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As The World Turns Transcript Monday 5/19/08

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Amy: So this guy's about 250 pounds, built like a linebacker. But as soon as he sees the needle, he goes totally white, and his knees start to buckle. Is this okay?

Casey: Um, actually, I was hoping I could --

Alison: You know what? You guys have fun. But I'm gonna get going. I really need to get some book time in.

Amy: No!

Alison: I really have to. See, if I'm gonna see if I can pass the next test by more than two points, then I got to go study.

Amy: Let's go to the ladies' room. We'll be right back.

Casey: Okay.

Alison: Does it matter that I don't have to go?

Amy: What matters is that you stay here. I'm not ready to go solo yet.

Alison: You're doing fine!

Amy: If you leave, he might, too.

Alison: Okay, fine. I will be right there, okay? You do realize she has the hots for you, don't you?

Casey: Yeah, that's why I was getting ready to go.

Alison: Why? She's really nice. And if you haven't noticed, she's good-looking, too.

Casey: I'm just not a really big fan of the whole fix-up thing.

Alison: Oh, no. This wasn't a fix up. It's more like a, uh -- a run into! Come on, Hughes. It's not like you got something else going on, right?

Susan: I just got some wonderful news. Alison passed her makeup exam.

Chris: I know.

Susan: Of course you do. You're the one who made it possible. Because you're taking a very personal interest in Alison's academic career, aren't you?

Chris: I would have thought you'd be happy I helped her.

Susan: I'm happy that she's still in the program. I am not happy about how it happened. Alison shouldn't need help from above to do what all the other people in the program do on their own.

Chris: I just got her a second chance. She passed that test on her own.

Susan: Let's not debate the point, okay? Let's just hope this is the last time you decide to help my daughter.

Liberty: There you are. Ready to get some dinner?

[Knocking on the door]

Janet: Sure.

Liberty: Why are you bothering Brad and Katie?

Janet: Well, I thought I'd ask your father to dinner with us so we can have some nice quality time together.

Liberty: Oh, well, what about Katie? You know, she's kind of his family, too.

Janet: Yeah, well, she can tag along if she wants. Whatever.

Man: Is there something I can do for you?

Liberty: You are so not my dad, and you're definitely not Katie.

Janet: Uh, either we have the wrong room number or there's something fishy going on here.

Brad: Oh, Angelina, you came back.

Katie: Very funny.

Brad: A blindfold?

Katie: Mm-hmm.

Brad: Okay. Something tells me it's gonna be a very kinky night.

Katie: Oh, you won't believe what I'm about to show you.

Alison: Come on. If you have something else going on, tell me. Your secret's safe with me.

Casey: Nothing's going on.

Alison: Well, that can change, my friend, and quickly. So when Amy comes back, turn on the charm, and you might end up having a good night.

Emily: Do you want to tell me what the hell is going on?

Casey: Are you following me?

Emily: I know that you are upset and angry because I fired you.

Casey: I quit.

Emily: But that does not give you the right to pay me back by going after my sister!

Casey: Are you off your meds or something?

Emily: I'm not kidding around! You don't know what Ali's been through.

Casey: You're right. This is no joke. But do you hear yourself? Like, first of all, seeing how you broke it off between us --

Emily: Would you keep your voice down?

Casey: No. My life is none of your damn business.

Emily: Well, you know what? It is my business. We're talking about my sister!

Casey: No, you are, and you're wrong.

Emily: And you know what? You had no right going to your mother.

Casey: What?!

Emily: You tell your mother about us. And she was thrilled about it, because you know how Margo loves to pass judgment on me.

Casey: Okay, yes, you're right. You know, me and my mom have been getting along so well that I just had a nice chat with her. "Oh, Mom, guess what. My relationship in New York went to a new level with Emily. And now, when I got back, she got all crazy on me and I had to quit my job, and now she's following me around."

Emily: I'm not following you around.

Casey: As I said, this is none of your business. But I'm gonna tell you what's going on so maybe you'll come back to planet earth. I bumped into Alison, and she's trying to hook me up with her friend. So your precious sister is safe from me.

Emily: So that other -- that other girl, that's the one you're with?

Casey: No! She's trying to --

Emily: You didn't waste any time moving on, now, did you, Casey?

Alison: Emily, why would you care whether he moves on or not?

Chris: You know, I'm starting to see why Alison's spent so much of her life on the fence.

Susan: Please don't explain my daughter to me.

Chris: Susan, one minute you're thanking me for helping her, and the next, you're ordering me to leave her alone.

Susan: You don't see the distinction?

Chris: What distinction?

Susan: It's one thing to help her and encourage her. It's quite another to strong-arm the director of the nursing program to let her retake an exam that she missed.

Chris: I didn't strong-arm anyone, okay?

Susan: Come on, Chris. You're a staff doctor who just happens to be the son of the chief of staff. One casual word from you is all the pressure anybody needs.

Chris: No, you're wrong.

Susan: Oh, really? You want to talk to your father about that?

Chris: This doesn't involve him.

Susan: And that's the way you'd like to keep it, isn't it?

Chris: What are you saying here?

Susan: I'm just saying that we could keep this matter between the two of us as long as you let my daughter complete this program on her own.

Chris: So you'd rather she got kicked out of the program instead of getting a second chance?

Susan: No. I want her to finish the program.

Chris: So you just enjoy yanking my chain.

Susan: But I have learned that what I want is not always what's best for my children. And I also know that Alison has an inherited disability when it comes to the concept of consequences. When people like you start cleaning up for people like us, we begin to expect it. That only postpones the inevitable.

Chris: Oh, so you have no faith in her.

Susan: More than you do, I think. I want her to finish this program.

Chris: She will.

Susan: But when she does, is it gonna be something that she's proud of or just another example of leaning on some guy who feels like a big shot for helping her.

Emily: Don't you think you should be at home studying, Alison?

Alison: Nice try, but my life is no more your business than Casey's, especially after you fired him.

Casey: I quit!

Alison: What? So, now you're here grilling him about moving on? Why? If you're not having any fun, neither can he?

Emily: I didn't expect to find either one of you here.

Alison: That is not mine. This is mine. You like to join us? You know, my friend, Amy may be back in a second, and maybe you can find something to rag on her about, too.

Emily: It was nice seeing you both. Have a lovely evening.

Alison: Can you believe the nerve of her?

Casey: Alison --

Alison: Firing you! Using you like she uses everybody else, and then she climbs back on her high horse to lecture me about my studying habits. Oh, like, she's some sort of perfect person.

Casey: Okay, Alison. Enough about Emily, okay?

Janet: Bradley? Bradley?

Man: Look, if you're not out in 10 seconds, I'm calling security.

Janet: They switched rooms without telling us.

Man: You know, I don't know you very well, but my guess is he's making a run for it. Out!

Liberty: Okay, come on, Mom. Let's leave these really nice people alone. Bye. Okay. See you later. They were asleep already. I mean, what do they do, eat dinner at, like, 3:00?

Janet: Do you think that that man was right about me?

Liberty: About pajamas? I don't think so, 'cause --

Janet: No, no, no, no, no. Stop it, stop it. I'm being serious now, and the only reason you're joking about it is 'cause you don't want to talk about it.

Liberty: Talk about what?

Janet: That Brad switched rooms to get away from me.

Liberty: Okay, whoa. You are, like, totally overreacting and making everything about you, which is exactly the type of behavior we've been talking about.

Janet: Well, he wouldn't leave you behind. We know he wouldn't run away from you.

Liberty: Mom! Come on, look at me. There's a perfectly logical explanation for all this. So let's not get all "Gilmore girls" until we find out.

Janet: Where are you going?

Liberty: To find out what happened to Dad.

Janet: Oh.

Brad: Are we there yet?

Katie: Did anyone ever tell you you're very whiny when you're blindfolded?

Brad: I thought we were gonna do something more fun than go for a car ride. You didn't even let me drive.

Katie: Are you ready to shut up and see your surprise?

Brad: Now?

Katie: Ready?

Brad: Ready.

Katie: You like it?

Brad: Yes. It's a "You've blindfolded and kidnapped me to show me a living room." Wait, that's our stuff.

Katie: Right. That's our stuff, 'cause this is our new house! Aaah!

Brad: What?

Janet: Checked out?

Desk clerk: Yes, Ma'am. Did he leave a forwarding address?

Desk clerk: No, Ma'am.

Janet: What kind of a father checks out of a hotel and doesn't tell his baby girl where he's going?

Liberty: Ooh, okay. That's a rhetorical question you just don't have to answer. Thank you for your help. Okay, Mom. Come on. Can we just try to keep our private life private?

Janet: Oh, Baby. I am so sorry. I can't believe he did this.

Liberty: We're not sure that he has even done anything.

Janet: What he's done is what he did before. He abandoned us.

Brad: We live here now?

Katie: That's right.

Brad: We no longer live at the Lakeview.

Katie: I think you're getting the concept. I checked us out this morning.

Brad: Why didn't you tell me?

Katie: Because then it wouldn't be a surprise. And if you're freaking out, don't worry. I took all the things that you love from the minibar and put them in our brand-new refrigerator!

Brad: We have a refrigerator.

Katie: I know. It's great. We're like grown-ups now.

Brad: I just love what you've done with the place, you know? The colors, the feng shui.

Katie: And I do know how you love the finer things in life. So wait till you see the bedroom.

Brad: I cannot wait to tell Liberty. I'm sorry. I just, you know --

Katie: No, I know. I know.

Brad: I don't want her to feel left out.

Katie: I got it. But, for one second, can we not think about Liberty and just focus on us?

Brad: Whatever you want. I can see how hard you worked on this. Thank you.

Katie: Like I said, want to see the bedroom?

Janet: Oh, I know what kind of pain you're in.

Liberty: No, you don't.

Janet: Yes, I do. I've been through it myself.

Liberty: Mom, look. No pain here.

Janet: Oh, come on, Honey. That tough exterior doesn't fool me.

Liberty: Ugh! Let's just look at the reality here for one moment. Think about what Dad's done since I just showed up here. Mom, there wasn't one second where he didn't step up and do the responsible-parent thing. I mean, I really don't think he flew the coop without telling me.

Janet: What are you doing?

Liberty: I'm ordering Chinese food. What do you think I'm doing? I'm calling Dad. Voicemail.

Janet: All right, that's it!

Liberty: Oh, okay. Take a chill pill.

Janet: No, no, no, no, no. If he will not tell us where he is, I'm gonna find somebody who will.

Alison: I came out, and you and Emily were obviously arguing.

Casey: No, we were just talking.

Alison: And now you're like her big protector.

Casey: I just don't think she's the monster you make her out to be.

Alison: She fired you for no reason after how long --

Casey: I keep telling you, I quit!

Alison: Why? Was she too nice? No, too reasonable?

Casey: You know what? I just really don't feel like talking.

Alison: No, no, no, no, no. You can't go. Amy's about to come back.

Casey: Sorry. I had too much fun for one night.

Amy: Hey. You're not leaving, are you? The night's young.

Casey: Sorry. I'm really busy tomorrow. It was nice meeting you.

Amy: Same here. Well, that was great. Clearly, he's really into me.

Alison: It didn't have anything to do with you. Emily showed up.

Margo: Yes! Yes! Hey, hey, hey, good-looking! What's cooking?

Tom: Hey, you. What did I interrupt?

Margo: Nothing.

Tom: You're not doing those crossword puzzles, are you, again? They make you crazy.

Margo: No. Huh-uh, no. I've sworn off those.

Tom: Yeah? I've heard that before.

Margo: No. This time, I mean it. I mean, whoever devises those things is, you know -- doles out torture in the seventh rung of hell, so I'm not gonna put myself through that again.

Tom: All right. So, what were you working on?

Margo: Who says I was working? Hey, can I get you a drink? You must be thirsty after a long, hard day at work.

Tom: Who said I had a long, hard day?

Margo: Oh, a big, powerful lawyer like you, you must work your statutes to the bone, hmm?

Tom: Yeah. What's this about?

Margo: What's what?

Tom: Well, I come in, you jump a mile. It's like the time I caught Casey ordering a nudie magazine when he was about 11.

Margo: Casey was ordering nudie mag --

Tom: Yeah.

Margo: I was looking through the Oakdale catalogue here to see what courses they're offering for summer.

Tom: Oh, that's great.

Margo: Yeah.

Tom: I mean, that is if Casey's changed his mind about going back to college. And I don't think he has, has he?

Margo: No, not yet. But if I find something really interesting, I can tempt him.

Tom: Didn't we agree that we wouldn't push this?

Margo: We did, didn't we? We did. But I figured, now that he's not working for Emily, now's our chance.

Tom: Our chance? Do me a favor and don't get me involved in this.

Margo: Oh, come on. Do you really think this is such a bad idea?

Tom: Honey, I would love it if Casey decided to go back to college, but when he got out of prison, he's the one that said he didn't feel like the all-American college kid anymore -- he felt like he didn't fit in. And he was probably right.

Margo: I know, but that's all wrong, and that's all in his head. He can't wear his record like a chain around his neck.

Tom: Okay, I agree with that, but we're gonna have to let him come to that realization himself. So if he feels like it's better for him to hold down a job right now instead of going to school, we have to support that.

Margo: We will, all right, I will try. Can I at least be happy that he's not working for Emily anymore?

Tom: That would actually make two of us. So, tell you what, I'll keep my ear to the ground and see if I find any job opportunities anywhere else.

Margo: Okay. Well, why don't you check with Chris at the hospital? Maybe there's something clerical.

Tom: I can do that. I'm not sure he'll be very receptive. He's been kind of distracted these days.

Margo: Really? Why? With that?

Tom: Not what -- who. He's getting in deep with Alison again.

Emily: Oh, this night just keeps getting better and better.

Chris: Great to see you, too.

Emily: So, are you offering more tutoring sessions with the next Florence Nightingale?

Chris: No, Alison can handle studying on her own.

Emily: Oh. You think she's studying?

Chris: I know she is.

Emily: Really? Well, I hate to be the one to break this to you, but the lady took her lamp down to Yo's, and unless her beer-chugging friends are sharing the latest technology in changing bedpans, I think studying's the last thing on her mind.

Alison: I'm telling you, my sister is a walking tsunami, leaving destruction and devastation wherever she goes.

Amy: I don't think that was it. I think Casey just wasn't into me.

Alison: Because he's still getting over working for Emily. I tried to prepare him, you know. I said, "She's judgmental, overbearing." But did it help? No. Of course not. And even when you know what she's like, you still manage to feel like a failure around her.

Amy: Are we talking about Casey or you?

Alison: You know what? I'm sorry to leave you stranded like this. But if I'm gonna have to prove Emily wrong, I'm gonna have to start studying right now. Uh, all right. Doctor at 11:00.

Susan: So, did you drop by just to stir up trouble for Chris and Alison?

Emily: No.

Susan: Was she drinking?

Emily: Not yet. But you don't go to Yo's for the ambience, now, do you?

Susan: Should I go over there?

Emily: No, I wouldn't worry about it. I'm sure Chris will rush to her rescue.

Susan: Is this just sisterly concern?

Emily: What's that supposed to mean?

Susan: I think something's bothering you. And what were you doing at Yo's if you don't like the ambiance?

Emily: You know what, I came here to see if you wanted to get something to eat, and I didn't come here to get the third degree, so --

Susan: Well, if you could wait a few minutes, that would be great.

Emily: Fine, fine. I've got nothing else to do.

Susan: Really? So, what's been keeping you at the office until all hours of the night?

Emily: Uh, you know what? This -- this isn't a really good time. I'm gonna go.

Susan: What?

Emily: Um, the fact is, I'm not really good company tonight, so I will -- I'll call you tomorrow.

Susan: I just love our little chats.

Amy: You know what, as fun as this is, I'm gonna call it a night. Bye, Dr. Hughes.

Alison: So much for my classmates not seeing us together.

Chris: Well, the rules changed when Emily told me where you were and what you were doing.

Alison: Sweet, sweet Emily. She always has my best interests at heart, doesn't she? Or maybe she ran over to tell you as a little act of revenge.

Chris: It doesn't matter why she did it.

Alison: Well, it matters to me.

Chris: Alison, what the hell are you doing? You're barely scraping by as it is.

Alison: I'm not supposed to have a social life?

Chris: You have class in the morning. You're out at a bar.

Alison: Not that it's any of your business, but this is a seltzer water. And I thought we agreed that the whole nursing-school thing I'm doing on my own.

Chris: But you're not doing the nursing-school thing, you're doing the partying thing.

Alison: So what? If I'm gonna hang out with my friends, that's my business, right?

Chris: Ali, are you trying to blow this chance?

Alison: You know what? Maybe I am.

Emily: Well, what happens in New York stays in New York. And now you've got to live with it, Stewart.

Janet: Well, I am sorry, but I think those people were just rude!

Liberty: Mom, no, they weren't. Like they said, very politely, it's just studio policy that they can't be giving out addresses.

Janet: But you're Bradley Snyder's daughter. It's not the point. The point is, he made a break for it.

Liberty: Yeah, he made a break for it, obviously. I mean, what else could it possibly be? He went through all that trouble to get those tests done and then, like, got me a room at the hotel. Oh, he signed me up for school, but it was all just a clever little rouse to make a break for it.

Janet: You're not funny.

Liberty: Oh, oh. And, Mom, he's on TV five days a week, so, like, how could he possibly think that I could see him, find him, like I did in the first place?

Janet: Okay, great. He hurts you, and you take it out on me. Story of my life.

Liberty: Blah, blah, blah.

Janet: What are you doing now?

Liberty: I'm proving to you that he's the dad I know he is.

Katie: And so we're back to where we started.

Brad: This is amazing, Katie.

Katie: So you said.

Brad: And Liberty's room, it's great.

Katie: I know. Well, it's not finished yet, but there's a reason for that. I want her to decorate it like she wants to, so I'll take her shopping.

Brad: This is gonna mean so much to her, just like it does to me.

Katie: Well, call her, then. I know you're dying to.

Brad: Give me your cell phone.

Katie: Why, is yours not working?

Brad: Just give it to me.

Katie: What are you doing?

Brad: Okay, think about it. No one in the world knows where we are. We are all alone.

Katie: Right. No TV cameras or extended family or hotel employees surrounding us.

Brad: Nope.

Katie: Hmm. How long's it been?

Brad: Too long. And then we'll call Liberty, and we'll have a nice family celebration, but later. This is too fine an opportunity to pass up.

Katie: I thought, when we got our own place, we were gonna be more mature and responsible.

Brad: No. We're just gonna live on the edge.

Katie: You're a bad influence on me.

Brad: What?

Katie: We may be living on the edge, but they're watching us.

Brad: You ready?

Katie: Ready? Oh, boy, our first houseguests.

Brad: I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

Janet: Did we come at a bad time?

Brad: Liberty, I'm sorry --

Liberty: You think you traumatized me? Hey.

Katie: That happens sometimes when you look through people's windows.

Liberty: Oh, come on. The way that I was raised, it would really take a lot more than --

Janet: Liberty!

Liberty: What? Oh, come on, Mom. Okay, it's obviously I woke up a lot of mornings with different men, eating greasy Chinese food for breakfast.

Janet: Liberty, why are you saying those awful things about me?

Liberty: I'm trying to make sure you don't enjoy this too much.

Janet: I am not enjoying this. I am not -- I am very sorry that I have intruded on your private time. But I am here to make sure that my daughter does not feel rejected yet again by her father.

Liberty: Okay, can you stop that? And, yeah, you could have wrote a note.

Katie: I didn't give him the chance. I wanted it to be a surprise. I'm sorry.

Liberty: Its fine, I mean, you got your little surprise. Here's company.

Brad: How did you find us?

Liberty: Oh, it was easy. School -- I called them, and you may not have left a note, but I knew you were the kind of responsible dad that would change an address. But how would you be able to change an address if this was a surprise?

Brad: Well, Katie, you did it, didn't you? Liberty, look, I'm -- I'm sorry. We were going to call you.

Liberty: Oh, but what? Something came up?

Janet: Yeah, or they just forgot about you.

Brad: Is that what you think? Katie, why don't you show Liberty around, give her the tour?

Katie: I would love to. I'm about to have something special to show you.

Liberty: I love the place.

Katie: I love it, too. Thank you.

Brad: Nice work.

Janet: Excuse me?

Brad: The kid's got enough to deal with without you stirring things up.

Janet: You think this is my fault? You weren't there when we went to your room. There were strangers there instead. Oh, no, you were here in your cozy, little love nest for two and only two.

Chris: I can't believe I'm hearing this. I thought after the close call with the first test, you'd take your classes just a little more seriously.

Alison: Well, I guess you thought wrong.

Chris: Well, now you're saying you don't even want to stay in nursing school?

Alison: You know, if you'd actually listen, you would hear that what I don't want is this -- you monitoring me like I'm some 10-year-old blowing off their science-fair project.

Chris: Well, the stakes are a little bit higher here.

Alison: And they're my stakes. I am a grown woman, and I can do what I want. I don't have ask anybody's permission, especially not yours. You know what? I'm leaving. Suddenly, I can't breathe in this place.

Chris: No, no, no, no, not so fast, Ali. We're not done here.

Emily: If you forgot something, get it and get out.

Casey: At Yo's just now, what the hell was that all about?

Emily: Um, that was -- that was an attempt to get a cheeseburger to go that went horribly wrong.

Casey: Okay, this isn't funny. You're following me.

Emily: I am not following you.

Casey: You seem to think you have the right to get in my face even though you dumped me.

Emily: No, I got into your face about my sister, all right? Alison is my sister. You and -- and she --

Casey: You thought we were together? Emily, how -- how sick is that?

Emily: Well, it wouldn't be the first time a guy went from my bed to her bed. Just get out, okay? Just leave.

Casey: Wow. You're jealous.

Janet: Look, Bradley, I know you two are on your honeymoon and you want to be alone, but I am here to make sure Liberty doesn't get hurt.

Brad: And you do that by dragging her here?

Janet: She's just found you. She's vulnerable. Okay, please. I want you to know how easy it will be for you and your wife to make her feel rejected.

Liberty: The room is so cool, so, so, so amazing. Katie's going to take me shopping, and you're gonna paint it.

Brad: Sure, Honey, yeah.

Liberty: Black -- I want it black.

Brad: Whatever you want, you know, whatever's gonna make you feel at home. Black?

Liberty: Oh, Mom, do you want to see it?

Janet: No. No, I -- I better go. I haven't gotten anything to eat yet.

Liberty: No, Mom.

Janet: No, really, it's -- you know what? You guys have a wonderful evening. Um, Liberty, would you like me to pack up your things at the hotel room?

Liberty: No, Mom, really, we'll go get some dinner together.

Janet: No, really, it's okay. I'm cool, all right? Don't worry about me.

Liberty: Okay, just -- just hold on for one second. Um, Guys, I just -- thank you so much for the room. It's -- it's awesome and amazing and really sweet, but I'm really spoiled by the hotel and room service and the mini-bar. So I'm gonna go back and hang out with my mom while she's here, so thanks, Guys.

Katie: You know what? If you give us a little bit of time, we can really work on the room and make it perfect just the way you want it.

Brad: And it's here for you whenever you're ready.

Liberty: Thank you.

Janet: Liberty, can you wait in the car for few minutes? I want to talk to your dad.

Liberty: Yeah, of course. Thank you so much for the room, Guys.

Brad: Call me in the morning.

Liberty: Okay.

Katie: Bye.

Liberty: Bye.

Janet: This won't take very long. I just -- I want to say I was out of line, and I'm sorry.

Brad: No, don't worry about it.

Janet: No, when I went to the room -- the hotel room -- and you weren't there, it -- it reminded me of --

Brad: Janet, Janet, I get it. It reminded you of when you were pregnant and I just gone.

Janet: Yeah, something like that.

Brad: That hurt you. I'm sorry.

Katie: It's my fault. It really was my fault.

Janet: Katie, it's not your fault, okay? Liberty was right. I was just overreacting. I was -- I was stupid. I blew the whole thing all out of proportion. I'm sorry.

Brad: It's okay. It's okay. It's over.

Janet: No, it's really not. I should have known that you wouldn't just take off, because you're a good guy. And you're a good dad. And I thank you for that. Thanks.

Chris: Okay, okay, you may be all grown up, independent, and everything, but do you think I went to bat for you, got you that makeup exam just for the hell of it?

Alison: No.

Chris: I did it because I believe in you.

Alison: Or maybe because you enjoy running my life.

Chris: Hey, I believe in you.

Alison: Stop saying that.

Chris: Why? Is it so wrong for me to have a little faith in you, to see your potential?

Alison: Oh, so you really have all this faith in me?

Chris: Yes.

Alison: Okay, and what happens when months from now, with all that faith and support, and then I crash and burn? Okay, tonight -- that may be a minor disappointment for you. But I can disappoint people on a world-class level, believe me.

Chris: Okay. Okay, what I'm doing here is putting too much pressure on you -- just what you don't need.

Alison: Oh, you're so reasonable it makes me want to scream.

Chris: You know, I know you got other tests coming up. I know you're freaking out over all the class work, but -- but you can do this.

Alison: You don't know anything about me, okay? So just stop wasting your time.

Margo: What is with your brother?

Tom: Thank you.

Margo: I mean, first it's Alison, then Emily, and back again. I mean, for a smart guy, he sure is dumb.

Tom: Well, he seems to think that Alison's done a lot of growing up, but I did run into them having an argument and did not seem very grown-up.

Margo: Now, well, at least she's not as crazy as when they were engaged. But not all the nuts and bolts are tight.

Tom: You know, I did try to mention that without sounding too harsh.

Margo: Oh, that's 'cause you're a nice guy. So he didn't take your brotherly advice?

Tom: I would say no.

Margo: At least you tried. Chris has had it really rough since he's been back in Oakdale. The last thing he needs right now is someone like Alison.

Tom: Well, how's he gonna avoid her? I mean, she's in the nurses program at Memorial. They bump into each other all the time.

Margo: Yeah, whatever happened to familiarity breeding contempt?

Tom: Mm, I don't know, but you know what? He's a big boy. I can't spend my time worrying about him.

Margo: Well, Casey takes up all of our worrying time, right?

Emily: Just a thought -- maybe you should finish Psych 101 before you start analyzing people.

Casey: I'm right, aren't I?

Emily: Yeah, you're right. You're right about everything. We slept together what, a few times, and suddenly you're an expert on what makes me tick?

Casey: Well, if you aren't jealous, why would you have flipped out if you thought Alison and I were together?

Emily: Because I don't want Alison screwing up her life more than she already has.

Casey: Right, because anyone who hooks up with me automatically screws up her life.

Emily: That's not what I meant.

Casey: No, no, you don't have to worry about anything. You and your sister are both safe from me.

Emily: And you -- you're safe, too, right? Yeah, I'm sure that's what your mother said to you when you told her that you were through with me, that I'm poison, that you're lucky to get out alive.

Casey: What are you doing?

Emily: You know what? I think she's right, actually. I mean, look at the way I nearly destroyed your father's life and your uncle's life. I mean, if you gave me a chance, I'd destroy yours, too, and wouldn't give it a second thought.

Casey: You know what? It's like -- it's like you want me to hate you. Why?

Katie: Hope you don't mind takeout.

Brad: It's fine. It's great.

Katie: She is such a good kid. I liked how she stuck with her mom.

Brad: Yeah.

Katie: Although it would have been fun to have her here.

Brad: Janet -- she really -- she really played Liberty, didn't she?

Katie: Oh, I don't know. I don't know what she's been through or what she's going through now.

Brad: You don't trust her, do you?

Katie: I don't think she's gonna steal the silverware, but she's one of those people that --

Brad: What?

Katie: I don't know. Like, just now, I don't even think she knew that she guilted Liberty. She just does stuff without thinking. She just reacts.

Brad: Hmm, well, you -- well, you got a house, decorated it, furnished it. You don't -- you don't think that's reacting? You know, I think I know why you did it. You wanted to get me away from Janet, don't you?

Katie: Well, yeah. You bet I do.

Brad: I -- I love your honesty.

Katie: I don't think we should put a hit out on Janet or anything. And I'm not saying that you can't handle her.

Brad: But?

Katie: Remember the guy that we had on the show, the stress guy?

Brad: Oh, the guy with the ear hair?

Katie: Yeah, yep. Remember what he said about piling on stressful things, like you're not supposed to move when you break up or get a new job when you're getting married?

Brad: No, I wasn't paying attention. It was the hair. I mean --

Katie: It was bad, I know. Okay, well, listen. We just got married. We just found out you have a 16-year-old daughter. We have stressful jobs. I don't really think we have time or space in our life for someone like Janet who's just so --

Brad: A whack job.

Katie: High maintenance. Does that mean you're not mad at me?

Brad: It means -- it means I think you're right.

Katie: Oh yeah?

Brad: Mm-hmm. And you know what else?

Katie: What?

Brad: We are all alone in our new house, just the two of us.

Katie: Mm!

Brad: What?

Katie: The delivery guy.

Brad: Wow.

Katie: What?

Brad: For the first time in my life, I really want to pick out drapes.

Janet: Boy, sure is gonna be different without Brad next door.

Liberty: And Katie.

Janet: Hey, are you sure that you want to stay here with me instead of with them?

Liberty: Yeah, sure.

Janet: 'Cause, you know, I mean, if you're worried about me and all, you don't have to be because I'm a big girl and I can take care of myself.

Liberty: Mom, I told you. I really love hotels. I'm getting used to them and the little cool way they fold your toilet paper in that "V."

Janet: You can do that yourself, you know.

Liberty: It's not the same.

Janet: Well, if I had known you liked it so much, I would have done it for you while you were growing up.

Liberty: Hey, are you hungry? We can go out, or we can get room service?

Janet: Your choice.

Liberty: Well, if we get room service, you can get out of those heels and put on a bathrobe.

Janet: Oh, my daughter, you know me so well, don't you? Okay, listen, order me a steak, baked potato -- baked potato -- bacon, sour cream, chives, and a glass of red wine.

Liberty: Okay.

Janet: Uh, two glasses of red wine.

Liberty: Two glasses, all right. Medium rare?

Janet: Yeah, yeah, medium rare is good.

Liberty: Okay.

Janet: Good. Holy cannoli! Will you look at this bathroom? Oh, a girl could get used to this.

Liberty: Hey, Mom, how long are you planning on staying?

Janet: Uh, it depends.

Liberty: On what?

Janet: On you. You know, I'll stay until you get settled in. And until then, wherever you go, I'll be right there with you.

Susan: There you are. Have you heard from Alison?

Chris: Excuse me?

Susan: I can't reach her, and I'm worried about what Emily said.

Chris: And you think that has something to do with me? Wasn't it just about an hour ago you were telling me to leave her alone?

Susan: I just --

Chris: Well, guess what? That's exactly what I'm gonna do.

Margo: So, you want some more ice cream?

Tom: No. You can.

Margo: Are you still gonna love me when I'm old, fat, dumb and ugly?

Tom: Honey, I'm gonna love you till whenever. Hey, you feel like going upstairs and fooling around?

Margo: That is an excellent idea.

Tom: Well, I'm a big, powerful attorney, and we have excellent ideas. That's what makes us big and powerful.

Margo: All right, big and powerful, you lock up, and I'm gonna go change into something alluring.

Tom: Alluring -- new lingerie, perhaps?

Margo: Oh, no, Baby, I'm not wearing anything but perfume.

Tom: Oh, that works for me. I'll be right up.

Margo: Hey, you know what? On second thought, don't lock the door, because if Casey forgets his key again, I don't want one of us stumbling through the dark to let him in.

Tom: Especially au naturel.

Margo: Yeah.

Tom: By the way, did he mention what time he was gonna be home?

Margo: No, of course not. Why would he do that? He doesn't say when he's gonna be home. He doesn't say where he's going. But you're right. He's not a baby anymore. And I'm sure that he will be fine.

Emily: You should hate me, because deep down, you know I'm as bad as everybody says I am. That's why you walked out before. That's why you should walk away now. Casey, go. Casey, stop it.

On the next "As the World Turns" --

Janet: You gonna pick up Liberty from school, or is Brad?

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Janet: So, what do you say, Bradley? You feel like having a little Italian?

Holden: Chaperone the dance?

Carly: Yeah, come on, please?

Janet: I think it was a mistake not to chaperone the dance. I think we should do it. I think we should do it together.

Luke: I thought he lost this.

Noah: So did I. Luke, I mean, how did it --

Luke: I think you know. You just don't want to say.

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