. Yeah, sure. How about I worry about that later, when Tom plays the movie and -- and everybody gets to see me in all my glory. Do you know how deathly quiet it will be in the courtroom? And then I'll have to admit that, yes -- yes, I was high on crystal meth at the time. Oh, that will be fun. Is that when you want me to worry about it?

Aaron: Maybe you should ask her the questions.

Bonnie: Okay, fine. Ms. Stewart, given your enthusiastic work as a porn star, what could Dr. Chris Hughes have said or done that would be deemed as sexual harassment?

Alison: I think I'm gonna be sick.

Emily: They've closed the hearing. No press.

Casey: I guess Alison and her lawyer are nervous about what's gonna be said -- or shown.

Emily: No. No, the request came from your father, Casey. What is Tom up to?! I mean, if he's gonna use the DVD to embarrass my sister, wouldn't he want everybody to see it?!

Casey: Okay, he's not trying to humiliate Alison. He just wants to win the case and get Chris out of trouble. Hell, I bet it was Chris who asked --

Emily: Chris?! Why does he care if the court's closed?! He doesn't care if she gets embarrassed! He's just concerned with covering his own butt!

Casey: Well, my dad is a different story. You know, I know he threatened to use the videotape, but he won’t. He has ethics.

Emily: You know what? You are so young.

Casey: Not that young. Come here.

Aaron: Hey, look at me. You do feel a little warm. Maybe you're getting sick.

Alison: No such luck. The worst day in my life will not be called off on account of illness.

Bonnie: Look, Alison, it's not too late to pull out if that's what you want.

Alison: It sure would make me feel better.

Aaron: No, Ali. Don't -- don't -- don't even --

Alison: Today. It would make me feel better today. But tomorrow, I'd kick myself in the butt for letting Chris push me around.

Bonnie: Okay. Let's go.

Alison: Okay. You have to promise me something. If Tom uses that DVD, I want you to leave the room.

Aaron: And act like I'm ashamed of you? I don't think so. Besides, I have a really good feeling that he's not gonna use it anyway, so --

Alison: A feeling?

Bonnie: Yeah, I think he's right. It could backfire on Tom if he's not cautious. It could actually make you look more sympathetic.

Alison: And then you'd tromp all over them?

Bonnie: Oh, yeah, Honey. I got my tromping shoes on, spiked and ready to go.

Bob: Shouldn't you guys be heading over to the courthouse?

Tom: Hey, Dad. We're leaving just now.

Bob: I'll be right behind you.

Chris: I -- you're coming, Dad? I thought it was a closed hearing.

Bob: Just to the press. But your mother and I will be there to support you. Does that surprise you?

Chris: No, no. I'm just -- just nervous, I guess.

Bob: Rightly so.

Chris: So much is riding on this, Dad -- my career, reputation of the hospital, future funding.

Bob: Hey, take it easy. You're making me nervous. All you got to do is look them in the eye, tell them the truth. Good luck.

Tom: Thanks.

Chris: This isn't just about me. If you love him as much as I do, you'll win this thing, all right?

Tom: All right.

[Knock on door]

Susan: Hi. You read --

Emily: Hi!

Casey: Hey.

Susan: Hey, Casey! I didn't expect to see you here.

Casey: I was on my way to court, uh, but I heard the hearing was closed, so I came to see Emily to see if I could still get in or not.

Susan: Oh. Well, your dad would know that. Why didn't you ask him?

Casey: He's busy.

Emily: You know what? Casey's not the enemy, Mom. He's gone out of his way to help Alison. So, let's go. Let's go.

Casey: Yeah, yeah.

Emily: Go. Yeah.

Alison: I'll meet you in there.

Tom: Counselor -- moment, please?

Bonnie: Of course.

Tom: I think it's time that we put our cards on the table.

Bonnie: Or our pornography, as it were.

Tom: We're prepared to use this.

Bonnie: So I was told by my client. It's improper of you, Tom. You never should have gone to Alison. You should have come to me first.

Tom: Well, I am sorry for that, but we do need to deal with this.

Bonnie: Yeah, you know what? And your father shouldn't have gone to Lisa. He had no business going to my godmother, trying to get her to persuade me to resolve this case.

Tom: And I agree.

Bonnie: And your brother shouldn't have locked Alison in a room, trying to intimidate her.

Tom: Look, we're all just trying to avoid this ugly situation.

Bonnie: Good. Let's avoid it. So, uh, we will take a cash settlement, an apology, and Alison's reinstatement to the nursing program.

Tom: Or we can all just walk away, because that is my offer.

Bonnie: No, thank you.

Tom: You're obligated to take this to your client, as well as the new information.

Bonnie: Oh, I'll do that. But thank you so much for confirming to me that your brother has something to hide, because I cannot wait to see what that is.

Aaron: Did you think about the favor?

Chris: Yeah. Yeah, I did. I decided I don't owe you a damn thing.

Aaron: Think about what you owe Alison. Don't use that video.

Chris: Alison, this shouldn't be happening.

Alison: Then you shouldn't have made it happen.

Emily: Casey, you can't sit with me. Go sit with your family.

Casey: Not if I don't agree with what my dad is doing.

Emily: Casey, go sit with your family.

Casey: No.

Kim: Uh, Casey, uh, your grandfather and I have saved a seat for you.

Casey: Thanks.

Kim: Emily, uh, I think maybe you should be a little more careful about the things you write in your tabloid.

Emily: Huh. Just reporting the truth as I see it, Kim.

Kim: Well, in that case, you should have your eyes examined, because at this rate, you're gonna be at the wrong end of a lawsuit.

Emily: Bring it on.

Kim: Be careful of what you wish for.

Bailiff: All rise.

Noah: Did I get it right?

Luke: Yeah. That's exactly what I wanted. You didn't forget.

Noah: No, not a thing.

Luke: Um, you want to sit with me for a little bit?

Noah: I should probably get back to work.

Luke: What's going on?

Cop: I'll wait for you outside.

Luke: What was that about?

Noah: I'm not sure. He wants me to answer some questions.

Luke: About what?

Noah: I'm not sure.

Luke: Noah, the cops can't just come in here and haul you down to headquarters without an explanation.

Manager: You're being arrested?

Noah: No, no, no. It's nothing like that. I'm just -- I just have to take off a few hours.

Manager: You're leaving me in a bind.

Noah: Well, I'll come back as soon as I can.

Luke: Let me go with you.

Noah: Please.

Luke: Sorry.

Bonnie: As head of the nursing program, is it your policy to allow students who have missed exams to reschedule?

Brenda: Quite the opposite. My view is, there are no second chances where our patients' lives are concerned. Thus, the same standards should be applied to my nurses and their studies.

Bonnie: And yet, you allowed Alison Stewart to take the test that she missed.

Brenda: I did.

Bonnie: Why?

Brenda: Because Dr. Christopher Hughes urged me to do so.

Bonnie: Oh, so you do admit that he did influence you?

Brenda: In that case, yes.

Bonnie: Okay, but not when he had you drop Alison Stewart from the nursing program?

Tom: Objection. It has not been established that Dr. Hughes urged Ms. Manning to do anything of the sort.

Judge: Sustained.

Bonnie: I'll withdraw the question. Reserve the right to redirect, your honor.

Judge: Of course. Mr. Hughes, your witness.

Tom: Ms. Manning, did you kick Alison Stewart out of nursing school because of Dr. Hughes?

Brenda: Absolutely not.

Tom: Your honor, with your permission, I'd like to submit a document into evidence.

Judge: What is it?

Tom: Alison Stewart's latest grade report.

Cop: We thought you'd want to have these.

Noah: These are my dad's.

Cop: They washed ashore back in New York.

Noah: This is it? I mean, you didn't -- you didn't find his body?

Cop: No, but Colonel Mayer has been declared officially deceased.

Tom: Did you prepare this report on Alison Stewart’s grades?

Brenda: I did.

Tom: How was she doing?

Brenda: "Ds" and "Cs."

Tom: Well, was that considered average for a first-year nursing student?

Brenda: Well below average, I'm afraid.

Tom: Then why did you drop Alison from the program?

Brenda: Because she was failing, pure and simple. And for that reason, I made the unilateral decision that she would never make a good nurse.

Tom: No more questions.

Bonnie: Were you a straight-"A" student in nursing school, Ms. Manning?

Brenda: As a matter of fact, I was.

Bonnie: So please, tell us about the doctor/nurse working relationship. Do nurses have to listen to doctors?

Brenda: Of course.

Bonnie: Obey them?

Brenda: Follow orders.

Bonnie: So, on what day did you make your unilateral decision that Alison Stewart couldn't cut it in the nursing program?

Brenda: I believe it was May 29th.

Bonnie: Is that the day right after she passed her exam?

Brenda: Yes.

Bonnie: Wow. Not the day she got a "D" in Anatomy or a "C" in Basic Health?

Brenda: I was hoping she'd improve.

Bonnie: But she showed no improvement on her exam. She barely even passed.

Brenda: That is correct.

Bonnie: And yet, you graded those tests, and you didn't toss her out. You let Alison and everybody else believe that she was gonna continue in the nursing program.

Brenda: A misjudgment on my part.

Bonnie: Which you corrected on the afternoon of May 29th. And why is that? Did you have a conversation with Dr. Chris Hughes that day?

Brenda: But he didn't ask me to throw --

Bonnie: Did you discuss Alison Stewart's performance with Dr. Chris Hughes on the afternoon of May 29th?

Brenda: Yes, I did.

Bonnie: And you followed orders?

Tom: Objection.

Bonnie: Withdrawn. I'm done with this witness. I'd like to call Alison Stewart to the stand.

Bonnie: Ms. Stewart, please characterize your recent relationship with Dr. Chris Hughes.

Alison: We were friends.

Bonnie: No more than that?

Alison: We were sort of, um, headed towards more, but, um -- I'm sorry. Uh, could you please repeat the question?

Bonnie: Were the two of you intimate?

Alison: Not exactly.

Bonnie: Okay. Was there any expectations that you were to become intimate?

Alison: Yes.

Bonnie: So, when those expectations weren't met, how did Dr. Hughes react?

Alison: Uh, the first two times, he was, uh, pretty good about it, especially after I explained that, uh, the problem was mine, not his.

Bonnie: Was there a third time?

Judge: Ms. Stewart, answer yes or no.

Alison: Sorry. Yes.

Bonnie: And that day was?

Alison: Uh, the day the nursing exam results were posted. Uh, I had passed -- barely. But I was happy about it, and -- and Chris was happy for me. So we went back to his place, and he wanted to have sex.

Bonnie: But you refused.

Alison: Not at first, but eventually, yes.

Bonnie: So, what did Dr. Hughes do when you turned him down this time?

Alison: He got mad, we argued, and I walked out.

Bonnie: So, when was the next time that you saw Dr. Chris Hughes?

Alison: The next day.

Bonnie: At work?

Alison: At my friend Aaron's house. He showed up there, and he was still mad that I didn't sleep with him. Even madder, I guess, because then, he had thought I had sex with Aaron.

Bonnie: Well, did you have sex with Aaron?

Alison: No. I let Chris think what he wanted to think, but I didn't sleep with anyone that night, or even since then. Not at all.

Bonnie: So, was Dr. Hughes still angry when he left you that morning of May 29th?

Alison: Yes.

Bonnie: And what happened that same day?

Alison: Brenda Manning kicked me out of the nursing program.

Bonnie: No further questions.

Judge: We will take a five-minute recess, and then we'll start with cross-examination.

[Gavel bangs]

Alison: How did I do?

Bonnie: So far, so good. But listen, Alison. If they're gonna pull out that DVD, it is gonna happen now, so you cannot make this easy for them. Do not open that door.

Alison: Okay.

Aaron: Hey, you're doing great. Do you need anything? You need some water? What do you need?

Alison: I'm just so glad you're here.

Chris: She's lying, Tom. You should have seen her when I showed up. She was wearing nothing but Aaron's t-shirt.

Tom: What difference does that make?

Chris: Yeah, because if she didn't sleep with him, Tom --

Tom: Then what?

Chris: Nothing. All right. It's -- it's nothing.

Luke: Noah?

Noah: These are my dad’s. He always wore them -- always. And they found them.

Luke: I know. They told me. Come on. Let's get out of here.

Noah: I have to get to work.

Luke: No, no. You can call your boss and tell her what happened. Just come with me.

Tom: Are you a virgin?

Alison: You know I'm not.

Tom: How would I know that, Ms. Stewart?

Alison: Because you're Chris' brother, and you know that a long time ago, I was engaged to Chris and pregnant with his child -- a child that we lost. So no, I'm not a virgin.

Tom: So you slept with Chris before. You liked him before. Dare I say loved him?

Alison: Yes.

Tom: And on three separate occasions in recent history, you went into his bed and almost had sex?

Alison: Yes.

Tom: Well, do you make a habit of this -- going into men's beds and then turning them down? Or is this just some cruel game you played with my client?

Bonnie: Your honor, relevance.

Tom: Your honor, this is a classic case of he said, she said, resting on the credibility of these two people. The character of both of them is at stake here.

Judge: I agree. Objection overruled.

Aaron: What just happened?

Bonnie: Tom just opened the door.

Luke: You want me to get you something? Water, coffee? I could make you some soup.

Noah: No. I don't want anything. I saw my dad jump in the water, and when he didn't come up, I -- I knew he drowned. It just -- it never felt quite real.

Luke: Well -- if the police are sure --

Noah: He's dead. If he were alive, he'd be wearing these.

Luke: Well, at least you know it's over now. He can't hurt you anymore.

Noah: What hurts is knowing that it didn't have to be like this. Maybe I could have saved him.

Luke: How? By jumping in the water after him?

Noah: No, by making things right with him! You know, maybe if I just had a chance to finally talk with him --

Luke: But you didn't, because of me.

Tom: So, you were afraid to have sex with my client why?

Alison: I have intimacy issues.

Tom: Have you ever had these problems before?

Alison: In a way, yes.

Tom: But they didn't always stop you from having sex, did they?

Alison: No.

Tom: Your honor, I'd like to introduce some evidence pertinent to these issues that the plaintiff says prevented her from having sex.

Aaron: This is not even fair! [Gavel bangs] Hey --

Judge: I will have order in this courtroom! I'll have all the spectators ejected. Do I make myself clear?

Bonnie: You are not helping Alison! Your honor, we apologize.

Judge: Present your evidence, Counselor.

Chris: No, wait. Wait.

Chris: Don't use the DVD, Tom.

Tom: So you want to lose?

Chris: No. I want this case to go away. I -- I can't do that to Alison.

Judge: Mr. Hughes, are you offering something into evidence or not?

Tom: No. I apologize, your honor. It appears that the evidence is not relevant at all. I have no more questions for this witness.

Judge: You may step down, Ms. Stewart. Ms. McKechnie?

Bonnie: I have no more witnesses, your honor.

Judge: Is that your case, Mr. Hughes?

Tom: I call Dr. Christopher Hughes to the stand. So, did you ever use your influence or position to affect Alison Stewart’s career?

Chris: Yes, I did.

Tom: Well, what did you do?

Chris: Alison missed a test for the nursing program, and I asked Brenda Manning to give her a makeup exam. You know, I wouldn't have butted in, but I believed she'd be a good nurse, and I thought she deserved a break.

Tom: So, you asked Ms. Manning to make an exception for Alison?

Chris: I asked. I never told her she had to.

Tom: Did Ms. Manning ever discuss Alison's failing grades with you?

Chris: Yeah. Sure, she did.

Tom: We -- make that sound so normal.

Chris: Well, for months, Alison's been working at Memorial as a nursing aide. It made sense for Brenda to come check with me, get a feel of how her class work stacked up against her patient care.

Tom: So, what was your personal opinion of Alison Stewart’s abilities?

Chris: Truthfully, I still think she'd be a good nurse. But her grades -- I mean, you saw. And in the end, I had to leave it up to Brenda, and she decided that Alison didn't belong in the program. I can't tell you how sorry I am about that.

Noah: What are these?

Luke: You're the film buff. You tell me.

Noah: "Road to Perdition" and "Godfather." Fathers that do bad things. Yeah, I got it. What's your point?

Luke: You didn't see this one.

Noah: "Luke and Dad"?

Luke: Damian Grimaldi, my birth father.

Noah: You don't talk about him very much.

Luke: Well, when I was a -- a kid, he, uh, kidnapped me to get some thugs off his back. And when I came out, not only did he try to de-gay me, but, uh, he lied to me and told me he was dying to get me to go back to Europe with him.

Noah: He wanted your trust fund. Right.

Luke: Yeah. And I've watched those movies thousands of times. And in them, I can see how much he loved me, and I can see all of the fun times we had together. But as hard as I try, I can't see the part of him that wanted to sell me out. I can't see the greed, and I can't see the cruelty.

Noah: It's not the same as with me and my father.

Luke: Why not? Look, I know that you have very, very complicated feelings about your father, and I don't blame you for trying to find some good in him. But, Noah, whatever the Colonel was, you're not that. You don't have to polish your father's image to keep it from reflecting badly on you. Look, you are a good, decent, loving man.

Noah: But I'm still his son.

Luke: So what?! Evil's not genetic. Your father was an angry, isolated person. You don't have to be that. You deserve to be loved.

[Noah sobs]

Bonnie: Were you upset when Alison refused to have sex with you?

Chris: After we took off most of our clothes and got into bed together? Yeah. Of course I was. It's the third time we'd been through this, and it's not like we hadn't slept together before.

Bonnie: And after that, you lost your temper when you saw her with another man.

Chris: I'm not proud of it. I'm human. I was hurt.

Bonnie: So what did you do about it?

Chris: Absolutely nothing.

Bonnie: And at work?

Chris: I went back to work, yeah.

Bonnie: You sought out Brenda?

Chris: No. I ran into her.

Bonnie: Mm-hmm. So, who brought up Alison? You or Brenda?

Chris: I honestly don't recall.

Bonnie: But you were still angry at Alison. You thought she had betrayed you.

Chris: None of that changed how I felt about her potential as a nurse.

Bonnie: So, exactly what did you say to Brenda Manning about Alison that day?

Chris: Over the years, you know, Alison and I -- we've done hurtful, careless things, but that never stopped us from wanting the best for each other. Even now, you know, when she's suing me, I -- I still think she'd be a wonderful nurse. And that's exactly what I told Brenda Manning.

Judge: Ms. McKechnie?

Bonnie: No more questions.

Tom: Defense rests, your honor.

Judge: We will take a brief recess while I consider my decision.

[Gavel bangs]

Emily: Hey. Whatever happens, I want you to know I'm very proud of you.

Alison: Thanks, Emily.

Emily: Hey, I got to check in with the office, okay? Hang in there.

[Emily goes into the hallway and Casey kisses her]

Emily: Ca -- Casey! Are you crazy?! Stop it!

Casey: What?

Emily: Both of our families are here. My God!

Casey: I can't help it! My dad didn't use the movie! I told you he wouldn’t.

Tom: Well, he did plenty of damage without it.

Alison: How do you think it will turn out?

Bonnie: Uh, we might lose, or we might not. I don't know.

Alison: Not what I was hoping to hear, Bonnie. I want to win.

Bonnie: For them, or for you?

Alison: Both. More them, though. Actually, for her really. I've always had this way of disappointing my mother.

Bonnie: Look, Alison, you are somebody. You can't worry about your mother's expectations or your sister's accomplishments or even what Chris Hughes has to say.

Alison: But he said he thought I'd be a good nurse.

Bonnie: Alison, he said that here. Do you really think he said that to Brenda Manning after he saw you with Aaron?

Alison: I don't know.

Judge: The purpose of this hearing is to determine if Ms. Stewart's case has merit, if Memorial hospital, through the person of Dr. Christopher Hughes, impeded Ms. Stewart's studies and her career by engaging in sexual harassment. I find that Ms. Stewart has indeed been treated unfairly. Dr. Hughes improperly asserted his authority by interfering in Ms. Stewart's studies, and ergo, her career. I would expect a doctor to have better judgment. At the same time, plaintiff was a willing participant in this relationship, and she seemed to have no trouble accepting -- favors from the defendant as long as he was giving them out. Did Dr. Hughes intentionally sabotage Ms. Stewart's studies? There is some evidence to indicate that he did. But there is yet another fact to consider here. In spite of any help she may have received, Ms. Stewart never achieved the expected standard of performance. Ultimately, it was Ms. Stewart's own limitation that caused her to be terminated from nursing school. Therefore, I must find in favor of the defendant.

[Gavel bangs]

Emily: It's me. Don't put the paper to bed. I want to add something to the front page -- an editorial, 1,200 words on sexual harassment and the abuse of power. And I want a picture of Chris Hughes as big as you can get.

Casey: I'm gonna go to "The Intruder" with you.

Emily: Yes. No, the judge ruled in favor of Hughes, but we're not gonna mention that, are we?

Casey: Ready to go?

Tom: Hey, hey. We're heading over to the Lakeview to grab something to celebrate. You want to come with us?

Casey: Sorry, but I already have plans.

Tom: Oh, okay. Uh, all right. Then I'll see you later.

Emily: What are you doing? Go with your family?

Casey: No, I'm gonna come with you. I know --

Emily: No! Would you stop?! Stop, okay?!

Casey: What?

Emily: Your family's already ticked off at me as it is! I don't need -- just go with your family, please.

Alison: I'm sorry, Mom, if I've disappointed you.

Susan: You didn't! You didn't.

Alison: Just -- I wanted to do something important with my life.

Susan: And you will. I know you will. Oh, listen. Let's get out of here. Let's go eat something really decadent and delicious. Come on.

Noah: I have to get back to work.

Luke: No. You just had a really traumatic experience. They can get someone to cover for you. Stay here.

Noah: Luke, being here doesn't feel like home anymore, okay? It does for you. You belong. You have roots here. But for me, it just reminds me that I don't belong anywhere.

Luke: Yes, you do. You belong with me.

Noah: My father died hating me because I was gay, because I couldn't be what I wanted.

Luke: But you can't help being who you are.

Noah: Yeah, but the thing is, I don't think I can be what you want either.

Bob: Casey, some champagne? Calls for a toast.

Casey: What are we celebrating? The fact that the powerful Hughes family knocked down a poor, defenseless girl? Whoopee!

Tom: Hey, you know, why don't you watch yourself? She accused Chris of doing something that he didn't do, and he has every right to defend himself!

Kim: The truth is, Tom could have put her through much worse on the stand than he did if he'd wanted to.

Casey: Yes, that's one way of looking at it. But the other way is even though you didn't take up her past, Alison still got nailed. She can't be a nurse. So, like, working at the hospital's gonna suck, and she has you to thank for it.

Chris: Whoa! Casey, if that's the way you feel, maybe you shouldn't be here.

Casey: You're right.

Emily: What are you do -- what are you doing here, Casey?

Casey: Chris kicked me out of his party.

Emily: Oh, God. What did you do now?

Casey: I spoke the truth, which obviously, he couldn't handle. I did say, uh, nice things about your sister, though. Do I get to have, uh, sex for that?

Emily: You have got to stop making waves with your family, Casey! We are barely staying under their radar as it is! Go home! Go home and make nice with your dad.

Casey: Maybe later. You need me right now.

Emily: What for? And don't say sex.

Casey: No. You need me to tell you that you did the right thing.

Emily: I don't know about that. I mean, Ali lost the case.

Casey: But she kept her dignity.

Emily: Well, her dignity doesn't mean squat if she falls off the deep end, Casey, and starts using drugs again. No, you know what? I sh -- I shouldn't have pushed her.

Casey: No, you're wrong.

Emily: Where are you going?

Casey: To lock the door.

Bob: Well, it's too bad that Casey didn't stay with us, but, uh, let's be positive. Thank God we won that case. If it had gone the other way, it could have been devastating for the hospital.

Kim: Well, Chris was absolutely honest and aboveboard, and it paid off.

Bob: There's a lesson there, isn't there?

Kim: Oh, sounds like a lecture --

Chris: It's all right, Mom. I'll never make that mistake again. I promise you that, Dad.

Kim: Well, do us all a favor and promise not to get mixed up with the Stewarts again.

Susan: Come on. Let's just go someplace else.

Alison: Why bother?! It's a small town. I'm gonna be bumping into Hughes’s left and right.

Aaron: Yeah. You -- you might as well get used to that.

Susan: No! No. We don't need the indigestion. [Pager beeps] Oh, that's me.

Alison: Do you have to go?

Susan: Complications with one of my patients. I'm sorry. I -- I feel terrible about leaving you like this.

Alison: Its okay, Mom. You were there for me today, okay? Thank you.

Kim: Honey, have a good evening.

Chris: You, too, Mom. Love you.

Kim: Love you, too.

Chris: Dad.

Kim: Bye, Sweetheart. Thank you so much.

Tom: You're welcome. My pleasure. Congratulations.

Chris: Thanks for everything, Tom.

Tom: All right, Buddy.

Aaron: You know, Chris is probably still in there. Are you ready for that?

Alison: To tell you the truth, I was only going to dinner to make my mom happy. There's nothing to celebrate, and -- and I don't really want to talk about it anymore.

Aaron: I mean, I can take you home. I could take you on a ride in my bike. Whatever you want.

Alison: No. You know, I kind of want to be alone. Do you mind?

Aaron: As long as you're not planning on sitting around, being depressed. You did a great job today.

Alison: Yeah. But it didn't make a difference. The judge was right. No matter what Chris did or didn't say, I was flunking out of nursing school. Chris Hughes didn't ruin my nursing career. I did.

Aaron: Are you sure you're gonna be okay?

Alison: Yeah. I'm just gonna go wash my face, and then I'm gonna take a really long walk.

Aaron: And if you run into Chris?

Alison: I'll keep walking.

Casey: What's up, Baby?

Emily: You know what I could use right now?

Casey: Name it.

Emily: Someone to hold me close.

Casey: Come here. I'm sorry.

Emily: You're sorry? What for? God, Casey, you've been wonderful. You -- you are one of the finest men I've ever known.

Noah: Luke, I can't talk about this anymore. I just -- I just want to work.

Luke: Okay. Then I'll make this quick. You keep trying to break up with me, and I keep trying to find a way to get back into your life. But that's gonna end today. I'm not gonna stalk you, and I'm not gonna pressure you into anything that you don't want to do.

Noah: Well, I appreciate that.

Luke: But just because I'm not following you around, it doesn't mean I'm not thinking about you. Noah, I'm always gonna love you. So, if you ever need someone to -- to talk to or to not talk to, just -- just someone to be with, find me.

Chris: I didn't think you'd want to be in the same bar with me. Why are you in the same bar with me?

Alison: I was feeling depressed, and I started doing that -- that addict thing. You know, wondering how I could score. 'Cause I've had such a bad day and everything.

Chris: Ali --

Alison: But then I saw you, and something clicked for me. I've changed. I'm not that same girl in that movie, because I have worked like hell not to be. And one day, I'm gonna go back to school and I'm gonna do well, because it is important to me.

Chris: For you.

Alison: But you -- today, tomorrow, next week, next year, you will still be the same spineless, dishonest coward, Chris. And that's never gonna change, but it's just who you are.

Chris: Another.

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