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As The World Turns Transcript Tuesday 5/6/08

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Alison: Hello, Doc.

Chris: Wow.

Margo: This manuscript was in your backpack, and you have no idea how it got there?

Casey: That's right. That's what I'm telling you.

Margo: Oh, Casey! I can't believe you're doing this again!

Casey: You're not listening! I didn't do anything!

Margo: Yeah, well, that's what you said last time, and it all turned out to be lies. You expect me to fall for it again?

Tom: Hey, what's going on?

Casey: Go on, Mom. Tell him. Tell him you think I'm a thief and a liar.

Emily: Well, look at you showing yourself in the light of day.

Informant: I like to mix it up. I was curious if you had anything for me.

Emily: Actually, I do. I do. But I wanted to wait for my assistant to get back. There are some things that I wanted to talk to you about.

Informant: You know how I work. Cash up front.

Emily: You're lucky you're reliable. Count it later.

Informant: What would you like me to do?

Emily: Some rare manuscripts were taken from the Oakdale U. Library. The minute someone tries to unload them, I want to know about it.

Noah: Just take a small spoonful of batter. You really don't need as much as you think. And you spread it out in nice little circles. See? Pancakes.

Ameera: I bet I know where you learned how to cook -- your father.

Noah: Did he cook for you and your mother?

Ameera: Yes, all the time. He loved it. I can tell you do, too.

Noah: Yeah, well, I didn't get it from him.

Ameera: From where, then? Come on, tell me.

Noah: Well, growing up on army bases, it was kind of my safe place, you know -- the kitchen. It was a place for me to stay out of the way. It wasn't so bad, I guess. I picked up a few things like, you know, how to make breakfast for dinner. What?

Ameera: You have -- may I? Some flour on your face.

Noah: Oh, well, one of the many hazards of cooking. [Doorbell rings] I'll get that. You watch the pancakes. Make some more. Luke. I didn't know you were coming here.

Luke: I had to.

Alison: Why do you look so surprised? I thought we agreed to dinner tonight.

Chris: We did. I was just gonna finish up here, change, and pick you up at home.

Alison: See, I did you a favor, then. Because by me meeting you here, I saved you from a round of 101 questions from my mother.

Chris: Well, I have a question of my own. You said you wanted to keep things discreet at work and you ambush me dressed to kill.

Alison: Well, I thought about the work thing, and I decided I don't care who knows about us.

Chris: I see. Want to tell me what changed your mind?

Luke: Look, I don't know what I was thinking, moving in here with you and Ameera. And the stuff I said when I left --

Noah: You didn't say anything wrong.

Luke: Yes, I did. I made it seem like waiting for you would be the worst thing in the world. But if it meant waiting for you or not having you in my life, I would wait. I would wait forever.

Noah: You mean that?

Luke: Yes. Noah, what we have -- this is real, and this is amazing, and it can survive all of this, and I am so sorry if something I said made you think otherwise.

Noah: It was my fault, too, okay? I should have made it more clear that there isn't anyone else I want in my life every day as much as you.

Margo: I did not call you a thief and a liar, Casey.

Casey: No. But that's what you think of me.

Tom: Okay, would somebody, anybody, tell me what's going on?

Margo: This.

Tom: What is it?

Margo: It's one of the manuscripts that was stolen from Oakdale U.

Tom: How did it get here? Somebody better start talking.

Casey: Mom found it in my backpack.

Tom: What's it doing there?

Casey: That's the problem. I don't know.

Margo: Just like you didn't know how the bonds were stolen from crash.

Casey: I didn't steal any of the manuscripts. I wouldn't do something like that. You got to believe me.

Margo: I'm sorry, Casey. We donít.

Casey: Once a liar, always a liar, right?

Tom: Okay, everybody take a deep breath and calm down. Is there some way that we can talk about this rationally?

Casey: What's the point? Mom's already made up her mind.

Tom: The point is this is a situation with serious consequences, and you guys sniping at each other is not gonna solve anything.

Casey: Dad, I swear to you, I've never seen that book before in my life. I wouldn't have even known it was stolen if it wasn't for Emily.

Margo: Oh, Emily! Great, fine. I knew she'd be involved somehow.

Casey: Okay, she heard about the robbery. She was gonna call one of her contacts on campus, and I told her not to.

Tom: Why?

Casey: Because I thought if anyone's gonna talk on campus, they're gonna talk to me.

Margo: Great. I knew she wouldn't pass up an opportunity to use you again.

Casey: She didn't use me. It was my idea.

Tom: Okay, so you went down to the campus and talked to some folks. Did you find out anything?

Casey: No, I didnít.

Margo: Well, that's too bad, Casey, because it doesn't explain how the manuscript magically appeared in your backpack.

Casey: Okay, there's only one thing that makes sense. Someone's trying to set me up.

Ameera: Luke, I'm glad you came back. I hope you know you're always welcome here.

Luke: Thanks. I do know that.

[Cell phone ringing]

Ameera: Oh, it's mine. I'll take it outside.

Luke: Well, you know, all that stuff I said about waiting, just for the record, I still hate it.

Noah: Me too. So much.

Luke: But I guess -- I guess I can't stand to not be with you, even if that means being your friend and not your boyfriend.

Noah: Come here. No, no. I mean come here.

Luke: Noah.

Noah: Shh, I've wanted to do this since you first walked in. Haven't you?

Luke: You know I have. But she's right out there.

Noah: She knows how I feel about you.

Luke: Yeah, but still.

Noah: I can't stand being around you and not touching you.

Ameera: Sorry. I'll go and leave you alone.

Noah: Ameera, what's wrong? Who was that on the phone?

Ameera: It was -- it was the warden at Statesville prison.

Noah: Why did he want to talk to you?

Ameera: Your father wants to see me.

Alison: Look, you want to know the truth? I was trying to protect you. I don't know if you've noticed this, but a lot of people around here like to talk about me and the dumb things I've done in the past, and I didn't want you to get lumped into all that stuff.

Chris: With all that?

Alison: My other mistakes.

Chris: Is that what you think this is?

Alison: No, and I realize that. We're not doing anything wrong here. So let them talk, all the nurses and orderlies and Shawn down in x-ray. They can create a blog, for all I care.

Chris: In that case, I might have something for the first post.

Alison: Oh, but did I forget to mention that there's a catch?

Chris: You might have.

Alison: You know those flowers you brought me? I want more of them. Lots more. And I want chocolates and little notes and silly nicknames. What I want, Dr. Hughes, is some good old-fashioned romance. You think you're up for the challenge?

Noah: Did the warden say what my father wanted? Wait. How did he even get your number?

Ameera: I don't know. But I don't want you to worry about it. I'll figure out a way to handle it.

Noah: Um, handle it how?

Ameera: If your father wants to see me, I'll have to go and see him.

Noah: Alone? Forget it. There's no way you're gonna go see him alone. If anyone's going there, it's gonna be me.

Luke: Wait, if you think you're going on your own --

Noah: Actually, that is exactly what I'm thinking.

Chris: Uh-oh. What's that look for?

Alison: I just like the way I feel when I'm with you.

Chris: And how's that?

Alison: That no matter what things I may have done in my past, I never feel like you're judging me.

Chris: And I would do that because?

Alison: Come on. It's not like we're starting out here. We were almost married. You know what I'm like.

Chris: I think you're fantastic.

Alison: Yeah. Compared to who? Your last girlfriend, who just happens to be my sister?

Chris: Maybe you should be the one judging me.

Alison: I just -- I want things to be different this time for the both of us. I don't want this to be another relationship I mess up.

Chris: It won't be. I know how important it is for you to do well in the nursing program, so I'm gonna make you this promise right here, right now. Your studies come first, okay?

Alison: Yes, Sir.

Chris: I'm serious, Ali. I meant what I said. I'm in no rush here. We can take things as slowly as you want.

Alison: Well, we don't have to take things that slow.

Noah: There's no way you're coming with me.

Luke: Why not?

Noah: Because my father's already hurt you enough.

Luke: Well, what about what he's done to you?

Noah: I'll be fine.

Luke: Noah.

Noah: You're not coming with me, okay? So just please let it go.

Ameera: Luke's right. Your father doesn't even want to see you. He wants to see me.

Luke: But what I don't get is how did Colonel Mayer know that you were living here anyway?

Noah: That's my fault. When we were all going up there, I called ahead and I gave them all of our names.

Luke: Well, did the Colonel say why he wanted to talk to you? Did he mention Noah or me at all?

Noah: Luke, she didn't speak to my father, she spoke to the warden. So whatever my father's got to say to her, he can say to me himself.

Margo: So, your story here is that somebody snuck into our home and planted the manuscript in your backpack in hopes that I would be the one that found it?

Tom: That's a bit of a stretch.

Casey: Well, what do you want me to say?

Margo: I don't know, Casey! I don't know. I mean, you simply want us to believe you, and I don't think I can do that, because since you've been home, I don't know what the truth is. You tell us that Matt is a friend from college. He turns out to be a cell mate from prison. And then there's a robbery at your old stomping grounds and you're just in time to work with Emily and volunteer.

Casey: I'm her assistant!

Margo: And she hands you a major story to do?

Casey: Uh, yeah.

Tom: Excuse me. Where are you going with all this?

Margo: I am so hoping that you didn't set this whole thing up so you could score big points at work.

Tom: Hey!

Casey: If you're so convinced I'm guilty, why don't you just arrest me?

Tom: Casey, nobody's arresting you.

Margo: Not that I couldnít. I found you in possession of stolen property.

Casey: Okay, I am telling you I did not do this.

Margo: Well, sorry, Casey. Your word doesn't hold a lot of weight right now.

Casey: Oh, my God. Then do it! You know, send me back to prison, where you think I belong!

Margo: You think I want to do this? You think I want to be in this position?

Casey: Yes! You've been waiting for me to screw up since I got home!

Tom: Hey, Cas, that's not true.

Casey: Isn't it? It's not like you jumped to my defense, either.

Tom: Look, I'm just trying to find out how a manuscript that you say you've never touched wound up in our house in your backpack.

Casey: Because someone is trying to send me back to jail. Look, maybe you're right. Maybe I don't deserve your trust. But I did not do this, and I'm gonna prove it.

Noah: We both know I can never be a real husband to you, but I am your friend, and that means something to me.

Ameera: To me, too. But I don't want --

Noah: My father is a sick man, and I'm not gonna let him hurt you. I'll be back as soon as I can.

Luke: I'll stay here with Ameera. Are you sure I can't get you to change your mind?

Noah: We can't be seen together. You know that. Especially going to visit my father.

Luke: Well, maybe this time it'll be different. I mean, he sent you that letter. Maybe he wants to make amends.

Noah: Luke, he killed my mother. He tried to kill you. He cannot make amends for that.

Luke: I know. Just promise me something, okay? If he tries to -- to say things to you to try to get at you, don't let him, okay?

Noah: I wonít. I'll just think of you. You'll be my secret weapon.

Luke: I love you.

Noah: Same here.

Casey: Elwood! You did this, didn't you? You set me up!

Alison: It's been a long time since I've been on a real, official date.

Chris: I'll let you know if you make any faux pas.

Alison: Oh, please. I still have game. But if I need an extra shot of confidence, I will just think back to the best $487 I ever spent. Or tried to spend, anyway.

Chris: $400 -- aha! The night of the bachelor auction. That was the first time we --

Alison: The very first time. For me, anyway. Yeah, I still remember everything about that night. I wore that dress that had the zipper all the way up the back. And when you started to unzip me, the touch of your hand gave me goose bumps.

Chris: You weren't the only one.

Alison: And I told you I was glad I had waited for my first time to be with you. And when you kissed me, it was the softest kiss ever.

Chris: You have a spectacular memory.

Elwood: What are you talking about?

Casey: I'm talking about you planting those manuscripts on me.

Elwood: Dude, you know, you've totally lost it.

Casey: No, no. What is this about, Elwood? Payback for when I asked you to cash those bonds in for me?

Elwood: Why are you bringing that up right now?

Casey: Because, thanks to you, my parents think I'm a thief.

Elwood: You are a thief.

Casey: What?

Elwood: Get away from me.

Casey: No. You are the only person I talked to about those manuscripts. You did this.

Elwood: You better leave me alone or I'm gonna call the manager over here and he's gonna kick you out. And I'm sure your parole officer would not like that very much.

Casey: You're not gonna get away with this.

Elwood: Yeah. Okay.

Colonel Mayer: Noah. What are you doing? You shouldn't be here.

Noah: Don't worry, she's not coming. Ameera. That's who you were expecting, right?

Colonel Mayer: How do you know about that?

Noah: What the hell difference does it make? I know what you're doing. I want you to stop calling her.

Colonel Mayer: Excuse me? You don't tell me what to do, Boy.

Noah: Leave her alone. She doesn't want anything to do with you.

Colonel Mayer: You don't know that. It's between me and Ameera. It's none of your business.

Noah: Well, if it involves Ameera, I'm making it my business.

Colonel Mayer: Why do you even care what she does?

Noah: Because she's my wife.

Emily: Hey. I take it things didn't go so well at home. You want to talk about it?

Casey: The stolen manuscripts -- my mom found one in my backpack. The way she looked at me, it was like -- when she found out that I stole those stupid bonds.

Emily: Well, I mean, you didn't do it, did you? You didn't take them.

Casey: No. What, you don't believe me, either?

Emily: No, I do.

Casey: Just like that?

Emily: Yeah, just like that. I've got a built-in lie detector. So what are you gonna do now?

Casey: Find who set me up. First on the list is this former so-called friend of mine.

Emily: Who?

Casey: His name is Elwood. He used to be my roommate. You know, he got in a lot of trouble because of me when I was gambling.

Emily: So you think he's trying to retaliate?

Casey: He denies it, yeah, but that's what I think. And I better find a way to prove it or I'm back on the inside by next week.

Waiter: Are you ready for me to take your order?

Alison: You know what, I'm still deciding. You go first.

Chris: I'll start with the garden salad. Easy on the on -- ions.

Alison: Oh, sorry.

Chris: No problem.

Waiter: Sir?

Chris: Right, sorry. Garden salad. Light on the onions. Dress -- dressing! Dressing on the side, and the hangar steak.

Waiter: How would you like that cooked?

Chris: Rare.

Waiter: And for you, Miss?

Alison: You know, it's weird. I'm suddenly not in the mood for dinner. Do you mind if I just take dessert upstairs?

Chris: I don't have a problem with that if that's what you really want.

Alison: It is. You can cancel his order.

Casey: Elwood was the only person I talked to about those manuscripts. He knows I was looking for information.

Emily: You think he thinks that you're on to him? Because that would make sense. It would make perfect sense that he would panic and try to get rid of the evidence.

Casey: By planting it on me?

Emily: Well, yeah. I hate to say this, but you set yourself up to be the perfect target.

Casey: But the thing is he only planted one of them on me. So where are the rest of them?

Emily: I don't know. Hopefully we'll know before too long.

Casey: How?

Emily: Well, I didn't want to say anything earlier to get your hopes up, but I called in a favor from one of my informants to see what he knows.

Casey: Do you think he'll come up with anything?

Emily: Hopefully just enough to clear your name.

Alison: You know, if anatomy class was anything like this, I might pay more attention.

Chris: How about a free tutorial? This is the latissimus dorsi. Common flexor.

Alison: Also known as the elbow.

Chris: Oh, she's been paying attention. And those are your fingers.

Alison: I'm a shoe-in to graduate with honors now.

Chris: Ready for your second lesson?

Alison: Absolutely.

Chris: The anklebone -- is connected to the leg bone. The leg bone -- is connected to the knee bone. The knee bone is connected to the thigh bone.

[Cell phone ringing]

Emily: It's him. Yeah? Really? No, no, no. Hang on, hang on. Okay. All right, I got it. Thanks.

Casey: What did he say?

Emily: Well, there's a used bookstore on the other side of town that specializes in rare manuscripts. The guy who works there says he was contacted by someone looking to unload several volumes of civil war material.

Casey: Emily, this has to be it. Where is this place?

Emily: This is the address. All we have to do is get there and you're home free. Let's go.

Colonel Mayer: You're married to Ameera? Good for you.

Noah: I don't want your congratulations.

Colonel Mayer: Look, Noah, I wrote you a letter. Maybe you didn't get it.

Noah: No, I got it.

Colonel Mayer: Oh. Look, everything I said in it is true. There are so many things I wish I could take back.

Noah: Well, you canít.

Colonel Mayer: Maybe -- maybe we could try to start over. Maybe we can try -- you know, it won't be easy to rebuild our relationship, but --

Noah: We never had a relationship! You never saw me. How unhappy I was. How much I just -- just wanted you to like me. No. All you saw were all the ways that I never measured up to your expectations, starting with the fact that I'm --

Colonel Mayer: The fact that you're what?

Noah: I'm not having this conversation with you.

Colonel Mayer: I hope your wife doesn't know. Or does she? Do you and Ameera have a real marriage, or are the two of you just playing house?

Noah: You know, it's not gonna work. I'm not gonna let you bait me. I just came here for one reason -- that's to find out what you want with Ameera.

Ameera: You're really worried about him, aren't you?

Luke: Well, I just didn't want him to go by himself.

Ameera: Neither did I, but he insisted.

Luke: Yeah. Sometimes he can be so stubborn.

Ameera: I know. Especially when he thinks he's doing the right thing.

Luke: Which is all the time. You're worried about him, too, aren't you?

Ameera: Of course. The only reason he went was because of me.

Luke: Well, Noah really looks out for the people he cares about. That's one of the reasons I love him so much.

Colonel Mayer: If you came all the way up here for information, Noah, I'm sorry, but you wasted a trip.

Noah: After everything you've done to me, you owe me this much.

Colonel Mayer: Owe you? I owe you? Considering the disrespect you've shown me, the lies you've told me to my face about you and Maddie Coleman, about that Snyder kid.

Noah: His name is Luke!

Colonel Mayer: Careful, Noah. Your true feelings are showing. It's a shame, because I know how much loyalty means to your wife. She values it. She appreciates it. Unlike you, Ameera appreciates the things I've done for her, the risks I took for her and her mother.

Noah: And you killed mine! You expect me to be grateful?

Colonel Mayer: Please. That woman was a liar and a whore!

Noah: At least she's not a murderer! You're right about one thing -- Ameera. She is loyal. She knows how you hurt me. How you hurt the people I care about. She knows how sick you are. So you can keep calling her all you want, but one word from me, and she will never set eyes on you again.

Colonel Mayer: You little punk! I'm not gonna let you mess this up for me!

Noah: Mess what up? What do you want with Ameera?

Colonel Mayer: I'm warning you, Noah. Stay out of this. This is between me and Ameera. Nobody else. Stay out of it. Take me back to my cell.

Alison: Chris, wait. No. I can't do this. I just can't do this.

Casey: This is it.

Emily: Do you want me to go in with you?

Casey: No. I have to do this on my own.

Ameera: Noah.

Luke: How did it go? Did you find out what your dad wanted?

Noah: Not really. He really couldn't get over the fact that I was there and you werenít.

Ameera: Was he angry with me?

Noah: It's nothing for you to worry about.

Luke: So he didn't say anything about why he wanted to see Ameera?

Noah: Only that it doesn't involve me and I should mind my own business.

Luke: What does that mean?

Ameera: I'm sorry that you went up there for nothing.

Luke: Hey, how was it seeing your dad?

Noah: I think it's safe to say that he hasn't changed.

Ameera: I knew I should have gone instead of you.

Noah: No. Okay, I don't want you going up there ever, especially now.

Luke: Now?

Noah: I told him about me and Ameera and the marriage.

Luke: You told him?

Noah: I was upset. I was saying a lot of things.

Ameera: Will he say something to the I.C.E.? Will he turn us in?

Noah: I don't think so, but it's best that we just keep our distance from him.

Luke: And what if that doesn't work?

Chris: What's going on?

Alison: Nothing. I just -- I canít. I'm sorry.

Chris: Don't be sorry. I don't want you to be sorry. Here. Here, put this on.

Alison: God, I'm such a mess.

Chris: Will you talk to me, please?

Alison: I don't know what to say.

Chris: Just -- just tell me what's going on in here, okay?

Alison: How can you not be mad at me? You must think I'm the world's biggest tease.

Chris: I could never think that. Ali, listen to me -- I meant what I said. I'm in no rush here. And if I did something wrong --

Alison: No, you didnít. You were perfect. And it's not that I don't want to do this. I do. I want you. I mean, look at you.

Chris: I want you, but only when you're ready.

Alison: Who ever heard of a porn star who wasn't ready?

Chris: Hey, hey. Don't say that. You're not a porn star. You're Alison Stewart. I'm crazy about you.

Alison: Thank you.

Chris: Can we try something? Come lay down with me. Let me just hold you.

Emily: Come on, Casey. What's taking so long?

Margo: Here. Here, this is the address that Dallas got from the source. He said it was a male voice. They had several civil war manuscripts that -- oh, my God.

Tom: What is it?

Margo: It's Casey. He's inside.

Casey: Excuse me, hey. You got a call in earlier about some civil war manuscripts.

Clerk: You sounded a lot different on the phone.

Casey: Yeah, yeah. Listen, I was hoping you and I could maybe work something out.

Margo: I'm sorry. That won't be possible.

Chris: This is nice, isn't it? Low-key, no pressure.

Alison: Yeah. It's wonderful.

Luke: That warning, when he said that he didn't want you to mess him up, aren't you curious about what that meant?

Noah: Actually, I just want to forget about the whole damn thing.

Luke: Why? It's not like he's going to. Come on, Noah. Do you seriously think that you can just put this past you?

Noah: Look, everything he said to me today, I know what it was. It was just what he always does. He's playing his head games.

Luke: Yeah, maybe. But now, with this marriage, he has a whole new set of ammunition. So I'm not sure how long that's gonna last for. Look, I'm sorry, okay? I didn't mean --

Ameera: No, you're right. None of this would be happening if it weren't for me.

Casey: What are you guys doing here?

Margo: We'll ask the questions now, not you.

Casey: No. It's not what it --

Tom: Casey, the less you say right now, the better.

Casey: No, listen to me.

Margo: Oh, so you can tell us more lies? I thought you learned your lesson. I thought we had, too.

Clerk: I don't want any trouble here. Whatever problems you have with this guy --

Tom: This guy happens to be our son, and don't think that you're very far off our radar, either.

Margo: I'm so sorry, Casey. I was willing to try. I was willing to give you the benefit of the doubt, and I just canít. I have no choice but to arrest you.

Casey: Oh, my God.

Margo: Casey. Casey!

Casey: Elwood!

Margo: Emily! Emily, get out of the way!

Tom: That's enough! Let go of him! What the hell is going on here, Casey?

Margo: What's this?

Casey: I told you.

Chris: Hey. Where you going?

Alison: I couldn't sleep. I really tried, but I just couldn't, so -- I'm sorry.

Chris: So you're just gonna leave without saying good-bye?

Alison: Please don't be mad at me.

Chris: Stop worrying about me being mad. Is there anything I can do?

Alison: No, no. I'm just gonna finish getting my stuff, and I'm gonna go.

Chris: Just let me walk you down to your car?

Alison: No. I'm okay. Really. I'm fine.

Chris: Okay.

Alison: Chris, I'm sorry.

Luke: Where's Ameera?

Noah: She's outside. She just needs some time alone.

Luke: Look, I'm sorry I upset her. But you mentioned your father to me, and then you tell me that he knows about you and Ameera.

Noah: It's not your fault, okay? I shouldn't have said anything to him. You know, I don't even think he cares.

Luke: Oh, come on, Noah. Are you serious? This is what he always wanted -- you married to some girl.

Noah: It's no big deal.

Luke: How can you say that? He wants something from Ameera. Now you're just gonna sit there and pretend that he doesn't?

Noah: Look, he told me to mind my own business. Maybe that's exactly what I should do.

Ameera: Yes, this is Ameera Ali Aziz. I need to speak to Colonel Winston Mayer.

Luke: We can't ignore this. You know that.

Noah: Just be careful. He's locked up. If I stay away and Ameera stays away, he's got nothing.

Luke: I can't believe I'm about to say this, but part of me -- a really big part -- wishes that we just never got involved in this.

Colonel Mayer: Ameera. Or should I say Mrs. Mayer? I was wondering if I'd hear from you.

Ameera: Why? What do you want from me?

Colonel Mayer: Now, is that any way to talk to your father-in-law?

Ameera: I'm sorry. I meant no disrespect.

Colonel Mayer: I miss you. Don't you miss me?

Ameera: Of course I do. Is that the only reason you want to see me?

Colonel Mayer: Isn't that enough? Now, look, Ameera, I have to go now, but are you still my girl? Can I still trust you?

Ameera: Yes. Always.

Colonel Mayer: Good.

Margo: I don't think I have to tell you, Elwood, how disappointed I am in you.

Elwood: Probably not.

Margo: No. We had you in our home, at our dinner table. Casey's your friend and you do this to him? You set him up and jeopardize his future, all to cover your tracks?

Elwood: It's nothing he hasn't done to me.

Margo: Get him out of here.

Cop: Yes, Lieutenant. Come on.

Margo: How did you two know to come here?

Casey: It's all thanks to Emily.

Emily: No, I didn't -- I didn't really do anything.

Casey: That's not true. She's the one who believed I was innocent. She wanted to help me prove it.

Margo: So you didn't find it necessary to share this information with me? Emily, could I have a moment alone with Casey, please?

Casey: No, no. Anything you have to say, you can say to her.

Margo: Fine. Casey, I owe you an apology. I'll never forgive myself for not believing you.

Tom: Margo.

Margo: Oh, Tom.

Announcer: On the next "As the World Turns" --

Brad: Hey, Bro. Come on in. What's up, Parker? She's registered at Oakdale High, but she never showed up. She's been skipping school this whole time.

Liberty: Well, looks like I'm busted.

Sofie: Why should we be alone and miserable when we could be happy together?

Meg: Seeing them together like that, it reminded me of what Paul Ryan is really capable of and why I can never trust him again.

Mike: Meg is off limits. If you go anywhere near her, you'll answer to me.

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