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As The World Turns Transcript Thursday 6/19/08

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[Holden remembering]

Carly: This can never be. You're married to my best friend. Our love must be unspoken. As much as I long for you, desire you, crave you, my dearest, I must walk away.

 Holden: But I canít. I won't let you go.

 Lily: Expecting somebody else?

 Holden: No, I just thought you'd still be sleeping.

 Lily: And I thought you'd be there when I woke up.

 Holden: I was just thinking.

 Lily: About us? That's wonderful. But don't worry. I won't read too much into it if you need more time.

 Holden: What I realized is that I need more time with you. Without any distractions. So what do you say we go away together?

 Tom: This is low, Emily -- even for you.

 Emily: Just reporting the news, Tom.

 Tom: My brother is not a "Pompous, arrogant hospital bigwig."

 Emily: What would you call a pushy doctor who gets a girl thrown out of nursing school because she won't sleep with him?

 Tom: I'd call that a figment of your imagination, because Chris didn't have her taken out of the program. The director of the program decided that.

 Emily: I beg your pardon, the director of the nursing school did exactly what the young Dr. Hughes told her to do.

 Tom: That is totally unfounded. And if I have to get a gag order against you to keep you from printing libelous accusations, I will.

 Emily: Oh, fine, Tom. You know, you go get your gag order. In the meantime, gag on this.

 Tom: Ugh!

 Casey: What made you mad?

 Tom: The most unethical, unprincipled, underhanded newspaper editor on the planet.

 Casey: Emily.

 Emily: Java, Al's diner, Lakeview, and Memorial hospital. I want additional copies of the Intruder sent to each of those locations, especially Memorial Hospital. I want every doctor, nurse, man, woman and child to know exactly what kind of creep Chris Hughes is. Let's see how he likes it.

 Casey: Is it true?

 Tom: You used to work at the Intruder and you need to ask that question?

 Casey: Well, most of Emily's stories have at least a few verifiable facts in them.

 Tom: Hey, this is Chris, your uncle. You really think he'd do something --

 Casey: I don't believe he's out to hurt Alison or anything. But why would she be suing him if she didn't have a case?

 Tom: Well, I intend to ask her that question, and I don't think she's going to have a very good answer for it. But in the meantime, Emily is stacking the deck against Chris in the courtroom of public opinion.

 Casey: Alison is her sister.

 Tom: If she cared anything about her sister, she'd tell her to drop this case before someone gets hurt.

 Casey: [Laughs]

 Tom: So you think this is funny?

 Casey: No, it sounds like you're planning to put a hit out on Alison or something.

 Tom: She's gonna have a tough time of it in the courtroom, I'm telling you, Casey.

 Casey: I know, but it's not the end of the world. Alison will tell her side of the story, Chris will tell his. No one's gonna die or go to jail. The worst that's gonna happen is that someone's gonna have to shell out a ton of cash.

 Tom: There's a lot more to lose here than money, especially for Alison.

 Alison: Aaron! Get out of here. If Chris sees you, he could have you arrested again.

 Aaron: For what? Walking into a hospital?

 Alison: I'm serious. No more fighting. Promise me.

 Aaron: Okay. If Chris doesn't hurt you again, I won't punch his face in again.

 Alison: Go away. You shouldn't be here.

 Aaron: And, listen, and as of right now, you shouldn't, either. You're off-duty.

 Alison: Oh, thank God. I can't take another minute of people looking at me. I think I'm just gonna go home and bury my head under the covers.

 Aaron: Okay, you could do that. Or you can check out the present that I got you.

 Alison: What is it?

 Aaron: Slightly bigger than my bike. Slightly smaller than the universe. And I think you really need it. Come on.

 Chris: Hey, nephew.

 Casey: Ooh, I hope the other guy looks worse.

 Chris: Yeah, I got a few punches in.

 Tom: Is that your first time seeing that?

 Chris: Somebody made sure to leave a copy in front of my door this morning, but I didn't bother reading it.

 Tom: You need to read it right now, see what we're up against. Then we can talk about how we're gonna win this case.

 Casey: Well, good luck. I'll see you guys later.

 Chris: All right, see you, Case.

 Tom: So, how are you doing?

 Chris: I'd be better if Dad hadn't stopped me from pressing charges against Aaron.

 Tom: Then Emily's next headline would be "Mad dog doctor attacks victim's defender." It's grief you don't need at this point. So from now on, do me a favor. Stay away from Aaron. Uh, and Alison.

 Carly: Oh!

 Holden: The girls are at camp, and Mama has already agreed to watch Ethan. So what do you say we get out of town, just the two of us?

 Lily: Where would we go?

 Holden: Wherever you want. We'll get on a plane and we'll just go.

 Lily: Mmm. I know the perfect place! It's romantic, it's quiet. Oh, Holden, it's beautiful. I hope it's available.

 Holden: Who are you calling?

 Lily: Carly.

Holden: No, wait. No, wait. Why do we need to call Carly to plan our trip?

 Lily: Because I want to use her cabin in Montana. You know the one. Where Carly and Jack fell in love again.

 Holden: That's out in the middle of nowhere.

 Lily: Exactly. Just the two of us. Making new memories. It's so beautiful there, Holden. Carly says that when she's there, it's like the whole world stops.

[Holden remembers]

 Carly: Isn't it just beautiful?

 Lily: That's why you don't want to go, isn't it? You think Carly's already done too to try to push us back together. It's not her fault.

 Holden: No, no, it's not about Carly. I just want to take you someplace -- someplace special.

 Lily: Oh, Montana is special. Mountains, canyons, rivers, skies that go on for miles. What else could you want?

 Holden: So when can we leave?

 Lily: Ooh, you really do want to be a hurry to be alone with me. I like that.

 Holden: That's because I love you.

 Lily: I love you. I've got a meeting with my mother at the Lakeview. But after that, we can make all the arrangements.

 Holden: Okay.

 Lily: All right, I'm gonna run and get ready. Will you call Carly and tell her everything?

 Holden: Sure. I'll do that.

[Holden calls Carly]

[Cell phone rings]

[Carly sees its Holden calling and doesnít answer her cell phone]

Carly: Hi, it's Carly. Leave a message and I'll call you back.


 Emily: You can not just walk in here unannounced.

 Casey: If you would stop firing your assistants, maybe you'd have someone out there to announce me.

 Emily: Shouldn't you be in class or something?

 Casey: Yeah, yeah. But I promised my dad I would come by and deliver a message for him.

 Emily: Oh, I can't wait to hear this.

 Casey: Yes, you can, because I have got my own message first.

 Chris: You know, when's Emily gonna try to stop getting back at me for dumping her?

 Tom: Never. Let's get started.

 Chris: Questions, huh?

 Tom: Tough questions. Alison knew what she was doing when she hired Bonnie McKechnie. She's a smart attorney, and she's brilliant on cross-examination.

 Chris: You don't make it rough medical school without being able to stand up to questioning. I can handle Bonnie, Tom.

 Tom: Okay. We'll see about that.

 Alison: Hey! Come on, come on! Wait, this is my present? You should at least let me win.

 Aaron: Okay. Do-over.

 Alison: No, no, no, no, later -- later. Please. Whoo. You were right -- I needed this.

 Aaron: Yeah, I thought you deserved some peace and quiet after yesterday's big brawl.

 Alison: Yeah, you shouldn't have started that fight with Chris.

 Aaron: Well, I'm sorry it got you upset. But I'm not sorry I did it. He deserved a whooping. And that's what you're going to give him in court.

 Alison: Maybe. Too bad you can't take my place on the witness stand.

 Aaron: You'll be fine.

 Alison: I don't know. Bonnie and I got together and went over the questions Tom might ask.

 Aaron: Questions about your past?

 Alison: Yep.

 Aaron: You're afraid he'll ask about your x-rated career.

 Alison: And the drugs. Bonnie said we should be ready for that, but I don't think Chris would go there.

 Aaron: Why not? The guy's a pig.

 Alison: Aaron, he helped get me into nursing school. And then he helped me study so I could stay there. He was being nice.

 Aaron: Being nice. No matter how many good things that guy did to you, if you didn't want to sleep with him, you had every right not to.

 Alison: I led him on at first. I said yes. I led him on and then I said no. I mean, what kind of person does that make me?

 Aaron: A person who changed her mind. I mean, you're allowed to do that, too. Listen, you didn't hurt Chris. You insulted him. And he tried to get back at you by taking away the one thing that you wanted. Okay? I think it was pretty smart that you didn't sleep with him. You don't feel safe with him.

 Alison: Well, that hasn't stopped me before.

 Aaron: Well, it stopped you now. And that's proof that you're learning to take care of yourself. Good for you.

 Alison: You know what? I think you're good for me.

 Tom: And what was your relationship with Alison Stewart before she was dropped from the nursing program.

 Chris: We were friends.

 Tom: Nothing more?

 Chris: No.

 Tom: Weren't you at one time engaged to Ms. Stewart?

 Chris: Years ago.

 Tom: Do me a favor. Don't offer information.

 Tom: Yes. Yes, Alison and I were once engaged.

 Tom: So why did you break off that engagement?

 Chris: We drifted apart. We wanted different things.

 Tom: You fell in love with her sister?

 Chris: Wait. What does Emily have to do with this?

 Tom: Bonnie has to establish a pattern of your inappropriate behavior.

 Chris: Okay, well, Emily was an adult. So was I. And I was honest with Alison about how I felt back then. You know what, actually, Tom, why do we have to go there? It's not like Emily has anything to do with what happened between Alison and me.

 Tom: You get that angry at the mere mention of Emily's name, and I promise you, you'll lose this case.

 Emily: You said you had a message from your father. What was it?

 Casey: I forgot.

 Emily: What did your father say, Casey?

 Casey: I don't know, it was funny. He got all hard-nosed lawyer on me and said something about how if you really cared for Alison, you'd get her to pull out of the lawsuit before she gets hurt, or something. I don't know.

 Emily: Whoa, whoa, whoa. What's that supposed to mean?

 Casey: He was still pretty ticked because you hung up on him.

 Emily: Wait a minute. Hold on. If that's true, we need to figure out what sort of bombshell your father's gonna drop in court.

 Casey: Back up. Wait. We? Are you asking me to spy for you again?

 Emily: Yes, I am.

 Tom: So you were acting out of friendship when you convinced the director to give Alison an unprecedented make-up exam?

 Chris: Yes.

 Tom: No. Don't fall into her rhythm. Did you hear what you just said?

 Chris: What did I say?

 Tom: You said you convinced the director to give her a make-up exam.

 Chris: No, no, I did speak with the director about it.

 Tom: No, no, no. The director did everything. You did nothing. We have to make sure that they understand that, that anything that had to do with Alison's academic standing was done solely by the director. If we don't stay on that point, then the judge will assume if you had the power to keep Alison in the program, you had the power to get her thrown out. Understand?

 Chris: Yeah.

 Tom: Okay. Let's continue with this line of questioning.

 Chris: Tom? I need you to be honest with me here. What are my chances of winning this case?

 Tom: I told you from the beginning that this was gonna be a tough one to win. Now, this changes everything, 'cause anybody that's read the Intruder or anybody they've talked to, they already know Alison's side of the story and they're liable to believe it because they read it in the newspaper.

 Chris: Yeah, a tabloid.

 Tom: I'd love to tell you that makes a difference. It doesnít.

 Chris: You're saying we can't fight this?

 Tom: I'm saying, you got a tough decision to make.

[Doorbell rings]

 Lucinda: Okay, I'm gonna have legal make those changes, and then we can get ready to approach Yamagota next quarter. Agreed?

 Lily: Agreed. Mother, just one more thing. Can I borrow the jet?

 Lucinda: Oh, I knew this was never gonna work.

 Lily: What?

 Lucinda: You living apart from Holden yet seeing him every day. Because, Darling, your mind -- you've been fidgeting all morning.

 Lily: I have not been fidgeting.

 Lucinda: Yes, you have. You've been fidgeting. Your mind is elsewhere. And now you suddenly tell me that you want to run away, you want to fly away --

 Lily: Mother, I want to take the jet to go to Montana with Holden.

 Lucinda: Oh. Why?

 Lily: Why do you think? So we can be alone and reconnect.

 Lucinda: Okay. Whose idea?

 Lily: His. He asked me out on a date. We spent the night together. It was wonderful.

 Lucinda: Oh, I'm so glad. I'm sure that it was. Did he indicate what prompted his change in mind?

 Lily: Well, I don't think he'd admit to it, but I'm pretty sure Carly had something to do with it.

 Holden: I called earlier, but I got your voicemail. I was driving by, saw your car, so I figured --

 Carly: I must've been in the shower when you called. Is everything okay?

 Holden: Yeah, yeah. Everything's great. Early morning nap?

 Carly: Late night. I didn't get much sleep.

 Holden: J.J.?

 Carly: No, he's fine. Actually, Jack had to drive to Chicago this morning, and the boys went with him. Why are you here?

 Holden: I'm here because I wanted to know if your cabin in Montana was available.

 Carly: Are you taking a trip?

 Holden: Yeah. Lily and I.

 Carly: That's great.

 Holden: Yeah, I'm hoping it will be. So how about that cabin?

 Carly: I'll call my friend Hannah. She looks after the property for me. And I can get back to you later.

 Holden: You know what, why don't you just give me the number, and I'll call her myself. This way, it saves you the trouble.

 Carly: Okay. You shouldn't have any problems at all, but if you do, just give me a call and let me know.

 Holden: Thanks.

 Carly: Holden? How about a cup of coffee?

 Holden: I can't stay.

 Carly: It's already made. You know, wouldn't take long at all.

 Holden: Carly -- I can't be around you right now.

 Chris: I'm not gonna offer Alison a settlement or an apology, okay? I did nothing wrong.

 Tom: I understand how you feel.

 Chris: Yeah, besides, this affects Dad and the hospital. I can't let that go.

 Tom: Well, your decision isn't whether to fight this. It's how you want to fight it.

 Chris: I don't understand.

 Tom: The judge's decision will be based on the fact, but I think it will come down to who he believes in and sympathizes with more -- you or Alison.

 Chris: And there's a chance he'll side with Alison over the big bad doctor.

 Tom: Unless we were to use something like this.

 Chris: That porn movie she made. Tom, if we show this, it'll destroy her.

 Tom: Might save you.

 Emily: Casey, why can't you do this one thing for me?

 Casey: Gee, I don't know. Maybe it's because I'd be betraying my dad and my uncle.

 Emily: You need to know the cold, hard facts.

 Casey: What, about Chris? Who you can't stand because he dumped you?

 Emily: You know what, everybody thinks that just because he's Bob Hughes' son, he's this stand-up guy, but he's not.

 Casey: In your opinion. You know, if you're doing this to help Alison, that's one thing. But I don't like being used so you can stick it to your ex-boyfriend.

Chris: I told Alison. I warned her that things would come out during the trial. Embarrassing things. I was talking about this movie.

 Tom: You threatened her?

 Chris: No, I was honest. I knew there was a possibility. But I never thought we'd get here. And I never -- Tom, we can't humiliate her like that, all right? It's just not right.

 Tom: Okay, we'll keep it in our back pocket. But if I sense that the hearing is leaning in Alison's direction, this will blast her credibility. It will be very hard to see her as victim of sexual harassment once this is introduced. Okay. It's a last resort. One I won't use unless you agree.

 Alison: I thought Chris was one of the good guys.

 Aaron: And you thought I was the enemy.

 Alison: You know how I get when people try to give me advice.

 Aaron: Yeah, you dig in and do the exact opposite.

 Alison: And yet, you still stick around. And you listen. Even when I'm going off about how I froze up in bed with another guy. What is wrong with you?

 Aaron: I like you.

 Alison: You like everybody.

 Aaron: No, that's not true. Not true at all. Okay, but I know you. I know everything about you. I know the good, the bad, and the crazy. And knowing you, I like you. That's why I stick around. What was that?

 Alison: Didn't see that one coming, did you? And you think you "Know" me.

 Aaron: Well, how do you feel about that? Uneasy? Scared?

 Alison: Good. Really good. I guess that means I like you, too.

 Carly: I feel like I lost two friends. Lily, because I'm so guilty --

 Holden: You know what, let's not get into this right now.

 Carly: And you, because you and I did what it is that I feel so guilty about.

 Holden: I should go.

 Carly: You kissed me. I kissed you.

 Holden: And I'd like to forget that that happened.

 Carly: Okay. We can forget it. After we talk about it.

 Lucinda: Well, why would Carly persuade your darling husband to change his mind?

 Lily: Well, Holden has been confiding in Carly a lot while I was gone.

 Lucinda: Is that a good idea?

 Lily: Mother, she's my best friend. Anyway, Carly and Jack, they were going through some of the same things as Holden and I. I think that Carly encouraged Holden to give our marriage a second chance.

 Lucinda: Okay. Although, as I can't imagine anything selfless that Carly ever did, I think I have a different theory on this.

 Lily: Which is?

 Lucinda: I'll tell you. He's your husband and he loves you. And he knows that he misses you all on his own. And he wants to spend time with you. It's not as if he'd ever love anyone except you.

 Lily: He better not, because I feel the same way about him. And, Mother, I am going to do everything in my power to make sure I never lose him again.

 Carly: I know it's not the easiest thing to talk about. But I think we should.

 Holden: Well, what's left to say, Carly? Lily and I are back together. And we're trying to work on our marriage.

 Carly: After just one kiss from me? Well, who needs marriage counseling, huh? Maybe I should try and patent that.

 Holden: I should go.

 Carly: We have to laugh about it, Holden, at least. Or it'll always be there.

 Holden: I got to go, Carly.

 Carly: I just -- I want you to know that I'm happy for you and Lily, that you found a way back to each other. I just want you to be happy. You are happy, aren't you?

 Holden: Of course I am.

 Carly: Then why don't you act like it, and stop running away from me.

 Holden: I'm not running. I'm leaving. There's a difference.

 Carly: And you won't even look at me. That's different.

 Holden: That's right. Because something happened between us. And it shouldn't have happened. And I don't want it to happen again.

 Carly: It was a kiss! It was just a kiss! And of course it's not gonna happen again, Holden. What do you think -- I am so out of control and you are so irresistible that every time I see you, I'm going to have to jump your bones?

 Holden: I didn't say that.

 Carly: I just don't want it to be hanging between us, you know?

 Holden: Okay.

 Carly: So we're clear.

 Holden: We're clear. I hope I didn't hurt your feelings.

 Carly: You didnít. But you would if you started avoiding me. If we couldn't be friends, that would hurt.

 Holden: Carly, I can't be around you right now. It's not a good idea.

 Carly: Okay. I hope you and Lily to have a wonderful trip. I mean that.

 Holden: I know you do. Thanks for the cabin.

 Emily: I guess maybe I am using you.

 Casey: Oh.

 Emily: At least I'm being honest about it.

 Casey: Only because I pushed you into it.

 Emily: Why can't you see past the damn Hughes family loyalty? Chris has done things, Casey. Cold, manipulative things. He locked my sister in that on-call room to try to intimidate her into dropping the charges against him.

 Casey: Okay, it's her word versus his word.

 Emily: That is exactly my point.

 Casey: If I don't do this, are we over?

 Emily: There are so many reasons why I shouldn't be with you. And maybe one day I'll be smart and end this. But it won't be because you didn't do this for me.

 Casey: Maybe Chris is everything you say, but my dad is a good guy. And he won't allow some dirty trick to hurt Alison. And I'm going to prove that, okay?

 Tom: Okay, we'll forget the DVD exists. We'll figure out some other way --

 Chris: Use it.

 Tom: What?

 Chris: I want you to use it. I'm not gonna take the fall for Alison. Not this time. I don't mean to cut out on you early, but I got to get back to work, brother.

 Tom: It's not a problem. And don't forget -- stay away from Aaron and Alison.

 Chris: With pleasure.

 Alison: What is wrong with us? We're great with each other when we're not together, and then when we are together, we're a total mess.

 Aaron: Yeah, I don't know. Maybe some day we'll figure it out.

 Alison: You think?

 Aaron: I hope.

 Tom: Hey, what are you doing?

 Casey: Are you gonna use this against Alison?

 Tom: It is my job as an attorney to defend my client to the best of my ability.

 Casey: This is Alison! She's, like, part of our family. She saved Mom's life!

 Tom: Case, it's not personal.

 Casey: I defended you to Emily. I told her you would never do anything dirty to win a case.

 Tom: You are not to say a word about this to Emily.

 Casey: Why? Would that be too unethical for you? Meet me at Emily's office. Now.

 Carly: It's fine. Lily and Holden are back together. And the kiss was a mistake. Meant nothing to him.

 Lily: Hi.

 Holden: Hi. I got all the information about Carly's cabin.

 Lily: Good. Was she excited when she heard we're going away together?

 Holden: Oh, yeah. Yeah, she was excited.

 Lily: Can't be easy for her. I mean, given how rough it's been for her, trying to get used to a life without Jack.

 Holden: I think she's handling it very well.

 Lily: Just a few weeks away from you were bad enough for me. I can't imagine years of it. And she's got it twice as bad.

 Holden: What do you mean?

 Lily: Well, both of her sisters are gone. I mean, she's running Metro by herself. She doesn't really have any friends besides us. Why don't you let me call Hannah? I'll make the arrangements and then we can have lunch and make plans.

 Holden: That sounds good. I like that. Let me go out to the barn. I need to check with the new stablehand, make sure he's gonna be okay while we're away.

 Lily: Okay. Hello. Hi, this is Lily Snyder. I'm a very close friend of Carlyís. Yes, we all love Carly.

 Alison: Chris warned me. But I never really thought that he'd -- the past just won't go away, will it? No matter what I do, no matter how hard I try, it keeps coming back.

 Aaron: Hey, it's going to be okay. You have to trust me on this, okay? I've got this thing I have to do. I'll be back. I'll be back.

 Alison: Aaron? Thanks for the present.

 Emily: There's got to be a way for us to make sure that DVD never gets seen in court.

 Alison: There is a way. I can drop my case against Chris.

 Chris: Okay, I've had it with you. I'm calling the cops.

 Aaron: Come on, man. I'm not here to punch your face in.

 Chris: Okay, what do you want?

 Aaron: A favor.

 Casey: I'm gonna go down to Java and get some coffee.

 Emily: Okay, thanks.

 Alison: I know what you're going to say, Emily, and I don't want to hear it. I'm not as strong as you. And I'm tired of fighting.

 Emily: There was this guy once. I wouldn't do something he wanted me to do, so he hit me.

 Alison: And you hit him back?

 Emily: I should've. But I was afraid that if I screamed or told someone, that everyone would know that he paid to have me in that room with him. He paid to have sex with me, so I kept quiet.

 Alison: You thought that you deserved it. The beating.

 Emily: Did I deserve it, Ali? So tell me, what do you deserve?

 Holden: Eddie, is that you? Carly! Carly, wait up! Now who's running away?

 Carly: I didn't come here to see you. I didn't come to talk to you.

 Holden: Obviously.

 Carly: I thought you'd be with Lily, getting ready for your trip.

 Holden: She's inside talking to Hannah, making the details. I just came to check on the horses.

 Carly: Well, I'll let you get to it, then.

 Holden: You never said why you were here.

 Carly: You said that whenever I felt like having a ride, I could come by. Today I -- I'll come another time.

 Holden: No, no. Today's good. I was thinking about taking a ride myself -- if you don't mind a friend tagging along.

 Casey: Where's Alison?

 Emily: Uh, she had to go work some things out. Thank you.

 Casey: Is she gonna drop the lawsuit?

 Emily: For her sake, I hope not. Listen, thank you for getting that information. At least now Alison now knows what to expect.

 Casey: I'm glad I could help. But I didn't do it for Alison. I did it for you, Emily.

 Chris: Less than 24 hours ago, you ambushed me in this room. Now you want a favor?

 Aaron: It's not for me, Chris. It's for Alison. You know how she is. She's doubted herself her whole life -- except for when she was in that nursing school. And for that time, okay -- for that little time, she wasn't thinking about how she messed up in life. She finally believed she could be successful in something. And then she got kicked out of that program. Listen, okay, all she has is her dignity. And if you let Tom trash her on that stand, she's gonna lose that, too. So, yes, Chris, I'm asking you for a favor. And if you've ever cared about her, do right by her.

[Cell phone rings]

 Alison: Hello?

 Tom: Hey, Alison, it's Tom Hughes.

 Alison: Hi.

 Tom: Look, I just want you to know -- I mean, I know you're a good person. And I want you to know that I appreciate everything you've done for my family and how you saved my wife's life.

 Alison: Anybody would have done that in the situation.

 Tom: Ah, I think you sell yourself short. But actually, I shouldn't even be talking to you. I should be talking to your attorney.

 Alison: What is it?

 Tom: Well, Chris is my brother, and if protecting him means going after you with everything I've got, I just want you to know that I'm gonna do that. So I just kind of wanted to give you a warning. I don't want to but I will, just so you knew what you were up against.

 Alison: I see.

 Tom: I mean, you could end this thing and just drop the case against Chris.

 Alison: I've thought about it.

 Tom: I think it will be easier for you. But of course, it's your decision, Allison. I mean, you can drop the case or stick around for the biggest fight of your life.

 Alison: You're right, Tom. I am a good person. And I didn't deserve to be treated the way Chris did. Which is why I'm not gonna let him get away with it. So thank you for giving me the chance to back out, but I'm sorry, I'm going to have to pass.

 Tom: I'll see you in court.

 Carly: It's a good thing you were with me. I don't think I would have found this stream without you. It's so beautiful.

 Holden: It sure is.

 Lily: Holden?

Carly: You know what this reminds me of?

 Holden: That place we stopped at on our way back from camp?

 Carly: Yeah. We should get back.

 Holden: No, no. Not yet.

 Announcer: On the next "As the World Turns" --

 Parker: So we're all alone?

 Liberty: Yeah. Are you scared of me, Tough Guy?

 Parker: Why'd you need rescuing?

 Liberty: Come into the bedroom and I will show you.

 Katie: Is that why you wanted to leave so suddenly, because of Jack and Janet?

 Brad: No. What do I care what they do?

 Katie: Good question.

 Janet: Oh, Bradley. You jealous boy.

 Carly: If you want to save your marriage, fight for it.

 Holden: You know, I'm trying. The problem is all I can think about is you.

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