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As The World Turns Transcript Thursday 6/12/08

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Carly: Sweetheart, you don't have a sweater here, you know.

Sage: It's summer.

Carly: Yes, its summer, but it does get cool at night. Now go grab yourself a sweater, and you'll be all set.

Jack: K-nock, k-nock, k-nock.

Sage: Hey, Daddy.

Jack: Hey!

Carly: Hi. So, you ready to go?

Carly: Yeah, just about.

Jack: How's J.J. doing?

Carly: Okay. He's better. His temperature's almost normal, but he's still in bed. Are you sure it's okay for you to watch him today?

Jack: It's not a problem at all. Are you kidding me? And I'll remember to pick up that prescription at the pharmacy.

Carly: Thanks. Yeah, I hate to leave him when he's not feeling well, but someone has to bring Sage to camp.

Jack: Carly, are you sure you don't want me to take her instead?

Sage: No. Mommy has to take me.

Holden: Special delivery. Mask, fins, and snorkel.

Lily: Thank goodness. I thought I was gonna have to make a run to the sporting goods store.

Holden: Girls get nervous?

Lily: Oh, no. They're fine. I'm a complete wreck. I can't go with you.

Holden: Why?

Lily: Well, my mother set up this appointment with a financial advisor from Chicago. She made it so long ago. Holden, I completely forgot.

Holden: So reschedule.

Lily: I canít. He flew here just to meet with us. I'd say wait and we could go later, but I don't want the girls to miss orientation.

Holden: Okay. All right, I'll handle it.

Lily: I can always count on you, Holden.

Sage: But Mama promised to set up my bed so it looks pretty. You're not good at that kind of stuff, Daddy.

Jack: What?

Carly: Hey, what can we say? Must be a girl thing.

Jack: Okay. Well, in that case, you're not gonna get any arguments from me. But I'm gonna miss you so much.

Sage: I'm gonna miss you, too.

Carly: Sage, it's gonna go by so fast. And by the time it's over, I'll bet you won't even want to come home.

Jack: Yes, and don't you worry about those horses. They're all gonna fall in love with you. Holden will make sure of that.

Carly: Actually, now that I know you're not going, I thought maybe we'd make it an all-girls trip.

Sage: That would be a blast.

Carly: Yeah, I think so, too. All right. I'm gonna go and talk to Lily and try to get her to ditch you know who. You go upstairs, make one last sweep, and then we'll be ready to go. I'm gonna run out and talk to Lily. I'll be back soon.

Lisa: Don't you realize that this is a big waste of everybody's time?

Alison: How would you know? You don't even know my side.

Lisa: I don't need to. You see, I know Chris Hughes. He is an honorable young man who would never use his power to hurt anyone.

Alison: Oh, really?

Lisa: Yeah, really. So, if I were you, I would just give this whole thing up before the press gets a hold of you, and they rake you over the coals because, believe me, you will really embarrass yourself.

Bob: Lisa, leave Alison alone.

Susan: I understand you're not pleased Alison is taking her case to court. But maybe if you admitted you were wrong and apologized -- radical idea though it is.

Chris: Why would I admit anything? Alison made the whole thing up. Your daughter is unstable. She always has been.

Susan: We'll see what the judge has to say about that.

Bob: Alison, is this lawsuit about money?

Alison: No. No, I don't care about that.

Bob: I didn't think you did. Listen, I want to do what's right for you. But once this lawsuit goes to court, there won't be many options.

Alison: I'm sorry. I don't know what you're getting at.

Bob: I'm offering to go to Tom and tell him to make the settlement, but I've got to know exactly what you want.

Alison: Okay. Well, I want back in the nursing program. I made a lot of mistakes first semester. I was overwhelmed. But I didn't flunk out. I think I could have lived with what happened if I had. But I deserve a second chance.

Bob: Well, I think we can manage that.

Alison: And there's one more thing. I want Chris to leave Memorial -- for good.

Katie: Brad? Liberty? Oh, my God. What are you doing here?

Janet: Katie! You're back! Welcome home.

Katie: Where's Brad?

Janet: He just went to the store. He'll be right back. We weren't expecting you until tomorrow. What did they do, kick you off the straight talk express?


Katie: I missed my husband.

Janet: Wow. Well, you look exhausted.

Katie: Well, that's what five days and no sleep will do to you. What are you doing here, Janet? And why does it look like you've moved in?

Janet: Oh, Dear. Brad didn't tell you?

Brad: Okay, they didn't have the ultra rich, but this one says it's prevention of fine lines.

Katie: Hi, Honey. I'm home.

Brad: You're back early.

Katie: Mm-hmm. And someone has some explaining to do.

Carly: Hi, Holden. I didn't expect that I would see you here so early.

Holden: I had to make an emergency snorkel run. Lily, she's upstairs getting the girls ready.

Carly: I only have Sage. I can't imagine what it's like having two to get ready.

Holden: I let Lily do all that. I'm just the designated driver.

Carly: Right. About that. Jack can't go. He's gonna stay home with J.J. so I thought, why not just make it an all-girl road trip? Lily and I will go up, we'll stay for parents' orientation, then we'll come back, and you are off the hook.

Holden: Except Lily can't go.

Carly: What do you mean?

Holden: She has this business meeting that she can't get out of, so I was gonna take the girls. But now that Jack's not going --

Carly: Yeah, no. J.J.'s too sick to be left home alone.

Holden: Well, then, stay with him, and I'll take the girls myself.

Carly: No. This is Sage's first time away from home. Jack offered to drive her up, but she's not having it.

Holden: Once she sees Faith and Nat, I'm sure she'll be fine.

Carly: No. Holden, I know my daughter, and she needs me. Why don't I take them? That way, it'll still be an all-girl trip.

Holden: Carly, you can't expect me to just stick my kids in the car and ship them off for the whole summer.

Carly: Well, you just suggested that I do it. Do you think you care more than I do?

Lily: I don't believe it. Are you two arguing again?

Carly: I was just telling Holden that he doesn't need to go. I can handle the driving.

Holden: Yeah, but Faith and Nat were counting on having at least one parent with them today. I'm sure we can, uh, work it out, right?

Carly: Yeah. Yeah, I can handle it. So I'll see you later.

Lily: Bye. You sure you're okay with this?

Holden: Sure.

Lily: Holden, I know that you're still upset with Carly, but all she ever really did was try to get us back together. You got to stop holding it against her.

Brad: I missed you so much.

Katie: What is Janet doing here half naked?

Brad: She's in a bathing suit.

Katie: Oh, okay. And why are you buying her ultra rich anything?

Janet: You guys talk amongst yourselves. I'm wasting good tanning time. See ya.

Katie: Start from the beginning, and don't you dare leave anything out.

Brad: Can I get a kiss first? All right, all right. Janet came over with manicotti for Liberty the other night.

Katie: Just for Liberty?

Brad: Well, she brought enough for both of us. And, you know, she ran into that guy Bud, the psycho who smacked her around. Remember?

Katie: I remember the check we wrote him so he wouldn't press charges against you.

Brad: Well, he's still staying at the Lakeview and she was -- you know, he's kind of stalking her.

Katie: Kind of stalking?

Brad: All right. The point is, she was scared. It's Liberty's mother. If something happened to her, I'd --

Katie: Cut to the point where she moved in.

Brad: It just happened all of a sudden. I just couldn't say no.

Katie: Wrong answer. Maybe you want to try that again.

Bob: You want me to fire my son?

Alison: I know it won't be easy, but if Chris leaves Memorial, we won't go to court.

Bob: Then reinstatement in the nursing program isn't enough.

Alison: I don't feel safe around Chris, and -- and I appreciate you wanting to make this right, but there's only one way. If you don't fire Chris, we will go to court.

Susan: How are you?

Alison: Well, I just had a heart-to-heart with Bob. He wanted to know what the hospital would have to do to settle the case out of court.

Susan: What did you say?

Alison: I said that I want back in the nursing program, and I want Chris to leave Memorial.

Susan: Bob's not gonna fire his own son.

Alison: Well, he may not have a choice.

Chris: What's she asking, Dad? Just tell me.

Bob: She wants to be reinstated in the nursing program and she wants you gone.

Chris: Are you gonna fire me?

Brad: Nothing weird went on while you were away. I swear. I swear, Katie!

Katie: Then why does it feel like Janet moved in and took over?

Brad: That is not what happened, okay? It all started because she was scared about that guy Bud, you know? And it turned out to be good because while she was here, she and Liberty, they made up, which means they won't be up in our grill all the time. You know, and that's all good.

Katie: She's up in my grill right now.

Brad: Can we please stop talking about Janet just for a second. You just got back. I missed the hell out of you. You're the only woman I ever want ever, ever, ever, ever, ever. You have to know that.

Katie: All right, it does feel good to hear that.

Brad: Can I get my kiss now?

Katie: No. Why didn't you at least just tell me she was here?

Brad: Yeah, you're right. Okay, you're right about that. But you were so psyched about your trip, and when you got on the campaign trail, I -- you know, I just didn't want you to blow your focus, you know?

Katie: You should have told me the truth.

Brad: You're right. You're right, I should have.

Katie: I just don't want us to have secrets.

Natalie: How long until we get there?

Holden: We should be there around dinnertime. That is if we don't break down.

Carly: How you doing, Sage?

Sage: Fine.

Carly: You're gonna love Camp Chapawee. I wish I could stay with you.

Sage: Not cool, Mom.

Holden: Yeah, Mom. Not cool.

Carly: Excuse me.

Faith: My friends go there every year, and they love it. They already taught me the camp song, like, months ago.

Sage: There's a camp song?

Carly: There's always a song.

Holden: Okay, Faith. Let's hear it.

Carly: Oh, no, you didnít.

[Faith singing]: Oh, oh, oh, Chapawee we love you so, oh, oh friends, old and new they come and go, oh but, always, we re -- remember the good times we had at Chapawee.

Holden: Oh, man. What a terrible song.

Carly: I was briefly a girl scout. Trust me when I say it could be so much worse.

Faith: And there's a clapping part, and you keep singing higher and higher and higher until someone messes up. Do you want to try? Okay. So it goes --

[Clapping]: Oh, oh, oh Chapawee.

Holden: Did you say it could be worse?

[Girls singing]: We love you so, oh, oh.

Carly: I take it back.

[Girls singing]: Friends, old and new be kind to your web-footed friends, for a duck may be somebody's mother they live in a swamp all alone where the weather is always damp, you may think that this is the end it is, but to prove I'm a liar, we're going to sing it again, only this time a little bit higher.

Holden: Okay, all right. How about we just cool it on the camp songs for a little bit, okay?

Faith: Dad!

Carly: I second the motion. Let's listen to the radio for a little bit, okay?

Sage: I'm hungry.

Carly: Got you covered.

Holden: You find a station. I don't want to miss the exit.

Carly: Country okay?

[Jewelís "'Til It Feels Like Cheating" plays ]

Carly: Too whiny. Let's just listen to the birds for a while, huh?

Sage: You can't hear birds sing from a moving car.

Faith: How about we sing instead? Do you know this one?

[Faith]: 99 bottles of pop on the wall, 99 bottles of pop, you take one down, you pass it around, 98 bottles of pop on the wall 98 bottles of pop on the wall, 98 bottles of pop.

Holden: Don't worry. We're almost there.

[Girls singing]: You take one down, you pass it around 97 bottles of pop on the wall 97 bottles of pop on the wall, 97 bottles of pop and movie tickets?

Chris: What are you gonna do now, Dad? Give me my walking papers, save the hospital some money?

Bob: Not if you haven't done anything wrong.

Chris: Why do you keep saying "If," Dad? Do you believe me or not?

Bob: As your father, I believe you. As chief of staff of this hospital, if Alison should win this suit, the results could be devastating.

Chris: So I'm the sacrificial lamb. You know what, Dad? Save yourself the trouble of firing me. I quit, which makes me look guilty, which effectively kills my career.

Bob: Look, I don't want you to leave. I want you to make a decision that you can live with.

Chris: Quit or get fired.

Bob: Stay and fight the lawsuit, and take the consequences. Leave and get a chance to start over somewhere else. I'll give you time to think about it.

[Bob leaves the room]

Chris: I don't need any more time, Dad. I'm not going anywhere. Happy, Ali? Do you enjoy destroying my life?

Alison: I have nothing to say to you.

Chris: Tough, because I got something to say to you, and you're gonna listen whether you like it or not.

[Chris looks the door]

Katie: Why did Janet rearrange our cabinets?

Janet: Oh, I organized everything, that's all. So that you'd have everything within reach while you're cooking.

Brad: Katie doesn't cook.

Katie: I do too. Just because we didn't have a kitchen at the Lakeview doesn't mean I don't know how to cook.

Janet: Well, let me tell you, with the way Bradley eats, you'd better make friends with that fancy range over there, otherwise, he's gonna eat you into the poor house. I can give you some pointers if you want.

Katie: I don't need pointers, thanks.

Janet: Okay. Just trying to be helpful.

Katie: Then put some clothes on.

Janet: Oh, right. I got to wash this goop off first.

Katie: Last I checked, you had a shower at the hotel.

Janet: Okay. All right. I understand that the last thing you expected to see was a houseguest when you got home, but Bradley was just being nice to the mother of his child.

Katie: Yeah, he's been a prince. Is that -- this is my dress! What is it doing with all your stuff?

Brad: That is -- that is your dress.

Janet: Oh, gosh. I hope I didn't stretch it out.

Katie: You wore it?

Janet: Yeah. I needed something to wear when I was on TV.

Katie: You let Janet take my place on "Oakdale Now"?

Holden: All right, Gang. We're here. Let's go.

Faith: Whoa. Do you see the lake? It's huge.

Natalie: Yeah, I can't wait to go swimming.

Carly: It's beautiful here, isn't it?

Sage: I guess.

Carly: And you know, there's not just swimming and horseback riding. They have archery and crafts and canoeing.

Faith: My friend said they do square dancing once a week, too.

Sage: Cool.

Carly: You're gonna have a good time, Sweetheart. I promise.

Sage: I wish you could stay.

Carly: I know. Me too. But you'll tell me all about it, right?

Holden: Let's get the bags. Get you girls registered. Here you go.

Edna: Okay, Sage, Natalie, Faith. Welcome to Camp Chapawee, Ladies.

Sage: Thank you.

Edna: I'm Edna Winklemeyer. Laugh now, 'cause it's the last time you're gonna hear it. Most people call me Winkie.

Sage: Winkie Winklemeyer?

Edna: You making fun of me, Miss Snyder?

Sage: No.

Edna: I'm just kidding. With a name like Winklemeyer, you got to have a sense of humor. Okay, here's your welcoming gift.

Faith: What is it?

Edna: It's my patented mosquito repellant.

Natalie: Whoa!

Edna: Yeah, it's potent. And so are the man-eating bugs around here.

Sage: Man-eating bugs?

Edna: Yeah, absolutely carnivorous.

Carly: She's kidding, Honey.

Edna: Yeah, sure I am. Okay, just spray yourself down twice a day with that, and you'll have no problem. Oh, and last but not least, stay away from the poison oak.

Sage: May I please see that?

Edna: It's right here in your welcoming packet, along with the words to the camp song.

Sage: I already learned it.

Edna: Oh, well, then you're gonna fit in great here. Now, Mr. and Mrs. Snyder. I've got you bunking in the Dakota cabin. It's one of our coziest.

Faith: They're not married.

Edna: That's fine. Everybody's welcome here as long as there's no restraining order involved. And you girls are all named Snyder, which is convenient, right?

Holden: Actually, Ms. Winkle --

Carly: Winkie.

Holden: Winkie, right.

Edna: Okay. [Blows whistle] Campers, it's time for your cabin assignments. When I call your names, you line up over there.

Carly: This should be interesting.

Katie: You and Kim both knew that I didn't want her on the show again.

Brad: We had a last-minute substitution with one of the guests. I needed help. I knew you'd hate it, but I had no choice.

Katie: Really? 'Cause I can think of about 10. Number one -- calls from the audience. Number two -- run an old segment. Number three -- man on the street. I could go on.

Brad: See? See? There you go. That's exactly why I need you. You complete me, okay? I was just -- I drew a blank.

Katie: Except for Juicy Janet.

Brad: I blew it. I'm sorry. And what else you want me to say?

Katie: How could you let her move in here?

Janet: Okay, I'll get out of your hair so you can have a proper reunion.

Katie: What about your stuff?

Janet: Oh. Yeah, I'll just come back for it, pick it up. Hey, listen. There's chicken parm in the fridge and some cold antipasto, okay? Help yourself.

Katie: Wow, thanks.

Janet: Oh, and I almost forgot, I just made a fresh batch of my famous sticky buns. See ya.

Katie: One word about her sticky buns and you're dead.

Janet: Jack, hi. Remember me?

Jack: Janet, yeah. How's it going?

Janet: You sick?

Jack: Oh, no. These are for my son. He's got a nasty case of strep throat.

Janet: Oh, I'm sorry.

Jack: Yeah.

Janet: It's awful when your kid's sick. You want to make him feel better, the only thing you can do is just sit there and watch him be miserable.

Jack: Yeah, I know it's tough.

Janet: Have you tried chamomile tea?

Jack: For me or for him?

Janet: For both, I guess. No. I used to use it for Liberty for a sore throat. But trust me, make a cup for yourself, you'll have a fabulous nap.

Jack: Oh, thank you. Yeah, I'll have to try that.

Janet: You're welcome.

Jack: Well, listen, I should go. J.J.'s with the neighbor, and she's got someplace to be. So --

Janet: Hey, before you go. Can I ask you a question about your brother?

Katie: But that woman crosses the line constantly, and you let her. You have -- you are incapable of setting boundaries with her.

Brad: Look, I was just trying to do the right thing, Katie. Okay, you should have seen her. She was really scared about that guy. That creep.

Katie: News flash, Brad. Janet can take care of herself. She's done fine for years without you.

Brad: I let her sleep on the couch. I mean, it's no biggie. And besides, I think it was good for Liberty to see her parents making nice.

Katie: That almost sounds like you're planning on making a habit of it. Do you think you and Janet need to spend more time together for the sake of your daughter?

Chris: If you play this victim thing to the max and you win this bogus lawsuit, you can destroy this hospital. You know that, right? And you can take my entire career. For what? What do you get out of it?

Alison: You shouldn't even be talking to me.

Chris: I don't care. I don't care. Thanks to you, my dad wants me to walk away from this hospital so I don't embarrass him. But I am not gonna admit to something I didn't do. I am not gonna cave to lies and blackmail.

Alison: Name one thing I have said that isn't true, Chris. You backed me all the way when you thought we might end up in bed together. It was only when I said no that you decided I wasn't cutting it as a nursing student. I passed all my exams, and still, somehow, you managed to get me kicked out of the nursing program!

Chris: Why would I do that? Why would I do that?

Alison: Because you thought I slept with Aaron, and you couldn't stand the idea that I wanted him and not you. And it isn't even true. All I wanted is to do good in school.

Chris: You mean "Do well."

Alison: Oh, go to hell, Chris. I don't need your abuse.

Holden: Got it.

Sage: It was pretty funny how Winkie thought you two were married.

Carly: Hysterical.

Holden: So, what do you think? Is that okay with you?

Sage: I trust you.

Holden: Okay.

Sage: Now I want to go to my bunk and take some pictures so you can show Daddy.

Holden: Don't tell me that you're worried.

Carly: Come on. Let's get some pictures of the girls to show Lily.

Holden: Just don't let Winkie hear you, okay? I don't want her to think that I have two women in my life, all right?

Faith: Me and Natalie want to go check out the horses.

Carly: I promised Sage we'd do that first thing.

Holden: Sage, Nat. Come on, let's go meet --

[Megaphone static]

Edna: Dinnertime, Campers. Chop, chop! Last one to the mess hall's a rotten egg!

Carly: When do we get to eat?

Edna: Oh, parents' reception starts later. Unless you're in the mood for franks and beans and 200 screaming girls.

Holden: Do they sing?

Edna: Oh, inevitably.

Carly: We'll pass.

Edna: Mm, okay. Then let's go see your cabin.

Carly: Top or bottom?

Holden: You know, if we get on the road now, we can get home by midnight.

Carly: No, I can't do that. I promised Sage I'd stay for her first night.

Holden: She's fine. She's got Faith and Nat.

Carly: You know, I don't think she's as brave as you think. And we haven't even introduced her to the horses yet. Besides, we can't miss parent orientation tomorrow. I used to be very good at archery.

Holden: When?

Carly: Well, it was either that or field hockey senior year. Why? Do you doubt me?

Holden: The thought of you with a bow and arrow, I mean --

Carly: Oh, come on. It's hot!

Holden: Okay, all right. It's hot.

Carly: If you could lighten up a little bit, you might actually have some fun. Going back to camp. Who gets to do that?

Holden: All right, fine. Let's stay. I'll sleep in the car so you can have your privacy.

Carly: Oh, don't be ridiculous, Holden. You're not gonna sleep in the car. You'll stay here. We'll make the best of it.

Alison: You are a bully, Chris. You just want to control me.

Chris: You should have gone to therapy when I told you. You are way off the deep end right now.

Alison: Me? You just locked me in here. How far are you willing to go to save your own butt, Chris? Because this isn't gonna work. I'm not afraid of you.

Chris: Will you just shut up and listen to me?

Alison: No. No, I will not listen to you, and I don't want to be anywhere near you right now. And in about 15 seconds, I'm going to start screaming my head off if you don't let me out. You think you're in trouble now, well, wait until I tell the cops that you held me in here against my will. You will lose your license, and you will go to jail. Your choice.

Susan: Ali, what on earth is going on here?

Brad: Look, Janet, she was just -- you know, she was just trying to make us feel like a family. I know. I know I shouldn't have let her do that, that it was crossing the line. Like you said, I just feel so -- I just feel so damn guilty about everything, Katie.

Katie: You have nothing to feel guilty for. Janet had 16 years to tell you about Liberty. She chose not to. If someone should feel bad, it's her. She robbed you of the chance to get to know and watch your daughter grow up.

Brad: I know, I know. You're right, you're right. But that doesn't mean that --

Katie: No, there's no buts here. You have got to take my side on this. I am your wife. This whole instant-family thing I can take as long as I know that I'm first. I mean, not before Liberty or --

Brad: You know what? Listen to me. You are first, second, and third, all the way to infinity. It's no contest.

Katie: So you'll tell Janet that she can't stay here.

Brad: Consider it done. And she can't just barge into our lives whenever she wants to, like, here or work or the movie theater or wherever.

Brad: Yeah, sure.

Katie: I'm serious, Brad. You have got to draw the line. And if you can't do that, then you can just follow her right out the door.

Janet: Bradley's just not happy.

Jack: About what?

Janet: Well, he's a free spirit, you know? And Katie, I mean -- don't get me wrong. She doesn't mean any harm, but she's got him on a short leash. He doesn't need that right now.

Jack: I'm not sure what you're asking me, Janet.

Janet: Well, I heard through the grapevine that you and Katie used to be an item, and so I was thinking that maybe you could talk to her, get her to loosen up a little bit, let her hair down --

Jack: Okay, I'm sorry. It's none of my business, and, frankly, it's none of yours, either. Now I've got to get home to my son.

[Cell phone ringing]

Janet: Hello?

Brad: I need to see you right away.

Janet: I'm on my way.

Brad: Thank you.

Janet: Uh. I told you I'd come back for my stuff.

Brad: Yeah. I'm sorry, Janet. You can't stay with us anymore.

Janet: Oh. Well, I know that. I knew the minute queen bee came back into town it was out. No problem.

Brad: I checked with the front desk. Bud checked out. Don't worry. I'll cover the bill.

Janet: Thanks, Bradley. You're a real gentleman. And, you know, I had fun these last couple of days, you know? Cooking for you and Libby and rearranging the kitchen. It kind of gave me an idea of what could have been, I guess.

Brad: Yeah. Yeah. At some point, we should talk about your plans.

Janet: Plans?

Brad: Yeah, well, you know, your, you know, your plans and how long you, you know, are gonna stick around in Oakdale. We should talk about that.

Janet: Oh, right. Got it, yeah. Okay, sounds good. But not right now. I've got to get moved back in. So, um, you know, just call me later or whatever, or I'll call you. Or we'll see what happens. But don't forget, there's lots of food in the refrigerator, and I got to go now, so I'll talk to you later. Okay, bye.

Carly: That was awkward.

Holden: What's that?

Carly: Just having to explain over and over again that we are here together and yet we are not together.

Holden: There were other divorced parents there.

Carly: Holden, you're not divorced.

Holden: Faith and Nat, they love it here. They can't wait to get rid of me.

Carly: Well, I'm glad for you. I hate leaving Sage.

Holden: You know what? Kids, they fuss when you're there, but after you leave, they're fine.

[Whistle blows]

Edna: Lights out campers! That means you!

Carly: Ooh, that's soothing.

Holden: You better turn out the lights before she comes after us. You tired?

Carly: No, not a bit. Are you?

Holden: I couldn't sleep if I tried.

Carly: Ah. You want to let me beat you at gin?

Holden: How about a little poker?

Carly: Holden, no. One cannot play poker without beer.

Holden: Don't you worry. I got a couple in a cooler in my trunk. Let's go.

[Whistle blows]

Edna: What's going on here?

Carly: Hi, Winkie. We were just getting something from the car.

Edna: What you got behind your back, Mr. Snyder? [Sighs] Camp Chapawee has a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to alcohol. Adults included.

Carly: We're just visiting.

Edna: It doesn't matter. Didn't you read the parents' handbook?

Holden: Sorry.

Carly: Really sorry.

Edna: Hand them over. You know what they say -- rules are rules.

Holden: Yeah, yeah. We're cool.

Carly: Totally. [Giggles] Did you just tell Winkie that we're cool?

Holden: Do you think she drinks all that contraband?

Carly: Wouldn't you?

Holden: Totally.

Carly: Ah, well, it's a good thing she didn't search us.

Holden: Ah, you're a genius.

Carly: Would you like to share?

Holden: You first.

Carly: Mm-hmm.

Holden: We're bad, aren't we?

Carly: Very bad. And you know, our kids will be furious if we get kicked out of camp for inappropriate behavior.

Holden: Some rules need to be broken.

[ Cell phone ringing ]

Holden: It's Lily. Hello?

Lily: Hey, you.

Lily: How's camp? How are the girls?

Holden: Yeah, they're fine. It's lights out, if you can imagine that.

Lily: They'll probably be up half the night talking.

Holden: Probably.

Lily: Are you and Carly getting along?

Holden: Yeah, yeah. No problem.

Lily: She right there?

Holden: She is.

Lily: Well, I hope it's not too awful.

Holden: We're cool. Don't worry.

Susan: You didn't answer me before. What was going on with Chris?

Alison: He locked us in the on-call room.

Susan: He locked you in? He didn't hurt you, did he?

Chris: Of course not. We had a conversation, that's all. No harm done.

Alison: Really? Because I plan to tell the court how you cornered me.

Chris: Well, that goes two ways, Ali.

Alison: Everything I've done is public knowledge. I have nothing to be ashamed of.

Chris: You sure you want to bring all that up again?

Alison: Facts are facts, Chris. I'm an ex-meth addict porn star, and you're a power-hungry, arrogant jerk. Not a good quality in a doctor. The next time I see you, we will be sitting on opposite sides of the courtroom and you will be the one feeling trapped.

Jack: Janet, what are you --

Janet: Jewish penicillin for the kid. Chicken soup.

Jack: Chicken soup?

Janet: Yes, they let me make it down at the hotel kitchen as long as I make enough for the whole crew.

Jack: Really?

Janet: Yeah.

Jack: Well, you didn't have to do that.

Janet: Oh, I did. I hate to think of a kid in bed in the summertime. I shouldn't have put you on the spot about Brad and Katie. Think of it as a peace offering.

Brad: Mission accomplished. I mean, you don't have to do that now.

Katie: Yes, I do. I am going to erase Janetís presence if it takes me all night.

Brad: Okay, okay. Then I'll help you, then we can get down to more important things. Come on. Come here. Come over here. Come here. Listen to me. Listen to me. I know that you're really, really hurt. And I'm really sorry. I am. Do you forgive me?

Katie: Yes, I do. I just -- please don't do it again.

Brad: I wonít. I promise. As long as you let me do this.

Janet: All you need to do is heat it up. You look like you could handle that.

Jack: Well, thank you.

Janet: Not necessary. I hope J.J. feels better. Peace.

Jack: Peace.

Janet: Bye.

[Door closes]

Carly: Well. Big day tomorrow. We should probably hit the sack. Which bunk do you want?

Carly: Do you toss and turn?

Holden: I don't know. I'm always asleep.

Carly: I think I'll take the top. And then if you roll off and give yourself a concussion, you won't have to call Winkie.

Holden: Need a hand?

Carly: I'd like that.

Holden: Ready?

Carly: Mm-hmm. Good night.

Holden: Good night. Sleep tight.

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Sofie: Take the money and run.

Meg: Well, every time you deal with Sofie, things end up being worse. If anybody's gonna talk to her, it will be me.

Carly: Aah!

Holden: Aaaah!

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