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As The World Turns Transcript Thursday 5/22/08

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Vienna: Ow. Ow. Oh. Ow, ow, ow, ow! Henry, can you take these please? Hurry! Ohh.

Henry: Aha. Pepparkakor emergency?

Vienna: Oh, I burned my hand on the oven. I think it's starting to blister.

Henry: Oh, that oven. That oven's a hazard. Here. Give me that. Is that better?

Vienna: Oh. Oh, you poor thing.

Henry: That serves me right for not stretching before I played cavalier and milkmaid with you, my darling.

Vienna: Oh, no, what am I thinking? In a minute we'll have a bunch of teenagers storming in, demanding food.

Henry: Sweetheart, you're running yourself ragged. You know that.

Vienna: Oh, yeah, but it's so nice to make some extra money. Do you think -- do you think the schools have parties in the summer, too?

Henry: You know what? Cool your jets, my eager entrepreneur. After tonight -- after tonight, we won't have to rent this place out for high-school dances just to make ends meet.

Vienna: Henry?

Henry: Hmm?

Vienna: What have you done?

Henry: Just something that will deliver us to the life of luxury to which I would love to become accustomed.

Janet: Well? Doesn't she look fabulous?!

Brad: Mm-hmm. Here.

Liberty: What -- what is this for?

Brad: You don't need all that makeup.

Katie: Brad, let's go.

Janet: Wait. Whoa, whoa, whoa. I thought that we were taking Liberty to the dance.

Liberty: Okay, whoa. Taking me? What am I? Twelve? Besides, Dad and Katie have a little date night.

Janet: Oh, is that a fact?

Katie: Well, Liberty, have a great time. You look amazing.

Brad: Really, lose -- lose the makeup. Come on.

Liberty: Okay, go. Bye. See you later. Have fun. Bye. Bye.

Brad: Liberty, seriously. I know what I'm talking about here. Liberty. How many boys are there going to be at that dance?

Katie: Oh, Janetís has been watching out for Liberty her whole life. I think she can handle her one more night.

Brad: But who's gonna handle Janet?

Katie: I don't care as long as it's not you.

Brad: All right, uh -- I almost forgot.

Katie: Is that for Liberty?

Brad: No. It's for you, Dummy. Happy date night, wife.

Katie: Ohh. Thank you, Husband.

Lily: Faith is going to love these.

Holden: I already gave Faith hers. Those are for you.

Lily: I didn't expect you to --

Holden: Well, Faith said to me yesterday that corsages are old-fashioned. So I thought I'd get her some flowers. And while I was there --

Lily: Thank you. I'll get a vase.

Janet: Oh, look what I found. Here, try that one.

Liberty: Mom, seriously, this is red. Dad kind of told me to tone it down.

Janet: Listen, your father's a sweetheart, but men don't know anything about makeup, okay? Trust me. When I am through with you, the boys will be drooling over you. Whoo-hoo! Oh, here's one. That's a good color. Try that one.

Liberty: Okay, okay, okay. Mom, seriously, you're making me late.

Janet: That's okay. You'll just make a grand entrance. So, listen. Are you gonna -- are you gonna dance with Parker? Hmm?

Liberty: Mom, who goes to a dance to dance?

Carly: Hey, why are you wearing those ratty shoes? I bought you a new pair last week.

J.J.: I can't wear those shoes to play basketball.

Carly: You're gonna play basketball at the school dance, J.J.?

J.J.: Well, there's, like, hoops, like, two doors down from Al's.

Carly: Would -- would you do something?

Jack: Change your shoes, please. Now.

J.J: What's that smell?

Carly: Uh, well, I think its cologne. I think Parker smells very good.

J.J.: Parker smells like a girl.

Jack: J.J., go. Go now.

Carly: Do you two think you could manage not to fight tonight?

Parker: We won't if you guys donít.

Jack: You don't have to worry about us.

Parker: Promise?

Jack: I have no problem keeping that promise. How about you, Carly?

Lily: Faith is feeling a little insecure about what she's wearing, so be sure to compliment her, okay?

Holden: Okay, I'll do that. Is that a new dress? It's nice.

Lily: Thank you. Your collar's all funny. Let me fix it for you.

Holden: I'll pull the car around.

Lily: Holden, are you going to pull away every time I get near you?

Holden: Lily, I did not pull away.

Lily: Well, standing there and not touching me? It amounts to the same thing.

Holden: I'm trying.

Lily: No, I feel like I'm the only one that's trying here. Faith. Sweetie. You look so beautiful.

Faith: Thanks.

Holden: You know what? Stay right there. I'm gonna get a camera.

Lily: I'm gonna finish fixing these flowers. You grab my purse, and then we can hit the road.

Faith: I'm not going. I have a stomachache.

Lily: Sweetie, we both know that's not true.

Carly: Parker, will you go outside and make sure that your sister's bike is in the garage?

Parker: Why? So you guys can fight about not fighting?

Jack: Parker.

Parker: I'm going.

Carly: So, what was that crack about me not being able to keep a promise?

Jack: Just proving my point. You're fighting with me, Carly. I am not fighting with you.

Carly: It wouldn't even be an issue if you didn't insist on chaperoning this dance with me. Why are you doing it?

Jack: It had nothing to do with you. I just need to keep a closer eye on Parker.

Carly: Parker's not gonna get into trouble at a school dance. Besides, I'm gonna be there.

Jack: Did you know he never made it over to his buddy Tysonís house the other night?

Carly: No, he -- he told me that's where he was going.

Jack: No, he let us believe he was going over there, but where he really went was to the Lakeview, and he hung out with Liberty all night in her room alone.

Carly: Why am I just finding out about this now? How did you find out?

Jack: Katie told me. You should have known where he was, Carly.

Carly: I was working! You had the night off as I remember.

Jack: Oh, yes, and I guess it was my fault to assume that you would call Tysonís mom to make sure that Parker got there.

Carly: I was working, Jack! And I didn't think he'd lie about something like that. Clearly, neither did you!

Jack: You got to keep a tighter rein on these kids, Carly.

Carly: Well --

[Door slams]

Parker: Three minutes, and you guys are back at it again. We obviously need to talk.

Faith: Why do I have to go to the dance if I'm sick?

Lily: You don't -- if you're really sick. But if you're just scared or nervous --

Holden: Everything okay?

Lily: Holden, why don't you bring the car around? Faith and I just need another minute.

Faith: You can't make me go.

Lily: True.

Faith: Okay, fine. I guess I'm staying here, then.

Lily: Faith, Sweetie. Is this about a boy that you like? No, okay. It's about the girls scratching your eyes out because you look so beautiful. Is this about your daddy and me?

Faith: Are you guys ever gonna get back together?

Lily: We are together, Sweetie. I know things seem a little tense.

Faith: Well, why can't you just kiss and be okay like you used to do?

Lily: Because we don't want to be okay for just a little while. We want to be okay forever, and that just doesn't happen all at once. It takes little steps.

Faith: Like Dad buying you flowers. Was that a little step?

Lily: Yes, it was.

Faith: Well, did you get him anything? What's your little step?

Lily: Patience. Today my step is patience. I think your dad would really like that. And I know he'd love it if you went to the dance and had a good time -- I mean, unless you really don't want to.

Faith: Let's go.

Holden: Okay, you ready?

Faith: Dad, thanks for getting me flowers.

Holden: You're welcome. What just happened?

Lily: I think our daughter just smiled. You think that'll happen again tonight?

Holden: Good thing I got the camera.

Parker: This is a big night for me, and you two need to respect that.

Jack: It might have sounded like we were arguing, but we weren't, not really.

Carly: We were talking about you, actually. You told me that you were over at Tysonís the other night. Where were you?

Parker: I was at a friend's house.

Jack: Parker, come on.

Parker: Okay, I went and saw Liberty.

Carly: You lied to me.

Parker: You never said I couldn't see her.

Jack: No, no, we haven't said that, not yet, but we're not big fans of her behavior -- cutting school, shoplifting.

Parker: She's a nice girl. She just gets bored sometimes. You're not actually gonna tell me that I can't see her? If I don't get into trouble --

Carly: You know, I don't know. What do you think?

Jack: If you tell the truth about your whereabouts all the time and nothing but the truth, so help you God. Promise?

Parker: Promise, but it doesn't seem like those mean a lot around here.

J.J.: Are we out of here?

Parker: Yeah. We're gonna wait in the car.

Carly: Liberty. Is she the reason Parker smells like he took a bath in cologne?

Jack: Probably. You ready?

Carly: Yeah. Oh, I'm gonna take my own car.

Jack: Why?

Carly: Uh, well, because we're divorced, you know, and we might want to leave the dance at different times, maybe go our separate ways.

Jack: Suit yourself. I'm not gonna fight with you about it.

Janet: Gee, I wish I had a dance to go to or a date night to go on.

Liberty: Mom, I don't have to go to this dance thing.

Janet: What, after you spent hours getting ready?

Liberty: Okay, it'll probably be really awful and lame and awkward anyway, so we could just go back to the room, put our face masks on like we used to do back home.

Janet: Oh, I have raised the best, most beautiful daughter in the whole world. Oh, Honey, don't worry. I'll be fine.

Liberty: Mom, let go. Let go. Let go.

Janet: What? What? What?

Liberty: Do I look okay?

Janet: Oh, Honey, molto bella. Molto bella. Listen, remember everything tonight, okay? Because when you get home, we're gonna gossip about everything.

Liberty: Okay, okay, okay. Bye! Bye! Oh, hey, Dylan.

Dylan: Hey.

Janet: Bye, Honey! Bye, Libby Lou! Have a good time!

Liberty: Okay, bye.

Dylan: Is that your mom? She looks hot.

Liberty: Oh, her. I have never seen her before in my life. Come on, let's go.

Henry: The little savages are eating like there's no tomorrow. We may have to put out another plate of pepparkakor before the night is through.

Vienna: What did you mean before about plans for a lavish lifestyle?

Henry: I will tell you, Sweetheart, but you have to promise not to scream in front of the kiddies. It's very bad for business.

Vienna: If you don't tell me right now, I'll scream so loud, they're gonna hear me all the way to Argentina.

Henry: Ooh, Argentina. We could afford Argentina, actually. Topless beaches by day, a little tango by night.

Vienna: Henry --

Henry: All right, all right, all right, all right, all right. I'm planning to see a lawyer tonight about getting some of Gray Gerardís estate.

Vienna: Why? We don't want Gray's money.

Henry: Why not? Why don't we want it? It spends as well as anyone elseís. Besides, he owes us for all the suffering that he's caused us.

Vienna: No, there's no need for --

Henry: Hey, aren't you Brad's kid?

Liberty: Yeah.

Vienna: Oh. Oh, you are so beautiful! You're a lucky fella.

Dylan: I guess I am.

Vienna: Henry has told me all about you, but he didn't tell me how lovely you are. And your father -- he's a lovely, lovely man.

Liberty: Thanks.

Henry: This is my partner, Vienna.

Liberty: Wow, you -- you know, you really look like a model or something. Why do you work in a diner?

Vienna: Well, we own this place, and I happen to love working here.

Liberty: Well, whatever floats your boat.

Henry: That's it. That's it. I'm getting you away from burned pinkies and dishpan hands. I'm going to see that attorney.

Vienna: Oh, no, Henry, wait! Don't leave me here alone with all these little savages!

Liberty: So, you want to get some punch or something?

Dylan: I've got a better idea. Since this party pretty much sucks, let's get out of here.

Brad: This was a great idea. It's like our own private screening.

Katie: Yeah, I can see why. This movie sucks.

Brad: Yeah, but it tastes good.

Katie: The popcorn?

Brad: Uh-huh, yeah, that, too.

Janet: Oh, my God! Can you believe this?

Janet: Oh, sorry. Excuse me. I'm just gonna squeeze right over here. Oh, Katie, I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I'm sorry! Oh, all right. I'm in. I'm in. Hey, I can't believe I missed the first part of the movie. What's been going on?

Brad: Okay, the guy with the glasses stole money from the short guy, and the short guy wants to kill him.

Janet: Oh, cool.

Katie: Let's go talk, outside.

Janet: Mm, hey, leave the popcorn. Thanks. I'll watch it for you.

Bonnie: I think you're looking for me, Henry.

Henry: You're Gray Gerardís attorney?

Bonnie: Actually, that's Rick Greenberg, but he was held up in court, and I was retained along with him to handle Gray Gerardís estate.

Henry: Okay, hey, I don't care who writes the checks, just as long as there's lots of zeroes and -- and they don't bounce their way right out of the bank. Now, the guy did try to kill me, so I figure he owes me -- even if he is dead.

Bonnie: You see, there's a problem because Gray Gerard died without a will.

Henry: So, what does that mean to me?

Bonnie: Well, that means -- it means, unless you're his long-lost relative, you don't get a penny.

Henry: I could sue the estate.

Bonnie: You could, but you won't win.

Henry: Bonnie, come on. Look, Vienna and I can't keep slinging pepparkakor for the rest of our lives!

Bonnie: Oh, hey, Vienna, Vienna, Vienna. She put you up to this?

Henry: No.

Bonnie: I should have -- I should have realized that.

Henry: She doesn't care about the money. She doesn't even want the money, but I do.

Bonnie: Sorry, I cannot help you.

Henry: Because he's dead. If the lowlife were still alive --

Bonnie: You could sue him for damages, and you'd actually win.

Henry: That's just my luck. Yeah.

Jack: Hi, Vienna. How can we help?

Vienna: Oh, try to keep the kids from breaking things.

[Glass breaking]

Carly: Oh --

Jack: I'm on it.

Lily: Hey, Faith, isn't that your soccer coach in there?

Faith: Yeah. Can we go say hi?

Lily: Sure. Go ahead. I'll catch up with you guys in a minute.

Holden: Okay.

Carly: Hey.

Lily: Hey.

Carly: Is this a new tactic?

Lily: [Sighs] Crowding Holden doesn't seem to be working, so I thought I'd ease off a bit.

Carly: That's a good idea.

Lily: Yeah. He bought me flowers today. Even smiled once or twice. I figure if I stay close -- but not too close -- eventually he'll stop holding me at arm's length.

Carly: He does love you, you know.

Lily: I hope so. I've loved him ever since I was the age of these kids. I want him back.

Parker: Hey, Bryn, have you seen Liberty?

Bryn: You mean that wild girl who never comes to school?

Parker: That's the one.

Bryn: Yeah, I just saw her outside.

Brad: Katie, Katie, wait -- wait up! I thought you said you wanted to talk?

Katie: I do, as far away from that movie theater as possible.

Brad: Well, Janetís waiting for us. We can't leave without saying goodbye.

Katie: Why not? We're on a date night for two, not three. Janet can find her own date.

[Parker dreaming]

Parker: Hey, Liberty.

Liberty: Hey, tough guy.

Parker: What are you doing all by yourself?

Liberty: I'm just waiting for you to come and find me. You look great. And you smell amazing.

Parker: I thought you'd like it.

Liberty: I do.

[They kiss. Parker shakes his self back awake]

[Parker sees Liberty and Dylan kissing]

Liberty: Hey. What's the matter, tough guy? Haven't you ever seen two people making out before?

Lily: I just feel like something must be missing. There's got to be something I can do or say to make Holden want me again.

Carly: Well, you can't force it. And you can't try any more of your tricks. That'll just make things worse.

Lily: If he could just remember -- coming inside?

Carly: Oh, no, no. Jack's in there. I'll stay out here. It's safer that way.


Jack: You're welcome. There you go. Hey. Hey.

Carly: Hi. How are the kids?

Jack: Well, J.J.'s having a great time. I haven't seen Parker in a while.

Carly: Oh -- I'll take a look.

Jack: So, what were you up to with Lily?

Carly: Talking.

Jack: Planning another conspiracy?

Carly: Yeah. Yeah, Lily's revving up the car right now. I'm gonna get some rope and tie Holden down for her.

Jack: Oh, that would be so funny if we were talking about someone else, but knowing you --

Carly: And nobody knows me like you, right, Jack? And no matter what I do or how much I change, you always expect the worst.

Katie: I just wanted one night where it would just be the two of us.

Brad: And that is exactly what you're gonna get, so forget about the movies and forget about Janet. So, how about this? How about we go swimming in the pond naked?

Katie: Yeah, what if Janet shows up in scuba gear?

Brad: We won't even notice her.

Katie: Whoa, Parker, hey.

Parker: Sorry, sorry. I'm sorry.

Katie: Are you all right? You look spooked.

Brad: Yeah, what are you running from?

Parker: Nothing, nothing. I got to go.

Brad: Wait a second. Wait a second -- did you see Liberty? Was she at the dance? Parker? Did something happen to her?

Dylan: Let's go somewhere else.

Liberty: Okay, we could get some food or whatever.

Dylan: Or we could go somewhere a little more private.

Brad: Parker, talk to me. Did something happen to Liberty? I need to know now! What's going on?

Katie: You're scaring him, Brad.

Brad: No, I'm serious. Did you guys get in some kind of trouble or what?

Parker: It wasn't me.

Brad: It wasn't you, what? What are you talking about? It wasn't you, what? Was it some other guy? Is she with some other guy? Is that it? I'm gonna kill him. I'm gonna kill him.

Jack: Holden seems like he's in a good mood tonight. I just didn't want you and Lily to wreck it. That's all.

Carly: Like I wreck everything else? Our marriage? Our children?

Jack: Not tonight, Carly, please. This is not the time or the place.

Carly: I couldn't agree more.

Vienna: Henry, Henry. You shouldn't have run out like that.

Henry: Yeah, I know, especially since it was a waste of time.

Vienna: I told you, I don't care about anything except you and our little diner and -- what do you mean, it was a waste of time?

Henry: I mean Gerardís money. It's not gonna happen.

Vienna: Darling, it doesn't matter.

Henry: It matters to me! But, according to Bonnie, we just don't have a shot.

Vienna: Okay, Bon-- Bonnie? She's the lawyer you went to see?

Henry: Yeah, I was supposed to meet some guy, but she was filling in for him --

Vienna: That witch has no right to keep that money away from you! Let me at her.

Henry: Vienna, no violence, please. I can't afford to bail you out!


Brad: See? She's gone! I told you it was a waste of time to come back here.

Katie: You needed a chance to cool down.

Brad: Look, my daughter is out with an animal doing God knows what.

Katie: Killing some poor teenaged boy isn't gonna change anything.

Brad: Let's go. She's not coming back. Come on.

Jack: Hey, have you seen your brother around lately?

J.J.: Well, I saw him when we first got here.

Jack: Yeah.

J.J.: But a bunch of his friends went down to the arcade, so I guess he's with them.

Jack: Yeah, I guess. So, that leaves a lot more ladies for you, so why don't you ask one of them to dance?

J.J.: I'm not gonna be the first one out there.

Carly: Hi. How's it going?

Holden: Ah, you know. Good times, bad times.

Carly: Yeah, I do know.

Holden: How's Faith doing?

Lily: Waiting for some boy to ask her to dance, but the boys don't seem to be stepping up.

Carly: I'm gonna go see if I can help Henry.

Holden: Okay. I don't remember being that shy when I was that age.

Lily: Well, why don't we show them how it's done? Dance with me.

Holden: No, you know what? Let's just leave the dancing to the kids.

Lily: Well, come on. Maybe if we start, then they'll follow.

Holden: No, Lily, we're here to chaperone. Let's just leave it at that, okay?

Lily: All right, you know what? Fine, chaperone yourself.

Carly: Want some punch?

Lily: No, but I'd like to punch somebody.

Carly: You want to go for a walk?

Lily: No, why should I leave? He's the one that can't stand to be near me. Let him leave.

Carly: Hey, Lily, just take it easy. In a few days, you and Holden are gonna be back on track. You won't even remember this.

Lily: I am never gonna forget this. And you're supposed to be my friend.

Carly: I am.

Lily: Then stop defending Holden!

Holden: Lily, if you're angry at me, fine. But let's not do this here.

Lily: I am not talking to you.

Holden: You are out of control.

Lily: You think I don't know that? What can I do? I keep waiting for my husband to show up, my husband who loves me and wants me, but all I see is this man who keeps telling me to stay in control! Are you my husband? If you are, then act like it. Be my husband!

Holden: You know what? You need to stop this. I think we should just leave.

Lily: No. Are you my husband or not? Are we married or not?

Jack: Hey! Where do you think you're going?

Carly: Excuse me?

Jack: Why don't you leave Lily and Holden alone? This isn't your business.

Carly: And you have no business telling me what to do! I'm gonna help my friends.

Janet: You two better be here with an apology for running out on me like that.

Brad: Listen, we got a problem.

Janet: You bet we have a problem. You disappeared. I'm starting to think you don't like me.

Brad: Listen to me. Liberty left the dance to make out with some guy.

Janet: Okay.

Brad: Okay? Okay? That's it? That's all you got to say?

Janet: They're teenagers, Bradley. That's what they do. That's what we did.

Brad: Yeah, look what happened to us, Janet.

Janet: Oh, okay, all right, listen. I -- I've had the talk with her. She won't do anything stupid.

Brad: Well, I'm gonna make sure of that. Because I'm going to find my daughter, and I'm gonna teach this boy a lesson!

Katie: Whoa, whoa, whoa, Brad. I think you should just --

Brad: What is wrong with you two? Damn it, Janet. I mean, we don't know who this kid is. He could be into drugs. He could be the kind of kid that doesn't get that no means no!

Katie: Or he could be the kind of kid who just snuck out of the dance to kiss a girl.

Brad: They were kissing an hour ago. I mean, they could have moved things along by now.

Katie: Why don't we all go to Old Town together and look for liberty?

Janet: That's a good idea. Yeah, that's a really good idea. Listen, Bradley, just don't make a big deal out of it, okay? Don't say anything that's going embarrass her.

Brad: Janet, I'm cool. And when I find out who sweet-talked my little girl into leaving that dance, I'm going to calmly smash his face in!

Vienna: I should have known. Only a sleazy lawyer like you would represent an evil person like Gray Gerard.

Bonnie: Well, you slept with the man, so what does that make you?

Vienna: Henry deserves that money from gray's estate. The man kidnapped my Henry and nearly killed him.

Bonnie: Well, that may be true, but Henry doesn't have a case, and he won't get any of Gray's money. That's it. End of story.

Vienna: If you were a good lawyer, you would find a way.

Bonnie: Henry's not my client, Sweetheart.

Vienna: Look at your client. Look at who he hurt -- people you supposedly care about -- Margo Hughes, her family. If you were even a half-decent person, you would find a way to get these victims some justice!

Carly: Well, I'm glad you took off walking and not driving. It would have been hard to catch you in these shoes. Not in the mood for jokes, huh? I want to help, Holden. Just tell me what I should do.

Holden: You want to know what you should do? Go find a big rock, a very large rock, and hit me right here on the back of the head. Hit me very hard.

Carly: Why the back of the head? You don't want me to ruin your handsome face? Really, why do you want me to hit you?

Holden: Because it's my fault. What happened with Lily right now -- my fault.

Carly: How do you figure that?

Holden: Because she's been reaching out to me. I keep pushing her away. I should have just danced with her.

Carly: Why didn't you?

Holden: Because of Faith. I thought that if we got out there on the dance floor and started dancing around, it might embarrass her. I didn't think it would turn into this.

Carly: So you'll go to Lily. You'll talk to her.

Holden: And say what? You know something? There has never been a time when I wouldn't do anything for Lily, I wouldn't be anything for her.

Carly: I think that's lovely.

Holden: Yeah, it's lovely, all right, until something changes or you wake up one day and it's gone and you don't know how to get it back.

Jack: Excuse me. Lily? Look at me. Lily? I need you to do something for me right now. I need you to pull yourself together.

Lily: I don't know if I can.

Jack: Yeah, you have to. Take a look at these kids.

Lily: Oh, my God. Faith. Faith, Sweetie. I am so sorry. I didn't mean to get so upset.

Faith: I want to go home. Now.

Lily: Okay, I'll take you home. I don't know where Holden went.

Jack: I'll find him. I'll tell him you guys went home. I've been looking all over for you. Where have you been?

Parker: Seeing things I didn't want to.

Jack: Like?

Parker: You and Mom yelling at each other again here, in front of everybody. You two just can't stop, can you?

Jack: Parker, I didn't mean to.

Parker: Can we just go?

Jack: Fine. Go grab your brother. Parker, I'm sorry.

Janet: Oh, my God. Oh, my God, Honey, are you okay?

Liberty: Yeah, I'm fine. What are you guys doing here? Why are you worried and everything?

Katie: We just wanted to see how the dance was.

Liberty: Uh, well, it had its moments.

Janet: Okay. Okay, well, um, great. Everything's fine, so good night, Katie and Brad. I'll -- I'll see you guys tomorrow. We'll talk tomorrow.

Katie: Right.

Janet: Okay?

Katie: Right.

Brad: Sure. Okay, tomorrow.

Janet: Yeah.

Brad: Okay.

Katie: Yeah, see ya.

Liberty: Wow, that was so weird.

[Janet smack Liberty]

J.J.: Why's everybody so intense?

Jack: It was a pretty rough night.

J.J.: I guess. Good night, Dad.

Jack: Good night, Buddy. I understand why you're so angry.

Parker: No, you don't.

Jack: You want to explain it to me?

Parker: I just wanted one night when things were good, one lousy night.

Jack: I know, I know, and you had every right to it. And I'm sorry. I'm -- I'm sorry I couldn't give that to you. I made you a promise, and I broke it. I hope you accept my apology.

Parker: Why did you do it?

Jack: Carly and I -- you know what? I got to stop doing that. I got to stop making it about your mother and me. No, tonight -- tonight was all on me. Obviously, I'm still pretty angry about a lot of things, and I just -- I got to -- I got to get over it, get past it. You took off for a while tonight. Where did you go?

Parker: For a walk.

Jack: Did something happen? Do you want to tell me about it?

Parker: I just wish that something would go my way for once.

Jack: Sometimes -- sometimes things just aren't meant to be.

Liberty: Why did you do that? Why did you hit me?

Janet: I know what you were doing with that boy. And if Parker hadn't spilled, I would have been able to see it by the hickey on your neck.

Liberty: It wasn't a big deal.

Janet: After I defended you to your father. I said you were smarter than that!

Liberty: Stop!

Janet: Listen to me. Look at me. This could be your future. You could be 16-years-old and pregnant. Is that what you want? Do you?!

Liberty: No!

Janet: I am here to make sure that that doesn't happen.

Liberty: Mom, I kind of thought you were supposed to be on my side.

Janet: I am. I am on your side.

Liberty: Don't touch me. Don't touch me.

Janet: Please, Libby. I'm so sorry.

Liberty: This is why I wanted to get away from you.

Janet: No, no, no!

Brad: I should have said something. You should have let me say something.

Katie: Like what?

Brad: I don't know, like she needs to take care of herself, stay away from boys. They only want one thing, one thing, Katie. Trust me, I know. And that they're not gonna look out for her, so she needs to look out for herself and never have sex while I'm alive.

Katie: Do you think if you said any of those things to Liberty, she would actually listen?

Brad: Being a parent -- is hard. And the thing is, once you start, you can't stop. It's not like you can just walk away. It's like being in a never-ending car crash. Janet messed Liberty up by letting her get away with murder, and it's like I got to -- get to pick up the pieces.

Katie: That's not fair. And I don't think it's true. Liberty, yes, is very independent for her age, but she's also pretty smart. You just need to learn how to trust her a little bit.

Brad: I'm too worried to trust her.

Liberty: Hey, Katie. Hi, Dad.

Katie: Hey.

Brad: Hey, what are you doing here? Where's your mom?

Liberty: Uh, can I just go home with you guys, like, now?

Katie: Yeah, yeah, of course. Let's go.

Brad: Okay.

Vienna: That woman -- she's a beast!

Henry: You saw Bonnie. Did you do any bodily harm?

Vienna: No, I wanted to, but I didn't. She won't help you. Do you know why?

Henry: Yeah, because she doesn't think I have a case.

Vienna: No, because she's spiteful and cruel. But we're not gonna think about her or Gray Gerard or his money anymore, and that's that.

Henry: Yeah, not quite. I plan on getting what I'm owed if I have to pry it from Gerard's cold, dead hands.

Vienna: This isn't about the money. You want the money because of me, Henry. You want to get back at Gray for sleeping with me.

Henry: The thought never crossed my mind.

Bonnie: We could just treat it like another debt against the estate. I mean, you're getting paid. I'm getting paid. I mean, why shouldn't Henry Coleman get some remuneration for the pain and distress our client caused him? Of course. Of course I understand if you no longer need my services. But the fact still remains that -- hello?

Faith: What happened? I thought that when we left tonight, things were okay with you and Dad.

Lily: I lost my temper, Honey. I shouldn't have.

Faith: But what was all that stuff about patience and little steps?

Lily: All of that was the truth. I just -- I couldn't follow my own advice. Oh, Sweetie, I just -- I'm so anxious for everything to be back the way it was. I want that so much for all of us.

Faith: What does Dad want?

Lily: Good things. Only good things. Go upstairs and get ready for bed, okay? Forgive me.

Carly: Boys in bed?

Jack: Yeah. How are you doing?

Carly: Tired.

Jack: Listen, I want you to know I'm never gonna bully you like that again. And I know it might not seem like it, but I do care about you.

Carly: I know.

[Carly opens the door and Jack leaves]

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Lily: I'm taking the children, and I'm moving back home, and I don't want you to come with us.

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