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As The World Turns Transcript Wednesday 6/11/08

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Daniel: Hey, Margo, catch.

Margo: Hey, cool. Oh, signed by David Wright. Very cool. And look at your shirt. You look like a real New Yorker. Great. I'm glad your flight wasn't late, Guys. Welcome home. Now maybe you can have dinner with your dad, if he ever gets here.

Emily: Yeah, Daniel, come on. Get over here and give me a hug good-bye.

Casey: Don't go yet.

Margo: Okay, so tell me the most exciting thing you did in New York.

Daniel: Well, we wanted to go to the Museum of Sex, but Mom didn't go for it.

Margo: And that's why God made moms. To say no.

Chris: You're my lawyer. Can't you give me the benefit of the doubt?

Tom: All I'm saying is Alison has a very strong case.

Chris: Yeah, because you're only looking at it from her side. It's not so black and white.

Tom: Do you want my professional opinion or not?

Bob: It's true. There are always two sides to a story, but Tom has a point.

Tom: See, the bottom line is, the timing of Alison's early dismissal from nursing school looks suspicious.

Chris: Yeah, so what's the solution? Burn me in effigy?

Tom: You got a match, Dad? Relax, Chris. Look, there's only one goal here. That goal is to make sure that this case doesn't go to court.

Bob: You know, I just had an idea. It may not be what you're thinking, but I think it's worth a try.

Bonnie: Alison's in a really strong position here. I think that we need to get a court date as soon as possible.

Alison: Do we really need to rush this?

Bonnie: Are you having second thoughts?

Alison: No. I guess I was hoping it wouldn't have to go in front of a judge.

Bonnie: Trust me, we can win this. It is all in the timing.

Chris: Do you really think this is gonna work?

Tom: I doubt it's gonna make them give up, but it might buy us some time.

[Cell phone ringing]

Tom: Hughes.

Bonnie: Hey, Tom. Bonnie. Heads up. Just spoke to the judge, and we are going for the earliest court date possible.

Tom: Out of the question. I need time for depositions. My client deserves a strong defense.

Bonnie: Well, my client wants to see justice done A.S.A.P. see you in court.

Chris: What was that all about?

Bob: What's wrong?

Tom: Our last minute maneuver may have been too little, too late.

Alison: Are you sure? Yeah. No, I'm just surprised. But thank you. Okay.

Aaron: What's up?

Alison: That was my nurses' aide supervisor from the hospital. Chris's orders have been rescinded. I'm allowed to work with patients again.

Aaron: Okay, whose idea was this?

Alison: I don't know, but it's a good sign. I mean, maybe Chris realizes what he did was wrong, and he's trying to make it up to me.

Bonnie: Oh, no, no, no. No way. This is a stunt to make you back down and drop the lawsuit. Alison, do not fall for it.

Luke: My dad, the lumberjack. Who cuts wood in the middle of June?

Holden: Never hurts to build up supplies for the following winter. Pretty good exercise, too. Want to try it?

Luke: No thanks. I don't really trust myself with a dangerous weapon right now.

Holden: I guess you haven't heard anything from Noah, huh?

Luke: No. Every time my phone rings, I hope it's him wanting to work things out, but I guess he's really serious about taking this break.

Holden: I know it's tough.

Luke: I just miss him.

Holden: Give it some time.

Luke: Time. He partially accuses me for his father's death. I don't think time is gonna solve that.

Holden: You'd be surprised at how many things time can fix. Meanwhile, you need to stay busy. Give it a shot.

Lily: Noah, I didn't see you there.

Noah: Oh, hey. Do you need a hand?

Lily: Oh, that'd be great. I had to get all this stuff to send the girls off to camp.

Noah: Ah, summer camp. That sounds pretty good right now.

Lily: Noah, I'm really sorry about your father. You probably feel like you just want to get away from the world. But just remember not to cut out the people that really care about you.

Noah: Right.

Lily: So, are you taking care of yourself? You eating?

Noah: Yeah, I just had a hamburger from Mabelís earlier.

Lily: Oh, I love Mabelís. I always have, but you can't exist on fast food. You need to eat a healthy, balanced diet. Listen, come back to the farm with me and I will cook you a real dinner.

Noah: Oh, that's really nice, but --

Lily: No, really. I've been wanting to do something special for the girls before they leave for camp. Please, Noah. We would love to have you.

Noah: Will Luke be there?

Lily: Yes. Is that a problem?

Noah: No, no, it's not a problem.

Lily: Good, then it's settled. Come on, let's get this ice cream home before it melts. Are you good?

Noah: Yeah. †

Casey: Ah, denied!

Emily: Casey, give -- Casey, give him the ball.

Daniel: Give me the ball. Come on.

Casey: Okay, okay, okay.

Tom: Hey, I'm home. Okay, don't everyone cheer at once.

Daniel: Hey, Dad.

Tom: Hey, Buddy. How you doing?

Daniel: Good.

Tom: Welcome home.

Margo: Hey.

Tom: That's better. Hi.

Margo: So, Casey and Danny are home.

Tom: Hey, Case. Hey, Emily.

Casey: Hey.

Emily: Hi, Tom. I'm gonna go now.

Casey: No, no, no, stay.

Tom: I don't think that's such a good idea.

Lily: Look who I ran into in Old Town.

Holden: Hey, Noah. How's it going?

Noah: Okay.

Lily: I decided that Noah needed a home-cooked meal in the worst way, so I insisted he join us for dinner, and he said yes.

Luke: Great.

Lily: Holden, why don't you help me in the kitchen with these groceries?

Holden: Sure.

Luke: So how hard did she twist your arm?

Noah: Your mom feels sorry for me. She was so nice, I couldn't say no.

Luke: Even though you wanted to.

Lily: So I realized I had to cook at the farm because I'm using Emma's recipe, and it calls for fresh herbs and vegetables right out of the garden.

Holden: Why don't you just admit it? You're not here for the fresh cucumbers. You're here because you want to fix up Luke and Noah, and I think it's a mistake.

Lily: Those boys just need some time together to work things out.

Holden: Lily, that may not be the answer. Look at us.

Lily: Exactly. Why don't you join us for dinner and we can see what happens?

Daniel: See you later.

Emily: Okay.

Casey: I don't understand why Emily can't stay if she wants.

Tom: Because there's something we need to discuss.

Casey: What's the problem, Dad?

Tom: Alison is suing Chris for sexual harassment.

Emily: What?

Tom: You didn't know?

Emily: No. Of course I didn't know. What happened?

Casey: Yeah, what's this about?

Margo: Well, Alison didn't make it through the nursing program, so she blames Chris.

Tom: But we maintain the charges are baseless.

Emily: And exactly how much are they paying you to say that, Tom?

Margo: Oh, Emily, please don't start.

Emily: Well, I'm sorry. If Alison said that Chris sexually harassed her, then that's exactly what happened.

Tom: Look, I know you don't want to hear this, but there are legitimate questions to the validity of her claim.

Emily: Well, you know what? You can take your validity and shove it. I got to go see my sister.

Casey: I'll go with you.

Emily: No. No, you won't.

Aaron: Listen, Alison, saying you can work with patients again doesn't make up for kicking you out of nursing school.

Alison: I know, but it's a step in the right direction.

Aaron: This is Chris throwing you a bone. And that shouldn't change your mind about suing his butt off.

Alison: What do you think, Bonnie?

Bonnie: Yes. Yes, I agree. This is not the time to back down. The fact that they're even throwing you this olive branch means that they're worried. They know you have a strong case. They are trying to soften you up.

Aaron: Yeah, and you can't fall for it.

Bonnie: Just don't worry, Alison. This is where they could trip up and do something desperate.

Chris: Hope I'm not bothering you, Mom.

Kim: Oh, Honey, don't be silly. I always have time for you. What's up?

Chris: Alison's getting serious about taking her lawsuit to court. Now, if it were only my future on the line, that would be one thing. But I'm really worried about the damage it could do to Dad and Memorial.

Kim: Well, do you think that Alison actually can win this case?

Chris: Well, it's her word versus mine. I'm not saying I did anything wrong, but if her lawyer can get a judge to be sympathetic, it can really jeopardize the hospital. Think about the stress that would put on Dad.

Kim: Well, now wait a minute. You know how strong your father is. And Sweetheart, he can get through this.

Chris: I just wish there was something I can do to make it all go away.

Kim: Actually, there may be something that I can do about it.

Chris: Like what?

Kim: I'll tell you about it if it works, okay?

Chris: Mom, what are you up to?

Kim: Listen, do not breathe a word of this to your father. You just leave it to me.

Kim: Hi.

Susan: If this is about Alison's case, it is not appropriate.

Kim: Don't shoot the messenger, okay?

Susan: I got to get back to the hospital.

Kim: Wait. I asked for two minutes. You may not want to hear this right now, but you and I have a lot in common.

Susan: We do, and there's nothing we can do about the situation.

Kim: Well, I'm not so sure about that. We both love our kids. We both would do anything to protect our families, right?

Susan: Of course. But this isn't some boo-boo that we can kiss and make better.

Kim: Look, if this case goes to court, there aren't gonna be any winners. Everybody's gonna lose. Reputations will be trashed. Not to mention the damage that could be done to the hospital. Now I know that your first priority is Alison. Of course, it should be. But for just one minute, stop and think about the hospital. Think about Memorial and how much you and Bob have invested in it.

Lily: This is our last family dinner before the girls go away to Sleepaway Camp.

Holden: Lily, I have no problem staying for dinner. The issue here is you trying to fix up Luke and Noah.

Lily: It's just dinner.

Holden: Yeah, but if you pressured Noah into coming here, he might not be in the right frame to try and patch things up with Luke.

Lily: He could've said no. He didnít. Is it totally impossible that deep down, he was looking for an excuse to see Luke anyway?

Holden: I'm just saying that you should not push these things.

Noah: I almost forgot how much I love doing farm chores.

Luke: Well, you can muck out the stables for me any time you like.

Noah: Yeah, no thanks.

Luke: Look, Noah, I know you don't want to be here. I can make some excuse so you can leave.

Noah: Do you want me to go?

Luke: You know I don't.

(Engine struggling) (Engine starts)

Lily: Oh, good. You guys are just in time to help with the salad.

Luke: Actually, you know what? I'm not really sure that Noah wants to be on KP duty right now, so maybe he has other stuff he needs to do.

Noah: No, no, it's cool. Really.

Holden: Listen, I need to head outside and take a look at one of the tractors. One of them broke down today, so I'll be right back.

Noah: You know, I don't know much about tractors, but I have gotten lucky once or twice with my truck. Maybe I could help.

Holden: All right, let's go.

Noah: The least I could do, right, for a free meal?

[Lily chuckles]

Lily: That was sweet of Noah to offer to help.

Luke: Oh, come on, Mom. He's doesn't know anything about mechanics. He can't fix his truck. He just doesn't want to be with me.

Lily: That could change.

[Luke sighs]

Luke: Look, Mom, it's so, so nice of you to try, but please, this isn't making anything better for me and Noah.

Lily: Will you help me with the salad?

Luke: Okay. Mom?

Lily: Yeah, Sweetie?

Luke: I know that you and Ethan and the girls have moved back to the house, but I was wondering, if it's okay with you, if I could stay here at the farm with Dad.

Lily: You're an adult. It's your choice.

Luke: I mean, it's just that this is where I lived with Noah before he married Ameera and moved out. I don't know. Moving back to the house, back to my room that I had in high school? I mean, that's just kind of pathetic, isn't it?

Lily: I understand. I'll miss you. And I want you to be happy.

Luke: I would be, with Noah.

Lily: Right now, I think the best thing for you is to concentrate on school, Luke.

Luke: Hmm, I wonder if they have a class on how not to lose your boyfriend.

[Lily chuckles]

Lily: If they do, let me know.

Luke: Well, one thing I've already -- you don't have to do anything wrong to have it go all downhill.

Holden: Well, that went faster than I thought it would. Thanks.

Noah: Glad to help.

Holden: Here you go. Are you sure that you're cool with staying for dinner?

Noah: Oh, yeah. Yeah, sure.

Holden: Because Lily, she tends to push things sometimes, and I hope she didn't put you in an awkward position.

Noah: The food here is better than my meal plan anyway, not that I'm looking to move back in.

Holden: I understand.

Noah: You and Mrs. Snyder, you guys have been so good to me. I wish things were better with me and Luke. I don't know what to say here. I wish I had the answers, but I don't.

Holden: Yeah, I know the feeling. I guess all you can really do is just hang in there.

Emily: Okay, I'll see you later, all right? Will you call me?

Daniel: I thought you were staying for dinner.

Emily: Something came up. I have to go.

Daniel: Work again?

Emily: Not really. Come on, I got to go. I'll see you. I love you. Good-bye.

Casey: Hey, are you okay? Do you want me to go with you?

Emily: No, I'm fine. I gotta go.

Margo: Okay, it's dinnertime.

Casey: I'm not hungry. I'm gonna take off.

Margo: This is a family dinner -- you're family. Go sit.

Lily: Dinner's ready, everybody. Is Ethan asleep?

Holden: He is.

Lily: Good. Noah, you can sit there.

Natalie: I want to sit next to Noah.

Faith: No, he should be next to Luke. I can't believe we're all here at the same time.

Lily: Well, we wanted to have a special dinner for you girls before you go off to Sleepaway Camp.

Luke: Oh, it smells great.

Lily: Thanks.

Holden: It sure does. Everybody, dig in.

Faith: Dad, we have to say grace first.

Lily: That's right. We all have things to pray for, don't we?

Margo: Come on, I know that New York City food doesn't hold a candle to your mom's home cooking.

Tom: Honey, your mac and cheese -- four stars every time.

Margo: I'll show you stars. So, tell me everything you did in New York City. I want to know all the nitty gritty.

Daniel: Well, the No Exit concert we went to -- it rocked. We even got a signed program.

Tom: Oh, cool. Here's an idea. Save it and put it on eBay and you can pay for your own college education.

Daniel: Probably will.

Margo: So Case, what did you and Emily do when Danny was at the concert?

Casey: Not much. We just hung out.

Margo: No sightseeing?

Casey: Not really. The whole tourist thing gets pretty tired.

Margo: Oh, yeah. Rockefeller Center, Times Square, puts you right to sleep.

Daniel: Actually, they didn't sleep much. They stayed up all night watching pay-per-view.

Tom: You could do that at home.

Casey: It was pretty late when Danny got back from the concert. You know, I figured Lieutenant Mom here didn't want us on the streets after dark.

Margo: You know, Lieutenant Mom is wondering why you wouldn't want to go out and see the bright lights of the city.

Casey: I've seen them in movies.

Margo: Hmm. You sound kind of under whelmed, Casey.

Casey: It was okay.

Daniel: Yeah, Mom and Casey -- they were really into hanging out with each other.

Susan: As you said, Alison is my priority. I have to protect her.

Kim: And you know, I feel exactly the same way about my husband and my son. If this goes to court, the fallout will not be just one-sided. My husband and my son will not be the only ones who get hurt.

Susan: Are you threatening my daughter now, too?

Kim: No. No, Susan, the point is both Chris and Alison are going to be subject to a certain amount of raking over the coals. Will you please tell me what good can come out of doing that kind of damage?

Susan: It's your son who's done the damage.

Kim: I don't think that either one of us wants to see our kids or the hospital dragged through the mud. Think about it, Susan, before it's too late.

Susan: Oh, Alison, I'm so glad you're here.

Alison: Oh, well, my shift's about to start, and they're letting me work with patients again. I wasn't expecting cartwheels, but what's wrong?

Susan: I've just been thinking. Maybe you should reconsider taking this case to court.

Alison: Mom, we have been over this. Why are you getting cold feet all of a sudden?

Susan: All I'm saying is, do you really want to go to war with the Hughes family, with the hospital, with no idea of how it's gonna end or who's gonna be standing when the smoke clears? This lawsuit could wind up causing you more damage than good.

Emily: I cannot believe you're telling her to roll over and play dead! She needs to follow through. In fact, you need to take out the big guns and blow that guy away!

Susan: Stop it. You cannot say things like that in the hospital.

Emily: Why not? What are you afraid of? Huh? You afraid someone named Hughes will get you both fired?

Susan: Do me a favor -- put a sock in it.

Emily: Don't listen to Mom. And don't you dare wave the white flag. You cannot let Chris walk all over you.

Susan: You gotta stop. She could be getting in over her head here.

Emily: Don't be ridiculous, Mother. She needs to follow through and not let anyone intimidate her. Not an overprotective mother and certainly not the Hughes family.

Margo: Danny, help your brother.

Daniel: Yeah.

Tom: You clear and I'll do the dishes.

Margo: Good. Remind me how I found such a perfect husband.

Tom: Oh, so I'm doing the pots and pans, too.

Daniel: Listen, Dad, can I go hang out at Eric's?

Tom: Yeah, sure. Why not? If you're not too late.

Daniel: See ya.

Casey: I'm gonna go out, too, okay?

Tom: Yeah, just hold on a second, Pal. We need to talk about Emily.

Emily: You cannot let anyone named Hughes stick it to us again, Ali.

Susan: This is not your fight, Emily.

Emily: Mother, would you wake up, please? Think about the history you have with them, with Bob -- your affair with him. Kim's made you out to be the town pariah ever since.

Susan: This has absolutely nothing to do with me and Bob.

Emily: Of course it does.

Alison: No, no, I think it has more to do with Emily and her not-so-rosy history with Chris and Tom.

Emily: I will be the first person to admit I'm not on great terms with Tom or Chris. They both hurt me, but now Chris is hurting you. My God, when is it time to stand up and say "Enough is enough"?

Casey: Why do you want to talk to me about Emily?

Tom: First, I don't think it was a good idea that we let you go on this trip to New York with her. And for the moment, I think its best that you steer clear of her and Alison, at least until this lawsuit is settled.

Casey: I disagree totally. What does any of this have to do with me?

Margo: Your father has to take the case to court. It could get ugly.

Casey: Not my problem. Alison is still my friend. And Emily -- I just think you're making too much out of this. That's all. If I want to hang out with Emily and Alison, I will.

Tom: Yeah, well, this may get complicated.

Casey: No, I don't care. You can't tell me whose side to be on. I'm an adult. I can make my own choices.

Tom: I think that went well, don't you?

[Margo chuckles]

Alison: I really don't need your advice here, Emily. I mean, it's obvious you still have an ax to grind when it comes to Chris.

Emily: I warned you not to go near that guy, to stay away from him, but you didn't listen, and now you're paying the price.

Susan: Please, please, could we not fight about this?

Alison: No, no, I need to have this out with my sister, since Emily never knows when to quit.

Emily: No, you're the one who's quitting, Ali, not me.

Alison: I am not! But I don't need you butting in and making things worse.

Emily: I'm trying to help you.

Alison: You want to help? Stay out of it. Mind your own business. And do not mess up my life.

Susan: She's right, you know.

Emily: Don't start with me, Mother. Coming here, trying to do right by my sister? Big mistake. What else is new?

Lily: Noah, would you like another slice?

Noah: Oh, no, thanks. I'm stuffed. It was awesome, though.

Lily: So, are you gonna be taking some classes this summer with Luke?

Noah: I don't know. I haven't planned that yet.

Lily: Oh, Luke was telling us about this great creative writing program that he's taking.

Luke: I'm sure he has a lot of other projects going on right now, Mom.

Lily: It's a shame you couldn't finish that movie about Ameera. Have you heard from her?

Noah: No, she's still in New York in police custody.

Luke: I'll clean up.

Lily: I'll help you.

Luke: Mom, really, can you lay off with all this stuff with Noah? It's not helping.

Lily: I just wish there was something I could do to help.

Luke: Well, there's not. Noah and I have to figure this out on our own. Or not.

Noah: You guys need some help?

Lily: No, you're our guest. You should relax, have fun. Hey, why don't you guys go for a walk down by the pond? It is absolutely beautiful this time of day.

Luke: Mom, I don't think Noah would be up for that right now.

Natalie: Noah, want to go out to the barn and see the new horses?

Noah: Oh --

Lily: Sweetie, actually, sorry, no. You gotta go get your brother and we're gonna go home and pack.

Faith: No fun tonight.

Natalie: Bye, Noah. I'll miss you.

Noah: Bye. I'll miss you, too. [Noah chuckles] Have fun at summer camp, Guys.

Faith: We will. We'll see you when we get back.

Noah: Sounds good. Thanks so much for dinner, Mrs. Snyder. It was really great.

Lily: You are welcome any time, Noah.

Holden: It was good to see you again, Noah.

Noah: Same here. Take care, Luke.

Holden: Are you sure that's a good idea?

Lily: I think that's up to Luke.

Luke: There's just some stuff that I got to get off my chest.

Lily: I'm glad Luke's not giving up.

Holden: I just hope he doesn't push too hard. Sometimes that has a way of backfiring.

Luke: Noah, wait up.

Noah: Do we really have to do this now?

Luke: Yeah, we do.

Emily: This really isn't a good time. Casey, I'm on deadline.

Casey: No, I used to work here, remember? They put the late edition to bed an hour ago.

Emily: Well, then you know a publisher's work is never done.

Casey: Okay, we really didn't get to talk on the plane because Daniel was sitting in between us.

Emily: Well, we have nothing to talk about.

Casey: Like hell we do.

Emily: Casey, your dad was right. We shouldn't talk about Alison's case.

Casey: Okay, this isn't about Alison. Yes, I hate what's happening to her, and I don't want her to get hurt. But I'm damned if I'm gonna stay way from you because my dad thinks it's gonna damage his court case.

Emily: Well, I think what your dad said makes sense.

Casey: No, I'm not staying away from you, Emily. For any reason. What we have between us is real. I want to be with you and no anyone else.

Margo: So, when did our really cool son Casey become such a brat?

Tom: I don't know. You know, one night in New York and he's totally out of control.

Margo: Oh, no. This happened long before New York. This -- you know, this happened when he was working for Emily. I'm glad that's over. Something happened.

Tom: I just don't think we can blame all this on Emily.

Margo: Oh, come on, Honey. It feels so good.

Tom: Come on, Casey's still adjusting. Prison made him just grow up too fast.

Margo: You know what worries me, is how easy it is for him to make the wrong choices. We have got to keep an eye on our son.

Emily: Casey, just use your head, please? Just think. Our families hate each other's guts. We are from two completely different generations. I'm your half-brother's mother.

Casey: So what?

Emily: "So what?" When we were in New York with Daniel in that room, with us, didn't that feel a little creepy to you?

Casey: All I remember is when Daniel was at the concert and you and I had the hotel room to ourselves. It was amazing. It was intense.

Emily: Okay, well, what about later? Okay? What about later when the three of us were the watching movie and Daniel between us? That was beyond intense, Casey. It was -- oh, God, it was bizarre.

Casey: I don't think of you as Daniel's mother.

Emily: Yeah, but that's what I am.

Casey: No, you're also smart, beautiful and unbelievably sexy woman who I'm totally into. You know, we'll -- there's a connection between us that won't go away. I want to be with more than anything. And I think you'd feel that way if you'd just let yourself.

Emily: Casey, you're young, all right? Your hormones are raging.

Casey: No, don't do that. I am serious. Are we gonna be together or not? Or will you keep denying that there's happening between us?

Emily: No, there's nothing happening between us.

Casey: Why are you fighting it? Honestly, why won't you just admit that we both want to --?

Kim: Susan, hi.

Susan: I hope I'm not interrupting.

Kim: No, no. Come in.

Susan: I just wanted you to know I spoke with Alison.

Kim: So how did it go?

Susan: Her mind is made up. She won't drop the suit. And frankly, I don't think she should.

Chris: Hey, Mom.

Kim: Hello.

Chris: What? Bad news?

Kim: I tried to reason with Susan Stewart, and I failed. Miserably.

Chris: Thanks for trying.

Kim: It seems that our dear Alison has no interest in an out-of-court settlement.

Chris: She's taking this thing all the way?

Kim: I have no idea how far she's gonna go or how vindictive the opposition will be, but my sense is, my darling, prepare for the worst.

Aaron: Are you sure you need that latte? You look kind of wired.

Alison: I just feel like my head is going to explode. Everybody's telling me what to do, and they all have their own agendas.

Aaron: Don't listen to them. Just follow your gut.

Alison: Sometimes it just sounds so easy to just walk away. You know, it's not like I was exactly acing nursing school. And now, I'm supposed to handle a huge lawsuit? What if I mess it up?

Aaron: Listen, you're not alone. You got people who want to help you.

Alison: Yeah, like my mom and sister. With help like that, I could end up in a psych ward getting fitted for a straitjacket.

Aaron: No, I wasn't talking about your family. I was talking about me.

Alison: Yeah?

Aaron: Yeah. I care about you. Don't you know that? I'll always be on your side.

Holden: Okay, we got the bug spray, the batteries for the flashlight. Your flashlight.

Lily: Ethan was asleep before the Little Red Train made it halfway up the hill.

Holden: Read that story a million times. Puts me to sleep, too.

Faith: Can I take my good riding boots to camp?

Lily: Sure, as long as you take care of them.

Holden: Don't forget that little spit-polish technique I showed you.

Faith: Ew, gross. Gross.

Lily: All right, Girls, go upstairs and put your clothes out, and I'll be up in a second to help you pack.

Natalie: Okay. Bye, Dad.

Faith: Dinner was really nice. Although Luke and Noah seemed pretty quiet.

Lily: They'll get on track soon, Sweetie. Don't you worry.

Faith: Can we have more dinners like that when we get back?

Lily: Absolutely. I promise.

Faith: Okay, well, I'm gonna go finish packing. See you later, Dad.

Holden: See you later.

Lily: I shouldn't have done that with Faith. I shouldn't make promises that I can't keep.

Luke: Could you at least be honest about how you're feeling?

Noah: I don't know. It was -- it was weird being back at the farm for me.

Luke: Why? You felt like you didn't belong or something?

Noah: It's complicated, okay? Being back there made me think of all the good times we had, and it also made me think of all the bad times we've had since.

Luke: Look, Noah, I know that going back to normal, whatever normal is, is gonna be hard, but I really don't think that being separated and trying to do this on our own, I don't think that's the answer.

Noah: Well, seriously, I don't know what the answer is.

Luke: Well, neither do I. But I was thinking that maybe if I moved into the cottage, we could try to work things out. I mean, not -- not rush things, but just taking it a day at a time.

Noah: Actually, I've decided to move out of the cottage. I just don't feel comfortable living in a place owned by your grandmother, so I'm gonna live on campus. I got a room in one of the dorms.

Luke: So, you're moving back to the dorms. Well, that's cool. I mean, I could still come over. We could still hang out. We could talk.

Noah: I don't -- I don't think that's a good idea.

Luke: Why not?

Noah: Because I'll have a new roommate. I'm sure we'll get along fine, but, you know, it may be a little soon to tell him I have a boyfriend.

Luke: You mean ex-boyfriend.

Noah: Luke.

Luke: Oh, come on, Noah. Forget it. I'll see you around.

Noah: Luke.

Lily: Well, I may be a really slow learner, but I'm starting to realize that I can't make everything turn out the way I want it to. Like with Luke and Noah. I mean, you were right. That was a mistake.

Holden: Well, at least your heart was in the right place.

Lily: You know, lately, I just -- my heart feels like it's not in the right place. I mean, when I'm not with you, it feels so wrong. And the longer we're apart, the more afraid I am that we'll never come back together again.

Bob: Problem with a patient?

Chris: No.

Bob: What then?

Chris: I don't think putting Alison back on patient care will do any good. She hasn't changed her mind about the lawsuit.

Bob: Well, then you've got to prove that Alison was not taken off the nursing program because of anything you did or your influence. Whatever you did was professional and above board. You have nothing to hide. All true?

Chris: Yeah, definitely true.

Bob: Then all we need is a fair shake.

Alison: I honestly don't know if I'm doing the right thing taking this case to court. But every time I think about not doing it, I feel even worse.

Aaron: You just have to trust that little voice in your head. And if it tells you that you're driving into oncoming traffic, then you just turn around and go back. You gotta -- you gotta do what feels right.

Alison: Aaron, I don't know what I would do if I didn't have you.

Aaron: Well, I'm not going anywhere.

Margo: That trip to New York that was a mistake. Casey takes Emily's side all the time now. That's not good.

Tom: Probably not.

Margo: No. And how do we fix that?

Tom: I don't know, but I do know a way of taking your mind off of it.

Emily: Oh, God, you're impossible.

Casey: Admit it, we are good together.

Emily: Yes, we are. But no one can ever know about it, okay? Because of Daniel.

Casey: As long as you're saying there is an us. We're real.

Emily: Yes. There's an us. We are real. But I'm serious. No one can ever know, ever. Do you understand how serious I am about this, Case?

Casey: Fine by me. Fine by me. I like having secrets with you. I'll do anything you want, Emily. I want to be with you. You're all I need.

Emily: You're all I need. Oh, God help me.

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Lily: I can always count on you, Holden.

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