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As The World Turns Transcript Friday 4/11/08

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Lily: Good morning.

Holden: You're up early.

Lily: Couldn't sleep. I was just going through the box of Dusty's things.

Holden: Have you decided what you're going to do with his things?

Lily: No. Not yet.

Holden: I think maybe I should just take everything up to the attic --

Lily: No. No. Hey, Honey, do you want me to make you some breakfast?

Luke: I'm not hungry.

Noah: Ameera?

Ameera: I'm out here.

Noah: What smells so good?

Ameera: I made an American breakfast. Eggs, toasts, orange juice. Uh, this no bacon. I hope that's okay.

Noah: You're not wearing your headscarf.

Ameera: I'm sorry. I'll go --

Noah: No, no, no -- it's fine. It just took me by surprise. You should leave it off. You have really beautiful hair.

Lily: You all right?

Luke: Yeah. It's just weird not having Noah here.

Lily: Hey, I thought you were onboard with this whole plan for Ameera and Noah to live together alone.

Luke: I'm just trying to be. You know, anything to make it look like their marriage is real for the I.C.E.

Lily: But?

Luke: But I don't know -- it's harder than I thought it would be. You know, the idea of Noah waking up with Ameera. I know it sounds stupid to be jealous, but --

Lily: He loves you.

Luke: I know. I know, Mom. I know. I just hate the thought of her getting to see him every morning and not me.

[Cell phone rings]

Katie: Hello?

Mike: I hope I'm not waking you up.

Katie: Mike?

Mike: I said I'd call.

Katie: That was less than 12 hours ago.

Mike: Sorry it took me so long. Any chance you're free for a coffee?

Katie: It looks like my morning's open.

Brad: You better just be going to get coffee and cream puffs.

Katie: You're awake?

Brad: Barely. Come on, get back here.

Katie: I was just -- I was running to get coffee with Mike.

Brad: Oh?

Katie: You're okay with that, I hope.

Brad: Why shouldn't I be? You two must have a lot of catch up on. [Brad clears throat] Go ahead, have fun. I'll see you later.

Katie: Thank you for being such a wonderful, evolved fiancť.

[Brad grunts]

Jack: Hey.

Carly: Hey. I cannot remember the last time I felt so happy. I have waited so long for us to be together again, Jack. And last night was --

Jack: No --

Carly: -- Absolutely --

Jack: Carly, last night was a mistake.

Carly: How can you say that? Last night was amazing. We were amazing, Jack. You can't deny that.

Jack: You're right. But I've said it before, sex was never our problem.

Carly: What is it? What's going on?

Jack: I woke up this morning and I realized that nothing's changed. The issues we have -- they just didn't disappear overnight.

Carly: Well, no, they may not have disappeared, but they certainly don't loom quite so large, do they?

Jack: I knew you'd think that everything was resolved if we slept together.

Carly: No. I think that it's a sign, though, that we can work things out.

Jack: That's exactly why I've avoided it. One night and you're ready to go right back to the way we were. But frankly, Carly, I can't do it again.

Katie: Hi.

Mike: Hi. You know, some things never change.

Katie: Like what?

Mike: You always did look beautiful first thing in the morning.

Katie: And you always knew how to boost a girl's ego.

Mike: I'm glad you could get away.

Katie: Yeah, well, you -- you caught me on one of the days that I didn't have to wake up at crack of dawn to sit in the makeup chair, so --

Mike: Oh, that's right. You're doing that show -- what's it called, again?

Katie: "Oakdale Now."

Mike: You and your fiancťe, you must really enjoy working with each other.

Katie: Mm-hmm. I need some coffee.

Mike: Oh, already ordered you some. Coffee, extra hot, a dollop of cream. A spoonful of sugar.

Katie: You did?

Mike: Yeah. It used to be your favorite, but if it's not anymore, I'm sure we can change it to something else --

Katie: No, it's fine. Thank you.

Mike: I wanted to apologize for last night. I know it had to be pretty strange having me show up at your engagement party.

Katie: Yeah, strange is a good word for it.

Mike: You know, even with as long as we've been apart, it's still hard for me to think about you marrying someone else.

Katie: Well, it's been difficult for me to let myself fall in love with someone else. But I have.

Mike: Then I'm happy for you.

Henry: Bradley Snyder, get your butt down here right now.

Katie: So, what about you? I'm sure you've moved on as well.

Mike: Actually, no. I havenít.

Holden: Is he okay?

Lily: I think he just feels abandoned. Ameera and Noah aren't here anymore. It's not right to be so unhappy when he's found somebody that he loves.

Luke: You Guys talking about me?

Holden: We were.

Lily: Yes. Oh, thanks.

Holden: We just wish there was something we could do to help out.

Luke: The situation with Noah and Ameera is so weird. And it's getting weirder every day.

Lily: Why? What do you mean?

Luke: Well, the I.C.E. guy came by the cottage last night and he freaked everybody out. And then Noah decided that he and I shouldn't see each other for awhile.

Lily: What?

Holden: I'm sorry. I know you thought if Noah has his own place, you Guys would see more of each other. It turns out it's the exact opposite.

Luke: Yeah. And I want to help Ameera. I really do. But I feel like I'm being banished from my boyfriend's life.

Lily: That's it. I mean, the two of you -- you just have to find the right excuse to be together. Find a way.

Noah: Okay, all right -- will you just come sit down? You're making me nervous, waiting on me like this.

Ameera: But I'm your wife.

Noah: Okay, that's not the way it works around here. Around here, husbands usually serve their new wives breakfast in bed.

Ameera: That's not true.

Noah: No, it's not. Probably -- probably most guys don't do that. But it's seriously not unheard of.

Ameera: I don't always understand when you joke.

Noah: Okay, you've got to learn our customs here. Come, sit. Please, sit. And after we're done, you can practice yelling at me to do the dishes and take out the trash. That was a joke.

Katie: So you haven't dated anyone since you left Oakdale?

Mike: When I found out about you and Simon, I just left town. It hurt too much. I didn't address it, so it's, you know, been hard for me to open myself up to anything new.

Katie: I'm sorry to hear that. But if that's one of the reasons that you came back here --

Mike: No, I didn't come to town to disrupt your life.

Katie: That's good to hear. Because it has not been easy to get to the place I am right now, and I cannot deal with any more turmoil.

Mike: But I do think that there's still some unresolved things that we need to talk about. Don't you?

Henry: Boy, you are lucky I came along when I did. If I hadn't seen it with my own two eyes, I wouldn't have believed it. Brad, would you hurry up and put on --

Brad: Henry, Henry, Henry -- what are freaking out about?

Henry: Mike Kasnoff is back and Katie is with him.

Brad: I know. I know. She said she wanted to have coffee with him. I said, you know, its okay. Go ahead.

Henry: What, are you crazy?

Brad: Henry, Henry -- chill out. It's not a big deal. They were married. It's perfectly normal that she would want to say hello, catch up. That's all that it is.

Henry: Gosh, Brad, your naivetť would be so charming, if it weren't so profoundly stupid.

Carly: I'm not blind, Jack. I know everything between us isn't resolved. I'm not pretended that it is.

Jack: Good. I'm glad we feel the same way.

Carly: But the closeness we felt last night was real. The pleasure was real. That means something.

Jack: That means we're good in bed, but that's not the answer.

Carly: Okay, I didn't say it was. But it is a place to start. Jack, we were so open with each other last night. And now you're shutting me out. This is not progress.

Jack: That's my point. We still have the same old problems.

Carly: Then do something about it. If you want it to be different, damn it, Jack, then do something about it! If we are back where we started, it ain't because of me. It's because of you.

Jack: You want to blame me? Fine. It's my fault. I had too many beers last night or this probably wouldn't have happened --

Carly: What? Wait. You only slept with me because you were drunk?

Jack: That's not what I meant, Carly. What -- I probably would have thought it through more clearly.

Carly: Well, I did think it through. I asked you if you were sure and you answered me loud and clear.

Jack: I know. I'm not proud of that --

Carly: So stop talking like it was some kind of drunken roll in the hay. Because that's not what it was for me. To me, it felt like a commitment.

Jack: That's what I've been afraid of. Sending the wrong message. So I've been going out of my way, trying not to get too close. And last night, I had a weak moment.

Carly: What? Weak? How dare you? How dare you call last night weakness. And how dare you use me that way.

Lily: You and Noah have a perfectly legitimate reason to see each other. You're in school together every day.

Luke: Yeah, I know, but --

Lily: What? Don't you have something you can work on together? Some sort of project? That's the perfect excuse for you to spend time together, isn't it?

Luke: That's it. That's perfect. I am so stupid. That's how Noah and I first met.

Lily: What -- I didn't -- I missed -- you lost me.

Luke: We're going to make a movie.

Ameera: I cannot get used to seeing a man do the dishes.

Noah: Well, in America, the husband and wife usually share the chores.

Ameera: Well, I've seen Lily and Holden, but I thought that maybe they were special.

Noah: They are, but they're also a good example. And besides, here, I never said you couldn't help. What are you doing here?

Katie: No, I don't really feel like we have any unresolved issues. Those divorce papers I got in the mail gave me a pretty strong sense of closure.

Mike: It was a harsh way to do it, I know. But I was just -- I was just really angry.

Katie: I got that. But you know what? It worked. You hurt me right back. I have never felt so rejected in my life.

Mike: That was not my intention.

Katie: Of course it was. But who could blame you? I shouldn't have slept with Simon.

Mike: It's not just what happened, it was the fact that it was with Simon. You still weren't over him. It made me feel like we were just a lie. That's why I lashed out the way I did.

Katie: It wasn't a lie. But it's over now, and like I said, I've moved on.

Mike: Okay.

Katie: What?

Mike: I have to ask, are you sure? Because when you thought you were ready to get into a relationship with me, you still had feelings for Simon. Is it possible that you think you're ready for a future with Brad, but you still have feelings for me?

Henry: I know you don't like to reveal your jealousies. And as a frequently green-eyed man myself, I can respect -- I can admire that, Brad. But don't be an idiot.

Brad: Look, I've got nothing to worry about. Katie's already said yes to marrying me.

Henry: That was before Mike got back. You have no idea what they had together. You don't -- I do. I remember. I was married to her, okay? And I thought it would work out. But she could not get Mike out of her system.

Brad: Henry, Bud -- I really do -- I love, respect. But that was you. And no offense, this is me.

Henry: And downstairs having breakfast with your devoted fiancť is Mike. She got a divorce to be with that man. How do you think she's going to feel about breaking off an engagement?

Brad: Henry, that was a long time ago. You know what? I am not going to let -- I am not -- suddenly, I'm very hungry.

Henry: Yeah. That's right.

[Henry sighs]

Luke: What are you so upset about?

Noah: We agreed last night not to see each other for a little while to throw the I.C.E. off. And you just come in here without even knocking?

Luke: Yes. Because I'm sick of sneaking around, and I'm sick of acting like I have no right to be with you.

Noah: I know. We've been over this, okay? It's just the way it has to be right now --

Luke: No, no. It isnít. So do you want to hear me out or not?

Jack: Carly -- look, I'm sorry. Everything I said came out wrong. The last thing I wanted to do was hurt you.

Carly: Well, you did. I worked so hard to be what you want. I did everything I could to hold this family together. And I thought last night was a reward. A reward for both of us for not giving up.

Jack: Yes, but we shouldn't be rewarding ourselves with sex.

Carly: I didn't see it as just sex. Obviously, you did. You got drunk at Katie's engagement party and you saw me as an easy way to forget your problems.

Jack: This had nothing to do with Katie.

Carly: Well, it sure as hell didn't have anything to do with me! Because if you were paying attention to me at all, you would have noticed what it meant to me!

Jack: Okay, please, please, don't be like this.

Carly: Like what? The fact is, Jack, I have no idea what you expect from me. But I'll tell you this, I expected a lot more from you.

[Door slams]

Katie: Of course I still have feelings for you. I think I'll always have feelings for you. But they are in a safe place now. In the past.

Mike: You're sure?

Katie: I learned so much about myself after you left. I admit I was selfish and spoiled. I thought that I could have whatever and whoever I wanted without dealing with the consequences. I learned that sometimes you have to let some people go to keep others in your life. And I learned that if you want to move on, you can't look back.

Brad: Mike, great to see you again. Hey, do you all mind if I join you?

Brad: So Mike, you didn't say last night how long you plan to stay in Oakdale.

Mike: As long as it takes, I guess.

Brad: As long as it takes to what?

Mike: I'm partnering with Paul Ryan to develop the land your Aunt Emma is selling.

Brad: Really? Really? I don't suppose that's prefab housing.

Mike: No, it's definitely going to be a long process. In fact, I was thinking that maybe you two could do a story about it for your show. You know, watch the whole process, show the homes being built.

Brad: You know, I'd love to, but I don't think it's the kind of entertainment that would really grab our viewers.

Mike: Are you kidding? There are entire networks devoted to that. Building homes, buying homes, redeveloping homes, going green -- we could even give away a home to a deserving family. I'm sure it would be great for your ratings, don't you think?

Katie: Well, I think he does have a point. You know Kim would love it.

Mike: Think about it. Meanwhile, since we're all staying at the Lakeview, it looks like I'll be seeing a lot of Katie -- and of course you.

Brad: Well, not for long. As soon as Katie and I get married, we'll be getting our own place. Right, Sweetcakes?

Mike: And when will that be?

Brad: Tomorrow.

Noah: Luke, I'm sorry for freaking out. It's just this situation has me really jumpy.

Luke: Noah, I know. I know, and I think that maybe I might be able help with that. My mom -- oh, thank you so much. My mom got me thinking. If we were working on a school project, then we could all hang out together.

Noah: A school project?

Luke: Yeah. I mean, you both have to agree that that's something the I.C.E. can't argue with.

Ameera: Well, first you have to think of a project.

Luke: I already have. You know how we have that communications class together and we have to do that long-term project? Well, what if we made a movie?

Noah: A movie? What about?

Luke: Us.

Lily: Hi.

Carly: Hi. I never thought that Jack Snyder could be such a cold, heartless, unfeeling man! I am so mad, Lily! I'm so furious I could scream!

Lily: Well, don't scream. The baby's asleep. Please, what?

Carly: Oh, I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm really sorry for barging in like this.

Holden: That's okay, that's okay. Listen, I need to go to the hardware store. Why don't you sit down and relax, okay?

Carly: Thanks.

Holden: I'll see you.

Lily: Okay. What happened?

Carly: Jack and I slept together last night.

Lily: What? Oh, that's huge!

Carly: No. I know. Well, I thought so, too. Until this morning, when Jack informed me that it was a mistake.

Lily: What? Oh. Oh, Carly. I'm so sorry.

Carly: I just -- I just want him to love me. Why is that so hard?

Holden: Don't take it out on the cup.

Jack: Holden, hey. Yeah, I'm having a rough morning.

Holden: It wouldn't have anything to do with the fact that I saw Carly out at the farm, ranting and raving about your finer qualities to Lily, would it?

Jack: So that's where she ran off to.

Holden: I didn't hear what she said, but I did gather that it was all your fault.

Jack: Actually, it is.

Holden: Want to talk about it?

Jack: Not much to talk about, really. I had one too many at Margoís party for Katie and Brad last night. One thing led to another and I ended up in bed with Carly.

Holden: And you were sorry and she wasnít.

Jack: I shouldn't have let it happen. Truth is, Holden, I'm not ready to go back to being husband and wife. And you know Carly, she woke up picking out a new china pattern.

Holden: So what are you going to do about it?

Jack: I don't know. Any ideas?

Holden: Yeah. Just one. Move out.

Lily: Maybe it's just too soon.

Carly: Jack certainly wasn't putting on the brakes on last night. I really felt like he was starting to trust me again. This morning when he pulled away from me, I felt like he kicked me in the gut. I just cannot keep going through this.

Lily: No, you canít. You have to make a choice. Either you put yourself out there, end up being rejected by Jack, or you walk away.

Carly: I can't imagine closing my heart to him. I don't know how.

Lily: Carly, I know you. If he's sleeping on your couch, you will hold out hope.

Carly: What do I do?

Lily: Kick him out. You have to get him out of the house to protect yourself.

Noah: Are you out of your mind? Our whole life right now is about keeping a low profile, and you want us to go into the broadcasting business?

Luke: It wouldn't be the real us. It'd be like a fictional account of us. And we could make it be exactly what we want the I.C.E. to see.

Ameera: And what's that?

Luke: A bi-cultural love story. You know, two young people falling in love from opposite sides of the world.

Noah: Oh, come on. You think they're going to buy that?

Ameera: I'd like to see a movie like that.

Luke: See? See? Anybody would.

Noah: Okay, who would play the parts?

Luke: Well, DiCaprio is quite expensive and a little bit out of our budget because we have no budget, so I don't know, we could play ourselves. I could call Casey and get him to run a camera or something.

Noah: Would you be okay with this, Ameera?

Ameera: I can't wait. When do we start?

Mike: I know the engagement party was just last night, but Katie didn't mention anything about the wedding being so soon.

Katie: That's because we haven't set a date yet.

Brad: Well, we didn't finalize all the details. But I'm sure we can find a way to make it happen, right, Darling? Why wait?

Katie: Well, Sweetcakes, I can think of a couple good reasons.

Luke: So I just left a message for Casey. Now all we have to do is write the script and start shooting.

Noah: You're the writer. But don't you need a little bit more time to put it down on paper?

Luke: Noah, Noah, I'm a pro. And this is easy. It's like Romeo and Juliet, you know, the whole star-crossed lovers thing. And it's going to be really easy to write for you, because I know so much about your background.

Noah: Well, what about Ameera? I mean, we don't really know anything about your life before you came here.

Luke: Well, that's why I'd like to interview you about your experiences in Iraq. Would you be cool with that?

Ameera: I --

Noah: Oh, no wait! We'll use the camera that we used for the other movie, and I'll tape the interview. It'll be more like a reality show.

Ameera: I think it would be better if Luke just made something up.

Noah: Well, I don't want to force you to do anything, but I think it would be better if it was more real.

Ameera: Okay. If you think that's best, I trust you.

Noah: Okay, good. I think I saw the camera in here.

Jack: I can't move out.

Holden: Why not?

Jack: Because Parker's therapist made this big deal about how important it was for us to spend time together as a family after everything that happened with the kids.

Holden: Don't you think it's sending some serious mixed messages for you to be there if you're not going to have a relationship with Carly?

Jack: Yes, I know it's not ideal, Holden. But the truth is, I need to be there, as much as they need me. And it's not fair to punish them because I had one too many beers and I made a stupid mistake.

Holden: I wouldn't want to be in your shoes. No woman wants to hear that the only reason you slept with her was because you had a few too many.

Jack: That's not what I said.

Holden: Oh, it isn't?

Jack: Don't you think it would be worse if I wasn't honest with her? If I let her go on believing that I'm ready to recommit when I'm not.

Holden: Well, good luck with whatever you decide. I got to run.

Jack: Thanks.

Carly: You know, it did occur to me to throw his things to the curb just this morning.

Lily: Okay, and?

Carly: That would devastate the kids. I cannot watch them go through another crisis. I can't do it.

Lily: Kids are smart. They know. They pick up on the tension between you and Jack whether he lives there or not.

Carly: Well, he and I did decide that whatever we do, we have to put them first.

Lily: Okay. Don't you think that Parker, J.J. and Sage want the same thing that you want? For you to get back together with Jack?

Carly: We have to be honest with them. We have to make it clear to them that his living there is not about their mother and father as a couple. It's about all of us as a family.

Lily: What kind of family is that, if you and Jack are at each other's throats all the time?

Carly: I just have to figure out a way. We have to figure out a way that we can live under the same roof, that we can take care of our children, and somehow not destroy each other.

Luke: So, Ameera, can you describe what your life was like for you in Iraq?

Ameera: It was very difficult.

Luke: How? Can you give any examples?

Ameera: I don't know where to start. Things are so different here. Well, our breakfast this morning. Here, you go to the faucet, you get a glass of water. You go to the store for eggs and bread. Where I live, there was no electricity, no running water. Very little food. People wouldn't go out after dark. It was like a ghost town.

Luke: How did you survive?

Ameera: Noah, I know you have many things against your father, but it was because of his protection that my mother had so many things that others didnít. We had food and water. I was able to go to school. But we were also outcasts because of these privileges. Friends, family, they -- they wouldn't talk to us. And then my mother died.

Luke: How did you manage after that?

Ameera: It's hard to know who's your friend, who's your enemy. The people I thought I could trust -- I'm sorry, I -- I canít. I can't do this.

Brad: Well, there are lots of reasons not to do something. But you know me, I'm a can-do guy.

Katie: Well, let's see what you can do with this. Why would we get married tomorrow if we've never talked about it before?

Brad: We said we didn't want to wait, so I just thought --

Mike: You two obviously have a few things to work out. Good luck with the wedding -- whenever it is.

Katie: Why do you find it necessary to always shoot your mouth off?

Mike: Henry! Hi, I was hoping I would run into you.

Henry: Mike Kasnoff! I'll be a monkey's uncle. When did you get into town?

Mike: Oh, I haven't been here long. I was just having coffee with Katie, actually.

Henry: Really? You were? Then I assume that you know that she's getting married?

Mike: Yeah, but there seems to be a bit of disagreement about when. So, you never know.

Henry: So you never know? Mike, we're old friends, so why don't you just cut to the chase here. Is that why you're here? To get Katie back?

Katie: You came up with this idea of getting married tomorrow just to stake out your territory in front of Mike. And it's not going to work.

Lily: Holden. What are you doing with Dusty's things?

Noah: Ameera? Can I come in?

Ameera: Please, I need to be alone.

Noah: What did we do?

Luke: She was talking about her mother passing away. That must have been really, really hard on her.

Noah: I don't think that's it. I think something happened to her after her mother died that she doesn't want anyone to know about.

Luke: But what?

Holden: Can we be honest with each other? All of Dusty's things -- they upset you, it brings back a lot of memories. It does the same thing for me.

Lily: Holden --

Holden: Lily I want to be your best friend.

Lily: I wrote that inscription years ago when I was a kid.

Holden: But it wasn't so long ago that you turned to him. Things we not good between us, and then all of sudden, he's your best friend all over again. More than a friend.

Lily: I thought we were putting all of that behind us.

Holden: I want to. That's why I think I should take the box and put it in the attic. With all the other stuff that we don't necessarily look at every day but don't want to throw out. But if you don't want me to do that then just say the word.

Lily: Well, if you don't mind taking a trip to the attic, I'd appreciate that.

Noah: I have to see what's wrong with her.

Luke: You already went and asked her and she told you to go away.

Noah: Well, what am I supposed to do, just stand out here while she's in there crying?

[Luke sighs]

Luke: Fine. I guess we're done shooting for the day. I'll let my -- I'll let myself out.

Noah: Don't be mad.

Luke: I'm not. I'll call you later.

Noah: Ameera, if you don't want to do the film anymore, it's really fine.

Ameera: No. You and Luke want to do it. So do I. It's just difficult remembering. Do you really think this movie will help the I.C.E. believe our marriage is real?

Noah: It couldn't hurt.

Ameera: Next time, I'll be stronger.

Jack: When did you get back?

Carly: A while ago.

Jack: Well, I was out walking, thinking. I'm sorry, Carly. I know I hurt you --

Carly: Don't apologize to me again, please. It only makes me feel even more pathetic for thinking that anything that happened last night was even remotely real!

Jack: Okay, fine. We don't have to dwell on it, then. But we do need to talk about where we go from here.

Carly: I'm not going anywhere. I'd love to kick you to the curb, Jack, frankly. But we agreed that the kids need us to be together as a family right now.

Jack: I feel the same way. So if it still works for you, we stick with the plan. I stay here for now, be a father.

Carly: But not a husband. Fine. It's settled. You got what you want.

Jack: What is it that you think I want?

Carly: For me to stop wanting, stop believing, stop hoping that things will be the way they once were. Well, congratulations, Jack. I give up. I'm done.

Mike: I know I don't have any right to make any claims, but I need to see where things stand with Katie.

Henry: Well, they stand with her marrying Brad.

Mike: So you think she's doing the right thing?

Henry: I think that despite everything that's happened between you and I, that I like you, Mike. I like you a lot. But you ruined Katie when you left, okay? And she tried to rebound with Jack, and that didn't work. In fact, it was a disaster. And Brad comes along and tries to help pick up the pieces, and it took her a long time to open herself up to that. In the end, he won her over. He won us both over. He's the one that's brought her back to life.

Mike: Okay. But it's not going to stop me from finding out if there's still something between me and Katie.

Brad: Hey, hey. Listen to me. Listen to me. Look, I said that thing about us getting married because I do -- I want Mike to know exactly where we stand.

Katie: How do you think that makes me feel?

Brad: Oh, I don't know, like I'm nuts about you, maybe? I really don't see what my crime is. We talked about getting married soon. We were going to elope. That had nothing to do with Mike. That was us. That's what we wanted. And I definitely still want you. Do you still want me?

Katie: Yes, I do!

Brad: Then why wait? Let's get married tomorrow.

Katie: Well, I don't have a dress, for one thing.

Brad: Okay, I'll wait till you get the dress, and then we get married. Deal or no deal?

Katie: Deal.

Next week on "As the World Turns" --

Brad: You're just mad 'cause I won't sleep with you anymore.

Casey: Ameera's not interested in me. She's after your boyfriend.

Aaron: I didn't think Meg was going to take this long.

Sofie: Well, now that Paulís here, she's going to be gone the rest of the day. He rented a hot air balloon.

Margo: When Mike comes back to town, you want to marry Brad yesterday, and you want everyone to think that that's a coincidence.

Katie: Mike, get out of here! Get out of here.

Mike: Katie may be putting on a show, but she is not over me.

Katie: With this ring, I ---

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