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As The World Turns Transcript Monday 5/12/08

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Noah: Hey. I've got to go back to class to drop off this psych paper. Be back in a little bit.

Ameera: I'll start dinner while you're gone.

Noah: You don't have to do that. Sit, relax, finish your book.

Ameera: No, I --

Noah: I'll pick up a pizza on the way home.

Ameera: I like cooking. It makes me feel like this is a family.

Noah: Ameera --

Ameera: I didn't say that to make you feel uncomfortable. It's just, you do so much for me, it's nice when I can do something in return.

Noah: All right. Is there anything you need while I'm gone?

Ameera: Yes. I need to speak to Colonel Winston Mayer.

Alison: I have the worst luck with lab partners. The girl I was paired with in high school -- looking back now, I think she had some sort of sleeping disorder.

Student: Caused by the bite of an infected tsetse fly. Had she been to Africa?

Alison: Wow. That's really good. Not too careful, you're gonna ace that clinical exam.

Chris: Alison.

Alison: Oh, hi, Dr. Hughes. Do you need something?

Student: I'm gonna go cram some more.

Alison: Will you save me a seat? I have to go to the library.

Chris: Just give me five minutes. I think we really need to talk.

Alison: Look, Chris, I'm really sorry about the other night. I don't know what happened. I just -- I had to get out of there. And you have every reason to be angry with me.

Chris: I'm not. But now you're avoiding me, and I don't like that. I've left you three messages.

Alison: I've had a lot of schoolwork.

Chris: I can take a hint, Ali, but I'd rather not. If you want me to back off, just tell me to my face.

Katie: Oh, why do I always have to chop the onions?

Brad: Isn't she beautiful when she cries, people?

[Katie laughs]

Katie: Just keep dredging that veal, Brad.

Brad: Veal! The other white meat.

Katie: That's pork.

Brad: Pork -- the other white meat.

Katie: Yeah.

Kim: Eddie! Eddie, what's the matter with you?! You're supposed to be focused on the stove.

Eddie: Sorry, boss.

Kim: Wait a minute. Who the heck are you? Listen, this is a closed set. You have got to leave.

Brad: Wait, wait, wait. No, no, no, Kim, its okay. She's with me. Kim, Janet. Janet is an old friend of mine.

Janet: "Friend"? Oh, Honey, I'm way more than that.

Liberty: You know, those history textbooks are totally biased.

Parker: So what? I still have to read it, or I fail.

Liberty: I took you for more than a sheep, but I might have to rethink that now.

Parker: Didn't see you at school today. What excuse did you use this time?

Liberty: I got a totally legit note from my mom. I'm officially "Under the weather," which I actually kind of was before, until - - you will not believe this -- she gave me a huge wad of cash just to make the sun shine. You want to go spend it with me?

Katie: Might as well tell her, Brad. Everyone's gonna find out eventually.

Brad: It's good news, actually. Well, as it turns out, Janet and I, well -- it's big news. Janet and I -- we have a kid together.

Kim: You have a what?

Janet: A teenage daughter.

Kim: Well, that must have been quite a surprise.

Brad: I'll say!

Katie: Well, Brad didn't even know about her until a few weeks ago. She's actually a very lovely girl. We've had so much fun getting to know her.

Janet: Ohh, thanks, Katie. You're a classy lady. You know that? You know what she did? She went and bought my Liberty a whole new wardrobe for school.

Kim: Ohh.

Katie: Oh, it was nothing. Well, I don't really feel like chopping another onion. Should we get back to the segment?

Kim: Yes, yes. Move on, move on. Let's focus on homemade marinara sauce.

[With Italian accent]

Brad: "Marinara, marinara." You gonna be okay?

Janet: Oh, yeah. I can't wait to see you work, Bradley!

Brad: All right. It's -- oh, I'm fantastic.

Katie: Makes two of us.

Kim: Okay, okay. Places, everybody. Janet, you go back there, behind the camera.

Janet: Oh, okay.

Kim: Let's pick it up here just after the veal hits the pan. Eddie, let's focus on the pan.

Katie: I don't think this was such a good idea.

Brad: It's gonna be fine.

Ameera: I know this is a prison, but it's urgent that I speak to Colonel Mayer. There must be some way. Fine. Tell me what the procedure is. How long have you been standing there?

Luke: Long enough. Why were you calling Colonel Mayer?

Ameera: Were you spying on me?

Luke: Not intentionally. The door was unlocked.

Ameera: Then you should have said you were here.

Luke: Maybe I should have. With all your talk about being the perfect little wife, maybe you shouldn't be going behind Noah's back.

Ameera: I wasn't.

Luke: Does he know what you're doing? You know the last thing Noah would want you to do is call his father. So, what's the deal, Ameera? What's going on between you and Colonel Mayer?

Alison: Look, Chris. The truth is, after the other night, I was just too embarrassed to talk to you.

Chris: Why? So we started something we didn't finish. What's the big deal?

Alison: I acted like I was in high school.

Chris: Well, would it have been more mature for you to do something you were uncomfortable with because you felt like you owed it to me or something.

Alison: I don't owe you anything.

Chris: Good. At least you know that. Relax. We'll have other nights.

Alison: No, I don't think so. I'm sorry, Chris, but I should have listened to my instincts.

Chris: Which ones?

Alison: The ones that told me we were better off as friends in the first place.

Chris: I don't agree with that. If you don't want to go out with me, I have to accept that, but what are we gonna do about all this amazing chemistry between us? We've got something here. We're connected. We make each other crazy.

Alison: Thank you for making my point for me.

Chris: You always get sarcastic when I get too close to the truth. I want to be with you, Alison, and deep down, I think you want to be with me, too.

Ameera: I don't have any secret agenda with the Colonel. It's just, he's the only tie I have to my old life and to my mother. I don't expect you to understand that or understand why I need to know, but you should respect that there are things about my life that you will never understand.

Luke: Well, why don't you tell Noah that instead of sneaking around behind his back?

Ameera: Because he wouldn't understand! You know he's irrational when it comes to his father! That's why he went to the prison instead of me! But he didn't find out what the Colonel wanted, and now it's up to me to find out.

Luke: Or you could just drop it.

Ameera: Or maybe you should.

Luke: In my world, we don't lie to people we love -- not if we want to keep them in our lives.

Ameera: Is that a threat?

Luke: No, no. I'm just trying to figure out who you're protecting here -- Noah, or yourself?

Noah: Hello, Luke. I didn't know you were coming by.

Luke: It was -- it was spur of the moment. Listen, we -- we've got a situation.

Noah: What's going on?

Luke: We can't talk about it here.

Alison: It's so unfair. When I talk to you, you make it -- us seem possible. But it's not that easy.

Chris: So we'll take it slow. I don't want to pressure you.

Alison: I'm pressuring myself. That's what I do.

Chris: Well, stop it then!

Alison: Oh, okay. Thank you, Doctor.

Chris: Please don't give up on us, Ali -- not just yet.

Alison: I have a test tomorrow, and if you don't want me to fail, you need to let me do what I have to do.

Chris: Promise me you'll think about it after your test.

Katie: The title of this segment is "Go gourmet Italian in 20 minutes or less." But if you only have ten minutes, you can always just crack open one of these babies.

Janet: Oh, who is she kidding?

Brad: But don't think we're taking the easy road, folks. Here we have our tomatoes reducing in the pot.

Katie: Just give them an occasional stir.

Janet: No!

Brad: And we have -- what is it? -- Two tablespoons of minced oregano. Where -- where is our oregano?

Katie: It looks as if someone forgot to set it out for us.

Brad: Well, don't look at me. I had to do the chopping.

Katie: Well, let's just forget the oregano. And, in the interest of time, we don't need to chop any garlic, 'cause we have right here garlic powder.

Janet: Oh, Marron! Wait a minute! This is Italian food! You can't use this stuff!

Parker: If my mom found out that I ditched school again, she would ground me for a year.

Liberty: Oh, how is she going to find out?!

Parker: My dad's a cop. [Whispering] He knows things.

Liberty: You are totally brainwashed.

Parker: No. I just don't have a death wish. Besides, do Brad and Katie know that you're skipping school? Are they cool with it?

Liberty: I doubt it, but my mom's not exactly checking in with my new dad. Three's kind of a crowd in the new parental department.

Parker: You're lucky. Some kids have four.

Liberty: You do not know what it is like to have three adults constantly yelling at you before you go do anything. It, like, makes your head explode. Not like my mom is so great at acting like an adult or anything, but --

Parker: You don't respect her at all, do you?

Liberty: Whoa, hey, look who's talking. I have definitely heard you rag on your parents before. And we're cool. I mean, I get her, she gets me. Vice versa. You know, we've gone this long without having any problems.

Parker: Yeah, well, my Uncle Brad wants to change all that. He's into helping out, and he's trying really hard.

Liberty: I know, but she's always been the boss. She's not too good at sharing.

Parker: What's she doing here?

Liberty: Duh! She has the hots for my dad.

Janet: Hey, do you mind if I show you something?

Katie: Actually --

Brad: Yeah, sure, sure. Our -- our mystery guest. Go ahead.

Janet: Okay. No offense, but this is the worst excuse for Italian food I've ever seen. I mean, really, it's a recipe for disaster. Who uses and makes Italian food and doesn't use fresh garlic -- who? Especially when you've got it all right there.

Katie: Well, yes, of course, if you have it, but, you know, if you don't have the time, you can always use the garlic powder -- you know, there's shortcuts.

Janet: Oh, really?

Katie: Yeah.

Janet: But what's the point of cooking Italian if you don't have the time, huh? Now, if your audience out there doesn't learn anything else today but how to chop and peel garlic, so be it. Here we go, people. Boom, boom. "Abbondanza, abbondanza!"

[With Italian accent]

Brad: Ladies and gentlemen, Janet Ciccone, an old friend of mine, huh?

Janet: And mother of your child.

Luke: I went by your place to see if you guys wanted to work on the movie. I got there, the door was unlocked, so I went in. Ameera was on the phone with the prison, trying to talk to your father.

Noah: Oh, man. I knew it.

Luke: I thought you'd be really mad.

Noah: Well, I've known she's been upset ever since I couldn't find out why my father was trying to call her. I thought she could leave it alone, but obviously she couldn't.

Luke: Yeah, obviously. Noah, she went behind your back. That is totally dishonest.

Noah: No, she just -- she knew I'd fight her, so she waited till I wasn't there.

Luke: Well, I'm worried about you. I got a really bad feeling when I heard her on the phone.

Noah: Luke, I think you're a little paranoid when it comes to my father.

Luke: Paranoid? The guy took a gun and tried to kill me.

Noah: You're right. I'm sorry. Yeah.

Luke: Look, maybe you're too close to the situation to see it, but Ameera and Colonel Mayer are keeping secrets from you. There's something going on, and you and I have to find out what it is before something bad happens.

Bob: Checking on Mr. Murphy?

Chris: His levels look good today. Thank you for putting pressure on the cardiac service.

Bob: Bill's in the mail. How are things with you?

Chris: Fine. Why do you ask?

Bob: I bumped into the director of the nursing program this morning. She knows that Alison is a friend of the family's. She was sort of giving me a heads-up.

Chris: Alison is doing okay, isn't she?

Bob: Well, she has great potential.

Chris: She does. Absolutely.

Bob: I don't disagree. Brenda thinks that Alison's having some trouble with the classwork. She was concerned. That's all.

Chris: Well, it's been a long time Ali's had to study. She's just trying to get used to it again. They're gonna give her a chance, right?

Bob: Well, Brenda's very fair, but she -- well, she can't play favorites. There's a big test coming up tomorrow, and Alison's future in the program depends on the results of that test.

Janet: All this nonsense about fast and easy? As my Uncle Vinnie says, "fuhgetaboutit!" The real pleasures in life are meant to be taken slow. You know what I mean, right, guys?

Brad: That looks amazing.

Janet: Mm.

Katie: Says the man who eats like a bulldozer.

Janet: Well, he just hasn't had the right thing on his plate.

Katie: We don't encourage double dipping. You know, germs.

Janet: Mm, mm. Germs, schmerms, Honey. It's all in the family, right? Here. You got to try some of this.

Brad: All right.

Janet: Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah, Babe. Huh, huh, huh?

Brad: Mmm! Holy cow.

Janet: Uh-huh. Mm-hmm.

Brad: Holy cow. Wow.

Janet: Katie? Your turn. There you go. Oh, open up. Oh, whoa! Oh, sorry. Oh --

Parker: Brad's unavailable.

Liberty: That has not really ever stopped my mom before. Oh, come on, Parker! She's not like a man stealer or anything. She just gets carried away when she's really into a guy, you know?

Parker: No, I don't know. What do you mean, "Carried away"?

Liberty: Okay, she is in love with love, and she's kind of a big fan of sex, too.

Parker: Liberty!

Liberty: Oh, gosh! Geez, chill out! It's nothing to be ashamed of. I mean, she would tell you the same thing if you asked her.

Parker: You -- you mean, she talks about that kind of stuff with you, like sex and the guy she sleeps with?

Liberty: She talks to me like I'm an adult, okay? She says it's better to tell me about the important stuff, like sex, so I don't go find it out on the street. We're just close in that way. She tells me everything.

Parker: I've got to get back to class.

Liberty: Okay. Well, maybe I'll see you later. Hey, you could come by, hang out at the hotel again. Oh, unless you have to go milk a cow or do whatever it is you have to do to get your allowance.

Parker: I'm not a loser!

Liberty: Oh, yeah? Well, then, prove it to me, tough guy.

Katie: Well, that's all the time we have for today, Folks.

Kim: Oh. And we're out.

Brad: Oh! Holy cow!

Janet: Mm-hmm.

Brad: Come on. I'm eating that.

Janet: Hey, you guys, I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to interrupt the show. It's just, in my family, food is sacred, and I couldn't stand to see the sauce being abused like that!

Katie: Abused?

Kim: Oh, actually, it was fine -- just fine. This turned out to be a -- an original segment.

Brad: I'll say! I mean, most of the food we cook around here tastes like plastic. I mean, there was a time that I actually -- I cooked a cheese wrapper, and Katie had to eat it on live TV.


Katie: Yeah.

Janet: Oh, really, I -- I really hope I didn't mess things up for you.

Kim: No, no! Not at all. We can use some fresh energy around here every once in a while.

Katie: Over my dead body.

Janet: Here you go. Try some real Italian soul food.

Kim: I'd love to. I'd love to. Mmm. You're right. This is terrific. You just threw this together with --

Katie: The props.

Janet: Hey, you work with what you got.

Kim: Mmm. Wonderful.

Katie: I think you've had enough.

Eddie: Mind if I try?

Janet: Oh, no. I'd love it! Go right ahead. So, what do you think?

Eddie: Mama would be jealous.

Janet: Oh, that's the nicest thing anyone's ever said to me.

Eddie: Have you worked in TV 'cause you were totally natural.

Janet: Oh!

Eddie: And your -- camera loves you, your cheekbones. You made the show today, Lady.

Janet: Well, it just so happens, I'm available.

Janet: Oh, by the way, if you ever need anybody to fill in for you, in case you're in a bind --

Kim: Oh, oh, oh. Thank you very much for the opportunity, but we're not looking to make any changes right now.

Janet: Oh.

Katie: We need to talk.

Noah: You're imagining some kind of conspiracy when it's obviously not.

Luke: It's not obvious. And if you weren't trying so hard to -- to make up for your father's past mistakes, you'd be able to see that.

Noah: So you're saying I'm in denial? Luke, I know what kind of man my father is.

Luke: Sure. But -- but you're trying to cover for what he did, and you're giving Ameera way too much benefit of the doubt!

Noah: This isn't about me being in denial. Maybe -- maybe this is about you being jealous.

Luke: Jealous? Of Ameera?

Noah: Come on. Tell me it would make you happy if we split up.

Luke: You're not together!

Noah: You know what I mean.

Luke: Do you?

Noah: Ameera is not involved in some scheme with my father. That's not like her.

Luke: Why -- how do you know what she's like? Noah, you know nothing about this girl. She has no family. She has no past. She's a total mystery to you. How do you know what she'd do in order to survive?

Noah: Because she's my wife.

Luke: And what am I? Some jerk who's just trying to mess up your perfect little marriage?

Chris: Thanks for telling me about Alison.

Bob: Well, I know you want her to do well. So do I. I think she'd be an asset to this place.

Chris: She already is, but she just has trouble believing in herself. And lately, she's been running so hot and cold, I didn't even know what to think. For a while, I thought it was me, but it's not. She's -- she's worried about school. She's just too proud to admit it. But now I know that, I know how to handle it.

Katie: I can't believe the way she just barreled onto the set like she owned the place.

Brad: I know, I know. It seemed pushy --

Katie: "Seemed"?! Don't. Don't even defend her to me, Brad.

Brad: I'm not defending anything. I'm not defending her. I -- you know, I just don't think she had an ulterior motive.

Katie: She has nothing but ulterior motives!

Brad: Didn't I already tell you that you are the only woman in the world for me?

Katie: What about Liberty?

Brad: That is different.

Katie: I know it is. I'm sorry. I don't mean to get all bent out of shape. I know you're just being nice to Janet because you want to have a bond with your daughter. And that's the most important thing. I want you to have that with Liberty.

Brad: I'm so glad you get that.

Katie: I do. But Janet has to go.

Lucinda: Hey! Hi! I heard that.

Luke: Oh -- I'm sorry, Gram. I didn't see you behind me.

Lucinda: Oh, really? My big car -- it's so inconspicuous. You're really in a bad mood, huh?

Luke: Yeah.

Lucinda: Yeah.

Luke: The worst.

Lucinda: Oh --

Luke: What are all those bags for?

Lucinda: Oh, this. Well, with your mom unavailable, I've been out buying some stuff for the girls. And I'm sorry I didn't get you anything at all, but I'm here, and I can -- you can bend my sympathetic ear.

Luke: Nah. There's nothing really to talk about.

Lucinda: Hey, Honey, Honey, trouble with him, right?

Luke: Very insightful.

Lucinda: Oh, I'm so insightful. Shouldn't I be after all the practice I've had with me, myself, and Lily?

Luke: Well, this is very different than the practice you've had with you, yourself, and Lily.

Lucinda: I know. The green card, marriage. I wish you'd spoken to me about that all much earlier. This cannot be easy for you.

Luke: It's hard. And I knew it was gonna be hard. But I guess I didn't realize that it would hurt this much.

Lucinda: Oh --

Noah: What are you doing here?

Ameera: I followed you. I saw you and Luke fighting. I'm sorry. I feel like all I do is cause trouble between you.

Noah: Why did you call my father?

Ameera: I wasn't trying to hide it from you. It's just, I was afraid you'd be upset, and so I waited until I had a moment alone.

Noah: Can you answer the question, Ameera?

Ameera: I have to find out why he wants to see me. Please, don't be angry.

Noah: Right now, I'm more concerned about me and Luke. I'm sorry. I -- I can't even talk to you right now.

Alison: That's it. I give up. Oh, I was just leaving.

Chris: Hey, please don't go. Just sit with me for a minute. It won't take long. Thank you.

Alison: I don't have a lot of time.

Chris: I know. You have a big test tomorrow. Look, Ali, I'm sorry if I scared you off. I didn't mean to rush anything. I honestly didn't understand what I was doing.

Alison: I kept trying to tell you.

Chris: Without hurting my feelings. I know. I can be a big, dumb guy sometimes.

Alison: Wow. Major self-revelation.

Chris: All I'm trying to say is I wasn't seeing how stressed you were, and I do now. And I understand if you're not ready for a big thing here.

Alison: And by "Thing," you mean relationship.

Chris: Yes. You're under a lot of pressure at school. You don't want to add to that. I get that. It's just -- hell, Ali. I'm into you, so shoot me, okay? I will shut my mouth now.

Alison: It's not you, Chris. I hope you understand that.

Chris: I do. I do. Right now, you don't need a boyfriend. What you need is a tutor, and I am volunteering for the job.

Janet: I don't know what came over me! I just stepped on set, and bam! Ahh, I took over! I didn't even notice I was doing it!

Brad: You sure did! I mean --

Janet: Oh, my gosh, that was the most exciting time I have ever had in my whole life. I was on TV -- me! Can you imagine, TV?! Oh, my gosh! Oh, and what about the Italian accent? That -- it's like, all of the sudden, I'm Italian, and my Aunt Rosalie's taken over my body!

Brad: It's great.

Janet: I don't know what happened! That was so much fun! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Oh! Ooh!

Brad: I really didn't -- I didn't do anything.

Janet: What do you mean, you didn't do anything? Are you kidding me? You just gave me the break of a lifetime! First Liberty, now this -- you have made my life!

Brad: Janet, look, I'm sorry. I don't want to rain on your parade --

Janet: Oh, that can't happen. Not today.

Brad: I'm really glad that you're having a good time.

Janet: A good time? I am having the best time! This is fantastic!

Brad: Okay, but they're probably just a one-time deal.

Janet: What? Huh-uh. Your boss said she loved me. She said it to my face.

Brad: Look, Janet, will you listen to me? It's not gonna happen. You -- you can't stay here.

Kim: Hey, Katie, that show really did turn out to be just terrific -- I mean, in spite of all the surprises.

Katie: Oh, you loved it and you know it. Listen, if Juicy Janet had been a disaster, we would have had to stop tape and reshoot it. I know you.

Kim: You called her Juicy Janet?

Katie: That was her nickname in high school.

Kim: Oh, you've got to be --

Katie: Don't. Please don't. It's not funny.

Kim: Oh -- well, anyway, you handled yourself just beautifully today -- like a real pro.

Katie: Aw, well, thanks. That's what I am -- a real pro.

Kim: But this can't be easy for you, right? I mean, it's hard enough adjusting to a new marriage and everything without all the baggage that Brad has brought into the relationship.

Katie: He didn't bring it. It -- it came later. Literally showed up on our front doorstep.

Kim: Did you say how old she is?

Katie: 16.

Kim: Oh, boy.

Katie: And a handful.

Kim: Mm.

Katie: I mean, don't get me wrong. She's a great girl, and I can't begrudge Brad a relationship with his daughter. I wouldn't want to do that. I want that for him -- for both of them. It's not their fault that they didn't meet until now.

Kim: And mother?

Katie: I'll handle it.

Kim: But you wish you didn't have to, right? Listen, take my advice. I'm somebody who knows. Don't let this make you worry. Don't let it do that to you.

Janet: I just got swept up. You know, I love cooking Italian. It's my passion. I didn't mean to step on anybody's toes.

Brad: No, it's not the cooking.

Janet: What, are you sorry we found you?

Brad: No, not at all. I am nuts about Liberty. And I really want to get to know her.

Janet: But not me.

Brad: I didn't say that. I'm really glad that we're getting to reconnect. You know, I mean, in the figurative sense. And we're co-parents, and we're gonna be in touch a lot from now on about Liberty.

Janet: Mm-hmm.

Brad: But you already know that Katie and I -- we want to do everything for her. Send her to school, you know, give her a place to live -- anything she needs. You know, we'll -- we'll fit it into our lives. Anything more than that --

Janet: You just -- you don't want mama hanging around. Is that what you're trying to say?

Brad: Janet, I'm a married man. You need to find a great, available guy. This wouldn't be good for any of us.

Janet: Gotcha. Yeah.

Brad: Don't take this personally.

Janet: No, no, no. No, of course not. I'll just -- I'll pack my bags, and I'll go.

Katie: Oh, I'm not worried. I can handle Janet and Liberty and anything else life has to throw at us. Brad and I are fine.

Kim: Atta girl. And that's really good. But I just thought I would mention this. I want you to understand, I have absolutely no intention of hiring Janet.

Katie: Thank you, Kim.

Kim: I wanted to say that, because I didn't want any seeds of doubt to turn into an entire redwood forest.

Katie: Well, thank you again, but no seeds here or redwoods or doubt of any kind. Janet won't be staying in Oakdale.

[Buzzer sounds]

Liberty: Oh! Hey, you two.

Janet: Hi.

Brad: What's up, Kiddo? How you doing, Parker?

Parker: Brad.

Liberty: Parker, this is my mom, Janet.

Brad: Call her Ms. Ciccone.

Parker: Nice to meet you.

Janet: Nice to meet you, too. Wow. Good handshake. I like this one, Libby.

Brad: Parker's her cousin.

Liberty: Technically, he's adopted.

Brad: Close enough.

Liberty: Whatever. Okay. We're just here to watch a movie, hang out. Cool?

Janet: Yeah, sure. Just don't let her corrupt you, young man.

Liberty: Mom -- hey, what's going on?

Janet: Libby, I don't want you to be upset.

Liberty: Mom, are we leaving?

Janet: No. Just me. I think it's time for you to be a part of your dad's life without me hanging around, you know? I've had you for 16 years one-on-one. Now it's your dad's turn. Long time coming.

Liberty: So, you're leaving because you want to?

Janet: Oh, Baby. Oh, I would never leave you. You're my little Libby-loo! No, you need to be -- you and your dad need to get to know each other, okay? It will give Brad a good chance.

Liberty: Wow. I'm -- I'm really shocked, Mom. You know what? Usually, it takes you a lot longer before you let someone run you out.

Luke: I know all the reasons Noah married Ameera. He doesn't want to get her sent back to Iraq.

Lucinda: Yeah, but you don't like it. You don't like it that she's hitched to your guy.

Luke: No, I don't. Is that really selfish of me?

Lucinda: You? You, selfish? Honey, if it had been me, I would never have been so generous as to allow it in the first place.

Luke: I know. I know, and it's always been kind of hard. But now, I just feel like -- like Noah cares more about how Ameera feels than about how I feel.

Lucinda: Oh, no. I don't think so.

Luke: Why not?

Lucinda: Okay. I'm off, Darling. Just point the girls at those shopping bags, okay? Anything they don't like can -- can go back. All right? Mm. Bye, Baby. Hi. Thank you.

Alison: The last thing you need is more work.

Chris: This is fun for me.

Alison: Liar! Anatomy and physiology are fun for no one.

Chris: Fine. I'll prove it to you.

Alison: Oh, okay.

Chris: To Zanzibar by motorcar.

Alison: What are you talking about?

Chris: The branches of the facial nerve -- temporal, zygomatic, buccal, masseteric, cervical. To Zanzibar by motorcar.

Alison: That actually helps.

Chris: Of course it does. Ready for another one?

Brad: No one's running anywhere.

Liberty: Yeah, right.

Janet: Hey, do I look upset to you?

Brad: I want to get to know my kid. Your mom is cool with that. And you're so busy with school and friends, right?

Liberty: Yeah. Sure.

Janet: Hey, hey. You're my baby! You don't need me cramping your style.

Liberty: God forbid.

Janet: Unless -- Libby, if you need me --

Liberty: Oh, God, Mom! We're just watching a movie! So if you're gonna go, please go.

Janet: Okay, okay. Yeah. I'll see you later. You take care, okay?

Brad: Thanks, Bud.

Noah: Luke, I'm sorry. I shouldn't have been so --

[Both talking at once]

Noah: Me first. I'm not taking Ameera's side, and I -- I don't want you to think that, but I can see why you did.

Luke: Thank you.

Noah: I'm not finished. This is a bad situation, and I'm trying to live with it as best I can, but most of the time, I'm -- I'm not doing a very good job for any of us. The truth is, I don't know how to do any better.

Luke: Neither do I. But we are on the same side. We have to remember that.

Noah: I know you're just looking out for me.

Luke: Yeah. I'm not gonna stop. And if something bad happens to you because you're trying to do something good for Ameera, I couldn't live with that.

Noah: Nothing's gonna happen to me. I promise.

Liberty: So, what do you want to watch first? Groovy bowling comedy, whacked basketball comedy, or dodge ball? I ruled at dodge ball back in the day.

Parker: Aren't you sad that your mom's gone?

Liberty: Not really. We did not get along half the time anyway. So, ha ha! Hey, Parker, what is your beverage of choice?

Parker: I'm not thirsty.

Liberty: Oh, come on! Hey, Parker, can we just not talk and watch something?

Parker: Yeah. No problem.

Brad: You're all set. Your bags are in the cab.

Janet: Great. Hey, thanks for being such a great guy about all this. It was really, really good to see you again.

Brad: Yeah. You, too. It was really great -- it was great.

Janet: Take care of my precious baby girl, okay? Real good care of her.

Brad: I will. You have a safe one.

Janet: Okay. I want constant updates on my kid. You call me, okay?

Brad: You got it. Yeah.

Janet: She's my whole life.

Brad: I know.

Katie: I saw Janet going out to her cab. Is that it?

Brad: She's gone. Just you, me, and Liberty.

Katie: It's gonna be okay.

Brad: I know that. I know it.

Katie: I know.

Brad: I know.

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