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As The World Turns Transcript Friday 6/20/08

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Holden: Do you want the same thing that I want right now?

Carly: What do you want?

Holden: I think you know.

Carly: I only know what you've told me -- that you want to save your marriage. So I want that, too, for you and Lily both.

Holden: I wish it was that simple.

Carly: It is. So please let's just leave it at that.

Lily: Holden? Service? I can't believe it.

[Lily chuckles]

[Cell phone ringing]

Lily: I hear you. Well, you gotta be around here somewhere.

[Janet sighs]

Dallas: Working hard, or hardly working, my friend?

[Liberty chuckles]

[Cell phone rings]

Liberty: Speak.

Janet: Hey, Sweetie. You up for a movie?

Liberty: Ooh. What Mom ?

Brad: No way, Daughter. Tonight is all about studying. You promised.

[Liberty ughs]

Lily: Herr Kommandant says nein.

[Liberty laughs]

Brad: Nein!

Janet: Where does he get off?

Liberty: I don't know, Mom. Why don't you ask him?

Janet: No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. It's okay. Just be a good little girl and do what your father says. Bye. Summer school.

[Janet raspberries]

Liberty: Well, that doesn't mean that I can't have any fun. Yeah. Hmm.

Dallas: What's up? Catching up on paperwork?

Jack: Yeah. I was just filling out fives.

Cop 1: I know that ones on me. You got to bounce a pencil for count of three. Then you can write your reports.

Dallas: Exactly.

Jack: I was going for ten.

Dallas: Face it, Jack. Look, that pile's not going anywhere today, Man.

Cop 2: Yeah. Do what I do -- acknowledge that you are powerless in the face of your incident reports.

Dallas: Then shove your reports in the bottom drawer, come to Yo's for a drink with the rest of the day shift. Come on, come on!

Jack: Who's buying?

Katie: Hey, Liberty.

Liberty: What?

Katie: How can you study with all that music in your head?

Liberty: What?

[Katie laughs]

Brad: I thought I heard my beautiful wife. Come here. Welcome home, my Liebchen.

[Liberty chuckles]

Katie: I just saw you half an hour ago.

Brad: I don't take you for granted.

Katie: Mmm.

[Brad groans]

Katie: Aah!

[Katie laughs]

Katie: What are you doing?

Brad: A child is studying.

Katie: Not while she's listening to an album.

Brad: Well, the books are open. It's a battle get that far.

Katie: I don't want to sound like a lazy stepmother, but I have no energy to quiz her since she constantly whines. Pretending I remember what I'm doing is exhausting.

Brad: So, it's just like high school, but with -- better skin.

Katie: Just thinking about it makes me want to take a nap.

Brad: We're both fried, which is why we should go out tonight and have some fun.

Katie: I was thinking kind of more along the lines of a hot and trashy novel.

Brad: I'll be your trashy novel, after we celebrate.

Katie: Celebrate what?

Brad: Oh, who cares? It is '80s night --

Katie: Oh, my --

Brad: -- At Yo’s. Mm, mm, mm! I can't pass up the opportunity to serenade my woman to "Jessie’s Girl." I still remember all the words.

Katie: How can I say no to that?

Brad: So it's a date?

Katie: On one condition -- you got to dress the part.

[Janet whistles]

Janet: Talk about unhappy hour.

Bartender: Welcome to my world.

Janet: So, where do people go in this town to have some fun?

[“Addicted to Love" by Robert Palmer plays]

Cop 1: Hello! The scenery in here just got a hell of a lot better.

Cop 2: Va-va-vavoom!

Jack: Take it easy, Fellas. She's a family friend.

Cop 2: Well, you better go get her before somebody else does.

Jack: All right. Hey.

Janet: Hey.

Jack: Coming or going?

Janet: Oh, I am definitely coming now that I know that Cyndi Lauper is playing at this bar.

Jack: Nice.

Janet: Wow. I'm just getting a feel for the neighborhood.

Jack: Well, why don't you come over by the bar? It's safer over there. Besides, I owe you a drink.

Janet: For what?

Jack: That chicken soup you made cured my kid.

Janet: I told you.

[Jack chuckles]

Janet: Works every time.

[Liberty humming]

Liberty: Hmm?

[Liberty chuckles as she sends Parker a text message]

[Parker reads Liberty’s text message: “Rescue me!”]

[Parker scoffs]

[“Sussudio" by Phil Collins plays ]

Katie: Oh, I love this song!

Brad: Yeah, the most bodacious, baddest, rave super-fine babe in this whole place, Mrs. Snyder.

Katie: Well, you're pretty gnarly yourself, Baby.

Brad: Ah.

[Brad sees Janet and Jack dancing]

Katie: What? Your back?

Brad: Whoa. Yoknow, this was a bad idea. Let's get out of here. Come on. Let's go.

Holden: You need help?

Carly: I'm fine.

Holden: Carly --

Carly: We shouldn't be doing this, Holden.

Holden: You know what? You have been on me the whole week to try and talk about what's going on between us. Now I want to and you don’t. I can't keep up with you.

Carly: Take it a sign, then.

Holden: I don't need a sign. There's something going on here, and I think we need to deal with it.

Carly: I can’t. I'm sorry. I'm too scared.

Holden: Of what?

Carly: That we'll say something we can't take back.

Holden: I'm scared of that, too.

Carly: See? Then it isn't worth it. Holden, you've loved Lily for practically your whole life. Your marriage means everything to you. Don't give that up. I couldn't live with myself I you did.

Holden: I used to know what I wanted all the time, no doubts.

Carly: But you don't anymore.

Holden: I know some of those things. I know I want Lily and the kids to be safe and happy instead of bitter and sad and always waiting for something to go wrong.

Carly: In other words, you want your family to be whole again.

Holden: I do. But I don't know if we can go back to the way things used to be.

Carly: So then you'll be something else. At least you'll be together. And the important thing is that you and Lily are still in love.

Holden: Yes, yes, I love her. But being in love --

Carly: Holden, you're married. If you want to save your marriage, fight for it.

Holden: You know, 'm trying. The problem is, all I can think about is you.

Lily: Hey, Eddie. Have you seen my husband?

Eddie: No. But his truck's here, so he must be around somewhere.

Lily: He said he was coming down here to talk to you about the horses.

Eddie: Must have missed him. Could be he went riding. He usually cuts up by the stream, in case you want to try and catch him.

Lily: Yeah. I might do that. Thanks.

Carly: Evening primrose. You and Lily will see a lot of this in Montana.

Holden: Don't change the subject.

Carly: This morning, you told me you want to take your wife on a romantic trip. Now you're telling me that you can't stop thinking about me. You're the one who changed the subject.

Holden: First, you want to talk about us --

Carly: There is no us!

Holden: -- And then you don’t. Look, we're trying to ignore the truth, but it's not working.

Carly: We'll get better at it.

Holden: You d believe that. Carly, you are too tough and too smart to be playing games like this.

Carly: Since when? Playing games is my M.O. ask any one of my ex-husbands.

Holden: Enough, enough! Can we just be real for one minute here? Just one minute? And then if you want, we can go back to pretending.

Carly: Fine. The truth is that I can't stop thinking about you, either. And I don't know what to do with that.

Holden: And I can't live a lie.

Carly: I know. That's why we can't be alone together anymore. It's exciting, and it's dangerous, and it is completely and utterly wrong. You think you want me, but you're just -- you're hooked on the thrill, you know? It's not real.

Holden: Yeah, but it feels real.

Carly: Just think about it. Just a few months ago, I was desperate to get Jack back. I would have done anything to make that happen. And you -- you missed Lily so much, it hurt to look at you. Well, now you have her back, and you're closer than you've been in months.

Holden: That's not saying much.

Carly: You're married, Holden. You can't throw that away because you have some momentary fantasy about -- that's something I would do. And trust me, it's never worth it.

Holden: If my marriage were so perfect --

Carly: No marriage is perfect.

Holden: -- I would not have these feelings.

Carly: You and Lily are back. I saw it myself last night. It's obvious that you two had been together, and that's as it should be. That is real.

Holden: This is real.

Carly: In the moment. It's flirtation. It's harmless as long as we don't make more of it than what it is.

Holden: Okay, fine. You say it's harmless? Why is it that when we're in the same room together, there's this -- this connection that scares us both? I know you feel it.

Carly: Okay, fine. I feel it. So what?

Katie: I dressed up like this -- look what I did to my eyebrows -- and you want to leave? No way. This Madonna needs to express herself.

Brad: Okay, okay. You can still do that, but we can do it someplace else. Maybe someplace private.

Katie: Don't move.

Brad: What?

Katie: I'm gonna get them to play "Material Girl"!

Janet: I know. Come on. You had a mullet, didn't you? Admit it.

Jack: What? What makes you think that?

Janet: Uh, hello! E.S.P. and if you don't tell me that you had a mullet, I will ask your cop friends over here. I'm sure they'll give you up in a heartbeat.

Jack: Okay, fine, fine. I had a mullet. I had a mullet, and I'm proud of it.

[Janet laughs]

Jack: Everybody did. It was the '80s.

Janet: Hey, all right. You know what? I had a poodle perm, and I had purple hair. And the only reason I'm copping to it, no pun intended, is because there is photographic evidence.

[Jack laugh]

Jack: Here's to bad '80s hair.

Brad: Fancy seeing you two here.

Jack: Hey!

Brad: Yeah!

Jack: Boss Hogg, right?

Brad: Yeah, right!

Jack: Right? Where's your hat?

Brad: Yeah. Bo Duke, right, right?


Brad: Yeah, right. So, okay. Can I have a word with you, Janet?

Janet: Sure, sure. What, is there a problem with Libby?

Brad: No, no, no, no. She's back at her place, pretending to do her geometry homework. She's fine.

Janet: Then what's the problem?

Brad: Well, you. It's just, like, are you here with Jack?

Janet: What? We're having a drink. That's all. What, is that a problem?

Brad: No, no! I mean, should it be?

Janet: I don't know. You're the one doing the interrogating here. So I'll ask you again, is there a problem?

 [“Secret Valentine" by We the Kings plays]

[Doorbell rings]

Liberty: Hey.

Parker: Hey.

Liberty: Come on in.

Parker: Where's Brad and Katie?

Liberty: Oh, it beats me. They left here a little earlier looking like a bunch of retro freaks.

Parker: So we're all alone?

Liberty: Yeah. Are you scared of me, Tough Guy?

Parker: Yeah. I'm terrified.

Liberty: Ooh!

Parker: So, what's the deal? Why did you need rescuing?

Liberty: Come into the bedroom, and I will show you.

Janet: You're the one who told me to buzz off and get my own life, so that's exactly what I'm doing.

Katie: Good for you, Janet.

Janet: Hi! Thanks, Madonna. See, us Ciccone girls -- we need to stick together.

Katie: Ciccone -- its Madonna’s last name.

Brad: I did not know that.

Janet: Am I dismissed?

Brad: Yeah.

Katie: Is that why you wanted to leave so suddenly, 'cause of Jack and Janet?

Brad: No. What do I care what they do?

Katie: Good question.

Brad: You want to dance?

Janet: So, is it weird seeing your ex and your brother together?

Jack: Used to be, but not anymore.

Janet: Gosh, a small town and everything. Kind of hard to avoid, right? Especially those dinners. Whoo!

Jack: Yeah. Well, as a matter of fact, Thanksgiving got pretty ugly this year. But you can't live in the past.

Janet: Amen to that.

Janet: Mm-hmm.

Jack: They're small.

Dallas: Trivia tournament later.

Jack: Oh, I'm game. You game?

Janet: Oh, I am so game, I will rock your trivia world, Boys.

Dallas: Looking forward to it.

Jack: I'll have you know that I am still the reigning champ at the station.

Janet: I'll have you know that I will have you crying in your cornflakes, because my brain is full of trivial information! As a matter of fact, that's just about all it's full of.

Jack: Oh, don't do that.

Janet: What?

Jack: Run yourself down. You may have had to drop out of high school, but that doesn't mean you're not smart.

Janet: Aw, see? You're not so bad, Jack, even if you did have a mullet.

Brad: What?

Katie: When I'm dressed like this, you better pay attention to me.

Brad: You got it, Madge. You've got it.


Katie: What is so damn fascinating about them?

Brad: I don't know. I don't know. To me, I just see them to be a weird pair.

Katie: Isn't everyone?

Brad: No, but like, really weird. Jack is so "Law and Order" and Janet's so --

Katie: "Rock of Love."

[Brad laughs]

Brad: Yeah, maybe.

Katie: Okay. Does it really bother you that much?

Brad: No, no. Not in the least. I'm just making an observation that I think it's weird.

Katie: So you keep say -- ow!

Brad: Oh, I'm sorry. I'm sorry! I'm so sorry. I'm sorry. Oh, man.

Katie: Let's sit this next one out.

Brad: Okay.

["Heaven" by Bryan Adams plays]

Janet: Oh, my God!

Jack: What? What's wrong?

Janet: Excuse me. Just a second, okay? Bradley -- Bradley, do you remember this song?

Brad: What?

Janet: It was our prom song. It was our first slow dance.

Brad: Right, yeah, right. I mean, how could I forget that night? The night was like -- you know, you only have, you know, so many of those nights. That's for sure. Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Janet: Katie -- Katie, do you mind if I -- can I borrow him just for a minute, for old time's sake?

Katie: Knock yourself out. Live it up.

Parker: Are you sure this is okay?

[Liberty laughs]

Liberty: Don't get so excited, Buddy. We're doing homework.

Parker: And why can't you do it in your room?

Liberty: Because my room doesn't have a wide-screen TV. Come on, seriously, I really have to know this putrid geometry chapter for tomorrow, and my dad's gonna quiz me. I have to have the answers. So --

Parker: And why didn't you ask Dylan to help you?

Liberty: Because Dylan officially sucks at math. So, come on. What do you say, Tough Guy? You think you can handle a protractor?

Parker: I'll help you out.

Janet: It's so weird the four of us end up here together. Not only that, but now they're playing our song. You know, I never would have said this in high school, but -- especially when I was knocked up and scared to death for my life -- but I think things really do happen for a reason.

Brad: Yeah.

[Brad clears throat]

Janet: Like us growing up, getting to know each other again. Libby -- showing her how to live her life.

Brad: Yeah.

Janet: You know, she really does need her daddy. I realize that now, and I'm sorry didn't realize it sooner, but I guess fate has a way of working things out, doesn't she?

Brad: So, how did you end up here with Jack?

Janet: What?

Brad: Well, I mean, was that, like, fate? I mean, he showed up, and you showed up, and you accidentally ran into each other? Or is this like a date or something?

Janet: Guess it was kind of a happy coincidence.

Brad: "Happy"? So you like Jack?

Janet: What's not to like? He is your brother.

Brad: Exactly.

Janet: What? Brad, we're just friends -- so far. But the night is young.

Carly: How we feel about each other is irrelevant. It'll go away.

Holden: Yeah, that's what I keep hoping. But it keeps getting stronger.

Carly: I don't want to hear this. You're just making things more difficult than they have to be. Feelings are one thing. Doing the right thing -- that's what's important.

Holden: What are you doing, lecturing me about good behavior?

Carly: Yeah. Better check the temperature in hell. I'm just saying this because I care about you.

Holden: Okay. So what is the right thing to do?

Carly: Be rational. This is just chemistry. It's just pheromones -- basic stuff. It will wash off in the shower.

Holden: No, no.

[Holden laughs]

Holden: I've tried that.

Carly: Just let me finish. We share something. We’ve both been rejected by the people we love most in the world. We're vulnerable, we're angry. We vented to each other, and somewhere along the way, we lost our priorities a little.

Holden: What are you saying, that we're attracted to each other 'cause we're a couple of losers?

Carly: Sort of.

Holden: Trust me, you're not a loser.

Carly: Holden --

Holden: I know.

Lily: Holden?

Carly: You keep Lily here for a few minutes. I'm gonna go back to the barn.

Holden: You don't have to run off. We have nothing to hide.

Carly: Yes, we do, Holden. The way I'm feeling right now, I really don't want to face your wife.

Brad: It's not the brother thing that bothers me, but you know, Jack is -- Jack is Liberty's uncle.

Janet: So what?

Brad: Don't you think that's strange?

Janet: Why? He's not my uncle.

Brad: All right. I'm just gonna come out and say it. I know you think that Jack is a great guy. He is. Jack is a great guy, under normal circumstances. But he's wounded. He's extremely damaged. You know, his wife did a number on him. I would steer clear if I was you.

Janet: Thank you, Bradley. Thank you for the warning. I will take it under advisement.

Katie: Janet's reliving prom night.

Jack: Oh. Yeah, I see that. So, does it bother you, seeing them together like that, you know, given their history?

Katie: They don't have any history. They had sex once on prom night. Janet got pregnant, and Brad hasn't thought about her until Liberty came to town.

Jack: Hmm. Does Janet know that?

Katie: I don't think she was to. The answer is no, I'm not threatened by her. I don't have any reason to be.

Jack: Good. I'm glad to hear it.

Lily: Hey, you!

Holden: Hi.

Lily: Hi.

Holden: What are you doing all the way down here?

Lily: I came looking for you. You didn't tell me you were going riding. I thought you were going to talk to Eddie about the horses.

Holden: Yeah. I'm gonna do that right now. I just needed to come out here and clear my head a little bit.

Lily: Oh. I can see why. It's so beautiful out here this time of year.

Holden: I should get back. You can take the horse and I'll walk.

Lily: Why don't we ride together? It's been a long time.

[Liberty laughs]

Liberty: You're supposed to be looking at my geometry.

Parker: It's just that you smell funny.

Liberty: Oh! Good funny or bad funny?

Parker: Good funny. You smell nice.

Liberty: Thank you. It's Katie's really, really expensive perfume. It's like $150 for a bottle this big. You can smell it if you want. Well, let me know if you need any help.

Janet: Sorry about that. That was kind of our song, you know?

Jack: No. No problem. You want another wine cooler?

Janet: Yes, thank you.

Jack: Can I get one more, please?

["Don't You Forget About Me" by Simple Minds plays]

[Janet gasps]

Janet: Oh, my God! That was our prom theme song!

Jack: Oh -- hey, hey, hey! Come back. Come back here. What happened to not living in the past?

Lily: All right. Oh, look at that. Wonder what kind of flower this is.

Holden: Evening primrose.

Lily: I didn't know you knew wildflowers. Where'd this horse come from? It wasn't here before. You're all covered with sweat, Beauty.

Holden: Eddie must have taken her for a workout.

Lily: No. Eddie was mucking the stalls when I was here, and this horse definitely was not here.

Holden: You're just not remembering.

Lily: Holden, I was standing right here. I would definitely remember this gorgeous creature. Must be some other explanation.

Jack: Hey, you're gonna need this.

Janet: Thanks. You know, it's just a stupid dance. What do you care anyway?

Jack: Prom night was a long time ago, Janet.

Janet: And?

Jack: And Brad's married.

Janet: To your ex-wife. Doesn't that just bug the heck out of you?

Jack: No. Now, I could get mad every time I see them together, or I can move on with my life. Brad and Katie are in love. They're happy, so I'm happy for them.

Janet: Yeah, all right. Yeah, yeah, okay. I'm happy for Bradley, too. You know, I should quit bugging Bradley when he's on a date with his wife. And besides, it's not like I still have a thing for him or anything. We're just co-parents.

Jack: It's harder than it sounds sometimes, isn't it?

Janet: Sometimes.

["Freeze-frame" by J. Geils Band plays ]

[Janet gasps]

Janet: Oh, my God!

Jack: Would you like to dance?

Janet: Yes!

Jack: Come on.

[Jack laughs]

Janet: Whoo-hoo.

[Jack hums]

Katie: Don't look.

Brad: Who? This is going to be embarrassing.

Parker: Hey, Liberty.

Liberty: Mm. Was I sleeping?

Parker: Yeah. I have to go home.

Liberty: Oh, okay.

Parker: I finished your homework.

Liberty: Oh. Thanks so much. Wow. This really looks a lot better than I could have done any day, so thanks.

Parker: You just might want to check it over in case your teacher asks.

Liberty: Oh, she won't. I think she hates being in summer school as much as the rest of us, because she must have really screwed up, you know, getting summer school and geometry in June. Okay. We should study again together sometime.

Lily: I'm gonna call my mom and make sure everything's set with the jet. And do you mind going to the grocery store? I want to make a care package for the girls before we leave. And I gotta go to the post office and make sure they hold the mail.

[Lily sighs]

Lily: I need to write a list.

Holden: Lily, wait. Is it okay with you if we postpone this trip for a couple of weeks?

[Jack humming]

Jack: Hey! Oh!

Janet: Oh!

Brad: As they said in the '80s, grody to the max.

Katie: What is?

Brad: Well, my pathetic brother. I mean, he can't dance to save his life.

Katie: Oh, yeah, right. They really suck.

Brad: Let's blow this pop stand.

[Jack laughs]

Katie: No problem, Danny Downer.

[Both laughing]

Jack: Okay, all right. We can stop showing off now. They're gone.

Janet: What? I didn't even realize they were still here.

Jack: Yeah. So, you want another drink, or can I take you home?

Janet: Oh. Yes to both.

[Jack laughs]

Jack: Well, let's moonwalk on out of here, shall we?

Janet: Okay, all right.

Jack: Uh, uh, uh. Feeling, feeling. Purse.

Janet: Thank you.

Jack: Feeling and moonwalking out. Okay.

Janet: Oh.

[Jack laughs]

Lily: You were the one that wanted to go away in the first place. What changed your mind?

Holden: You know, I just didn't really think things through. Eddie, he just started. He doesn't know the horses all that well. If he had tons of experience, that would be one thing. But --

Lily: You just went away not long ago.

Holden: That was only for a few days. Not even.

Lily: Well, let's hire someone else, an extra hand while we're gone.

Holden: You know, I just don't feel right about it. Plus, I have this new quarter horse coming in a couple of days. I really want to get him settled before we go. So we'll do it in a couple of weeks, okay? I'm sorry.

Lily: Is okay. It's just a temporary postponement, right? I mean, Montana’s not going anywhere.

[Lily laughs]

Holden: Right.

Lily: That's one thing we can count on.

Holden: Absolutely. We'll get there. Just not right now.

Lily: It's fine. I mean, it will give us more time to plan everything, and the girls are still adjusting to camp. But you know what? I think it's for the best.

Carly: Hello!

Lily: Hi.

Carly: Hi. I brought you some more information about Montana. I marked all the places that Jack and I always loved.

Lily: Oh, thanks. We're not going. I mean, not now, anyway. Holden wants to put off the trip.

Janet: I have never known anyone to live on a farm before. What's it like? Do you have to get up at the crack of dawn and milk cows? Do you have to go into the chicken coop to get your eggs? Oh, I know. Does the rooster really wake you up at 4:00 A.M. to go do your chores?

Jack: Not 4:00 A.M., but I do my fair share. And there is a rooster, which is only a problem when we switch over to daylight savings.

Janet: Oh!

Jack: Yes. It's nice, actually.

Janet: Really? I'll bet you're not saying that in the dead of winter, when you're freezing your butt off going out to milk those cows, huh?

Jack: Sometimes, but fresh milk does take the edge off. You should try it. Have you ever tried it?

Janet: Straight from the cow?

Jack: Yeah.

Janet: No, no. But I have been known to drink right out of the carton before. Don't tell my kid.

Jack: Don't tell mine, either. You are welcome to come by and visit anytime you like.

Janet: Thanks. Think I'll take you up on that. Do you want to come in for a drink?

Jack: Thank you, but I'm driving.

Janet: Okay. Well then, if you ever need anymore chicken soup, you know where to find me.

Jack: That's good to know. Good night.

Janet: Good night.

Liberty: Oh, hey.

Katie: Hey.

Liberty: I didn't hear you guys come in. Did you have fun?

Katie: What are you doing in here?

Brad: It looks like your book bag threw up all over our bed.

Liberty: Ha ha ha. Look. Finished all my geometry homework.

Brad: Oh, wow. That's interesting.

Liberty: Mm-hmm.

Brad: Good job. I'm proud of you, Sweetheart.

Liberty: Thanks. It was really hard at first, but I think I'm actually kind of getting the hang of it. But you know, you guys really better change out of those clothes, 'cause you might get stuck like that.

[Liberty groans]

Liberty: Good night.

[Katie chuckles]

Brad: Alone at last.

Katie: Oh Brad, have you ever fantasized about undressing Madonna? 'Cause now's your chance.

Brad: Madonna doesn't hold a candle to you.

Katie: Aw.

Brad: Are you going to tell me that it didn't bug you to see Jack and Janet together?

Katie: No. Why would it?

Brad: You know, I mean, I don't know. I'm just saying that it seems a little incestuous.

Katie: No more incestuous than the fact that I was once married to your brother. Does that still bother you?

Brad: No, because I won.

Katie: "Won"?

Brad: That's right. I won. I won the big prize. The grand prize.

Katie: All right. I want to answer your question.

Brad: Which one?

Katie: About Jack and Janet.

Brad: You say that like they're a couple.

Katie: Whatever they are, I think it's wonderful. They both need a distraction right now.

Brad: Yeah, you're right. You're right. It's just a harmless distraction. I'm thirsty. Want something to drink?

[Telephone rings]

Janet: Hello.

Brad: Janet, its Brad.

Janet: Hi. What's up?

Brad: I just wanted to make sure that you got home all right.

Janet: Your brother was a real gentleman.

Brad: So, is Jack still there?

Janet: Good night, Brad. Oh, Bradley, you jealous boy.

Carly: Sorry to hear you're not going.

Lily: Yeah. So am I. I was really looking forward to going away. But Holden's hired a new stable hand, he doesn't feel comfortable leaving him with the horses just yet. And the girls are away.

Carly: Oh, I will check in on the girls. That's no problem.

Lily: Thanks, but you know, it would be terrible to go away if we were worried about loose ends the entire time.

Carly: Okay, well, keep the brochures anyway, all right? Just in case you change your mind.

[Cell phone rings]

Lily: Must be my mother. I'll tell her that plans have changed. Hi.

Carly: See you later.

Holden: I'll walk you out.

Lily: Actually, we're not going.

Lily: Better call Hannah and tell her we won't be using the cabin. So beautiful.

Holden: I hope that you're not too disappointed.

Lily: No, it's okay. I mean, you promised we'd go in a few weeks. And more than anybody else in the whole world, Holden, I trust you to keep your promises.

Announcer: Next week on "As the World Turns" --

Sofie: You. You bitch. You are trying to ruin my life.

Paul: Okay, I know this isn't how things usually go, but -- I'm going to ask, Meg, to marry me.

Sofie: I have the most wonderful news. I'm pregnant.

Katie: You're using him to make Brad jealous.

Janet: I would never dream of doing something like that.

Katie: Well, that's good, 'cause if you did, I'd have to make your life no fun at all.

Brad: Whoa, whoa. Where did that come from?

Janet: You know where, and you know why.

Luke: Your father was an angry, isolated person. You don't have to be that. You deserve to be loved.

[Noah sobs]

Carly: She's worried about flooding. Apparently, the roads around here wash out a lot.

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