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As The World Turns Transcript Thursday 4/24/08

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Noah: Um, Ameera, uh, maybe you didn't understand me, but, um, this, uh -- this can't happen.

[Door slams]

Holden: You know what, Meg? Don't think twice about it. I enjoyed doing all those chores by myself.

Luke: Why are you so hard on her?

Holden: She's my sister. It's my job. Where have you been?

Luke: It's Ameera's birthday. I was helping Noah buy her a present.

Holden: I thought you had a paper due.

Luke: Done.

Holden: So, I guess it wasn't any fun buying a birthday present for your boyfriend's wife, huh?

Luke: Dad, can we just not right now?

Holden: Okay, okay.

Luke: Look, I'm sorry. I just feel like, with this situation, it's good to just, I don't know, keep a sense of humor about it.

Holden: I understand, but you know what? I guarantee you a year from now, you guys are gonna look back at all this and have a good laugh about it.

Luke: I hope so. Where's Mom?

Holden: You know, I was gonna tell you about that.

[Cell phone rings]

Luke: Oh. It's Noah.

Holden: He's probably looking for some birthday candles.

Luke: Hey, Noah, what's up?

Noah: Hey, um, I think I need your help here again. Things are really weird.

Luke: Surprise, surprise. I'll be right over. I got to go. So, what were you gonna tell me about Mom?

Holden: You know what? Um, don't worry about it. Just go. Have fun.

Luke: Yeah. The three of us together. It's always a blast.

Sophie: Maybe you'd like something to eat.

Paul: Maybe you'd like to leave.

Sophie: I told you already, I'm not going to do that.

Paul: You don't have to do this.

Sophie: What happened with Meg?

Paul: You don't have to put up with me. All right? You can just go. Go home.

Sophie: I saw her walk out on you.

Paul: Yeah, that's what a woman does when she never wants to see you again.

Mike: Luke didn't look real happy.

Meg: We're not talking about Luke. We're talking about you. You're really upset.

Mike: I am not upset, but if Paul stays on this project, I'm out.

Meg: This project means a lot to you.

Mike: It's a quality-of-life thing. I don't want to hang around a person who I want to pound into the ground.

Meg: Look, Mike, Paul had no right to write that note, and to trick you like that.

Mike: Oh, really? You think?

Meg: But don't give up on this project. I know it's a real mess with Paul and me, but -- but it's all gonna be different.

Mike: Paul's changed. Yeah, I buy that.

Meg: No, I've changed. I told him that I want nothing to do with him anymore, and I meant it.

Sophie: She said she never wanted to see you again.

Paul: She didn't just say it. A certain amount of body language involved.

Sophie: Well -- maybe that's all for the best.

Mike: Right, you're the one who's changed, so it's all different now.

Meg: You know, I used to think you were nice.

Mike: I'm realistic. I've seen you two together.

Meg: Yeah, and you won't anymore.

Mike: You are like malaria. There is no cure. You keep coming back.

Meg: Really? And you are a big expert because --

Mike: Because you're just like Katie and me.

Brad: Look, look, you saw Mike. He was busting a gasket.

Katie: Yeah, do you blame him? That note was mean. He got totally played.

Brad: By somebody else. That wasn't your fault.

Katie: It doesn't matter whose fault it was. I want to go talk to him, make sure he's okay.

Brad: That's not your place anymore, Katie.

Katie: And that's not your call.

Brad: Look, I'm sorry. I'm your husband. I do not want you to go.

Judge Burke: You think you can just ruin people's lives and nothing's gonna happen to you, right?

Casey: Sir. Sir.

Judge Burke: You think people like me aren't gonna fight back?

Casey: Judge Burke?

Judge Burke: Lies! You think you can just put lies on the front of a paper and just get away with it.

Casey: She's not. You're right, something has to be done, but this isn't --

Judge Burke: Hey, just get back!

Casey: Okay, look, you're right. She has to pay, but you doing this -- you're the one whose life is gonna go to hell, okay? My dad always said, you know --

Judge Burke: Who the hell are you?

Casey: Casey Hughes. You know my dad, Tom Hughes.

Judge Burke: Yeah. You're the one that did time?

Casey: Yeah. Yeah, I did something very stupid, and I ended up paying the old-fashioned way. Don't be like me. Make her pay, okay? But just make sure you walk away. My dad always talked about watching you in court, you know, how smart you were. Just keep staying smart, you know? Better than that, think of -- think of what you would do to someone who did what -- what you're thinking about doing, okay?

Judge Burke: I want a retraction.

Casey: Emily said she'd do that, right, Emily?

Emily: Yes.

Judge Burke: You honestly expect me to believe her, someone that would print that garbage and call that a story?

Casey: Okay, that -- that's why we have to spell it out, exactly what you want the retraction to say. But first, I just -- I need you to put that down so we can talk.

Margo: Casey? Where are you, Casey?

Judge Burke: You're liars! Both of you! Man, if you just called the police, that is the biggest mistake that you have made so far!  

Casey: Hey, look, look, that's just my mom.

Judge Burke: I know that your mom is a cop.

Casey: She just wanted to come pick me up. I'll get rid of her.

Judge Burke: Yeah? Stay away from the damn door.

Casey: Mom? Everything's cool.

Margo: Open the door, then.

Judge Burke: Oh, no.

Casey: Okay, we're kind of busy in here. Um, uh, you go home. I'll catch up with you later, okay?

Margo: What's going on?

Casey: Nothing, nothing, just a private meeting.

Margo: Right, with Judge Burke.

Casey: That's right.

Margo: Is Emily in there? Is Emily okay?

Casey: Emily's fine, yes. We're all fine. There's nothing to worry about.

Margo: I want you to call and find out if Judge Burke has a handgun licensed to him. Judge Burke? I read the article in "The Intruder," and I think that you have every right to be upset.

Judge Burke: That's it! Hey! Hey! You think I'm that stupid? You don't think I don't know what you're trying to do?

Casey: Nothing, nothing!

Judge Burke: Nothing? Yeah, I know that your mother's not here to pick you up. I know that they're here to protect this lying piece of --

Casey: Don't hurt her! I swear to God. Yes, they're out there. They're cop out there, and if you lay one finger on her, your career is gone.

Judge Burke: Hey! It's already gone thanks to her!

Margo: Call for backup.

Casey: Okay. My dad was wrong. You're not so smart.

Emily: Casey, stop.

Casey: No. Do you think anyone believes what's written in "The Intruder"? Anyone with a brain knows that this is a joke. The only way to make people really believe this is to do what you're doing right now.

Sophie: You know, you've been really nice to me and I owe you a lot, but can't you see how lame this is? And can't you see that, if two people are together and, over and over again, they both end up unhappy, that maybe it isn't quite what you thought it was?

Paul: This is great. I'm getting told off by a 12-year-old.

Sophie: Okay, I'm not 12. And I get to tell you off because I know just as much about the subject as you do.

Paul: Right.

Sophie: Right. I handed my life over to Cole. I handed my baby's life over to Cole, and every time someone tried to point out to me how miserable I was or how he didn't give a damn about me, I just kept telling myself that they didn't understand, that they didn't know what love was.

Paul: And you think Meg is like Cole?

Sophie: No. No, I think you are. Not as bad. Definitely not as bad, but you don't make Meg happy, Paul. And you keep doing things that make her anything but. I mean, does that sound like a love story to you?

Paul: You can go.

Sophie: So you can drink and be alone? I don't think so.

Paul: I'm not asking you, Sophie. It's not like I'm giving you a choice.

Mike: I came crawling back into town to find Katie engaged and now married. I felt like an idiot even before that scene earlier today. It was -- it was kind of sweet that it was on live television, wasn't it? I mean, what's humiliation if it's not public?

Meg: Well, Katie is an idiot. I think any woman with a brain in her head wouldn't give you any reason to leave, ever.

Mike: Right, because, clearly, her life tanked when I left. I mean, she's all washed up, she's alone, and -- oh, no, wait a minute. She's -- she's married and a TV star.

Meg: Could we talk serious for a minute?

Mike: I hate serious.

Meg: Okay, look, you can't walk away from this project just because you're embarrassed about Katie.

Mike: I told you, it's because I don't want to end up in jail for aggravated assault.

Meg: That's your story, and you're sticking with it.

Mike: I can't stand the guy, Meg. Really.

Meg: Well, that sets you apart. Look, just do me one favor. Just think about it. Give it -- give it one day and think about it.

Mike: All right, I'll think about it.

Meg: Okay, good.

Mike: 'Cause maybe then I'll stop thinking about Katie.

Katie: "I'm your husband, and I don't want you to go"?

Brad: All right, all right. You know what? I didn't mean it like that. Okay, I know I may have sounded like --

Katie: Pompous, Neanderthal, condescending?

Brad: I was gonna say "Bossy," but I didn't mean it bossy-like "I'm your husband, I do not want you to go," but like worried. I'm your husband, and I don't want you to go because you're too emphatic.

Katie: Emphatic?

Brad: Look, you're always worried about the other guy, his feelings.

Katie: Empathetic?

Brad: Yeah, that's what I said. Look, you, look, you didn't do anything to Mike, but he's upset, so you think you did. So you're gonna go see him, you're gonna hold his hand and worry about him.

Katie: And that bothers you?

Brad: It worries me. You just -- listen, you take things so personally, and you just care so damn much.

Katie: Well, that's maybe kind of sweet.

Brad: Yes. You see? See, it's not pompous and Neanderthal and whatever else you said. It's sweet. It's cool, it's good. So, can we go home and just forget about him?

Katie: And concentrate on you.

Brad: That sounds like a plan. All right? Do you want to pick up some ribs on the way home?

Katie: No, 'cause I'm gonna go talk to Mike.

Brad: Wait. I thought we decided that wasn't a good idea.

Katie: No, you decided that wasn't a good idea, and I almost was convinced, and then you kept talking. You should learn to quit while you're ahead.

Luke: She kissed you?

Noah: Right.

Luke: So -- you called me over to defend your virtue?


Noah: It's not funny.

Luke: It kind of is.

Noah: All right, well, I might see that, but she doesn’t. She's really upset, Luke.

Luke: I hate it when you're always so nice. You make me into the jerk.

Noah: You're not a jerk. I am.

Luke: Look, you didn't do anything wrong.

Noah: Okay, you told me I didn't know what I was doing, and you were right. I mean, she -- Luke, you and I don't know what she's been through, and she's not just some girl. She -- I thought I could fix everything.

Luke: Hey, this isn't your fault. You never lied to her.

Noah: It's not like she's from here. I mean, she might not even really be understanding, you know, what's going on. And -- Ameera, where are you going?

Ameera: Home.

Mike: Thanks.

Katie: Ooh, that looks like a double.

Mike: Yeah, the first of many.

Katie: Can I have one of those?

Mike: Katie --

Katie: I'll have what my friend here's having.

Mike: Look, you don't have to do this.

Katie: I know I don't have to. I want to. Are you okay?

Mike: I've had better days, but I'm okay.

Katie: I just want you to remember one thing -- somebody did this to you. Somebody set you up. You have nothing to blame yourself for.

Mike: Look, can we just cut the bull?

Katie: It's not bull. It's the truth.

Mike: It's irrelevant. I'm not here drinking doubles because someone set me up and played a trick on me.

Katie: But they did.

Mike: That's not the point. The point is that you now know more than I ever wanted you to know.

Katie: Okay, now you've lost me.

Mike: You and I both know that I wouldn't have acted the way I acted, and I wouldn't have said the things I said if I hadn't wanted that note to be from you, and wanted to believe every word on it.

Mike: Can I get another one of these?

Katie: Okay, I'm sure you've been told this by a lot of people -- probably everyone you know, but maybe it'll hit home coming from me. Mike, you deserve so much better than me.

Mike: Look, why don't you go home to your husband? He's probably waiting for you.

Katie: I just hate to think of you being unhappy.

Mike: Then don't think of me. Katie, I'm not your problem. I'm not your responsibility. I'm the one who left, remember?

Katie: Oh, yeah, vaguely. But I also remember you had a really good reason to leave.

Mike: Water under the bridge. You moved on, and that's good. I meant what I said, what really stunk about today -- I didn't want you to know how I felt or how much I felt it. I didn't come back to make you feel guilty.

Katie: I just want you to be able to move on, too. I know, I know. Easier said than done. Well, if it's any consolation, I was a basket case after you left.

Mike: Good.

Katie: But I'm shallow, so I guess I moved on quicker.

Mike: Katie, you have to believe this. I'm glad you're happy. I do want that for you.

Katie: It's just unfair, isn't it?

Mike: Who ever said life was fair? You know, we're probably not gonna be able to forget about today, but can we just pretend it never happened?

Katie: Denial.

Mike: I get more and more comfortable with it every day.

Katie: Okay. We play it your way.

Mike: My way is, you go home to your husband.

Katie: Eventually. But I'm gonna have another drink with my old friend, and we are gonna toast to denial.

[Glasses clink]

Brad: So, I told her that I was worried about her being vulnerable about Mike, and feeling guilty and everything, and then it looked like she was buying it, and then suddenly she took off.

Henry: Well, what do you think happened?

Brad: I think, just a guess, that when I mentioned something about picking up ribs that, I don't know, it might have made me seem insincere.

Henry: Well, it's because you were insincere, Brad. You don't want her seeing Mike because you're afraid of what could happen.

Brad: Come on. Come on. Why would I be -- why would I worry about him?

Henry: Well, let's see. He's straightforward, he's reliable, he's generous, he was madly in love with her, and she was with him, he's a carpenter, and women love that, so --

Brad: You don't know squat about talking to a guy whose wife is out with an ex. I have nothing to worry about.

Henry: You're probably right. And, Brad, you know, she didn't marry you on the rebound. She married Jack on the rebound, which I guess sort of makes you like a ricochet.

Brad: I want to be clear on this. I'm not worried about Katie having feelings for him. It's him I don't trust. Okay, he knows she feels guilty. He'll play that. They have a history together. He'll play that, too. He'll do whatever he can think of to get what he wants.

Henry: And that's why you're worried, Brad. You think he's just like you.

Noah: What, home?

Ameera: To Iraq.

Luke: No. No, you're not. Look, I know he's no day at the beach, but he's not worth sending yourself to a war zone, either.

Ameera: I would think you'd want me to leave.

Luke: Well, then you thought wrong. Come on, let's sit. Let's talk.

Ameera: Please just let me go.

Noah: Why? Why do you think you need to leave?

Ameera: Because -- I'm so ashamed.

Noah: Why, because you kissed me? Come on, it happens all the time. I'm -- I'm irresistible, right?

Ameera: You always joke.

Luke: Well, that's because this isn't a big deal. What's a kiss between friends? You know, who cares?

Ameera: I do. You do.

Noah: Ameera, a kiss can mean a lot of different things. It can mean that you like someone, and we do, but no one got hurt. You don't have to leave.

Ameera: I'll never forget everything you've both done for me, but this isn't right. We can't live this way.

Luke: Well, I agree with you on that.

Noah: But, Luke, you -- you said that you didn't think she should leave.

Luke: I don't, but this situation is out of control, and we have to find a way to fix it.

Paul: Look, the only thing that would make this night any worse -- is knowing that a very nice, very attractive young girl is hanging out with somebody as morose as I am.

Sophie: Okay, you know what? You know what? It's not gonna work. It's not gonna work. You can be as mean and as cranky as you want, but you're not gonna get rid of me.

Paul: Fine. If you won't leave, I will.

Meg: So, anyway, I was thinking, now that I have more time and I am Paul-free, that maybe Luke could watch Ethan and I could take the girls into Chicago and you and Lily could spend some time together. You know, we could even, um, do the whole weekend thing. You guys could get --

Holden: Uh, Meg, she's not here.

Meg: She's at work, right?

Holden: She's at Iva’s.

Meg: Well, don't feel you need to go into any detail.

Holden: She left. She thinks that she needs some time to think about what we're gonna do, and when she gets back, and there's no timetable on that, we may or may not get back together.

Meg: Why didn't you tell me anything? Was I that wrapped up in myself?

Holden: No, not really. I just didn't want to talk about it.

Meg: Is that why Luke stormed out tonight?

Holden: No, he doesn't know. He's been so happy about thinking that things were getting back to normal with us.

Meg: Normal. You know, I don't remember normal. I don't think we ever had normal.

Holden: Tell me about it.

Meg: Holden, I'm really tired of Lily making you sad.

Holden: You know what? She's hurting, Meg. And there's really nothing that I can do about it.

Meg: Yeah, and for someone like you, that's the worst part, isn't it?

Casey: So, um, you have a nanny?

Judge Burke: Yeah, and I didn't sleep with her! But, hey, don't let something like the truth ever stop you from writing something to sell papers.

Casey: So, so, how many kids do you have?

Judge Burke: Two.

Casey: Yeah, okay.

Judge Burke: I have two little girls. They're four, and they're seven. Now, were you thinking about them when you printed what you printed? Do you ever think about the pain that you inflict on people?

Casey: Four and seven? I don't think they're gonna be able to understand this, but they will be able to understand you being led out of here in handcuffs. They'll understand you being sent to jail. I think right now would be a good time to promise Mr. Burke that, if he leaves, you won't press any charges.

Emily: Of course, I promise.

Judge Burke: I'm sorry. Nice try, but I'm never gonna believe this piece of --

Casey: Then believe me. You put that down, you leave her alone, and I swear, this will all be just a fight, just some raised voices. Think about it, okay? Think of -- you'll get your retraction, and you'll get to see your little girls. Now, think about them. Okay, think about them hearing that their dad hurts defenseless women.

Judge Burke: Okay.

Casey: Let me go -- let me go talk to my mom.

Judge Burke: Go.

Casey: Okay. Hey.

Margo: Emily, are you okay?

Casey: Yeah, every -- everyone's fine. I think, um, Judge Burke wants to go home now.

Margo: I think that's not Judge Burke's decision. You were held against your will, and Emily was threatened. Jerry, I want you to take Judge Burke down to the station and file an incident report and please don't forget to read him his rights.

Casey: I told him everything was gonna be okay.

Margo: You said what you had to say, and I'm doing what I have to do. Casey, I am so proud of you.

Casey: I didn't know I was lying to him.

Margo: That's what made it all the more believable. Emily, are you all right?

Emily: Uh, yeah, I think so. Casey, you were great. I don't know what I would have done without you.

Margo: Yeah, it looks like he saved your sorry butt, didn't he?

Emily: What's that supposed to mean?

Margo: It means that he might not have had to put his life on the line if you hadn't been such a freakin' idiot in the first place.

Meg: Don't stay up too late, okay?

Holden: I'll be up in a minute.

[Knock on door]

Paul: I need to talk to Meg.

Holden: Go away.

Paul: Meg!

Holden: Do not knock on this door again, or I will shoot you.

Paul: Meg! Meg, I need to talk to you!

Holden: You know, I should have told him that yelling is the same as knocking. Meg, get out of my way.

Meg: Holden, do --

Holden: Meg, we cannot live our lives like this.

Meg: You're right, but I'm the one that needs to tell him that.

Holden: Why?

Meg: Because that way he'll know that it's the end this time.

Meg: Okay, shut up, okay? Just shut up. There are kids sleeping in this house, okay? And I know you don't think about anybody but yourself, but there are limits.

Paul: I need to talk to you. I need to talk to you alone.

Holden: That's not gonna happen, and the clock is ticking.

Paul: Fine, I'll say what I have to say in front of you. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. I don't know -- I don't know what happened. I-- nothing like that is ever gonna happen again, I promise you.

Meg: Go away, Paul. Okay, don't bother me. I don't want to know anybody that would do what you did, especially to a nice person like Mike.

Paul: Well, if you want me to apologize to Mike, I can -- I can say that I'm sorry to him, too.

Meg: No, it's too late, okay? It's too late for apologies, and it's too late for us.

Holden: I think maybe you could even understand that. Go away.

Mike: Uh, Katie, it's time for you to go home. You hanging around, making sure I'm okay -- it's kind of making me feel like a loser.

Katie: Don't ever say that. Because nothing -- I mean nothing, could be further from the truth. Oh! And you can come on the show anytime. Kim said it was great TV.

Mike: That's what I live for -- great TV.

[Katie laughs]

Mike: Good night.

Katie: Oh! One more thing.

Mike: No.

Katie: Who wrote the note?

Mike: It doesn't matter. You know, it really doesn't matter.

Brad: Man, I can't believe I did this.

Henry: You did what?

Brad: Fell for a woman who's all independent and everything.

Henry: Well, you'd better get used to it, Buddy. I'm sorry.

Brad: Man. I think I'm coming down with something. I think I'm sick.

Henry: That's lame, Brad. Very lame, lame, lame, lame, lame, lame, lame and unnecessary.

Katie: Yo, Snyder. Hey, Henry. Let's hit the road. Bye, Henry.

Henry: Bye.

Brad: See? Told you I had nothing to worry about.

Emily: What a surprise, maniac breaks into my office, tries to kill me, but it's my fault, right? Like everything else I do is my fault.

Margo: "Like everything else is my fault." Emily, you make one stupid, dangerous choice after the other. And then you expect some man to come in and simply rescue you, and it always works out so well for them, like Tom or Dusty.

Emily: Don't you dare --

Margo: This is my son! He was almost seriously injured tonight because you don't give a second thought to anything that you -- why? Why am I bothering? Nothing -- nothing I ever say or do is gonna change who you are. Come on. Come on, Casey. Let's go.

Casey: No.

Margo: No?

Casey: I work here, and we're not done yet.

Margo: Oh, please don't do this tonight, Honey. I am so tired.

Casey: Then leave. I'll go home when I'm finished and not before.

[Margo sighs]

Luke: I think we all agree that the most important thing is keeping Ameera safe.

Ameera: Even if it makes you and Noah unhappy?

Luke: We have to keep you safe. That means we have to keep you married to Noah. So, I think what we need to do is find ways that we can try to fix this arrangement, you know, think outside the box.

Ameera: How?

Luke: Well, I think we have a pretty rigid traditional view of what marriage is supposed to be. You know, kids these days who get married -- it's not like it was with our parents. You know, sometimes they don't live alone. They can't afford it. So I was thinking that maybe you two could decide to get a roommate.

Noah: Okay, what do you mean? Who?

Luke: Well -- I think that I should move in here, but only if you're okay with that.

Sophie: You went to see her, didn't you?

Paul: Yeah. [Clears throat] I fixed everything.

Sophie: Yeah, I can tell.

Paul: It's not like drinking's gonna help.

Sophie: Yeah, well, what about talking? What happened?

Paul: Oh. She, um -- she told me off, I mean, totally justified. [Sighs] And she had this look in her eye like I had offended her, like just being there offended her.

Sophie: Yeah, well, that's tonight. Maybe when she thinks about it, she has some time --

Paul: No, no. I think I blew it. You know what the worst part is?

Sophie: What?

Paul: When she was telling me off, right -- Meg, her eyes blazing, totally fed up with me, I loved her more than ever.

[Knock on door]

Meg: Its okay, Holden. If it's Paul, I'll shoot him myself.

Mike: Hey, uh --

Meg: Hey.

Mike: Yeah, I know it's late, but I saw the light on, and I, uh --

Meg: Yeah, come on in.

Mike: Thanks.

Meg: Yeah. Uh, beer?

Mike: Oh, no. No. I've already spent a certain amount of time in a bar tonight.

Meg: Well, you should have called me. I don't like to think of you drinking alone.

Mike: I wasn’t. Katie came by.

Meg: Oh.

Mike: Oh, she was great. She was really understanding. She was funny.

Meg: Exactly what you needed.

Mike: Right.

Meg: Well, um, I had a fun night, too. Paul dropped by. I love that spontaneous thing he has going.

Mike: Aren't exes just great?

Meg: Yeah, they really make life worth living.

Mike: You know, if you want to be alone right now, I, uh, I totally get that. I really do.

Meg: To tell you the truth, I'm glad you came back. And I'm glad you're in a crummy mood. And I am so sick of tea, I could scream.

Brad: So, today Kasnoff must be -- he must be pretty embarrassed, huh?

Katie: It was not his favorite thing. He's a very private guy.

Brad: Well, I was just thinking that if something like that happened to me, I'd split. I'd leave town, especially since there's really nothing for him now here that you're so happily married and everything.

Katie: I don't know about that. He's very excited about his project, and he has a lot of friends here. People are loyal to him 'cause he's so strong and honest. It makes people believe that they can count on him. He's very capable. Oh, and good with his hands.

Brad: Don't say that to me.

Katie: Well, he is. Did you ever see the deck he built on my old house?

Brad: This is payback, isn't it, for trying to tell you what to do?

Katie: Something like that.

Brad: Okay. I'm human. I'm not crazy about the idea that your ex is back and he's so head over heels in love with you.

Katie: You're just gonna have to trust me.

Brad: It's not you I'm worried about.

Ameera: So, the three of us live here together?

Luke: Only if you're okay with that.

Ameera: Well, you keep asking me what I think, but you're helping me. What I think doesn't matter.

Luke: Yes, it does. So you have to be completely honest here, Ameera. Do you think you can do this?

Ameera: I'll try.

Luke: Okay. Well, then, I guess I'll get my stuff, tell my folks.

Noah: Yeah. Do you really think that this could work?

Luke: I don't know, but it's worth a shot.

Noah: You know, even if we put this into a movie, no one would believe it. [Door closes] So, you're sure you're okay with this, right?

Ameera: Yes, I want you and Luke to be happy. I'll put this away. Thank you, Noah.

Margo: Could we please just talk about this at home?

Casey: There's nothing to talk about. This is my job.

Margo: You were almost really hurt tonight.

Casey: I handled it. You said so yourself.

Margo: Do you think this is a once-in-a-lifetime thing? This is a single incident? It's not. I can't tell you how many times your father had to drop everything and run off and rescue her. She hasn't even told you about her little pin money --

Emily: Margo, please.

Margo: I can't tell you how much I really just don't want you working here. And after the last year, do you think you could just be considerate and cut me a little slack?

Casey: But you can't throw that in my face.

Margo: This has disaster written all over it.

Casey: According to you. The way I see it, this is my life, my decision.

Emily: Okay, okay. I don't want the two of you fighting anymore, so let me just settle this. Casey, you're fired.

Casey: My mom threatens you, and you cave?

Emily: She didn't threaten me. She didn't threaten me.

Casey: She said something that freaked you out.

Emily: No. No, she just made me realize that this really isn't a good idea. I will make -- make sure you have a wonderful recommendation. No worries.

[Chair slams off desk]

Casey: So, you win -- as always.

Margo: Emily.

Emily: What, Margo?

Margo: I was just going to remind you to come down to the station tomorrow and give me a statement. And if you continue to write trash like this, you might think about locking the door.

Mike: I should get going. Um, but I'm gonna call you tomorrow in the morning. I got some things I want to go over about the project.

Meg: Well, I'm glad you're not quitting.

Mike: Hell no. Why would I let a jerk like Paul Ryan keep me from doing something that I want to do?

Meg: Well, good for you. And good for me.

Mike: What?

Meg: Well, now I have something to look forward to -- working with you.

Mike: Yeah, 'cause everybody likes to hang out with an upbeat guy like me.

Meg: Well, if misery likes company, then I think we'll be seeing a lot more of each other.

Noah: You still sure this is a good idea?

Luke: Eh, it's worth a shot. Ameera, come out here. We got a surprise for you.

Noah: Happy birthday.

Luke: And many more!

Ameera: You didn't have to do this.

Luke: Yes, we did. We're family.

Noah: Now, blow out the candles and make a wish.

Ameera: I wish for my friends to be very, very happy.

Margo: All right, wait, wait. Wait, wait. Can we just talk about this?

Casey: What is there to talk about? I screwed up, and so now you run my life for me.

Margo: Oh.

Casey: You know, it's -- it's great to be out of prison, making my own decisions again.

Brad: You are really not fair. You don't play fair.

Katie: What?

Brad: You're mad at me for acting like a guy, and here I'm sitting here thinking of ways to be more sensitive and everything, and you come out looking like that, making me feel so much like a guy.

Katie: You know what?

Brad: What?

Katie: I like that you're a guy. I just don't like you ordering me around.

Brad: Okay, so if I want you to do something, I can't tell you. I have to ask politely, respectfully.

Katie: By George, I think he's got it.

Brad: Katie.

Katie: Yes? Well, since you asked so politely.

Henry: Whoa, hi.

Liberty: Hi.

Henry: Hi, I'm sorry. We're closing.

Liberty: Oh, could you just tell me where I could find someplace to stay?

Henry: Uh, yeah, sure. Sure, I could. There's the Lakeview. It's very nice. It's kind of expensive. And there's a motel near the mall. How long are you planning on staying in town?

Liberty: Oh, I don't know yet. It depends on what happens when I meet my friend.

Henry: Okay. Well, who's that?

Liberty: His name's Snyder, Brad Snyder.

On the next -- "As the World Turns."

Holden: I can't tell you how happy I am to see you.

Aaron: So, from now on, you're on your own.

[Mike and Meg laughing]

Meg: I don't care what you say anymore, and I don't even care what you do, as long as you do it away from me.

Liberty: I'm your daughter.

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