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As The World Turns Transcript Monday 6/2/08

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[Meg chuckles]

Paul: I can't believe you're really here.

Meg: Yeah, neither can I.

Paul: I'm gonna kiss you just to make sure I'm not dreaming. [Meg chuckles] That's just to make sure, you know. What?

Meg: Nothing, I just thought I heard something.

Paul: Yeah, the other shoe dropping, probably.

[Meg sighs]

Meg: Can you blame me?

Paul: No.

Meg: Every time I start to think that things are working out for us, something happens.

Paul: Yeah, that something -- well, usually, that something is me doing something stupid. I'm not gonna make those mistakes this time, Meg. I swear. Nothing can stop us. I promise you.

Mike: Sofie, what are you doing here? If you were raped, you need to go see a doctor. You need to go to the police.

Sofie: No! No police.

Lily: Oh, and Faith, let Natalie hold the remote. I'll be right back with the popcorn. Holden.

Holden: Hey.

Lily: I didn't hear you. Not that you need to knock. I mean, this is your house, too.

Holden: You look like you're in the middle of something.

Lily: I was just gonna make some popcorn for the kids. Let me just get it started. Want coffee? I'll make you coffee. Ooh, and I have chocolate cake I made.

Holden: No, Lily, Lily, donít. Listen, I can't stay. I just came by to -- I came by to say good-bye.

Carly: Where is Valerie? I can't play bartender and seat people at the same time. Hi.

Waiter: Hi.

Carly: Here, take these to table two, and tell table seven their mojitos are coming, all right?

Waiter: The kitchen says one of the pipes is leaking.

Carly: Oh, don't tell me that.

Waiter: Well, then who should I tell?

Carly: No, I mean, clearly, you should tell me that. Just bring those to two and apologize to seven, okay? Holden, I hope you're not busy tonight.

Henry: What does a man have to do to get a martini around here?

Carly: Henry.

Henry: Carly. Uh, I just want to buy a drink. I don't want any trouble here.

Carly: Buy? Oh, no, no. Henry, your money's no good here.

Henry: Really? Aha, and you're giving things away for free because?

Carly: Because, Henry, you're gonna do me a little favor.

Henry: A little -- can I get my drink first, please? Oh, come on.

Meg: Don't make promises you can't keep, Paul. You may not plan to do anything that'll split us up, but that's not to say that somebody else won't try.

Paul: What, who, Sofie?

[Meg scoffs]

Meg: Look what happened here tonight. If she was that upset to cause this much damage, who knows what else she's willing to try?

Paul: Well, she's already tried lying to you and saying that she and I had slept together. That didn't seem to work, did it?

Meg: That's because I trust you. I wouldn't be here if I didn't.

Paul: And when Sofie sees that you trust me, she'll have no choice but to accept that you and I are together. And then finally, she can move on with her life.

Mike: Whoever did this to you, you can't let them get away with it.

Sofie: It was awful. It was so awful.

Mike: Sofie, you need to go to the doctor. You need to see someone. Let me take you.

Sofie: I trusted him. I thought he cared about me.

Mike: Wait, you -- you know the person that did this to you? Who was it, Sofie? Please, you have to tell me.

Sofie: It was Paul.

Mike: Paul Ryan did this?

Sofie: Yes.

Mike: I knew he was violent, but rape?

Sofie: I didn't know he could hurt me so badly.

Mike: He is a sick man, Sofie, and he just did one of the most horrible things one human being can do to another. So if you think you can just forget about it or pretend it didn't happen, I'm sorry, but I can't let you do that. You have to be brave for just a little while longer.

Sofie: No, I can't go to the police.

Mike: Sofie, Sofie, you have to. But you don't have to go alone. All right? I'll drive you.

Sofie: No, Mike. I don't want the police anywhere near this.

Mike: But why? I would figure that you'd want to -- you're afraid of him, aren't you?

Paul: Look, I'm never gonna let Sofie hurt us again. You know that.

Meg: Yeah, I know.

Paul: Good.

Meg: It's not your fault that she sees things that really aren't there.

Paul: Maybe she just needs a little bit of time to get over it.

Meg: Yeah, I wouldn't count on her getting over it. Not in the way you mean.

Paul: Well, I hope she can get past it, because I just spent a bunch of Worldwide's money on her jewelry business. And if she and I can't get along, then I can kiss all that good-bye.

Meg: Would it really be that bad? I mean, I don't want Sofie's business to fail, but the way things are, you doing business with her just has "Disaster" written all over it. You know, we really should start, or finish, cleaning all this stuff.

Paul: I'll clean later. I think there's something else we can focus on.

Mike: You're afraid that if you turn him in, he'll pull the plug on your business.

Sofie: Well, he could. He's already proved that we don't know what he's capable of.

Mike: Oh, it's not worth it, Sofie. You can take your business elsewhere. You don't need him.

Sofie: How can you say that? He and his mom are the only ones who got people excited about my designs.

Mike: Those people will still be there. But first, you need to put Paul behind bars where he belongs.

Sofie: But Paul's been so good to me. I mean -- I mean, he was before.

Mike: Sofie, I know that you had feelings for Paul, but he took advantage of those feelings.

Sofie: Okay, but what's done is done. Okay? I can't change it by pressing charges.

Mike: But you can stop it from happening again. Sofie, just talk to someone before you make any decisions.

Sofie: No. I won't.

[Mike sighs]

Holden: Yeah, I'm heading down to Tennessee to check out some horses.

Lily: Right. Oh, yeah. Faith mentioned something about some new colts. In fact, I sure she would love to go with you. Can you wait a couple days?

Holden: I've already made the arrangements.

Lily: Can you change them?

Holden: No, I can't.

[Lily sighs]

Lily: You know what, pushing me away is one thing, Holden, but when did you start doing it to our kids?

Holden: Lily, I am not pushing Faith away.

Lily: Well, I mean, I just thought some one-on-one time with her would be perfect to help her get over this hump.

Holden: Look, I'm just going away for a couple of days. It's no big deal.

Lily: You know, going out of town right now, when the kids are struggling to make this adjustment -- is there something going on with you that I don't know about? I thought that we were working on putting our family back together. Holden, if you've changed your mind about that, you need to let me know.

Henry: All right.

Carly: Oh! You look wet.

Henry: Really? Well, water does that.

[Henry chuckles]

Carly: Henry.

Henry: Oh. Oh. Is there any chance of making this an ongoing arrangement, please?

Carly: You know, to be honest with you, I think it would be a lot cheaper for me to actually hire a plumber than to keep you in martinis.

Henry: You're probably right on that. [Henry sighs] I hate this, I hate this. I hate this scrimping and saving and never having enough to give Vienna what she deserves and always being tied to the diner, which is not a cash cow, let me tell you. Oh, Vienna loves it.

Carly: You know, I don't blame her. I know I love running my own place, despite all the hard work and occasional disaster.

Henry: Hmm.

[Footsteps approaching]

Carly: Oh, no.

Henry: What, did they lower the drinking age?

Carly: Hey, what are you doing here?

Mrs. Lebo: I'm sorry, Carly, but I won't be able to look after Sage tonight. I've got to go to Chicago for a family emergency.

Carly: Oh, I'm so sorry.

Mrs. Lebo: I'm sorry, too, Hon. Can you call Jack?

Carly: Well, I wish I could, but I can't. No, he's on duty tonight.

Mrs. Lebo: Oh, gosh, I hate leaving you in the lurch like this.

Carly: It's all right. An emergency is an emergency. I'll figure something out.

Mrs. Lebo: Oh, I'm so sorry. Bye, Sage.

Sage: Bye, Mrs. Lebo.

Carly: All right. I hope everything goes okay. Give me a call and let me know.

Mrs. Lebo: Will do.

Sage: Don't worry, Mommy. I can put on an apron and be a waitress.

Carly: No, you can't.

Sage: I bet I could even get really good tips.

Henry: I bet you could put Mommy in jail by breaking the child labor laws.

Carly: Henry, how would you like another martini?

Henry: No, no, no, no. I draw the line at babysitting. No, I did my time with all my sisters braiding my hair. You want to see the bald spot? No, Carly, no, no.

Carly: Henry, I just need you to watch Metro for a little while, while I look after Sage. Please, please. You can have as many martinis as you want, all right?

Henry: As many martinis as I want?

Carly: Just use the cheap vodka.

Henry: Okay.

Holden: Lily, I know that the timing is off, but I have my reasons for wanting to go now.

Lily: Do I get to find out what those reasons are?

Holden: The whole point of you moving back here was so that we could have some space to figure out how we feel, to figure out what we wanted.

Lily: And you think this trip will give you that space?

Holden: I do.

[Lily sighs]

Lily: Then you should take it.

Holden: Are you okay with that?

Lily: It's what you need. I mean, you didn't keep me from going away when I needed to.

Holden: Thank you for understanding. I just hope the kids feel the same way.

Lily: Tell them the popcorn is on its way.

[Doorbell rings]  

Holden: Hey. Wasn't expecting you guys.

Carly: We weren't expecting to be here, were we? I'm sorry. I'm having childcare issues.

Sage: Are Faith and Natalie home?

Holden: Upstairs watching a movie.

Carly: Wait, Sage! No, we have to ask Lily if it's all right if you stay.

Sage: But, if I wait, then I'm gonna miss the movie. Please, Mom. It'll be fine.

Carly: Sage! So, how are you?

Holden: I'm fine. You?

Carly: Fine, thanks. I guess I'm a little surprised to see you here.

Holden: Why? It's not like Lily barred me from the house.

Carly: No, I know, it's not that. I just thought you'd be off on your trip by now.

Lily: Hey, Carly. How did you know Holden was going on a trip?

Henry: And now, what can I get for you, Ma'am? Bonnie. How'd you like a glass of arsenic?

Bonnie: Henry, I'm not in the mood.

Henry: Really? Did the big, bad lawyer have a tough day?

Bonnie: Believe it or not, I actually tried to help you.

Henry: Yeah, you tried to help me walk away with my tail between my legs. Vienna was right about you.

Bonnie: You know what, whatever she told you, she wasted no time telling me the same thing.

Henry: Really? I wish I'd been there to see it. Did she call you, like, a lowlife? That's one of her favorites.

Bonnie: You know what, forget the drink.

Henry: Yeah, keep your head clear. You need to keep it clear to defend Gray Gerard's money against all of his victims.

Bonnie: I was taken off of the case, Henry, because of you!

Carly: Holden told me that he was going out of town because we --

Holden: Because Carly talked to me about giving Sage riding lessons, and I told her that I had to reschedule because I was going out of town.

Carly: That's right. Oh, I'm so sorry to barge in. I was just hoping that Sage could maybe stay here for a few hours? Her babysitter is having a family emergency.

Lily: Are you kidding me? Your kids are welcome here anytime. You know that.

Carly: Thank you.

Lily: I'll go make some more popcorn.

Carly: Oh, popcorn and a movie. Sage will be in heaven.

Lily: Mm-hmm.

Holden: Guess I should say good-bye.

Carly: Holden, this trip -- it's not about me, is it?

[Meg laughs]

Meg: Mmm. You know, we really should finish cleaning up this mess.

Paul: No, no, we'll clean later. I promise, I promise.

Meg: Hey! Mike! What are you doing here?

Mike: I was about to ask you the same question.

Meg: Uh -- you look upset. Is something wrong?

Mike: You -- you don't know, do you? I guess Ryan neglected to mention what happened here tonight.

Meg: Sofie had a tantrum, that's what happened, and we're stuck cleaning it up.

Mike: You're not cleaning up, Meg. You're destroying evidence.

Paul: Evidence of what?

Mike: You raped Sofie!

Paul: No, I -- no, I didnít.

Meg: Where did you get an idea like that?

Mike: From Sofie.

Paul: Sofie would never say anything like that.

Mike: Oh, why, because you thought you had her so terrified that she would never tell?

Meg: Paul didn't do anything to Sofie.

Mike: I found her at the Lakeview! She was barely holding herself together! She didn't even want to tell me who it was that raped her!

Paul: It's not true.

Mike: We have both seen the way that Paul acts when he doesn't get what he wants, Meg. That's why you got the restraining order against him in the first place!

Paul: That's not fair! This restraining order is entirely unrelated!

Mike: He has lied to you before, Meg!

Meg: Well, he's not lying now. I know him, and I believe him.

Mike: He hasn't changed, Meg. He's just figured out a way to hide that side of himself from you. But Sofie has seen it.

[Meg sighs]

Mike: Get out now, Meg, please, while you still can.

Paul: You know, Mike, I don't think you give a damn about Sofie. I think that you're here to play the hero in front of Meg.

Mike: You hurt people, Ryan, especially women, and I'm not gonna let you hurt Meg again.

Paul: Meg's not going anywhere.

Meg: Okay, can you two please just calm down?

Paul: I did not rape Sofie. She came here after the party. She came to my house. She threw herself at me. There was this big seduction scene. She took off all her clothes. She wouldn't leave.

Mike: She wanted it?

Paul: I turned her down, Mike. I said I could never love her, because I was in love with Meg. She went ballistic. She tore this place apart.

Mike: Oh, yeah, I really believe a little thing like Sofie could cause all this damage!

Paul: She's delusional, Mike, and if you believe a word she says, you're as crazy as she is!

Meg: Okay, don't let him upset you.

Mike: Don't worry, I'm done. But Meg, don't make me leave here without you. Please, come with me.

Meg: I don't need your protection, Mike. I'm not leaving.

Mike: I not gonna force you. I'm not like he is.

Paul: Mike, I'd like for you to leave my house, please.

Mike: I am here whenever you need me, Meg. I just hope that you come to me before he leaves you as broken as he left Sofie.

Meg: Hey.

Paul: Thank you.

Meg: You don't deserve this. You know, when I saw Sofie so upset earlier, I never thought she would go this far. Hey, whoa, where are you going?

Paul: I got to take care of this.

Meg: You need to stay away from Sofie.

Paul: Am I supposed to stay here and wait while Sofie spills more lies about me all over town?

Meg: She is out of control. God only knows what she's gonna come up with next.

Paul: Fine, I'll stay away from Sofie. I got another way I can handle this.

Meg: Paul!



Carly: I'm not saying I'm the reason you're going away -- at least, I hope I'm not. It's just, when we were out riding together -- I'm not saying that anything happened, it's just -- it seemed to me like something had changed between us. I probably shouldn't even bring this up, because then it seems like that would be important, and it's not. I know it isn't, in the grand scheme of things.

Holden: Carly, you're not the reason that I'm leaving.

Carly: Okay. I'm not the reason.

Lily: Is everything okay out here?

Carly: Yeah. We're just trying to reschedule Sage's riding lesson, and I think we've got everything worked out.

Holden: Yes, we did. I need to go get my truck loaded up for my trip.

Lily: Wait, you were gonna say good-bye to the kids.

Holden: Yeah, I'll -- I'll do that later. I'll say goodbye later.

Lily: That was weird.

Carly: Was it?

Lily: Well, you know it was. Is there something going on with you two?

Bonnie: I tried to convince Greenberg to reach some sort of settlement with you, and, the next thing I know, I am being fired.

Henry: Guess I owe you an apology.

Bonnie: Yeah, I guess you do. But if I had to do it all over again, I would do the exact same thing.

Henry: I don't understand. If you think I'm right, then why did you say we couldn't do it?

Bonnie: Well, it's because I was representing my client. But now --

Henry: Now?

Bonnie: The Gerard estate is no longer my client.

Henry: So?

Bonnie: So, if you are still interested in that money --

Henry: I thought you said that was impossible.

Bonnie: Oh, I did. I did, but that was before Greenberg and associates let me go. They've put themselves on the wrong side of Bonnie McKechnie. That is a very bad place to be.

Carly: There's nothing going on. Holden's just been a little tense with me since you moved back here.

Lily: He can't blame you for that.

Carly: It was my idea, wasn't it? And maybe it wasn't a very good one. Who knows, Lily, if you had stayed at the farm --?

Lily: Things would be exactly the same, and that's the last thing we needed. Moving back here was my decision, not yours. Holden needs to understand that. I am gonna straighten this out.

Carly: No. You know what, nothing needs to be straightened out.

Lily: Sweetie, you were there for him when I couldn't be. And even if he doesn't show it, you got to know that he cares so much about you -- too much to let some misunderstanding stand in the way.

Carly: I'm sure, in time, he'll see that. I have to go back to Metro. I left Henry in charge.

Lily: Henry?

Carly: Henry. I know. [Carly laughs] Well, thank you so much for watching Sage, okay?

Lily: Yeah.

Carly: I'll see you later.

Lily: Okay, Baby.

Bonnie: If you think Gray Gerard was a lowlife, he has nothing on his attorney. Now, I learned some things about how Greenberg does business when I was working with him.

Henry: Yeah, like what?

Bonnie: Well, I can't really say. I mean -- well, in fact, I don't even know how to use all of this information without being disbarred. It's gonna take some time.

Henry: Time, yeah, and time is money where attorneys are concerned.

Bonnie: No, no, Henry, but I'm willing to work on contingency here. I mean, if you don't get money from the estate, I don't get paid.

Henry: Really? Why would you risk losing your license for us, especially when there's no guaranteed return?

Bonnie: Maybe I just want to use my legal powers for some good.

Henry: Right.

Bonnie: Come on, Henry, are you really in a position to look a gift lawyer in the mouth?

Henry: You're right. What do I have to lose, really? This calls for a toast. And, since Carly left me behind the bar --

Bonnie: Oh, foolish woman.

Henry: Desperate woman, really. How about a load of Metro's finest bubbly?

Bonnie: Oh, far be it from me to say no to champagne.

Henry: A toast to new partnership. Vienna, hey! Wait until you hear this.

Vienna: I've seen enough. I don't need to hear anything. Unless you have a death wish, you better step away from that champagne and far, far away from my Henry.

Barbara: This does not sound like Sofie at all.

Paul: I know.

Barbara: I would expect her to dissolve into tears, and, instead, she trashes your place and accuses you of --

Paul: Rape. She accused me of rape.

Barbara: She is clearly far more unstable than we realize.

Paul: I know, and what really gets me is that she has snowed Mike Kasnoff. He believed her every word.

Barbara: Because he's jealous of you and Meg.

Paul: I know. He showed up at my house and tried to get Meg to leave with him.

Barbara: Oh.

Paul: I'm glad she wouldn't leave.

Barbara: Okay, well, at least there's one good thing out of all this. You and Meg are back where you belong.

Paul: Yeah, but Sofie's doing everything she can to try and derail us.

Barbara: Okay, you go back to Meg. You let me handle the Sofie situation.

Paul: No, Mom. You have other things that you need to focus on, and I can fight my own battles. I know exactly how to handle Sofie.

Margo: Oh, well, if it isn't my favorite ex-brother -- well, one of my favorite ex-brother-in-laws.

Mike: I hope I'm not bothering you.

Margo: No, you can never be a bother to me. Come on in. Unless, of course, you're having it out with Paul Ryan down at the station.

Mike: Well, Paul is actually why I'm here.

Margo: Oh great, what's he done now?

Mike: I'm not sure I can tell you.

Margo: Aw, see, now, that's cryptic. Cops hate cryptic. You should know that by now.

Mike: It's just that what Paul did wasn't against me, and his victim doesn't want to come to the police.

Margo: Victim? Okay, now, that's sounding serious.

Mike: It is. It's as serious as it gets. No one should be allowed to commit a crime like this and get away with it.

Margo: Hmm. Well, what exactly was the crime?

Mike: Rape.

[Knock on door]

[Sofie dreaming]

Sofie: Paul.

Paul: I couldn't leave things the way they were.

Sofie: I'm so sorry.

Paul: No, no, no, no, you listen. I'm sorry. I am so sorry. I don't think I'll ever forgive myself.

Sofie: But that doesn't -- it doesn't make up for the way I reacted.

Paul: No, it does. It's a perfectly legitimate excuse. I led you on. I made love with you, and then I pulled away. And I was so cruel that I left you no choice but to do what you did. I only hope that you can forgive me. I only hope that you will let us start again.

Sofie: You really mean that?

[Knock on door]

[Sofie wakes up and answers the door]

Sofie: I have nothing to say to you.

Meg: I have something to say to you.

Sofie: I don't want to hear it.

Meg: You know, Sofie, you really should see a doctor about those cuts on your hands.

Sofie: No, I don't need a doctor.

Meg: You need someone, Sofie. Mike told us what you said about Paul -- about what he supposedly did to you.

Sofie: You came here to defend him. You know, you weren't there, Meg. You don't know what happened.

Meg: You know, I know what it's like to think you're in a certain kind of relationship and then you find out that it's not what you thought.

Sofie: My feelings for Paul are real!

Meg: I know that, I know that. And his feelings for you are real, too, but they're not the same kind of feelings, and I think you know that. That's why you're trying to hurt him.

Sofie: I would never try to hurt Paul. Paul is the one who hurt me.

Meg: I know he did that, but not in the way that you told Mike, is it? Look, Sofie, we've all been in that bad place, where you feel so upset and hurt that the truth doesn't matter. But you could come back from that, and no one's gonna blame you. They'll understand that you've been hurt and upset, and you were just trying to get back at Paul. Nobody's life needs to be destroyed if you just stop this now.

Sofie: I understand.

Meg: Good. You know, even if you don't want to see a doctor, you should have somebody take care of those cuts. The last thing you need is an infection that's gonna land you in the hospital.

Barbara: I believe you. I know that you did not rape Sofie. But is it possible that she has misunderstood something?

Paul: What are you asking me, Mom?

Barbara: I'm saying, is she lashing out at you because of something that she thought was more intimate?

Paul: I slept with her, once, and she tried to get me to repeat that mistake tonight and I said no, and I walked out. So, no, Mother, there is nothing for her to misunderstand -- nothing at all.

[Knock on door]

Mike: Sofie, are you in there?

Sofie: Mike, I'm -- I'm really tired. Can we talk tomorrow?

Margo: Sofie? It's Lieutenant Hughes. Mike asked me to come and talk to you. Could you just open the door, please?

Sofie: Mike, you called the cops, after I told you that I didn't want to talk to them?

Margo: No, no, Sofie, I'm not here as a cop. I'm here as another woman who knows first-hand what you're going through right now.

Sofie: Everybody thinks they know, and everybody thinks they can tell me what to do.

Mike: Just listen to Margo. Maybe she can convince you that --

Margo: Sofie, Sofie, no one is telling you what to do here. I just came to listen, if you want to talk. And if you don't want to do that, then fine. Maybe I'll just tell you what your options are. Because nobody can press charges but you, okay? But I will tell you that the longer you wait, the harder it's gonna be to prove your case.

Sofie: That doesn't matter. I'm -- I'm very sorry that Mike wasted your time, Lieutenant Hughes.

Mike: Sofie! Sofie, please!

Margo: Mike, let it go. Just let it go, let it go. She's gonna do this on her own. Really, if she has been raped, then her freedom of choice has been violated in the cruelest possible way, and I, for one, am not gonna add this to it by trying to make her do something she's just not ready to do right now. Okay?

Mike: Sofie, I -- I didn't mean to pressure you. I just wanted you -- just know that I'm here for you whenever you need me.

Sofie: Please don't go.

Henry: Vienna, Sweetie, listen, Honey, you got this all wrong, all right? She wants to help us.

Vienna: Help us? Her?

Bonnie: You know what, Henry, forget about it. Forget everything I said.

Henry: No, no, Bonnie, please, just five minutes, okay? Just hold on a second, all right? Listen, she is the only one who could help us get our fair share of Gray Gerardís estate.

Vienna: That again? I don't want to touch a penny of that evil man's money. I'm perfectly happy with the way things are.

Henry: Listen, listen, I want to give you back your dreams. And if I can do that -- if I can give them to you with Gray footing the bill -- isn't that the best possible revenge? Come on.

Holden: Carly, hi. Listen, I'm really running late. I have to go. We'll talk when I get back, okay?

Carly: Don't, Holden. Please don't do this to me. Good-bye.

Faith: Did I hear you talking to Dad before?

Lily: Yes, he came by.

Faith: What did he want?

Lily: He wanted to tell us that he's going away for a few days to look at some new horses. He didn't want to interrupt your movie, so he said he'd come back later and tell you girls, say good-bye.

Faith: So, he didn't come to ask for a divorce?

Lily: Of course not. Why would you even think that?

Faith: Because he doesn't live here anymore. Whenever I ask you when he's moving back, you never give me a straight answer.

Lily: Sweetie, we moved back here so that your father and I could figure out how to work things out, how to make things better.

Faith: But things aren't better, are they?

Lily: It takes time. And part of the reason your dad going away is so that he can sort some things out. But when he gets back, things are gonna be a whole lot better, a whole lot faster.

Holden: I don't know what you're talking about.

Carly: Come on. I thought we were friends.

Holden: Of course we are. We are friends.

Carly: Then treat me like one and tell me what is going on with you and if it has anything to do with me.

Holden: Carly, nothing's going on with me.

Carly: Holden, you won't even look at me!

Holden: I'm sorry.

Carly: I just want to be sure this doesn't have anything to do with what happened.

Holden: It doesn't. I just have a lot on my mind. I just need some time for myself. It's not about you. It's about Lily and me, and it's about what's best for us right now. Okay?

Carly: Okay. Good luck. I'm sure you and Lily will work things out.

Henry: Vienna, I stood around and I watched Gray give you all the things that I couldn't afford to give you. And I feel like he is looking up at us now and he is laughing. And all I can hope is that his feet are on fire.

Vienna: All the money in the world didn't even make Gray a fraction of the man that you are. But if this -- if this means that much to you, I'll do whatever it takes, even if it means working with that witch.

Henry: That's my girl. Okay. Well, all right. Bonnie, Vienna is on board. We are now one big, happy, conspiratorial family.

Bonnie: Oh, goodie.

Vienna: If you try anything --

Bonnie: What are you gonna do? Get my order wrong?

Henry: Okay, meow, meow meow, meow. Ladies, if this is gonna work, we're gonna have to retract the claws, all right?

Bonnie: I will if Vienna will.

Vienna: I will. For Henry.

Henry: Okay. Okay. We're making nice now and make this work, right?

Vienna: Of course. Of course.

Bonnie: It'll be my pleasure.

Sofie: I know that you told Paul and Meg what I said.

Mike: I'm sorry. I know it wasn't my place to do that, but the thought of him getting away with rape --

Sofie: I know. I know. I understand. It's okay.

Mike: Okay, I'm glad. Because the last thing I would want to do is make things worse for you than they already are. And whether or not you want to go to the cops is totally your choice.

Sofie: Thank you for that.

Mike: And Paul denied everything, which is no surprise.

Sofie: Yeah, well, I never -- I never thought he'd admit it.

Mike: He called you delusional.

Sofie: He said that?

Mike: Yeah, he'd say anything to cover his tracks. But you don't have to worry about what Paul Ryan says anymore. It doesn't matter. And you have the power to put him away. Just remember that, Sofie.

Sofie: Yeah. I understand that. But right now, all I really want to do is sleep.

Mike: Sure. I'll leave you alone.

Paul: Hi.

Meg: Hey, how did Barbara take the news?

Paul: Well, she was shocked that Sofie would lash out at me like that. And you know my mom. She wanted to control everything and handle everything, but I told her I have everything under control.

Meg: So what are you gonna do?

Paul: Well, I already called my lawyer. It turns out there's a termination clause in my contract with Sofie Duran Designs, so I asked him to pull the trigger on that.

Meg: Don't. Not yet.

Paul: Why? Meg, you were the one who said that I should terminate my business arrangement with Sofie.

Meg: Yeah, uh -- but that was before I went to talk to her.

Paul: You talked to Sofie?

Meg: I know I told you not to, but I couldn't just sit around here waiting to see what the next thing was that she --

Paul: What did you say to Sofie?

Meg: I told her it wasn't too late to stop this, that if she stopped making all these accusations that things would be like the way they were before.

Paul: Well, did she go for it?

Meg: I think by tomorrow morning, all this will be behind us.

[Sofie remembering]

Mike: Paul denied everything. He called you delusional. He'd say anything to cover his tracks. Paul denied everything. He called you delusional. Paul denied everything. He called you delusional. He'd say anything to cover his tracks.

[Sofie remember when she and Paul made love and she goes to the laundry basket and takes out the panties she was wearing]

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