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As The World Turns Transcript Monday 5/26/08

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Meg: Bob.

Bob: Meg. Oh, that was fast. Thanks for coming in.

Meg: No problem. It sounded important.

Bob: Apparently, you have friends in high places.

Meg: What does that mean?

Bob: Well, a member of the board has been lobbying for you to be reinstated here at Memorial.

Meg: I never asked for anybody to do that. In fact, I never thought the hospital was wrong to fire me.

Bob: Well, we certainly had grounds. You caused the death of a patient.

Meg: Yeah, I haven't forgotten.

Bob: Look, I've thought about this long and hard. Except for that very serious error, you were, and I think you can be again, an excellent nurse. And there certainly is a shortage around here at the moment.

Meg: If that's an offer --

Bob: If you're interested.

Meg: Well, first, I'd need to know who talked to you about me?

Barbara: Oh, thank you.

Paul: You're welcome.

Barbara: Thank you very much. Mmm. I can't.

Paul: No, no, you need to get something in your system.

Barbara: Can I please wait till it cools down? Thank you.

Paul: Hurts that much?

Barbara: Yeah, after a treatment it's always worse. Can we talk about something besides my cancer? That would be great.

Paul: Okay. You know, I talked to Meg, and I told her that you had an ulterior motive in hiring her as your nurse.

Barbara: Well, I think she knew that, and she didn't seem to object, and I think she still has feelings for you, so you can't give up.

Paul: Oh, I won't. But if she comes back to me, it should be because I'm behaving honestly. So I need to find you another nurse.

Barbara: Oh, no. No, no, no. I'm not gonna have someone hovering around, hovering over me. No. If Meg has to leave, I can manage by myself, all right?

[Cell phone rings]

Barbara: Hello?

Sofie: Hi, Barbara, it's Sofie. Um, when are you going to be back in Oakdale?

Barbara: Uh, Sofie, I really don't know what my plans are yet. I'm drumming up business. In fact, I have another call on the other line right now with a buyer, so I have to go, and I'll call you as soon as I know what my plans are. Bye.

Paul: Is she freaking out?

Barbara: Probably. You know, I can't believe how this is turning out. I set her up in a business to get her out of your hair, and it looks like I've accomplished exactly the opposite.

Bob: The person asked that the name not be revealed.

Meg: Well, um, I would love to come back to work. I miss being a nurse and I miss this place.

Bob: Then it's official?

Meg: Yes, yes. Thank you so much, Bob -- Dr. Hughes. I promise I won't let you down.

Bob: You'll be on probation for six months.

Meg: Yes, I understand.

Bob: Well, that's settled, then. Can you start tomorrow?

Meg: Only if you don't need me right now.

Bob: Meg, you're being given a second chance to have a career in medicine. And I believe that's where you belong. Good luck.

Aaron: What's wrong?

Alison: Nothing.

Aaron: Uh-huh. No way. I know you too well. Something's seriously bothering you.

Alison: It's personal.

Aaron: Okay. Well, we're friends and I can take it, so just say what's on your mind.

Alison: Okay. I need to ask you a question. Do you think I'm crazy?

Chris: Hey, uh, have you seen Alison Stewart today?

Nurse: Nursing students have exams all week in classes.

Chris: Right. I knew that.

Aaron: You, crazy? Oh, yeah, you're crazy -- in a good way.

Alison: I'm not kidding, Aaron. Do you think I'm losing it?

Aaron: As in unstable?

Alison: Exactly.

Aaron: Why are you asking me this?

Alison: In other words, yes. Great, great. I'm in the middle of exams, and you're telling me I should be put in a rubber room. [Cell phone rings ] Oh, perfect timing, Chris.

Aaron: Well, aren't you gonna answer it?

Alison: No. You can talk to him if you want. I'm sure the two of you have a lot to talk about.

Aaron: Okay, stop. Time out. Look, I know I didn't do anything, so what's going on with Chris?

Alison: He said I need a shrink. And he's right. I am a total mess.

Casey: Here are the facts from the Love Lives columnists.

Emily: Thank you. Did you give it a first read?

Casey: Relationships aren't really my area of expertise, if you haven't noticed.

Emily: Why don't you -- why don't you call the other reporters and remind them they're on deadline?

Casey: Already done.

Emily: Well, then, find something else to do, Casey. Just find something else to focus on other than me.

Casey: I want to, but I can't. 

Emily: Will you stop? Standing there staring at me is not part of your job description.

Casey: You're staring, too.

Emily: I am not. I'm -- I'm waiting for you to go back to your desk, because this is an office, not a love --

Casey: Oh, come on, you're thinking about it, too, aren't you?

Emily: No, I'm not. But even if I were, the only thing that's gonna happen here from now on is work. We agreed on that, right? So you're gonna have to find some way to do just your job.

Casey: Is it really that easy for you? Because my mind keeps going back to you and me and the past few nights and what we're doing in my imagination.

Emily: Casey, stop it!

Casey: Believe me, I want it out of my head. Do you think if I, like, bash my head with this, like, the image of you on the desk --?

Emily: Stop it. The topic of the other night is off limits permanently. Stop talking about it.

Casey: I get that in theory, but I cannot forget how good it felt, how you looked, how you touched me. Do you see what I mean? I can't stop thinking about --

Emily: Stop, stop, stop. I have some incentive for you.

Casey: What's this?

Emily: It's your paycheck.

Casey: Oh. What?

Emily: What? What's the problem?

Casey: It's not enough.

Emily: Casey, you know what your salary was when you took this job. Just because you and I --

Casey: No, no, it's not that. It's all these taxes they took out. There's hardly anything left.

Emily: What do you care? You live with your parents and you eat their food. You don't pay any bills. You certainly don't pay rent. I mean, you walk from their house to your job, so you don't need a car. You really don't need to work, do you?

Casey: Okay, that's besides the point. I earned this money. Why do I have to give it to the government? What have they done for me besides lock me up and feed me crappy food three times a --

Emily: What's with the attitude?

Casey: I took some money, okay? And I need to pay someone back.

Emily: Oh, God, Casey, what the hell have you done now?

Bob: You're upset?

Chris: Yeah, I am a little. I'm trying to get a hold of Alison, but she's avoiding me.

Bob: Why?

Chris: I messed up. I was only trying to help, but I ended up saying the wrong thing. It was stupid and hurt her feelings, and I regret it, but I can't tell her that unless she answers her phone.

Aaron: So why would Chris tell you that you needed to see a shrink? Because if anybody needs a personality adjustment, it's him.

Alison: Not helpful, Aaron.

Aaron: I'm serious. If he's making you feel insecure --

Alison: No, he's not. I really care about Chris. And most of the time, it feels good, it feels right when I'm with him. But then I don't know, I just get freaked out and then I push him away. And there's just all this extra pressure right now, you know? I'm trying to not fail my exams. I mean, I could get kicked out of the nursing program.

Aaron: That's what you need to be focusing on.

Alison: I was, and Chris has been helping me with studying, and that was great until --

Aaron: He tried something.

Alison: It was 100% my fault. I'm serious, Aaron. I led him on. I mean, we were alone in his room.

Aaron: Take it from a guy, okay? That whole "You led him on" thing, that's a bogus excuse.

Alison: He didn't say it. I did. I mean, the whole reason we were in his room was because I didn't want the other students to see us together because then they might think --

Aaron: That you're sleeping with him to get ahead.

Alison: Which I swear I am not doing.

Aaron: Of course you're not. It's me. Of course you wouldn't do that. Plus you just told me you haven't slept with the guy.

Alison: Aaron, of all people, I should not be talking about this with you.

Aaron: Who else knows you like I do?

Alison: Aaron.

Aaron: No, it's cool. I just think you deserve better, okay? And I'm not gonna hold back from anything just because you like the guy, okay? If he doesn't treat you right, I'm gonna get in his face.

Alison: You don't have to. I told him I don't want his help anymore, which means I'm on my own, which means I'm basically screwed.

Aaron: Hold on. Just hold on, okay? Maybe there's another way.

Chris: I was helping Alison study for her exams. It was already starting to pay off. She was getting the hang of it, starting to relax a little bit.

Bob: I saw the anatomy grades. She passed, but not by much.

Chris: She'll get her grades up. She was already starting to do better until I scared her off.

Bob: What happened?

Chris: Well, I had an attack of brutal honesty. We were having relationship issues, and I told her she needed therapy.

Bob: Oh, good move. Considering Alisonís history.

Chris: Yeah, do you have to rub it in, Dad?

Bob: You said you made a mistake. I'm just agreeing with you. Look, you know, you two are really in different places. She's trying to find herself, and your career is about to take off, and, well, maybe it's just a matter of bad timing.

Chris: Maybe. But the thing is, Dad, I know she's got what it takes to be a good nurse someday. And if I mess that up for her, I will never forgive myself.

Bob: If she wants to be a nurse, she's got to do it herself. She can't expect you to be by her side every time she comes to work.

Chris: Yeah, I know.

Bob: Well, if you really want to help her, why don't you apologize and try again?

Aaron: So, do you think you can tutor her? You know, at least until the exams are over?

Alison: It wouldn't be for free. I would pay you whatever you think is fair.

Meg: No, it's not the money, you guys. I just got my job back. Starting tomorrow, I'm gonna be a nurse at Memorial again.

Alison: Oh, that's great.

Aaron: Wow, that's great. That's nice.

Meg: Yeah, thanks. I'm thrilled.

Alison: Well, you should be. You know what, forget about what Aaron said about the tutoring. You're gonna be up to your ears in work.

Meg: No, no, no, no. Wait a minute. I never said no. Now, I'm not gonna have a ton of time, but I will definitely help. And I won't take any money for it, okay, so don't even think about paying me.

Alison: This is so awesome. I don't know how to thank you both.

Aaron: Pass your test with flying colors.

Alison: Well, the next one is microbiology, so I'll be happy to pass at all.

Meg: Don't worry. There's memory things you could do that will get you through the test. They're even kind of fun.

Alison: Yeah, well, it's only fun to you because you've passed and you have your license. For me, it's hell. But if I have to burn these damn lists into my head, I will.

Meg: Well, good. Then why don't you come by the farm later and we can do some work.

Alison: Okay. I just need to go by the hospital, get my books and I will be right over.

Aaron: I'll walk you out.

Meg: No hurry. There's something I need to do first.

Alison: Okay.

Barbara: So, should I cancel the show?

Paul: No, Mom, you can't cancel the show. You got people flying in from Chicago and New York. If you cancel, they can't rebook.

Barbara: Okay, if they come in and Sofie's a train wreck, I'm gonna lose them permanently --

Paul: Crack the whip --

Barbara: She's not turning out enough pieces.

Paul: She just needs a little encouragement, that's all.

Barbara: That's what I'm worried about. You shouldn't be encouraging her.

Paul: Mom, I know how to keep my distance, at least where Sofie's involved.

Barbara: You're not the one I'm worried about, Paul.

Paul: Well, give her some time. I have a knack for making all women hate me eventually.

Barbara: Yeah, well, there's a difference here, and the difference is that you're not in love with her. She sees it as a supreme challenge.

Paul: Well, you know, once she sees me playing the boss, I'm sure she'll never want to see me again.

Barbara: You have to let her know that I'm okay. She can't know that I'm not feeling well. You got to keep her working 24/7 so she can meet the deadline, okay? Please.

Paul: Look, I'll go hold her hand. You get out your little black book and work your magic and drum up enough buyers that their business takes off, and soon, she'll be so busy selling jewelry that she won't have time to think about me.

Casey: When I got back from prison, I was working at the Lakeview, and I took some money from the register. It was one time, but it was a lot.

Emily: Didn't you do the same thing at Crash?

Casey: Thanks for reminding me.

Emily: Oh, Casey. You're not gambling again, are you?

Casey: No, no, no, I swear. This was about getting out of jail. I bribed a guard at Statesville to get me early release. I needed to pay him the money or something bad was gonna happen.

Emily: Well, it seems like it already has.

Casey: It gets worse. I stole the money and somebody else took the blame.

Emily: Who?

Casey: This guy Travis. He really needed the job, and he got fired.

Emily: Did anybody suspect you?

Casey: No, but I want to make amends. You know, I figured I'd pay my grandma back and maybe give some money to Travis, not that it's gonna make up for getting him fired, but it's something. But at this rate, that's not gonna happen this century.

Emily: Yes, it is. You're gonna pay Lisa back.

Casey: How?

Emily: I'm gonna give you the money.

Casey: I don't want your charity.

Emily: Well, tough. Everybody deserves a chance for a clean slate, and you know what? Somebody helped me once, so now it's my turn to pay it forward. Thank you.

Casey: I just feel weird taking your money.

Emily: It's a loan, Casey, it's not a gift. And I'll take a little bit out of your paycheck every week until you pay me back.

Casey: Then I'll be working here a really long time.

Emily: I guess so. But don't worry, I won't expect any special services in return.

Casey: Wish you did.

Emily: Will you stop it? Are you gonna accept the money or not?

Casey: Okay. Thank you so much.

Emily: There is one string attached. You have to tell Lisa the truth.

Chris: Ali, please don't run away from me.

Alison: I don't have much time.

Chris: You know, you've been avoiding me, and I don't blame you. I messed up. Please just give me a chance to apologize.

Alison: You want to apologize?

Chris: Don't look so shocked.

Alison: Well, I am. You know, especially since you're the world's foremost authority on everything, especially me.

Chris: Okay, we've established you're still angry.

Alison: Crazy, isn't it? I must need therapy.

Chris: You done?

Alison: You tell me, Doctor.

Chris: I'd be annoyed at me, too, but look at it this way. Maybe you're not the only one that needs help. Maybe you can teach me a thing or two.

Barbara: Hi. What are you doing here?

Meg: Barbara, lie down. Come on, before you fall down.

Barbara: Oh, for Pete sakes.

Meg: Come on.

Barbara: You know, it's nothing a little good news wouldn't help.

Meg: Well, I have some.

Barbara: Yeah? Good. Tell me.

Meg: I just met with Bob Hughes.

Barbara: Oh.

Meg: He, uh, he gave me my old job back.

Barbara: That's wonderful. Wonderful.

Meg: Okay, don't pretend you're surprised. I know you're behind it.

Barbara: You're a good nurse. I mean, you got me to take orders, and I don't take orders from anybody. You got to share that talent.

Meg: Thank you.

Barbara: I'm gonna to get us a little coffee, okay?

Meg: Hey, hey, hey. What are you doing? Come on, lie down. Lie down.

Barbara: I just stood up too fast, that's all.

Meg: Have you eaten? You know, you're a lousy patent.

Barbara: No one's ever told me that. It would be rude.

Meg: Well, tough. Come on, lie down. All the way down. Come on. I'm gonna take your temperature.

Barbara: You don't have to do that. It's really not necessary.

Meg: Yes, it is. You said it yourself. I'm a good nurse. Which means I am not walking out that door until I know that you're all right.

Paul: Beautiful.

Sofie: Oh, my God. Paul, you scared me. How long have you been there?

Paul: Not a long time. I didn't want to disturb your concentration.

Sofie: Well, you need a steady hand to set the stone just right. When I get tired, start getting lazy, it gets harder.

Paul: Yeah, I'm guessing the three cups of coffee aren't really helping you.

Sofie: You know, I can't sleep if I'm gonna make the deadline for the show. You know, it's not just the jewelry. It's all these other things. I had no idea.

Paul: How can I help?

Sofie: Well, um, I do need a price list for the buyers. I mean, I know how much it costs to make each one, but I have no idea how much the markup should be.

Paul: You should get away with as much as you can. Don't sell yourself short, Sofie.

Sofie: That's, uh, midnight secret.

Paul: Oh, it is, huh?

Sofie: Yeah. I kind of came up with the name and a back story for each one. It helps when I'm trying to make them. I know it sounds dumb.

Paul: No, it sounds genius. It's a great marketing strategy.

Sofie: Really?

Paul: Yeah. So, what's the story with this one? What's your midnight secret?

Sofie: Well, you know, it's kind of embarrassing to do this in front of somebody.

Paul: Okay, pretend I'm not here.

Sofie: That's impossible. You know, it would help if I were wearing it.

Casey: I figured I'd give the money back without going into all the details.

Emily: How? What, you gonna hand her a wad of cash? "Here, Lisa. Here's a whole lot of money."

Casey: No, no, no. I'll tell her I made a mistake at the register.

Emily: Three months ago, and you suddenly remembered?

Casey: It's not like my grandma's gonna give me the third degree. She wants me to be an upright citizen. I'll give her the money back. She'll be so -- yeah, you're right. This plan sucks.

Emily: Yeah. I mean, is the point technically make amends for what you did while you're basically getting away with it or do you really want to clear your conscience? Because door number two means you have to come clean. I mean -- look at me -- all the way clean. You need to accept responsibility for what you did and ask for forgiveness.

Casey: It's not that simple, Emily, okay? I stole, therefore I violated my probation. If I tell the truth, I can go back to jail. Maybe that's what you want.

Emily: What I want? Why would you say something like that?

Casey: Because of what happened between us.

Emily: Even if I wanted you out of my life, I wouldn't send you to jail to do it. What kind of person do you think I am?

Casey: I'm trying to figure that out.

Emily: This isn't about you and me, Cas. I care about you. I care about what happens to you. You're --

Casey: A good kid? What?

Emily: No. You're a man. And I meant it when I said it to your father and I mean it now. The question is, are you ready to live up to it?

Casey: So you want me to just walk up to my grandma, tell her I ripped her off and got some innocent guy fired because I bribed a prison guard? Yeah, that's gonna be a cinch.

Emily: It's not about the money. Lisa can afford it, but if you're not willing to tell her the truth, okay, it makes you a coward. Or maybe a child.

Casey: You're right. But for the record, this bites.

Emily: I agree. Take it. It's gonna be okay, Cas. Your grandma loves you.

Alison: I do have feelings for you. I just hate feeling like my mind wants one thing and my body wants something else.

Chris: Well, my mind and body want the exact same thing. But, hey, there's no pressure. I'm cool with waiting.

Alison: Okay. I can't spread myself too thin. I have to get my grades up so I don't get kicked out of the nursing program.

Chris: I know. I know that's what's most important right now, but selfishly, gosh, you know how I feel about you, Ali. And when the time is right, I'm not gonna give up on us.

Alison: Good. Donít.

Chris: In the meantime, I'll still tutor you if you want me to.

Alison: Us, I think I have the studying thing covered for now. Besides, if we're gonna try to have a future, it's probably best that we keep the two things separate.

Chris: Okay. As long as you promise to call me if you have any trouble.

Alison: I will. This was good.

Sofie: The stone is hot. Like the heat inside a woman's soul.

Paul: You know, smart people get paid a lot of money to come up with a slogan like that.

Sofie: You think that was a slogan?

Paul: Sofie, I think that women, you know, they don't just buy things. They want to buy an experience. And, uh, if you come up with a story like that for each one of your pieces, you'll sell them all in no time.

Meg: Well, it's a little high, but that's to be expected with your treatment.

Barbara: Thank you for being so concerned.

Meg: I have good reason. I don't want to scare you.

Barbara: I know how sick I am.

Meg: Then you also know that you need to take better care of yourself, and that means sleep.

Barbara: I have a lot of phone calls I have to make right now.

Meg: You need to take a nap first.

Barbara: No --

Meg: I mean it, Barbara!

Barbara: Fine.

Meg: And don't think the minute that I walk out that door that you'll be getting up. Because I'm gonna be sitting on that couch over there and reading a few magazines to make sure that you fall asleep.

Barbara: Don't you have a job you have to get to?

Meg: Yeah, tomorrow. Right now I could sit here all day.

Sofie: Paul, you're right. You are so right. Women, they -- they want to buy something with history attached. It's why they like vintage. Do you think I should name the whole collection "Secret Stories" or something?

Paul: That's great. And I got an idea. We, uh -- I'll call graphics, and we'll have personalized scrolls made up for each one of the --

Sofie: Scrolls? That's perfect!

Paul: You think?

Sofie: Yeah.

Paul: You know, you got a gold mine here, Sofie.

Sofie: I couldn't have done it without you.

Paul: You're kidding, right? You're the artist. I'm just, like, a marketing guy.

Sofie: Yeah, well, whatever you are, you make me think bigger than I do on my own.

Paul: Well, that's my job. I got to take care of a bunch of stuff. All right?

Sofie: Wait. No, we just did the first one. I have to do the rest before the party.

Paul: Yeah, you do. You better get started.

Sofie: Not without you.

Paul: Yeah, Sofie, you can do this. I got to go to the Lakeview and take care of some of the details for the party. And I'll find someone to take care of those scrolls.

Sofie: No, no, no. I want to do that. I want to do that. I know calligraphy, and it feels like part of the whole piece.

Paul: Okay.

Sofie: I just need the ink and paper.

Paul: Fine. You'll have it within the hour.

Sofie: Paul, this is amazing.

Paul: Okay. I gotta go now. I'm gonna go do my job. You stay here. You do yours.

Casey: Hey, Grandma.

Lisa: Oh, hi, Honey.

Casey: Do you have a minute to talk?

Lisa: I have many minutes for you.

Casey: Good.

Lisa: Is everything okay?

Casey: Um, can we sit down for a second?

Lisa: Yeah, sure we can. Oh. What's this?

Casey: Open it.

Lisa: Oh, Honey. What's this all about?

Casey: I took it from the register when I was working here. I -- I -- you know, I wasn't gambling. I just had to pay back a debt. I'm sorry.

Lisa: Oh, Casey, no.

Casey: No, I am so sorry. I know. But I was desperate, and now I'm making up for it.

Lisa: Where did you get this money?

Casey: Emily gave me an advance against my salary. You know, I told her what happened, and she wanted to help me end this part of my life and move on.

Lisa: Well, I'm afraid it's not quite that simple.

Meg: Hey.

Paul: Hey.

Meg: What are you doing here?

Paul: I could ask you the same question, but -- to tell you the truth, I don't really care. 

Meg: I came by to, uh, thank Barbara for getting me reinstated at the hospital.

Paul: What? She did that?

Meg: Apparently, although she doesn't want me to know. But it was mentioned when it was incentive for me working for her, so I think she actually went through with it.

Paul: And that makes you happy.

Meg: Very.

Paul: I can tell. You're glowing. Is there a way I can twist this and make it somehow something I did?

Meg: No, it's too late. Frankly, um, I do appreciate you listening to me and not helping.

Paul: No problem. You're welcome.

Meg: I can't believe I fell asleep on the couch. I was just making sure that Barbara fell asleep, but now that you're here, I'm gonna go.

Paul: You should see -- I'm not used to seeing her quiet. It's peaceful.

Meg: Your mother's relentless.

Paul: Yeah, it's a family trait. But we're both working on it.

Meg: Good.

Paul: Look, as long as she is asleep, can I give you a ride home?

Lisa: Darling, don't you understand? This is not just about the money. You let somebody take the rap for you.

Casey: Yeah --

Lisa: And then you didn't say a word.

Casey: I hate that I did that, yes. And I'm gonna apologize to Travis, too. I was wondering if -- if you can give him his job back.

Lisa: I see. In other words, you think that that's just gonna wipe the slate clean.

Casey: What am I supposed to do, Grandma? Seriously, tell me, and I'll do it.

Lisa: Have you told your parents?

Casey: I can't tell my mom. If my mom finds out I violated my probation, she has to send me back to prison.

Lisa: That certainly would be something I would not want to happen.

Casey: So, can we keep this between us? You know my mom would react.

Lisa: Yes, I do know. But what kind of message would I be giving to you if I did that? I mean to, what, just sweep the whole thing under the rug? Is that what you want?

Casey: Then you'd give me the message that you love me and that you'll give me a second chance. Please, Grandma, don't tell my parents.

Lisa: I'm really gonna have to think about this.

Bob: Well, you look a little better.

Chris: I took your advice. I went to Alison and apologized.

Bob: And it went well?

Chris: Well, she doesn't want me to do any more tutoring, but she mentioned something about us having a future together, which is a step in the right direction.

Bob: Good. Well, let her do things her way for now. And, listen, if things are right, she'll come back to you.

Chris: Thanks, Dad. If you hadn't told me to keep trying, I would've just --

Bob: Well, you know, I picked up a few smart things through the years. Thanks to your mother.

Chris: Yeah. Yeah, I guess you have.

Alison: Wow, what is all this?

Aaron: This is study supplies. We got soda. We got coffee. We got cookies for energy. We got carrots for your little brain. And we have those little licorice twisty things that you like, so you can reward yourself when you're right.

Alison: What, like I'm a dog? I get a treat when I get an answer right?

Aaron: Yeah, call me the nurse whisperer.

Alison: You actually make me look forward to studying.

Aaron: Now all we need is your tutor.

Meg: Well, thank you for the ride.

Paul: You're welcome.

Meg: I should go.

Paul: Meg -- wait.

Emily: How'd it go?

Casey: I could be in big trouble.

Meg: You know what, Paul? It's going so well, and I don't want to --

Paul: It's important. I think you're incredible. And I want to thank you for taking such good care of my mom.

Meg: That's my job.

Paul: Not really. I mean, not given the circumstances.

Meg: She's not well.

Paul: Well, you could've passed her off to another nurse. I mean, given my unfortunate connection with my mother and all the grief that I've caused you. You came to her rescue, and I think that says a lot about you as a person and as a nurse.

Meg: Well, the patient I lost wouldn't agree. But she can't weigh in, can she?

Paul: I think you've suffered enough for that, don't you?

Meg: Yeah, it feels as though I can never make up for it, though. I wasn't professional that day. I was careless and self-involved, and I can't let that happen again.

Paul: Meg, stop. You're a really good person. You're swell. And, uh, no matter what happens with you and I, just want you to know that that's how I think of you.

Meg: So, that's it?

Paul: Yeah, that's it. Why? What were you expecting?

Meg: Oh, uh, I'm not sure. But that's good.

Paul: Good?

Meg: Good.

Sofie: Okay. It's blue. Blue. Blue moon. Blue -- blue -- blues -- blues big -- blue ball of nothing. Okay. Okay. This one is called awakening. Because -- because --

[Sofie imagining]

Paul: Because seeing you wear it -- opened my eyes -- awakened the hearts of two lonely people -- made them realize that they belong together.

Meg: Okay, so are you ready to start?

Alison: Thanks to Aaron, I am more than prepared.

Meg: Oh, wow. Nice, uh, spread, Nephew. Are you gonna stick around?

Aaron: No. No, I've got things to do. This is your gig.

Meg: Okay. Well, I'm gonna go upstairs and change, and then we can hit the books. Uh, what's the, uh, subject again?

Alison: Microbio.

Meg: In that case, save me some cookies.

Alison: Thank you.

Aaron: It's not a big deal, Alison.

Alison: Yes, it is. Because of you, I'm starting to believe I can actually do this.

Casey: She's thinking it over whether or not to send me back to Statesville. I should've just kept my mouth shut.

Emily: No. No, Lisa adores you. She would never put you in danger. She was just trying to scare you straight.

Casey: You didn't see her face. She was dead serious about talking to my mom.

Emily: No.

Casey: You don't know my family like I do. Okay? I should've just sent the money anonymously.

Emily: Casey, you're wrong, all right? Listen to me. You did the right thing coming clean. You can't do something like this halfway. It defeats the purpose.

Casey: I know. You're right. You're right that I fessed up, too. Whatever my grandma does, I'll have to deal with it. I hope she lets it go, but if she doesn't, I'm ready to face whatever happens.

Lisa: Hey, Tom, uh, Honey, I need to see you. It's about Casey.

Emily: You're really worried, aren't you?

Casey: I'm glad I did it. You know? If I'd have just sent the money, it wouldn't have meant anything. So, whatever happens, happens.

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