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As The World Turns Transcript Wednesday 4/23/08

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Assistant: Emily?

Emily: Come on in.

Assistant: We got problems with that judge story.

Emily: Burke? The guy who's been sleeping with the nanny?

Assistant: Mm-hmm. Well, legal doesn't want it on the front page anymore.

Emily: What are you talking about? The guy's up for re-election. He's running on a pro-family platform, hanging out on a Caribbean beach with the nanny, no kids in sight. I have witnesses.

Assistant: Yeah, but -- but no photos. I mean, they think it's a libel case.

Emily: Well, go get me photos. Go. Get out of here. Ugh.

Paul: If this winds up costing Worldwide millions in court --

Emily: I know what I'm doing. Close the door on your way out, please.

Paul: I need some help with my love life.

[Knock on door]

Meg: Sophie.

Sophie: Hi. Is Aaron around?

Meg: Uh, he's out doing chores, but he should be back soon. Come on in. Uh, I am so sorry.

Sophie: No, no, it's okay. It's okay. The toys don't bother me. I actually saw Ethan the other day, and Aaron let me hold him. So -- so I'm doing better.

Meg: Well, sounds like Aaron is being a very good friend to you.

Sophie: Yeah. Yeah, he is. But we kind of got in a fight. Um, did he say anything?

Meg: Uh, no details. But, Sophie, as Aaron’s meddling aunt, I have to give you fair warning. I don't want to see him get hurt. So if you want to be with him, tell him. And if you don't, leave him alone.

Katie: Hey. Stop. No, don't do that on air. You're gonna get me started.

Brad: But it was worth it, right?

Katie: Yes. I'm really enjoying our honeymoon, especially once we got past our first fight.

Brad: That was a bummer. But the makeup sex --

Katie: Oh.

Brad: Mm, mm, mm, mm.

Kim: I hate live shows because something always goes wrong.

Brad: Kim, it's gonna be great. Katie's a pro. There's nothing she can't handle.

Katie: And Brad is always there in a pinch with his world-famous ad libs.

Kim: Wait a minute. You hate it when he ad libs.

Katie: Not anymore. Turns out I married a very clever man.

Brad: That is pretty high praise from the smartest woman on the planet.

Set manager: Places, please.

Brad: I love you so much.

Katie: Not as much as I love you.

Paul: Drop this off at the Lakeview.

Emily: It's for Mike -- Mike Kasnoff? You're in love with Mike Kasnoff?

Paul: No. He's making moves on Meg. I got to send him a message.

Emily: Anonymously?

Paul: Well, yeah, I mean, I don't want him to know it came from me.

Emily: Take care of your own love life.

Paul: Oh, come on, Em. Look, I know under this, you know, rough, unpleasant exterior, truly lies the heart of a romantic.

Emily: Yeah, well, I had her evicted.

Paul: Look, you may as well say yes, 'cause I'm not leaving until you do. And I know you want to get back to work smearing politicians and creating scandal. Call me as soon as it's done.

Emily: This is the last time -- the last time I'm doing your grunt work.

Paul: Okay.

Casey: See you, Mom.

Margo: What, you're not gonna eat your breakfast?

Casey: I got to pick some stuff up for Emily on my way to work. I'll grab a muffin.

Margo: No, no, no, no. Wait, wait. What -- what stuff, and where are you picking it up?

Casey: You caught me. I'm on my way to score some serious powder.

Margo: Oh, that is so not funny.

Casey: No, I got to pick up some doughnuts for the staff meeting this morning. Satisfied? Can I go now, Mom?

Margo: You know, Casey, I do not like you working for Emily Stewart. And I like it even less that you're her personal assistant.

Casey: Uh, executive assistant.

Margo: Oh, it's exec -- okay. And -- and what exactly does that job entail?

Casey: Computer work, answering phones, you know, keeping her schedule, the usual.

Margo: Yeah, yeah. And -- and what else?

Casey: I don't do what else with my boss. And -- and it really ticks me off that you think I would.

Noah: It really is a pain, Casey bailing on us.

Ameera: You don't think you can find someone else to run the camera?

Noah: It's not just that. It helped having someone around who could act like they were into Luke, you know, to help throw the I.C.E. off. Now I feel like Luke just thinks he has to keep his distance.

Ameera: You miss him?

Noah: Yeah. Yeah, of course. Uh -- Ameera, did I say something wrong?

Ameera: Uh, it's my birthday. Um, and its hard being away from home. I'm sorry. It's silly. Excuse me.

[Cell phone rings]

Luke: Hey.

Noah: Hey. Ameera's in the bathroom crying.

Luke: Why?

Noah: It's her birthday, and, um, I forgot.

Luke: What kind of husband are you?

Noah: I'm sure she must have told me at some point, but I -- what should I do?

Luke: I'm in Old Town. Come meet me, and I'll help you pick something out for her.

Noah: Thanks. You're the best.

Luke: I'm the best. Yet, he's married to her.

Katie: Its springtime, and flowers are blooming in your garden, but so are nasty, ugly weeds. So what can you do but kill them. Right, Brad?

Brad: No way. No, no, no, no, no, no, no. No, you can't do that. I love weeds. They are so cute.

Katie: Cute?

Brad: Cute. I love thistles. In fact, I found a whole bunch of them growing outside the studio, and I picked them to surprise you.

Katie: I love them.

Brad: Me too. I mean, flowers, weeds, birds, bees -- I mean, I got love to spare for the whole universe.

Katie: I feel the same way. So, what turned out as ugly weeds can make a lovely centerpiece.

Brad: That is an amazing idea. I love that idea, and I love you.

Katie: I love you.

Brad: Oh.

Kim: Hate this. Hate this a lot.

Mike: Do I have any mail?

Desk clerk: Oh, there's nothing in your box, Mr. Kasnoff, but this envelope was just delivered by hand.

Mike: Did the messenger say who it was from?

Desk clerk: I didn't get a name, but it was delivered by a blonde woman.

Katie: "Mike, I made the biggest mistake of my life. I really need to talk to you right away. Meet me at the Snyder farm at 9:30 this morning in the field beside the barn."

Emily: Ugh, you so owe me -- again.

Paul: Are you sure Mike got the note?

Emily: Yeah. I saw him read it, and then he walked out.

Paul: So he took the bait? That's good.

Margo: Honey, Honey, just come and sit. Just sit down. Just listen, I -- I would never assume that you would ever do anything improper with Emily.

Casey: But you think I might not be strong enough to fight back if she tries something improper with me?

Margo: Well, you know, Emily is Emily, always busy, just secret agendas.

Casey: Okay, you want to hear Emily's huge secret agenda?

Margo: Hmm?

Casey: Her assistant quit. There was an opening. I was there. She hired me. End of story.

Margo: Bada bing, bada boom. But, does -- does she ever ask you about your time in prison?

Casey: Are -- are you kidding me?

Margo: All right, does she ever ask you about your father and me?

Casey: Okay, the only question she ever asked me is how fast I could get her her coffee. Why are you so afraid of her?

Margo: I'm not afraid of her. She has a history of using people. It just begs the question, is she using you to take a hit on your father and me?

Casey: Okay, look, Mom, Mom, get a grip. You know, she's not out to get you. She -- she doesn't talk about you. She doesn't ask about you. She doesn't even think about you.

Margo: Hello. She had an affair with your father, and then she had one with his brother --

Casey: Okay, and that is all history. What -- what has she done to you lately?

Margo: Don't you wonder why she hired you when you just got fired from someplace? And -- and you have no qualifications to be an executive assistant.

Casey: Okay, prison was good for one thing. I learned how to answer phones, take orders, and keep my mouth shut. So as for qualifications, I got more than plenty. And Emily actually took the time to find them out. For you, you -- you just assume I couldn't do it.

Margo: Oh.

[Door slams shut]


Sophie: What did Aaron say to you?

Meg: Uh, not much. But I got the feeling you were being less than honest with him.

Sophie: Okay, so, we were having dinner with Chris and Alison, and I left the table, and I told Aaron I would be right back, but, um --

Meg: You didn't come back?

Sophie: I lost track of time. Okay. It -- it's not an excuse. But then when I did come back, Aaron was angry, and -- and I really couldn't blame him.

Meg: Where did you go when you left dinner?

Sophie: Um --

Meg: You know, I'm sorry. I'm sorry. You don't owe me any explanations. Look, Sophie, if you really want Aaron in your life, you need to be honest with him.

Sophie: Even if I know it'll hurt him?

Meg: Even then. You'll end up hurting him even more down the line, believe me. If a relationship doesn't start with and stick with the truth, then it'll end badly.

Sophie: But sometimes when it ends, if two people still love each other, they can still get back together, right?

[Knock on door]

Meg: Hey.

Paul: Can I come in?

Meg: Yeah. Come on in, sure. Um, can I get you some coffee?

Paul: Yeah, that would be great. Thanks.

Meg: Okay.

Paul: Hey, Sophie, what are you doing here?

Sophie: I came to see Aaron.

Meg: Uh, so, what's going on?

Paul: We're celebrating.

Meg: Wh -- what are we celebrating?

Paul: Well, it's spring. It's a beautiful day. It's sunny. And I'm gonna be so happy when you say you'll go out to lunch with me.

Meg: Oh. Um, shouldn't you be working?

Paul: Oh, no, no, no. I delegated. Mike's taking care of everything.


Mike: Late, as usual.

Katie: So, what started out as weeds become a lovely floral centerpiece. Thank you for thinking of me.

Brad: I'm always thinking of you.

Katie: When we come back, I will show Brad how to make a springtime wreath with dried flowers.

Brad: I can't wait to see those flowers in your hair.

Set manager: And we're out.

Kim: Okey dokey. Let me just tell you that I am so happy you two are in love. Really I am. But this is the most boring show I've ever seen in my life.

Katie: What?

Brad: What are you talking about? Look, I have never been better, and Katie -- well, Katie, she's always perfect.

Kim: Yeah, well, that's not what the audience wants. They want zingers. They want quips. They want -- I don't know -- arguments, something with a little life in it.

Katie: But we're married now.

Brad: I can't think of anything to argue about. Can you?

Kim: In that case, how about following the script, or a concept, find something else to say besides how beautiful weeds are?

Katie: But the audience watched us get married on air. Don't you think they want to enjoy our romance?

Kim: Honey, I hate to break this to you. As pleasurable as your love is to you, it's a big snore to us. Now, unless you want everybody here to get a pink slip, starting with you two, let's have a little life. Let's have a little life and maybe a spark or two.

[Mike sighs]

[Cell phone rings]

Katie: Oh, that's my phone.

Brad: Where are you going? We're back on the air in --

Set manager: 5, 4, 3, 2 --

[Cell phone continues to ring]

Katie: Hi, this is Katie Peretti Snyder. I'm either on the phone or on the air. Leave me a message, and I promise I'll get back to you.


Luke: Hey, guys.

Ameera: Hi, Luke.

Luke: Ameera, I didn't know you were coming.

Ameera: Oh, I asked if I could. Do you want me to leave?

Noah: No, no, it's good that you're here. But, um, Luke and I just have something we need to take care of first.

Luke: Yeah, um, for a class -- research.

Ameera: Are you sure? What if the I.C.E. sees?

Noah: Oh, don't worry. We'll only be a few minutes.

Luke: Do you think Ameera’s suspicious?

Noah: No, she's just hurt because we ran out on her like that. We should be quick about it, though.

Casey: Ameera. Hi.

Ameera: Hi, Casey. You look great.

Casey: Oh, thanks.

Ameera: Uh, you look happier than when I saw you last.

Casey: Yeah, I was having a bad day. You know, working on that film -- it just got to be too much, me pretending not to have a thing for you, and Luke pretending to have a thing for me. It just --

Ameera: I hate the lying, too, but I don't know how else to stay here.

Casey: Yeah, I get that. But I feel like a part of you wants to be honest and tell Noah the truth. Hey, and you should.

Ameera: You're right. I should.

Noah: What should I get? I mean, what do you get somebody who's your wife but not?

Luke: Keep your voice down.

Noah: Oh, what, is one of the mannequins an I.C.E. agent?

Luke: Eh, you never know. I don't know -- a dress, a blouse?

Noah: I don't know her size. I mean, maybe we should just get her some jewelry or something.

[Luke laughs]

Noah: What? What's so funny?

Luke: I've pictured doing a lot of things with you -- going to Paris, buying a house, growing old, but never did I ever picture buying women's jewelry with you.

Emily: Margo. What are you doing here?

Margo: Emily, stay away from my son.

Emily: Well, it might be a little tough staying away from Casey. He's working for me.

Margo: But he shouldn't be working for you. It's inappropriate.

Emily: Inappropriate how? I -- well, you think I'm gonna make the moves on Casey? What, are you kidding me? He's just a kid.

Margo: Yeah, well, so is Chris compared to you, but it didn't stop you from going after him, did it?

Emily: Well, I learned my lessons, thank you very much. So you can pull in your claws. My relationship with Casey is strictly professional.

Margo: Emily, what are you after?

Emily: Nothing. Nothing. I know that's hard for you to believe, but your son happens to be an ex-con. And you should be happy he has this job. It's a step up from attending bar, don't you think?

Margo: No, I don't think so, not -- not if it's gonna get him in trouble.

Emily: What kind of trouble can he possibly get into here? This is an office, not a bordello.

Margo: Oh, well, job's a job. Same difference to you, isn't it?

Emily: This isn't about Casey, is it? This is just you taking yet another slap at me.

Margo: Just fire him. Just give him his notice. Just stay out of our lives.

Emily: Tell him to quit. Oh. Ooh, you already tried that, didn't you? Oh, I knew I'd like that boy.

Margo: What exactly are you after, Emily? Tell me.

Emily: Do you know why I hired Casey? Because he's my son's older brother. And it killed Daniel seeing Casey go to jail. That's why I did it. I thought I could do something nice for him.

Margo: Oh, please. You've never done a selfless thing in your entire pathetic life, Emily.

Emily: What gives you the right to judge me?

Margo: I'm surprised you have to ask.

Emily: And I'm surprised you don't know why your son took this job. He wants to make you proud, Margo. Why don't you try letting him.

Noah: What do you think?

Luke: It's nice, but I don't know. You think getting that will make her buy into this whole marriage thing more?

Noah: You're the one who said I should go shopping.

Luke: You were upset. I felt bad.

Noah: I feel bad for Ameera. I mean, it was her birthday, and nobody said anything. You know, if this makes her feel better, that's a good thing, right?

Luke: You're a really good guy, Noah. Ameera's very lucky.

Margo: I am incredibly proud of Casey, but I think given your past career as a working girl --

Emily: All right, that's it. That's enough, Margo. Enough. I've made some mistakes, okay? We both have.

Margo: Well, I've never made a career as a prostitute, so I'd say your mistakes --

Emily: Would you keep your voice down? Did you say anything to C -- does he know?

Margo: No, of course not. I wouldn't say anything to Casey. He's Daniel’s brother, and you're Daniel’s mother, and I would never do anything to hurt your kid. And I would hope that you would never do anything to hurt mine. But, Emily, when you bury yourself, and it's just a matter of time, because you are self-destructed at every turn -- I am not letting you take my kid with you. So you can consider this Casey's resignation. He won't be working for you anymore.

Casey: I don't think that's for you to decide, Mom.

Brad: She loves me not. [Whistles] She loves me.

Katie: Yes, she does.

[Kim clears throat]

Katie: We'll be right back with more.

Brad: I can't wait.

Set manager: And we're out.

Katie: Was that better?

Brad: Yes!

Kim: No. No. No. Better would be the old Brad and Katie, okay? Having different points of view, mixing it up.

Brad: But we're married now, Kim. We're -- we're getting into a new groove.

Kim: You're getting into a -- you're finding a new groove?

Brad: Yes.

Katie: Yeah, just let the audience have a chance to see us happy. They'll really get into it.

Kim: Okay. I will give you the benefit of the doubt, but as for the new groove, you're taking too long to find it. We need it now.

Aaron: Hi.

Sophie: Hi. I came by because I wanted to apologize for last night.

Aaron: Apology accepted. Anything else?

Sophie: Aaron, you are the nicest guy I know. And I don't want to lose you. I want to keep seeing you.

Aaron: As what, just friends?

Sophie: I was hoping that we could be more than that.

Meg: I am so impressed with you.

Paul: See? That's something else we have in common, 'cause I'm often impressed by me.

Meg: I thought you would be forever mad about the balloon ride.

Paul: Come on -- big, colorful balloons, they come and go.

Meg: Well, it was an honest mistake. Mike and I had no idea that you ordered the balloon to surprise me.

Paul: So, who did you think ordered it? The balloon fairy?

Meg: Mike was depressed, and I was trying to cheer him up, and the next thing we knew, this guy shows up with a balloon and no passengers. I mean, what would you have done?

Paul: No harm, no foul.

Meg: Again with the understanding.

Paul: Yeah. That's right. You got to get used to it. It's the new Paul.

Meg: Version 4.0? And just think, I didn't have to pay for the upgrade.

Paul: Well, there you go. Look, I admit that I had a bad reaction at first, but I learned my lesson. And I'm not gonna try and get anybody back anymore or try and control everything. From now on, I -- just want to enjoy my life.

Meg: Well, here's to the new Paul.

Katie: I love being in love.

Brad: Me too.

Katie: And now we're gonna put our flowers in the shape of a heart.

Kim: Wait a minute.

Mike: I got to talk to Katie.

Kim: No, wait a minute. We're live.

Mike: What are you trying to pull?

Katie: Mike.

Brad: Say hello to the folks who are watching us right now, live.

Mike: Well, maybe your audience would like to know what kind of a person you really are.

Brad: Katie's a wonderful person.

Mike: I just got this note. "Mike, I made the biggest mistake of my life. I really need to talk to you right away."

Katie: I never wrote that!

Mike: You expect me to believe that?

Brad: Dude, did you take a look at this note? It's typed. It's not even signed.

Katie: Mike!

[Mike punches Brad]

Casey: You shouldn't have come here.

Margo: This is between Emily and me.

Casey: No, I work here. Emily's my boss. The only person that doesn't belong here is you. And you have no right to speak for me. Excuse me, I'm gonna walk my mother out.

Margo: Casey, Casey, Casey, you're right, you're right. I have no right to speak for you. But as your mother, I have a right to be afraid for you, and this is a dangerous place --

Casey: Dangerous how?

Margo: Just quit this job, please.

Casey: I'm where I want to be, doing what I want to do.

Margo: Oh, but, Casey, Emily is --

Casey: No, I can handle Emily. So, Mom, get off my case, lay off Emily, and just be happy for me.

Luke: Ameera's really gonna like her present. Just make sure she doesn't read too much into it.

Noah: She won’t.

Store clerk: I'm sure your wife will love it.

Noah: I hope so. Thanks. We're all done. You ready to go?

Ameera: What did you buy?

Noah: Uh, it's a surprise. I'll give it to you later.

Ameera: Uh, I'll meet you at home. I, uh, forget I have to do something.

Noah: Is everything all right?

Ameera: Couldn't be better.

Store clerk: May I help you?

Ameera: I hope so.

Margo: If this is what you want, Casey, I can't stop you. But if there is even a hint of anything shady going on --

Emily: That won't happen.

Margo: You tread lightly, Emily. There's a limit to how long I'll keep your secrets.

Casey: What did she mean by that?

Emily: Uh, there's some things about my past Margo knows about, things I'm not proud of.

Casey: Join the club.

Aaron: So, you want to be more than just friends?

Sophie: If that's what you want.

Aaron: Well, I'll have to think about this.

Sophie: Stop teasing me.

Aaron: What are you doing later?

Sophie: Oh, I have a shift at the Lakeview tonight. But -- but, after that, yeah, I'm --

Aaron: Okay, well, I'll call you then, and we can, you know -- we can do something then.

Sophie: Okay.

Aaron: Okay.

Sophie: I would like that. I would like that.

Aaron: What is it?

Sophie: Aaron, I want to be completely honest with you.

Aaron: Okay.

Sophie: I don't think, um -- I don't think I can take things too fast yet.

Aaron: I promise, okay? We'll get through the first official date before I -- I jump your bones, okay? Yeah?

Meg: Well, I do love surprises. But next time we'll plan something together.

Paul: Wait, wait. Next time?

Meg: Yeah.

Paul: Yeah? So, we're dating?

Meg: Um, yeah, I'm up for it if you are.

Mike: Explain this.

Paul: What is this?

Mike: You should know. You wrote it.

Paul: I don't know what you're talking about.

Meg: May I read it? This isn't from Katie.

Mike: Someone sent me on a wild goose chase to the same field where we took off in that balloon. And I got to thinking, who is the only person who would do that?

Paul: Well, don't leave us in suspense.

Mike: I'm looking at him.

Set manager: Back in 30 seconds.

Kim: Hey, that was pretty good. Actually, it was great. The phones are lighting up. The viewers want to know who Mike is. They want to know what the fight was all about. And they want to know how Brad fits into it.

Katie: Well, it's none of their business.

Kim: Ah, well, it is now.

Set manager: In 5, 4, 3, 2 --

Brad: Well, that was wild. You never who's gonna show up at "Oakdale Now."

Katie: Yeah, sorry for the interruption, folks. Uh, tomorrow on "Oakdale Now," we will be focusing on spring cleaning.

Brad: So, we should tell everyone who that was. That was your ex-husband, right?

Katie: That's right, Brad.

Brad: Didn't look so ex to me.

Katie: Well, he's as ex as ex gets.

Brad: Maybe someone should tell him that.

Katie: I will.

Brad: When?

Katie: As soon as we're off the air.

Brad: And I'd like to be there when you do that, my lovely wife.

Katie: You know, I bet our audience would like to hear from some of your ex-girlfriends. Oh, I have an idea. Why don't we invite the entire Chicago Bulls cheerleading squad on to save time?

Brad: That is a great idea. Maybe we should do that.

Kim: They're back.

Paul: Do you have any proof that I wrote this letter?

Mike: I know how you operate. You got your nose totally out of joint over a totally innocent balloon ride and decided it was time for payback.

Paul: Okay, see, I'm not even gonna respond to these baseless accusations. That's the new me.

Meg: Paul, did you do this?

Emily: Oh, thanks, Casey.

Casey: No problem. It's my job.

Emily: No. Um, thank you for defending me earlier with your mother.

Casey: Oh, actually I was defending myself. Any good stuff I said about you -- that was just collateral good stuff.

Emily: Oh, okay, well, thanks anyway.

Casey: Yeah. My mom's tough, but her heart's in the right place.

Emily: Yeah. When it comes to you, maybe. But, um, you know what? If it ever turns out that she's right and this job is, I don't know, become too many problems for you or something, you let me know.

Casey: Oh, no, no. Hey, hey, hey, I'm cool.

Emily: Okay.

Judge Burke: I want to speak to your publisher.

Casey: Oh, do you have an appointment?

Judge Burke: I don't need an appointment.

Noah: Think Ameera will like the birthday card?

Luke: I think she will love everything you got her today.

Noah: Thanks for helping me, Luke.

Luke: Sure.

Noah: It's been nice -- able to hang with you today, just the two of us.

Luke: Yeah, I think so, too.

Noah: Where did Ameera go?

Luke: Ameera wasn't at the ice-cream shop.

Noah: She wasn't at Java, either. I mean, did -- did she seem upset to you?

Luke: No, just the opposite.

Noah: I hope she's okay.

Noah: I don't know why I just feel so responsible.

Luke: Well, it's just the way you are. You're a stand-up guy, Noah. That's one of the reasons I love you so much.

Noah: This hasn't been easy for you.

Luke: Yeah, well, it hasn't been easy for you, either. Look, we'll be fine, okay? So, um, I guess call me later if you need anything. And, uh, say "Happy Birthday" to Ameera for me?

Noah: Luke -- I want you to know that every day I think how lucky I am to have you.

Luke: Well, that's all I needed to hear. What about the I.C.E.?

Noah: What about them?

Meg: Did you write a note to Mike and make it look like it came from Katie?

Paul: Yeah. Uh, yeah, I did.

Meg: Why would you do something like that?

Paul: It was a joke.

Mike: A joke?

Paul: Yeah. Look, you know, you said taking the balloon ride was no big deal, right? Not to get bent out of shape. But, don't get bent out of shape about this.

Meg: You know what? Don't even try to pretend to compare. What you did was cruel. I think you owe Mike an apology.

Mike: No, you know, don't bother. I've heard all I needed to hear. He's all yours.

Meg: You will never change, will you?

Paul: Come on. It's like -- it's a guy thing, you know. It is. He stole my balloon moment, so, you know, I don't know. What, you can't understand that?

Meg: No, no, no, no, I can't, Paul. I can't understand anything about you, and I don't think I ever will.

Paul: Meg.

Meg: What?

Paul: You're taking this all wrong. Don't make such a big deal out of it.

Meg: What could you possibly hope to gain by sending Mike to wait in a field where you know nobody's gonna show up?

Paul: I was just trying to jerk his chain.

Meg: Why? He didn't do anything wrong.

Paul: Oh, come on. You expect me to believe that?

Meg: I don't expect anything of you, Paul.

Paul: Meg, I'm sorry.

Noah: Ameera?

Ameera: I'm ready for my surprise.

Casey: Um, Ms. Stewart isn't here. If you would like me to take a message, I would be more than happy to.

Emily: Casey, where are the story files?

Judge Burke: You lied about me, lady. And you are gonna retract every line of that story.

Emily: Mr. Burke, have a seat. Um, Casey, did you offer his honor --

Judge Burke: Just listen to me! Listen! It never happened, all right? I never slept with that girl.

Emily: I would be happy to listen to your side of the story.

Judge Burke: Did you honestly expect me to just let you, what -- what, ruin my reputation, my career?

Emily: Calm down.

Judge Burke: No, no, no! You are screwing around with the wrong man here.

Emily: I understand you're upset! But we do have witnesses.

Judge Burke: Witnesses? [Emily screams] Here, here! That's what I think of your witnesses, all right?

Casey: Hey, hey!

Judge burke: Get your --

Casey: Ow!

Judge burke: Oh, no, no, no, no, no. No! No! No, you're not gonna get away with this.

Casey: Mom, we have a situation at Worldwide.

Margo: Already? What took you so long?

Casey: No, Judge Burke's here. He's threatening Emily. He's out of control. I'm afraid he's gonna hurt someone.

Margo: Get out of that building, Casey. I'm on my way.

Casey: Okay.

Emily: Don't hurt me. Please, please don't hurt me. Don't hurt me.

Casey: You don't want to do this.

Judge burke: Get out! You and I -- we are gonna finish this.

Sophie: Paul, what happened?

Waiter: Sophie, where are you going? You still have tables.

Noah: Ameera --

Ameera: Do you like my dress?

Noah: You look beautiful, but this isn't what I want.

Ameera: How do you know?

Noah: Because I've been with a woman, and it just doesn't work for me.

Ameera: You haven't been with me.

Judge Burke: Do you have any idea what you've done? My wife is leaving me. She is taking my kids. I could lose my job. What gives you the right?

Casey: Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. Emily promises she'll print a retraction. Right, Emily?

Emily: Yes, I promise. I will, I promise.

Judge burke: I thought I told you to get out of here.

Casey: I'm not leaving.

Emily: No.

Judge Burke: You're not? Fine.

[Jude Burke takes out a gun]

Emily: Oh, God.

Judge burke: Then nobody leaves. And you're both gonna pay.

Katie: I can't believe you threw Mike in my face like that on air.

Brad: I didn't mean it. I did it for the show.

Katie: What about your big promise not to fight with me to get ratings?

Brad: We want to keep our jobs, don't we? Look, I didn't mean anything by it, just like you didn't mean that thing about the cheerleaders. Oh, you meant that? I don't want to fight with you. I love you.

Katie: I love you, too. I just -- I'm too mad at you to stay here right now.

Brad: Where are you going?

Katie: I'm gonna do make sure Mike's okay.

Meg: Hey, Mike, hey. I am so sorry for what Paul did.

Mike: It's not your fault. Is your mom around?

Meg: Why do you need to see her?

Mike: I want to get Paul thrown off the project, and I need Emma’s approval to do that.

Meg: Are you sure?

Mike: I'll be damned if I'm gonna work another day with that guy.

Paul: What are you doing here?

Sophie: You're upset, and I don't want you to be alone. So whatever you do, don't tell me to leave. I'm staying.

On the next "As the World Turns" --

Judge Burke: Man, if you just called the police, that is the biggest mistake that you have made so far.

Henry: You don't want her seeing Mike because you're afraid of what could happen.

Luke: I think that I should move in here.

Meg: It's too late for apologies, and it's too late for us.

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